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EP60 - Most Run Their Business As a Job


Big Guys I'm excited to talk about something to something today is one of those days which I haven't actually prepared for anything so I thought I'd just come around the guys today hey guys what's up about the podcast hope you guys doing well and enjoying the weather I'm super pumped tat usual every time I come here and always you won't ever be able to grow the business hope this make sense I'll speak t s tomorrow not so next question when I say these kind of stuff next people coming to me if I'm not doing it who else can do it which is a pretty cool question right why because you're working only one thing which you know you're aware of you're comfortable with and if you're not doing the other five things which you have no idea rayleigh hopping to here for some business owners so if you are a business owner this probably the hardest thing for you if you are the one who's actually getting the clients who do the marketing

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