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Mike Dell's world number three fourteen and actually recording this in the studio on Monday January fourteenth. But the majority of this episode was recorded on the road on the twelfth on Saturday. So anyway, gonna play that recording. And then I'll come back at the end and good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. Whatever the case may be this is Mike and Mike. Dell's world filling the number here. I don't frankly, remember it's one fourteen or three fourteen and I go I think that's what it is. I don't know. Anyway in the minivan studios heading north out of big Rapids. Michigan home of fair state university down here on a beagle. Mission. Don't do a lot of that anymore. But. Volunteer for the. Miss mid west. Brew midwest. Beagle. Rescue education and welfare. Got Beal's dot org. Anyway, don't here on a home. Visit for perspective person that wants to adopt a beagle. From got Beagles dot org. It's my Saturday. Afternoon. So you like around down here. Not much snow down here. It's amazing sixty miles nor or sixty miles south. There's no snow, nor is it looks like. Looks like winter down here. Just looks like late fall. I guess I mean, there's some snow in the fields not but. Definitely dry roads will the. Philip to highway speeds, the sound is good. It's still tweaking the mobile studio set up here. Talk about that. Don't get to drive a lot anymore. Like it used to. Actually end up. Just driving around town. She got to take a little bit of a road trip today. Get some windshield time as they say. Nice meeting with the nice lady that wants to adopt. A beagle. She's a. University. Professor. That's right. I mean, literally next door to campus. They're so nice setup. Great setup for the beagle. She had a beagle. That she had to put down to three months ago. I guess and was ready for the next one. So. It's good. She was all set up and familiar, so wasn't a big thing. Just a formality. And they said give me a good excuse to get on the road a little bit. They had a little bit of windshield time as I was driving down here. He's got to thicket of few things that that have been going on. Was been thinking about. Right now drawn a blank. So this is what it is. Roads are dry. Oh on the way down though to tell you we had some black ice. And you know, black ice is just that. You can't see it really. And it came up to an intersection. Towards the highway and come up to an intersection hit the brakes and started doing a bit of a fish tail. And he's you that our pilots know, I did a ground loop. The complete Donut in the road there at the intersection didn't go out in the intersection, but definitely held up traffic for a minute. While I figured out how to get pointed the right direction again. That's more to do with the lousy tears. I have on this. I got snow tires. It probably should have been replaced last year figure. I don't drive that much. Generally, don't go that far. So put them on again. So. No better. If I still have this vehicle next winter it will get a new set of snow tires. But it is amazing to me a driving north here on US one thirty one freeway speed limit seventy five. Here in Michigan and doing what seventy seventy one Corey GPS, and you would think I was parked out. Here said a guy in suburban just go flying by me had been doing eighty plus. And it doesn't matter if I set the cruise at seventy five I'll still have people climbing my rear passing. I just don't understand what there is especially on a Saturday, really generally going to work. There's no, you know, going north outta here. Cadillacs the next big town north of that this road will be Petoskey. I come I turn off traverse city as I've always said Trevor city, I if you find yourself in traverse city who either meant to go there or you're lost because it's really not on the way to anywhere now, it's on the way to the Leland off peninsula whatnot. But. That's the greater grand traverse bay area. So. I could revise that. But if you find yourself in that area, general you meant to go there or you're lost. This road goes up to Petoskey and then merges with US thirty one. And if you keep following that all the way up you end up at the mackinac bridge at I seventy five. Continue north on that you go over the bridge. You go to sue Sainte Marie? Michigan. You go just a little bit further and Sault Sainte Marie Ontario. Points north. Canada. It's turn off on the. Michigan won thirteen that's over to traverse city. So there's not a lot up this way. So even if you did live down here, generally don't work up north. The. This is generally very popular road. But you know, usually tourist going north most tours don't go north on Saturday afternoon. They're already up there. She come in south on Sundays and Saturdays usually pretty mellow, and it is but it said doing seventy five miles an hour. I think I standing still seems sometimes some of the traffic. Not a lot of traffic. Let's see what else has been going on at a coworker at work. Sometime between Christmas and New Year's texts me and said my wife suddenly died while that's crazy. And it is you know, sh that old. I didn't hear the details or anything, and that's fine. Don't the details. But has just makes you stop and think he's been going through. Some stuff definitely. To envy. His journey their tall. Will go through things from time to time. Yeah. It really gets you to thinking. I've been pretty lucky lost very many people close to me. Or most dramatic things. I've had gone as losing dogs. To traumatic enough in a grandparents, of course, which is sort of expect that same with dogs. You know, when they get old sort of expect that but the middle aged? Person that you wouldn't think has any medical issues? Like, I don't know. Details of what happened in his case. But. Just unexpected. And sudden sounded like. So that's just crazy. And that's the third person. I've known this year or this this year but late twentieth. Eighteen that lost their spouse. Suddenly and unexpectedly pro one was unexpected she had cancer and all that probably know him max flight. Of the airplane. Geeks podcast and another podcast is he? UAB digest. I think. Anyway is wife. Passed away this late summer, I guess, and then Brian friend up in the upper peninsula lost his spouse, Joe. Two. Sort of burst blood vessel issue, his brain. And. Flew over to mayo clinic and hung in there for a little while but actually passed away and it really sucked. Brian did a podcast way back in the day called the procrastinate cast and decided that to that name was a little too hard to spell promote. So he changed it to audio attitude. Could podcasting. Maybe. Can talk to get back into it. But he was really good at it. Yeah. He did kind of the the wall of sound highly produced artsy type podcast, and it was it was really nice. And then. Worked there. He he does podcasting as well. Like, I said, I'm not gonna say who he is just respect right now because not relevant, but. He's been going through some stuff, and he's actually put out a couple of episodes here since since it's happened was personal show. And it's kind of finna therapy for him. And definitely. Good to hear that he's working through what's going on and back to work since then seems to be doing all right. Like, I said from what I can tell but just while. As he says hug somebody you love because you just never know. Just never know when the time comes. I wife, and I are getting up there up there in age, but you know, in our fifties now, and and you know, you just never know when something's going to happen. Absolutely nothing does and same with the you know, the craters. I mean, dear to the dogs, obviously Percy lay in here on the C. And we do a home. Visit. We always take a beagle. Embassador? Percy being brew. Doug, my failed foster, meaning we were fostering them and then failed to adopt him. So readopted him not really we just didn't offer him up for adoption used say, I think we'll keep him. So they they call out a failed foster. You know? So he's he's the beagle. Embassador? He's laying here crashed out, but you know, just think about stuff like that. You know, my parents are getting up their their their seventies. Get one grandmother left in her nineties still well, but you know, you know, it stuff's coming. Lots of aunts and uncles sisters coming up on fifty. You know, we're all getting older. Things happen in even even young people. Just makes you stop and think that not here forever. Make the most of it while you can. So that's been thinking about that quite a bit said with three of them this year that are this last year that I that I personally all from the podcasting world. You know, just strikes. Bites sucks. Not much. We can do about it. But it sucks. Said definitely. Somebody you love and talk to somebody give give your mama calls and she's still around. Kind of thing. Just let people know because you never know when they're going to be gone. And actually, a good friend of mine also passed away here recently. Fact. Right around thanksgiving time. Happened to be driving through his area here. Just what just north of read city. He lived in a little town called Evert. Turn the. Little the state. Was the exit. I would've taken to go to his house. He's gone. Along fruitful life and all that. So, you know, feel feel bad that he's gone, but certainly in a better place than he was for the last few months. Only sense. So I don't know probably ought to get on something a little less depressing. See the vehicle search. So is a topic of discussion. I. A. Test drove some vehicles last Saturday. You know, their neural k I just don't want to buy new. I'd love to be able to buy new. I mean, I could buy you. I wanted to. I'd love to be able to just fight my head because you know, but you know, you get a new vehicle and what I kinda want the fifty fifty grand or, you know, high forties. Minimum. The wanna do that? It's like get a ten year old version of that or not even tenure eight year old version of that for quarter of the cost. Probably a good idea. The ones I looked at. At least the Ford I looked at you could see Russ starting along rocker panel. I don't want to buy a arrest problem. And then looked at a Toyota, and I was that work. Pretty good full full-size Toyota tundra, truck and a hundred thousand miles on it. But other otherwise, really nice, shape and all that and. To look up things, and they haven't timing belt instead of timing chain, which not a problem, but it's supposed to be changed at one hundred thousand miles this one had one hundred six and no record in the Carfax of having a timing chain or timing belt. Oh, timing belts, five hundred bucks. And so I just inquired the dealer, you know, that had the drug I said, you guys gonna get the timing belt. And while you're at it water pumps, it's tough timing belt change. And he's oh, no, no prices, the price take it. As is right. So you won't give me five hundred bucks off. So I can go have no, no prices the price. Okay. Well, wasn't that great a price of the heck with you? I'm going to get. So luckily, I'm not in our hurry, desperate. Not. To falling in love with any vehicles. That's the problem with buying a vehicle sometimes you fall in love with them. And then you'll overlook things don't do your do diligence. And then you end up with a expensive problem on your hand. Or or something that doesn't last as long as you thought it might. I mean. Yeah, there's always. Dangers and buying a used car because generally, you're buying them. As is which makes total sense whose car dealership can't possibly guarantee you thing is gonna blow up when you drive down the road the next time. But you know, they can at least do some of the pre preventative stuff and the price reasonably and you said but do the inspection. See a lot of people will buy cars sight unseen well status to because. No guarantee that that. Those pictures were taken anytime recently or there's no guarantee the pictures of the car that you're buying. Is really the car. You're buying. There's nothing, you know, nothing to replace doing an actual inspection, and, you know, pay somebody to inspect it. Well, unless you don't know what you're looking for you, take it to a mechanic, and and put it up on the lift when I buy a used car safe from a dealership. I always say let's go into the shop put it up on a lift I wanna look underneath it. And if they don't let me do that. I don't buy the car, you know, for private party. I see, you know, if I go test drive it. And if I like it I said, well, I'm going to make an appointment with my mechanic. I wanna take it. Of course, Lew need five hundred dollars to hold it or something. I don't know if you sell it before then great, no problem. So you know, he tried to be in a hurry. You getting a hurry in trouble. And he said my theory, I've been pretty good about buying vehicles. And then sometimes I buy vehicles from families slide. No, the history of the vehicle fact, I've bought two Toyotas. Yeah. Two toyotas. I think and one other car from this family members that had them. Usually works out. All right, 'cause I know the history of the car and all that and this fan I bought from co worker of mine when I was working at the courier company, and this was actually his wife's vehicle, but he would use it from time to time and actually got to ride really couple of times on some deliveries in this fan. And you know was reasonably confident that a good deal pay that much for it. And that one hundred twenty thousand miles on it when I bought it. Well, here we are. Four years later and two hundred thirty seven thousand two said to hit. That's where the noise came from my head at the dominator to see what the total mileage was. And you know, this thing's been reasonably good I've had to do couple of tyrod ends. Alternator? Also, some you know, the breaks, you know, that kind of stuff tires routine maintenance items, but then, you know, solid van for what I paid for it. He said have been pretty good about it the Toyota that my wife's driving now is bought from her boss who bought it new. So she knew that car, you know, the whole time. And silly worries by us, but we generally by smart. That's that's how it works. He'll Cadillac Escalade that we had. We got it. We. Borrowed it for the day from from the seller and took it over to my dad who at the time was working at the Toyota dealer and put up on a lift, and we looked at over really good for ride and everything in that car lasts does over one hundred thousand miles we put on it. And as far as I know it still running sold it. But you know, we definitely pay attention to. Inspecting vehicle if you don't inspect a used vehicle, even a new vehicle, I mean, seriously, should really inspect a new vehicle. There's lots of stories were, you know. Car got wrecked while the possession of the dealer or being delivered or whatever. And then they did expand extensive work on the vehicle before it was ever titled. So there's no record of that accident in the records. Then later on you, come back and find out the things been wracked. It's not right. All that. Now, you know to lemon log on here. In most states. You have a lemon loss of you buy. The thing is new the the dealership has to try to fix it three times under warranty and fourth time. It goes in the the manufacturer gets notified, and they get to give a crack fixing it. And if that doesn't work together by back, so. So you're little more protected if you buy new but still got to look things over. If nothing else if you know, what you're looking for at least get underneath the thing with a flashlight and make sure it doesn't look like there's Bondo stick out or it's rusted through or whatever. And don't fall in love with a car. You know, so many times people will find us carline is the best deal ever. And they'll never find a deal like that. Well, you know, I find deals all the time. On any type of car. You can think of you could find ills. It's just you know, you got to be ready, and you got to not fall in love. And you got to inspect the day thing, you know. So that's the that's the gist of it love talking about car stuff, Leslie is looking for a reasonable full-size pickup truck for we'll drive we'd like to have some of the amenities of the nicer, newer pickup trucks. But. I'm gonna pay fifty sixty grand for one. Thought about buying another van, you know. I really do like this man, it's comfortable. But then I got to thinking this is a great third vehicle so Kerr thanking is get rid of the little pickup that I have get a newer nicer bigger pickup. That'll be my primary vehicle, and then this'll be the third one used for. And what's nice about this van full, those seats down all four by sheets of plywood or whatever. And that's come in handy. But this will be a great backup vehicle, you know, for the other main ones are in the shop or whatever. Since been reliable dot com would. Rusting a little bit. But so terrible. It's a unpresentable. So just coming up on Cadillac Michigan. The town was not named after the car. No. If the car was named after the town, I think the car in the town where named after the same person, which I believe mistake in was some sort of French explorer, but I don't know. Cadillac. Michigan kinda were the the freeway doesn't quite end here. But and pretty close to here. Another town called Manton few miles north of Cadillac, but US one thirty one sort of skirts around the outskirts of Cadillacs, you don't actually go through around. Just on the southern edge of Cadillac area. Pretty nice town small town, obviously, they all are up here. Trevor city being the biggest on. Kentucky quite a bit. Smaller Petoskey is quite a bit. Smaller charlevoix. Talk about Michigan all the time. Don't they? Anyway. So that'll do it for the segment anyway can green to get off the freeway here in it at the rest. Stop coming up. Okay. Well, let's see sorry about the little bit of background noise there on that recording. I'm still sorta working out holiday is. I wanna record mobile, but I think it sounded alright considering and don't have much more to say other than made it home. Everything was cool. The the beagle. Was happy to be home. Yeah. All that. Good stuff. You know, how it is? When we got a bunch of other stuff done what one thing I do on a mention that not that it going to be overall subject of my podcasts. But I am on the low carb diet in successfully lost about six pounds so far. So wish me luck on that front. Anyway, kitsch me later.

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