Episode 269: You wont believe what your neighbours just did to your home value


Good Morning Paul Andrea. Go here. Toronto REAL ESTATE UNFILTERED is the series. You're listening to real estate. Podcast SHOW DOT com. Is the media channel. The one stop podcast channel for everything. You'll need Toronto N. G. T. A real estate specific but also I've got listeners around the world and a lot of the topics that I discussed here Are Universal so they're not going to be specific Toronto or GTE. Today's topics included in that discussion. So every week Pretty much every day of every week I get amazing questions from you guys. I have over the twenty years. I've been doing real estate. The one thing that I had going into real estate. I guess I'd call it. My unfair advantage is that I actually came into real estate with one secret weapon that a lot of people didn't have and I think the reason I'm still here now very much so I had a relationship and this is people that I actually knew. I had a relationship book that I brought with me from previous business. People that I communicated with three thousand plus people that I knew that I'd done something with help. People like all sorts of things When I was in the fitness industry and I collected all the names of the people that I was working with people that I personally trained signed up Kept in touch with and I just decided I was going to continue to keep in touch with them. This is my few different businesses way before even understanding what relationship The importance of relationships in business in life. Of course they're the most important thing But how they relate to business which is a kind of the same thing you still you know you still talk to people on a human level and Like I do what this podcast. I don't have a different way. I speak to people when I when I meet them at the POB. It's this it's the same me And that's that's the funniest part about real estate. Is you'll see these Glamor shots That people go into You know the the the these. These glamour shots that some realtors us on their on their giant billboards in their marketing. And it looks nothing like these people. It's it's almost ridiculous to see the pictures and see them in real life and you have no idea It's the same person and they seem to be okay with it. Which just makes me laugh and I. I sat down once really early on for the Glamour. Shot Studio session with the You know with the With the with the with the farm and the background and all that bullshit like basically stuff that you would do as a kid again you would you would know better for pictures But as an adult you should know better and and I that was the last one I did. I JUST. I felt so uncomfortable. Okay turn your head now. Okay put your Chin them and if you remember the phone if you're ever the photo session the photo shoot from the Polian dynamite. Where on-call Rico Is Taken Pictures. I guess he's He's getting some pictures done Himself if you if you see that photo shoot action Every time you see that you should think of every real estate photo you've ever seen. It's just it's hilarious. Napoleon dynamite as a movie is perfect But like the particular sees within. The movie are awesome so today's Today's question. I'm handling with the group that I've got from one of my clients was. Hey Paul just wondering if you can tell me why my neighbors sold for so much under asking this week. Why why did they do that? The biggest problem starts with your neighbors shouldn't be selling without me but number two and this is probably number one in reality if I'm not writing the sole story to your property then there probably isn't one and I'm not saying that to discredit anyone else efforts. What I'm saying is is if there was no plan that started and I'm talking about weeks and sometimes months in advance of making sure that that property is properly valued long before it sold then. There's really no way to plan the took to to work with the end in my with with the ends in front like you can't really have like the the the the the end goal right in your front right. You're bringing your friend view the whole time. If there isn't an end goal as I went on to explain if you want for some reason again this is. This is an area that I know really well again. I should have very likely been at the table. So if those of you who are deciding on a Friday which a lot of you are doing on Friday morning you'll call the realtor. Whoever that may be the long lost relative the guy you went to high school with someone you know with a license that you know that you like and that you trust. Make sure that that list includes me and the reason why you need to make sure you're thinking outside the boxes because of what I just said is that the majority of the listings. I see out there right now. Do not have assault story ending in mind. They don't have an end goal. It's literally just cross your fingers and hope for something to happen. I don't work that way. I don't conduct my business that way and I hope you treat your asset especially now that way and even if you're not selling and this is this is the big thing right now even if you're not thinking about selling you should at least at the very least know what. Your property value is today okay. The reason I'm saying that is because you don't have any control nor do I. This is out of all of our control if anything is to happen in the market. That's out of your control. That affects your property. You should know what's happening specifically with your address. I don't care if you're a bungalow or a two story or a LOFTA condo. You should not be in the dark about. What's your property? Value is right. Now if you were to sell right now with me what you would get and there's no signing anything there's no commitment involved. There's nothing heavy duty involved with what I'm talking about when you signed up from my Toronto. Gte Property Protection Program. What you can look at it as a sort of an aversion of home insurance home insurance product for your property value now obviously when you sign up for home insurance they give you a replacement value. That's not the same as your property value. If you think it's the same have a look and see what your replacement value is. You'll see it's not the same thing you want to know what it is now simply because you don't want to be surprised by the loss and for a lot of people in different markets over the years that I've dealt with a lot of people who were on top of their property values. Were a lot happy. You're selling the knows who were taken by. Surprise Finding out that not just one but three or four of your neighbors have been getting completely hammered. Because again no plan. Make sure that I'm on that list. Make sure I'm talking with you and I'm talking about five minutes of your time. If you cannot tell me that five minutes of your time is not worth. It's for a million dollar asset two million dollar asset that you own the big thing and I'm going to say it out here and I don't think it's going to matter. It's the I'm not revealing anything that's going to possibly be a trade secret but if you want a million dollars for your home you used to. It used to have to used to have to make sure it was worth about one point. Two IT WAS. It was pretty easy to get your one million. I would say now if you want the one million. You're going to have to make sure that the property shows one point five. Okay if you want to two point five three three point five if you understand what I mean by that is that you have to create the value of that higher number and that's where it gets tricky if you've never done that before if you if there's no story to tell if there's no soul story in mind you're not gonna be able to get that value out of that property and that is such an important thing so for your neighbors and you know you guys know these better than me. You always are the ones to introduce me to the really great ones so make sure that neighbor next to you knows again doesn't even matter if they're thinking about selling this idea that we should connect that we should have a relationship starts long before you make a move. And that's the that's the thing with me and my contact base that I started with long ago is that I've kept in touch with them all these years. So it's not like some Weirdo calling you on a Friday or you're calling somebody on a flyer or a billboard are against someone that you know isn't really able to tell the story of your property. They might know it. They might even have helped you buy it but they might not be the right person to do. The sold story creation. Which is what I do is what I spent all my time doing. And as you can tell by this podcast. It's what I do very well. I've reached now. There's almost thirty thousand total. Plays of my podcast. I am the top result on Toronto for Toronto. Real estate on spotify and apple podcasts. Both of them and the most recent time I checked Toronto real most recent time I typed in real estate on spotify under podcasts. I was in the top ten. This was just recently. I don't know if I'm still there usually flowed somewhere between the top twenty. The top ten and twenty to me is incredible based on the fact that spotify just released their numbers. Something like two hundred sixty million monthly users every month like that's an incredible amount of users. Not all not all our podcast listeners. I wish they were all my podcast listeners. If you aren't yet make sure that you're subscribing to this but a lot of people listening audio. It's a big deal. It's come back in a biggest in the biggest way possible and I believe twenty twenty is the decade of the podcast for a lot of reasons and most importantly you just need to make sure that your property story is being told someone has to tell it. And it's not just me I actually even on my M- my most recent listing. I've got my clients helping. Tell the story of the property why they chose what they love about the area stuff that only you guys can possibly say and in your voice which is even better so when you WanNa do that you can do that with me. But the first thing is make sure you know what your value is again regardless of whether you're selling or not there's no commitment as far as this goes is just for me it's just a way to it's a relationship Incubator I guess. I'll call it that because a lot of things that I do in my business aren't directly transactions. So they're basically just relationship starters Things that will lead to later on if they're if they're meant to be so for that reason step number one. Make sure you're connecting with me. You'll see the link in this podcast. If NOCCO writer real estate podcast show Dot Com right on the front page there. You can enter your address and boom. You're in your property is now protected. It's important for you to do this. And secondly if you know someone your neighbors your friends your relatives your anybody in the Toronto or GT area from GTE area from OAKVILLE. Oshawa up to Richmond Hill. The weird thing is I've got family and friends and clients and all of those areas. Not The weird thing. It's a good thing but most importantly you want to make sure that your property is getting the leverage that it deserves on my podcast and that sold story has to be written before the sign ever goes in the law and there's so much stuff that goes into a listing and it just it just boggles my mind when I hear someone saying I just hired the guy on Friday and we're putting the sign in on Monday and I just. I have no idea how that's even possible to come up with the story that will add value to your property in a matter of seventy two hours. It's impossible it's just being done on the fly. You really cannot right now. Be One of those people that does that. Thank you for listening as always and have a great day. Enjoy your weekend be safe. Take CARE OF YOURSELVES. Get OUT FOR SOME EXERCISE. Eat HEALTHY SLEEP. Well and remember in your mind is were a lot of the things that are bothering you exist. They don't exist outside of that. I have to remind myself this daily. I'm telling myself now that any fear that I have is fake because it's created within my system almost to the point where your body as a way of making you believe it and it isn't true. These are all things that are created by us as humans. Our ability to think in an advanced way also helps us do worse. Do bad things like worry. In advanced methods that I get are not do not exist outside our body so remember to take care of that body. Burn off that energy sleep. Well eat well enjoy your life. Be Grateful I certainly am for all of you listening. Thank you guys as well. Thank you guys again and have a great day.

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