This Week in Survivor: Survivor 38, Episode 12 with Liana Boraas


Stock about. Take. So we can buy the smartest oriented. Why? Sarabhai? You've are. Yes. That's right. Where back for this week in survivor episode. Number twelve I'm rob sister, Nino here to cover everything going on here as we wrap out episode and number twelve for the week. And then we have the wiggle room on this weekend. Survivor, of course, here with us. The man who created the this week in survivor history quiz, the great Jordan Kayla's here. Jordan. How are you? Doing. Well, had it had a good week. I thought it was a pretty fun episode of survivor. So I'm hanging in there. Why what happened on your week? I'm no nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Really interesting. Okay. You made it sound like it was a really good week. Did I? Yeah. I thought it was downplaying the week. I I don't know. It was fine. It was I worked I've coached in lost baseball game. And it's about it. Okay. We had a fun fun viewing party with the pizza and beer lions in New York, which but that's a common occurrence. Okay. Well, maybe had such a good week because you were in anticipation for our guest on this week in survivor. She is the co owner of the ouray JP BNB, you could hear her on a bunch of different ra- happe- podcasts, the great Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm good sounds like Jordan really had a crazy week compared to me. My fire alarm the battery died so beeped at me for a while. It was the worst. Like, I don't under-. Here's what's the deal with fire alarms. No like, it just continues to be, but you can't turn it off. So now it's sitting on my desk off. On. So anyway, that was the that was the ordeal in my world this week. Okay. All right. Well, Leon please the practice fire safety. Okay. I'll plug it back and afterwards, I promise. Okay. Survivor is like a broken fire alarm, how cells constantly ream. Broken fire alarm. Great try to change my battery. Okay. Imagine CVS dot com came out with like reinfect alarms that just yelled duty. You wouldn't your house on fire? Represents life. But not not in this case. Listen, do the house is on fire. Get out get out to listen, bro. Yeah. All right, Liana Boris is here, and we're very excited to catch up a on. Of course, you can hear Liana this weekend on the RA GP BNB with special guest host the tabulates Kirk Clark. And my co host on Robin Akiva needed podcast to keep a Winokur. That's right. Yes. We talk about this episode. I know we're going to get into a little bit of it here. But, you know, don't worry unless we don't we don't talk about too much. Hopefully, there won't be too much overlap in less reading reviews of the Ron Clark story count as talking about this episode. I think we'll be okay that was my whole quiz this week. What what what am I gonna do? Okay. That's that's a this week in Ron Clark history. It'll be questions from the movie or well, we have had some great podcasts this past couple of days where we had Dominic and Kellyanne from ghost island on together with me on the recap. Then of course, the traditional Bryce Isaiah feedback show. We got into that on Friday afternoon, and that's up now on rod has a website dot com wiggle room. Still to come here on the episode twelve batch of podcasts, but Leon how are you feeling now after episode number twelve only a one more regular week in the finale left to go. Yeah. So it's interesting looking forward to the finale not like, I mean, maybe in a positive way. But just like thinking about it because what is gonna happen with the island of. Extinction. I just still don't know exactly win. The person is gonna come back. How exactly is this going to work? What is going to be the reaction to the person who comes back from the edge of extinction? How might that person fair? If they do make it to the end, I feel like there are so many unanswered questions. And we're really at this precipice before we get there of just utter confusion. It just seems like right now, this is sort of the bastard child of survivor, and I'm not quite sure exactly how it's going to play out. Also Veivers are Bestard's in their parents is. I think it's also going to be wild. When we get the massive edge of extinction exodus. Yes. Exactly. So with the baseball team that is the jury slash the island of extinction residents. So they now all get to go to Ponderosa does the island get abandoned to Seoul person comes back in. I think that we're going to get a scene where everybody doesn't get back into the game is going to like collect their stuff and Reema is going to have a torture like listen ship, your good friend here for thirty six days. But now, I'm gonna light you on fire. Listen, dude, you're on fire. You're on fire. Beep, beep beep. Evacuate island. Yeah. Dirty memorialize. I don't know a really cool a really cool challenge to return. What if it's like hand on a hard I, but they all have to hold onto the mast like just like the post where the mass design like they didn't raise the thing the whole time. And now they just can't take their hand off of it until somebody reenters the game. I don't know how you gonna do that with like eleven people. Those the stand around a circle get really close. I'm sure Riemann board will love being right next to each other. That's like one of those radio show contests where everybody has their hand on a car, and like the last person to be holding onto the car wins the car. That's exactly what it sounds like. That's fine. I mean, they have all the time in the world to do that. So they can start the challenge like a day before someone actually has to go back in. Yeah. A why the biggest problem I think is just the Jeff's not going to stand there for three days while somebody who's trying to get back in the game. Okay. Liana? So Ron Clark is you've been tracking the new Ron Clark a rule book all season long. What's your thoughts on the end of Ron Clark, pending not returning from the edge of extinction? Well, I think the first thing that stands out to me is the whole family. Visit thing that has happened where he uses earlier in the season. Let's just all make it to the family. Visit and then he makes it to the family visit and his promptly voted out. Everybody honored their deal to him. Yeah. Exactly to the family. Visit won't that be nice? We just get to the family. Visit. And then I won't I won't give you your visit with your loved ones. You can see them though, only Gavin Julie, I'm sure they remembered that they're like, okay. We just have to keep Ron until the family visit then we're allowed to vote him out deals here. This Ron line really made me laugh though. When he's talking about his facial hair. And he's asking Lloyd if he likes it at the end of this. You like it. Kid friend. Up friends. I have never loved Ron Clark more than that singular line. It was so good. He just these friends so enduring Theron in that moment, just. Yes. Everything else after that not so much. But like that is really really great. One of the great things to be out. Ron Clark was that. They were really like two different Ron Clark's where he was like super nice Ron Clark in the group setting of saying to everybody. I love comma, these these are my friends, and wouldn't it be nice? We'll all get to the loved ones. Visit. We can just relax and then the confessional. Ron Clark was super duper shady and like very like cutting in all of his confessional remarks. Yeah. For sure I don't know who the cutting confessional. Ron Clark is. But I feel like the happy. Go lucky. Ron Clark is giving me a little bit of like, Mr. Mackey from south park, salty, friends like that. Okay. That's sort of what I get from him. And then the cut-throat one I don't know what that is. That's a real wrong lurk. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know who the true Ron Clark is. But. Very fun to watch the two Ron Clark's which one shows up in the movie. Oh, that's a good question. I haven't actually watched it. Probably something I should do one thing that did come to light through the BNB is there's some milk chugging that happens to like motivates students or something. So I don't know which which Ron would have chugged the milk. But yeah, I'm not sure I'm not entirely. Sure is Lloyd in the movie. Okay. That was my question because Hello. Ron's husband. Yeah. Lloyd can be in a movie anytime, I would watch that movie. But we think Kirk decided the potentially had happened before the movie was before they may be got married. So we're not entirely sure. From what I understand. I think that the movie takes certain liberties with the story that may not have been historically accurate that never happens movie is about. Liane? I wanted to ask you. So where do you come down on the great Rick Devon's debate of twenty nineteen? Are you in on Rick Devon's? Do you stand? Rick devon's. Or is Rick Devon's your ops? Okay. I knew I was going to get this question. Because this is the hot debate of the week. I think you timely on read it almost every single thread right now is I love Rick Devon's. Or I hate Devon's everybody is weighing or way out on Rick Devon's. I know that that young Rick Devon's is very very high on future. Jordan Kayless has Dan. That's right. Yeah. I don't, you know mini. Rick Devon's I don't wanna step on your toes or anything. I loved this concept, though, that you talked about rob of the Rick Devon's rohrschack test like what the rohrschack test of the probably a newbie game. Their next week. But it's definitely to me. I thought like, oh, this is laurel Yanni the yellow gold black blue because it does seem to be so polarizing it's like one or the other and there's nothing in between which for me as someone who feels like I fall in between like I can appreciate Rick Devon's for the entertainment that he brings to TV. I don't really get the severe hatred of Rick like, I guess, I don't really know. Exactly what he's doing that Garner's likes that level of can't stand. Rick his showmanship. But on the other hand, he's not super appealing. Oh my gosh. Rick Devon's is the best character ever. So I think for me I'm entered entertained by him, and especially his blasting of Ron and Julie at that tribal. I was all about that. Because in terms of the emotions that are brought out on reality. TV shows the extreme emotions are always so much fun. And. Anger as my personal favorite. So the really went after them that was really great. I thought and this. Yes. He's. I was just gonna say the clapping at the end when he development vote for Ron ago. Entertain at the same time. Like, you're such a doofus. Leila. Leila. Is it possible? Did he know more than the episode led on in terms of where the votes were ultimately going like did somebody have a conversation with him of like, hey, if you have an advantage, you should play tonight like with somebody sort of like really invested in seeing go where I mean, he still cast his vote for Aurora. So I think that that would take her potentially add to the mix, but he did seem like not shocked that the votes were coming for Ron and was really delighted. Yeah. That's a good question. So I was trying to sort of put all of this together. And I think the conversation that we saw with Victoria, and Lauren, and then a Rura I think that happened during the that happens later in the episode, but I think that actually happened during the reward. So I think that there was sort of a planned thing between the two say, okay, look, we're definitely voting out Rick. However if. Does have an idol we need a contingency plan. So I don't think because of that that they were really in cahoots with reckon would've let him know. I I don't know. We'd have to go back and look exactly at the shot because Rick still voted for a rural. Like just in case. It is. Okay. But I don't know he seemed to believe Ron Clark. Also with the whole menu thing at least in his confessional. That's the way it sounded. I just wonder if those might have been cut where he was talking about how you know that oh, this is such a great gift that Ron gave me and then followed it up by or it could be complete up gifts. I guess we'll have to find out because he did play the fake advantage menu. I and I did feel like he was almost like one of these like trial, lawyers that you see in a movie where he is like asking a set of questions. And then when he gets the answer that like the person thinks they got one over on him. He ends up like. Turning around with like a complete like out of nowhere point. Because I mean, there's just the delivery did seem like you rehearsals. Where he came back around. And then got the got the idol out. So did you the code Ron? I did not. I did not. One of the other really fun. Rick Devon's moments that I haven't seen talked about a lot anywhere was when Rick found the clue to the advantage. The need it to be secret. I'm gonna go get it right now. This is of impression like needs the idols. No, you must wait for the idol thing that popped into my head and not moment. It's such a good club. Right in they're gonna March in there. I'm just gonna go grab the no. It was like a out loud voice overs. Great. Doesn't really fun. And look I really appreciate what Rick Devon's is bringing to the show. I understand why people aren't on him. But for me, he's bringing a lot of entertainment to this show. And I can't say that for the rest of the other castaways that are out there on the main island. I agree. I've I've loved the whole the whole season. And I think I think part of the backlash against him. Is that people that aren't really loving him are sort of annoyed by the fact that so many people are entertained in do love him. I mean, look, I I've said it before where I don't think that Rick Devon's is playing the best game of everybody left. I think that's Victoria. But as far as entertainment on the show, I think they're downplaying so much of what Victoria's doing which I think is a shame because she is the one who has been in on every vote even though she didn't vote for Ron in this episode. She clearly knew it was going on with Rick. We don't know if you knew national. They're downplaying. What Victoria is doing that? I think that she's not getting as much of an edit for someone who has been so instrumental in every single vote yet. But you feel like that they're trying to hide her or do you feel like that? There's just like a not great footage because I always operate under the assumption that survivor if they have great footage, they're not gonna leave that on the cutting room floor. So if they have, you know, really great confessionals of a person talking about what they're doing. I don't know why they would hide that. It doesn't make any sense why they wouldn't want to put the best stuff in the show. Well, no, I I think that though, then wouldn't they have included the war dog versus reim- segment from the edge of accents fair. That's the best case so far the they don't include the best stuff on the show when they leave the war dog versus ream on the cutting room floor. Yeah. I think maybe I think almost every scene that we have gotten were Aurora. Sorry now, we're Royal where victim. Oria did Victoria Aurora before. Because. Okay. I just wanted to make sure. Yeah. I think every scene where we have seen Victoria highlighted has been great. I think she's a very unique character. But I also think part of what makes her so unique is that she's a civil character. So I think some of her confessionals have been really good. But maybe there just isn't the the amount of content that we have somebody like Rick and again, I'm a huge fan. So it's not it's not any slight against him. I just think strategically she's been in on every vote, and she's never been in the minority. But I feel like that you could play a game that's under the radar. But you can also be narrating. What's happening in the show? It doesn't necessarily oh we'll show her game is under the radar. So we're not seeing her confessionals where she's breaking down everything that's happening in the game. No. I think I think that's a good point. Well, if you like subtle players, I have a character view. His name is Brett from Samoa. Tyson. Yeah. I think things ain't person. I don't know. It's interesting because you think about the major characters that are left, and obviously Rick ovens is the major character remaining on the main island, and then there's sort of these other like supporting characters that are there. And I think some of the qualms with over ovens is getting all this airtime and getting editors then there's no one else to really turn to because everyone else's seemingly has less of an edit to them, and I know less about their story, and I really don't in comparison know that much about the other people that are left. Yeah. I do think that that's a big factor. In terms of like, whatever Rick Devon's backlash that there is where he is the person who is the outsider all the other people are working against him. But we are seeing the most of his story when he is clearly on the out strategically in the game where it makes it feel like that his story is more important to the season. And the story of the people who are actually navigating where this thing is going. Do you think he needs to be the the Mike Holloway in order to like to win out? You mean like when the? Yeah. I mean, I think that he just seems to be standing out, especially with the way that the jury is responding to him. I mean, you can't help if you're a person on the other side and see the type of responses that he's getting and think oh, yeah. I should definitely let this person go to the end with me. But he very much reminds me a little bit in the edit of like Benji Bergen. But the problem is is that there's no Chrissy in contrast there, or you know, what Ryan who's the other person. Well, Ben is. That name has been thrown around a lot because everybody is trying to get Ben out of the game. And he is finding all these idols in his season. But I think there were a lot of other people that were in that season where when we get to the final five that everybody has a little bit of a shot to win the game. I mean, don't forget about you have Devon Pinto. Who was there who a lot of people thought that he could win the game? You had Ryan you have, Krissy. Dr Mike is there too. And so you had a lot of people that you Lauren Rimmer was still there. I think at the final seven, and there was a lot of people that you felt like well this is really anybody's game. But Ben was the person this doesn't necessarily feel that same way. So you have that with Rick Devon's where he is the Ben reeburg thing. But that he also is great in the confessional and these little scenes on the fly. So he also I think has a bit of Cochran in him. Him who's another person that has had his own share of backlash against people where he's polarizing character. People. Love seeing him on the show. And it's like, oh my God enough of Cochran stop shoving him down our throats, if the see him why does he have so many confessionals? So Rick is sort of the Ben reeburg in mixed with Cochran. Depending on your mileage on those types of characters. That's really I think why every so polarized. What a love child that would be. I guess it is it's it's wreck. I just go back to the other people and think about what are their narratives throughout this season. What his heavens narrative? The only thing is install remember about Gavin is that voted out his best friend, and he married today's his. Yeah. And he got married two days before survivor like those are the two things I know about Gavin. It also might be a factor that you know, we're seeing a lot of Rick Devon. And also might be that the other people who are in the game may not be giving them the best confessionals to to us. Also where that not everybody that's left in the final six really pops off the screen when they're giving their different quotes or analysis of what's going on. So they lean on Devon's a lot. And that might also be contributing to. What's going on? Let me bring in a voicemail that we didn't get to a lot of the voice mails that were from the feedback show with Bryce let me bring in this question that is from Lauren and she wants to ask a question about what's going on on the edge of extinction. High bright more in time caller longtime listener at the last tribal council, we hall lean wearing the sale from the extinction as an article closing. Fabulous stashing since one of the island with purple tan status where? Okay. All right Liana. Do you have any thoughts on ream wearing the sale? Well, first of all sorry, Lauren. He didn't get Bryce to answer this question. But someone currently wearing an oversized Suraj a t shirt and like tiny shorts. I will do my best to answer this question. So bream completely taking over all of the items of the edge of extinction is I think one of my favorite things like she has opted the sale to be her own clothing. She's now bringing it around everywhere because this one unless it got really dirty, it's gray which is different than the white one the shoeless wearing earlier so somehow found more fabric out there and totally here for it. Listen to I got here. I everything on this island. Mine I claimed it. I've got to sail, and it's mine, and it doesn't mean I'm raising the sale because I'm never ever leaving his island. Okay. Have you ever seen pirates of Caribbean? Where like the the crew of Davy Jones the Davy Jones like the pirate his crew becomes part of the ship. I think this is a case of reimb- cart becoming part of the edge like they all turned into these fish, and I think remains becoming like a an edge of extinction creature. And I think even when they kicked him off like when after the challenge, I don't think Rima's leaving the edge of extinction. I think she lives there now. Well. It's like all right ream time part of the listen dared. I'm never leaving. I can't have to stay here. Forever. Part of the island. This is a symbiotic relationship, we need each other all the trees started die. Go without me. I'll be fine. I'm pretty sure she even said it was in the secrets in that we were talking about earlier with Riemann war dog. And I think she said something to the extent of this might as well be my island because I was here. I think really it is she's co opted designed it is resigned. Yeah. She's gonna leave and you're going to hear like a collective like well all the wildlife and the trees just gonna go. Name and everything's just gonna die on the haunted island. Leon do you like this idea for a future season of survivor survivor, Reem island, where the contestants that every every episode somebody gets sent to go to re Mylan, and she gives them a remaining. But then there's also the opportunity that they can play for like, listen. All right. You want this advantage or what we're going to play a game? Okay. There's this three sales and one of them has an advantage over the other two is a baller ice that you're gonna go. And then go up the steps and go fill up and get my dinner. So is this like ghost island esque where you know, you have to play a game period. Play Rian game. Ream where ongo silent used to like, okay? This is a play game. If I open this read the clue Rina's just there. And then she just like choose you out like she did to ward off in the the whole time that you're there. I would definitely be here for that. Twist. Like, I said, they emotion that I get most excited about on reality TV is anger. And so renamed just going after some of these portions testi- that are out there. Really? I think would make it that much better. I mean, if you're going to bring back a ghost island esque twist, I think this is definitely the way to do it. The buff is just like the logo for the season's just reinstate with a with a chat bubble. That's dude. Silhouette silhouette come on tacky to have her face on the buff. This was her with war dog. Just I can't get enough with this evening that you can bet your rear end, you're going to get it tomorrow for me. Just so, you know, expectation bitter bitter. Yeah dog I'm not bitter. I think that you're mature. I don't have the energy to deal with baked by gotta be with. You can't be fake about oil and water. So why are you even sit next me water over there too? Eyelid as you saying that we're dog is part of the part of the water. He's off the island where Ellen water. This is where the oil goes you go over there and the war. Sweeping the ocean telling telling ward octa, go sleep in the ocean. Go back to the ocean. You see me these challenges. I can't even swim in the ocean. Have room for you on this island? I'm a little to be huge. I got here and Williams supposed to be. The energy for the Biaz right now. I got beef with you get out. I don't want you. Yeah. That's so good her interacting people. I think really makes this even better is then what happens to Ron Clark at the end of. No heart. It's just a game. They Ron Clark is like he is doing his penance have been have been have been a bad boy in this game and reinforcing about it really have lottery of lot game. He's here. Yeah. Ron Ron Clark is obviously water he can oil. He can stay your oil run. You can stay. You're like vinegar you pair. Well with me that's another future season survivor oil versus water. Who's this? Who's this? That's the island with three Meilen to us. What the remind was. This group of people. They're loyal. They're slippery slide through life. Nothing to them. If no friction whatsoever. These people are vinegar that they're bitter. People around way can't catch any flaw. This tribe, and these people their water they've move in the flow state, whatever container there in they moved to fill him. So not going to be on the water tribe. Right. No, no, come on. God. Okay. Let's see from the from the episode. Lemme view a piece of strategy moving forward. Let's see. This was another question that we didn't get to with Bryce, and let's go back to Karen from the love you bay area. Had this question high rather than vase? This is Karen from the love you bay area loving that I'm gonna hear you talking soon. I'm wondering about the situation with Lawrence idle because usually the six is the last time you can play an idol. But we are presuming that it's going to go from six down to five and back up to six again. So I wonder if there's some other deal with her I'll or she's going to think this is the last time she can use it can then use it again. Anyway, love to hear your thoughts about that. We all know what's going to be the deal with the with the you can put it Idelson five. Right. Yes. So she'll be good for this one. But then somebody's gonna come back. But I don't know if they don't know when they're gonna come back is that going to throw her off. Well, they know it's going to happen at some point in time. So they can probably jus it's not gonna be at the final three. But I don't know you never know. Maybe not the final force and sound they know about the final fire making challenge. So maybe think, oh, they might come back in at the last time you could play your idols. So I, but it's so confusing because when you have to go down to like do you go down to final four and that would go back up the final five. Oh my gosh. See this is what makes this twist. So confusing about exactly what time they're gonna come back in because to me. No, I sure that it is going to be down to final sit seven. No, I'm just operating under the assumption that we're gonna see somebody voted off this week. And then the finale is going to start with somebody coming back into the game. And they'll have to get through to votes back in the game, which I think is so much better than if somebody came back at the final five, and they only had with four people left making it a new final five and they only had to win one challenge before the fire making really scared of before the season, but with the amount of episodes left. I think it's going to be coming back in with five making it a new final six. We'll see I mean with Ozzie he came back in it got down to four and then it came back to five with Ozzy back in the game. But that was with no final firemen. So we'll see I will not like it a lot. If we get down to five people or get down to four people, and then and then bring somebody back, and then it's five to get through one vote before we get the fire making. So then she would know because someone would come back making it the final six. Again, before she has to like, oh you have to play it now. Because if you're gonna go final five to final four then back to final five, then Lauren could be out, you know, use it unnecessarily potentially. When she may have been able to use it that next the next tribal. We do you have a prediction as to who's this week. Oh my gosh. I have no idea what is happening in terms of the future of this game. So I do this thing which is really fun. Every survivors even fund office pools where we try to predict who's going to go each week. I know I'm erred, and I just have no sense of what is going on. Because I think it was Jeff probe said at the beginning of the season. Like, this is going to be like a murder mystery. And this is what does that mean in terms of editing? I think what it means is that I have no clue what's going on. Which means I should never join you guys run out all of them. It'd be terrible out. But I guess if I had to pick someone I mean, obviously, Rick is the. First person that stands out just because he is like, oh, the huge threat. But that's obviously assumingly doesn't want him unity. So I guess my money would probably be on Rick. If I had to pick someone just because Walsum, I get a go with I think recast to be out if he doesn't have another idol, or if he doesn't win immunity, I would say though, and again, we were we've been talking a lot about the edit. The fact that Rick really seems to be the only person left in the game with like with a like, I wouldn't say an obvious winners edit, but with like, a real substantial edit, I think there's a good chance that he does find another item. Or he does when immunity, and I think my guess for the person going out next for whatever reason would be Gavin. I think he is seen as a big threaten the game. I could we sort of sauce seeds of a Lauren and Julia relationship forming where they were talking about the women getting together that would of course, include Victoria and Aurora. So I think that Gavin could be potentially in trouble. If devons were to win immunity or find an idol. I think Rick Devon's is going to get voted out. And I think he is going to win his way back in he's going to pull the Victor here early. So that's actually really interesting because I was thinking about the people who are out on the edge. They have no shot right at the reward challenges where at least if you're in the game, you have some shot at reward challenges. And I don't know it have to go back and look and see if Rick has won some, but you're theoretically, getting more nutrients potentially than the people that are out on the edge. So the least amount of time you spend out there. Maybe the better chance you have of getting back into the game. Maybe that's why we're not seeing that much because Joe and Chris Underwood are just like catching like a million fish and Stingray. And it's like a real like smorgasbord out there. Yeah. Maybe I think also I don't know who I would pick out of the edge of extinction cast members unless it's like a quick revolving door type situation this really stand out as yeah. This person is. Definitely gonna come in. And if it's not Rick I think whoever gets voted out this week. I think is going to come back into the game. Because I don't have a good feeling about anybody. That's on the edge of extinction. That is going to come back in and win. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. There actually was another thing. I wanted to talk about and talk about Rick made me think of this. Okay. Was Jeff Jeff is not always the smoothest when it comes to interacting with the loved ones. But I thought he was particularly awkward this go round. Just me. This. Oh, the episode is called awkward like, oh, it's Jeff Bruton super. There was the whole thing with Lawrence. Yeah. I don't wanna know what you whispered in your dad's ear, and then Rick with his wife, does it trigger you, and she brings up your son. And he doesn't know where you are. I don't know there were just some like their comments. I thought it was particularly offer at this time. Yeah. It is like a weird of spot where Jeff is like prying into the nature of the relationship of. Okay. So what's it like being a person who's married like, yeah? I guess it's fun ups and downs. You know, like, Jordan. What's it like being a son? Let's not answer that question. Yeah. That's why. Because just doesn't want those types of reacted. I don't know what it's like to a son. He really wants to have those DT our conversations on national TV Liana. How do I get my EMMY this time? To find the relationship, Jordan. Okay. Okay. 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The current contestants have a little bit slow down with everything that they were saying about the show Liana. I wonder why that could put on. Boyle had I don't know with the exception of war dog who is same same as ever. Okay. Let's let's see. What's what's going on here? So a lot of reactions from the survivors about the family. Visit Davey Rickenbacker was very proud of the big salute to my boy, Mr. Ron Clark for not only time on CBS. But for all that he does for youth here in Atlanta with the Ron Clark academy. Proud of you mate. Good luck getting back in so count Davey as a Ron Clark fan. I wonder if Davey counts as one of math friends, friends, friends. Ron clark. What do you think wrong Clark's role in the wrong Clark academy is still teach? Does he know idea? There's a debate on this on the like what exactly does he do? What exactly would just say you do here? I feel like he does everything he could be like the willy Wonka where more of the tour guide, but he could also I could see him doing every job from why lunch lady to like emceeing the the school shows. Like, I think he does I think he does everything the sides teach at the school. So you think that people will win a ticket to go. Visit the Ron Clark academy. And then he takes them through and loses some people on the way a lot of teachers goes there for training. Yeah. They all come back. They they all they all come back the escape. But yeah, I mean, look teachers teachers do go there and the willy Wonka story, it's like survivor, you lose people on the life. And they go the. Yeah. Survivor hits really like willy Wonka. Chocolate factory. Kind of is. At the end, you win the lot of money. Like a pinball machine. Just like Willie Wonka all say, all right. Let's talk about Jacob Derwin tweeted, man, I should really be paying more attention to the season. Same. Maybe like who are these other people? We don't know either. You are not alone. Stephen fishbach tweeted, this is more pertaining to the amazing race. I didn't go on the amazing race because it interfered with my wedding conclusively proving that I'm a better husband than Gavin fired. Yeah. That was that was pretty funny. Also by the way, shout out to your Instagram takeover. Thank you. Thank you. That was lovely my personal favorite. One was the how to save money on your Honey. I liked that one gonna what thought about the wrong Clark rule of the week. We went with something else. But yeah, that was lovely. That's a good move. It's a good move of just like have like engagement like around the time like with survivor casting is happening and then set that up, and then you could go either way because at one if you have cold feet, and they have good excuse to get out of getting married, and then to have the quick wedding save some money, and then save more money on honeymoon. Yeah. Exactly. I think it totally makes sense. But also, you know, what I will say like shout out to Stephen. It was a smart call that you guys didn't end up going because otherwise he wouldn't have been able to get married on June ninth, which is like my personal favorite date, of course of all time as married. Thanked me recently for informing him that his anniversary was June ninth. And that he will never not think about that. As he should speaking of weddings. Randy Bailey said if I ever get married there's no question, I will get divorced. I want at Aurora McCreary to be my divorce lawyer. I love the way she thinks. That's what you should do. Get divorced and go on survivor instead. Colin. All right. It's all part of your story. Yeah. I would also want Aurora's my lawyer, I should've used I mean, we didn't end up getting lawyers for the divorce because it was amicable. But like me and my ex husband like, I if we had been going at it. Roar is definitely the lawyer that I would want she. Although she does have she does tend to let all the information out would worry. Keep you know, like between us she would just say it anyway. Yeah. I feel like that one of her things this season is that they have talked about her like, well, you never know if she's going to let the cat out of the bag at tribal council this time, we saw her going through said bag. That's a good point. I didn't even think about that. So Aurora also tweet about how she was messing with her roommate when you roommate complaints too much about picking up your Amazon boxes, there's only one thing to do purchase a thirty five pound weight. And no now patiently wait until they text you asking ordered. And they must pulled their backout. Okay. Never mind. I take back. What I said about having auroras. My lawyer that's Pence. Maybe that's just part of her emo- is like, oh, yeah. You go through people's Amazon packages. So you go through people's bags. Not awkward. I just did it. Jeff Pittman at times had a great fact he tweeted out dude ream has now tied met L rod for the most non game exile, redemption or extinction days played, and we'll take sole possession of the number one spot in the next episode good for free, and I would also want to know about confessional counts. Like re must have by far the most confessionals someone not actually in the regular game of survivor. Oh, yeah. That's a good question. If we're going to get the confessional count for the season. I bet she's in the top eight. This is probably better than that. Yes. I think she's gotten the only people who can think that have definitely gotten more than her, obviously, Devon's I think David Wright has probably gotten more confessionals than she has. I would say Kelly Wentworth has gotten more confessionals. But besides that is there anyone else you could think of definitely has more confessionals in rim. Okay. Just dog working on. I'm not sure how much this is up dated. So of the current people in the game. Rick is leading the way by a lot. He has forty one confessionals on the season. And then the rest of the people in the game are Julie has Twenty-three Lauren has eighteen Gavin's eighteen Victoria's eighteen Aurora has eleven. Ream. Has more than one of the people that are still active in the game. It's not as many, I just I think her confessionals are just more memorable than other people's she make it also a lot of content not necessarily confessionals. Listen, listen. So she has fourteen confessionals for the season, which is more than. Julia. Chris joe. Eric and Aurora. So not bad for being the first book. Yeah for. Yeah. Exactly considering remember she was the first Boone of the season. So I don't even know who those people are that you just mentioned. All right. All right. So let me see if there's any other ones a lot of I feel like a kneecap sucking going on between survivors, and the either the survivors are being horrible to each other on social media or a lot of like kneecap sucking meet him. They need to be likely on with Rick Devin stake to somewhere in the middle. Yeah. Here's a conversation between a couple of survivors. Jessica Lewis tweeted about you, don't even really smell bad from Carly compliment that is only truly acceptable on survivor. Elizabeth Olsen responded. How in the world did Gavin make it that far and not smell like crap? Maybe he was sponsored by deodorant and he's testing new slogan last thirty nine days. Yes. That would be interesting you'd be like, oh, and that's how they paid for their wedding sponsorship deal. Gavin and that I was on a survivor island for bunch days. And my wife said, I didn't even smell that bad. Yeah. It's just pops off the screen. It's got to be the pineapple shirt. It's magic. Magic pine shirt. And then Lisa came in to set the record straight. She doesn't want to hear about a magic pineapple shirt. Excuse me. She said we all smell like moldy cheese and a porta potty. Oh, I prefer to think of the magic pineapple shirt. Like, I'm just going to pretend the last parts happen. She knows what that smells like though. It's going to be the pineapple. Maybe maybe each pineapple on the shirt is like an air freshener. And it's just like they're like little pins that are hanging off the shirt and not just that's possible on in may, maybe it's like when you go like the car wash that much of pineapple airfresheners in that pineapple shirt was made out of. Yeah. Okay. Julie Rosenberg tweeted wouldn't have been able to have this incredible experience without having him. Stand beside me in life. No, one is more supportive or a bigger cheerleader of your dreams and accomplishments than he is. Thank you, Mark. And she had a picture of her with her husband, Mark, which actually leads me back into a voicemail from the Bryce podcast that we didn't get to here is a question that is from Eric. Hey brice. This is Eric from Midlothian for Jinya. I have a question. I haven't heard anybody talk about this crazy this Julie's husband, look, maybe a little bit like, rob. Or at least a cost player trying to be rob. Thanks a lot have a good one. Now. I didn't see it. I didn't see it. Either. See it. I also get a thing where it doesn't matter who the person is if they're wearing a plaid shirt that I get that sent to me of like, hey, is this you like as like a joke. Yeah. I think it's a combination of the plaid shirt. And then at least the picture that. I'm looking at right now his hair kind of like pooping up in the middle a little man, it's a little bit longer that might be it. But at least facial feature wise, I can't say. Yeah. See it at all. Here's I have a theory on this, rob. Because I think I've seen a lot in like the Facebook group in the patriot group there have been a lot of posts over the years where people are like, oh, this person is a rod Doppler ganger. I think that we we spend so much time listening to the podcast that you're just like in our your inner heads, everyone who might have free one tiny thing that looks like your yet rent-free in our heads. I think maybe nobody knows what I look like tells a possibility sound like I never get this person. Sounds like rob sister Nino. Okay. I want to go back to Julie's comment though. Okay. That's sweet adorable. Love doors. Julie the best. Posted on Twitter was there is a video. She tweeted this out of her of of Mark her husband, decking, one of their kids into the scene. Yeah. It's it's it's a decade. Punching. He he like hold on. I'm looking at it right now. They're racing. They're racing on the beach. And hey, just like pushes the kid over. The hashtag is hashtag bad parenting. And then the kid cries and stuff. I just watched the beginning with a kid gets knocked over. But then she does this editing where like slows it down and slow motion. So anyone is interested in some like, not sweet if I play the audio of it is it does it sound like anything. I think it just sounds like the beach goes, well, an audio pod. All right. So check Julie's Twitter for that. Yes. Hopefully, everybody's able to catch their breath in that video. This was another sound clip that I didn't get the play from the episode. This was when Rick Devon's was cheering everybody on doing good. Doing well. Aurora. A real Stephen fish back out there. Real. Paraphrase anybody? Doing good you're doing. Well. I think is a quote from thirty rock where it was like superman does good you're doing. Well. That's all I remember it. Thanks TV to for right? Yeah. It was like two for and. Who's having a conversation with whatever. Yeah. Okay. All right. Ben Lauren O'Connell at Lally underscore, Alexandra. Of course is that growing on Europe. Yes is strong. Swear handle. She's tweeted out just showed my data tweet. That says Lauren's dad is a daddy. And my dad. For real looked at me confused and said, well, of course, I am. She's my daughter, and she has upside down smiley emoji. And then a straight line smile emoji. That's so wholesome while. Lauren's dad do I have a calendar for you. Yes. Concepts introduce you to and then. So Lawrence mentioned that the she showed her dad, the Lauren's dad is a daddy tweet. And then it was revealed that our own Edward Morris was the person who tweeted look instead, it's daddy. So perfect. So. Of course, it was. Do you mow Liana? So this past week. We mentioned I was on the survivor Instagram takeover and had a lot of fun doing that. Even if not everybody at my house did where I was filming stupid videos all night. But I also recorded a couple of other videos that ended up being shared through the various survivor social media platforms, including video which was shared to the survivor Facebook page Liana, and so I had to answer a question about whether or not I would go to extinction island if I was voted out of the game on survivor. So I let me let me share that clip that I recorded right here in the studio here is me on. On the survivor Facebook page here and find the choice between when I get voted out of the game going to the edge of extinction or going home. I go to the edge of extinction because it looks pretty easy. Are you even kidding me? Right now that are you joking. The edge of extinction is way tougher than you. Because you're lame. Okay. All right. So that was the video that was courtesy of the renew puppet. Also been. And it's been a big a big success addition, do my podcasting. Okay. So Liana, I know that you typically get to play the casual corner over on the being me with Mike. So courtesy of the great Jason Curtis Rivera I-. I have a game for you. Which is I have five comments from Facebook four are from people responding to this video and one is from the rob has a podcast patron group. Okay. Okay. Identify which is the one from the patron grew. Yes. Which is the comment from the patron group. Okay. Okay. I'm about to insult the patriot. And made that com. All right. I don't find correctly. All right here. We go. Number one. This guy isn't the least bit familiar to me. And I have watched every season. Yeah. That sounds about. Right. Number two. Who is that on the stick? Number three. I have no memory of him. And I've been watching survivor began. Number four, get a job. And number five rock looks like Zachary Quinto. Oh my goodness. Okay. So the I do love the inclusion, obviously one of them has to be real of the I don't recognize this guy. And I've watched every season. That is your takeaway from this. Okay. Let's work through this. So that the comment of like I've seen every season. So like this can't be factual is like totally thing that happens all the time. So I think at least one of those real, right? The vet is. A lot of the survivor Facebook page comments start with I've seen every season. And yes, exact- fan splaine and going on over there. Yeah. Because they've seen every season. So, you know. Okay. So then the other question the other ones were about Zachary Quinto, apparently that you look like now does he look like Mark is the other question, and it's like men diet. The corollary lookalike. They're just guys. They're all guys. That's it. Zachary Quinto known for wearing plaid shirts battle we need to take into account. I could see that comment because sometimes you get those weird. Okay. I think that one's real. And then what were the other two who is this on the stick and get a job? Okay. I think they get a job one is real that. Also sounds like the Casuals. So now, I just have to decide if the who's on the stick. That's that could be someone trolling because I think whoever commented on this is definitely a troll. Don't know who it might be. Okay. I think I'm gonna go with my gut. I'm gonna go with who is that on a stack? And that is right. And that is the effort mentioned Morris. Right. At Mohegan actually, he was one of the ones. So I did. Okay. So Theresa this on the NBA a couple of weeks back. I wanted to do like a family feud style game road ask questions and then pull like the number of responses. I got like four total responses, and they were like one real response. Just asking a question the rest were just patrons or like people from the RJ community seeing my comment and EDNA was one of them make sense that he's there. I would like to thank the people that responded to the get a job comments with. Thank you. Michael of who responded. It's funny because this is literally his job. Maybe they're saying get a new job to the new job. Yeah. Maybe it's like you stink at this job. Find find a different occupation. Right. Like, I don't know. But puppet master might not be master. That's right. Okay. Ron all right. I'm the one holding all the sticks with the duct tape to the back of the picture. Okay. All right. We're gonna get into Jordan's big quiz coming up next. But first let me thank our other sponsor here today on the times gases. Okay. Those are friends over at joy bird furniture. Does your future bring you joy? Or are. You a missing a couch or a chair that says this is my home and not like pee wee's playhouse sorta way where they actually had talking furniture. You want a haven a place that feels uniquely you enjoy. 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About Twiss and Liana. So we are you are here to potentially make some history today because there are two two time winners in the history of this quiz. It is you, and is it is Mary quick hausky frail, Mary, but frail Mary is not so happy that you are here to break the tide today. She she thinks that you were trying to one up her and she's not so pleased. So is this a real rivalry? Or is this something that you're making up Jordan? Vincent man of casting. No. Well, maybe I have I have the real statement from Mary cow ski. She says I have taken your spot on BB can Saturday updates and I'm taking your thrown onto ish. You may be scientist. But does your dad giaga l-? Yes. Good question. And then referred to refer to her dad as frail daddy. What is is this real? He's a real this fan fiction. I will say. No, it's fan fiction. I did I will say that. I was complicit in this. I did reach out to marry for a comment. She had no idea that you were going to be the guest on onto us this week. I sort of sort of cokes cokes this out of her. But yes, she has you have ops. You have obviously on wait. So you asked her for comment Abacha's? I I asked her to talk some trash and she did. Oh, she was talking trash. Okay. Talking trash. Yeah. What did she say about my dad? No. She said you may be scientists because your dad juggle her dad job, apparently, which is like jogging and jug running and juggling. I dunno jogging jocking some sort of Ling. Yeah, you're right. I believe he is who Guinness Book of world records for John. Yeah. Yeah. She's she's giving you credit for being a scientist saying that your dad doesn't giaga l-. This is like I think the fact that I was the one who had to like messenger like ten minutes before we started recording this. I don't think she really has too much beef with you. But I think she wants the crown she wants to to still be tied winningest player in twisty. All right. The Elliott Anthony rivalry. Yes. Yes. Completely contrived by me. But okay. All right. Okay. We spent enough time on this. Okay. Let's all right. You know the rules. We're not going to go over the rules. We didn't do it last week with Eva you've been on. This is your third time here. So I'm going to give you the four the four multiple choice question categories the categories that we have today are five six seven and eight the Ana you choose. I what are you serious? Okay. Do you have one clarification question? I have smart devices. And I'm wondering if I'm allowed to still use them. I'm like really apparently government surveillance. I both Google and Alexa. It means. You're not breaking rules. You're you're good for one of your questions. You can use it. Yeah. I would like is. I wish that I could turn. My apple portable device. I don't like to say the name because I don't want things to I wish had rainbows. I did not get what you were talking about cannot do like, listen, dude. I don't even new contact is do you wanna send alarm? I didn't hear that. You're going to have to repeat it. I would pay money for that. Okay. All right. Oh, five six seven eight. He'll shlomo. Appreciate six six. Okay. So we're going to go to survivor Kagi on havoc. Tariq is the name of the episode not re R E K game of thrones from may seven two thousand fourteen five years ago Tuesday at the Kagi on final six, which two players do Spencer and tasha attempt to split the votes between. Ooh. Okay. So this was okay. To rethink about this. So this was so I'm pretty sure, okay. Those Spencer in Taucha decided to split the votes between two of the players, and I've decided to so I'm not going to get them multiple choice because I know who was there. So I think one of them is Tony. I think it was Tony and Trish, Tony and Trish is correct. When they're very very good job. Yeah. So. Choice on that. They thought they potentially had Casson. Woo voting with them cast who ended up voting with Tony Trish for for tasha here at the final six. Yes. Spencer and tasha did did cast one vote each I've alita tasha voted for Tricia Spencer voted for Tony. But the plan did not work and tasha was voted out. Very good job here. This is when they had woo RL. Mary's. From areas very nervous right here on the reward Salins with them. They tried strategizing with him strategizing with woo doesn't necessarily always work out and Liana you have a two zero lead. Rob you have you can choose either five seven or eight Bryce had a great story about woo on the feedback show. Really, I'll take eight eight we're gonna go to heroes vs villains. A sinking ship from eighth sixty thousand ten nine years ago Monday at the final immunity challenge. Jeff reads ACLU to the whole tribe that an idol is hidden at their camp who ends up finding this idol. Could you repeat the question again? Sure, this is heroes vs villains at the final eight immunity challenge. Jeff Redick to the whole tribe that an idol is hidden at their camp who ends up finding this idol. Okay. I. Think I know who it is. But I will I will do the multiple choice because I don't want to potentially find myself in a three zero hole if I'm wrong. All right. So going for one point no steel here. We have a poverty be Rupert. See Russell hands de Sandra. Sandra was going to be my guess. Sandra is correct. So you get a point there. This was a pretty important idol not because the idol ended up doing all that much did play it at the final five didn't turn. She didn't really need to. She didn't get the votes. However, Rupert was a was able to hide I believe it was a rock in his pants to pretend he had an idol, and the vote split was was then between Colby and Kansas Rupert potentially got himself a little bit further in the game by blonde full thought that Rupert had rocks in his pants running the amazing race this season. It would explain a lot. Yes. We ought to you have a two to one lead, and you can choose either five or seven. No nine. Okay. So i'm. With what? Six now. Okay. Five we are going to survive exile island all the way from the eleventh two thousand six thirteen years ago Saturday in a lead up to Terry Dietz, making a call to the web Yellen Slater in this episode who does he snap at for placing their torch in front of his path allegedly causing him to trip in the dark after the final five tribal council. Oh, okay. So I know this one because this is my favorite season. I love sorry. I'm gonna I I'm wanna try one of my sister devices is that is that allowed. Can I see if they? Okay. I wanted to see. Okay. Google. Who three fields deeds? Trim never mind. Okay. Let's open dot com. They say he played two seasons with the Rams before becoming an. I thought we were onto something second. Never mind talking. I have no idea. Okay. This is Serie. I know this. It is serene. You get another two points here. Ford away like that. Okay. Did did it react to you saying? I think it new. I don't know these terrifying. Call the Wham villains to one lead. Rob you're in a little bit of trouble here. But you still even call me Ammiel is definitely not over. You don't have that set up. Okay. All right. So we're going to go to worlds apart for this. Last question holding on for dear life from may six two thousand fifteen four years ago Monday at the worlds apart final seven eventual winner, Mike Holloway, played an idol negating four votes against him. Recent HP, guests Caroline Rivera famously joined Mike and voting for Tyler who went home at the tribal who was the one other person who voted with Mike and Carolyn for Tyler. Who was the one of the person with Mike and Carolyn or Tyler? I kind of feel like I need to nail this one. If I'm going to stay in this one that if Leon as four. Let's see. I think that I that. If you say the mobile choices, I think that's going to basically eliminate everybody else. That's that's possible. So you could read the question. One more time sure at the worlds apart final seven eventual winner, Mike Holloway, play tonight, negating four votes against him. Recent RHA, guess Caroline Rivera famously joined Mike in voting for Tyler who went home at this tribal. Who was the one other person who voted with Mike and Carolyn four Tyler? Okay. So the only other options are Sierra dawn Thomas will Rodney or were, Dan. I will I will say that it was fan favorites. Here on HAMAs f f s angle is correct. You get two points there, and it is a lot closer. Now. It's Liana four to three lead going into the death match. Rob is gonna go. I in the stuff match since Liana some will lead the game is called fifth sixth or seventh. The game will start with one player. That's going to be rob picking a random number between one and eight to decide the order. I will give you a player season. And you must tell me if that person came in fifth sixth or seventh for answers will be given during this round. And if you're incorrect, you may not get any more points less we a tiebreaker. Therefore, if you're incorrect and your first sponsored open the door for your opponent to gain three points in this round. If there's a tie we will continue so rob choose a number between one and eight to start the game. Choose six. Okay. So we're going to go to survivor token jeans. This is the Debbie did she come in fifth sixth or seventh? Okay. I know she didn't come in fifth. I am trying to think who else is there. This is not a three hour podcast. So I'm going to say that she came in. Six six is correct. So you get a point there. We are tied for two four. Yeah. You knew that coach was the fifth place. WB was the one outright before coach. So was seven right. Sierra was on fan favorites. Sierra other whatever her name is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We have Liana you're gonna get that her name. We're going to go to marquess, rob the general Decani. Oh. Okay. So I'm just gonna work backwards. So rock draw scalp for. I think. Oh, coconut chop strategies stick in my head. I think he was. Six. He was the last remaining a member of that row to four alliance. The final five. Was of course in the Leah. Sean Pasco and Kathy. So he was the last one out before those five to eat each other. So you get a point there. It's five to four. Rob you need to get this one. Right. And you're gonna get this is a great one survivor Fiji, Stacy Kimball. Boy. So. Okay. Just working. I know that. So she's not in the final three, and then the disease how man get to the final four, and I feel like that. Blue is there also. So they got three them those three and. I don't feel great about this one. I'll say that. She is six six you should feel great. You get the point there. You're tied five to five Yana. You could win the game. Here if not we will continue and we're going to go to survivor Palau, Greg. Carey Greg with three. Jeez. What place to Greg? Gary coming in Palau. Okay. So. Yeah. The strategy is like, okay. Who is the final two who's a final three. And then try to see if I can remember what? Oh god. I think was I think Steph Grosso went out right before head. But I think she went out at seven maybe. Okay. I'm gonna say six six. Okay. We're the win. You're saying six the final five in this game was Tom, Ian, Katie, Karen, and Jenn Lyon. Yes. Greg Carrey was six so you get the point here and your favorite one of your favorite numbers, one of your favorite two digits. You win by score of sixty five. Wow. Wow. Game. Hey, how's really close? It's hard to win. When Liana throws a perfect game. Is that I don't know. Is that the first perfect game? I guess actually, I guess an actual perfect game. It's good as you could. Five most guess, I'm gonna win usually. Yeah. I mean, I guess real perfect game would be robber to get his to his two questions wrong without hearing the multiple choice Liana stole both questions. But that's really hard to. That's like dependent on the other player. But yeah, this is the best you could do without without rob letting you point. No, I think you're definitely better than frail Mary at this. Those are fighting words I like that. Yeah. Rob will actually to buy rivalry for me. I honestly though, I didn't know the worlds apart question. So I got lucky with and the Panama one like, I know Panama like the back of my hand, so those, but you know, yes. Thank you. Awesome. Three time winner. I three time winner in intuitions twister, trusted, my gut. Just said Sandra on the the first chance. That was the difference. Liana we've already found out a long time ago. I can't say I remember who it was. But we've found out who the first survivor you follow on Twitter was who's the most recent survivor. You follow on Twitter because we've done this game with your ready. Yeah. So I do embarrassingly. Remember, the first survivor, I followed. It was the jar neck Myra. Oh, I feel like you're not the only one who's had that. It's. But no, I have I have no idea who the most recent one. She think I'd remember. Well, I think if if our knocks you review this latest follow I would give it five stars. Ron clark. Ron Clark your in survivor Twitter. Follow. Four dog dog is the second most recent friend. Not really lacked. I wanna know his friends. Are you standing the Kincaid baby? Also, you will you ready you've been? Longer than than, Robin. I was part of my conditions on being on the podcast. And we're now I need to have a some sort of like reason for caring what the outcome is. Like, I can't just make those two stand something crazy. Story. Followed followed Brian Clark because he tweeted that he was going to be re releasing the essential fifty five rules his book that you wrote. And I was like perfect. So let's hook up, and I'll give you my rules, and you know. As long as round husband is also there. That'll be the Denham to the wrong. Clark rules. I thought it was a really good cross promotional thing. We do is that why he's releasing because he has all these new rules now because he's very popular TV show and thinks he's going to sell more books. Yeah. So Liana is going to be joining us again. Rob McEwen you podcast this weekend to help us out with a win shut up. Tim's money. That's right. Yeah. It's gonna be interesting. I haven't received the format of the question. If you've got any fun quizzes this weekend. Liana we got some more always here for marquises bring it. Although I think I get to host this one. Right. So I don't have to answer any questions. Okay. Pretty good with answering the questions. I don't know if complain about Leon. I've got an out of context Rick Devon's quote for you. All right. Let's do it. Finally, reached for the gap. And I'm just feeling feeling feel something solid very out of context. Yes. Well, now is that him during his time on the edge of extinction when he was sleeping in the shelter next to Chris Underwood. Was searching for the idol. Honestly, it could be either one don't know. I wish it lets us a reward he found the idol again. But I think he didn't wanna wake then done. Our breaking Rick Neville, strict news. All right. All right. Well, what what a great this week in survivor Liana. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your big win. I can't remember. I'm sure it's happened before. But there's not too many times where people got every single question that they were asked right. Maybe Jenny oughta just got her two questions. Right. And then we didn't have to play the bones around. Yes. I think that was the first time that's happened to you. Yes. You've done that to other people. But I think that was the first time that's happened to you. So yeah. A lot of people making history on the this week and survivor history quiz very much down for coming in later in the season where there's less people left and less things. I have to remember. Very much on board for that. Okay. All right. Well, great job should've listened to Liana on the arch. BNB Liana anything else that you're working on? Yeah. So in addition to the NBA, and then, of course, guessing on this week we have Rupe halls drag race coverage that is going on. So ordinarily, it's Mike bloom myself and Brent Waltham on all getting together to talk about season eleven which is going on right now Michael will be out this week. And so we're sort of scrambling a little bit to find a guest host. Or may it might just be Brenton. I in Taylor. Yeah. Hey, jordan. You wanna come on drag race? Do you allow people who have never seen an episode of the show? Come with a fresh perspective. It'll be it'll. Awakening. We'll do. The whole episode will be Casuals corner with Jordan down for us. But yeah, there was a crazy episode this past week and some like serious Riggott tree potentially. It was the internet is up in arms, and I'm actually really excited to break. It all down. Okay. Of course could follow Jordan Kayla on social media as well. Jordan. What do we have coming up next week on this week and survivor? We have another return guest some someone who is looking to get into the this weekend survivor history. Mount Rushmore, Shannon gates. We'll be the guest. All right. So a jam packed week. Coming up on the podcast again. Of course, all this podcasting all this nonsense made possible by the many patrons of rob as a podcast. So you find out more about everything that we're doing get our patron only podcast feed and become part of our rods podcast patriot community head on over to rob as a website dot com slash patron. Be sure to follow the greatly on a Boris on Twitter as well that she is the one with the king cake baby in her header at Leon. Boris. And then her is this your pin? Tweet of Julie's husband pushing the kid down or the top tweet. Just my top tweet every tweeted serving winters. Running running running. Yes. It's great. Yes. I realize I should probably the Kentucky Derby is tonight and the Julius Julie's husband and her son were running like horses and the Kentucky Derby at the beginning of that video. I was so good with my tiger. Woods prediction. I'm predicting game winner. Six to one odds. He is like the fourth place in odds. I don't wanna get the favor. That's boring. So game winner in a win the Kentucky Derby tonight. Let's just happen. Is that what you're doing? I know I think it starts like six thirty. Okay. All right. Not to my knowledge. It is not happening. I'm going on ESPN dot com, and it has not happened yet. So by the time this air, the by the time this is supposed to have happened. So it'll sound pretty fishy. If game winner wins. But I mean, it's in his name. They're giving us the answer. Okay. All right on sorry. Sorry to be subjected to the Jordan's Kentucky Derby picks on the pie. Of course. That was six to nine odds. I think on it with Duffy. All right. All right. Thank you. All right. Take care.

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