11/11: Weekend Recap - Young RBs Emerge (Fantasy Football Podcast)


Fantasy football today from CBS sports. Email us at fantasy football CBS. I dot com. It's time to dominate your fantasy league. Here. Some of. All right body Sunday night. So we are rolling on fantasy football today. Dave, richard. And recapping week Ted scale of zero to Ted how was week ten gumming. Oh, it was a ten. It was off the charts. Best week of the season before I talk about week ten I've got some regulating that I have to do. I. Before you do that we already did this on Friday show. I know you were there. But we know something happened that was beyond the scope of anything. I thought was possible. Okay. What you were you were given Moreland MAC back. And I understand that. I understand the reasoning behind it. Sometimes you have people in your league. They don't pay as much attention as everyone else. We're just playing for fun. You don't want those people to just be terrible. So you give them players back when they accidentally drop. That's fine. That part I'm okay with thanks. When you were given more than MAC back. What player was taken off your roster? The vikings. Okay. That's picked you picked up who the Redskins the Estee. So the transaction was not reversed. Well, no, I meant to drop the Vikings for the Redskins. A complete violation. But he weighed anything that could have been ruled upon Jamie waited until Saturday night at near bid night to make this transaction. So what what what would you have done? What should the I would have if I was going to give you Moreland back-back, the Washington Redskins would have no longer but on your lie? What's the big deal? Who cares because you picked them up when you drop more Lemek if you want more Lemek Beck. You cannot have the player you picked up it's bringing up with Jamie didn't make it did. I beat you in that league or something like that. I did not play you. You're still you're matches ongoing. But that was a complete and utter failure Jamie's part of the Commissioner. Probably gonna lose this week. Okay. And Martha back going to kick him out of the league big reason for it. I kick out the commission. All right, Dave. How you doing man? I'm doing. All right. I'm I've nothing that needs regulating had an amazing time in New York City at the CBS tailgate. He, and I would tell you all about it. But we've got a lot to recap if you asked me to give week ten a number on a scale of one to ten it's a Q. This was a ridiculous week. It was wacky. It was different. But it was very fun. Despite the fact that there were only two legitimately close games. But a lot of a lot of interesting fantasy storylines talk about. Yeah. And I think one thing that jumped out to me really is that doesn't mean that it'll be the case every week. It doesn't mean this'll be the case next year whatnot. But if you or someone who drafted a lot of young running backs that had to sort of emerge from their backfield. And yet, you're waited and you were patient. This was a great week for you. Nick Chubb is the number one. Running back and non PR this week. I think he's number two three and PR Aaron Jones had an amazing game as the start of the week Twenty-eight fantasy points nine PR thirty one in PR carry on Johnson. He was started. In 'bout half our leagues these obviously owned everywhere. But I did not think kerryon Johnson was going to be a good start this week. He had a great game against the bears. And then the real surprising one was Reshad penny who had one more carry than Mike Davis. Mike davis. Also had a good game. But Rashad penny was outstanding. What do you have tweeted? Twelve carries for a hundred yards in a touchdown. He had a big long run that setup a fairly long touchdown run. But still very good game. And he's gonna put himself in position to work alongside Chris Carson. Whenever Chris Carson comes back. We got we really got bailed out on Mike Davis with. Little bit. We really did. Because once penny had those back toback long runs. He totaled fifty six yards and the touchdown back. Toback carries? You knew that he was going to be the hot hand. And that the Seahawks coaches would lean on him a little more than normal. So yeah, that was just kind of something that occurred to me. It was a good day for those rookie second year running backs and he. Anything ad and it's out to you. Big fem-. Thank you Corey Davis. Vindication. Yeah. All right winter, let's do winners. He will start with your winters. Corey Davis is one of them Corey Davis against the patriots at over one hundred yards and a touchdown. Seven catches one hundred twenty five yards and a touchdown on ten targets and he will face Indianapolis on the road next week. I love it. The great matchup against the colts schedules coming together. This was actually a tough match-up for number one wide receiver so far this year. But he fought through it made a phenomenal touchdown catch the talent shone through the targets mattered. I'm going to count on him. I had him ranked this week is a high end number three wide receiver. I don't maybe a low in number two. I don't know that I'm going to move him much higher than that. But I will feel more comfortable next week with that ranking. And with starting him as a number two. You're absolutely going to move them up there. Six teams on buying. He's playing the colts and Marcus mariota is playing considerably better than you did before. Because his hand fingers that helps that that is a big deal. It turns out for quarterback. And this was the game. We talked about it all week long. This was Josh Gordon going up against Malcolm Butler, and he's going to whore ch-, Malcolm Butler, and it was Corey Davis. Torching, Stefan, Gilmore and Gilmore been playing great this year. This was kind of a coming out party for Corey Davis. I I I'm a little hesitant to totally by in. But next week. He's going to be a top twenty four receiver and your other winner. Heath is Mark Ingram. Mark Ingram had thirteen carries one hundred four yards plus three catches fifty eight yards and a touchdown. Yes. And we will take that type of workload. You give. Mark ingram. Fifteen touches on a regular basis. You're going to be very happy with him as a low in number two running back. There was some concern last week with him not getting the goal line work with the fumble that he had Ono Mark Ingram. Basically just a backup running back for the saints. And this was an excellent performance. He actually had more carries Alvin Kamara wants to get once again more receiving yards. Feel very good about starting both these running backs. Well, if you look at them, right because one thing I do every week is I sort of chart the reds the the red zone, but the gold ago carries who's in win. And I'll try to look through my notes. But I think Kamara probably got more. They both. Yeah. Yeah. They both got you know, this was a great game for they scored fifty one points, and he played great against Cincinnati, which has proven to be one of the worst defenses. The great thing is they scored fifty one points. And that's part of the reason they were both so good. I don't know if either one of them were on the field for a fourth quarter snap. Sure, I'm just wondering. No, I disagree with what you said about him being low end number two. I do wonder though, if people who waited for weeks start to have Mark Ingram were expecting more like a low at number one. And if you I was hoping for yes. And it's. Listen, I think moving forward the game next week against the eagles isn't great. But then the schedule's not too bad after that. Yeah. There's atlanta. There's Tampa Bay or some good matchups in there. All right. David go to your winters. We like workload. We didn't know what to expect from Leonard fournette, but he's the guy he ran a ram wanted. He had three consecutive runs and gold goal situation. See tried to leap in from like the seven yard line that didn't quite whereas the two, but it didn't work then he got in the next and he caught a touchdown. Leonard is a big winner so much for workload concerns are easing him back in leaning on Carlos Hyde. What why did they trade for Carlos Ida? That's dumped so stupa. What's smart is that they waited and waited and waited to bring Leonard fournette back and even though he didn't average four yards of carry. He didn't even never just three yards per carry. He made it every didn't he didn't even barely ever to. He was little more than two yards for Kerry against Neville. But he still scored the touchdown. Like, Adam say. Holy cow. Yeah. They they are making up for lost time. And I think anybody who waited for Leonard fournette to comeback. Hopefully, they were warded if they started him if they didn't. Then at the very least, you know, that the Jaguars won't have a problem leaning on him. They play Pittsburgh next week. It's not the easiest match up in the world. But at least they're at home and it's on Sunday night. I think they've got a good chance to give for net. A lot of carries there as they try and control the game. And and the fact that he was catching passes five targets five grabs. Bortles was checking it down like a madman today. Like Patrick Mahomes throws deep. Blake Bortles go. Yeah. But watch this and he thinks it three yards every time and that helped TJ Yeldham, but it really helped lender for that. This adds another dimension to his game. If this continues to happen and linen for that's gonna be right back to where we would have started him week one week two early season. All right. Pretty much must start fantasy running back. Who would you rather have recipes in for net or Nick Chubb job? Yeah. Really after all the poetic, I just whack. I'll tell you got five catches from lender for net. You're not allowed catch from Nick Saban. I know we're not gonna get ninety yard runs from Nick Chubb every single week. But although good fifty yard carries than litter for net dozen his career he might and that Brown's offense has changed as we'll talk about later on more than what? I can Chubb Fornet definitely had one. I want to say in his first game. I said fifty yard carries. He had to win. Carlos Hyde was still starting running. That's true. That's true. Jumps up through. He had hit. Another twenty carries a hundred seventy ninety two yard touchdown run. Any caught three balls for thirty three yards and a touchdown. Would you rather have Aaron Jones or Leonard for that? I'll take four not all the Jones. So you're not buying in to mean. He wasn't good at all in this game. You're not you're not workload. Yeah. Like, I think that that's the name of the game doesn't matter if he's good. I mean, he's going to get so many carries. It's gonna get all their touchdown. He had not saying you don't start him. But what are you doing superstar today? Nick was a superstar today. And it's true. And the thing is I think Aaron Jones might win people their fantasy leaks. I sure he, but I let her for naked do the exact same thing, especially people buying low is a real thing and fantasy and people who did that with four net should be rewarded. He had two carries as in in his rookie year for seventy five or more yards. Those is only two carries a fifty or more yards. And he he had I don't know if it was this year last year, but he had one of the like miles per hour wise one of the fastest he did. So he's not just a plotter. I think he's a little big little smaller. This year. So, you know, whatever for net, very very exciting. If you started him, and he was actually started in seventy five percent of leaks. Carry on Johnson's Dame's other winner. He was started in forty four percent of leagues. Fourteen carries fifty one yards and a touchdown. Six catches thirty eight yards and a touchdown and fumbles. Well, but there was a sequence Dave in this game. I think you know, what I'm talking about. I do was beautiful and hopefully a sign of things to come. Why don't you run through it? Because I think you'll you'll say better than I than goal from. I think the two yard being all the Gary blunt comes in. Let's let's give our play away. Let's do what everybody map atrocities such a genius. Even if it wasn't. Let's get the ball to the big plotter who can't move runs into line of scrimmage gets nothing. Hold on a second. It looked like he was actually in it. I. Okay. I attest second on that. I I went back on Twitter to try to find my old tweet about how an angel dies. Everytime. Look blunt scores. And I was getting ready to re tweet it with angel RIP angel. But but the sword in counts now it's second down from like the one. Yeah. So then he goes backwards. Right. Yeah. That's never good. Yeah. And then third down they bring kerryon Johnson. He gets the job done. Right. Just stop with the Garrett blunt. Just stop with the goal line. Kerryon Johnson is the man he would catch a touchdown later in the game. Yeah. He's a winner few days. He's got Carolina next week. I would say that that's a pretty good matchup. And even if it's not the fact that he was involved in the passing game as much as he was he had as many catches as the ridiculed as many catches as Kenny golladay. I think that that's a sign of things to come. I think kerryon Johnson is going to earn that role as being the primary guy, and there will be less involvement from blunt to blunt make it out of the game. Okay. I know Marvin Jones got hurt Marvin. Kerryon Johnson got her. He came back here. His ankle. He came back in. I'm not sure about the blunt, so. Yeah. Benefit and Carrie Johnson. Dave's winners Corey Davis and Mark Ingram or heats winners. And let's go to the losers heath. I'll start with you. What is that? What Jarvis Landry? What is a he's not good is really bad. He's awful six weeks. Now, he's at one good game. I know the worst part was he lost the targets. Yeah. So five targets in this game two of them, which isn't that far from his average this year. This is a bad situation. Especially the problem is they were running the ball with Nick Chubb eighteen times game when they were losing by two scores if they are competitive or they are winning games. They're going to run into even more. That's bad news for Jarvis Landry. And he's got a by next week. So he'll probably stay needed this. You can't drop Jarvis Landry. Right. You can't drop him. But I don't. If you're not gonna get this matchup. When are you gonna feel good story? What about ten? You can't start them in on. What about ten team? Non PP are leagues. The most basic and simple fantasy leagues. If you need the spot, I think Jarvis someone you can cut, and I think someone might I don't know how much Russia there would be to pick them up. Especially in his by week. Now PR it's it's a no go because even though he only had two catches today. Landry was on a great catch pac- has. Let's see his first nine games. Oh, we've got an updated in ten games us fifty seven catches. So that's pretty good. It's a it's a it's a good average. But it's not what he was in Miami. I agree with this is what's I'll foreshadow one of my losers as David joke who this offense has changed ever since Nick Chubb ever since Carlos. I got traded and Nick job came in this coaching staff is believing in their ground game. They have every reason to after what we've seen and we're not seeing Baker Mayfield lean on joke who in lean on Landry quite frequently and certainly nowhere near as consistently as he used to nobody's playing. Well, that's the thing. That's the other side of it is that Grady Mayfield is putting up. Good numbers. The Browns are putting up points and they're doing it without having to lean on. Jarvis Orna Joko. And I think Duke Johnson has emerged over the last two weeks. That's that's also both of these guys. This discouraging game for Duke. Yeah. You know what I mean because he only seven touches when when a running back catches touchdown passes that to me is like the the sell high alert. It's like that's just something you cannot Bank on and if he needs touchdown passes. Touchdown catches to be good. He had four catches for thirty one yards and a touchdown three carries. It's kind of like to recall now Cohen did have a good game today that rushing touchdown. But if that goes away, and it's not something you really Bank on this James white necessarily. That's that is scarce you were discouraged by this game. But do Johnson. I was because we talked about it last week after the game where he had nine targets. And we said well, they got the new offense coordinator do Johnson's gonna get all the targets now. And granted they only through it twenty times in this game. I think twenty one if you if you include the Hilliard interception. Gadget play. I thought that was the Chubb at first that would have been bad. Now. Keep in mind. I mean, yeah. So four three catches rose. Four catches for Duke on twenty passes actually, not so bad if but if he if he catches four passes per game from here on out. He is going to be absolutely useless almost every. Yeah, I'm more losers. Heath your other loser is Jimmy grandma at one catch today. I have petitioned last week. We changed zero Patterson from wide receiver to wide receiver slash running back. I'm trying to get Jimmy Graham left tackle eligibility because he spent far more time in this game blocking than he did running pass routes. I can't wait to see the actual numbers on Tuesday to see how many routes he ran. But it was a very very the Buffalo Bills left tackle may have run just as many routes. Jimmy, granted what if I should that number before Tuesday, and it was. Listen, I really thought with Randall Cobb not there. I mean, you look the last two games that caused it and play Graham had twenty targets. And there's two games. I think he had to orbits in this game. I don't know there's anything you can do as Jimmy Graham owner though, he kinda stuck with them. Because tight end is awful. It's an abomination. Yes, it's dreadful. And then when you think Eric Brown's gonna have a bad game scores three touchdowns, but Ron Davis. Losers titans. Who's the joke joke who is a loser for me? And so as Jordan Reed, Jordan, it's time to say goodbye, although he's gonna be at tops. We'll tight end this week because he had five fancy points. No way. Is he as before the game started? He was either twelve or just behind twelve he's eleventh in non NPR even higher in. Wow. Four still it's not gonna make you feel any better about him. Just Washington's offense was really uninspiring. They've got Houston nex. Week Dallas after look they just had it in Tampa Bay. If he couldn't get it done. Exactly, exactly. The problem is the I'll channel my inner Amy Trask and say, okay, you're going to cut this guy. And then what you don't you? You've got to follow through with the plan. You can't just pick up. More cox. No, we're not just say this. I have Jordan reading a couple of leagues. And I j Howard in in one of the Jordan Reed leagues. And I have I think Jared cook and one of the Jordan readings and not that I like Jared cook so much, but you're reads like the first guy dropping Jordan readout score. Joe J Howard eter. Yes, he did. But obviously Howard had a terrible game. One catcher fifteen yards and they had five hundred yards of offense. They are the first team in NFL history to have over four hundred fifty offense and score three points. That's right. Which brings us to our news and notes, I was gonna see Dave. Dave news notes around the NFL. Where'd you get that note from? ESPN dot com via lie sports bureau. Oh, I thought you got it for me. 'cause I send it to you did thought it. I don't know. I don't think he did your li-. Levy on bell is unlikely to report or play this season. How about that biggest bus in the history of fantasy football that's heath? And I basically decided that for everybody on on fantasy football Saturday night that makes you getting him this year. It's it's an interesting question because you did have to keep him on your roster all year that part was bad. But you never started him. So as he bigger bust than someone you started for three or four weeks and actively hurt you in your lineup, and then you dropped, but at least you dropped them after X amount of weeks unless that act. This guy's been clogging up my bench for eleven weeks already, I suppose despite drop Levy bell. Keep them all year teams just to prove that I can win with him on my bench. So we have the wait until Tuesday. Obviously more news items go through this quickly Asia green likely to miss next week's game Dez Bryant tore his achilles. The saints could signed Brandon Marshall Joe flacco as a hip injury and Lamar Jackson. Yeah. There's already talk that. Lamar Jackson could become an Jason lockenfora talked about that. He's written about it. Tailgate so good. Oh, it's so good. I'm really interested. Because he's if you haven't seen the mar- Jackson like in college, we barely get to see him in the NFL. I think he's I think he's more. He's more town to the Michael Vick was I think he's the I don't know about as a passer. Well as part of the problem. Runner, but he's he could run for sixty seventy yards most we he might Tibo it. I don't know that he's a worst past. Joe flacco Joe flacco is off. He's a worse bass Joe flacco at this stage. I have Joe flankers arguably been the worst pather in the NFL for three years unless you count manning. Cooper Cup hurt his knee. We know about the extent of this. It looks like it is obviously you're not going to know for sure Julian Adam and left with an ankle injury. And Marvin Jones a knee injury. And do we know anything about that? Or Kenyan Drake shoulder Ataman, drink came straight. Okay. Eshelman did not hit a pretty good game actually nine for one four. Yeah. Better than I thought he'd have they have a bye next week. So that should be beneficial. James Winston could start next week. Glad I didn't drop them for judge account. Buffalo did not commit to a quarterback for their next game. Which we after by some offense of line news DJ fluker didn't play for Seattle. Brandon Linder was carted off the Jacksonville Jaguars. They're very good center. And the trait guard TJ Lang sat chargers linebacker Denzel Perryman left with injury on the second play of the game. 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Please start using it and use the code F F T on seek to get twenty bucks off your first purchase coats, F F T seek life's and event, and we have the tickets worry or he zero to ten how worried are you about the following players did not perform well today Marlin MAC twelve carries twenty nine yards. Two catches nine yards against the Jaguars worry, I'm Marla MAC is this MA or L O N or L. I N. Yes. I spelled Marvan backstay I guess that was autocorrect texts that I said to JV. Yeah. I mean, it was probably the same autocorrect that caused you to drop in the first place. None of it was your fault. I will put it at a three gosh. Three. I'm you know, I put it as a three long-term because he's still dominated carries. He still was working near the goal line. He was at a like the two yard line on a catch. So you know, maybe on a lucky day. That's touchdown. But his next three games are against Tennessee. Miami Jacksonville, Miami looks like Marlin that could be the start of the week. But Tennessee just did a great job against any Michelle. They had a good run defense this year and Jacksonville just shut Marlin back down. So we talked about it. It's just a schedule thing. But he's still the guy Tom Brady zero to ten on Brady. He has scored twelve seventeen and ten fantasy points in six point per passing touchdown leagues and his last three games. Heath worry, ometer seven seems really high wanted to come back. Yeah. I'm gonna jump on and off as I write the rap for the Sunday night on. It's it's going to be like a five for me. It's been bad, but he's on by this week. Anyway, now's the time where you've got to find a second quarterback. Anyway, I'm going to recommend Mario or Matthew Stafford as quarterbacks to pair with Brady like you have a wine pairing with the quarterbacks that you're going to want to pair with Tom Brady because in week eleven they've got great matchups. Matthew, Stafford of the lions is going to take on Carolina. And then Marcus Mario is gonna take on Indianapolis, Indianapolis, both of those games should be high scoring. It's gonna force those quarterbacks to throw the football. And like I said earlier Mario's looking great when Brady comes back from the by twelve he takes on the jets you're going to feel good about starting him. Then by then. Right. And if he if he stinks in that game, at least you've got a quarterback in Mario or staffer that you can go within week thirteen. They both have good matchups again. Then don't have to get into those match charges. Take my word for it. They're pretty good and you can. Bottom line is that those are two good quarterbacks that you can have as as Smits for Brady this week and potentially the play. Okay. But what are we seeing right now from Tom Brady if anything that concerns you because you gave us quack really he he made several throws in this game. That legitimately had me worried. Like, I'm wondering if you can go over to Europe on his by week and get one of those PRP injections, the pitchers get when they don't want to have Tommy John surgery. Yeah. Hissing throws to the sideline low and well left. He tried to throw deep a couple times. Look like Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing a twelve football. Didn't look like Tom Brady. I didn't quite look like Tom Brady. And I don't know if I'm ready to say, it's Fitspatrick throwing helium balloons all over the field. I think defense is played the patriots differently without rob gronkowski on the field. And you can also look at his completion percentage in his last three games. And it's going down his yards per temp. He has one game with I think over eight yards per attempt which for him is pretty bad and his one touchdowns lesser game. So does Nathan Peterman this is ugly. So the timing is perfect for him to get a week of rest when he comes back against jet. You're gonna start them. Then find another quarterback just in case. I think patriots Maeve lost a Super Bowl. They've seriously increase the likelihood that they're either going to Pittsburg Kansas City in the playoffs. And they could they could potentially win both of those. Pittsburgh and Kansas. Right. Yes. But if they're hosting if they get the one seat they're going to the Super Bowl, you don't win in Foxborough. This is a pretty significant loss for them in a big win for the titans on Adrian Peterson. So going into this game. He had five games with seventeen or more carries all five of those games. He had ninety seven rushing yards. He got the work. He got nineteen carries. Two catches. He ended up with sixty nine total yards sixty eight of them on the ground where we on Peterson. Heath six I did think the offensive line. They didn't look good. But they looked better than I expected. And so there may be a cause where you don't have much choice next week because six teams a by. But I'm I'm very worried that he's gonna be a top twenty running back, and I want you to read what what happened by phone. Just now. Yeah. For some reason. Seri- recorded what you said. And here's what Siri wrote on your phone. Hey, Siri is the increase the likelihood of the razor going to Pittsburgh or Kansas City in the playoffs. And they take them. They could potentially double zero hundred percent. But right. Yes. But if they are hosting and it just went away now. What I'm saying? I said off Siri at somewhat I didn't hear what he said about Adrian Peterson. But all the listeners did Tyler Boyd three catches for sixty five yards on four targets. He did actually lead the team in receiving? So that was good. But three catches for sixty five yards on four targets bad game. For boyd. We're ometer on Tyler Boyd heath too. My only angle here was like well, did we just see that without AJ green boards going to struggle? Now. No, I think that's possible. I think that's possible. I don't I I didn't see all of this game. I saw some of it. I think it was really just bad. Andy not throwing the ball. Tyler Boyd more when he should have to throw it into coverage a little bit. But it's not a great match up next week against Baltimore. I still think you're probably gonna start was a number two receiver. All right there. It would rather Boorda Corey Davis recipes in. Was corey. Davis. Okay. Tyler Boyd or Jarvis Landry recipes board. Title board worry on Larry FitzGerald. Six catches for fifty yards on ten targets. I'm very happy to Larry FitzGerald got tin targets in this game that she Stephens has been better against wide receivers. They've been pretty decent against slot wide receivers. He gets the raiders next week. I will give him a big fat zero for that one that the defense has been so much better against wide receivers that you have to really question starting any non obvious start guy against it is amazing. Do they have next week that sheafs? The ram. So I think you're the ramp star Cooper Cup. Okay. So the Rams I'm going to say that on the ram schedule on the chiefs schedule. They're only three wide receivers who are must starts recipes in two Rams guys and Keenan Allen and annual Sanders against them. They don't play them. Do they they don't with the Broncos. I don't have them on the schedule anymore. Okay. They may have already played them. They already planned twice. All right. That is it for the worry ometer. We'll do some buyer sell. We have a new segment we've been new segment it's called Adam brags about his team. Everybody sit around the campfire uncle Adam is going to brag about his team. I'm currently beating Jamie Jamie is having a monster week right now Jamie is the second highest score in our ADP. It is PR. We start a lot of players, but I already have the most points that any team has scored this week just want everybody to know who I have first of all Eric run on my bench. My bad. Ben Rothlisberger Christian McCaffrey appr, by the way, Nick. Chubb, Julian Edelman Antonio Brown golden Tate, playing right now, Jack Doyle, Aaron Jones, Greg's arline Aaron Donald and a whole bunch of other IT peace. Can I just do the he thing that I often do when you start to feel good about yourself? Sure. The Buffalo Wild Wings draft that we did as part of our fundraiser what a bad Tiv my son's team. My teams bad. Your son seems great. It is the most ridiculous team. I've ever seen in my life. He has one hundred is not an IEP league. He has one hundred sixty nine points right now for this week that is his fourth highest score of the year. He's already topped two hundred once we only have one flex in that league. What's who's yet? Patrick Mahomes Kareem hunt tyreek hill Julio Jones. He went Homer out drafted on the pairing pairing the chiefs with Julio Jones turned out to be a good strategy there. We all made fun of him for drafting four tightens. One of them was Eric run. Nice. Is he still has rostering three tight ends good for him that he's wrestling. Kelvin Benjamin his team could even even better. He's participated in waivers twice this year. Gotta love that. Killingly? Okay. So Adam brags about his team turn into heath brags about his son buyer sell. He's only two buyer sells the Tennessee offense is in for a big second half by herself. By it. They are using their best running back Marcus mariota can feel his fingers Corey davises turning into the number one wide receiver. We all knew that he could be by the titans offense. The bears offense is in for a big second half, buy or sell. I mean, could it be much or the second highest scoring team in the league? Yeah. Yeah. But but they're passing game has not been that good for fantasy through at all. Like they have not had one reliable must start guy in the passing game. Okay. Jason. That's really the question. Like Alan Robinson had a big game. Anthony Miller had a big game. They were outstanding store. The the lions Taylor Gabriel disappeared. He may be and that will be key. If Taylor Gabriel gets three targets game from here on out. Then I think that Miller and Robinson can be very good. I was so out the mystic about Alan Robinson. But he just like he got he got worked today. But. And look good. Like, it wasn't just thing where they left him wide open. He made some plays. He opened field to his previous four games. He had four to seven targets gamy at eight. He's not going to get like the ten targets that you want from a number one. But as it was a really a button open you'd actually shocking in this game was Jordan Howard against the lions eleven carries for twenty one yards three fantasy points. Are you kidding tear? He he's one of the mega duds today. Jordan howard. But this was another game. And they had one of these about a month ago. I don't remember was were they just decided, you know, this is not a game where we're gonna worry about that. And they just like even when they were up to scores late in that game. They were still just winging it around. Yeah. Just so contrary to what I expected that was a game that I previewed without you guys that was a Friday game. I did that with Brandon Marian Lee. And I thought I was a little surprised at how low you had Jordan Howard ranked? I don't know if you have have in front of you. But I feel like he was like fifteenth or something like that Jordan Howard. I had him twenty seconds twenty. Second. Okay. So. Yeah. Pretty low against in my opinion, the best match up, you know, maybe they don't give they gave up the fifth most fantasy points. But the lions have the bourse run defensive football. I think maybe today was assigned abor great that Damon Harrison is really paying off. But I yeah, I give you credit because I thought he was a must start guy, and he was a total Doug Jordan Howard and to Rico and got the short yardage touchdown, which was very disappointing for our owners and not that very disappointing. The lions have a bad pass defense to but nobody ever passes on them. Everybody just runs and runs and runs. But today the bears were like, hey, we're going to be we're going to be ourselves through forty times today in thirty four twenty two win. Okay. Adam riffing there. That's it. For prior sell. I've got another buy or sell related to the same team. The titans. Go. I think we talked about this a lot in New York, and we talked about it a lot last night on the radio show. And we talked about it a little bit last week with the titans having the number one scoring defense in the league. And it's just because they've played a bunch of bad offenses. We may have to reevaluate. The titans might just be a good defense. Yeah. Yeah. This is a really impressive performance for the titans. Big win for them. Okay. I got to tell you about today's second sponsor, a great sponsor. It's one that I have experienced using. I highly highly recommended it's great for small businesses. It's perfect. If you work from home, and you need to be shipping things. Look, we love going to the post office to get a lot of stuff done of the post office, but they're not open twenty four seven stamps dot com is open twenty four seven if you buy and print if you want to buy imprint real US postage for any letter or any package in twenty four hours a day seven days a week, you stamps dot com. Just click print mail, and you are done. Just like our podcast. You can get it on-demand anytime you want it's postage on demand stamps com. Also going to send you a digital scale. So you can wear your letters and packages print the exact amount of postage every time. So yeah, I mean, I think the website is really easy to use. I can tell you that from experience. The prices are great. And we got a great offer for you a four week trial. Why did they give you a four week trial because they know once you use it you're going to be hooked. You're going to realize this is the absolute way to go, and you're never getting off stamps dot com. Stamps dot com. Click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in F F T again, there's a radio microphone on the homepage type f f t go to stamps dot com. Enter f- F T for a four week trial and a digital scale. Okay. He thinks time we take a look at the leaderboard four fantasy week ten. Ben Rothlisberger is number one trubisky's number two. Drew Brees third pretty far behind them. But he had a great game. And. Wilson was was four and Baker Mayfield was five so far pretty low scoring day at quarterback, I guess only four quarterbacks with more than thirty fantasy points getting used about seven or so, but a lot of good performances. I think there's a clear storyline in the top five quarterbacks. Russell Wilson gamble. Roethlisberger trubisky. Breeze. Wilson Nathan would you say about oh ninety two rushing yards? That's nice ninety two rushing yards nine times. He ran the ball. He had I believe. Now forty percent of his rushing yards for the season came this week. And he had forty last week. Didn't he? That sounds right. Hi last week. So this week as well two in a row. That's a great sign. Yeah. Wilson's great the storyline. I was going for was breeze through twenty five passes. You know? And he was awesome. He was a may twenty to twenty five hundred sixty five yards and three touchdowns. And I can't sit here and say sell ju- breeze. He's got road games doesn't throw that much anymore with Mark Ingram because he's just incredible. I would say you got a little bit lucky. If you started Brees this week. I mean a little Thurs score thirty four points. You know? So well the first Michael Thomas touchdown was not a touchdown. And would not have been ruled a touchdown by majority of -ficiating. Yeah. I thought that was pretty weak. All these these second touchdown Mark Ingram. Caught a swing past thirty yard line. Made a phenomenal spin move to three to get into the end zone. But isn't that bad luck? Or is that just having great players around him. I mean, that's part of it. It's part of it. But if he throws twenty-five passes, and as this type of day on a normal basis, you're not expect anywhere close to the type of finish points that it got you through for two hundred sixty five yards on twenty five peasants. That's great. Very good. He ran went into the sneak. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Dave breaking news. Sources toll NFL network's Ian Rapoport that Rams receiver Cooper cough has a torn ACL eleven MRI tomorrow, but Sharma face it. It was not good. This is a. This is bad news for fantasy owners. Adam Cooper Cup looks like he will be done for the year. Yeah. The thing is I feel like it's bad news for only Cooper Cup owners. I always hate reacting to these injuries. Because it's like so emotionless like, it sucks. That Cooper Cup is out. He's a really exciting player. But from a fantasy standpoint. It's it's. I think offs fine. Right. I mean, gulfs fine. The interesting thing is the last last week against the saints. And we talked about them versus tight ends last week against the saints. Their tight ends had ninety yards combined this week. The Rams tight ends. Both scored a touchdown. They're tied ins may be a little bit relevant moving forward, especially this week against the chiefs. We could use them the way the tight end position is right now, they're not going to be relevant. The second. You think they're going to be relevant. They're going to solve the bigger problem is that Tyler plays a lot, but barely gets targets and Jearl Everett doesn't play a lot gets more targets in Tyler higby. They're going to be a mess, but by weeks ago, they will be interesting options, especially since they're headed toward a game against Kansas City. That's probably going to total hundred points. And you're adding Josh Renton, deeply, let's take a look at quarter at running back leaderboard running back Nick Chubb is number one is non Christian McCaffrey number two. Although finish number one in PR. David Johnson three Aaron Jones and the Shawn McCoy. Hey, did it. I predicted his first rushing to the jets are at topos fire tomorrow. Both prediction. I think people are crossing their fingers on that any who shove McCaffrey David Johnson Aaron Jones Shawn McCoy heath. Yeah. I don't know what the story. I mean, dick job was awesome. But we've talked a lot about David David Johnson. Twenty-one carries ninety eight yards and a touchdown. Seven catches eighty five yards and a touchdown. Big game. His usage was better. They got him outside just a little bit more. I hesitate to get to excited because it was the chiefs. This is the best matchup for running backs. It's the juice and if not them then it's the raiders who he plays next week. Yeah. So that's that's awesome. Yeah. Schedule we'll get a little tougher after that actually not really we talked about this on Wednesday. David Johnson is set up a great finish. He has some bad defenses on the schedule. His playoffs is postseason is Detroit at Atlanta. And the Rams. I don't understand how Aaron Donald is. Clearly, the best offensive tackle in football. Not best defensive player and the Rams of Eddie dreadful run defense two years in a row, but it's. I guess but still it's weird top-five wide receivers tyreek hill without Sammy Watkins seven catches one hundred seventeen yards in two touchdowns and twenty yard rush. He was tied with Alan Robinson, and non PR and tyreek hill was one point ahead and PR then little bit lower. Michael Thomas, Corey Davis and Anthony Miller. So let's talk about Anthony Miller I five catches one hundred and twenty two yards and a touchdown Miller. Pretty available. Twenty three percent owned his best game by far. But it's good to see heath. Anthony miller. Yeah. And I I was a little worried about him at the start of this game because early on it was all at one Robinson. And he's still only had six tour. I don't think six targets going to turn into type of Brooklyn, very often. But again, I'll go back to what I said earlier the most encouraging part of this game for both Robinson. And for Miller. The fact that Taylor Gabriel only had three targets if that's the case moving forward. They can support to good wide receivers. He should be the number one priority of wide receiver this week. Yeah. Maybe the wildcard is going to be trae Burton. Maybe they'll be burden weeks and Miller weeks Robinson struggles between those three guys to them or good on a given week and to Rico and at the how many catches it's Rico NF today six, but he average less than five yards per catch. Six catches for twenty nine. We'll give them five yards. Six catches for twenty nine yards giving five round up heath come on. Now. It's kind of like just giving somebody back somebody. They dropped excellently. And then the other stories for me is that. Tyreek hill had seven catches. He's on pace for like some around ninety five. Oh, no about eighty five. He was on pace for eighty five catches entering week ten. That's that's a guy who's not a liability. It by any means and PR, okay? Liabilities stupidest seasons. He's like the number one receiver, basically. But but it's his catches are going way up. You could have ninety catch season. That's really good for tyreek hill. I did. Not anticipate that yeah, he's been phenomenal. And there will be a week. I mean, the nice thing was scored two touchdowns at home. So maybe we can get rid of the silly. He doesn't like there's no rhyme or reason to that total right. I think that she's defense wallets improved will still be bad enough to keep them throwing. And you look distraught right now like something just happened in the football game. Well, I upset you got someone a friend of mine who's who's getting close to a huge pay day in a survivor pool. A huge payday, you know, how these things where you get a lot like hundreds of people in and the payday ends of being a lot of money, and there's less than one hundred people left in the pool, and I told to take the eagles this week, and they're lose a three nothing, but they got stuffed on fourth down. Whatever you want to talk about the game. But that's why the straw because. I feel I feel guilt right now. They're going to I was distracted by your face. Who are we talking about tyreek hill? He's great tight ends. Eric Hebron number one with two receiving and one rushing touchdown. Three catches sixty nine yards and two touchdowns in the end he stole Chris Hogan's nickname, which is us. Well, it used to be seven eleven because always open. He they asked Hebron after the game. It was Jacksonville does not covering you. You were wide open. He said, I'm always open. That's why they call me seven eleven about that. Austin hookah eleven fantasy points twenty one in our he is your number two. And he had ten catches how about this. He is the only tight and with more than six catches today. But. Most of them had like most of the top tight ends this week had like two or three catches Jonah. Smith has scored escorted two straight games. Vance McDonald's and Tyler higby and mo- alley. Cox hig and moa Kassir tied for fifth, Gerald Everett. It was it was a touchdown or bus kind of weak for tight ends not a lot of yards. Nobody had more than the sixty nine yards that Eric Hebron had very nice game for run. What do you what do you? What do they Hooper? I I think he's a pretty close to a mess started. He's the most like seventy five percent owned or something like that. Yeah. He should be started started with the expectation that he's going to disappoint you. But that all titans will this. So let's get to the games buffalo forty one jets ten. You don't have any yards. The jets had in the first quarter. Negative three. I let me rephrase it. So you don't have any yard the jets had in the first quarter one. According to my brother, the jets fan who is pretty pissed off all day. Matt Barkley head twenty one points and the Shawn McCoy had a great game. And it was nice to see. Fortunately, it's the Jaguars after the bye. So I don't know how confident you're going to be in in him over the next two weeks. We definitely sitting in the by week. But he does have a good schedule. After that a very good schedule Zeh Jones heath eight catches ninety two yards and a touchdown. Do you care? I like the way you went from tight ends to the bills and the jets like so people could just hit that forward thirty second button like six times, and we'll be through these two sections, and they can listen to the part that really matters. I think they Jones is the best receiver on the bills. He's had a remarkable turnaround from a disastrous rookie season. And if he ever gets a quarterback he could be fantasy viable wide receiver. What do you think about the jets running backs? Got the touchdown seven carries one thousand nine yards and a touchdown Elisha. Mcguire had six six carries for thirty yards and three catches trends. And candidate for carries. The jets next week have a bye. I think and I'm trying to verify this right now, I believe that Trenton cannons work in the running game came after this game was long decided I'd been deserted. The game was pretty much decided in the second quarter. But Crowell also scored late for what he scored with ten minutes left in the third quarter that really. It was a frigging at that point. It was it was the pill out. Appel out late in the game, relatively speaking. Yeah. I'm glad crew L scored. This offense is a disaster. I believe Chris Herndon led the team in receiving for the second straight week. He led the team in receiving this week and last week at Miami. He led the team in receiving with sixty two yards this week. Let's not act like he accomplished something thirty four yards. Kansas City twenty six Zona fourteen. You know, it's kind of kind of interesting here. Patrick Mahomes is terrific. He scored twenty three fantasy points. He had four straight games with three or four passing touchdowns and touring week ten, but you know, when he's had bad matchups. He hasn't been incredible. And he's had he has some bad ones. Coming up. In the playoffs. Remember, he's Baltimore the chargers and the Seahawks. So does that mean anything? The Baltimore one worries me because I think that the chiefs defense that's a gain. That's at aero head. And I think they could play that kind of. I mean, he only through twenty eight passes in this game. Yeah. And so that's the problem for him. If you look at on a per pass basis through twenty eight times and everage nine yards per attempt and threw two touchdown passes. Yeah. He was great. And he only completed seventy five percent of his passes. Right. He just didn't have to throw that both more. When does scare me a little bit. But again the floor that we're so worried about is twenty three points. Yeah. Pretty good Kareem hunts was just fine. But he didn't score we'll scored but lost touch on where this stupid. This is one of his worst games Kelsey same thing. But you know, what the cardinals I said all they have to do is have a respectable game and buy into their defense. I'm buying into their defense. Fair. Yeah. I guess the chiefs could have scored forty in this game. If they wanted to. Okay. Well cardinals next week have Oakland. So they're good enough to start. Then I didn't mean their defense from a standpoint him at their defense from a matchup standpoint, you know, for posing avoid raiders next week because of the cardinal Indianapolis Twenty-nine Jacksonville twenty six Jags had the ball for more than ten more minutes than the colts. And look Blake Bortles actually streaming quarterbacks are pretty damn good this week Bortles. Mario Baker Mayfield. I'm trying to think who else, but those three jump out well tomorrow, you I N Nick Molins play tomorrow. But. Who else there was someone else? I don't know. Does it doesn't matter. Those three guys though Mayfield. Mario and Bortles who do you like going forward? It's going to be like, I don't think any of those guys are guys I'm going to start on a weekly basis. So I don't have to make the rest of season decision. It's going to be on a week to week basis with all of them. The interesting thing with Bortles and with his Jacksonville defense. The great thing for him was that Jacksonville's defense played awful. But they only awful for one half. I don't think the colts word in the second half. I don't know. Do they not score the second? I believe they had twenty nine points at halftime this. I couldn't believe I thought the Jaguars. We're gonna steal that game. And then what do you we think about? He anything about Dante Moncrieff. That was a huge play. He made a nice job. Breaking the tackle. I don't think that any Jacksonville receiver. You can really count on me for targets in the game. Yeah. Here are his yards in his last six games. One. Oh, nine seventy six zero seventy six fifty four ninety eight. So that's fifty four more yards and five of his last six seventy eight or more yards in four of his last six that sounds like a guy who should be owned in more than twenty one percent of leagues. I don't know that it needs to be higher than fifty. But it's not bad. Really isn't. I agree with that who they play next week Jacksonville plays Pittsburgh next week. Then at buffalo, then the colts again. All right. So it's not a great schedule can deal with that on Tuesday. That's all good. See why Hilton did lead his in receiving three catches seventy seven yards on three targets. He was only started in seventy percent of lease. And I think that makes sense. I mean, matchup Tennessee, thirty four and New England ten Tennessee the ball for about thirty three minutes. England about twenty seven minutes. Brady, we talked about any concerns it all with Sony. Michelle eleven carries thirty one yards. I think this was really more of a product of a good run defense. But I will say if Brady performs as poorly as he did in this game. It's a bad thing for the running game. It's a bad week for the for the patriots. They get a by hopefully, get gronkowski back. Get rolling on again. Watching for reports on Josh Gordon's finger, okay? Four yards on twelve targets. He had three catches for fifty eight yards. Like the first ten minutes of this game. And he had a Bogo off of his hand. And they showed a close replay of it. And it sure looks like he broke a finger. And he only I think one more pass the rest of the game. And they got throwing it to him. And he didn't catch anything. All right. New orleans. Fifty one Cincinnati fourteen is this what life without AJ green is going to look like. Probably, unfortunately, the good thing is they said the reports were that AJ greens not going to play next week. But then there was just a little asterisk at next to it. And they said, but they know he's really tough. And there's a chance. So I wouldn't one hundred percent rule him out next week. I think the preferable thing is there at Baltimore next week AJ green takes that week off you avoid all of your bingles. And then we'll get rolling with them after that. Well, I mix it is kind of concerning to me because it's too worst games. This year is to to worse games are at Kansas City blow out and home against the saints blow out we just didn't get enough work. So he had eleven carries for sixty one yards is tremendous to catches for twenty four yards eight fantasy points ten and PR. That's not so bad. But mixing is a guy who can be a superstar if they're getting blown out. He can't I don't think he'd be a superstar. You're right. So I just hope I hope AJ green gets back Bengals not looking. So good right now any other thoughts on the saints. Or can we drop twig Trayvon Smith did not have a target? I would not drop trae Kwan Smith, and he's the exact type of player that you want to have on your bench. And when they play a good offense at home. You're starting tree quote Smith, but in games like this when they're on the road. And they're gonna play this throw twenty-five passes thing. You're only starting him as I hope one of those twenty five passes a sixty year Bom, well, his next to matchups Philadelphia and Atlanta at home. So that could work so yeah, I think we're gonna be interested in him this week Washington. Sixteen in Tampa Bay three. Alex Smith has been over owned since the start of the season. He is still seventy eight percent owed. He better be like thirty percent owned next week just stop without Smith. He shouldn't only be owned into quarterback leaks re with that. I think we can give people one more week to determination because six quarterbacks on a bite, but they're all bad almost all of them are bad. So how expensive I know? Thing run through the teams that are on by next week. Dave who's on by next week the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets? I know they're on by. Oh, yeah. That's exciting stuff. What are we going to those teams? We also have the Browns on by. We have dolphins on the patriots the entire sees is on by and San Francisco or they in the AFC east post, San Francisco and who. Who'd you say Cleveland, Cleveland Cleveland? Yeah. So crappy. So it is a it is a by Dato, but it's like a category would they don't do that for for tornadoes. We talked about Adrian Peterson. We put him on the worry ometer, Josh docs, score, which means at least one wide receiver has caught a touchdown against Tampa Bay in every single game this season, but MAURICE Harris at five fifty two on five targets. Do you have any interest in Josh oxen or MAURICE Harris against USA next week? Yes. I will have interested MAURICE Harris and PR leagues for sure. Let's assuming Jamison Crowder doesn't come back. This was a game LX myth kinda like drew Brees Abed only through twenty-seven passes because their defense played. So well in Tampa Bay score three points thing. I picked up their defense drop the Vikings. Am I right? Hey, he that was fraudulent how how how? Who are you? How do you feel about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receivers? Who starting next week Horbert? How much does it matter? Ryan Fitzpatrick is turned back into a pumpkin against the bears. He had a good half after playing awful against the Panthers threw for four hundred yards this game and somehow to score points even for hundred yards. It's up. My takeaway. Was that mad right? It's terrible today. Right. He was so bad. Well, Evans only had six targets which was unusual to Sean Jackson, speaking pumpkins. He looks like he's Chris goblin at one hundred yards and Adam Humphreys, pumpkin pumpkins, I love the fact that the week after we stopped yelling at people for not having Chris God on their roster. He gets a hundred dollars. I don't know what to say this point tell me what to say about the Tampa Bay wide receivers. You're still starting Mike Evans, Chris Godwin is what the heck flex. And. So is Sean Jackson is Mike Evans a stud. No, no, no. All right. He's he's good. I think I feel pretty similar to what I felt about him at the beginning of the year that he was a high end number two and not a number one. Okay. Mic Evans recipes. I'll think two. Let's go to Cleveland Atlanta. Cleveland Twenty-eight Atlanta sixteen. Matt Ryan twenty four fantasy points outdoors on the road three hundred and thirty yards. He did throw fifty two passes but two good games in a row for Matt Ryan outdoors, and he now has three hundred thirty four yards and six of his last seven games. That's wonderful. Tevin Coleman had did he t not score? Touchdown seven so seven Coleman really should have scored a touchdown. He had so many opportunities to get in. They had first and goal from like the one and they just throwing the ball. It was crazy Julio Jones had a one yard touchdown run. As Davis reminding me touchdown catch. So Coleman was very close to scoring. Just didn't happen. What are your falcons thoughts here? Heath. I will little bit concerns about Tevin Coleman just because he had not been very good before last week when he had the monster game. And a lot of that monster game was catching a screen brickner tackle and going to the house. And so you talked about it receiving touchdowns for running back scream. So Heidi you his big week was scoring two receiving touchdowns. Yeah. So I still think he's a low in number two running back, but he is more involved in the running game than those other guys do Johnson. He's still going to get twelve to fifteen carries most weeks. Eight eleven this game. Yeah. I would say ten to ten to thirteen most weeks. Yeah. Fifteen ten thirteen. Sure. Yeah. I'm a little worried about him as being more than a low in number two running back. Sure rather have Nick job. Yeah. Okay. Folks show Rashard Higgins caught a touchdown. We talked about Mayfield the joke. We talked about the Browns Chicago thirty four and Detroit twenty two. So Dave talked about Matthew Stafford he's only eighty four percent owned. He's eighty four percent owned. Eighteen fantasy points in this game. He had a terrible game last week. It was at Minnesota. But he could be very good for you in week eleven against Carolina. I think we talked about the running back. How do you feel about Marvin Jones and Kenny golladay can't go out? It was late but six catches seventy eight yards and a touchdown thirsty targets Marvin Jones hurt his knee. Three catches fifty five yards on seven targets heath goal at a made a couple of remarkable catches in this game. He is. So so talented, I just hope the Stafford can get on the same page. I think he legitimately has number one wide receiver upside over the rest of the season. He's not a safe guy in that range and you'll have weeks where he's not even a number two. But he has that type of upside six-try talented, dude. And I love him this week against Carolina kindergarten fan to align up. Did you can't into cash did have you not seen the top ten or f f t content? Oh, I was number eight what the contrarian plays on CBS sports this morning were Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Chubb, Kenny Goldie and Mike Davis. I had Mitchell Trubisky in my lineup. I loved them this week. Oh, he is winning sixty two. He's one sixty two dollars and fifty cents, ladies and gentlemen. I just miss cashing. I finished two hundred seventy. I had mentioned to Trubisky originally in my life. I hate when this happens, and then I had so much money left over that. I changed Aaron Rodgers. And that ended up costing me a lot. So that's the lions and bears and Tigers game. And let's go to the chargers. And the exactly chargers raiders. Philip rivers did not come through. He only had eighteen fantasy points today. Yeah. What do you think about rivers? How does he match up with some of these elite must start guys is he in that group? I think the thing with the raiders is there a terrible terrible defense that presents a great matchup for opposing passing games. But their offense is so bad that you're going to get games like this where the other quarterback just doesn't have to do very much twenty six pass attempts. He has had now five straight games with twenty seven or fewer pass attempts almost all of the been twenty seven or twenty six pacits. It's just hard especially when you don't run. It's hard to be great. But he had been great, even so officiant. I mean, how about Brian Schottenheimer running the Seahawks and the chargers offense at the same time and both of them forming will this week. Yeah. Belva Gordon's amazing that big play a sixty six yard touchdown. Catch believe he led the team in receiving an rushing Keenan Allen was the only receiver did anything for them. So, you know, streaky with Tara woes for sure. You know, I gotta give Doug Martin credit four yards per carry. Not great. But. Like he's hit ninety ninety two total yards in this game. Yes. She looks pretty good. I think when I was I said this Benadryl Peterson. He was running hot. I think Doug Martin look like he has something left in the tank. Yeah. It's too bad that he's stuck in this wasteland. Yeah. But he's got a great match up next week. The raiders have here's ONA Arizona. Thank you next week. Exactly. Great match up. All right. I think we're pretty much done with this game. Jared cook for catches fifty two yards tied with Jalen Rashard who had five catches for fifty two yards for the most on this team. So you pretty much know you're getting from the raiders we can week out. Mike Williams, seventy one percent on tyrod Williams. Eight percent of which you let them go for Anthony Miller one hundred percent. Targets. In this game. Wow. Tori. Right. And I got politics for being a little behind. This weekend was my brother's bachelor party. And it's not that I'm like not not recovered, but be a lot cooler if it would be, but I am completely recovered. But it was just kind of a hectic day family stuff dinner with a bunch of people while watching red zone and getting to the office to do this podcast. So my bad Rams thirty six that reminds me we were in New York, and I had some great New York beer save it save it for Tuesday. I wanna ask all of you about the show about New York on Tuesday. Great New York beer. Okay. Good. I hope pizzas. Well, Rams thirty six thirty one. Russell Wilson thirty two fantasy points Jared Goff twenty four fantasy points. Russell Wilson rushed for ninety two yards. We already talked about that. Would you prefer? Rashad penny. Your Mike Davis going forward? You think or Chris Carson who's the best running back in that backfield? I think Rashad pennies the most talented running back in that backfield. I still expect when Chris I don't think Chris Carson lost his job today. Robert. Yeah. Good. If Chris Carson's back next week, then I think it's just a big, ugly, mess, Robert woods. So remarkably consistent with yard is like seventy seventy or more yards every week at eighty nine this week, but Doug Baldwin versus Tyler Lockett. I this point. I just cannot start Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett their best receiver lock it is owned. I think in one percent more of the extend Baldwin tire lock it is their best receiver and the difference is on this team the way they're operating right now, without very many positives. You need to be able to make the big play and luck. It's the big playoff action. So I think they're both going to have bad weeks, but lock it's more likely to make your day on one play than Baldwin is. Yeah. Miami thirty one Green Bay twelve. How are you in Frank gore? Hope that was not that was not this word. Green Bay thirty one Miami twelve. Okay. Green Bay thirty one Miami twelve thank you heath and the dolphins weather six four boss, but they still have a better record than the wait. Who is a better winning percentage? Who who is? Yeah. No the dolphins played an extra game. So you can't compare them this way they were both in the same division. Who would be in first place the five and five is again, Packers thirty one no way. Who would be the first place the five at five dolphins of the four four at one Packers. I think the four four two one Packers. It would come down to tiebreakers. No check their winning percentage right now. Heath it's five hundred you're right. Right. Right. Losses. Cash God that was so stupid anymore. Wow. Losing my bide right now. I've exhausted. Okay. Danny amendola. Should do you should tweet. Jamie and seal give you those last minutes back. You know, he will seven catches for seventy two yards on ten targets. Put Marquez Marquez about this gambling. Six catches for forty four yards on seven targets so Aminullah. Good Valdas gambling bad. Heath good, Adam Bede and the show. I was encouraged by let he is Brock osweiler's favourite wide receiver. And I think he's storable in PPO leagues, especially in games where they're playing good offenses, and they'll be chasing the score. This was a weird weird game for VS. Because before he was the low volume guy that was making big plays. They were throwing to him way too, close to Leonard scrimmage. How did this get the b our ten minutes? Our we spent ten minutes. Becker tidy hour long show perfect. Dave Richard atom as we'll see on Tuesday with the waiver wire.

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