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Hello. This is David of sparkle stories and welcome to the podcast this week. We are featuring the very first Libby and dish story from last year, and it is called something's going on. So have you tried? Our Libyan dish stories yet our newest collection comes out this week in celebration of Valentine's Day, and for those of you who do know Libyan dish this one stars. Chad the next door neighbor's dog so you can head on over to sparkle stories dot com and get two listening. So here is the very first story. Something's going on. Part one. Something's going on. Libby, and dish are best friends. The to spend slow hours building pillow for its in her bedroom. Cozy corner organizing the crayons on the art table. And watching the busy dog walkers from the comfort of their ninth floor apartment window. Libby is a five year old girl with curly chestnut hair and big imagination. Dish is her silver grey cat, and like many cats he loves snacks and soft spots in the sun. But what makes dish special is his keen mind for plans? One morning when the park outside looked dim and dreary and breakfast was a little too cool in crispy Libby heard her least favorite word Arens. She did not look at her mother the one who had said this word she just put her napkin on the table slid slowly off her chair and walked without a word to her room. There. She went straight to the red cushion in her bedroom cozy corner and sat with her arms. Folded brows furrowed. No, she thought I'm not going. Moments later, libs spirits lifted. Just a smidge when she heard the wish wish wish of her best friends front paws on her bedroom door wish wish wish Cree went the door as dish again managed to open her door and pay. Visit. Hey, Leib he said with a low per because he knew that she did not like sudden noises. This was something that they had in common. Libby, watched out of the corner of her eye as dish slowly sauntered over to the bright spot on her rug the spot where the sun came through the window and created what was surely the warmest spot in the room. And he took his time considering exactly where to sit. Aronson? He said nodding his head. Yes. For a moment before shaking it. No terrible. Just terrible. He added before sitting. Libby, loved dish for so many reasons and one of them was that he understood her he understood why the red cushion in her cozy corner was only used for times when she was upset. He understood that Aaron's meant that her mother was going to take her to loud busy places like the grocery store or the pharmacy or the office supply shop where there were too many grownups buzzing about in a hurry and usually feeling bad. He understood that she did not like being near all this buzzing. In fact, she hated it. Dish understood her and she understood him. Hey, you didn't happen to he didn't need to finish the sentence. Because Libby offered a very slight smile. She unfolded her arms for just a moment. And then opened her hand where she had been holding part of chicken breakfast sausage link saving it for her best friend. All now that looks tasty. He said as he got up from his sunny warm spot and almost trotted over to Libby on the red cushion here dish, she said pudding the bit of sausage on the section of the wood floor where there was no rug. She knew he preferred to eat off the floor and not out of her hand. She knew that he loved her. But that eating out of someone's hand, even hers was kind of yucky said dish that sure smells good. Thanks lib doll. Golly, it tastes good too. Libby, smiled again. She liked watching dish eat it made him so happy to eat. And he was always ready for a snack. But then she remembered her mother's intentions again. And she re folded her arms and re knit her brow. I was thinking said dish in between bites. Now, I know that you don't like going out on errands. I really do then dish paused to take another bite. So good is that sage I really like sage way better than apple don't care for apple in my sausage to be honest. Libby was now interested and she felt a little impatient. To hear what dish was thinking. Whenever he said, I was thinking that meant that he had an idea or a plan and dishes plans were often very good ones. They were much better than her mother's plans. Her mother's plans were sometimes good like the plans where she and Libby would sit on the couch and look at animal picture books together or when they mix up fruit smoothies and give just a little bit too dish. But her mother more often had plans that involved walking down busy streets or taking baths or talking on the telephone those were not good plans. I was looking out the window earlier. And I saw something. Libby was now fascinated what could dish have seen as he paused again to enjoy another bit of sausage? She imagined that he might have seen an elephant walking down the street perhaps escaped from the zoo. Libby, loved elephants, but often the zoo had too many people in it to enjoy seeing elephants seeing one walking down the street would be wonderful. Was it an elephant she asked. Hopefully, no said dish. But that would be pretty neat and elephants on Warren street. Our I'd like to see that. No what I saw was kind of a mystery something's going on. Another pause and another imagination this time when she wondered what sort of mystery dish could have seen. She thought perhaps he had witnessed a flash mob. Something her mother told her about where people just suddenly start dancing in the street for no reason at all. Now that would be a mystery. I saw a truck a big truck. I think it was a moving for said dish carefully. He knew that she needed a moment to imagine the moving truck. So he was quiet for the count of three before. Adding. And I think some one might be moving into our building. It was silent a longtime then. Dish. Let the silence last as long as it needed to. Because he knew that Libby needed that silence to really consider. What that could mean? A moving truck some someone moving in. So who could that be could it be an old man like Mr. Bochu who lived at the end of the hall or someone with a loud and annoying dog like the couple with the drooling dog Chad next door. Oh, how she hoped. It was an old man or maybe a person who liked to read all day and would lend them picture books or maybe a fruit smoothies salesperson who would give them free smoothies. Just to be a good neighbor. And then she wondered where would they be moving? Her mother had said that there were currently three units that were empty in the building. There was one on the top floor one on the first floor and then one on the eighth floor the floor, right below them. In fact, it was the unit right underneath them. And this made her shiver for a moment, a shiver of worry mixed with shiver of excitement. So I had this idea dish said now looking out the window and blinking at the sunlight, I like to know more about who is moving in. I'm you know, I'm curious I'd prefer that there be no more dogs in the building. But well sometimes life brings you dogs. And there's nothing you can do about it. I would just like to know. So I'm wondering if you could check it out for me just to see if there's a dog, maybe on your way out with your mom, you could just take a peek, and then later when you're back, you could tell me what you saw, you know, the -tective work. Libby, sat up a little taller? She liked the sound of detective work. So she said glancing the window should I take notes? I would appreciate that said dish, but pictures, please drawings. I I don't read words. Libby, glanced over to the edge of the art coroner where there was a low shelf on that low shelf was a small been that held a few important items. One was a box of Crohn's. Another was a blue clicky Penn. There were her favourite marbles and a ball she squeezed when she was feeling nervous. And next to all of that was a small light blue notebook. She could see the edge of the light blue cover from her seat. And it felt for a moment. Like the color was calling to her. She stood up. She glanced down at dish for a moment. And then walked over to the low shelf and took out the light blue note book and the cliquey pen. So pictures, she said of the dog if there is a dog answered dish, which I hope there is not. But even if there is not it would be good to know more about the people or person moving in and where they're moving. I don't know if I can stand a dog living beneath us what with Chad next door. Libby remembered the last time, she saw Chad. And she shuddered she did not like dogs anyway. But Chad was a big dog a big stinky dog that drooled and she remembered when CHAD'S owner Lawrence let him lick liberties face, it was horrible and she had to squeeze her eyes. Shut for a moment to make the memory go away. Thanks lab added dish. I know you don't like running errands with your mom, but maybe doing some detective work might help. Who knows you might learn something important at the grocery store or wherever you're headed. Libby, nodded her head and looked at the notebook in the pen in her hands. No, she did not like running errands, not at all. But her best friend dish wanted to know some important things about the new neighbors, and if Libby could help her friend. Well, it was worth it miss is. She had the adventure checklist. That dish had given her to help manage the busy Ness of the city. Yes, she thought she could do this. She took a deep breath in she smiled at her dear friend who began to clean one of his paws. And then she headed to the door to join her mother. This has been an original story from sparkle stories of sparkle stories dot com, copyright, two thousand eighteen all rights reserved. We hope you enjoyed it.

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