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Applying The Proximity Principle In Your Life And Career


Setting the pace on the pursuit of happiness. These these the Ken Coleman show where you discover what to do and how to make it happen now. Helping you get unstuck to your dream job. Ken Coleman coming to you. Live from Ramsey Studios Nashville. You're joining a conversation about who you are what you were created to do where you want to do it and how you can get there. It's all about you because you were created to fill unique role in your work. In other words you were created to contribute. And we want to help you get clear so that you can confidently take that first step and the next and then the next and then the next eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven is the number to join in the conversation set Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. You can also email the program. Aska CAN COLEMAN DOT COM. Ken Coleman Dot Com the website for all the free and paid resources before we get started. GotTa check it on Joan Madison. Good Memorial Day weekend long weekend. Oh the best you went down to the beaches in Florida you. Oh boy was it. Was IT The beaches packed not packed as they normally would be. But you could tell. People were itching to get out of the house. Were they distancing on the San? There was an attempt very diplomatic cancer by Madison. It wasn't quite the ozarks in Missouri. Doma Gosh I did see a couple of those pictures. Which by the way. Why would you do that even if there wasn't coronal loops nasty? I don't WanNa stand that close to anybody now. Certainly not in the water. No you I make a pool in. Vegas is very interesting. Joe Stayed around the house. Yes stay around the house. Got a Lotta chores done? Yeah cooked out. I'm trying a different phase in life. A crock pot. I'm learning to cook in a Crock. Pot Really yes. You're fifty we won't mention seven and you've never used a crock pot. All this is very exciting because I love a good crock pot. I teach about the CROCK. Pot here. All right the career is like a Crock Pot. Not a microwave. So what is the what was your first foray into the Crock Pot World? What was the item of vegetable soup? Okay good it was very bland. All right well. You can work on that exactly. Might I recommend a roast or a chicken and let it sit there so long that when you open it up you can just touch it with the tongs falls apart. That's the beauty era. Go Okay Joe. This is exciting this. I'm GONNA bring some. Stacey Coleman Crock Pot recipes for you. Yeah man that's good stuff all the help I can get. Well we know that okay. We do know it's official all right. Well good good good. Good good glad you guys you look rested and by the way Madison is healthy. She's fine She got a lot of Vitamin D. So if you want to keep up with her escapades at Mattie browder they go. Just don't tell anybody I got an airplane. Well you just did well. That's true. Oh Boy oh no. I'M GONNA get emails I know you are. She Will Not Answer Them. So don't send any nastiness all right eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's go to sumpter South Carolina. David joins US there David. You're on the Ken. Coleman show David living the dream. What's going on? This had a quick question Long Story Short Me and my family just moved to Sumter from Pennsylvania We felt the Lord is leading this year. Even if it didn't make sense at at the time and literally a week after the coronavirus spoke out and I was from an affiliate area. So they're pretty hard hit right now. The company I was working for Has Cut their hours. Back to Really unreal woes So this is obviously been a blessing to me now. I came and took a job. Took a major pay cut to come down here. The cost of living's a lot cheaper Now have after. Two months of scouring job boards and stuff. I have gotten myself into an interview at a huge multi billion dollar company painting. Which is what I've been doing for for six or seven years now and I'm just looking for guidance on what in some of the most important stuff Going into an interview. I I did Get Your Guide and have gone through that and have gotten Spreadsheets on set up with some of their the histories of Congress and like that but I say that the money is going to be exponentially almost going to double my income. I if I get this position on a single income me and my my wife stays home with our our three boys and before voice. So I'm just trying to h this and we're going to the baby steps and everything so this is just GonNa be a launching point for can h this Listen listen it's all about preparation and because you've got the interview guide. I don't really need to walk you through all that but for everybody else listening at home in that how to win the interview guide. I've given David and you all a plan for how to prepare so that you perform well and it's about relentless preparation and it will lead to reflexive performance. So David you started to do all the things about the company. You've done your homework on the company to the point that you created a spreadsheet good on you. You know what the company's about you know the recent wins you know their mission their values all that stuff. That's great and so I would study for like you would attest you know flash cards. That's the preparation. So that stuff is just in. You know why you're not trying to prepare for a certain question as much as you. Just want that information in your head and you'll be surprised. How your brain will pull that in the right moments It's just GonNa make you really informed. So here's the deal. Study like you would attest The other thing is is Do your homework on the dress code. They're talked. Hr If you having already make sure you're dressed like you belong in the building in fact without the visitor's badge on everybody would think you already worked there. You know. That's the kind of deal as far as the way you look and then you know because you've done all the preparation about the company. You're confident should be pretty high and make sure your smile. A lot looked confident you know. Don't be overeager but be enthusiastic. You know about the opportunity and super grateful and you're GONNA do great. I really do but you know. Take the pressure off by preparing preparing preparing. And you can't your health. I just WANNA question I Show I love painting. Been doing it for six years. I'm good at it I said but I really would like to be in some sort of supervisory role or like a safety coordinator role. Is that something that you can bring up during the interview or should I stick to what I'm interviewing for now? Stick yeah I I don't like the idea of your in for an interview for one position and then you start talking about what you'd like to. Eventually I think if that comes up in the interview naturally or they say where do you see yourself growing in this company then? That's when you go well. I'm glad you asked. I love painting but I'd like to Be a painter supervisor. I want to get to the point where I lead people and help them do their job. Well that's where you would bring that up when it's relevant only don't bring it up unless it's relevant also bigger much given go get it. Awesome love at eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven Senior is it on facebook. Can I was laid off after twenty. One years of the same company doing multiple roles. Ouch I'm sorry. Cindy she says how do you start over with your transferable skills and still get paid? What you're worth. Well I I I think. Start over needs to be. You need to have context. What start over. Yes you're starting over in that. Starting new with a different company been with one company. Twenty one years. That's a long time but I don't know that you have to start over this idea of starting over professionally. Don't believe that's anywhere close to true for you. You had multiple roles in the same company. You have a lot of skills and a ton of experience. I think this is stepping stone up. I'd look at it that way. I'd act that way and not expect that to happen. Look up step up. This is the Ken Coleman show. Hey folks we are all created to fill unique role that means that you are needed and it means that you must do it. I know that trying to land that dream job is not easy because I've been there. It's intimidating it's scary. There's a Lotta doubt but I can tell you it was worth it because there's nothing like the joy that comes from doing work that you know you were put on this earth to do so if you're ready to get there too. I want you to go to Ken. Coleman Dot com there. You'RE GONNA find three free resources all designed to give you confidence and make your job search very effective the get hired guys include the resume guide the interview Guide and the interview follow up guide. The resume guides can help you. Fix Your resume flip. It look like nobody else's resume and that's GonNa help you get noticed and land the interview interview guide walks you through the five strategies that help you stand out in the process and finally the interview followed. Guide gives you a time line and exactly what to do to follow up to continue to stand out post interview. You can get all three guides free. Ken Coleman Dot Com go to Ken. Coleman DOT COM and get hired. The cantonment show is here for you to help you get clear so that you can get qualified to help you get connected so you can get started to help you get promoted so you can get your dream job to then be able to work like no one else. Give yourself away your time your talent and your building legacy here the contribution in the workplace. You were created to contribute. That's what we're about here. It's not political talk. It's purposeful talk and boil boy. Is it fun? Join us? Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven Real quick still have the May unbelievable discount on my number one bestselling book the proximity principle. Which is now is important as it ever has been how to get you the job you need. You'RE GONNA be competing against so many people. And even if you're into social distancing still proximity principle still work. Did you know that somebody asked me that on Social Joe? Hey So you wrote this book entitled the Proximity Principle. But what about social distancing joe? I don't know it's still works by the way still works. You can get it for ten dollars. Hard copy book. Eight dollars audiobook. Three dollars. Ninety nine cents. Ken Coleman Dot Com. Go get it now. All right Eric is up in Bloomington Minnesota Eric. You're on the Ken Coleman. Show Ken thank so much for taking my call. You bet how can I help Had a question on salary conversations within my current company. Okay I work as an accountant and I have four with this company for the last four plus years in the last Thirteen to fourteen months. I've been transitioning to a new role in To succeed someone who's been with the company for over twenty years and I had initial An initial conversation with my employer a couple of weeks ago which went very very well So then I scuttled a follow up to talk salary on sweet but they pushed that conversation out now another two weeks and I'm wondering my my reading too much into this or just. How do I respond to this to kind of keep this process moving say great in two weeks? There's really really nothing. You should be doing right now and I wouldn't read too much into it Let's let's because that'll drive you batty so I would. I would wait until the meeting two weeks from now if they keep pushing it out two weeks and two weeks so now we know there's something up right now. I just don't see enough evidence for you to to think too much about. It's natural to think what you think to think. Okay what's going on here but I wouldn't read into it. I've I've made that mistake before myself. You know you start reading into something and it's like no we just had to reschedule. Peo- what I mean so. Let's wait and see what happens and and I think you have to revisit the conversation you just had with your new leader. You just told me it was really good so it doesn't. There's no evidence that says we go from really good conversation to let's kick. This can down the road. I don't see that so focused on the last conversation. You had seems like it was pretty good you guys. Did you discuss cop changing Briefly yes You know I I kind of have been trying to approach this very cautiously and respectfully Because I realized that you know it's an additional investment for the company trying to approach it from a cost benefit analysis so to say or are really smart. Because I know the research that I've done on what the new position pays is substantially more than where I'm at perfect And so I'm trying to. I'm trying to proceed very cautiously and not. I think you're doing it the right way. So let South. So sit tight. Okay sit tight wait. Two weeks told the meeting happens when the mediums. Go in there with your cost analysis on what you're going to bring the position. Plus the market bears I lovell that research. That's fantastic but then I would also tied to one thing. Just say you know. I've follow a certain amount of people and there's this one guy you don't have to mention my name. I don't care I'll need credit. Okay let's say you know I've was influenced by somebody that you know. I I really like some companies that I admire some friends. You know Blah Blah Blah and you want to get into this point you know it's really all about the the performance measures and you know I I wanNA. I am so thrilled about this opportunity. Obviously this is what the market pays. Looks like there's an average for what it pays and I've made my case but I always want my income and the opportunity make income tied to my growth new skills that I can develop new training that I can do more responsibility that I can take on a greater my responsibility greater influence. Obviously I think compensation follows. I won't have that mindset of never come in here asking for more compensation but coming in going. Hey where can I grow? How can I become more valuable? Can we measure that? And as we measure that. Does that have compensation fallen it? I think that's a wonderful spirit and I actually believe in that. I don't believe anybody should ever ask for raise. Growth Plan and see growth. Plan has compensation tied to it. So that's the way I'd go about the whole conversation and I would never think yeah man absolutely appreciate the call. Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's go to Julie in Davis California Julia on the Ken Coleman Show. Hi Ken how Julie so I am trying to start anew picnic. I already own one business. And I'm employed signed on both sides of the fence. I know I'm working sixty hour weeks. Can You doing getting thirty five? Pay Man fed up with that. Yeah okay good good good. I'm I've made it to the where my first business that I started like eight years ago. I'm leading that one paper out because it's not my lifelong goal to but every time I approach the new business I come up with so many different ideas and I just don't just come up with business ideas. I can see them five years out kind of business so I don't just see the start of it. I see the long term of each business and it's like I'm struggling to narrow it down. Well you're going to have to narrow it down because you can't keep this up you know and so you're already in the one fizzle. So what is the new business idea? What is it well? They're they're learning crying. Out Is Designing Gardens for people that it's like habitat the little bit of land space. They have in Mike. Urban Setting designed gardens that are like vegetable gardens. Your Garden anything you know be able to do. This self sustaining far. So that's the central idea than you're getting variations of that. No I'm getting wildly different business ideas. I had another one that was like start with food trip. Go go the restaurant and then do cooking classes at home and classes for the kitchen. Oh considering being a real estate business person being a house flippers over the play. K- okay. Okay he says. I don't WanNa like climb the ladder and find out. I'm on the wrong house. No that's right okay. So I have an exercise for you K. And this is what you need to do this year homework assignment. What you need to do is And I don't care if you do it on a computer but I'm a fan of a pencil and piece of paper Pen and paper and I want you to write down all the different ideas on a piece of paper okay. So flipping houses real estate food truck designing gardens urban areas all the things. Okay write them all out all right then. I want you to do the exercise of our all of these business ideas in my sweet spot. Meaning I have natural gifts and talents hard skills and soft skills. My Best Talents. Allow me to do these businesses check. 'em I really really in love with the work of running these businesses do i. Am I really really passionate about driving a food truck around and serving people food and hiring other people to do you got to really walk through this on each of these ideas these businesses because they're real businesses if you make them happen so you gotTa know? Am I passionate about the work itself and then the results of the business does that? Fire me up you know. For instance. I Have Great Passion For creating a sustainable garden for somebody more excitement about that than I do. Serving People Burger walk through what I teach on the show. Talent Passion mission. Are those in your sweet spot? Start there the second piece of homework very simple. If you could only choose one which one would you choose? And why and then start interviewing people who are in those businesses and get clarity. This is the comb show per the Ken. Coleman show continues thrilled the heavy with us as we help men and women get clear. Get the answer to the age old question. Why am I here? Here is a part of your answer. You're here to contribute to make the world better place with your talent through your passion create results that our mission for you. This is the idea of work that matters meaningful work. Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven is the number to jump in. You can email the show Aska. Ken Coleman Dot Com If you WANNA follow me on Instagram at Ken. Coleman we have some great content over there and that audience is booming also on Youtube every day. Twelve eastern live on Youtube. Search the Ken Coleman Show so continuing to come to you and every format that is available. Let's go to John. Who is joining us in? Fort Wayne Indiana John. You're on the Ken. Coleman show I can Jon for taking my call you bet I am on a temporary layoff. Extraordinaire March the twenty They have called that one out of three shifts per se. Hold on hold on hold on. You're breaking up. Let's just your phone and tell me that part one more time please. Oh sorry about that They had called the one out of three shifts back so hard. Okay according to the news articles that I ever and They are waiting on parts from Mexico because Mexico or shutdown also They have never heavily off and their intentions to call back all three Scherzer's and I'm not sure whether to wait on their show that I would working at prior to their shutdown showdown or get another job okay. Well let's let's take out the temporary layoff situation. Let's take it out of the equation. If you had not been laid off would you be considered another position or would you be pretty happy there and looking forward to stay in there for a while prior to the code? I was happy where that I think you have to consider that now. Let's look at the other opportunities that maybe you've identified. Are Those better opportunities? Could they lead to better opportunities They wouldn't be when I was working. Where something temporary okay. So wasn't gonNA stay at. Yes so unless you have better options. If it were me I would be Working two or three jobs And just staying afloat until this tilde shifts comeback. Because of news looks pretty good so I think you can stay afloat in the short term Cutting your expenses again one or two jobs whatever you gotta do just to take care of your basic needs and communicate to everybody that you know That you might need to communicate to. Hey this is a temporary layoff but I think you can make it through and I. I'd hold tight. That's what I would do. Sounds like sounds like that's what you were leaning towards. You just wanted my opinion correct. Yeah I think it's a good move are you do? Do you have any part time work or could you do two part time jobs or get a you know? Just an hourly fulltime job or something. Just in the interim yes. That's what I do absolutely would do that. And in the minute they call you go out. Outta here you know and I like that. I think you can do that. And there's no reason for you to look for something new at this point based on the information you have no if the timeline changes then you have to. Change Your Game Plan. Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven is the number. Let's go to you Dora. Kansas Kerry joins US their carrier on the Ken Coleman Show. Hi thanks for taking my call. You bet carry what's up. Well I currently have an associate's degree and I have over twenty years of experience with that degree I'm at a point in my life where I have more time to go back and get my bachelor's degree and I'm leaning towards human resources which I have zero experience. My problem is that most of the physicians. I see that are advertised. Want not only bachelor's degree but five plus years of experience which I don't have and I'm forty six years old right well time. Time is a little bit of the essence right. But let's talk about those positions those positions that want five years of experience. Those are probably mid range or higher up the ladder then and I'm not expecting to you. Come out with a bachelor's degree expecting mid level I have no problem with entry level but even some of the entry level want you know two to three years of experience but see. I never understand. Does that make any sense for you? Know the entry level but you gotTa have two to three years experience okay. I've always thought that so silly so I guess my point is. I don't always buy that. You know because it's like okay I so it's entry level for you all company Xyz but you want but you want him to go work in HR for somebody else before they come to your entry level position just seems silly. I would look into it A little bit more before pursuing the degree. So I I dive into that a little bit more and this is where the proximity principle comes in. I'd love for you to talk to some. I love you to find some connections. And you've got them where you can talk to some experience. Hr People and bring that very issue. Hey I get it that. I'm not qualified right now to take a mid level or higher level. Hr position but for entry level. Do I really need two to three years so I gotTa go find somebody to let me just take a job in HR. And I got to do that for two years before I get these. It doesn't seem to make sense. I just talked to some HR pros about that. Because here's what I think. I think at forty six. You've got twenty years experience in what industry Administration management. Yeah see I think. That's extremely transferable so. It's my opinion that let's say I could spend five minutes with you on a Whiteboard Carey and I could come up with all the different skills and experiences from your twenty years in that other role that are easily transferable to the experience needed for the HR entry level position. Feel like I could do that pretty easily. You agree or disagree. I agree okay so I just trapped. You didn't know I was trapping but I trapped you into good track so if I could do it in five minutes with you on the whiteboard couldn't pull up a couple of websites on your own and look at the job description and what's what's involved and then look at what they're saying if they list anything. You need these skills or this experience. Don't you think you've got all that experience already? And it's just a function of showing them that you've got all that experience apperently. Don't you think that's already there just because it wasn't an official? Hr Department does that really matter. Gotcha you see that makes sense now. Here's the deal now. Here's the deal though. Do that homework assignment. I which is show. Prove to yourself that you got transferable skills and experience all right. Okay second I want you to talk to some HR pros. And let's validate what you and I are thinking because I'm pretty sure we're right and then you get that confidence and then we decided to go forward on education. Because I'm actually going to challenge you that. If you make the right connections you may not need the degree after all if you use the proximity principle. The right way and somebody goes. Hey she's transitioned from this particular sector in this particular type of work she wants to move to. Hr AND WE'RE GONNA wave the degree for her because twenty years experience. Doing basically I just want you to pursue that before you decide on the education piece because it's all about connections and I think if you can talk to some hr pros and they prove that to you. Maybe you don't have to go to school. Maybe you do but I want you to be sure absolutely sure that you need it. GotTa know and folks. I'm going to tell you that I can Joe. I'm playing the CYNIC for moment. Oh can you just you just basically turn everything into the proximity principle you to say you know you just go do this. Yeah I do you know why you know why employers put some of those qualifications on the website because they've always done it that way that's number one number two they're trying to discouraged wing nuts and Wackos and losers from applying but carries. Not any of those things. See transferable skills and experience is probably enough whether you've ever been in that type of work before or not go back to the job description. Look at it that homework assignment. She's GonNa do. It's going to be a game changer. Absolutely love it. Don't assume you gotta go get a degree. Do Your Homework I. This is the Ken Coleman show. Let's let's go to Chicago Illinois. Where MARKETA joins US MARKETA? You're on the Ken Coleman show. Hi Ken how're you? I am living the dream. How are you I'm good? I'm really nervous all well. Listen Dopey we're going to have fun. It's all about you and I'm here. I am on team Marketa. So don't be nervous. Okay thank you okay. So my question is I wanted to know like how? How do I apply the proximity principles? When I'm not exactly GONNA use it to say get a job so I'm went into do all of this stuff for personal use for When I start my own business someday oh great okay. So the idea is. You're not trying to use the proximity principle to work for somebody else. You WanNA use the proximity principle to set you up four starting your own business one day and then when you're in it how do you win with it correct? Yes yeah okay. This is really simple. So let's now. Let's talk about what the idea is giving. GimMe the best version of your your one day business. Okay so My idea is I want to go into Basically supply chain management. But it's GonNa apply to myself when I have my own trucking company some day. If that makes sense it makes total sense. Okay Shit so yeah so Future Marketa wants to be a successful trucking magnate. Right whether it's trucks or thirty you want to run a successful trucking company and as a part of running a truck company you mentioned supply chain managers a big part of that so this is where the proximity principle works for you. You need to start getting to know people who either run trucking companies or no people who run truck companies right. Why so that you start to talk to them and go. Hey you know I heard you run You got about thirty local trucks and and then you do some regional stuff love to We've got a mutual friend and love to buy your lunch sometime Do a phone call soon caller coffee and eventually I WANNA be you But I you know more than I could possibly ever dream knowing something. Nice like that and you just go hang out with them and talk to him and say. Hey. How'd you get started? Did you start with one truck right away? You know what? What kind of capital do I need to truly you just? It's almost like you doing a college research paper on people who are in the business you want to be in you got it okay. So the way you used the proximity principle is you start going. Who Do I know that? Know somebody that can get me to those people they are the people doing what you WanNa do. Now in the places are there conventions associations online communities where these trucking supply chain management. People are showing up and you save up. We've got the cash start going. The things are getting online in those online communities being a part of those online community subscribing to newsletters things like that that's proximity. You're just getting around people who are in the trucking business own their own trucking business or work for a major conglomerate but they're willing to give you some inside baseball and teach you what you need to know I guess Yeah Okay. Okay that makes us can thank you so much. It's not hard is it? No I guess it was. If we have time is I guess the other part of the question is how do you do? It is such a competitive industry because Some of the things just saying I I have been doing but not under scale where I'm actually gaining the the actual knowledge in the numbers where to start. Because it's so competitive. Okay so seek out somebody. That's not an actual competitor. One day right okay. Okay so what? Are you talking about semis? Are we talking about? Trump's what are we talk about? Yes a semi truck. Yes what would you be hall anything and everything right? Yes Yep you have everything down the road right. How many years I mean let's be honest? How many years before you think you'll be ready to do that? So because I'm already in the industry I work as a company driver now. So there's only so much that I could do without You know conflict of interest my job so I can't exactly go into office. Say Hey can I shadow? You know a supply chain manager or something like that. I can't exactly do that but I want to do. Outside of my job for personal four so my plane is you. Could you getting in touch with the supply chain manager at another company? Ninety competition at all. They're going to be on that. You WanNa pick their brain. They're going to be flat out. What is the last time? Those people got a phone call going. Hey I'd love to take you to lunch and pick your brain about how you do what you do. They're going to be shocked out of their mind. Are you kidding me? I mean you want to call us. Apply J. Manager and a logistics person. Go head love to pick your brain on your job and I'm good for a cup of coffee a couple. They're going to be like really you want to talk to me about my work. Oh my gosh you got this marquee to go go go. Just don't talk to the people that you think you're GONNA be directly competing with. There's plenty of Information. Go get it. Let's go to Ryan in Wilmington North Carolina joining the Ken Coleman Show now Ryan. How can I help you doing surrogate talk to you? We'll talk to you what's going on okay. Well I'm new to the Wilmington area pretty much. I don't have family and friends or contacts here and I'm a fulltime diesel mechanic. What I'm trying to do grow my side business pool. I've got a full-time job that I'm satisfied with but I've always had a service truck and just always tried to keep the side businesses going for extra income but especially now with the coronavirus going on. I'm kind of fearful had some businesses in mind that wanted to meet but I just don't feel comfortable walking into a place knocking the door. You know some people may flip out goes you know. I don't have to be there and others may not care but just trying to see how can meet some new customers in this area. Yes so give. An example of those places are the they have like trucks. That are Lisa Company. Box trucks. You know be a local moving company there and got it and so you're going. Hey I could be your mechanic. I can match everybody else's price or maybe beat it and I'm your guy just wanted to let you know I'm in the area and if you ever need me to work on the truck let me know kind of So there's no real difference here I get what you're saying. I got one hundred percent or saying but let's just remove corona from the situation for a moment. How would you go meet people in in that situation? That would be another good point that I could probably use some help with but generally I would just go into the place and if I'm lucky I can get to talk to the right person but a Lotta Times that don't happen. I'll get hit with the receptionist. They'll take her card and I don't get a call back if I end up meeting a manager. Generally you know we could talk and I do pretty well that way but kind of also hitting meals I got I got you so you know what I think it's interesting so you're really servicing these trucks that are out and about and running around correct. That's correct. Yeah I gotTa Tell Ya. I'll tell you what I would do if I were you. I'd try to go meet them where they are instead of going to the Home Office and trying to get the remainder. I'd I'd be a little bit more rogue in a fun way and these drivers are the ones that are dealing with these things. When these things break down the drivers of the one deal with right it would be up to the owners or managers to kind of decide who to go to. A lot of them will go to a truck nausea or whatever whereas more of what I'm offering is to come out there to their location and work out of my service. Drug taking getting smart point is the driver's dealing with their the one that breaking down or have a problem and then they call the boss and the boss's already got a prearranged thing my points. I'd connect with the drivers and go. Hey listen I'm new to the area got a full rig truck. Come to you guys. I can meet you out on the you know. You're out on the path and thing breaks down. I come you guys and get you back up and running see. They're the ones you want to be your champions to the manager. You see where I'm going with this and they're lot more accessible okay. I guess trying to find them might be a little challenge. They're out on the road you know unless they're terminal thing. Well I mean my point is is. You're you're getting to know what these routes are and I don't think it's that Harvey to find out where these folks are going and how they're delivering and things of that nature. I'll tell you the other thing too that I'm going to recommend you know what I would do. I'd find out. I called her subject. Final who the managers and say. Hey I want to drop off a care package a mobile mechanic. I can come out and and I'd like to drop off a care package. Tell me a couple of things. What are they like and blow their mind? And then you show up and you hand the receptionist Or or whoever you know Pack of meat or something like that or whatever you know or a bottle of wine or six. Pack of their favorite bruise or whatever get creative or coffee basket right. Here's the deal and you got a handwritten note with your card and just say hey. Just let them know. I know they're busy if they're available. I just wanted to say hi. Let them know. I'm in the area and I can come to them. They don't have to ship their trucks to shop anymore. I can come to you all and fix it. I've been doing it this many years. I'm new to the area. It's something I do on the side so there's no heavy pressure. I just be memorable and I think you've got to come up with not just the introduction that's memorable like I'm describing which is connecting with drivers when you see when you see a guy pulled over the side of the road and he's delivering something hop out real quick and just say hey man just want to let you know in the area and if you're not comfortable with that don't do it but I'm just telling you that the good old fashioned enthusiasm and letting these drivers know. Hey who do I talk to a richer shop? Who's the person to talk to you? Know they're good for information. And maybe a connection not just information but I if you don't come from with that go with my approach which is surprise and delight and not only. Are you showing up with some really thoughtful gift or whatever could be something really smart talking about a bunch of money here And then you're GONNA look. I'm I'm new to the area but I've been doing this a long time in in I've got references night and give you all that but I just want to let you know I'll match or beat whatever your rate is on whoever's fixing your trucks right now and I'm willing to say I'll fix one of your trucks next time. You got a truck breakdown. I'll fix it for free just to show you that. I can do great work. That's kind of thing I would do now. Is that bold? You Bet? But it's your side business. So why not offer free tune up to? Hey let me prove myself. I'll get it done better and faster and I come to you. That saving them time and money so nice offer yes. I have considered that. No that sounds awesome. Do it the help. That's yeah you bet. Listen you gotTA stand out Ryan and so standing out means I gotta do something really really different get creative eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven is the number eight four seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's go to Bianca in Los Angeles. Bianco you're on the Ken Coleman show. Hi somebody may question is What to do in my life right now in given the circumstances but I'm and I am twenty nine. I recently got hired at USC without a high school diploma shortly after able to obtain the high school diploma I would like to go to school. Go Back to school now for physicians assistant however My fiancee's moving out of town due to his Personal financial issues that he has going on and at this point is. I don't know if I should go with him or stay here I would have a job over there here. I have at least a stable job and seems no no no Bianca. Can I be your big brother right now? Yeah no no no no no. Don't follow him You just told us. He has financial issues which is why he's moving. Presumably moving to get a job good for him. He's up his financial issues before you follow him anywhere and I'll tell you something else. He needs put a ring on it before he following. You know what I'm talking about Bianchi know that song from the onset all the single ladies. Listen you're stable right now. He's not if he loves you and he wants to be your husband. He will understand and he will not put pressure on you to follow now. I'm okay if you WANNA follow eventually after you find something for you and if you were to step from one platform to another that. I'm fine with that okay. But I don't want you to put your life into any kind of instability while he's trying to get stable. It doesn't make any sense and you guys if you're in it for the long haul which I hope you are but if you're not that's why we that's that's you know that's why we do this whole fiance. He did put a ring on it but I wanNA see him finish the job. You know what I'm saying. I want to see him commit. And you guys got to figure what that looks like But right now I would not follow him. You know you both need to be stable so we can get ready to get married. So I'd hold tight right now. Absence makes the heart grow fond. And then when we go through with the wedding then you move. Yeah absolutely no need to complicate what is already a complicated thing which is being married the first year and all that kind of stuff and I kinda I kinda again. I should give the Guy Credit Joe. I was so excited about the put. The ring on it thing right but but yeah. I know some of your going kin. They they put the dime. I get it. I get it but I want to see him. Show up on at the Church on Wedding Day. You know what I mean. Let's not move yet. Let's not move yet say Seni- were apart for six months. I was in Richmond Virginia and she was back at home in Charlotte North Carolina at the time. Getting Ready for the wedding and I drove on the weekends and We try to see her at least two or three times a month on the weekends and it was excruciating but it was also awesome for our relationship. I was in Richmond preparing the home and getting ready and she was getting ready for the wedding and and she was applying for jobs in Richmond. Virginia and she got him and Blah Blah Blah. So just wait. It's worth it. My Time's almost up but before I let you go you matter and you do have what it takes. Thank you so much for joining us until next time. This is the Ken Coleman. Show press on. Thanks for listening to the Ken Coleman. Show for more. You can find the show on demand wherever you listen to podcasts. And watched the show on Youtube. You can also find can across all social media by following at Ken Coleman. Hey folks wanted to check out our other Ramsey network podcast like Christie Rights Business Boutique Hand Christy Wright. And I help women. All over the country take their ideas and passions and hobbies and turn them into profitable businesses. If you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you've ever wondered if you could make money doing it. 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