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The high it's it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's GonNa be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy be listening on Today's episode Ellen on the go Tom. Hanks gives us rule number. One never eat a breakfast burrito before. Skydiving Victoria Beckham answers. Ellen's extra spicy. See Burning questions. Our young friend and Presidential Guru. macy Hensley talks to the candidates at the Democratic national debate and one lucky listener owner one lucky listeners of our podcast which is called Indian. Friends is GonNa win twelve days of giveaways. What are they have to due? We'll tell you we'll tell you at the end of the podcast during podcast what you have to do now. What if you search Indian friends you'll find nothing right probably Hashtag Andy Fan page has maybe date? Maybe that's how you get the sweatshirt. I'm not sure I'm Ed Glavin. I'm Andy last night. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm Kevin Leman the second. I'm currently googling Indian friends and now now it sounds like we're doing our podcast from a train station to subway funnily enough. There's a reason for that what does that. We've just decided to change it up and leave the door open to generally. Generally we closed the door to do. The podcast. Have a little privacy. A little quiet from just Phillix full Full explanation it's nine o'clock in the morning. Yes generally at nine o'clock in the morning our office doors open and we We field questions Self problems Here in the news of the day and so while we're doing the podcast today doors open. Let's see what happens. Who Comes in on o'clock in the morning? You know on the weekends family rule where no one talks to me until ten o'clock in the morning I try not for that sounds. That sounds really lovely late. I need a little time to get up and running. Mary sure I get it all right. Let's talk about your personal friend. Mary Tom Hanks Tom Hanks. I Adore Tom. Hanks you have adored him for a long time. I've adored him for a long time. I've David Letterman show. I've worked with him for a long time. When I when I worked with David Letterman I would produce the segments and He was instrumental in helping us get this show launched. The station's new Ellen was funny way back as we were beginning this show. They didn't know of Ellen could do an interview she was gay. They knew she was a not crazy about that fact. They're trying to find ways to overlook back that fact so We invited a number of celebrities to Ellen's home where Ellen interviewed them at our home and Tom. Hanks was one of those people and he's been a friend to our show he named are riffraff room. He's been He person in our time here and it was a genuinely nice guy genuinely. I'd I have to say there are so many of these showbiz people who've been around awhile and they see Mary and put it together Letterman and they light up for her. Yeah they liked her. Yeah they see me on their way out and they say ever remember me again true. They hand their valet ticket and they go. Aw Anyway so Thomas here. Tom was here talking about his new movie. Which I really liked in Mr Rogers? You haven't seen it. It's certainly good now. You'll lie document. It don't make. I haven't seen the documentary. I was not a viewer of his TV. Show of Mister Rogers neighborhood Hould I did not I did not watch. The show is either my age or whatever it didn't it didn't match up that I watched that show. I knew a little bit about it but I had no idea what the movie was about and I was really surprised pleasantly surprised. He's just a he's just a great guy and a great gust. Yes well Tom Tom. Hanks is a huge fan of game of games. I'll yes yes. And No. He thinks it's hilarious. The crazy things Kevin that you think to do do in game of games and then he said one of my favorite real never So funny he said WHO. Are you writers for that toddlers authors basically right. It made me laugh so hard and I thought that was such a gigantic. Get into compliment to you the writers level. But that's what you you you set out to just a big fun funny game. It was so hilarious. Yeah aren't we glad that that that Ellen has another. TV show on doesn't work enough enough enough the jobs I have seen an episode of Game Games and I have never seen anybody be dropped into that big VAT of macaroni and cheese as you you did to somebody yes. The logistics of that have got to be insane. Yeah it's a big. It's a big set. It's a big and this this season. This new season is bigger bigger. We had used the biggest sound stage on this lot. In order to get the Games in two spin to people around to the point of nausea and risk risk physical physical injury right anybody. Everybody like almost drown in that data. Macaroni and cheese. We pull him out pretty quickly. Lifeguards on standing By they're not really lifeguards but yes we have people to pull them out and so. It's not always macaroni and cheese. Sometimes it's soup. There's different things we drop them into. Who writes your show toddlers in here? He's he made. He made a little error. He's he's he's he's the type of guy who's willing to admit when he's made a mistake especially when it makes Basler and this was this bad. This was a personally bad mistake that he made and here he is talking about it. I saw your son jumped off a cliff was that because that I know judge a hide I'm GonNa say six miles. Hi this is him. He marched up. He swam to shore climbed up on beach. Walked all the way up to the top of this mountain and he wasn't waiting more than three three seconds. People look at this. I mean. I can't believe he did that. I was him one. Two three four four seconds of hang time that's the type of fall that will ripple watch off your wrist. Is he usually a daredevil like that yeah he is he out. He rides motorcycles and when we were when he turned twenty me one. He wanted to go for your birthdays. I WanNa go skydiving so we talk after after he ponders things so we went tandem skydiving tandem. So you're attached to somebody who knows what they're doing right your free fall and as your freefalling freefalling your face goes like this. Who probably like two hundred fifty miles an hour right? And then she pop shoot and we stopped and she was doing this thing of swinging around steering US around and I had a huge breakfast burrito before the plane went off and so I I truly I begged her. I'm just like a rag doll. Please please stop stop. Stop and we landed on this Gret Strip. And all I could do was sit on my rump. Then I just had to sit there for about seven minutes waiting for my stomach to combat while other people were coming coming down to Atlanta to say maybe having a huge breakfast burrito. Before you're going to jump out of all bad it had been with you I would have said. Don't eat the whole thing was. It didn't really good all right. Well I would say yeah in line with not eating breakfast burrito before skydiving. You don't need a breakfast Burrito before surfing the little something antler not something. You should do. Great it doesn't feel the waters a little bumpy. Here's here's here's my question. Does your big exerciser. Do you have coffee before you exercise. Absolute Okay Four. Sigmatic Natural Superfood company that specializes in mushroom based east drinks that benefit our immunity energy and longevity and help us live healthier more enhanced. Lives for Sigmatic makes a wide variety of blends including mushroom coffee mushroom elixirs. Hot CA CA cows macho superfood blends and more they believe in the real magic a functional mushrooms to enhance your wellbeing. They make drinking mushrooms and superfoods delicious and easy to do with their single serve. Packets pins for home use and K Cup. Coffee Pods forcing maddux's aim is to popularize functional mushrooms and adapted Jin's by incorporating them in mainstream green products like coffee tea and cal. Best of all their products are super easy to use. Just tear and mix with hot water. They're great for travel. Or when you are on the go you can also put them on the ice and enjoy them iced. During the summer you can get fifteen percent off your four sigmatic purchase by going to four Sigmatic Dot Com Slash Ellen and using the Code Ellen at checkout. That's that's F. O. U. R. S.. I G. M. A. T. I C. dot com slash Ellen and use Code Ellen at Checkout Carly Lopez oppose. You have a question. I'm Scott what's is the open door policy the open door registered. Let's see user's you're on the PODCAST. Oh my gosh hello cash at your door win. Nothing I I am very read right now. Here's the good news has it. You ask US whatever question you have to ask. And then if it's not suitable for the podcast we cut it. Well I actually had a question about senator giveaways. I don't think I can ask it on the podcast. 'cause it's a bit confidential. Pardon we're going to cut out the question so ask the question and then we'll decide after if it's really great all right okay. So nope that's such a great back in was amazing fantastic. Says that's personal. That was really much more prolific. Happy then look for it for that and a future show. Yeah it's on Eggnog. Yeah Eggnog we talk about Eggnog. For a second because it's about to air and it's Ellen's greatest night of giveaway. We all EGGNOG. But for the people listening and if you'll see the gets so so when we've been watching cuts of it and I'll say in my house. Laurie do you want to watch an episode of eggnog. She goes what are you talking about. Assume everyone knows what eggnog right. Now get giveaways. The exact date is ten eleven twelve eleven and twelve. You could say you say next. Tuesday used eight. PM Eight PM and reunites fun for the whole family. Three nights of really feeling good. Tell funny and touching funny Ching and emotional and and giving deserving people and Carly Lopez who stumbled in here to ask a question and and what's so. Sorry I'm from originally from Seattle Washington spent where I spent thanksgiving. We talk about so she went to one of those fancy colleges What do they call it? Sure sure. Yeah those the Goodwin Smarty Pants Environmental Studies Major. What I was GonNa say is carly is incredible at finding an interacting with people who watched the Ellen show who are in their own way in their day the in and day out life really truly inspiring? That's exactly true. He's phenomenal at it. And if you ever wonder where we find those people there's a fairly good chance Carl. The one found him now carly I still remember. I believe I still remember your interview here for remember it and I believe you you spent time in Botswana. Is that correct. That's correct. That's right and I remember that. That's what the majority of the interview was. WHO's talking to you about your time in Botswana Botswana and I tell people when they asked me about how to get a job? I say. Put something on your resume that people can just have an interesting conversation about and I often refer to your resume and that you look down at a resume and you go whereabouts Wanna like. I didn't think I'd be talking about today and now suddenly. I have lots of questions about that. Botswana I believe if carly was not doing this for a living she would be helping people in need or animals or something like all right. bye-bye Carly Carly got today. All right thank you for visiting so you had asked about exercising in coffee. I think it's great to drink a little coffee before okay. I have a question Tom Hanks. Oh I don't know what the McGuire David David Been on here but to remind you. He is the executive senior vice as the Executive President Warner brothers and act as the liaison between our show. And the Big Warner Brothers. Team I gotta tell you Dave is ready you to handle any crisis. Emergency that occurs after nine thirty five. He's an executive he's start today with it gets here from creation Here's the thing when you're an executive you start your day. Probably ten twelve conference difference calls around the world very rainy outside. You GotTa get out your cashmere sweaters. You got to pitch pick which one you WANNA wear. There's there's people don't understand the life of helping yourself Dave so twice. I've tried here twice. I've tried to ask interrupted by people at the door. Tom Hanks two Time Academy Award winner. Big Time actor amazing guy go skydiving anybody else here in the room show of hands have anyone. Has Anyone gone skydiving. I have of Not I thought I was going through. I thought you were going to say yes no I here's what I really wanted to do it. And then for whatever whatever reason once I had kids I thought well it's not just me anymore. Yes Oh it's so safe like will smith is doing it. You know when when I think of getting thrown out of an airplane I think I say safe safe. No but I'm saying you very rarely hear keeps texting me and as as an average sandy. Please throw andy she wants. A million dollar man became bionic. Doesn't it a skydiving thing. He goes woman when she goes it. Safe Enough Lori. Thinks it's safe and I have not gone skydiving. There is a time in my life where I thought I wanted to and then when I actually thought about being in a plane and jumping out I thought I was raised smarter than that. I just just because I think it's important every once in a while. Bring some deep sadness to the podcast. Wow I grew up in the city of Philadelphia sure and in Philadelphia when I was a kid. There was basically one station in the city. One television station that people watched from sign on to sign off the ABC affiliate Channel Radio and they had a weatherman. Whose name was Jim? O'Brien O'Brien was as popular a figure in Philadelphia. As you could possibly be fun funny when I was like a senior and he was kind of one of the reasons that I wanted to get into it. You want it to be a weatherman. I never got to meet him and hosted a primetime access show on Friday nights from the city of Philadelphia. Local access show that was called Primetime and he For a shoot for that show one went skydiving. Oh but that's a nice story. And and he was not available to host the show any long. Oh no and the entire city mourned this guy. If you're a celebrity and you think oh well. I'm not a project right now. That forbids me from going skydiving. Still maybe don't go no way. Don't do it in the plan. Does anyone have any thing. Sadder talk about. Foley's here's here's what. I know that we are now dedicating. 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Sign up for Disney plus now and start streaming all this great content today now. Let's talk about Dakota Johnson. Please don't that is Thomas. I'm just going to start by saying I Adore Dakota Johnson. We all do just love her. We also like sweet and sometimes awkward in the chair and also like fun and in her own been awkward and in their own saying every time time she's been here and in her own like timid way also completely unafraid of Eleanor. Thinks she thinks she is. She's one of my favorite people self aware of how how she's presenting herself and how she's coming across and she does it in her own timetable in her own way and everyone else be damned and because it's so interesting ellen. Loves it so she comes on the show there they totally fry friends. They like each other on camera their friends off camera. She comes on the show she tape send interview she it airs yet. We do our normal business. We go off happening which we do during you. Oh you should know that during shows. Were all wearing headsets. And Kevin Maryland doesn't add an I. R. Deciding sometimes we can edit that out or that felt weird or just because we know we're going to be a few minutes heavy right so we picked as it's happening not one person you should just know thought. Oh this this is weird. This is awkward. We were like Oh my God. This is Ellen and Dakota's Schiffer's Larry. This is the way of and by the way it's a dynamic we've done with tens of other guests right Ellen Ellen Ellen goes so how is your birthday oh great I had a party Ellen invariably says oh thanks for the invite but the big point is we thought it was business. Nothing didn't never thought there is. There's nothing what happens this weekend. Somehow they make it into to like the most click Beta -able news story to come across our Google alerts in months we all have ellen. Degeneres shockingly awkward interview with it to Coda so then I'm hearing from friends to going to Code and Ellen W. T. F. and I'm Mike what what are you what are you talking. Everyone was away on their Thanksgiving break. It was over Thanksgiving giving away and Thanksgiving and I think it was just one of those things that over Thanksgiving people. Well also the clip that we clip that we the caption the clip. That we posted was Dakota's Johnson's favorite comedian. Isn't Ellen I. I wouldn't say that helped. No we might have been joke like it's easy. Thought serious serious and also that like we take art show if Ellen thought it was GONNA Make Dakota look bad or weird or awkward in any way or herself she would say maybe we lose that area right well it was so but but not waylon loved it. I loved it comedic awkward so so Dakota came on to talk about her birthday party and say that her favorite favorite comedian performed her birthday party in that favorite comedian was Taro. Well Ellen's favorite comedian is taken Itar Right. Pignataro Tara performed at Ellen's birthday party. And and then Ellen often doesn't go to social things because she's up in Montecito or up in where wherever ever and it's like. Oh my God the way that blew up as a story and I was like I don't I don't even know what the response is like. There's nothing to say like simpler. People are missing it but it just kept getting bigger and bigger and now google alerts. Kevin Are Ellen. Degeneres Dakota interview has gone viral. Like now it's about. How Big Story? Oh Oh my God. It's so bizarre. So here's a little bit of that exchange. It's good to see you happy late in the day. When was your birthday October? Four October fourth. You turned thirty I did and how was the party. I wasn't invited actually. No that's not the truth and you were invited mass. No last time I was on the show last year. You gave me a bunch about not inviting you bet. I didn't even no you wanted to be invited to a party. Mine didn't even know you liked me like you. You knew I liked you. You've been on the show many times and don't I show like but I did invite you and you didn't come so this time you invited me. Yeah Yeah are you sure. Yeah how do you. I don't think so ask everybody Jonathan Producer. I was there. Why didn't I go? I don't know was it was it. Oh Yeah I had that thing. Probably Malibu that's too far for me to go to anyone. Yeah no I think I remember. I was invited. Thank you No but I really didn't remember that until just now and then but Pignataro performed at your party she. She did a set she did. It was a surprise. Wouldn't she do a bunch of stuff. Glorious sees my favorite comedian. I'm sorry only though. I was just talking to my favorite actress the other day John John Aniston Aston and she's my favorite actors to know tickets hilarious so but but you saw her first at a a birthday party so I feel like I introduced her to you. Yes well yeah I heard about because I had left her birthday party before. That happen a Y Gosh this isn't going. Well no I was out of town. Wow that was awkward. Why don't we get it anyway? This is a real story. I was watching. TV The other day with Chris Patrick and an ad coupon for movie which isn't look familiar to me. Then I realized it was lady and tramp the live remake. I'm telling you this because at Disney plus late in the trump a timeless retelling of a nineteen fifty. Five animated classic. A pampered house dog and a tough but lovable stray embark on unexpected adventure. And you're and despite their differences grow closer and come to understand the value of home. The incredible class includes Tessa Thompson. Justin theroux Thomas Mann and Janelle elminating and Sam Elliott. There is no film can only be seen on Disney's brand new streaming service Disney plus the services available on a wide range of mobile and connected devices including gaming consoles streaming media players and smart. TV's visit Disney plus dot com to start streaming today late in the tramp streaming now only on Disney plus Kevin. Tell the story about Victoria Beckham. I knew you're going to spice girls right. Yeah well spice girls. You also have the poster of David Beckham in your house exactly. Oh Gosh I love what she is here. I love her. I do love her. How can you not? Yep I just need the reunion to happen. Yeah the world's Yes. Will you attend of core. Four thousand understand. It bothers him that they all did it and Victoria didn't it's so to him. It wasn't real reunion on the part of it it's like. Did you see the spice girls in concert when they were together before. No I did not. But he had all the video and it's regret videotape a regret and I actually fell in love with them more. Once I got to Chris he is a fan has criticism seeing them and plays funny Alexa. But here's what's funny is like I thought I only knew one or two so I don't know but then it got on a playlist at our house and it was and I was like. Oh my God. They have a lot of funding so like ace of base. Like this is like they're just in your head for some some reason since she's a spice to ask her some very spicy spicy a little spicy. Here's what happened. Who was your first celebrity crush? David Beckham that's fantastic. You married your first crush eve. It's about creative visualization. I agree. You didn't have a crush before him. I didn't wow. That's amazing what do you do that embarrasses your kids. Aw exist every parent's answer. Who is the most famous person in your phone? Aw My husband my husband my husband all right. It's this you've got to answer before the no no you answering then hit that. That's fine. It's like I said there's no reason it's just that we like to confuse people and then scold them when they're wrong. What do you do What do you sleep in at night heels? That is so not true. I love the idea of it though. Okay all right. What's the strangest thing you're afraid of Space as in space. You don't WanNa go into space. I'm terrified space but we are not going to go. uh-huh into space. What was this? No I know here's your fear is like give someone says you're going to go to to the moon I would be. I would be really scared you. I'm just right right space. But what about when you fly in a plane to come here yet. But I'm flying. I'm not going through space. Oh well when you go to the moon you're also encapsulated obsoleted in something so you're never going to be in space true true but it's still be terrified. What is a fashion trend? You don't understand crop tots it. Is that a new trend. I I'm noticing a lot of people wearing these. You know the other thing when they wear jacket hope down and just resting on on the back of their their arms. I've seen someone recently do that all do yet. Both are sometimes just one and sometimes both and you're like just wear the jacket it or not tons way. Yes I know I so neither of us. We'll be wearing crop tops or a jacket otherwise it's like it's like this. Why because they that's like they're not trying but they've tried they? They're trying too hard to look like. They're not trying data yes. Mary tell us a quick story before we have to go about macy Hensley macy. AC Hensley macy Hensley. I love so much. She's from Council Grove Kansas. I fully believe she's GonNa be the president wanted to and she does he's GonNa she gonNA which the best best part out of no other intention or motivation than to be of service to America. She wants to make things better. I love she wants to make people kinder and she wants to make make things better. She's done our show. Maybe for the last four years five years she started as a as a young presidential expert for us and we all just fell in love with her and and she just sits and talks with Ellen in a way that is absolutely fantastic. Knows incredible fun facts about presidents. We have all long since forgotten about and we sent her to the last Democratic presidential debate and she got to talk to real deal presidential financial candidate Jeffrey candidate. And here's a little clip. Here's a listen. Here's a listen to macy so nice to meet you meet. You heard so much about you. Looks Pretty Cool. What's pretty cool doesn't it? Do you WANNA try standing up at one of those podiums sure feels may see Hensley. Salihi come on out to the stage here. We go easy as president of the United States. What would your platform be? Well definitely my mom's a teacher get teachers a pay raise. We need to help our farmers and of course make America. Great Checkoff Kahad High Calmly Harris to meet you nice to meet you. So what do you do to prepare for the debate. Eat lots of cookies here. Would you like. Oh Oh yes actually. These are my favorite chocolate. Thank you I know but you president backs. James Madison was the shortest president. Oh so if you become I did you might be the shortest person. How tall was he and did he wear heels? Is it true that your four names that is true now. No the only other President Taft for George Herbert Walker. But yes when the youngest president to do you have any advice for for me. You seem like you're way ahead of me where I was your age so maybe I should be asking you for advice. You got anything. I should think about James about that. Let's get a voice engineer. Magnus in this meeting young the deal was the Yang Yang itself and then it just caught on. I just want to give him a hug. If I can't he's being kind to be the first first thing. You guys should do the things I'm going to do over for dinner. You're not married. Are You am not married to that. You're the bachelor. I'm James Buchanan or are you going to get married in the White House. I couldn't ask my my girlfriend. Seattle Zia sure star power in this interview just went up. Killing batching. A GPS became he get married in the White House. Like or Cleveland. I this person really needs to comfort him. I see old fashioned on something. We're GONNA make major world real news right now for sending me here. I had so here in Atlanta during the democratic debate. Amazing here's it all right now I would just say to you. It's it's fun to listen to that. It's more fun to watch it. Yeah it's really fun to watch you got to see her whole look and and when you do. DVR It's because you're totally mismanaging. The way that you save your episodes of Alex Alex listeners. Life at home with Ed Kev and we just have a quick just a quick insight. We're we're counting down to your nuptials. Oh Yeah we are. You're getting married soon very soon. How's it going a week from today? I'll be three days away from getting married ten days. You should not counting. Say That's exactly it. It's it's I know you're doing it to be healthy but it's also for Jeff wedding pictures. You look fantastic. And it hasn't been that long that you heat like diet pills will do andy why he knows. It's it's been months. It's been modest but it was but it was like two months ago where you go. I'm really trying and you look unbelievable. Kito Diet pills it slow walking on the treadmill wait is it Kito to no no done with the key to just the single use plastic container filled with Bacon and double goal. Kevin Kevin is doing his aren't great. I love him. Well I think you really brought a dave so thanks for coming in. Yeah so anyway we love you Kevin. We're glad you're getting say. Today is the day if you watch the Ellen show every day. There's a different way to win. giveaways today is the day when by listening to this podcast. And I'm just going to give you a hint if you take this hint and you go to you ellen tube maybe magical things will happen and that hint is people's Choice Award winning podcast. That's it this choice award winning podcast based on the amount of listeners. You literally have a one eight chance of winning is probably GonNa win and I WANNA say Porsche. I'm really sorry to say this to you but I don't know that you are eligible to win the giveaways her last name's Rossi that's true but if you look at the fine print in the contract that listen. I'm so glad we had this time together. Subscribe today to wherever you. Listen to your podcasts. Listen to our podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. I'm your apple. PODCAST APP on the spotify coffee today. I I know it's okay. And don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more ellen fun thanks everybody so much fun Ellen Fun we would so love to know more about you here at Ellen on the go oh please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey. That will help. Make this show better the wondering dot Com Slash Survey W. U. N. D. E. R. Y.. Dot Com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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