RTFF #309: Week 7 (Part 2)


It's time to eat in my Bella sit down and get ready to consume in abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Russ Tucker. And Evan Silva me so hungry on the fantasy feast evening podcast, let's eat. Maybe it is the fantasy fees to Eden Park cast the show that so nice. We do it twice. And if you are looking for a place to place your online bets, we are presented by online dot AG. All you Purdue is use that promo code podcast. One. He's having. So let's get right back into it with the late games on Sunday. The Monday night game. We, of course, always discuss even if it's just briefly every fantasy relevant dude in everything goal game, it's just what we do because we're that. Zero and you have to have context to this to testify that you are checking out each and every week. It's so much more than that and that is your edge. That is how you win. Also, we every once in a while we tell you about awesome things like how about this new show on the CW. So I don't get chance to watch that much TV when I do though. I like when it's a somehow football related and be inspired by a true story. I like that. And that's exactly what CW has their incredible new series called all American. It's inspired by a true story. It's about Spencer James crazy talented, high school football player from the inner city gets recruited to play in Beverly Hills and awesome breakout role up and comer. Daniel Ezra shows major chops playing l. a. born and raised, Spencer James. Especially considering Daniels Brit. So LA south-central born and raised. The guys are Brit playing and that's interesting, and it's got all the drama. You want supports, drama, family drama, the drama between the coach and the player don't miss the incredible new series. All American Wednesdays only on this w and the CW app. Meal. Alright, Evan, let's start the Lake Games and the game that our producer Brian will be at that. If. If going to be a really entertaining game the saints coming off their bye against the ravens defense. That isn't just the best defense in the NFL. They're the best in the NFL by a lot. Yeah. I think that entering last week I would have said that the bears were right there with them, but hey, bears has got smoked tourist and the ravens. Set a franchise record for sacks. So I think this is a great real life football game, and it's kinda dicey for fantasy. I think that you have to lower expectations for the saints offense a player's number one outside of the Superdome number two. As you mentioned, they're playing this incredible opponent. So it really lowers the expectations. The projection for drew Brees as like a fringe fantasy starter. We no one is getting production at the quarterback position against the ravens saints do have a really good offense of line and in that should allow them to. Keep the pocket relatively clean for drew Brees. But I mean him having a big game just seems highly unlikely here. Mark Ingram comes back last week and he plays a huge role. I mean, he played essentially over Alvin Kamara. But. I think that that is likely to change going forward. I don't think that that's a sign of things to come. I just think that was an opportunity in a game of the saints really controlled. That was an opportunity for the saints to let Mark Ingram, knock off the rust. And I think that our chimera good sauce right back in. Mid range. Rb one and Mark Ingram is going to be a more of a touchdown, dependent guy like a low end Rb to against this great great defense on the road, Michael Thomas, that they could get him in the slot against Tehran young or Brandon car. Von young got banged up our he has been banged up. So I'm not sure if he is going to be available. But raining car has been the slot corner since Jimmy Smith came back from suspension whenever take on young has been out of the lineup, Michael Thomas skin can get enough of a favourable matchup to be to remain in the wide receiver. One conversation trae Quant Smith has that monster game against Washington on Monday night yet that came with Ted Ginn out that came at the Superdome. It came on only. Five targets. So. It's, you know, it's awesome to see trick Smith, but. It's difficult to chase, especially with Ted Ginn back after the bye kmered Mareth same sort of deal good to see him out there playing well with the exception of his loss fumble. But you know, tough to chase that in fantasy. Ben Watson, of course, also the Knicks for targets, although his usage has been down, Josh has been up. So just a lot of dudes competing for looks behind the to RB's and Michael Thomas that. Makes it not easy on us as fantasy football players need that need them back in the Superdome. I think that Joe flacco is of very, very stream. -able play this week. The saints have been batted pass defense can't really get after the quarterback twenty-fourth NFL and sacks twenty-ninth quarterback hit rate. Very stressful. I think that I would prefer to play Joe flacco ver- Matthew Stafford this week we talk about Matthew Stafford on the first Todd, cast. Alex Collins nineteen touches last week's two touchdowns he barely out. Snapped buck our now forty five percent to thirty seven percent. Gus Edwards. If you look at the box score, he had a bunch of Kerry ten carries, but he was really so much of a came in garbage time. I think that I was Collins is a sort of touchdown dependent or be two and buck island is like a lower end flex option PR reeks. In the receiver core. Marshon Lattimore had a concussion in that week, five game against Washington. He should be back. I think that the saints would stick him on John Brown, but I'm not totally sure the ravens made it a point. John Harbaugh Harbaugh talked about this after the game, the ravens made it a point to feed Michael Crabtree early in last week's game. He had eight drops in the first five games and they made sure to target in heavily early getting involved. He had an awesome gate. And so I don't know if that means that Marshall Lattimore might be assigned to him, but I think that at the end of the day, like we can't really worry about that too much. And John Brown is strong wide receiver to play. Despite a couple of slow weeks in a row saints have given up the fifth most twenty plus yard completions per game. Michael Crabtree is like a fringe wide receiver. Three Willie Snead revenge game for him, but he is scoreless since week. One hasn't reached has not gone over sixty yards in single game. So far this year, just a PR specific wide receiver. Four. He is catching a lot of balls Hayden Hurst. Has just been a rotational tight end. I mean, they've got four tight ends at the us eight Hearst, Mark Andrews max Williams, Nick boil. So not really a fantasy situation that you want to invest in in. We can move onto the next one. Cowboys and Redskins love this rivalry. I was on both sides of it and what the heck happened to the Cowboys against the Jags ofensive -ly Gallup made a nice play even though he's out of bounds. Dak Prescott running z Beasley. What do you got. I think that there. A combination of factors, but definitely the Cowboys using Dak Prescott proactively. As a runner, I think was. Was was played a big part. And of course the Jaguars inability to pass rush at all in the game. But I think that using Dak runner was very, very promising. He dockets been so bad fantasy arguably in real life for the last like sixteen games that I need to see it again here to to really believe it. I think it's good for Zeke Elliott. A may start to bring in some of the past catchers into play, but in terms of doc into independently, especially against a Redskins defense, that is pretty good against the pass, really has not given a very much fantasy production, but I'm going to need a nother game back Prescott to to trust him as a fantasy. Starter Beasley had the monster game. Teams have really struggled at slot receiver against Washington. Where KENDALL fuller, the, the guy that the guy now Smith trade, he has been really, really good at slot slot corner. So again, not really trying to chase the Colby's Lee Dak Prescott connection. I think that it's real, but it's just it's not going to be like what happened last week. Tau Redskins have given up four point four yards per carry. A two opposing running backs that bodes well for Zeke Elliott. Skains have also given up six point running back receptions per game. I think Zeke Elliot is the high confidence play in week six on week, seven on wash on dialysis side on Washington side. They did bounce back as we talked about last week kind of expected that for the victory, but it was not because I had like a big game. And you know he has not been top twelve fantasy quarterback. All five starts and. Other couples have been really good in pass defense. Only one of six quarterbacks to face them has been top twelve score on the week. They have a really strong pass rush in. They have solid secondary Klay. Adrian Peterson is just just a beast. Seventeen carries for ninety seven yards last week. Really his passing game involvement is not there. So that really lowers his four in his matchup is not very strong. Cowboys have been great in run defense holding opposing our bees to three point three yards per carry with three rushing TD's in six games. Sean Lee, I think is coming back this week. He practiced a little bit last week that bodes well. I think for him returning the the next week, I don't know about Chris Thompson, but Capri bibs got like no work. Last week. So it's Adrian Peterson or bust in the Redskins backfield barring Chris Thompson's return Jordan Reed, you know, the the, the targets were therefore last week, but of course, Vernon Davis winds up having his best game of the season. Stick which ordinary though. I mean. He's he's really good and he's still working out the kinks. I think with his quarterback all the perimeter receivers just don't want any part of them too in Washington, Jamison, Crowder. Did he play last week? We can move onto the next one. Okay. Let's get to. It's the Rams against the Niners tell you kinda fun to watch the Niners man. They're not, but there are a lot more entertaining than I thought they'd be without Jimmy g. I agree. I mean, CJ Beathard has got better. You know, that's natural progression that we probably should have expected. We haven't seen him make a ton of plays with his feet, but he can. He has eight career starts now under his belt. CJ Beathard averaging over twenty rushing yards per game is four. Rushing TD's in those eight starts, he is a legitimate streamer against the Rams. Rams of allow twenty seven point three points per game over the last three. CJ Beathard and also the Rams have given up a ten to one touchdown interception ratio and CJ Beathard has been like a high floor high upside fantasy play in this ball out, quick offense. The forty Niners have really done a great job of, you know, of course, under my on Kyle Shanahan of a scheming offense to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, and they got Marquise Goodwin rolling last week love to see that love it with marquee speed. When is healthy. Ninety three percent of the snaps last week Rams have been just terrible at outside quarterback. So Marcus Goodwin, I think the the CJ Beathard murky Goodwin stack very much in play, even though we just saw go off. I think it could very, very well go off again. Breda like toughest little dude in the league. Just nothing can stop. Fourteen touches last week. D comes in with like every like every body part injured. He leaves the backfield and snaps forty, seven percent in touch, fourteen regime mostaert plays and he gets twelve touches Alfred Morris, just phased out, you know, this is not something that I saw coming up more. Twenty-one touches the week before that, but they went with the little speedy dudes against Green Bay. And you know, at work, they almost pulled off the win. The Rams defense is four point seven yards per carry. Two opposing wearing backs. Fourth, most receptions allowed to opposing our Bs at Brita. I mean every week RV to with this point, I think you'd be grab Brahim most stared deeper leaks, but it could very well just as easily be offered Morris, replacing him as the number two in the back. Field. Especially surprised about monster because he had lost a fumble the week before in receiver core mention Goodwin, you know, peer Garzon just he's seventeen straight games without a touchdown. He's been getting a lot of targets, but. Just not producing Rams have given the eighth most yards to tight ends that boats positively for George Kittle. He played ninety three percent of the snaps in week six every week, tight ones, only soccer to Travis. Kelsey have more receiving yards on the season than George Kittle on the other side, you know, I think that this is a game where Jared Goff goes off because we haven't seen him. He's played well, I think, but we have not seen him produce in the box score in these things usually come around and catch up to the box score and or. In real life. The forty Niners can't rush the passer, twenty fifth and Saxton. I quarterback hit raked. They've given up a combined fourteen to one touchdown to interception ratio to opposing quarterbacks. Todd Gurley. I mean, I don't know what else to say. He's the best most valuable player in all fantasy football is gonna crush. No Cooper Cup this week. MC l. sprain rubber woods took over at slot receiver last week, and you look at the slot receivers that have faced the forty Niners. Golden Tate Marquez vowed scant Ling at of feelin all over one hundred yards so that I think that Robert woods like a lock but fantasy play this week. Richard Sherman has shocking. We've been great this year coming off a torn achilles. I would bet against him. Did against them, but. Unsuccessfully on my part but branding. But he only plays left cornerback in Brandin cooks, runs eighty percent of his routes away from less quarterbacks. So that puts Brenna cooks, very good position. I think the Josh Reynolds who's going to be a popular DFS play this week. It stuck on Richard Sherman for much of the game. Doesn't mean the Josh Reynolds is a bad DFS play because he's cheap in if he scored a touchdown gains forty five yards. He's going to more than pay off his salary, but he's going to end up with the worst matchup and we can move onto the next one. Sunday night football. It's the Bengals who've been pretty darn good offensively against the chiefs who even when they struggled in the first half, Evan, we thought, okay, they found a way in the second. FA are electric. Yes, they are in this game. Looks like it could be electric because it's got a fifty eight and a half point total by far biggest on the slate. Patrick Mahomes been top twelve inch quarterback in five of six games with three top five finishes over eight yards per temped for the six time in seven career starts in last week's loss to New England. Bengals haven't been. As good as I thought they would be entering the season defensively, five of six quarterbacks to face them have been a top fifteen scorers on the week. You know the deal with Patrick Mahomes you know the deal with tyreek hill. Now sky, he somehow saves all of his big games for road games. He is scored. Twenty of his twenty seven career touchdowns on the road seventy four percent. I still think is just just pure variants in. It's not like predictive. I like to mention it at every week, but you know, it's not enough of a reason to like get concerned about tyreek hill in a high-scoring projected game like this in the Bengals are super super banged up in the secondary lost Sean Williams to injury. Last week, Sean leaves left with a concussion dark has Denard their slot owner. He left with a shoulder injury, William Jackson or best cornerback dealing with a knee injury. I think all that puts Sammy Watkins also squarely into the mix wide receiver. Three play heat, whereas tyreek has relatively struggled in home games. Sammy Watkins has two best games so far at. Arrowhead are. I think that drugs Kelsey can bounce back in a really big way that the Bengals have given up the seventh most yards. Two opposing tight ends last week. The Steelers tight ends at fourteen catches against the Bengals Travis. Kelsey leads all all NFL tight ends in area hards like he's he. I think he is going to have a really, really big game here in the in the running game for Kansas City. Ventas Bertha coming back is not really helped of the Bengals run defense saw James. Connor go off against them last week, even four point, eight yards per carry tent most receiving yards. The NFL two opposing running backs. They're missing rank last guy who they toys ACO, they're going to be without Nick vigil. Sprained his MC l. so cream on a little bit more involved in the passing game over the last three. Three weeks that is good to see on the other side. Indy dull should be loaded into a fantasy lineups chiefs are bad on defense on pace to allow the most yards in league history of loud the six most points per game. This year. Joe mix did not have as usual workload. Last week. Gut took some big hits only fifteen touches against the Steelers, but he did score touchdown for the third time in four games and he matched his career high with seven targets. Chiefs are bad against the run. We saw Bella check in the patriots exploit that with Sony Michelle over and over and over again last week cheese, allowing five point four yards per carry two opposing our be six, rushing touchdowns in six games. Joe mixing still averaging twenty one touches per game. The Chiesa also most receiving. NFL to running back CJ zome. Rain forty one routes, fourth, most among all NFL tight ends last week, seven targets top eight among tight ends last week. Also, number four at his position in area. Ours last week, Kansas City has been getting shredded by tight ends. They're super banged up by safety. You know, they don't have Eric berry air airi'q are identical. Sorensen was placed on injured reserve earlier this year, Eric Murray could play last week. I think CJ who's Oma is a top twelve fantasy play at the tight end position AJ green in two games without Tyler effort as a double digit targets in both and. Should have had a better game last week, but he dropped to passes. He still has gone. He's cleared eighty five yards touchdown, five of six games this year Chiesa the most twenty yard completions in the NFL write-down AJ greens are wheelhouse Tyler Boyd at slot. Receiver. He's been excellent. He's been a little bit up now, but he has shown big game potential and scored two touchdowns last week would have had a bigger game, but he had a thirty nine yard catch called back to holding penalty on left tackle cordy. Glenn. Tyler boy, every week fantasy starter. John Ross might come back this week. Don't wanna use fantasy. We can move on the last one Bill. Last one. It is Monday night football, four teams on buys this week. By the way, it's the giants in disarray against the falcons who are pretty darn consistent. -fensive Lii and devante Freeman was placed on I r. Yeah. And it's like a split backfield still having Coleman and Edo Smith that puts that makes both those guys are Baotou slash flex place. Headed fully broken down yet myself because I was waiting on some of this injury news. But you know, I think that it's real clear who we can use on the inside Hooper earned that every week, star treatment, Matt, Ryan. Shirley Julio even know, can't swear touchdown on pace for like nineteen hundred receiving yards. Ridley new, both got banged up last week. So on a keep out at an eye on them, saquon just crushing and this is one of the best possible matchups for running back catches passes. So, and then you know, OB j. in sterling Shepard in evidence all going to be relying on the giants ability to. Just get completions and their quarterback play his poor and their offense of lines should experience a a little bit softer matchup here because the Thakin's have been missing players on defense and they don't really rush the passer well, so hopefully the giants can get some stuff figured out. But I do think that evidence room coming back heating immediately reinserted as fantasy starter gotta keep the faith OB j. sterling Shepard, Evan, that was fantastic. You are fantastic, v Madden word very simple. Think the mad and word is just think t h I n k for the phrase that pays think t h I n k, there you go. And I'm guessing some of you are going to kind of know what it is by now and should be getting emails, ROY. Ross at Ross, Tucker dot com. Ross, I know the phrase that pays boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, Email me. Speaking of boom-boom those guys that like to make little money watching the game in addition to your fantasy team all about Bette online dot AG. Look right now is an awesome time to make sports even more exciting than it already is yet the major league baseball playoffs college football shifting in overdrive, the meet the heart of the season in the NFL, so fun to head over to bed online day and make your online wagers take advantage of the best bonuses in the business. But online dot AG the exclusive partner of the podcast, one sports net. You use the promo code podcast. One fifty percent sign up bonus. Podcast, one at bet, online dot AG will do it for this week's fantasy feast, eaten podcast, hope you enjoyed both of them will do it all the way through the playoffs because we know a lot of you like to play fast even in the playoffs when you're season-long leagues, Dylan and I gotta get back on the winning track this week, that's for sure. If you ever have specific question for Evan take advantage of any of our sponsors and then forwarded to me Ross at Ross, Tucker dot com and say, here's a question for Evan apple podcast. Ranking's always huge and much appreciate and really interview and ask a question. All you have to do is buy something news. One, the banner ads on the homepage over at Ross, Tucker, dot com. Easy enough. Anyway, I'm stuff now, fishery, that was a lot, a fancy football feast. I'm done here. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast pun cast subscribe to the rust football podcast, even money in the college draft podcast, all available on itunes and Russ Tucker dot com, or wherever upon cast can be found.

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