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Welcome to the Bill Barnwell show. I'm Bill Barnwell. It's Monday September thirtieth Q. Thousand and nineteen. We have two teams that are influx in some strange way to talk about on today's show. We're GONNA get to the Browns who had their best game of the year. I think on Sunday beating the Ravens later on in the show at Jake Trotter but first joining me to talk about the three and one Los Angeles Rams who I think are in a really interesting spot right now in terms of their exceeding expectations and simultaneously failing to back expectations is his The beat writers covers the rams. It's Lindsey Theory Lindsey. How are you good. How are you today bill. I'm good and I wanted to bring you on. I talk abuse of halfway between the Rams game yesterday and sort of in in the second quarter I think because obviously they were in a very strange. I think twenty one nothing to the buccaneers. it was a obviously surprising game ended up becoming a a very fun came to watch it was crazy and back and forth from the bucks ended up winning fifty five forty but I think we're in such an interesting spot with the rams because the NFC is so wide open. There's no real dominant team right now and so I guess where I want to start is as with this I if you told me for the year or the Rams Fan before the year they were. GonNa Start Three in one. I think you'd say okay well. That's not too bad. They have some tough games to start the year. If you had told they were gonNA blow out the saints and then lose to the buccaneers at home. I think they would have been very confused by what happened over the first month of the year so just to start how do you. I think based on what you're hearing from. The fancy follow you. How do you think fans are feeling about this three and one starting about this rams team right now right now. I don't you get the sense at least on social media which is not always the best gauge but I don't get the sense that people are excited and happy with what they're seeing gene. you know the the standard for the rams is no longer just to win but it's to win in exciting fashion and that's what Sean mcvay deliver deliver the last two seasons this offense like a well oiled machine it was exciting it was todd. Cooper Cup Robert Woods and then you throw in Brandin cooks on the deep balls calls and everything just looks like it ran so well and now this season. It's come to a screeching halt. They're not scoring touchdowns. There is no todd girly and Jared Goff does not look like a quarterback who just signed a hundred and ten million dollars guaranteed contracts. Yeah I mean I. It's weird because as you look at the numbers this team scored thirty three points yesterday our offense where thoroughly points defense out of the pick six jared Goff through for over five hundred yards they had two receivers over a hundred twenty yards but absolutely I mean it does feel like an animal. If you agree with this it seems like do the offensive feels disjointed maybe or even and if it is productive it doesn't have that same sort of smoothness to it or that same sort of consistency when it comes to just blowing teams away. Dr After Dr Yeah. I think that's a really fair way to put it in and it is misleading because you you do look at the score for master anything they're scoring but it's now been through four first quarter. They haven't scored a touchdown in to their four games. They haven't scored a first half touchdown but when he really just the eyeballs has it doesn't pass when you have watched McVeigh's offense last two seasons compared to what they do now. Jared Goff is throwing a step behind receivers on several place now. Don't get me wrong. Oh he's still has a few signature passes that I mean one to Robert Woods yesterday another in the end zone to Gerald Everett where you just say wow I mean he's just really putting in a perfect spot. Were only his receiver can catch it but again there's just too many other throws where you're kind of shaking your head and there's did a few play designs from Sean mcvay where he's clearly trying funeral thing which it's hard to fault him for that when you saw the results of the Super Bowl and clearly elite teams are catching onto his tricks but if you didn't play designs that really have just been completely shut down so it's this offense right now just doesn't look like they even know exactly who they wanna be where everything wants started with girly run yesterday girly only had five carrier so it y- it's really hard to determine. I mean almost like an air raid. Yesterday I think gop sixty passages which is an absurd number for him. Yes sixty eight pass attempts hamstring jared Goff seventy dropbox which I mean just you know to your point. It's like a college offense and and even given up the rams are comfortable throwing the football a lot right and we're reasonably effective if not necessarily dominant throwing the football yesterday and given that they're playing a tough bucks run defense you can not. I wouldn't fault them atone for throwing throwing the ball more frequently than it might seem but yeah I mean I. It just seems like this is an offense that is in transition and I I wonder do you attribute some of this to to shove phase plan of having his starters having offense basically sit during the preseason which has been the case for several years. It seems like well I I think that given some of the changes that they're trying to implement I that seems to play some role in it now. It's maybe a little hard to tell just because they didn't play in the preseason last year and they went to the super bowl and they looked fantastic. so given the changes aren't wholesale changes. I mean they're still mostly. There is awesome adjustment there mostly in eleven personnel it's it's kind of hard to say why this season is such a slow start when they didn't play in the preseason last year. It was best start but you know they are working. Jared Goff is working behind a pretty new offensive line. the Rams Lost Roger Sappho awful the very very sturdy left guard and Free Agency and John Sullivan who was breaking down physically. They're old center but mentally he was so sharp art and every player on the offense always looked at him and and news conferences weekly or talking at their lockers they would always talk about with John brought to the field as as far as identifying what a defense was doing and so now you replace those two players is to first year offensive linemen and I think this is kind of the results that this offense of line isn't a sturdy as it once was which obviously affects jared. Goff also affects times early in the run game. Yeah I mean absolutely the offensive line was something I wanted to bring up because you know heading into the year I brought up you thought about the guys you were you mentioned who are being replaced our Joseph no boom and Brian Allen now on the interior and figured okay. There'd be a drop off there. It's you know the center is going to have to take more of the you know responsibilities for setting protections Jared Gospel tick more of that role and it's an inexperienced players versus John Sullivan relevant Roger Sapphires. One of the best guards football and you know might work out great. They happen to find a replacement but you'd figure is going to be a transition period. How are are the tackles playing a you've figured that would be the strength of the offensive line with Andrew Whitworth Hall of fame caliber player to me and having seen two guys. Who are you know on on expensive contract contracts but through four games they have five holding penalties and last year they had three combined holding penalties over the entire season? So how are they playing or. It's just sort of random small sample. What's happening the tackles playing at the same level they were a year ago. I would definitely say that they are not in that started rob haven Stein so he between the false start penalties holding penalties. He's also been beat on several plays which once in a while that is going to happen thing but it just seems to be happening a higher rate and he's gone against them. Good ends in Kim Jordan my Garrett but rob has not played what he would probably say to his standard and then on the other side Andrew Whitworth has been called for holding now so those tackled while we can't just harp on the interior of the line and the young guys those also haven't been playing to the standard which they did the last couple of seasons now getting we'll have open locker room today and we'll probably stop and talk to those tackles and asked is it because they're perhaps trying to make up for a weakness on the interior is it perhaps because they are just getting beat. 'cause it seems like there's more going on. I'm considering those two guys. Last two seasons had no issue and this season now. It's becoming an issue yeah and it seems like maybe the you know the stuff you mentioned about trying new concepts on offense sort of get them out of their comfort zone. I think you know this was an offense that for so long was able to just run outside sights on on play action off outside zone moving with so consistent they had a level of continuity with their own another where really changed one offensive lineman between two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen so line at sort of coalesce. Everyone knew everyone else was going to do from play to play and it seems like that's not necessarily the case right now and you mentioned thou impact. Todd Gurley and of course tiger is being impacted in another way and then I guess it depends on whether you whether you're paying attention to what's actually happening on the field or you're listening into the rams. The Rams have denied that there is a load management situation with Todd Gurley It seems like in reality though that's not actually the case. Is that fair yeah. I think it's fair to say I kind of waited. A little bit wanted to obviously Sean McVeigh said it's not a load management situation but you watch the first game we watch the second game now we have four samples and while his snapping was actually up this last week that does skew it a little bit. They weren't given the ball in the running game but at least the first three weeks his snap count was down fifteen percent from what it was a season ago and there's clearly we've been in office effort to have this offense not run through todd. Gurley and that's I think we're all this whole thing. Trips up is because Todd Gurley he was the NFL's often the player the air Tuesday's ago. He's an old pro running back when Sean mcvay came to Los Angeles everything went around Todd Gurley in and Shawn said multiple times throughout the offseason through all this knee stuff that todd remain the focal point of the offense and anybody who's watched this team for the last four weeks. I would have to agree I. I don't Know How could that talked really is not the focal point of this offense and therefore that puts way more pressure on Jared Goff and right now. It's not really been able to consistently handle that aren't Lindsey. Let's talk more about this rams offense and their struggles in a moment but first guys hiring can be a slow process ass and cafe all tourists. Coo Dylan Moskowitz needed to hire a director of coffee for his organic coffee company but you might expect given that say very niche title well. He was having trouble finding qualified applicants. Well thank you guys know what he did. He switched to SIP recruiter. 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Ziprecruiter dot com slash Barnwell Ziprecruiter ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire now back to the show in terms of what's happening with Todd Gurley in terms of what the rams were saying versus what they're doing which has been a there's been a gap up. They're going back to last December last January. I mean do you think the rams are. In denial about Todd Gurley are they just trying to put on a brave face. Jason just saying things that they know necessarily aren't accurate to the media and to the public or do you think they just think that do they really believe what they're saying. I guess I mean it. Just seems like it's at Dads with what's actually happening well. I can't imagine they actually believe what they're saying when they say it's not load management because todd did not participate and teen journals through the offseason program they called it a ski carefully monitored Workload a scheduled workload through training in camping todd practice every other day through training camp and then. Sean McVeigh said that would carry through the regular season during the workweek week he'd practice every other day now that has actually been every other day. He's practice Wednesdays Thursdays and he takes off on Fridays. He's doesn't participate in practice on Fridays Fridays as they prepare for Sunday's game so that's been really interesting and in fact Gurley was asked about that he he was asked you. How are you going to be on this everyday practice schedule and and why is that and he told reporters. I don't know if you've been paying attention from last season's but nothing's changed and well. Let's just not the case because Todd Gurley practiced every day in past seasons he didn't take off Friday's and the weird thing about this is they're probably nobody no shame in the rams just saying that they need to do a better job at making sure their workforce can last through sixteen game right. Let's play AH playoff. There's no shame in that so it seems like they've taken such an odd route to otherwise make sure that girl is not you know carrying the ball for eleven hundred twelve hundred yards plus adding another five hundred receiving yards on the the the taking a very roundabout way and it's making them look not great saying as we all see every Sunday how he's being used and it's clearly very different yeah. It just doesn't add up to me you know I just like I try to be honest at all times. Yes you know I think everyone tells a lie here and there and everywhere may be less themselves here and there but it does seem like it just doesn't add up and like I don't know if they're paying attention to it or just don't care but the other thing that's interesting to me about. The running game is that you know the hot sort of name heading into the season on the Bachelor was Daryl Henderson obviously going super high fantasy draft. Ask relative to being amid round. Pick behind you know possible star back. I think people expect him to be a big part of this offense at least for a couple series per game and he's basically been on the bench for the the entirety the first month of the season. Are you surprised by that and do you think it's going to change as the season goes on you know. I'm not surprised about it. and I think like everybody nobody else when they picked their hundred and third round my eyebrows raise. What are they doing here but sean they while he's always quite quite positive about all this players and sees everything on the bright side glass half full there was a comment he made back in the preseason. I believe it was after after they played on in Hawaii. Mine is actually even been week one where he just talked about how Henderson definitely had some things you need to pick up. I mean this past past action and and different nuances of the offense that he really needed to see Henderson get involved with so. I am not shocked to see that as a rookie hey Dale Henderson is not getting the run that many people thought perhaps he would just because when you when mcvay kind of delve into the details of the game like that which happens it's quite rarely it's a little bit of a red flag that pops up and you start to realize okay this guy's got definitely got some issues and things he has to learn before for mcvay feels comfortable inserting him and I think that's what we're seeing which again might be over innovation my Parkland back to one common after one preseason game but when you Kinda look at what's happened in the past few players on offense and actually that's been the case and that's been the trend for McVeigh and especially in eleven personnel and it has he's kind of resorted to in the past he's got eleven guys and and this year maybe go twelve with thirteen even even go twelve with Malcolm Brown thirteen Gerald Everett but beyond that if you don't really work into his plan early in the season you just don't really ever make the Sean McVeigh clan and and I think that's maybe what we're seeing right now. They're a full ninety. Five percent of Los Angeles offensive snaps through two weeks are very weak. Excuse me has been with either three or four wide receivers on the field so getting back is GonNa you know the America with their more frequently but absolutely it's been you know a lot of three and four white sets. That's and you know a lot of the sort of pass. EFI sets that we've come to know for sure McVeigh at this point and I feel like you know we talked about this. During the Super Bowl Week I might try and go with more twelve personnel in the Super Bowl. I don't think they really did that much but one of the reasons they made sense do that was because the rams at that point didn't have Cooper Cup who was after the year with tornadoes yell and at least right now when I watched this offense. It really really feels like from week. Three Kuba Cup is the guy who's keeping this offense afloat. Is that fair to say yeah well yesterday. It was interesting because Cooper through the first half had had very. I can't remember the exact number but it's like he was Kinda non existent in the game and it was Robert Woods who'd been go quote unquote Mr Dependable Mr Consistency the last couple of seasons who really had come through but by the end of the game you know Cooper Cup in the second half really Kinda came on but we get in week out now. It's the guy coming off. ACL INJURY WHO's looked the sharpest. WHO's been able to have significant burst down the field breaking tackles your Dr Catch I mean the guy's phenomenal at it but it really seemed like this is a jared Goff Cooper Cup driven offense right now and if those two are in sync which I don't think they weren't necessarily through the first half yesterday then everything else kind of falls apart which is really interesting to think that it's jared in the slot receiver who are kind of relied on to get things done right now what I find so interesting about that is will cooper. Cup is one of the few players in this offense who is on a long term deal for significant money. I mean he's making no money. I wrote about this. The two weeks ago maybe and I was looking up. Cooper Cup salary and I was like that's for a guy is just making nothing when he looks either side of him in the locker room and you got brandin cooks on a like a five or five year or something eighty one million dollar deal Robert Woods the thirty four million dollar deal looking up cup to this season making eight hundred and eleven thousand eight hundred eleven thousand dollars right. I'm like you know sure good money. I mean obviously Andrew Jackson but I think I'd be happy with that her but relative to the other guys in the audience where you have not just brandin cooks not just just Robert Woods but also tied girly Jerry Goff now Whitworth haven't seen you have so many guys were making significant money that it's just fascinating yet. The Rams Rams are being bailed out in some cases receiver making eight hundred thousand dollars and of course you figure after this year given the rams history they're going to pay cooper copies going to be very valuable player for them to keep but as jared Goff's cap it at least right now for any restructures the set to rise from ten point seven million to I believe thirty six million dollars dollars next year we will. I mean it just reinforces that I just reinforces but I wonder if they're going to have to make a comeback elsewhere to accommodate Hanan Cooper cuppa a big the contract yeah definitely going to take a look. There's a couple of guys on expiring deals. I mean keep Toledo Marcus Peters. Dont they fowler so when you look at the defense. That's really really where they're probably going to take a hit. Andrew Whitworth left tackle is the last year of his contract this year so there's several guys out there where they're going to make some some decisions you know who gets the franchise tag. Who are they going to have to let go because they simply aren't going to have the money to pay because it is not. I can't imagine there'd be any way they would want. Cooper Cup to leave Los Angeles. They love everything that he brings to the table. obviously his work ethic his production but also he's a guy who's in quarterback meetings. I mean he's like a coach on the field. He knows the nuances of this offense and he's like one in people in Lockstep with Jared Goff most of the time and with Sean Chaumet say so. He is a very very valuable piece to them yeah absolutely so now short week coming up for the rams. After the first of the season they traveled to Seattle to play the seahawks tough place to play on a short week. Is this game more important. You think the rams now than you had expected heading into the season. Yeah I absolutely would think it is I think that we all predicted the NFC west would be improved especially given the San Francisco Forty niners and getting Jimmy Garoppolo hello back but I think that this is going to be a real dogfight. Nancy West to the Hawk Seattle the Rams Right now three and won the forty niners undefeated coming off their bye week week so I think that this game in Seattle I don't WanNa say it's a must win because there's still plenty of football played but it's this is going to be no cake walk in the NFC. Let's see West like it was for them last year when they swept the division so I think for them to avoid losing back to back games and to just go a little bit of confidence back because I know through three with the narrative and the story in that media room every day is the offense just doesn't look right and Sean McVeigh's admitted it and so is your golf and now they have a loss not only because the offense obviously the defense got off to a pretty horrendous start on Sunday but really it's the offense that has not not been able to provide any juice so I it it doesn't. It's not a must win but it definitely would help their long-term. 'cause. I mean if I finish up here. Ah We haven't talked about the defense very much did give up forty eight points yesterday in the ignoring the docking sue touchdown that finish the game but a defense defense that was facing a team that I think we don't really take seriously on on perhaps unfairly buccaneers fans but a team that you kind of expect it okay look famous winstons going to have a bad game because he's on the road facing a tough rams defense but a forty one three eighty five four touchdowns really ugly pick sex but an offense that move the ball and picked up. I needed to time after time against the rams defense so is there one thing that concerns you about this rams defense that they have to fix weeks to Seattle and San Francisco. You know I'm trying to kind of delve back into what happened yesterday. I'm trying to figure out if this is kind of a one off nominally for them where everyone just came out and had a poor game. I was talking to a couple of players afterward and they said they have any energy across the board. No energy so I know going into the game they were asked as a trap game and is this something you get caught coming off the browns win and looking ahead to the seahawks on a short week and they're all no no no but I think that maybe like the rest of us. They came in and said well. It's the box will go out there and run through the motions and that's exactly what it looks like the first quarter they ran through the motions oceans and then realize oh my Gosh we're down twenty one and nothing as it got through the first half so. I'm not too concerned about the defense. Now obviously the ground lay another egg this week that's obviously reason for concern but because of how well they played and how dominant they played keeping their offense in it the last three weeks. I'M GONNA Kinda. Chalk this one up to a novel. I mean they hadn't allowed going yesterday. A passing play of more than thirty yards and then James Winston just made them look silly so I'm I'm GonNa talk that went on to they didn't show up and they realized that they can no longer just go through the motions that they WanNa win weekend and week out into that point biggest play. The game for the bucks was the sixty seven yard touchdown on a play where they were in. You know I had no safety help. Cover zero men men field and Marcus Peters thinks they're in zone owned. Let's Mike Evans run by him. That's you know it's a mental mistake and obviously the talents there so you know. I think you'd bet on the talent but I mean obviously This is a rams team that it's weird. You know like they're three and one. They're in great shape. They're gonNA make the playoffs. You'd figure there you know in a tougher division that I think people expected expected but still good football team by all estimations relatively healthy football team as well and it still feels like there's so much doubt about what this rams team is going to do. Maybe it's just raise expectations but a really fascinating situation happening in Los Angeles no doubt and it's going to be I think fascinating going forward because the rams are now kind of the hunted as they say coming out that Super Bowl and with all these coaches and all these teams hearing nothing but how great how so much of a masterful offense of Mine Sean McVeigh was that puts a target on your back so you better believe team spent the entire Austrian and trying to figure out how to stop this this offense and it looks like effectively done so through four weeks so it'll be really interesting to see what kind of adjustments the rams can come up with going forward all right well. Let's see if people want to check out the rams conference. Where can they do that. Ten Dot Com hit the rampage and then you can follow me also on twitter at Lindsey theory. Thank you so much. We're GONNA come back after the break talk about the brass with Jake Trotter here on the bill Barnwell show. Does this place look haunted. Think so what about those two creepy girls con stay with US truly pregnant fairly sorry Mr Mnangagwa's great service with Geico. You get twenty four percents access to agents. Thank you creepy girls in your sleep in the car. Now the guy go we'd Switch Today Day for twenty four seven access to licensed agents back here on the bill Barnwell show. I'm Bill Barnow. ESPN we spent the first half of the show talking about a team that looked impressive. Maybe took a step backwards last week in the three and one rams are GonNa go in the other direction talk about a team that was disappointing. Perhaps to some people through three weeks of the season and then I think I wonder what you think as well I guess but Timothy leary their best performance on Sunday in a comprehensive victory over the Ravens. We're talk about the Cleveland browns joining me to do that is. ESPN's Jake Trotter Jake how are you. I'm going to be on with you again. Happy to have you on again. Last time you had just started with the Cleveland Browns beat. You're just moving. virus in this team play for four weeks. Now I mean. Do you think what we saw from them. On Sunday was sort of the you know the sort of performance rounds browns fans and browns players andbranch coaches were expecting heading into the season yeah undoubtedly their best performance of the year and I think the offense we've been waiting to see since they traded for. Odell Beckham like the first three games you'd see flashes of it but from first to fourth quarter order it was too inconsistent and in this game. We finally saw what they were capable of. The ironic part is Odell Beckham only two catches Nydia into the fourth quarter so so it just kinda underscored the death of firepower that they have in the different ways that they can beat you yeah absolutely. It seemed like it was a performance. That was really complete fleet. You know it wasn't just hey. We hit one big play or hey. We you know had Odell Beckham. you know one of the greatest career or we just took advantage jets team that was down to their third string. you know that their string quarterback or we made it with a couple of interceptions and I'm sure it feels that way. It felt like start to finish they. They were a better team than what looks to be the best team in the AFC north and I think that has to be really promising. You know. It really felt like you know for the first week. This is a not not just eighteen with a few great players but a great team top to bottom again for all the consternation Baker Mayfield overrated as hell. Freddie kitchen doesn't know what he's doing. First Time head coach I mean you know the browns had taken his publicly and yet here they are atop the AFC north for the first Stein inside years really with the inside track in the division because they have the road win at Baltimore and after they get to these next pretty games their schedule opens up with them I mean I haven't looked at it bill but they've got to have one of these schedules in the NFL after they go to New England. They have seven games not counting the Monday night game tonight because somebody's but he's got win between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh that they have seven games after New England against teams that have yet to win a game so they have a real opportunity to surge surge here and if they continue to the show what they did Sunday offensively I think that they have a chance to still be a ten win. Teen gene despite the lackluster start yeah absolutely. I think only the jets just based on just looking. We're not actually running the numbers but just on you know behind the schedule have an easier schedule over the final nine games or eight games of the year second half of the season the browns do a bunch of home games still have a home game against the dolphins offense which is about as guaranteed victory as there is in football right now and and I and I think based on what we saw in Sunday's kind of coalescing. Are we saw an offensive. That's if lion that has really struggled for such as the season only allow one sack against the Ravens defense which we expect to be pretty good. might not be the case they they have a lot of changes. They seem to have some dissension on that side of the ball but I I think Ravens defense that we expect to be pretty the Ravens and what I found interesting was that you look at the numbers Baker Mayfield's before week four he had taken the re point. Oh three seconds for his typical pass that was third highest figure in in the NFL yesterday be second-quickest release in the NFL two point four four seconds and his numbers drastically improve over the course of his career when his get on the block quickly versus holding on to it to try and make plays. Do you think there was a you know a a significant change in how the browns operated their offense on Sunday or was it more just the better results from the things they did even it wasn't that much different than what they were doing over the first three weeks of the year. No I think there was a dramatic adjustment of and I think they kind of started data against the rams. You saw a lot more. RPO You know trying to get the ball at Baker's hands quicker than the first two weeks of the season the other justice they may okay yesterday is they were under Sir a lot more against the rams. They were shotgun. I believe seventy six percent of the time against Baltimore. It was just fifty eighty two percent of the time that's a season low for them and I think that allow them to get more involved setup play action. Take some pressure off Baker so I I just think that adjustment alone getting under center in showing more of a threat to run the ball you know keeping their offense balanced made a huge different than you know you look at the numbers and this is why I was never overly concerned about the way Baker was playing was you you just you just hit it on the head. When he was getting rid of the ball he was fine he was accurate. You know he was making plays it was when he was holding onto the ball and I think they were trying to unlock and things downfield with. Odell that that weren't really there or Baker was trying to force things to Adele that weren't really there you know he he had the over the first three games the highest rate of of rolling a pass into double coverage at any quarterback in the NFL over three stretch guess he was getting all this targets 'cause. Odell Beckham and so. I think that they okay. Let's take what the defense gives us. They're gonNA take. Odell out of the game fine. We're GONNA find Jarvis Landry. We're GONNA hit are titans. We're going to get the ball in the TUB and and and and you saw what the offense can do when they don't try to force the the ball. Odell so I think getting under center getting the ball Baker's hands not forcing the ball to Odell wanting the ball. Those are a lot of that I think the adjustments they made it really paid off and the result that you saw retreat at best they were in shock done way less frequently and week fourth and they had been over the prior weeks of the season right and I think that Nick Saban running for sixty five yards was was. It's not an accident that they they came into that game okay. Let's run the ball more than me. Let's be physical in the running game because Nick job is the most underrated part of this offense the music terrific running back underrated breakaway speed but can be physical between the tackles and they had run the ball well at times with him this season but it just just kind of felt like they would get away from it and get back to empty shotgun or exclusively RPO nick job and and nothing else and they were a lot more versatile with their running game you know showed a lot more which and they never got away from it either they stuck with it and that's when you you saw that eighty eight yard touchdown run that with the backbreaker is because they never abandoned the running game like they had at times through the first three weeks and you know when you can run the ball like that and he's got back in regardless landry too. You can be pretty devastating offensively damage. Jarvis Landry also had a big game eight catches one hundred sixty seven guards and I mean some of that that was just you know. There was a poor tackling attempt on his long. I believe a sixty yard catch sixty five yard catch and run but was there something different you think to get various landry more involved with the offense this week or was it just simply. We're GONNA throw the open guy and Jarvis Landry happened to be the open guy often the Nobel Beckham Asleep Yeah. I think it was the a lot of you know Jarvis coming in for the weekend rains one forty seven and receptions for target which is way below what you know his his career average is is a bit. I mean he's been an excellent actually receiver and Yeah I. I don't know exactly why it was so low. I think it was it was a little bit progress into the mean but yeah I mean I think that the ravens were going to say go back out of the game and so the Cleveland countered with okay. How can we get Jarvis Landry involved. They did a lot of creative stuff with them. At one point they ran like a like a triple option play where Baker flipped at four and then Jarvis and the option of pitch to del or keep it himself a day. you know. I think Jarvis you know he brought some tackle sue yeah. I mean he had more or yards after the catch on that one run you were referencing then he had the first three games combined so you know at the end of the day. Sometimes it's just guys playing better but I think that they did much better job of allocating the ball to where it needed to go instead of trying to force it to a certain area that wasn't there yeah I mean absolutely that's how the best offenses personally work and it seems like as good as the bras and ours. There's an throw the ball to Odell Beckham now. Obviously it was more effective. Just the open receivers yesterday you covered would baker for a long time and so I think I want your opinion on this because obviously we're sort of conflict for us in some ways. Our colleague is Rex Ryan who works on Sunday night on Sunday morning show fry. CSPAN there's been some back and forth there. Baker has said repeatedly. You know if you don't you're not in this locker and if you don't wear Dr Brown and orange you don't matter but at the same time Baker is responding to comments publicly so I mean from your perspective how much of what makes Baker Mayfield typically. How much of what makes going is sort of feeding off that criticism. Is it really not matter that much in the long run or is it really you know. Does he need that to. Kinda thrive and play his best football all he needs it. He wasn't gonNA give restaurant any credit for the win. You know he explicitly stated that afterwards but Baker is uniquely sleep better when he is in the fray when is going back and forth I mean there's a million examples of this now rather square. I mean there. were two this week alone. It was X. Ryan Dan or Antonio Brown but he is he is better when he is in the fray and I think he gets a lot of his edge from that. You know he used to keep a like. We always say you know you're in my book that he actually had like a a a list. You're on the win actually kept a real list of people that he felt had slighted house incredible and and he doesn't have it anymore but at one point he did because that's he would use that to to get that edge you mean he needed to play with. Baker was never you know the prototypical quarterback you know he had to win. A different kind of way you know he in part is part part of what makes him special player is. you know the edge that he brings to the field that may be different than other quarterbacks and there's one if you watch that go back and watch that. Nick Saban touchdown run the ADA yarder like look in the background and look who is running down the field like a madman in in the report. It's Baker Mayfield and I just think that he for whatever reason makes him pick. He is better when he is in the middle of all this stuff and he's better when he's talking trash on the field. you know is he. He's better when he is in the fray and and I think careered out this week because it was by far the best game is played the yet Baker Mayfield on that play his MAC speed topped out at eighteen point eight miles per hour to to put that in context that was faster than nine of the eleven ravens players who are theoretically chasing after nick job on the yard touchdown run. That's that's pretty impressive at this time of the year on on that on that friendly them yeah. I mean it. Was You know I'm sure it was it was thrilling for everyone. It was kind of having to deal with you know all this hype and all this frustration and all the back and forth struggles. I mean all the sort of you know criticism a half that moment of okay. We're GONNA win this game. Here's a huge moment for one of our best players like must've been very cathartic even for week four of the season absolutely absolutely and I think you know one thing to Odell deserves a lot of credit because you know I his reputation is what it is for whatever reason but like at not one woman during the struggle that they had to start the season did he ever show up Freddie or baker even in the slightest way whether it was some body language movement and you know he never got frustrated despite the fact he wasn't getting any touches on Sunday and you know there was one that I thought was really revealing. They run around like go down around like a little bit of a curl pattern and you know the entire secondary got sucked up into it and that allow ricky he seals Jones to get wide open. I think eight point eight yards of separation the longest of any completion of Baker's had his entire career and you just look back down. He was pumping it it does and and I think if he can continue to play football that way. It's GonNa make a huge difference for Baker where Baker doesn't feel like he has to force the Ball Hotel Hotel and then just on the field. It's just going to open up so much for the rest of the team so I mean I think even though you know it's not if you're a fantasy football owner goodell like myself not a great day for him but for the Browns I think it was a low rate day because it really showed what he how he can impact the game without even touching the ball yeah absolutely on the flip side of the ball talk briefly about the defense are you surprised at the secondary has been able to sort of keep its head above water for the last two weeks given that it's been you know mostly backups at cornerback and safety. I have been surprised although I think that what if they were going to have an injury somewhere corner is the one spies they felt like they could overcome because they've got a couple of pros invested in TJ carry three and terrance Mitchell guys that have started before the guys that are reliable and they have they have really answered the Bell because you you go against the rams into into that receiving core and then the speed that Baltimore has and then held up really well both times so I think it's been really impressive and underrated part of what's what why there too because you know Hollywood Brown and Mark Andrews and those guys are have been difficult to deal with this year and actually kind of thought the speed was gonNA be the problem for Cleveland and it really wasn't because those guys played so well and you know some point they're going to get into award ingredient. Williams back and you you feel really good about a cornerback force in of of those who guys longest Mitchell and carry the way that they've played absolutely I mean they're they're really playing at a you know L. Higher than you would have expected even given that you know the browns. Do you have a good pass rush but I think they they've sort of held. Their own in a way that has to be promising has to make you feel better about you know your your secondary going forward even if he loses dense award for a couple of weeks down the line. I during the second half of the season has been really good this year. I mean you take Tennessee game which was such a weird game because the eighteenth penalties. I mean it. You almost have to throw it out because when you're just giving the team first downs or you're constantly and I in twenty five. It's really hard to get a good read of what kind of team you have but since then they have been really good and they gave the offense really struggled in that Rans Rams tmz game they gave the Brownsville chance to win and they were great against Baltimore as well so you know I felt like they had a chance to have a top ten defense at least according to FBI and and they have kind of been right there and and they've done it with some injury that you mentioned as well yeah. I mean that that's you know. That's absolutely surprise. The fact that the eventually have top ten ceiling is not high not surprisingly made but do it without dense award do without greedy Williams for two weeks and like you said really it's just the one Tennessee game where in the second half Kinda got away from them. especially you know there's a Baker Mayfield turning the ball over it putting combat situation some defensive scores. Short field obviously contributed to it as well but yeah I mean I think a a team that we saw their ceiling on Sunday. We saw they can be a a dominant team on both sides of the football and so as we sort of think about the browns going forward given what you've seen from them from four weeks have your expectations -tations for their season change after four weeks versus what you were expecting and he entered the year. I took them to go tenants six and win the AFC north worth and I think that's what I would take them to do. If I had to retake it today I haven't gone back through the scheduled to pick wins and losses but it just kind of felt I like the knee if they could get to say three and four which I don't think is is too difficult for the now they have to win one game after New England then with the way the schedule sets up for them. I mean there's just a lot of wins there for them and then you watch them in the way that they've sort of figured out some things offensively you with think going forward and then defensively as well as they played I don't think they're in this year with Kansas. City or England as a are you know bonafide super bowl contender but I think they're in that next year at themes that could win a playoff game that could certainly get to the playoffs then you look at where Cleveland then in football purgatory for the last three decades I think they have a terrific chance to break the NFL's longest divisional the drought which goes back to nineteen eighty nine and I think they have a chance to break a really good chance to break the the NFL's longest playoff drought which goes back to two thousand two so so when you put it in that context. I think that they are in really good shape right. Yeah I agree I mean I think you know. It looks pretty ugly. After the the first week of the year it looked like it was going to be a problem after the Raven started to know but ravens lose two straight loss to the browns on the road. The steelers looked like a mass right now the bengals angles or just been destroyed by injuries obviously like you said one of those teams has to win tonight but you'd figure they're prohibitive favorites now. They're they're in great shape and and absolutely ask the schedule sort of weekends. During the second half this could be a team wear off a six to seven and one second half and then head into the postseason with ten wins. Look like one of them were devastating teams in the League so yeah I think the browns are are well positioned to kind of be the teammate expected to be the favorites to win the AFC he north but we're going to keep monitoring it and Jake of course you're going to keep covering it for us it SPN but if people wanNA check out more of what you do can they do that they can find me on ESPN DOT com along with you built on the NFL page and then I'm all over twitter over pleasure. I'll be back on later on in the year but thanks so much for hopping on the show. Today thanks anytime they'll take okay all right. Thanks so much to my guest. F- SPN Lindsey Theory who covers the Rams J. Trader who covers the browns. We have more audio coming later on this week in another podcast previewing the action for week five or eighty four four weeks into the season after Wednesday night's night already a quarter of the way into the year for most of the NFL's tells teams very very strange star to the hope. You're enjoying the stuff. We're doing here on E._S._P._N. And more on the way.

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