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Well it's like fifty cent contests. Hello made his whole career on those first song right how to Rob Regis every rapper yeah. I only rotating like twenty minutes. That's the story that he tells he'll this Jay Z. This big Pun dish this bird man juvenile for every corner of the country other. He made it he. He made it by using a gyro. Is I mean well. That's what he did for China rule dissing Rick Ross but he did to floyd mayweather. That's funny though that'd be that'd be useful although they should all the pitches they put up. You know we have a dream and you're fighting had a dream yeah but you can't like you suck yeah. I had one last night that I I won the fight Suzanne. What do you think that means that means that only in your dreams could win a fight. Thanks and you start learning well. I think it just like a metaphor for you. Know things are gonNA start getting better for you. Old Pal is this. Is this like every time everytime anytime I fighting a slow. I can't move get punched and everything never find real life. I haven't seen you in a bar fight again. Imagine he's not. He's not that good back okay yeah. It's like you need. A couple of soccer punches couple head head nods. You know the the anticipation of what it's this company got into it and I wasn't there. Oh you never know bar together own around fighting in bars ars and stuff. That's usually the story is we went to a bar and got into a fight. That's a friend of ours and then they see me and they think well the I want to do something bigeye prison the last one. I wanted to hello everybody back to another episode of the hurts who podcast I am. Oliver not sure if you heard that coal opening or if we cut it I am joined today by undertook Mulkey and Teddy Teddy how you doing doing actually no not not a hero yeah yeah you back and so all messed up two hours late Jack Up. You jacked up. We need a pump steroids. I'll take it if you got it but then we drug test. You'll be suspended drug tests. You can't do. PD's under to us well. We test to see if you are taking drugs. It wasn't a contract so while I burn the contracts in the bath. Remember that today we are talking about a lot of stories in the world of movies and news. We've got some early reactions ends. We've got a couple of trailers breaking bad prequel trailer not really a trailer but like a compilation of the recap video yeah a nice recap. I Love Economy so oh have done. It was cool. You know tell us your story Jesse Pittman that was clever. What else have we got the other stuff. You're so down on this bear breaking talking about it yet it down on breaking bad. He's just I'm down for structure. These eighteen tease the topics and then you talk about talking about it but you know he's like it was dead to rights yeah. That was like a little teaser before the commercial. You cut to commercial to quickly. See People think that I can't wait till it's amazing that breaking bad moving never said it wasn't going to be amazing. I feel like you have you said you called for Vince Gilligan's arrest on this was yeah you can send your questions at Nerds for USA REGIMENT DOT COM. He's on twitter. Listen to this podcast on soundcloud at the nursing podcasts. I tuned spotify air pockets where all over all right. Let's go to the first story. We're here. We have anybody at the outline out joker woodstock price not opening my pages at the Venice film I drink continues and you reading errands. Notes was at the the hype train is I don't know striking. I didn't know how 'cause all the topics are very few. They're mediocre Gawker so there's not really like a leading topic. You put everything in leading topic joker five five podcasts in a row. It's a good right right now. Quick Pavement Trans. I actually do that more. This Click Bait Yeah. We got to write trans born. Every topic would be trump. It's like I don trump said something on social like social media world social media world so it's like. I don't know that Charlie's Angel Music Videos James Charles Charles. He's probably doing something right. He's he doesn't make up very controversial figure in the world of makeup who Tube James Charles. Why am I brush up on your makeup James Brown around. I think he's saying his name. That's not the sexy yeah joker joker joker top prizes. That's a kind of amateur. I don't like the makeup that's on his final. Look like he's a super sane. It's just going to transform into to the final joker just bleached skin at happened. We don't know I wanNA many times or if if ever really did happen where studio put out early like an early poster then actually changed it off of the public's reaction I off the top of the you had to. You have to nominate happen. Sometimes Sonic is doing oh yeah. Actually I mean that's the most ridiculous fucking thing ever. No one cares about the sonning movie and they just what's the first topic spent all their money joker yeah at the Sonic podcast structure to Saudi sonic both those two guys from the sonic commercials and they do podcasts the non sonic about food Mixon Accardo. Now you go to sonic into my life. I've been the commercial. I like the ocean water. It's Nice it's weird. It's like a Funky sprite but yeah talk for our top prize at the Venice Film Festival. That's prestigious isn't yet a film festival in Venice. Aren't you going to Venice for your honeymoon. Yes you're going somewhere run. Italy okay at Lawrence General Location if you like this movie has to be it's a movie or hate getting so much high praise. Now I'm expecting flocking. I go yeah but with the joker appalling dynamite joker. It's I haven't really heard too much nicotine. You see like the heartaches bad for in society or whatever but other than that everyone's saying masterpiece walking Phoenixes Green winning this award. That's you know an award that I've always wanted to win. When I heard about it yesterday and Ashby Yeah Okay walking one yeah Perry number offer collider. She said that her her negative comment was at the movie was was upsetting but not in a sense of disappointing. I guess it was something I guess happens in the movie that is so upsetting that was actually a negative for her which is interesting thing but she said it was the most unnerving film she's seen in quite some time. Those are good things though yeah. That's what we're expensive. He goes around like chopping off the heads of a puppy. I hope National People always said like Oh are you. New Job is thrown puppies out of windows. I'm pretty sure or babies babies now puppies. He wouldn't go that far but fucking fucked him kits This looks like assembly like a really realistic joker where I wonder if people are thinking like where are you saying is bad for society where like this actually happen where it can actually turn to do this or it's already happening. It is happening yeah. It's a society that people that's the argument. People are going to make there was one critic who like don't make me sympathize with the joker and then somebody went back in her tweets from two years ago like Dan the punisher so good. I think it was the joker such like no no. She was talking about the joker like that's what I meant yeah that she don't make me sympathize the joker yeah but I was. I don't know it's movies. You can make a feel you can make a movie. Whatever you want us to be about and then we'll see how it comes when it when it comes out that's a bolt system yeah? Are you sure you want shall we cut that movie should've shouldn't be all right. You put yourself out there. Why it's your I can make a movie about anything like in the realm of like the joker the most least controversial tape here like you like walking it in everyone even with Joe Joe Rabbit. Everyone's like Oh. You can't make a satire in Nazi Germany. Yes you can talk with. Td just did I ends its. I guess we'll judge when it comes out but it's I'm tired of it. It's it's our make what you want and then if it's that egregious and bed and it'll be like hey you suck this. This movie sucks well. That's next on the list. It's knives out. We've got a couple of rotten. Tomatoes scores knives out the new Ron. Johnson is at one hundred percent gold. Fish Goldfinch is at twenty seven percent with thirty reviews. Joe Rabbit is at sixty four twenty five and the surprise the new Jennifer Lopez Cardi B. O. Kurt movie hustlers ninety four just told me she wants to go. See that movie I when we saw the trailer was media and Nash I guess at the movies right so for the first time you were there to you weren't Zuma. I was like this looks like a like a movie like it's not just oh we got J. Lo and Cardi. It's going to be a fun girls out. No like this is a it's almost like a crime film. It's feminist empowerment but they're also terrible people to me. That's really interesting and everybody saying J.lo's got the performance of a lifetime in this. That's Oscar buzz before what do you what do you see like Jennifer Lopez as a singer or a an actor. You know it's not even to to sound pretentious for her but more. She's become like an icon. She Jennifer Lopez. You know she sings. She dances a great singer or musical artist. Her biggest song is what Jenny from the block. Yeah and she's out there. Yes she's got a couple hits. You know she's she's well. She's also a sex symbol. Bush's big with a an with their Spanish music. Yeah I mean I'm Puerto Rican. My family treats her like she's Queen Elizabeth. It's like her and mark. Anthony breaking up was the biggest heartbreak of the twenty first century in general for you guys is like Andrea Bocelli Farrah's. I'll I'll take your word for that. My grandpa thanks Sandy. Colfax is the greatest pitcher. It's it's funny how that goes for every Puerto Rican. Is You know Victor. Cruz is big in this house. Jj Berea JJ Berea all the Ricans but it's cool you know in constants woo was also in this movie love her no as a great cast but I think the most surprising is goldfish here. That's a fucking nationals excited for for that. Yeah Goldfinch knives out one hundred percent. I thought I didn't love the trailer wasn't so you guys weren't surprised about the percent palm various. I didn't love the trailer at all. I thought it looked very corny. But can we start. At least we got a little bit more though but and these twitter heartaches like same thing would happen with Daesh Appel sticks and stones like zero percent. How could it be. It was like six reviews and say they were knives out. It was like seven and then Georgia Rabbit and then Grace Randolph said she didn't see the movie yet and she was upset. It's like you can't Dan joke about that kind of stuff seen the movie she was like there's something you just don't joke about glad to see people like seven reviews reviews. It's like all right. It's good to get excited about early reactions hundred percent twenty six. That's a decent number but when it's like under ten twenty six one hundred percent wait Joe Joe Joe Rabbits interesting though because a lot of the criticism seemed to be that it's a satire. That's the the universe in which it's taking place the fictionalized Nazi Germany is not dark enough enough for the satire to kind of work that it's almost too much fluff but they keep making fun of everything like okay like it was almost like a fun place to be executed right. Then of course you can call it looks like he was almost afraid to cross that line over into depicting Nazi Germany as actually Nazi Germany. It's almost like he was afraid of the backlash and now some of the backlashes backlashes become you didn't go far enough which is kind of crazy. I mean we have to see you with everything. If it's not executed right then that's worthy of criticism but look at data that Stalin come on yeah. Yeah funny should funniest movie I've seen last year and often very dark very funny and also I guess there was a lot of controversy about Ah Stalin as well but not to the scale because take about CD's become like star scholar Johann Stephen Merchant. You've got a lot of famous people in this. I wonder if people were thinking that maybe he kinda used used Nazi. Germany as a platform is definitely going to be some of that yeah. That's the thing it's my whole philosophy about jokes with Comedians as you can joke about anything but you have to do it so will you have to do it well. You're doing it at your own expense. If you make a joke about Nazi Germany and it comes off as really distasteful and offensive then you have to suffer the backlash clash but if you come out and make really like Larry David you know when he has. SNL stand up is opening monologue. He had some concentration camp joke so I thought they were really funny. Backlash the curve when he had the the guy had to prison tattoo and he thought he was a survivor yeah right that was just a lot of numbers or the the episode when they go to dinner her and the guy was on survivor. Not they have the concentration camp survivor with the contest from survivor competing in the middle of the night no snacks it was cold. It was cold no snacks as amazing using but yeah I mean that's that's the line that year. They kind of tone here and we'll we'll have to. I'm still excited for Joe to rabbit because I love Thai quasi. His home humor really hits for me. I love when this controversy with us because then against Nick Saad go see the movie Mississippi where you yeah. I like that too. I WANNA movies like especially. There's a difference between like fifty eight percent. Let's say where it's just like but when it's fifty percent but one half loves it nearly half hits. It gets me excited. That's like okay. There's something I need to see what I land and if it's fifty percent and everyone agrees like average and was probably gonNA speed average. I mean even though my my attitude. I'm always like a like I mean. I'm really care that much to go. See anything no yeah but I don't I don't have I don't have a side really you know where I would think. There's too offensive or or not but I'm conscious of it. You know right you understand where people are coming from your own perspective. Is you kind of just open minded yeah which is a word. I never thought I'd use to describe Teddy. That's that's actual your character. You've developed does a character. Did you say that's an actual word. I'm undecided. I take a an accurate accurate accurate description. Sam Open minded yeah. Let's move onto the next year. We have all these movies. Some of them are looking good. Some of them not so much but we have new news about the marvel show net flicks marvel what Beautiful Data Neighborhood Beautiful Day in the neighborhood getting positive that's. Tom Hanks Mr Rogers right. What's the conflict in that movie. Let's not caring enough Mister Rogers. I like the idea being Vietnam vet and they have to pull them back into action. I got the show on teaching the kids manners yeah next story. We have the Hawkeye miniseries coming out on Disney plus. We're not sure when it's coming out but apparently hailee. Steinfeld Feld has been is being I to play Kate Bishop who is kind of Hawkeye's successor. Hawkeye mentors this young woman to become the next talk. I and that's exciting. We should have governor is for this this. She loves Kate Bishop but Haley great actress. She's actually does everything since they've taken from. Sony is kind of like a Jeb a knife into Stony Tony. What do you mean. She played a she was that is true. She was Gwen Stacy. That's interesting kind of separate but we'll know we'll now. She's she cheat on well. See I sign a long term deal. No there was rumors that she would play a live action gwen stacy. I Sony well actually. I just made that up ten points. It's kind of like a it's a it's something that you'd WanNa see though like kind of work in live action multi-diverse so you can get miles morales on that would be interesting and the duo tom how the actor actor who voices Miles Morales I think would be good live Action Miles Morales. He was very good and dope but for this news I mean she's great yeah. She's in very good and bummbly true great. That was a while ago but she was fucking great in that too was actually perfect to excuse also in. She hit songs out right. I always say like when you could sing an act and all this too much too much for rest of us. Oh Jamie Foxx Doc Cooper Jennifer Lopez. Just who is the best at though it's Jay Justin Timberlake Jamie F- yeah Justin Timberlake so well Jamie Fox walks. That's the thing when you were asking. What do you consider j. Lo a musical artists or an actor. Jamie Fox is much much better actor and he's he makes good music. Ask her what he is really good actor but he did make blame it yeah. Bradley Cooper you could say now all of a sudden these things yeah that's good. I'll tell you one and done though he did. A singing is going to you know he might do like one of those animated. Sing alongs wait wait for his album drope. Coop Cookeville flew the coop ever the notes here what in Hawkeye play in the league if he can't miss ask questions spitball now you're sure the NBA as a lot more than the vendors are. Let's move onto the next story here. We have the new Camino. Ta wants to discuss overweight but are they going to kill off Hawkeye. Okay eventually thank you. She should get a better role. Well no TVS TV series well. I think that's what it's going to be. He grooms or throughout the TV series. Maybe he does at the end and then she he becomes Hawkeye for the the new avengers. That'd be awesome. I don't like what's going on moral. I I like this because I don't like Jeremy. Renner's ipod talk show even an endgame bad yeah. He likes so great when he's got the Mohawk and he's got tattoos. I didn't like his hairstyle but it doesn't work for Jeremy. Like you could get. I'd like another forty eight year old man to to pull that local off just not Jeremy Renner and he's a good actor. He's fine. He's good at a lot of things not to get out developer yeah yeah yeah. He's just not Hawkeye. I won't see him die though I haven't dialled age. Did you say you want okay die of old age forty eight these well Ted. We're moving onto the trailers anything else. What do you think about this. Did you watch the mutual fund raiser. Well I get. You can't say it looks when 'cause yells happening but it was well put together. Teaser was great great job teaser rewatch breaking bad revisited visited don not a season shift season season not. I wouldn't do seasons but I would do a series review. I think we can okay pretty much just said no like two weeks now but rather than this coming out. This is coming onto weeks. Hey Syria one. Does El Camino breaking bad story. Come out the homework. Thanks you said. What does she New Zealand from New Zealand Australia Australian the American Syria. Everyone has spice it up a little yeah but it was cool. It was a nice little compilation lesion and I just watched the entire series and my feelings on it have been stated greatest show of all time greatest of all time by Bryan Cranston. This Guy Jesse went to shit the opening scene. Oh my goodness you when you think about what happened to him. In season five he's there for like like half a year. They have him and he was just a slave what they did to him. When they killed Andrea yes seen a shot him in a car brock brown or brook forgot about Brooke won't fuck with this kid's mind only God yet from the from the very beginning when it started with when leading allowing Jane to die right in front of him and then also the way that he manipulated him with poisoning brock when he flipped it on gusts that was so brilliant. That's one of my favorite scenes when wall tiding out in the house. He's got all the blinds lines down. Jesse comes to see him kind of movie just to be Jesse. Doing cool. Things like go no baseball in the going through like a carnival just having fun store suggestion just sending enjoying himself a lot will. They always folk all while often candy on it. They always focus on him being a father figure to remember the a young boy in the crack house remember. He was kind of taking care of him. He was always interested in Beverly Fatherly Role Brock. Do you think this ends on a happy note notice Jesse Pinton story and happily ever after a cartel gets back involved. We were just talking. We were watching Joe Rogan interviewing bill. Burr remember bill Burr breaking bad the redhead who worked for soul with you'll bill Burr yeah that's built while he was in breaking bad yeah. I wonder if like he'll come back if somebody gets in contact with with because he's obviously got some connections you'll comes back could saw come back. I think so I think Sol's got to be in this. 'cause they keep. T- I when he talks to the market right now book it solves the first person that Jesse's well how many times would break bad were they in shit and they break into his office. They keep teasing in better because all they have those flash forwards yeah black on that too. I know I I stopped in the middle of Mike and I gotta start at the beginning. I got you remember anything. It's slow but maybe maybe on Ben Jewel. Pick up we two week. It's a very slow show but it's a different show from breaking bad. I'm excited for this. What about this faceoff. He soft reboot. Apparently they're developing reboot of the iconic Nicholas Cage John Travolta faceoff movie there was behind the scenes of them acting in that movie together and it was the most ridiculous dickey's thing I've ever seen in my life. That's a classic Nicholas Cage for four yeah. We're seeing face off. It's like the most ridiculous nineties movie that made sense in the nineties right. It's yeah it's a weird movie to reboot they. They switched their faces. So I think travolta low Aaron goes to describe the movie Ted Looking dead at me. Nicholas Nicholas Cage is the bad Guy Travolta's like an. FBI agent okay split the switch switches their faces so John Travolta is how bad guy it's it's signs and Nicholas Cage is the FBI agent okay but they're still but they're they're each other yeah. They are still the same but they put on the other person's percents face to infiltrate but okay. It's a I'm getting all right. Science doesn't work because that WANNA work versus but anyway yes the console in charge of all the Nicholas Cage but he's a bad guy and and it works because they have similar body types at the time you know but we were thinking if they got like Kevin Heart and the rock yeah. That'd be perfect all go real ridiculous. They'RE GONNA gas rock with Kevin Hart Fishery. Make this because it's just a stupid idea to Redo. But what if it's something ridiculous like that and they lean into it could be actually pretty entertaining because it's not like Michael. Is there a password or they say they're going to be rumor. You're okay and you know everyone's like people like this is like a classic. It's like can't believe they're remaking face. Oh yeah well people do that'll talent. It's like I can't believe they're remaking it. 'cause it's such a terrible no that point you should be able to believe that. Hollywood's remaking this like people like that right. That's funny funny. They switched their faces perfect. I'm not excited for this at all. It's rock and I don't think it's going to happen and but somehow maybe ladies like freaky Friday yeah but they you know like a curse you know like they both touch a pull a wishing bone at the same time or something like that. I WanNa know oh how room like this would start like who starts these rumors executives remaking facelift Jeff Snyder. You know the most important movie journalist of all time uh-huh and he releases it to the world. I pumped US well. We have a new story here about Apple TV streaming dropping November. I five dollars a month getting it. Probably you don't even know what's on. I have every streaming service to many many. SPN Plus Hulu Netflix. I'm will they should develop going package of some sort where you can get like all the streaming services in Maine viewing flip through the channels with the remote. It's cable cables the best. It's now everyone's just going to have all the Oh. It's not the best suckers horrible accident I gotTA Buy True Bill. I gotTA figure out what my money is. I'm paying for to subscription services right now yeah regal and AMC well. You're doing that to yourself. You just buy one will regal's closer because we have the the two theaters we usually go to. AFC's out of the way and it's AMC's a better APP go because it's better even though it's further away my both that is the first problem which unlimited move past the ANC is further away but it's better reveals a better popcorn. Did you see the trailer for this new Jason Momoa show on Apple TV. No it looks stupid. Well all the line Alan screen up of all the things that are coming out I think in their moral or something and I had no idea what any of these are Oh. I saw Jason Momoa like Oh. That's cool. He's like a bird box thing. It's funny how late to the game apple was which streaming because they're the ones who started items you know they could be seen as the it kind of the first company that I tuned TV. Wow that's that's could've. That's what they could have done yet. Now's Yeah Apple TV. It's it's funny. They were like I like that I actually find that flicks for Apple. They always do that. When they dropped their streaming for music it was of course it was. It's cheaper than spotify 'cause like thirty cents for unlimited music. That's yeah that's what I would do. Phones Apple. You know just make everything five dollars a month until you beat the competition ever pretty much watches like Jason. MOMOA has a son has a baby his tribe. I guess but everyone everyone in the world is blind but the babies have site like faulk. The people are GonNa want. You did that movie. No justice show never GONNA be. I'll tell you what much like going to war and stuff and like how how is this working. He probably sold it better than the trailer does. SA- trailer the way that they dramatize it. They're like this is a gift or Kurtz. Oh my God I'm just GonNa stick with the with my android phone trailers. God gave Adam and Eve site to punish them so that's that's true. They were just running around butt naked right now. They didn't know they had site but decided no. They had side. They could see the but they became aware of the data for a Bible revisited. God sent the serpent and he yeah he was fruits. Look it was the devil. Yeah book cost sent them in to find the see. If there was a double agent you didn't you bet that God recently came out and said I sent the serpent and then the Adam and eve genus. They were naked. They ate the fruit and then they were like then they could. Let's see what was the whole point of eating the fruit like what did Satan Cezanne Eat. The fruit is the tree of knowledge. He said God's holding out. He's got all this. He's got that's gods got his porn stash on bond the tree. He's taking bite yeah I of course that's that's the curse of the curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat. You just come up with that. Curiosity honesty cured the cat year here. I new iphone three cameras three. I don't know the three camera I can't wait to buy it. No I gotta I'M GONNA I'M GONNA resolution. Where I'm I'M GONNA. I'm keeping this phone for a while. You know not fallen into it. I'm not buying a year. I'm Alex four months and I'm bored of IT already. You bored of it. We gotta do what do you mean. You're board of your phone that feeling we get a new phone. Yeah I want that new. I want that feeling that's everything we're learning the features and then after a month. You're like when you open a laptop. Out of the box feels fresh when you pull the fucking sticker off who have playstation man you pull that like that soft phone. They use to cover yeah yeah yeah. That's good you so careful with it. When you get a new phone you don't want to drop it or anything then weekly that you just tossing it around. Oh Yeah I had the case off and golden having your phone naked. Oh Yeah it's it's the best feeling it feels different. When you hold on Oh yeah yeah well. That's it's it's it's so sleek and nice and the word is sexy not sexy design the smartphones but I had it out. I had a naked for about six months cacophony and I dropped it big crack a did the big crack all right. You Guys WanNa move onto questions you sure all right this question here from Pat Phillips at Pat Underscore Phillips ninety-three ninety-three. What does it movie that might be considered bad by the general public yet you love defended. Aaron can use Batman v Superman. He says his King Arthur legend the sort that would have been mine actually movie. I liked what everyone else hates. Wait no more that you like and you'll defend it for the end. That's tough. I mean I do like a a lot of bad movies then for me well I liked them yeah. Yeah I like them all by citizen who agree it's almost on. FX movie really law-abiding citizen our friends at the greatest movie of all time basic. It was great well. They heard you are Butler's voice and they're like dude from Spartacus or not spartacus three hundred yeah that that was my movie like three hundred was pretty well. It was it was pretty it was like when it came out but now as it yeah Kinda really sick of people have turned on three hundred. It's a weird movie. If you go back and watch it. There's weird things going. I think it's more because people think it was actually real disappointed. I could see that I could see the American public the all the all the special effects and what they did in the movie Justice League to the same. I was just thinking about that the other day I was like I like Justice League. I'm not afraid to say to myself and private this question here from lovely girl at Sarah Dank. How's your puppy doing. She's good little pepe was nice next question yeah. They're doing well with the home. I'm training you know. She pooped in my room yesterday nice but that was my bad forgot to take her out but Jamaica smell. No I can't do that. I can't discipline small cute little all creatures. That'd be a terrible father this question here from cowboys status at cat boy. Santa's favorite athlete from team that you don't root for Lebron. We'd be by your yeah look on Koi Lebron Basketball Baseball. I don't know I like I love Cam Newton. It's probably one of my favorite players. Aaron Rodgers as for me and I I love him. I don't like his Actually he has a lot of energy. I just don't like how we like. He Acts Two games and should I get it. He's you know well. He's a he's a he's a diva. Yeah I like him. I think he's a weird because I hate baker and he's he's a fucking. There's something camps have been more charismatic yeah so super looking for weird or to cancel weird guys sometimes God yes. He only speaks in emoji yeah. He's he's like a weird. I actually Westbrook's mine and I think he gets on Westbrook love Westbrook too. I want that Energy Baseball basketball. I have more baseball. It's just I I used to believe it or not. Easily like big PAPI. I never rooted for the Red Sox ever but I liked. I kinda just the baseball fan. You cannot like be probably just comes out at the digger walks on the basis goes on fucking like three hundred pounds. I like I like good pitching to so I like like Kershaw and I used to love Tim. Lindsey Graham us like my idol because he was always high any of the long hair and you just don't heat two years ago go to American we are obsessed with Kershaw because we had a big big money on them and it was coming down to the wire like eighth inning and Kercheval to double that he's fucking sprinting sprinting too and is he so slow he's fucking guys hands will even do and then the outfielder Bob Wills at throw and Kershaw goes the third and reaches on third slides in Spokane in public crowd up. We ended up winning. It was just great kershaw. It's not a bad. He's got a bad hitter right now. He's great him and Bumgarner. I Kevin Love Kevin the worst touquet player volt on so useless well. The thing is I just feel like he's got an kind of got left by Lebron Ryan Loan Cleveland's. I'm hoping bounces back. You know Lunka that is true. That's yeah He's the whole team left. He's become the king of Akron this questionnaire from Nick Nick Lima twelve favorites from the last Jedi I like like the scene where you borat boy that was still one of the funniest movies of all time masterpiece. I I walk she. You're watching what people ten still holds to this day ten out of ten it got old and now it's back if I can watch board again see demeanor. Polian dynamite cuddled made a lot of foot contact to your me antennae we are. Let's just almost stabbed him but I like the connections between Ray and Kyla was my favorite parts of the movie scenes for me. It's the scene when he burns down the temple yeah. I think I had the movies okay. Wait wait no comment on the scene when she goes into the dark yeah. That's why should I could be the Force Awakens Force Awakens when he's with Luke and she goes to dark yeah yeah yeah. It is the cave yes yes. That's a good seen this questionnaire from sully. I don't know if you guys are fucking with me and now now you're right. We're not fucking with you this question here from sully. We always get questions from silly friend of the show now. Do you guys think walking. Phoenix's joker were will ever interact with Robert Pattinson Batman Tatchell upset no teddy well say also I hope so too but would it make sense because Bruce Wayne's kid at this point and once the joker just for He's not sign for two movies. I don't know probably not because I do do a joke movie. Next year. Push Batman back a year. Yeah it looks like the the time line so matchup because Thomas Wayne is in this movie and it looks like he does interact with a young Bruce Wayne that would have been cool because they could have sat Robert Pattinson Batman in that same time period because I think it's the eighties is what they're going for. So that would have been interesting interesting to see like a one thousand nine hundred Batman you might know but I never I never knew the lore with the joker with like as he around like is this a joker established. I wished Gotham went. Batman comes about no no the the joker comes after it's very early in Batmans career the origin the one that everybody is kind of accepts as the jokers origin is it's like rookie Batman. The joker is leading some gang the red hood gang and they're in like ace chemicals and Batmans fighting this group he accidentally pushes joker into like a giant dat acid a vat of chemicals acid and it bleaches his skin white and he becomes the joker. It's just like oh you create kind of yeah yeah and then in the Burton Batman. It's like that happens but also the joker killed Batmans parents as a kid so it's like you created me well. Mike created you know that's a thirty get out of the fucking tough because I'm the fucking Joke Grenada on the joke of baby this question here from news K Okay Y. Ms top-five smells gasoline fresh cut grass. I should cut grass gasoline way. Smoke know that hurts hurt nashes smoke from like a fire like a real far. It hurts matches if we'll get to. We'll have subway before that that bread good smell. Oh Oh you mean like I think men like New York. Excuse me what Bacon fresh cooked big smell like. Autumn Leaves The candle. It's a good smell cookies. You smell a cookie like marijuana. Love the smell marijuana along the path that people szeswith. I guess if you smoke it's a good smell well. I know people who smoke that. Don't like the smell at all. It's whether like those pens now. We'll take the the people who just bar soap away to too much into. We just know we always a guy who cares. That's the worst old spice in the old Spice Fiji Yeah. No respraying That sounds like it smells good. Ireland smells good. The country yeah seems seems like a smells greeny and mindy chlorine. I like the smell of chlorine talk to a pool when you walk like an indoor pool itself is discussing uh-huh this question here from seth at Seth Lynch Eighty Nine Favorite Stephen King movie or Book Favorite Stephen King movie would be shining and favorite steven king book would be it. I've only read to them. It has pretty nice pretty basic. The dark tower the shining and the shining one else symington. He didn't even write our potter. It's still a Stephen King movie. Even though he missed I love I love the missed a good Stephen King. Is that a is that one on like a in a town yeah it's in a supermarket and the missed isn't called the fog. No the fog is a sequel. I keep hearing that yeah. I guess the shining the shining but sought to see to read books. That's interesting books actually yeah what the Hell's going on what to uh-huh came out house reviews. I haven't seen it yeah so so. Have you know I haven't seen it. You know I think Aaron is GonNa. Ask you to go see it Wednesday. I'm going Thursday but I'm GonNa Tonight to K- to even I like tonight to Casey's movies. I'm going. I'm going tonight owing to not for me. Let's go tomorrow. You want take about ten dollars a year ago tonight. I want what am I gonNa go Nash Yay Away Away. I take I take back that back because he needs to go with him. Why why Lucky National Golden just turn this question this question only this was enemy man this question here from Christie yet. Ty Ghosts House Mug is teddy about the Antonio Brown's on it. I can't be smoked because I jump teams. I accepted that I can't quote. You're Patriots Fan Man Yeah I can't. I can't gloat about go. Why because it's not right I get it at fucking. I'm happy about it though I love it. I'm trying to actually is a question for you. Is Dropping tomorrow Friday tomorrow. Today's Thursday got great question here from Diego the chopper at the go underscore. Bah One best spongebob me ice. This man just dominates every year spongebob here man just when he thinks this done. I've loved that fucking me. He was sick right when he in that episode he had this is that is that what I forget what you're GonNa love him walking angrily yeah yeah when walking towards something something it's like when you hear. CIA real smooth and he runs to the dance floor. I'm GONNA combine like a string of four. That's GONNA start the item out of here. Go with the angrily walking to the tired spongebob close off this story angry. Caveman doesn't make sense because Caveman Spongebob is the best out of all. What's the caption though that's a good onto the smooth ones rob what got big earlier in the year when spongebob was in the dress arrest. Remember those names would be like me posted up at a concert or something like that. That kind of flu confused. Mr Crabs is a good one patches sponge Russia's go. He has so many men. How do you find how do people. How does it mean start well Aaron? I tried once the once upon a time in Hollywood within that didn't catch on you. Try to yeah. I thought that had potential. It did yeah yeah I really. I really thought it did you just want to watch a bunch of spongebob and find like a screen shot. Well a Nash was saying the the other day that he thinks courage the cowardly dance to those are good ones Hanson squidward that courage has because it's a screen shots right so none of the actual captions so related. That's a good one squidward tanning Nash Nash on something who courage I think we all take a season. I think there's like four seasons and we get the best screen shots from courage and we started it would take a little to no be tough all right this question here from Brandon Green Roy at Brandon Greenery. What are your spirit animals for. I would say sloth should have made you the nerd soup sloth tiger. I don't know it's like a lion king of the jungle. If you like it could be like what else what are their deals like elephant elephant elephant not like sized animals animals. No they have the great memory. Yeah remember yeah. You're an Elephant Goldfish you giving me Elephant Coltish like you're you're. You're like a panda almost like very laid back. You know not gonNA learn any tricks you did. He say to that. I don't want to bless him. I you might be beyond blessed yeah. I'm thinking closer now for for a respirator on this question here from Ben Add Ben Jim in fifteen the guy who these questions have you stolen anything. Yes no a little little bit. do lie a lot. No often all the time on this one's. Do you get angry easily broken or anything in anger. Have you ever taken a spirit animal tests or am I associate path. I have you ever been in the fist. I think what a line on that is true. Yeah you could find out. How often do you shout ethics organize something. Are you then late Yes. Do you feel bad if you yes you feel today. When you were two hours late at one hundred one hundred sixty percents tax one hundred and one Mr this year from Ben at Benjamin Fifteen the Godfather Godfather part to the first one the second one is better but they're both good all right last question here from Sean at Sean Seven Christopher and Jonathan Jonathan Nolan Writer Porno. What's the plot time there'd be a lot of times. We have to come exactly at this moment to open the portal I would. There's an AI in the doesn't know she's actually coming or she's program to come over his question all right everybody. Thanks for listening to the nurse who podcast. I'm Bo Oliver Join Today. Aaron and Teddy Hope. You guys enjoyed listening to Ted. Did you finish your quiz. Just two questions two questions left. We're all waiting. We're on our toes drum roll. What's we gotta fill the air filter you want us to talk about that. Hurry up to finish that the questions he said who left to decide and then it hit him with a whole new page. Take this this quiz and learn the answer cheese taking the quiz. What are you doing. You're spending playing candy crush. Hey guys nice. Thank you for watching this video. And of course we would like to thank our Patriot supporters without you. Guys nerd soup wouldn't be nerd soup seriously. Your support is what keeps the fridge full so thank you once again again for your support. If you are interested in supporting nerd suit through patriotic visit our page and check out the different rewards we offer to our Vance if not then no problem we appreciate anyone take time from their day to watch our videos so thank you to each and every one of you out there watching remember to like and share this video and hit the subscribe button if you want to see more videos like they don't.

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