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1600: An Excerpt from the book Reframe the Day: Embracing the Craft of Life, One Day at a Time by Adam M. Lowenstein


This is optimal living daily episodes. Sixteen hundred an excerpt from the book re frame the day embracing the craft of life. One day at a time by Adam M Lowenstein number narrator just molly greeny you blogs or articles every single day of the year but sometimes book excerpts like today all in an effort to help you live a more meaningful life covering personal growth self. Help Happiness minimalism productivity more before we get to it. If you have a business or you know someone who does you probably know that small business owners wear a lot hats? Some of those has are totally great. But some life filing taxes and running payroll for example are not so great as we're Gusto comes in Gustov makes payroll taxes in. Hr actually easy for small businesses fast simple payroll processing benefits in simple management tools. All in one place Gusto automatically pays and files your federal state and local taxes. So you have to worry about it. Plus they make it easy to add on health benefits and even 401k's for your team. Those old school clunky payroll providers just weren't built for the way modern small businesses work. But Gusto is now's the time to get set up. Don't wait listener to get three months free when they run their first payroll try. See for yourself at Gusto dot com slash old. That's G. U. S. T. O. DOT COM slash O. L. D. now as I mentioned have a book excerpt for you today. I'll tell you more about Adam right after the reading so Fernandes get right to it as we optimize your life. An excerpt from the book reframe the day embracing the craft of life. One day at a time by Adam M Lowenstein for many of US amidst the chaos craziness of our days. There's something missing something we need but rarely make time for is something that modern life has stolen from us in tiny subtle increments to the point where it's almost entirely non existent in our lives. We haven't really noticed that it's gone. We simply grown used to living without it. What is it there is no stillness? No space no time to pause. Naubert unity to think no moment when we're not planning counting down or counting up to something no moment we were not worrying about what comes next and what comes after that and will ever have time to do all of it as we rush frantically from one thing to the was the easiest and thus the first item on the calendar that we sacrifice blank space. Empty space uncommitted space time when we go for a walk think journal talked to a friend be bored and possibly inspired or open up a blank document and start typing. Whatever COMES TO MIND TIME? We need to process what's going on in our lives. Stillness is about providing the space and security for our brains to operate at their best is about calming those background. Anxieties men enabling. What we care most about how to find a home in our consciousness. Should I check? This should not be doing that. Should I go to that event? How long will this take? Will they think if I don't do that? Stillness is about turning off these mental false alarms long enough to focus our attention on. What's in front of us? Whether that's a person we care about or a project we're working on the lives. We lead rarely accommodate these moments even when an opportunity for such a moment presents itself. It's quickly sacrificed when new obligations crop up in her book radical acceptance. The clinical psychologist and Meditation Teacher Tear Branch observes quote often. The moment when we most need to pause is exactly when it feels most intolerable to do so and quo when we most need a moment of stillness is when it feels most impractical to make time for one when we most need to focus on what matters is when we're overwhelmed by things that don't when we most need to track down the pause button and reboot our perspectives and priorities is when we don't even realize we've gone off course. Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned from former. Us Secretary of State. George Shultz who practiced what New York Times columnist even Leonard described as Schultz. Our as secretary of state for Ronald Reagan Leonard Writes Schultz quote light to carve out one hour each week. For quiet. Reflection and quote Schultz tells Lenhart that quote. His our solitude was the only way he could find time to think about the strategic aspects of his job otherwise he would be causally pulled into moment a moment tactical issues never able to focus on larger questions of the national interest and quote while most of us are in America's highest ranking diplomat. Nearly all of us allow ourselves to be constantly pulled into moment to moment tactical issues responding to whatever flashes on our screens and leaving our time. Attention and focus to the mercy of our surroundings another approach to making time for stillness is what my dad calls. Tuesday's to right. He long recognised difficulties. He and his medical school colleagues faced while trying to balance commitments to teaching supporting their families practicing medicine writing and publishing inspired by the uninterrupted and often unconnected simplicity of working in a hotel room more on an airplane. He urges faculty members to quote protect a few extra hours each week hours. I can be used for writing. Study self renewal or the choir pursuit of knowledge and quote he suggests scheduling quote blocks of time for writing than protect. This time is now unavailable for walk. In visits phone calls or rogue meetings and quote the Third Way to carve out deliberate thinking time in the middle of a busy day is to pursue what cal Newport calls productive meditation for Productive Meditation Newport suggests in his book deep work quote take a period in which you're occupied physically but not mentally and focus your attention on a single well-defined professional problem and quote by way of example. He suggests a walk in the middle of the day. Not a walk where you check your phone calls Stanley or call a friend or listen to a podcast but a walk. Where you'd think about a specific challenge and consciously. Bring your mind back to that problem when you get distracted productive. Meditation of course is really just another way of proactively creating mental space. Whatever approach we take? We can't wait for stillness to magically present itself because Mitt won't whether it's Schultz our Tuesday Joe Right or a productive meditation we have to create these moments. We have to protect them and we have to pause from time to time to appreciate finding them where we can. Stillness doesn't require weekend or vacation or special occasion. No matter your schedule with proactive and intentional effort there are plenty of ways to find a brief dose of it in the middle of every hectic day. Sometimes it's as simple as sitting down for a few minutes with pen and a blank. No Pat or switching the phone to airplane mode and opening a new document and a notes APP to brain dump the little things that have been bouncing around in your head. How do my fine moments of stillness I find them by including items like make time to think and take a walk on my to do list? So I'm reminded every day that life is more than a series of burdensome obligations? I find it by trying to write and meditate. First thing. Every morning I find it by uninstalled. Apps and deleting social media accounts some better able to resist a compulsion to spend time online. I find it by recognizing that stillness in stimulus rarely coexist so I disabled technology traps that steal my attention like smartphone notifications than email alerts. I find it by consuming more of the content. I find fulfilling and less of the political news. As stresses me out I find it by taking concrete steps to reject my addiction. A business like refusing to check working on the weekends. I find it by catching myself before I say yes to something based solely on foam. Oh the fear of missing out. I find when I realize I'm needlessly judging people around me or knee lucy judging myself and make a conscious choice to practice forgiveness instead. I don't do all of these things all the time when I do manage to do them. I don't do them perfectly. But the goal isn't a life of perpetual stillness which is surely impossible anyway. The goal is to find a little stillness each day a little more today than yesterday if we can and a little more tomorrow than today even the simple act of thinking about these tools and techniques can help the reframe how we go about our days so that stillness. It's higher on our list of priorities than it used to serve you. Just listen to an excerpt from the book. Reframe the day embracing the craft of life one day at a time. By Adam M Lowenstein they get Adam. The book is out today. Actually seen grab a copy now. Adam spent eight years working in American government and politics most recently as a speechwriter in strategic communications advisor in the United States Senate. Today Adam lives in London with his partner Erin and writes frequently about politics. Work Man Life visit his websites his latest work and subscribe to his newsletter referring her inbox at Adam L. Dot blog. And don't forget Gusto offers modern easy payroll and benefits to small businesses across the country. They're even named best online payroll by PC MAG get three months free when you run your first payroll at Gusto dot com slash old. That's G. U. S. T. O. DOT COM slash L. D. But I'll do for today. Have a great rest of day and all see tomorrow. Where your optimal life awaits.

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