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Printing today's show number three Oh seven my name's Andy Cohen and I'm here Mr Whitney Potter I I'm doing pretty good you know I I close the business year and a half ago and worked for me so they had a job wasn't making any money right money I did make but these guys are not signing the lease I've had enough I'm going to retirement a sell off the and but that's the reality of business on both the employees honest with the employer and says well on leaving in a month okay you're done now and then you lose a month of work there's no win win now with with lows Bot the problem that they have is that if they're if they are continue what they're trying to do they're selling Mendel based three d forty dollars and that's at the high end you can go less than that I've heard I've seen them for one hundred let it happen the problem then is that they would have to give sixty days not do that so instead of admitting that they did not do that in and show eighty one of their employees you have is just off to be right above the percentage loyal stand will what the rest of their their remaining dozen people tourism unless they are selling service contracts supporting the existing printers is not a probably have printers on the shelves that They WanNa get rid of yeah they sprinter's knowing that the printer company is going out of business unless you were all radio is that it's all open source we'll get back to the question of the open source and not maybe we'll do that yeah there's lots of resources out there the if you're into the three D. Printer and playing if this is the question is is is is a viable business model what so at at half that is it a is an attractive printer Hoya the renter you're looking for a three D. Printer in your into no hawking and playing much profit in their in their production chain that they could just pair out and the thousand dollars wherever they were selling them before being the the mini the mini knows I think eleven hundred pasturing something in America on a cottage industry basis basically yep if you're you can't you're you you can't have any hiccups in your in your company if have to spend a lot of money developing that well I don't know just by themselves a can but I mean they they spend some amount of money developing it prototyping when you're on your companies I mean you see the Chinese manufacturers no longer selling because he's out of business now or he's in a different business should probably take that into account if you're going to be dependent upon as they published literally everything except about this bio printer I don't remember seeing them sources that you are not completely cut off if you have something that's that's proprietary when that company goes under your done that's one of the reasons one of the one of the main reasons why the company for your for your printer to be healthy is yeah that's a big you start talking about restarting something about a company dying and then restarting there's no way to get a thing pulled unless it's in violation of copyright to its do it yeah so I got I got it's become as active as the old mog group from years Ah Resource and a community a community of people like us who loved got a specific problem with your three d printer and you email us with that specific problem it may take renting tips and tricks you can get into that group and people from all nations three D. Printing nerds and plenty but there's also other stuff that posts eh as an amusing quote marks as a community Oh so said something positive like he loves to say positive things nothing about Jones why me in trouble good a good title says you know why the heck community the community sounds like free I don't I don't pay to look to see what what's their look it starts with a letter from Dale dougherty and in it was at the heart of all these amazing things that happened in the world like so because of that he took his money and purchased okay and the website and then he seemed to this innovation and all this stuff that's happened ever since it's all because of make make digital yes they provided a fantastic channel an effect tastic resource right you know designers design things for a purpose there's a requirement community is a lot of it is sort of the intersection of artistry and Engineering Yes original community of make not make itself the heart of engineers using led lighting and computerized lighting computerized things. They're just see the pants building stuff that was make form of of making stuff and that was great they also did they were provided a sales channel they could have been a kind we're alike let's see there's a company out there called invincibles I think now instead they were the middleman and they way up the price because the same time you had like eight or fruit and sparked the foods chirping examing along and and a paper on obsolete paper magazine that was probably real I would I would give a little bit but it was it was no no it is the national perfect bound paperback well it's it's a different it's a different sphere but it's the sort library and maybe it should have been the lower end magazine and then offense we're not reference material value really weren't oh so there's no point in suming and then for real meaningful stuff yeah there's some that were attached to every article but the problem is you know a year later now a lot of people who have not been to the San Mateo maker Faire did and that next May were shown at maker faire all of the steam at burning man was at maker faire that the rest of us can now go see and not die from dust leads the see this stuff on that was really the heart of the maker Faire for the okay on the one in Queens New York of the world's fairgrounds and from these fairs it's very very difficult to make money with these fares a of the maker faire were people didn't get paid who came in and got table to sit out right coming are paying to come and the people who are showing are paying to show and make a fair most of the people who are showing tale is saying join me and pay me and be you can listen is asking it doesn't really say just join their community and he's in any do any kind of business even if it's a nonprofit business but as the asking awesome and so for those of us who are brave enough to listen to the news each night Joel's in our government have made it a personal mission to start a no offense or buts about it there are tariffs substantial tariffs market do we see this now I have not looked in quite a while it just the simplest cheapest options you gotta a actually the same printer for two hundred thirty dollars Yep way under three pro for two fifty nine thirty three the price and the other three and cubic photon for three hundred that this is the the costs over time to the extent that if there are if there is a tariff surcharge it doesn't surprise me but I did I never priced one of these ender threes you know shipping right that's kind of a significant cut in price not a significant people selling have taken a hit and rather than lose market in the past sure they don't care because their costs are so absorbs there are commodity parts that are in these printers there stepper motors power it'll in China will we don't know is if the tariffs are actually right and you're tariff on stepper motors I have I have no idea but is there a tariff on three high-end not not prices are basically the same yeah and from anybody but Canada in quite a while so price there is seventeen ninety nine with prime free shipping that's less than what morning at the very end of August the end of August marks the retail number is when the orders are starting to be filled and usually October yours higher prices Interesting counterintuitive yeah yeah I would I would yeah I can't explain it we'll so I like to do that a couple times a week we'll both do it it's something that is not the screen up looking at things and I see a picture of something really interesting Poly Three d print of what could be like a tiger or lion go out that's that's Kinda cool I wonder how he printed that so I start looking around noticed there's S. T. L. Okay in the

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