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Catherine Cohen's Dreams


This is a head gum podcast. Support for this show is brought to you by the new audible original heads will roll Saturday, lives, Kate McKinnon and co-creator. Emily Lynn, enter the night, Rome where evil Queen Martina and her ditzy Raymond psychic must put down a peasant rebellion at save the throne. The scripted audio comedy. Also features the wicked towns of Meryl Streep Tim Gunn. Peter Gingrich queer is fab five eighty Brian. And so many more listen free with Thurday trial. Just go to audible dot com slash vulture heads. That's audible dot com slash vulture hits. Hi. And welcome to good one a podcast about jokes. I'm your host vulture senior editor Jesse Dave FOX, and I have a little treat for you today. It's another bonus episode. So I've been following comedy professionally for nearly a decade now and personally for longer than that, obviously. And one of the most exciting parts of that job is when you see someone just a bit under the surface, maybe people know them in Brooklyn and the east side of Los Angeles. But you can tell that they are destined for something. It's more than thinking oh this person to star though, that's part of it. It's this person is operating such specific self inspired frequency that. You just know that the culture will eventually fall for them it. It's a thing where you watch them. And you're like, wow, you are so many people's future favorite comedian. This all say, this is what it's like when I watched Katherine Cohen coast of the Truman podcast and one of the most exciting new voices out there. Do use her parlance. I like so many other obsessed, and if you aren't already get ready to be so this many episode with Katherine Cohen was recorded live at union hall for what became the Julie classroom episode and people have been super supportive of our last bonus good one with Mat Rogers and bone Yang. And it means a lot that we can use this podcast to showcase the sort of full range of what is happening in comedy right now. One more thing before we go to Katherine. I haven't announcement that I think you'll be interested in as a person. Currently listening to his podcast this show. Good one eight podcast about jokes back with full length episodes with some insanely super exciting guests on may twentieth. I cannot wait for you to hear what we've been working on alas. I must but thankfully, I can bring a cat Cohen. So without further ado, here's Kevin Cohen and her dreams. Oh my God. And amazing voice. Give me think. Okay. She has it all and it's true. I I'm young. I'm gorgeous. Oh, but just this morning. I had one sip of cold Bruin ruined mile and the hall. That's right stars. They're just like oh my God. Okay. Addicted to this venue like a library. But instead of reading you drink which I am obsessed with. I went home for the hall holidays. If your present, and I was just like drunk everyday. And I'm trying not to do that anymore. Going home for the hose a great way to see which of your friends from high school is deeply involved in a pyramid scheme. I'm jogging Ging's dogging lipsticks don't rub off car. I know I should stop saying I'm sorry. When someone tells me they're engaged where there's a lot of things I should do. When someone tells you they're married. I do blackout and forget their name. When someone shows me their ring after engaged, I'm like, okay, I'm listening. I love being jealous or something that I don't want. I am newly single. I just went through a break up. Think Yaar breakup are cool because it's like a best friend, and then they die. Oh, come on. Try. Thought seriously. I didn't like having a boyfriend. I don't like being the of girl, my friend, mainly because the girls were like way fan or the same kind of girls who were like there's actually too much sugar and fruit. So for me hits the desert pop. Absolutely, absolutely. I'm back on the Mark your fucking heart sow. My type is anyone who doesn't care if I lived I or anyone who can be sort of shrieking at a city bike in flat iron because they can't figure out how to get in and out of the thing. Is my sexuality red-faced sweating through tie on my God, I want I want to yell at me is this health my therapist. Let's call her. And because that's her name. She she was like. You're to instant instantly intimate. Okay. Do you work for BuzzFeed? What's what's your endgame batch to suffer from depression, or as I like to call it crying because outside smells like the best. I love nostalgia hurts end feels bad. After my boyfriend. I broke up once again, thank you, we proceeded to live together for two more months, which is actually good for the environment. Thank you. So I moved out literally one week ago to that Manhattan, the Manhattan, you probably tell you I smell it on me that I don't live in Brooklyn anymore. I'm sorry. Miss you. Seriously, miss. You is. Absolutely, absolutely. Since I'm moving watching a lot of apartment therapy videos, and they're all like how to make a small space work for you. And in the videos, everyone's like, I put a shelf under my mattress, my master's his books. My toilet is the floor. I don't show. And microwave I watched one where this girl is couple who lives in a tiny space and the girls. Like what's interesting about is that I'm five two, but he's actually six five. And I just think when someone six five it can be really incredible for everyone involved communities really rally around that. I'm sorry. If this gets too tall. I will try to fuck it. So I'm gonna make it a little blower when I was packing for big move. I found absolutely gorgeous little new book it said Catherine's dream journal. And it was two entries from two thousand sixteen and then obviously up nothing. What's follow through? I don't know. Never heard of it. So do the little bit of what a lot of people would call a song. This this on about what I found in the dream journal. And it's really basically the first person sort of the ground-breaking idea that I'm going to discuss tonight. Is that dream my dreams are weird. I don't like. Hang on. I know I have you in the palm my hand. And I love every minute of it. So I'm going to the DJ can hit that t. Obsessed. Yes. So bold to bring NO karaoke truck to show breaks might even say it's brave turn it up. Thank you. No, no matter. No, no matter. Bill. Three grossest booking things like having sex. Never cowgirl in my. I like his music. Music. When a long woods. Spurs Mira tree. But I. No, no, no. No. No. No, no, no, not no. The. Nine. Another fucking dream that I. Tripods? No one ever watch. It. King. This thing that I throw cross the room when I back for the lines or the role trunk girl. Number two. I don't even light blocking Texas. I. Really have to. Just nine they're like beached whale. And. No, no, no. Snow on. No winning on wanna weady wanna winning. Being on. Fifty thousand people alter ride shit every ever. -pointment sowing the answer to this. Go buy them. Everyone will be like. Toby? Reality. I just wanted to go really fucking. No, no. Oh my God. Like, I sort of had this which I loved well. Katherine cohen. Thank you. Welcome to my. Out that for you got up Sloot have hung. How did you like are you? Sure, you don't do this. You can always me. Maybe I don't care what guys think of her. I don't fucking shut his I'm confidence. There's a little blood coming out of my mind, you're gonna marry yourself. I'm going to marry myself salute is this based on a true story and true dreams. I have recurring sex dreams about 'em. And it was reverse cowgirl position. I don't like because my assholes really hairy. And that's okay. And that's actually beautiful even. When you're like, this is thing I need to start writing about this dream. Well, if I may I have to share our next guests who we know and love so near and dear they have show. I don't think so Honey work comedians rail against culture for one hot hot minute. And in the in the heat of the summer the heat of the summer, and this was when I was living in Brooklyn, which you might have probably been able to know I did. And I don't think any of my dreams, and I didn't really prepare it because I am kind of chill, and I don't really care about shit. And so it ended it evolved into me yelling. No, my dreams. And I thought maybe there's a song in there. And you guys are like, I don't think so. So then what happens next? How does it? Then become a song. Do you serve lyrics? You get the music. What do you do? Yeah. I I started going. No, no Madria. And then I I write the lyrics. Our like I have. And then Henry Caparo ski my piano player collaborator angel of music. He will start playing chords. And then I'll kind of improvise over that. And then usually we stay with whatever I say I because I'm lazy and have no followed. Say like a style or just sort of guesses based on. Yes. When I was like, obviously, it was love story by Taylor swift. I was pretty clear with the key change. That to me is too. So this is a newer song. This is your new song is now a men hadn't comedian end. Mean to you to be a minute. Oh, my I thought you'd never have in mostly means talking about it a lot and making sure everyone knows about it. What happened? I have to talk about. And this is real I don't I don't ever lie last night. I'm sitting in my Newman apartment, which is obviously incredibly expensive. I love throwing money in the garbage. And I'm laying here this big crash. I'm watching a scape from more. Done mona. Sure, I hear a crash that crash wasn't in the show. I go the living room. It is a one bedroom. Calm down. And I see the half my window has fallen on shouted all over the floor. This is last night. Classic met end store. Classic Manhattan love story. And I'm like, I moved here for this fucking shit. Anyways. So I had to keep talking. I had to call. I had to call my new lover come over to his place. And I was like this winter thing kind of worked out for me. When you were a young person in Houston, Texas, where you're from always imagined a Manhattan commission, literally. Yes, maybe not a comedian. But a person in Manhattan. How does I feel like you came? You're like, oh, I will be Joe's pub person. How does the person who's not from here know that I watched clips of people singing at Joe's pub on YouTube. And I was like those people are so cool. And that you're just like, oh, I don't know want to start doing the song. Oh, that'd be a dream to do at their apprehension to be a singing comedian. Yeah. I think comedy can be so fucking awful, obviously minds. Perfect and flawless her. Some people at work. How do you feel about rhyming do like, I don't know how to rhyme or write a joke? I wanna be clear about that. I never said I did. Though, you didn't do tonight. Sometimes you're able to burp on command. I can do. What you say a little joke. Sorry, literally can't stop creating content. I can't live on command for you. He's paying me millions to be here. So you were on difficult people. I was I have online you played it was Brooklyn Vilma. I believe yes. Tell me about that day. Oh, is it such a dream? I'd love the show. I never done anything on TV. And I went, and I thought I made it. Yes, fun. Do I have any other questions? Not even. Yeah. What's your deal? I hope this podcast. You do so much mostly just this. No. And there's more. Cool. What are you going up to tonight? So this and then after you Madam bow. And then Julie, my parents are here. Oh my God. I know. Well, I love that. Are you close with your parents me too? I'm so close parents and don't talks about that. Knowing that it's about loving your family. I love my fucking family. Catherine. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. That's it for another upset of good one. Katherine Cohen will be form in her solo show. The twist she's gorgeous at Joe's pub in New York on may fifteenth June seventeenth and July eleventh folk Catherine on Twitter at cats Cohen produced by Mike commentate with production help from Melnik and just min Molly Justin de right? That are seem so. Our view the show at apple podcast but stars. And, hey, if you know anyone might like the podcast, maybe tell what the heck Eamonn comments questions or lapping around suggestions to podcasts at GO dot com. I'm Dave sitting at Jesse David FOX back next week with a new episode and a new joke have a good one. Support for this show is brought to you by the new audible original heads will roll from Senator Kay McKinnon and co creator, Emily Lynn, enter the night room or evil Queen Martina energy, raven sidekick put down a rebellion and save the throne will their friendship survive sensitive generals, Chetty sex slaves, wanna behemoths prince's with bird fetishes, and the notion of democracy. This audio set features the wicked talents of barrel Streep, Tim Gunn. Peter did good queer is fat five eighty Brian and so many more. It's a scripted audio comedy TV for your ears. Listen free thirty day trial. Just go to audible dot com slash vulture hits. That's awful dot com. Culture heads. That was a Hickam podcast.

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