Dallas Morning News 7/15/20


Good morning it's Wednesday July fifteenth I'm Mary Hildebrandt and here in the top stories from the Dallas morning. News expect a mix of Sunshine and clouds today with a high around one hundred. It'll be partly cloudy tonight with a low around eighty. Our top story is the primary runoffs were originally postponed because of the COVID, nineteen pandemic took place yesterday journalists at the Dallas. Morning News spent the evening covering the July fourteenth primary runoff elections. Elections top races included a battle for the Democratic US Senate nomination to see who would take on senator. John Cornyn in the fall as well as the democratic runoff for the twenty fourth Congressional district rates find results and more at Dallas News Dot com in other News Dallas. County reported twenty new coronavirus deaths yesterday as well as one thousand additional cases. It was the twelve th straight day. The county has reported one thousand or Or more cases and the Single Day toll tied the county's high reported on June thirtieth. The latest victims included Sixteen Dallas residents, a man in his forties Amana fifties to men in their sixties, three men and three women in their seventies, four men, and a woman in their eighties and a woman in her nineties, three of the victims lived in long term. CARE facilities a Cedar Hill woman in her seventies to Duncanville men in their. Their fifties and seventies and a grand prairie man in his forties also died. The new cases bring the county's count to thirty, five, thousand, nine hundred fourteen cases, which is about thirteen point six for every one thousand residents, there been four hundred seventy seven deaths from covid nineteen. The county does not report recovery's across the state. A record, ten, thousand, seven, hundred, forty, five confirmed, new cases were reported yesterday along with eighty seven additional. Additional deaths, the rate of positive cases, also climbed to nearly seventeen percent, which is a new high for Texas in Sports, faced with the economic reality of a season with no fans in stands, Rangers, ownership indefinitely furloughed twelve percent of their employees. Yesterday the total came to just under sixty employees. The Rangers had been among the first organizations in the majors to institute pay cuts when Covid nineteen shutdown baseball, but ownership had steadfastly maintained it. It had no plans for furloughs, but the Rangers had also been helpful of fans being allowed into globe life field this season after governor. Greg Abbott issued directives allowing up to fifty percent capacity at pro sports venues last week. However Major League Baseball announced it would open the season to empty stadiums on July twenty third, and would re evaluate attendance policies four August the furloughs offset a number of new hires. The Rangers had made. Made in the ten months leading up to the expected opening of the one point, two billion dollar globe, Life, field and local news, so we can't travel to Europe or even to the state fair of Texas, but we can look forward to a three level store. That's everything Italian Italy in Dallas North Park Center is still on schedule for Dallas opening in two thousand and twenty easily is a hybrid market and restaurants. That's only in. In a handful of US Malls Dallas is the only US location. The company has scheduled to open this year, but there isn't an exact date for the stores opening yet the Dallas morning. News rewards program is proud to bring you virtual events for more information and events please visit. Reward Start Dallas News Dot Com for more on these stories, and for the latest breaking news visit Dallas. News Dot Com thanks and enjoy your day.

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