263: NY Food (W/ Julie Klausner)


This is a head gum podcast. I might. shitheads welcome back to another episode high and mighty. It's me your boy number one. The number one boy all you gotta do is trust me Johnny g joining me in the high and mighty studios, nearly silent co-hosts Arthur, Gabor's Arthur give the people a shout out. What do you gotta? Say you're turning eleven soon any news for the people. That's a solid no from Arthur. By the way for listeners Arthur is a dog. I. Do not have a person that sits here and does not talk in quarantine also joining me. In the Hind, mighty studios first time guests we've crossed paths a dozen plus times in the last ten years, but I'm a fan of hers, and you will be too if you aren't already from difficult people and the double threat podcast. It's Julie Klausner Hi John, Hi Julie! How are you I'm okay I didn't expect that you're going GonNa go full morning zoo for your intro, but I like it and I'm on board board board. You're on board. Welcome clouds ner you are. The high and mighty. Mine. Fan I know I'm humiliated. By the fact that I got into podcasting with my only experience being a twenty years of listening to Howard and Opie and Anthony, what sports radio do you ever listen to those goons, Mike and the mad dog every day in my house growing up. Well there you go. That's certainly an aesthetic. My Dad, my dad worked nights, so we didn't leave for work until like two o'clock in the afternoon, so that meant every day was blasting on his boombox while he worked out and did chores. We add Howard, then Owen a and then Mike and the mad dog and sometimes I. Miss I was GonNa ask about I miss. My Dad was a big Fan. We all sort of turned our backs on I. Mess around the same time. But he That's what I grew up on, and so that's like literally every while getting ready for school. OPIE and Anthony would be playing in my house. Admit that my dad went through and imus phase as well, and I must admit in addition to that while we may not like what he had to say. We all have to agree that. He looked really cool in that cowboy hat. Just like how insanely at a guys like I'm going to start wearing a cowboy hat and saying racially charged remarks in my show. But and yet it's so east. Coast But I mean. It'd be like Curtis. Leila traded his brave for a trucker. Hat or something like you're you're the you're from the Bronx. You're the most Bronx guy ever, but I'm as. Here's. My next question is I missed dead oh? That's a great question. Great question he has to be. We don't let's not Google and let's not find out. No, no, let's not either way. It's either way we'll be said either way tragedy. Either way he's he's dead, and that sad or he's alive, and he outlived my dad, which is set even worse. Wait so did you grow up in the New York area? To not knowing all these or yeah I grew up in Westchester, and my dad is from the Bronx, and my mom is from Brooklyn and they lived in Manhattan. was born. They lived in gramercy on Second Avenue and I think twenty four street and I was born in seventy eight, which is the year after the fabled some summer of Sam with the blackout, and you're born in the summer of Julie as they were. Set here comes Sam more. But my mom likes tell me I was conceived during the seventy seven blackout, which doesn't make sense mathematically, but it's a nice new. They were having say. You're like that doesn't work on math. Wise Mom! Forty three years ago. Here's in a fucking metal. We're very New York family, and then you know we to the suburbs and I grew up in scarsdale with a bunch of Jewish. Say other Jewish princesses, even though I've got my own stuff. Relationship towards that stuff, and then I went to Nyu, so I've lived in New York City for. The Shit, what is it? Twenty four years now lives in Manhattan Yeah Wow. We're we're. We're New York Jews. Oh Excellent! Yeah, WE'RE! WE'RE NEW YORK. Italians, but not from okay. My grandparents lived in a story and long. Ain't. We're in the island now? South shore of Nassau County. I grew up in Freeport. Okay I grew up surrounded by black and Hispanic. People then move to belmore where I was surrounded by the aforementioned princesses I gotcha I mean. Look we're? We're all combination of JABS and trash. That's what makes New York's. Makes New New York New York and also that. Jews and Italians. Even though there's definitely like we all have unique racism 's, there is a familiarity and a bond amongst us. Specifically, that is just we're both. We both know where we're coming from. It's almost like. Palestinians is like well. That's actually a terrible example. We're not really. We we all like Hummus, I guess what I was trying to say. Nothing like nothing like that at all actually. Back very very briskly. I'm out of my depth here. I trust you so I. Have a lot in common in that like we have weird complicated. Mom a matriarchal sort of thing on mom's in charge, and then food equals love or and or medicine and landowner therapy. Above all the above, and then it's also poison when they're mad at you. Suddenly realize you're fat. Fat My whole fucking life. Why do you now know in Care Yup that's there to that was like what I told my parents when I was like sixteen. I'm like well. You know I'm fat. Because you guys clap when I finished my plate, so when I and I'm seeking love for my attention for my parents plot. Not Really, but it was like look. Oh, Jonathan's coming over. He's got appetite Johnson. I made your favorite. Like every an uncle very joyful, really fabulous compliment when you cook something and someone like it, I mean there's really a wonderful sense of pride to that experience. It's a perfect dynamic. It's like a receptive audience to a wonderful bit like. It's great when grandma whips out a tray meatballs and her chubby little grandson comes running in long each eighteen, each more than his uncle's like and everyone's like Johnson is such an appetite and dulce like me. Adults like this is how I get interns. Also. You guys you Italians. If I may also just have objectively delicious food I mean you eighteen meatballs, because every one of those meatballs fucking delicious, whereas my grandmother on my father's side made cocktail meatballs with grape jelly and catch up in the saws. I'll tell you something. Those were pretty good. That did not did not a stop me or slow me down for a split Second House I mean. I will say I if I were if I had grown up. Italian I would definitely be, and I've always had weight issues and issues around food, but if I were Italian, forget it I would be. You'd have to like needed. Help getting out of the house. I went to I went to I. Remember I had a roommate in college. who had me home and she was from Queens and she. Had Me for Easter when you're and I was just walloped court records. Just the best pasta. You've ever had the best the best eddie like anytime. You've gone to an Italian restaurant just like everything that's on the menu. Preemies, you the whole the whole thing, and then once you're done with this beautiful talion fees, then they bring out the Turkey and then. There's meanwhile there's candy everywhere. It was just I've never experienced anything like it in my life. Well Italians. To attitudes towards food, obviously quality, we love to like yes, build and work on, but there's something about quantity and I think it's yes, it's sort of more italian-american Duke at. Tradit like blue collar American where it's like the bang for your buck, like absolutely, my mom and dad referred to chicken parm by by size per like. Oh my it'd be like Johnny Umberto's. They give you a fucking chicken parm like a doormat, and it's like how does it taste? It doesn't matter. It's fucking huge. You can take. You can eat have. You. Ever had bad chicken. What reading with cheese, sauce, and fried and olive oil? Though so like that's the whole. That's my father, son and Holy, GHOST Be Chicken. It could be cardboard. It don't matter. That's the best food ever. It doesn't matter how 'cause that's. The idea is that it's just assuming that it's delicious, so you're right size plenty, know Italian serve family style, which means that you're supposed to pass something around, but you really don't because portion is. It's all worked out that everyone's going to get a ladder worth of poop. You're right. Definitely betrays a certain amount of scarcity, the appreciation of this. Giant thing that I'm going to have to take home later. It makes you feel safe. Yeah, I think I think I'm reading this off. Board Danes Naples episode. The Italian American they came to. They couldn't believe how much beef they could get. So that's where like the fucking softball-size me ball, and like x rays of stuff came from, because beef was so a lot of this stuff is so scarce in the old country when they came to America. I'll give my son the biggest fucking meatball he's. Sure Oh. That's interesting because I. also love I love Italian like the Italian food you have Italy as much as American. Italian food I mean that in its own right is just INCR- whereas like I. Know that there's sometimes you can have a big preference to Chinese American food as opposed to Chinese. There's a big disparity. But Italian food. I think it's very simple. I, think you're. A talion food and versus Italian American food and Chinese food versus Chinese American food is really on display in our topic here in New York that the those are the main things I missed from east coast food having moved to l. a. a few years ago is. You can get decent Italian out here now. Despite there being no like little Italy or anything, yeah, also Italians hard to fuck up. Yeah, but. God forbid you can find general so's west of the Mississippi I just do. So many places don't have it. They have orange chicken, sesame, chicken, or generals, chicken, but none of it is the same whereas in New York. It's like if you. Want one of the things when I would go back to visit for stupid gigs or whatever I'd always, they'd always put me some random hotel in midtown and I'd be like my plan is whatever the closest Chinese I have my favorites, but whatever the closest food places I'm trying it because I'm running this theory that like. The fucking random as Chinese food restaurant in Manhattan is better than any Chinese food, you can find out here with the. American area. You're not talking about the bay area because the bay area is, it's got it oh yeah, they're not messing around out there and also we have San Gabriel valley where there's like a lot of like real deal, authentic restaurants which are fucking awesome I don't know anything of that San Gabriel Valley. In the Chinese restaurants there Mimi everything, but there's. Just outside of La in the. It's like so many. Chinese immigrants your. On a lot of. Dimsum places like and I loved him. Some I'm telling and it's like one of those one of the best things about living in a major city in America is that you can get this feeling of being somewhere else entirely you get Manhattan this no matter how expensive and crazy Manhattan gets, you'll still can go into a restaurant. Be Like I can't believe we're currently in America. And San Gabriel Valley has those places where I'm like I'm a forty five minute drive from my house and I'm just pointing at Shit on a menu I can't pronounce anything. I can't speak any of this language, so you don't have any allergies that you need to worry about. You can go into a restaurant and just say surprise me. Oh I have the fucking like Gi track billy goat. Jealous, because I I'm always anxious as someone with allergies and food restrictions I wish I was someone that like eight anything or eight everything I think I'd have a better life. I, only imagine especially with like. Like. Food where the host doesn't speak English. The waiter doesn't speak English. You're exactly we just tell me. There's no garlic in this I will inflate. I have I have allergies and I'm newly Vegan, which which is very very. And I don't like being one of those people I don't like the associations with it. It's just something that I did for me at not for how I'm perceived, but I really do I love it. When someone just as I eat anything and I think it's a very attractive trait, but you know i. see what you're saying though like you don't go in and go like I'm Vegan you'll be like. You'll just like low key like okay. This is the Vegan option I'll order this you don't have. Fear Server aside. As I don't WanNa be the difficult, and especially, because it's like look like a white woman I'm going to seem like Karen I don't WanNa make everybody's experience. They're annoying more irritating than they already have to endure the dining with me to begin with just to hang out with me. I usually just take the server side on the down low. I'm like listen I'm going to really annoying things I'm about to tell you when Vegan and the other I have a couple of dollars. It's A. Very nice. It didn't used to be like that growing up though people are way more tolerant about. Allergies and things like that I've got. Now we all have friends with food, allergies and I live in Los Angeles so like. Eight of US go out to dinner and there's A. There's a chance there's eight different diets on display. L. A. and I and I respect that and we'll also I will never tell a server that i. have an allergy to something that I simply don't like because that is absolutely immoral, and as someone who does have allergies, just completely unacceptable and Shitty. It's like stolen allergy valor. -bility when you don't want to walk upstairs like. The same. Absolutely not but I love. And, I will say you know since I since I stopped eating like animals stuff. I have been in Carb Heaven, which is a beautiful. Place for me, because I I I've. I've tried. I don't know if you've ever liked dieted but the. Cutting out starches to me is really just cutting out any reason to live. Sweets and starches are just like Mommy and daddy's far as I'm concerned, that's really. Sweets and starches are on my first to go overboard if I need to start. When I need to stop, they're hard to stop eating your question, but if they're missing from my diet and they're missing from my life I definitely feel like I've given something up. That hurts that I. Actually like miss it. Miss my friends or family somehow. I have no no sweets I love I can have ice cream. I can have sweets, but I have no. They have no power over me. Really it's portions that have power over me. I cannot deals thing serious size queen. I'm a size for sure. Okay interesting and my wife would explain to me how that's very ironic, and I don't have to go into anymore. Yeah, you're a big Guy Anyway. On six to three hundred pounds. I'm and I'm a size queen. I mean that kind of makes sense. I don't think that's ironic at all I mean. Are you the kind of person that just wants a lot? No matter what it is like. Could you eat like a giant salad or you? Just like fuck that that is what I like is what I have to do. When I'm eating the healthiest as when I'm eating giant Salads and right tons of lean protein, fish, chicken and shit. Yes, yes, because apparently that fills you up like. A protein is best. For what's that called? Society think like to make you say. Aidid yes, she aided miss. Something like that something like that, but I I never I wish I liked salads more i. just feel like I'm I I don't know eating like a lot of raw vegetables makes me feel like it's a task. It feels very homeworking does feel like I'm grazing. So it's challenging to be Vegan that's not crazy about vegetables. I love the tomatoes tomatoes a fruit, but you know I I love. I love that like choke Cedo. But I'm not really I'm not great at. Are you a cook? Do you cook I am a bit of a cook? That's good. My wife is an act like she enjoys cooking and is very good at it. I like great. I'm like could live alone in a pandemic survive kind of Cook Guy I would have a hard time hosting like my wife Cooks for friends like that's something. She has the ability to do. Oh, that's great me I'm like I. I can whip up whatever I want, but I'm my best customer as you've heard. Who Cares about F-? I'm just here for. Quantity! I I am a beautiful Baker. Bake beautifully I can do some really really amazing things with baking cooking. I've never quite figured out I. Don't know if it's because I'm scared of fire. There's a certain improvisational quality to it. That makes me anxious. There's a certain alchemy that happens magically that I've just never quite gotten my my hand I. Don't know there's there's too many variables that's because they say like. Oh, you need to be more precise with baking. It's like yeah. It's math than two plus two equals four whereas cooking. There's just so many opportunities to go wrong, and that's where I am not great at. Oh! I'm not good at baking at all. Because I'm not good at exact, not even like. My style of cooking is slow and low, so it's like. Fuck coupable. It's always saying Oh, put it it in the overnight, low or pod! Put the Pan on low and put. All that can do that I can do all that, but my wife. She can't bake it all because it's too many rules. She's very good like what can look at a recipe and Jesuit how she wants allies. She can't bake because. I'm not trying to interesting. No, that's fascinating. The I also wonder if it's because you're an improviser that you can have. A little bit more or less Disney with how things are going to go I guess there comes along with that like a certain confidence. Yeah. I don't like I'm not good at rules and like I I'm. Like I have a hard time keeping track of them and I'm realizing now what I'm describing is. The. Root of my wife doesn't like anyone to tell her what to do and I'm like Oh that she see. That includes a recipe like she's just. She's like no more like we've because of quarantine. We've been doing some recipes. Some of the. Don't tell anyone alison. Rest Fleas. Here's the thing about Allison Roman she. Obviously I'm sure that there's things that she's done horrible and she. Probably maybe she stole this recipe, but she is responsible for publishing that recipe that has coconut milk and chick peas and tumor. Mark that everyone I know is making this winter. Even know who don't cook including me and it was outstanding. It's so good it's like a two Merick Vegan Stu and it has like salon her. When it and you put it over rice, and it's foolproof. And when I found out that she was responsible for that recipe, I said team Allison I, said. Hashtag the stew for live I was up for hosting this do but I. Gang? Soup but the bits are like older and chunkier. Exactly you're doing. The stew in twenty twenty is like all I love hip hop. Joke you make you make Su from scraps that you have no other use for that show was it comes on after the soup and it's just like a more tired host kind of. What we can make out of this year's a reality show. Nobody wants. Here's a commercial. Here's another convertible God. Might your experience, stress, anxiety, chronic pain or have trouble sleeping at least once a week. You probably going. Easy Yeah Gabor's that sounds like me well. Many of us do I personally am experiencing stress anxiety, chronic pain to a lesser degree and I definitely have trouble sleeping and for me. I discovered feels. Feels is a premium CBD company that delivered directly to your doorstep. CBD Naturally Helps. Reduce stress anxiety pain, sleeplessness, for me I. Take a big dose before bed, sometimes along with some thc or depending on my last. Consumption of THC I'll just take straight CBD, few drops under the tongue, and you feel the difference within minutes. The thing about CBD's. 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Come to terms with it because I want to be well. Maybe maybe I'm too obsessed with labels. Maybe it's a matter of me wanting to call myself. Vegan instead of call myself PESCA -Tarian and maybe it is just me trying to. Like I am someone that does things. It extremes so i. don't like being the person that's like. Do meatless Monday. When I decided I, said look I am, and that was the way it was back in January so the idea that I have been. Eating fish like once a week or something. I can either accept or I can work on or I can like. Let go of my attachment to how I'm defined, but. My Body needs it. Maybe it's just something that I need to like permit myself as I go towards the next step, maybe I do need to just like say look. I eat fish I, did it for animal related reasons I did not do it for anything having to do with health or weight, loss or even environmentally I just wanted the ability to opt out of any conversation, whatsoever about people being cruel to animals, just by saying Nope, and to be able to shut it down and not feel like I was. Living with a conscience of will. You can't just not listen to stories about this and then also eat me, so that was my version of you know. My side of the street is is clean except for those fucking fish, because the fish keep swimming to my clean side of the street and I can help but gobble them. I missed. Sushi and I missed like I like a tuna, fish sandwich, or like a grilled piece of Salmon, and I like I said. I'm working on it, I'm trying to reconcile whether or not that's that's okay I. Mean I. You didn't ask me for permission, but I'll say I'll say that any improvement. You're doing to eat less animals into is like. You know what I mean like. If you're if you're eating fish once a week. That is so much better and I think and you you. Do you said yourself that you're extreme? So I understand like you. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, but I think. I think a lot of people are so afraid to like. They're like I'm not going to be fucking Vegan. It's like well. You could also just eat steak once a month and not like I'm sort of on the my wife doesn't eat beef and pork, and since because a quarantine not like. Making her. Make me sausage or anything so I've pretty much eliminated beef and pork from my diet, and we have so much more plant-based, and then we have. Chicken and fish every once in a while. I don't I don't restrict my diet at all. If I'm out, I'll whatever I wa, but sure just making these minor choices have already. We've already reduced our consumption and so much, and it's I. S I think more people who are like me who are like I? Don't have any issues with eating out like if we can wear like I. Have you know Vegan till dinner or stateless Mondays, or I only right beef and pork, when I go to a restaurant and order high who goes to restaurants anymore? No. I mean. Honestly the only thing besides the besides fish, the only thing I miss most as cheese. I know that there. There is. A book floating around by Neil Bernard and I don't know if he 'cause. There's so many different like nutritious food, people and some of them are. Like so many people have their own agendas, and it's hard to say like who's this and who's that, but he does have a book about how cheese has this opioid effect in? How like it's? An addiction that takes a really long time to get over at I am definitely feeling that very loud and clear I. Mean Pizza was my favorite food. So to give that up was probably the probably the hardest thing. It wasn't like I'm going around going. Oh I. We're going to have a juicy burger. That's not what I miss at all pizzas, a tough on when I was trying to eat like local pizz- pizza sandwiches where the two things I missed. The most I'm yeah, it's devastating. We'll say with Vegan there is so you can do a grilled cheese. They occurred to me recently with a grilled cheese. It's really more about the texture and the the bread, and whatever kind of butter substitute us for the bread and the cheeses kind of they're almost as like a textra like glue kind of thing, but you're really into the the bread tasting, buttery kind of way so I will say the grilled cheese is more doable than. I have yet to find a really good vegan pizzas so far, but I'm looking, and I'm I'm trying to use like Ber-. Spur Shutt- instead of cheese on the top, so I can have the crust and make. A good quality like olive oil and. Tomato thing instead, but it's miss it I. Mean I don't know what to say. Maybe it'll go away in a year, but the thing I miss. Yeah, well. That's the other thing I'm happy about like the more people who eat plant based the more people who are prompted to design better cheese. You know what I mean like it's like. And you're onto something here because as I consume cheese, but every once in a while I have vegan cheese whether it's because. With one of my. lactose, intolerant friends, or whatever and I think you're right, hot and melted is where vegan cheese blossoms at least and We're working to. They're working toward it. That's what my Vegan Fred said now is, he said the the here's the about be cheeses you just have to be. You just have to wait. You just have to be because they're working on it but I find the cheese that they use like something. That's popular in La is an impossible burger. That is kind of I. Love the impossible Burger big impossible burger. They set it up like it's an in and out Burger. Jams, pickles, onions, or whatever and whatever the? Nut Cheese that they're using melted. It really hits like craft single. Vial via life, there's violence. There's die. And neither. are their own their own thing, but yeah. It really is yeah. The texture pizza cheeses the main thing. You're not going to have like an impossible patty kind of like blending in. So that's that's when she's is on display right? Yeah, that's a Vegan charcuterie board is where it will fall apart rabbit. Just? No just give me a cracker and like have put some avocado on it if you're going to. Point it's just like I just I. Just need to do without. That's just a choice that I made right right. Yeah, it is Kinda weird thing to where you're like I. don't eat meat or cheese, but I eat exclusively simulations of it. Acknowledged that that's not terribly healthy in some ways of like, but but again that's not why I did it. I did not. It's not about me. It's not about me. You're not out there trying to save the say Tom. You're you know you're doing this for animals, so jon I I don't mind the tempe I don't like I. Don't like Tempe I. Don't like those textures I do really enjoy impossible burger overall. Leon, beyond yet impossible just has, and it's crazy. I know wh what we're saying sounds insane. People who are just have a fucking burger dude. But. No one in America ever make that illegal I promise. Yes, as have that freedom that is. Always have you'll always be able to get a gun and you'll always be able to kill an animal. If you feel like it in this country, you're in luck. You're in lock. There's no danger of that being taken away from you. There's a certain person I mean. There's a certain type of person in this country that can't think of anything, but the slippery slope anytime. Anything happens like remember like gay marriage people's fear. Where like what's next men will be married to their dogs, and and you're like. Why are you thinking about how you? Say that. That's that feels a little too close to the front of your mind, but are you. Like. What's your dog like? It's a slippery slope and I hope we achieve that. We slip all the way down there. Just stick my cock, and may the dog slippery slope what? What's Yeah I? Don't know why I named my dog slippery slope. That clearly points at. Something to do with their push. Yeah, people are terrible. People, and then that's the thing now to. It's like someone's like Oh. The new impossible Burger for sale at Burger King, and then someone will be like if they try to take away my cows I'll. Find. Also worry about it. No one's even saying switch over to process me completely, but maybe you have seven burgers a week. Seven want one day. You have an impossible and that way. You can just feel a little bit better about yourself or don't and put a gun in your mouth I don't give a shit. This, this country I feel like I am I've chosen my side. Civil. War, I'm not saying. We're GONNA win I'm just saying what side I'm on. You know what I mean. Lake, Already begun and I've chosen look where it's coasts versus people with guns. WE'RE GONNA lose, but at least we'll know what we stand for. When we go down in flames, if there was a true civil war, I know exactly what my role would be, it would. BE A spy for. Because, it's like hey, look, dude, you have racist face you have to you have oh, that's interesting. Look good in backwards hats and you have a big beard. It's your job to down to the protest and. gingy saying where white shirt. Underneath. Confederate flag. See Not me you I look like. Woody Allen's like. Certain. Like I have that Ashkenazi like a thread. Dark Eyes and red hair, and like I once went to Ireland that I was in a bar, and and I said you know people back home like sometimes I look. Irish and they like literally laugh. because. He's because he's turn your pain. That was the funniest thing in the world that any American person would be so stupid as Anything besides a fucking, pull out from the. At all right buddy, all right man all right McManus. What what a world I'm no redhead, a ginger, being roasted in America. Keep saying them Irish should go to Ireland. They're like you're not fucking. Right and ice one. They laughed in my face. Fine can handle it. New York food. You're the shit you. The Shit we're discussing is shit I. Miss Big Time. We're talking not Chinese food and I WANNA. I'M GONNA. Give you. What was your favorite pizza the way when you are here? I will say it's more. And more than anything else and. Roses Pizza and Pasta in Penn station. No Yes yes I I'm sorry I. Like drunk John. Maybe. Yeah it sounds like someone has a long. Island Tattoo on their. Might enjoy roses, pizza and Pasta, and a giant Sam Adams with a straw in it for the. For the funding that is like my. I think that's a very new. York slice because it's like you. I'm a giant fucking. Insatiable animal and I can slice of that and have to go to bed on the floor of pens. It's it's heavy. It's like legit and it's and it's very good, and you can get like A. Four dollar sixty two ounce beer in a fucking big gulp with a straw. Love that. Yeah, I like a big slice to and you know I. also really like is Shitty Pizza? I Love Ninety nine seven pizza I. Love like a square like Sicilian that looks like it could have been from a cafeteria. Bowling Alley. Pizza is what we call that like Bourbon, birthday party pizza. Doughy. Thin criss cross I like I like having my I like seeing like my own body in front of me before I. Eat it, Deli, in ten. Doughy cheesy and dashes saw. Like there's some. which could be dimples? That could be my stomach. Belly Button. You never know. And I don't like too much sauce I like. I like to taste the bread and the cheese and then. I the only thing I'm not crazy about pizza wise is. Well there's a couple of slices at to boost. I've always really loved. I loved the. Larry Tate, which is the lake white pizza with. And Spinach and like tomatoes, but I don't like the Cajun I don't like spicy sauce. And like the cornmeal crust. bums me out. It's not my. It's not my thing that my favorite I like pizza. toppings I find that to be I like throwback like I I lived by Lou Collie and And House of Pizza and cal zones in Brooklyn. Zones where two of my favorite pizza places more, but I also like a pizza where they're like. This is like grown up on Long Island. There was this place Gino's. There's actually like a mini regional. Yeah. It's like where anytime a relative dies where you get. Gino's gift card is like the most Italian Long Island. Sounds amazing it is. When I when my wife, who from Westchester we dated. She's from Croton on Harman Oh. That's beautiful. Restaurants there that really Nice View I've been there for like. Mother's Day is and things. Yeah, it is. An scarsdale is like one of those, too. Where you're like, we can go to like a nice waterside restaurant or small cutesy town. She doesn't really have water as much as they have good schools, and they have like that little area by the train station where you could get like seventy five dollar Hoodie and You know it's like very much about like. Right it's it's very staticy, but it's not beautiful. The way that like suburbs on the Hudson beautif right. Okay, cool. Yeah, I I remember from my icon. I commuted to the city from Poughkeepsie my senior year of school, so I remembered all the metro north stops, and they all are burned into my head I'm like spiting Davel. Bet is where. Right Right Oh. Yes I. Remember all of those stops. She's from Westchester. She's from Westchester I'm from Long Island and the Summers in college. When I would visitor I'd bring Gino's pizza to her brothers, and her uncle's and her family, and I was like a fucking hero to bring this. I drive fucking an hour and forty five minutes with two buffalo chicken pizzas in my car fucking. fucking reeking of blue cheese and hot sauce by the time I. pull up, but like I, was a king bringing fuck in New York. Pizza said we will give you, are we? We've what does that when you like. Give your daughter away to someone there like she's yours. Yeah, it's like a new consent to web to wed. It's my You may have my daughter's dowry. Dowry is to to. My dairy is eating the zebra. It's really good pizza, but I will not tell my wife. I traded to large size for her with her. Pizza, phenomenon include pepys in Connecticut out there fucking Clam Pies I love that Clam Pie Iran to love Frank Pepe. Has Some really outstanding Italian? You know Mamaroneck. Water, there's thousands there which is really outstanding I have not had. Matt Pitch Great. It's right across from the old movie theater where I saw the first Batman. My favorite near place I'm trying to I. Mean I really like the one in the. Opening credits of Louis where he throws it away, that's been. There's two Benz. Benz on Spring, and then there's Ben on West third and McDougal and I. Really like the what West third and McDougal I pretty much agree with I pretty much. Agree with everything Louis does and like. Other record that I like is pizza his. And his belief system about social interaction. I can't control himself around. And and like I, said those ninety nine places. They're really good. The one that stands out in my mind is that Hell's kitchen. One the one that over by port authority that dollar slice place I used to work not too far from there, so I would drink over by their at down road, and sometimes I would just wander over and get that dollar fucking slice and it was I could eat that in one block I would be like just heated up a little bit and I'll be finished before i. get on the train. I Miss I miss it. That's the only thing I miss everything else. I could do with that because it's easy to eat vegan junk, food, junk, food, and Vegan. There's nothing that you're gonNA. Miss out on as far as like cakes. Right and like like Oh, please. You're taking care of well underway. You don't need to worry about any kind of dairy or eggs like getting in the way of joy in that particular department. That's yeah I was thinking like Vegan food. That's also fun is shit like chicken nuggets flavored? Anything, that's like sort of that traitor journalist. The trader Joe's throw in the oven and heat up like Oh, it's a pastry with vegetables inside I know I have to be better about eating fewer processed foods and more about like la still all over the fucking bowls because I have to say the Bulls bummy out the bulls were like ever all the ingredients like separated, but they're still in a bowl, and you're like I don't know how to make one and I don't know what dressing goes with it. A poke poke bowl i. know that those ingredients are good like Sushi I liked poker balls. I like the weird like. I call them weird I'm sorry. They're not weird, but like vegan balls. That's like it's almond butter, blueberries, bananas, Asahi, and you set it up and it's like a brownish sludge. Now make me a smoothie or go fuck off I. DON'T WANNA. Waste, that's a t-shirt by the way, make movie or That's like I remember reading I. Don't know if he's still is but I. Remember reading about Woody Harrelson being a raw vegan and his whole thing was you gotta? Love the salad man you got love. Terrible life to have to have a different version of a salad like three meals a day, and that's what those things remind me of, and they completely BMI out. Maybe get used to it. Have you traveled yet since going plant-based because I find, that's when a New York, l., A. Vegans, or or are gluten, free heads or When you travel is when Shit hits, the fan is when you're like. Oh, I don't have my go-to place where I know. I can get this snack or yeah. There's not a fucking Arowana corner where I can get -solutely. It's challenging traveling with allergies. Let alone traveling with. Stuff to, but the good news is I usually don't go anywhere. That isn't like an urban. I I was in Toronto and they couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating or you know I got like an oatmeal. In the morning from my hotel and they were incredibly. You know accommodating and the same thing in last time I was in la I said to the chef at the restaurant of the hotel was staying and I said listen I'm I'm beginning. We don't have that. Many vegan options in the menu was like we have these seven. Oh. You're not from here and. How okay guys. That is that is some legit La shed? Only have seven Vegan. Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly so far! That's been so good, but then again I don't you know I'm lucky enough not to have you know family or or like a spouse that lives in a part of the country that is just going to be really tough for me to do anything besides sit in the dark eating crackers. Where you're like, I can do that's not a below me. You can always get like a mushroom cap on the grill like when like when the vegan option is just a giant. You know I Julia Child by the way. We don't know that much about, but I know she said two things which I really appreciate one is actually something I disagree with which is why she she always liked she French. Food was superior to Italian food, because French food was more about like combining ingredients and making them until like another completely different thing, whereas Italian food is literally like. Hey, look I cut this tomato in half and. Make this meet Reddish. Exactly you just sorta like you pick ingredients and you combine them, and then you're ready to eat, whereas the French or just like I've invented this twelve step sauce, and you're like regulations on my one is. I can play the Spaghetti, but the thing that Julius Child said which I think about all the time is that she doesn't like grilled vegetables, because they are both burnt and raw at the same time that's. Really. Doing, some pieces shit like tosses a pepper on the grill and things that you're happy. He is wrong, isn't. Any needs to be way more thoughtful about the fact that look, it's very easy to. If you burn Vegan, hot die, you're fine. You're really just after like something salty with a good enough texture that you're going to surround with a button condiments that you're just going to be happy anyway. And same thing with Burgers I think. I'm also not someone that's ever like love. Love Love, love meat so I. Don't want to like speak to an experience that people really are gonNA. Miss with that kind of thing. No I totally understand that that makes that makes sense. Here's another. This'll be like a three hit Combo here. It combines Jewish and Italian culture. And? It's a real New York food. That's lacking out here. Yeah, the Deli Yeah. You guys have KANTER's right. We have cantors. which what else like having that'd be? Yes, there's another one that people really like that is. The name is escaping me at the moment, but like I. Like in New York, you have the Bodega which is sort of takes up a little bit, but there are true Italian and Jewish Delis everywhere, but then there's also. Like a Bagel, place or a Bodega? And get Delis that that sandwich like the the quick grab sandwich for under ten dollars just does not exist in. Los Angeles when you say quick grabbed. You mean they're already made no. I mean like. You can powder and. I want like Pastrami on Rye that kind of thing exactly. A late night sandwiches. Something is the maybe the main thing. I miss most from New York, guys. Here. Let me run you through this little anecdote. There's a place that open right by my house called on Pauly's is. Credited self to be an a New York Italian style Deli, so like heroes. Yes, okay, here rose. and. You know we're. We're making sandwiches over. We're Paul Uncle Pauly's. This is exactly what I've been waiting for. I, go there. I get like a nine talion sandwich, and it's on like Brioche and the amount. The amount of me is like a mill, centimeter, thick and I'm like this is not. New York style sandwiches. I get I. Don't even know what that what Italian person uses Brioche says obeys yet what Italian, and then like I'm talking. I want that Sandwich where the cross section is like. Oh, I could see forty slices of fucking Turkey or Persia or whatever I'm on at Rainbow exactly and these people and then. Me Sick I want to give them another chance because someone's like. Have you know one I trust? Everyone always goes. Have you had uncle? polly's so recently I was like I'll try it again and it was during quarantine, so I walk up to do. Take out and I walk up and I go. Hey, can I get the Italians whatever this one hot and sweet peppers and the woman goes. Yes sure. To Go I, mean obviously it's to go, and she's like yeah, that should be about twenty five thirty minutes and I doing you pick in the peppers. That's what I said. I go for for just the sandwich. It's thirty minutes. She goes yeah, and then this is the shit that broke my heart and she was like. We have a lot of posts. Mates orders to get through and. I'm a fucking man. Smell person standing at your restaurant. You can't hot ahead and just whip me up. One Sandwich I'm a man standing in front of a woman I am. Thirty minutes to put my pickled peppers on my. Way Did. You wait. Was it worth the wait? No I I said I can't stand here for thirty minutes and wait for a sandwich. That's. That's the. New Yorker in me would just not allow. That was like all right. I'll just eat a fucking like ring day from a liquor store. You guys though you do wait for I, guess takeout right because you like order. I guess it's all different from from. Cova. But I just remember. There's a lot of like pick up more than delivery, and so you do have to be like okay. We'll swing by and like thirty minutes is that? Is that not heard of anymore? Yeah, we especially in covid take take out his picked up because. I think. And I did a fair amount of delivery and I would say. Amongst the APPS I'm at like twenty five percent hit rate of getting the right thing at a decent time like. And I'm spending a four and everything feels overcharge. A recently me and my wife have just been slightly better about. Who's being designated drivers to pick up? It's like our as I say is. You can't do pick up when you just you where you going to park and. It gets difficult, and then also like reason usually ordering is because I'm like. Oh, I'm fucked up. Let's get some cases is delivered. Yeah, you have to be hungry and terrible place to order food from. Yeah, exactly and so then we start doing takeout and everything's like eighty dollars cheaper. It's like it's like skipping post mates or Grub and just calling a restaurant and doing up like it like it's two. Two, thousand and seven, or whatever so fucking convenient right almost they want you to do, and they're not going to be screwed by APPS and Yeah I. Hear you and I just had to get over one Hump of laziness and one. All all we need is like five minutes of foresight before I smoke before my wife Pours. A drink is like wait. Should we discuss how we're GONNA? Get this food. You must have that conversation yet. Deli. Wise New, York. City no longer has Carnegie Deli, which was really more of like at a certain point, became a mid-town tourist attraction more than anything. Else I mean I. Don't think people were there because the sandwiches tasted good as much as they were. You know just like the way that like a steakhouse would have that Mississippi mud pie. Really Tall, so it was more about the presentation that was right. It wasn't actually a good slice of cake. But it's still a bummer that it's gone. That's where there's like a little mean to you, right? That's like they got a little light. Weiner at that one. Maybe I'm I. Was Never Carnegie? Deli frequenter I've always been a second Avenue Deli Fan and I know that they're expensive, but I really do think it's worth it. I think Second Avenue Deli is a real New York. Deli I think cats is Deli as a tourist attraction and it's for alcoholics. People that are just like they want to line up and they of course, and it's a wonderful experience to take a number. Tip The guy and it'll give you more meat and all that stuff. It's really a fun experience to have a New York. City but you know second avenue. Deli will not put fucking cheese on your sandwich. You know would man as they're things that cats is does. Would that are just not Kosher Deli or do mistake Kosher Jewish Delis do and so. Many world of. The cardinal soon as meat and cheese together, and if they're slapping, you can't wait exactly so so second Avenue Deli is. Is Meat and then separate from that as appetizing, which is Russ and daughters, and all the bagel places on. That's always been. My my weaknesses has always been the you know the. And the different kinds of cream cheese, and all the different kinds of salmon, and that stuff is just favorite, are you? Are you a Bagel Fan? Love bagels love bagels. Course absolutely bagels are a fucking dream. I love yeah, breakfast sandwich on a Bagel this. Whenever! We go to long? Island it's like go to Baytown cafe and Belmore and get a giant ice coffee a Bagel Sandwich. What's Your Bagel? I mean I know now you're. Now I've been doing tofu cream cheese and I put like Cucumbers and Basil and red onion and tomato on it because tofu cream cheese isn't delicious. It just Tofu was very like adaptable. It can taste like anything you really want it to. The cream cheese comes out decent. It's I mean it's not delicious it like you said it like adapts to its surroundings, so if you mix in vegetables, it's going to taste like the vegetables if you slap a piece of locks on their. Not. Vegan and that's why I'm having a hard time struggling with the fish of it all. I love with cream cheese in line. I know me too me, too. I just might have to come to terms with the fact that I'm PESCA -Tarian, but no. I love like a vegetable cream cheese in the past might traditional. Meet on Bagels just because Bagels to me of always been dairy and. Jewish terms also includes fish because the Jews are so disrespectful to the fish, and maybe this is part of my inherent like resistance being completely Vegan. Is that like? You always considered the fish vegetable. Fish is not meet. Meet, which is destroying and chicken and all that stuff, but then dairy is milk and fish fish is considered like. How Meena? That's a fish. It's really mean. Is it because fish don't make their own milk and like that's like loophole it never that's never wants to Kurt occurred to me. Because I always say they don't interesting. That milk begets meat I. Don't know I just know that. It's the way that the pope decided. A CAPYBARAS was a fish because they didn't want to not eat them during lent, and you're like. Okay Weirdo! All Right, okay. Sure like I declare that this is a fish. It's obviously not but mine anyone who says religion and science butt heads. It's like. Guys like. Oh that's a fish now. It's like no I'll. Animal Go for, but don't. On my leg and tell me it's raining. Come on, that. Wasn't that the name of? Judge Judy's J. It's the only book I've ever read. I've read the Torah and don't Piss on my leg until the entire tower. What a book! What a Book Lotta! down. I might do it on audio book this summer while I work out. Definitely keep you motivated. Choose love working I mean. Exercise has really been our number one passion since the beginning time we really love getting shredded. I've heard I've heard a specific passage from the Torah seventy times in my life, just due to which one whatever they say at the Bar Mitzvah and bond mitzvahs. Whatever the you mean, the prayer. Yeah, at the beginning of the because, here's the thing about bar and Bat mitzvahs every bar. Mitzvah they read a different part of the Torah Oh, maybe I. mean. This is the thing you're based on when you were born. So they read the Torah all year round so by the time you get to Rocha, you're up to the part about Russia by the time he gets a pass over the past. Oh! Right so I. Have My Bat Mitzvah in April because they read the Torah little by little every week. It will be a so people so Jews will be like. What was your Torah portion about and someone will say mind. Was You know whatever it was? Mine was like Joseph and the amazing technicolor. dreamcoat or mine was this. Mine was about, you know Jacob not wanting to kill Isaac with last minute, and then you know God, said you did good or whatever the fucking story is. Don't on the whale. My Torah portion was about which animals were in weren't kosher. which is the stupidest most boring part of let me not say the stupidest most boring because there's a lot of stupid stuff. That's either boring or just shitty. There's one about lot's daughters, just totally gross and weird, but mine was literally about like if an animal choose its own cut, it is not kosher, but if it has. It has like flight of thin like it was just such a stupid awful. Portion, but that's what you do during your Bar Mitzvah and the stuff that you've heard a million times is the prayer that goes before it, which is like, thank you God for giving us this tower that we're about to read from Hallelujah. Basically the thing that you say before you get to the thing. So! That's what I'm familiar with. You learn something, and then I also say that the song is basically the same because there's only like four or five. Four or five, maybe like ten or twelve like sounds that you can connect when you're reading the DOT that that. That that. That's the melody you just going to switch up. Literally was like the the the muppets present the Torah. I could see like sesame street teaching the Torah. And then it ends with. that. Bat. I yeah, it's sucks. And then you get a nice juicy. And everybody loves a Hala Man I but Barak Obama, says where dream come true for. Fourteen year old gentile. Hala the best right off food like unattended booze away. It someplace because we're not drinking that free, you guys. We're just more interested in the food, and then after usually after Barn Bat Mitzvah? will provide like Manna Schevitz a bunch of Hollas and then like a lot of tuna salad like more people don't understand how much men as is involved in Judaism. Because mayonnaise is considered to be such a like white bread kind of food. You've been as a lot. There's a lot of tuna salad lot of potato salad. There's definitely a generous amount of that. Condiment and our culture for some reason has no animal byproducts in it right does it has eggs? Oh, Shit, zags! Yeah I, was GONNA say Mayo is a solid grilled cheese butter substitute. Oh I've never. You Never I've never done that, not not. Gross because you know obviously like there's Mayo intoxicate. Outstanding. Like sour cream and chocolate cake when I used to bake that way like was always outstanding I have found that when it comes to like substitutes when it comes to baking era Baker, but if anyone listening is a baker, then vinegar is a really great substitutes for eggs, just because it Levins, and it burns off in the oven. You'RE NOT GONNA. Taste anything that tastes like vinegar just does a really good job of It's just like a neutral leavening agent and you don't need to worry about like I. Don't know there's some funky substitutes kind of. Weird me out. They can smell little sulfuric. So! Yeah, so vinit vinegar just keep in mind. Vinegar is a good thing to put an to a cake experiment with it. I promise it's GonNa be. It's not gonNA be Gross. That makes a lot of sense that sounds yeah yeah. And definitely be liberal with you're baking powder and baking soda when it comes to that stuff like I said it's not hard to make vegan sweet. That's easy. It's the it's the other stuff that's challenging. Do you have a Go-to Vegan sweet make for yourself or if you have to bring somewhere to sell people on your? Really good question. Rate One. There's a there's a really great coconut cake recipe on Smitten Kitchen, which is one of my favorite websites. She's actually beginning to write more vegan recipes, but. I love her. She's a beautiful writer. deb Perelman so she's got a cake recipe on their called plush coconut cake. which is excellent. Hit, and then you can mess around with the frosting like I made like a tow foodie cream cheese frosting. Drizzle but. Oh, yeah, it's very easy, and it doesn't have any strange ingredients where you have to be like what the Hell is you know. How do I get a are? Or what's that stuff that they call leg? You make meringue out of like the liquid that's in. Like chickpea like when you open thing of chick peas, and there's like liquid I think that's like aqua, Veda or something. I. Don't come by I. I could barely open a can of sauce for my noodles so i. don't go there, but the plush coconut cake recipe I strongly recommend. That sounds fucking delicious. It's good smitten kitchen was the mitten. Kitchen is one of my favorite recipe websites. It's beautiful. I love her writing and her recipes or terrific. I really recommend it. Wow, that's awesome. I'll check that out. Before, we get out of here one listing guess what. I'm trying to think of like. Are there any foods that are like low key New York foods for like people who we all know pizza. Deli sandwiches Chinese food. Is there something that I'm like? AM. I missing something that. I didn't realize was very. New, York pulled off very well that that we pulled out that we're really good at full proof or that's. Because we're still figuring out until like we're still circling the bond me. Yes, we can't. We can't hold listen. We're never going to compete with you guys when it comes to Sushi. You guys have the best Sushi. Because it's west coast I. Don't exactly I don't fully understand how that ends I. Don't know how either, but it's ours closer to Japan is. Not screwing around when it comes to Sushi really Sushi and Avocados. There's just you're not going to. Also like a lot of fruits like strawberries or sweeter. The Produce Ski. Harris kind of strong. That's like the biggest. Jeff scene was like absolutely. Just the way produce looks out here. So, lutely absolutely. But there's a couple of leg. You know my favorite restaurants. There's that place Parm, which is really nice. Frank is still holding cord. Even though there was like a Cobra related thing connected to it Second Avenue Deli. I'll love till the day. I die and then basilica, which is a mainstay which still. SEATTLE, Polish, food sweet sweet, potato pirogies I'm just such a fan of the I mean. I'm a fan of a lot of that shit on the map. -solutely Velka is is I mean when that when that goes out of business I might have to leave New York because that is just. The Selah is my favorite and it still twenty four hours. It's still you know in the East village. As much as the East village has changed that that sort of is the same, and then it has the bigger diner menus for people that are like. I don't know what Perot stuffed cabbage. Are All about you? Get Your stupid hamburger? Whatever but. No they have the best blintzes and I like my. My I personally like a boiled Perogie over a fried perogie because it's just no ear. Yeah, I don't. I don't mind at all I like I like a very mushy dumpling. fat is less important to me than like starch. But, but yeah, I love it and just. You just outed my only fans name. Dump. P, private. Secret. Please edit this part out where she reveals my. Don't you dare at it out? Klausner, thank you so much for doing this for having me. It was a delay chatting with you since I accidentally ran into you at beetlejuice on Broadway beetlejuice. I wish. It was still I. Wish I don't know what's going to happen with. Broadway, I love that show. That was a wonderful show. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I loved it, and then I saw you there. There and I was like Oh, I should have clouds near my podcast, and then you sharply launchers while now I have a reason absolutely. Please listen to double threat because I love it and I do it every week with my pal Tom Sharply who I've known for over a decade, and who's a kind of like my idol when it comes to all matters of. Comedy and podcasting and Soda be able to do this show with him weekly and to make charter laugh. Every week is just been the I mean it's. It's definitely been I. Don't want to say like a highlight of twenty twenty as much as one of the only good things happen. This year is I get to to to have fun doing that. Show and people seem to like it, and they send us stuff to goof on, and it's just A. It's a i. just love doing it so much, so please listen to it, and it's called double threat. It's on the forever dog network and. Wherever you positive? It's funny. People having fun. People making. Funny People Making each other laugh. There's worse things. Yeah, you guys are fucking hysterical and. have been in a lot of different ways separate of each other, so it's exciting that you guys are doing this together then. It's so fun I know it's well past the point and it's like not gonNA. Get you any. It's not going to get you any extra cash or anything, but. Difficult people is so fucking funny. If people haven't ripped through all of that it out. It's on Hulu Rights. I highly recommend if you're just like in the time of people are throwing on half hour comedies. Just a feel good highly recommend time. Just put on, you can watch a season in an afternoon and the show. Is You guys are? It's so joke dance, and yeah, yes, yes, and such a strong point of view saying it's exactly what by people like in comedy I. Hope, so. I had I had a blast I mean that was the thing I'm proud of and I just love it so much and I miss it, so you guys, are you guys were so fucking good together, and it was such a funny show, so thank you. Yeah, please thank you for making it difficult checkout, double threat and Julie. Drop your social media where people can find you. All right perfect hunter out. She'll be tagged in the post about this. But by shitheads? That was a hit on podcast.

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