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All the usual stuff. Eight to ninety nine. Canine dogs g mouth in alerted on the tour eventually. Want to get started cooperating. When you said these guys agreed to do control sale right. I skipped over a lot of really intends to go there. Da Seemed to hit houses with warrants and for the most dangerous kind of people that can be an always is a very high risk situation. Technology is amazing. You can talk to a box and in about two days. You can have a brand new jacket or brand new couch. One thing. Though is the same. We still color our hair. And what are our options? We have to either go to a traditional salon and spend lots of time and money even when that's impossible where we grab a box of hair color at the drug store. I don't know about you guys but that stuff always dries out my hair. But there's a new way. It's called Madison read. It took a strong woman to shake up the hair. Coloring world. Amy. Eric did just that with Madison. Reed the company. She named after her daughter. If you're wondering how you match your hair color. Don't worry. Madison re gives you the tools you need so you can. Color with confidence get ammonia free multidimensional hair-color delivered to your door. Starting at twenty two dollars visit Madison Dash re DOT COM. That's Madison Dash Reed Dot Com and now best case worst case listeners. Get ten percent off plus free shipping on your first color Use Code best-case. That's Code best-case alone. Welcome to best case worst case. This is Jim Committee retired. Bi Profiler former New York City prosecutor in right producer of CBS's criminal minds with me. Today is hi everybody. It's Francey hikes former state and federal prosecutor. Gem we are still social distancing which I suspect. You are happy about socially distancing for me but were also physically distancing. Akwa across the country. Isn't it everybody France? Jim Okay. Just thought I'd ask and with us today. We have a very special guest. Name is james skipped soule s he w. L L and I'm from New Orleans Louisiana. I'm a four police officer down in New Orleans. Boomer Marshall in New Orleans and I spent twenty seven years with the Drug Enforcement Administration as a special agent and then as a supervisor with our retired in two thousand seventeen and went to work for the district attorney's ear and St Tammany Parish Has a felony major crime investigating. I am completely retired now at this point. Kim. You're outnumbered heavens two one New Yorker. I love skip sank here. I'm so tired of being outnumbered by like Jim. Bobby I don't think you heard correctly James's Brazzi let's unbelievable. I knew you would turn it around somehow or James. Our we'll call you skip skip. You have a very interesting accent. Where's up from will? I was born in floor. We moved to Florida. My Dad was a Florida Highway Patrol officer recently moved to Florida. Grandfather played pro baseball. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and during the all season he would do the Spring Training Coaching in Florida. He didn't like this protocol so we ended up moving to Florida. And that's where I was born all right well first of all my dad was drafted by the Pittsburgh pirates. You went to their AAA farm team. But then his brother had just gotten married and he got drafted and so. I've father by enlisting prevented his brother from having to get sent overseas in the Korean War and he got on a plane went to Korea and came back a few years later and father had been killed. And there's a whole bunch of mess happening at the time so he never went back into baseball. But that's amazing so you dad played the Pittsburgh pirates where Roberto Clementi played. It was actually. My grandfather played the piracy was National League pitcher of the year couple years. He Played All Star Games. Wow My dad got drafted out of college. You went to Florida. State coincidentally played with football. Burt Reynolds and played baseball. Also yet played with Foreign Leagues in Cincinnati. Decided that wouldn't work in out enlisted in the Marine Corps Rink Before Highway Patrol. I guess that was my initial interest in malls worship. That's pretty amazing. And what was your grandfather's name and your father's name. A grandfather was Tool he's into a piece called the Blue Ball now that we instead of the park in like the forty four all star game. I believe it was the only homerun off and then my dad would juice. Oh Wow that's awesome. Well that's really amazing piece of history and I would just for the record jam skip. You couldn't have finished where your accent came from because every good southern Florida is not the south. I'm sorry to our Florida listeners. But although those of you Floridians who live in the redneck Riviera my favorite spot in the world that is on the Gulf coast of Florida. Maybe some of you there in the panhandle consider yourself southerners and all adopt such but the rest of Florida. Skip is not southern. So where'd you get your accent in Georgia? We MOVE TO GERRY. Adams Georgia to answer your question. I Q and then we moved to the New Orleans area when I was a senior in high school. Okay wonderful people come from Marietta Georgia. I'm just GonNa say that To start so skip. Tell us about your career. I mean you had a really interesting when you were A. Da for a really long time. I think it'll surprise people to know it's Drug Enforcement Administration. Lots of people think it's something else but that's D. A. And can I just tell you right now? I used to tell people that when I was in USA. When I was a federal prosecutor if you put a bunch of men walking into my office each one from a different federal agency secret service. Atf DA FBI marshalls five guys if you walked in. Put them all on a suit and didn't tell me where they belong. I could tell you where they belong. It's like instantly recognizable. You know who's who and I just have to say I don't mean to insult either. Your Jim Secret Service dresses the best and I have to tell you skip. There's probably a tie between you and the marshalls for maybe were stressed. Only because I consider you guys to be kind of the the door kicking cowboys and I liked that. It's a positive thing. It's not a negative and my wrong. You're absolutely right. It is kind of nature out on the street a lot. Cone ties don't fit end in the neighborhoods. We go to so yeah and a lot of guys love his uses. Excuse to dress that way even going to quarter. Us Attorney's office and yet but you are also dealing with a very violent incredibly difficult. Let's put it that way war instead of just fighting crime and so it's that I believe that the a has to be more tactical definitely has to be more strategic than the average FBI agent or secret service agent. Who are really basically babysitters. Let's get. Let's be honest right. Star Jam well-dressed Babysitters. But it's an important baby sitting but whatever the no doubt that we had a tax police sound we have today coincidentally was hit or sa not to eat. My was your supervisor. Bats Special Response Team that dealt with most of the high risk arrest and search warrants. Tragically left we have shooting New Orleans at one of our agents but s. thirteen was kind of a long day for for va but it's of enrolling now. I think it's a good good philosophy. Given the type of people that we encounter skip. That's one of the things that really strikes me. In particular about all law enforcement of course. Because eventually you're all in that situation but in particular the marshalls and the DA seemed to hit houses with warrants and that search warrants and arrest warrants for the most dangerous kind of people and that can be an always. It seems a very high risk situation. So you guys are really putting yourselves on the line on a daily basis and I would agree in when I was with marshalls. We had a less active wars squad at the time we mainly went after probation and Parole. Violators the marshals to some extent. Reinvented themselves and then. They built these task force where they execute a lot of state warrants. We involved in the one that was worth homicide now. They have a much more dangerous job. I believe that I was there. Because of the type of cases they get involved they react. Latisha tasted they've got a good technical unit where they tracked phones and they're very adept at that. They're very good at that at the time. I wasn't satisfied so speak with the marshals. I wanted a little more coming from police. Officers used to the action daily and nightly so I sat back and watched At marshalls all discourse was bringing in the prisoners. All the time and I noticed. Da was bringing in and in order amount of prisoners Followed by probably the FBI. But I decided that this drug war was in full swing bottling Escobar was obligated number one in the late eighties and Beckton and I sent plus jumped ship. And that's what I did actually applaud with. Fbi in the net interviews both but in the In the end up taking the because the relatively showed me that I would come back to my hotel. That's cool yeah and that is something that with the FBI. The process takes longer. It's it's a little more of a bureaucracy and so it can be very difficult that whole hiring process but also they do like to send you to another area other than from where you came and the one exception to that was New York City. They couldn't keep agents in New York City. So if you came from New York they'd let you go to New York and what was good about that was I got to go home when I joined the FBI. But they gave every other agent that came from outside of New York. Twenty five thousand dollar bonus but the people who because it's so expensive there but the people there who already have been dealing with the expensive they don't get anything. It was really weird. It was really weird government. Yeah but New Orleans. I did get to spend a little time there. Which is why I call it New Orleans now instead of New Orleans. The ancient is downright impressive. What do you think skept? We call it New Orleans. Thought it was in our northern ignorance. Yes I admitted it Francey. Thank you Jim but I spent a you know not not a huge amount of time but a fairly significant amount of time you know not only did we have some serial killers that were operating there a lot of home at the same time in that area in Baton Rouge area but I also got to shoot a movie down there my post retirement from the FBI. And I really really enjoy that town. It's not just the French quarter seen Charles Street. It's just it's just. I duNNo. It's epic. I love that street. I would go up and down the street. I started running down that street. You know because just look at the houses every day but the fact that you were in New Orleans. Which is you know. Some people wouldn't consider it this but you know it's basically a border town. I mean you know and any border town is going to be a major drug destination. Will it is. I mean he's definitely going to be some kind of a hub and so what? I'm hoping today skip is that. I'm hoping you're gonNA tell us some sort of a tale of crime and intrigue and Mystery. And Bananas Because I into Cafe Du Monde I am not ashamed to admit that when my husband and I went there a few months ago I was in town for a conference. I didn't know you then skipper. I definitely would have dropped by. I ate more than my share. I mean I definitely did the tourist thing in a way more benes than is healthy or even seems possible looking back on it so I hope your tail is going to involve all of those elements. So let's just sort of jump in. Do you have a case that you've been thinking about talking about today in this case involves the similar cartel? Y'All everyone knows I love true crime. One of the best things about it is it the further you dig into a story the more layers you uncover. That's what I love the best about the puzzle game best fiends. The more I play the more fun at seems to get every time I reach a new level I uncover a new layer in a new story and I get to take part in that story. The best part of it though is that the longer you play the more exciting it gets. My strategy has changed now. They've been playing best fiends for awhile. I love the scenes. I love the slugs all the colors and the design all the different events and the levels. My friends and family are now addicted. We all play together. I've gotten many people hooked on best fiends and maybe it comes out in my competitive spirit. Okay I admit it. Best beans updates the game monthly with new levels and events so it never gets old and it treats the game like a service for their players. It doesn't require the Internet to place. You don't need to worry about having WIFI access. You're using sell data. They're always new monthly themed challenges that make my brain work in ways. I almost forgot it could best. Fiennes has thousands of levels already with new levels events and characters at at every month. It's hours of fun right at your fingertips you can even play off line over one hundred million downloads and tons of five star reviews. Best beans is a must play download. Best means free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best feeds so skip. Where were you in your career with a particular case? You'RE GONNA talk to us about occurred. Who is the late? Nineteen Ninety S and early two. Thousands of this case happened. I was just finished up a huge investigation. Were we indicted guy on multiple multiple murders. I still had some fragments remnants of that case that was trying to finish this guy. That'll finish the case. Is it was Richard Heinous? They called him the Cuban on the street because of all his eerie similarity twos Al Pacino. In the hit movie scarf six finishing up case and really had no plans on doing anything else anytime soon but to wrap that up when an informant called. It was a female informants. She was a stripper down in the Fridge. Score and she says I've got a guy that bring in drugs here. That is bigger than the guy that's been in the papers referring to Risher paint. Course I didn't believe her so kind of brushed raw brusher all filing with going unbeaten with a girl and she had a friend that was and with a Mexican guy down in court and the Mexican guy was supplying all the strip clubs all the workers in the industries down there at the bars and the restaurants and so forth. So we started talking. Debriefing debriefing. Her I'm sorry. We decided that we were gonNA use her to make a buy from Denver to make a Boston another strip so we made a couple buys. We kinda worked herself up the ladder and we identified a guy by the name of Osborne tested before we talk about anymore. Into the case. Could you explain to our listeners? You say you were GONNA make a by from one person to another What does that entail has at work? So we had the STRIPPER INFORMANT. Who is willing to work on our behalf and what we did was. We made a couple recorded phone calls with her to the other stripper. That was living with this Mexican source. She called in. Ask The buy some cocaine. So the girl agreed. We wired up our informant the stripper. We gave her money and we sent her over there where she bought cocaine from Earth. Strip friend while the Mexican guy that was a source sat in the back room so she was an essential issue format as use an active informant where she participated in the buys. We couldn't send anyone with her because the guy was paranoid about anyone. He didn't know typical in the dope. Game being another informant or being on a police officer so met a couple of purchases of cocaine from this girl S. What got us on track watching the Mexican guy in the in the back and what kind of like what sort of a mountain you're talking about. And how do you pay for that? I mean how does that work. These were small amounts like a quarter also half Elsa crack you gotta remember strippers traditionally. Don't buy a whole lot of cocaine. There is for personal. Use mainly so to go in there and ask for a Kilo. Cocaine would be so out of the ordinary that was similar to we bought like a quarter ounce a half hours just intel just by to try to figure out who was in the house where they went afterwards to follow them around to see who they met with and just try to start an investigation and against who all's involved again a house halfheartedly end to it because I was finishing up this other investigation but it started to catch steam when we saw the Mexican guy the next day. When we'RE GONNA send out on bail on him go out to neurons eased in me with a series of guys that we knew were well known drug traffickers area. So I have a question you know as I've unfortunately constantly seen in Hollywood when they depict drug investigations and it goes all the way back in my memory to Miami vice where they would make a by and they would take a switchblade and stick it in and they tasted and say oh this is eighty five percent pure Columbia. Can you please talk to us? About how ridiculous. That is and what you really do. It's on the head that's absolutely ridiculous. We will never do that. What happens afterwards? Usually package in a little baggie. We opened the baggy. We have these little small drug. Id KISSES CALLED FIELD TESTS. Knit kits and you take a little bit out with a knife or something you put in there. And you pop these series of amps and if his cocaine turns up a bluish color this heroine might be a maroon. Color that identifies a drug but before going to make the by you obviously have good idea of what you buy and so you have the kiss all available but you have a kid that you know most likely what you're supposed to buy in this kind of gesture that drug right and that's a field test and then once that turns positive then you put it into evidence and where does it go. We ship it to the degray. Labs were The New Orleans division euro area that the labs in Dallas Texas and then they do the chemical actual real test of the cocaine or whatever substances allowed a lab reports on drugs. They're very boring. It's not nearly as exciting gem as watching the the hero take a nice little cocaine and taste it. Which is the right thing to do because Kim cocaine with with any kind of rat poison or stuff that could kill you ever do they but also you're not allowed to actually do drugs right when you were. Da Unless you get at Doj exemption in advance right correct so if you were to actually ingest some of these drugs especially not knowing exactly what it is not only would you risk getting very sick or dying but certainly lose your job right as absolutely true and you know I've seen situations where undercover agent has been with a couple of drug traffickers and they asked him or her to try the drugs and is typically. The undercover agent has some well story ahead of time such as. I work shortly test me every time I go out. I'm on probation. I can't you know I'm just doing it to make some money is come to the point before when we've had an Asia who wouldn't try drugs that shut down the deal and the dealer wouldn't sell to them for that very reason because you went dry. It's so he assumed that he was the police and he was right. All right so sorry. I interrupted you to ask all sorts of questions. But that's how we do things here at best case worst case because we take our listeners behind police lines and we WANNA know so. You've got this big murder cases multiple murder case that you're trying to clear up and you discover in this kind of Lewd Surveillance. Doing on a maybe. This case will be something but probably not think but suddenly you find that the Mexican contact is going and seeing people that you do recognize. So then what happens? New Orleans is a big small city. It's most of the traffickers bigger drug dealers in that area. If you've been an Asian around there are well known to the DA or to the FBI or any ats so when his Mexican Guy who's unidentified at times starting making trips around New Orleans in talking to drug dealers zip auto shops dachary shops in different places? We knew that we were onto south here. Just coincidentally it was about a week later after doing surveillance on him that we get a call from Jefferson Davis Sheriff's off. They had pulled over guy and when they pulled him over they went through their phones and they found a couple of phone numbers of guys that he was calling in New Orleans. They send it through the local. Da Office and it came back on the case. I had done with the Mexican guy here when they searched the car that the Mexican guys were in. Jefferson Davis Pairs. They found a bunch of drugs in fifteen kilos of cocaine in hidden compartments. So the Mexican guys that had been hold over agreed to follow through and do a controlled. Delivery of the cocaine in a controlled. Delivery is when someone gets Paul or pulled over on interstate with drugs. They decided that point. They're going to cooperate with the law enforcement. You see that guy and they're going to take that drug to its ultimate destination. And they're going to go through with delivering it to the person that is supposed to be receiving it and when that happens in law enforcement. Easley's whoops in and arrest the gathers receive the drugs. Well that's exactly what happened here. The two Mexican guys agreed to deliver it to New Orleans. The only problem was the Mexican guy that we had under surveillance at. That point wasn't going out to get it. He had one of the drug dealers that we were watching was going to do the dirty work for him so they showed up with the Bronco. The two deals that were cooperating. Investing guys and old the hotel parking lot we song go meet with a dealer that we knew dealer bug name. Austin Cast Osman got the keys and then the two dealers left the two Mexicans left in a cab which we'd already prearranged and we went. Put THEM ON ICE. We set up that night in waited on Osborne to go remove the drugs out the car. Eventually under when he turned dark he went out and with another guy. They went underneath it. The cocaine was in the gas tanks and one of the problems of this organization. Is They had a bronco? Wish they'd get good gas mileage again with right so they were having to fill up like every hundred five miles and so they had carefully chart everywhere they went because the the the gas tank compartment took up the majority of the room or the gas would a bet so when casten and his when co-conspirator went out unless the coke we've pulled up and arrested him before you continue to have a question so you mentioned that there were fifteen kilos. We have listeners. From all over the world who listen to this podcast I think probably many of them don't know how large a kilo is. So can you describe its overall physical size? We have some idea. A kilo is like a flat brick object. Obviously two point two pounds as two thousand coke so in other words debt. That answer so that we were going to buy that we bought from the stripper informant there. Thirty six ounces in a kilo gram of coke so fifteen kilos is thirty something thirty four pounds. Whatever pure cocaine at the time I believe is going around twenty three twenty four thousand a kilo. So that's not Jim. You're the math guy that seems like a lot of money. Well it's more than a dollar and less than three million to you know. Thank you John where I know. Because that's the kind of level of math you have in your brain so out true sadly so when you said these guys agreed to do controlled sale right. I failing you skipped over a lot of really intense negotiations there. Could you please Philipson? So what happened was when they got pulled over first. They denied not having any cocaine. We went to go through all the usual stuff. They denied tonight. Neither Canine dog came out in alerted on the car. Eventually one guy started cooperating under threat of going to jail and he says yes I will take the dope I will take the drugs and deliver it to this guy. I have a phone number of a guy in New Orleans. What we didn't know at that time was this. Bronco was one of many that this drug organization INVESCO will use them and he didn't the Guy We rested and tells the whole story. That Bronco was on certain schedule. It had to be there at a certain time because once it stopped and unloaded in New Orleans. They loaded the cash up. That next one was going back to. Mexico in Mexico was not leaving the come to New Orleans so they would pass each other on the way. See You got literal. Someone doing logistics legitimately logistics going on in these drug organizations where they're tracking and timing things so that they know if someone's been intercepted for those so when we got the drugs on our end the guy wouldn't cooperate. I The guy that we already had in custody. He told us you need to get the money and get it headed back to Mexico. Because they're going to be calling me. They're expecting call from me. I'm like we're not paying for this right. I mean he sees the drugs certainly pay twenty three twenty four thousand dollars a kilo for fifteen kilos to send back to. Mexico just wasn't gonNA happen so we had him make a couple phone calls to the Mexican source who was in the way. Will the radio. Mexico recorded them of course and at that point. We just assumed we had arrested. The bad guys investigation was over. It was GONNA to be some small follow-up where we look at the phones and try to debris from an interview on but for the most far that investigation was our was raw. Yeah Oh jen I really want to hear more about this story. Don't you I do too? I can't wait to hear the rest of the historic because it's very intriguing and I'm sure that we've only scratched the surface of how deep this is going to go as correct skip. This is an amazing story. And we can't wait to hear the rest of it and we will when we come back next time and until. Then thank you for being your skipped into our listeners. Thank you for listening to skis. Worst-case signing off

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