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Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - (11-02-18)


It's all about me. Dan, patrick. There is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week, log broadcasting from the Mercedes men take this is Dan, Patrick, and this is the final hour the program on this Friday, meet Friday more meat price owns coming up. Check in with the raiders after last night when they checked out against the forty Niners. More phone calls. Eight seven seven three DP show sick morning to our radio and TV partners around the country. Alabama LSU isn't necessarily one of the classic rivalries. In college football, always loved the atmosphere at LSU on a Saturday night. But the two teams certainly have a long history. It's not Alabama Auburn or Ohio State Michigan. There's no trophy given out at the end of the game. Like you see in some of the rivalry games. But the dominance of the tide and the Tigers has elevated this matchup into something special. Even though I believe Alabama is a fourteen point favorite at LSU. When's the last time you had to top four team? Tmz meeting at the underdogs home, and you're fourteen point underdog. They're going to battle for supremacy in college football on Saturday. Let's not call it the game of the century. Maybe the game of the weekend. I think we overuse the term game of the century. But you can't question the impact of the game. And the talent the future NFL players all over the field and Baton Rouge. This year's version of the big game as new subplot because you got to a tongue of Iowa going against that LSU secondary. That's gonna have some pro prospects in Alabama LSU, maybe not the game of the century. But should be a lot of fun. And hopefully, it's a close game. Now many times when you have the game of the century game of the year, and you go boy, I hope it's close, but that's the dominance of Alabama, by the way, Nick Saban had his birthday earlier in the week. And he goes into the meeting with all of his players, and they have they've singing happy birthday and noisemakers and confetti, and you can tell after about. Thirty seconds savings had enough like he walks in. And he's got a smile on his face. He's kind of enjoying it a little bit. And then all of a sudden you can just see where he's going on. It's going to long here. All right. Let's go let's wrap this up. I got some tape to break down here. How old is saving is saving older than Bella? Check. Pete Carroll's the oldest head coach in the NFL. Correct. I believe so. Yeah. Okay. It doesn't act it. Let me see Sabin efforting sit Nick Sabin just turned sixty seven on Halloween. Okay. And helds Bella check. And how old's peak at Belzec at sixty six to coordinator. Okay. About the same age. Yeah. Who would you rather spend a birthday with like their birthday, which is going to be the better time or less worst time effort and p Carroll sixty seven just that we have all the okay? I'd rather spend time with Pete Carroll. But if you said it saving embellish check, you get you get to go out with whatever they're doing with their boys on that boys, boys. They're each other's boys. Their their favorite people in the world. They used to go on weekends together concerts there like besties. I would go with Bela. Check. Again, that that seems obvious right ANSI the Nick Sabin. At least, you know, he has other interests. I feel like if you went out with Bill Belichick you'd be like so like you'd be breaking down defenses. Still. No, I think I think we would have a couple of beers. And I think we would just kind of chop it up a little bit. I have some laughs tell some stories. Imagine sitting there with Bella check. You know, there's always that awkward silence. That that's what it would be. It'd be a lot of awkward silence. Yes. Mclovin. Are they exactly the same? Is there KFI tie? I don't see what's different about them. I don't they sound alike. Coach save and be done. You're like this. And then go Chabala check like this. Yeah. I don't they. They don't there's no variation. You know, the inflection in their voice pretty much flatlined there, and they're all football. They're all business. I just can't imagine those guys going to concerts together. And they were on the same staff in Cleveland would win. How do you not win with that staff? Oh, who do they have their who who were the talented players in the Cleveland Browns back then I think coz are was the quarterback Bernie had a pretty good run. But didn't Bella check cut him? Yes. And the hated yeah. Yeah. Yes. He kind of sounds like too many generals there. You know, like it's to put together a winning team win. Like when everybody is the man Nick Sabin probably thought he would Bill Belichick was the man. Yeah. I don't know how Sabin if he knew his place with Bela check and was like deferred to him. Or did you have something like you have in Cleveland where Hugh Jackson Todd Haley, Hugh Jackson's not doing himself any favors here. Because it feels like he's not taking any blame for anything in in Cleveland with what happened, and you know, hey, if they'd let me draft. I would've drafted Carson Wentz. You know, if they've let me call the place here is Hugh Jackson. He was asked about Todd Haley being fired as well as you can speak for the situation with Todd. I was I I was shocked at house, let go, you know. And and obviously, you know, hearing later on that they also let him go again they may decisions that they thought was best for them. Again, rather our shopping not didn't didn't matter. I just I just think as I keep sending him the respect what they decisions they made it before that's courtesy of Cleveland dot com. Hugh Jackson also said that he didn't know there was any trouble going on in the organization, I didn't perceive it as internal discord. I think you can disagree with people and not have it be discord this to me as strong word. That means there's always infighting. That's pretty hop. Word. I didn't see that. I knew there was disagreements and rightfully so who doesn't disagree. But I think the term untold internal discord a little. Yeah. You had to see something here with that record. You have to know that there's Volkers they're circling Todd. Haley comes in. You didn't hire Todd Haley. He was brought in by the general manager Todd. Haley would still like to be a head coach again. You know, you had a differing opinion on what kind of offense for Baker Mayfield to run. Not good. But we saw this in in preseason. And it didn't take long to read between the lines that this isn't gonna work out because Todd Haley's personality while he's been successful than offense coordinator, you know. There's baggage that goes along with that personality. Yeah. For two it was blatantly on public display for everyone to see and hard knocks the way they weren't getting along in the little whispering. And it seemed like a coup is taking place. You know, we've mentioned that when when hard remarks was airing between Greg Williams and Todd Haley looked like the secretly one of them wanted to become the next head coach and get you out of there. Yeah. Because you'd that probably wouldn't have been the guy that he would have brought in as his offense coordinator now. But in Hugh Jackson says well, I didn't call the place. You're the head coach. Why didn't you call the plays? You're supposed to be a quarterback whisper. But Hugh Jackson's not getting another head coaching job. You'll maybe he goes back to offensive coordinator quarterbacks coach. But, you know, this it may, you know, unless he thinks that maybe he's got TV future. No, he's doing the mothership car wash today. But after you answer these questions, I don't know if anybody else is going to want to hear from you. I don't know if somebody goes whenever they see you while you see futility as a head coach or a guy who shifts blame, you know. I'm I'm sure there are people who see Rex Ryan when he's on the mothership and go he's not successful. Even though they went to a couple of AFC title games. They may look at him. Go, what's he know? What's he know about offense? You know, certain coaches, you can look out Jon Gruden. We looked at when he was in the booth and you went Jon Gruden. Hey won a Super Bowl with tamp. Great head coach. Now, all of a sudden, your view and Jon Gruden differently as a head coach. You're like, you know, what he's doing, and you can make the argument he doesn't I still believe that Gruden has a plan here. You may not like the plan may not be a pretty plan. I don't know if it's going to end. Well, I don't think he spends ten years with the raiders as their head coach. But I do think that he's going to get him to Vegas. And then all of a sudden you're gonna see a completely different team. Which isn't fair to Oakland. In the meantime, I police in new poll question, we just had Brian Bosworth on. And if you recall, the BAAs when he was at Oklahoma was a really big deal. He was a household. Name is haircut. You know, he had a lot of a lot of kids getting that kinda haircut. He talked a lot. He got suspended took on the NC double egg. So the most famous college athlete of all time whilst in college. Lou else indoor Brian Bosworth Christian late ner. Johnny Manziel Dion Sanders. Tim tebow Herschel Walker. Bo Jackson wasn't. He was iceman trophy winner pretty famous, but he became more famous when he was playing dual sports in in the pros. Yeah. Pulling who'd be the guy on this list. The athlete on this list who non sports fans would absolutely have known about when they're in college. Like, you you they got so much coverage that you didn't have to watch him perform to know who they were. Well, I'm old enough to remember how big literally and figuratively Lew Alcindor or was because he was the best high school player in the nation. I think he'd lost one game in his entire high school career, then he goes to UCLA he his freshman team beats the varsity team. And then you know, he doesn't lose. He loses to Houston. And then you know comes back and revenge is that with the national title. I think they lost it. And I think he lost two games to USC forty four to forty two or something like that. And then he lost to Houston and Elvin Hayes, but I think luau cinder because it was also word of mouth to that that you you also have to factor that in sometimes that you didn't see him. You only heard about him or read about him. And you weren't quite sure. Just how great this guy was it seems like we're trying to parse between sort of sports fame and then feign fame. Yeah. Johnny Menzel wasn't he on the cover of time magazine about paying athl-. Elites and stuff. I mean, that's you know, when you're moving a conversation forward that's been happening for decades. And you're the face of that for that moment about paying, athletes and stuff, I think that sort of puts you in a whole 'nother level in almost in like, an a cultural sense. Yeah. I think that Manziel, you know, Tibo later because Tibo time but not as much in college Herschel was word of mouth too. Because you just see the highlights and you go. Oh my God. Look how big this guy is. And then he went to the US F L. I would say Lew Alcindor with that group. But in present day, Johnny Manziel. Yep. I would throw Leitner in there. Because remember he was in people's fiftieth, fifty most beautiful, and that chain debt made a lot of people who don't know don't watch college basketball have to be aware of him. Yeah. And I got bumped a fifty one I'm still a little salty about that. Like a Kentucky fan yourself. Yeah. You guys didn't know that. Yeah. It was like Letterman. You've been bumped off of the fifty most beautiful people list. Yeah. Yeah. Got bumped a fifty one like they never mentioned that you know, it's like the team that's fifth in you know, the football playoffs. I was I was five you are on the bubble. Yeah. I'm sort of like TCU a couple years ago. I was on the outside looking in so fifty most beautiful people in in the world. And I was fifty I after they put Leitner in there. I've had a better career. Would you rather have my career or Christian late news career Pauling yours because it's ongoing? I mean, I think I'd take late news career. Really? Yeah. Yeah. You hall of Famer your hall of fame in your industry. Thank you. I mean, it's just the fact. Yeah. But I mean, you get to do it for forty five years. He gets he got to do it for, you know, four in college in ten after that fifteen after you just throw it out there. I don't know. It better looking guy though, I think we you guys would agree with that brought him big emission by you. Now, I know my limitations just me like late eighties later. You don't want any part of the early nineties late. I I don't know if he wanted any part of, you know, early mid seventies me better hair late seventies you early nineties Leitner. I'm gonna go me. But that's it. I think that's that's. The only advantage. I had over Christian von late night. Wire-to-wire better hair. Later. It's got a solid had got some nice silver moss there. Yeah. He's looking. All right. But I got a fresh cut here. That's true. Yeah. I know that's true. When somebody goes, oh, that's a haircut. Like does that a positive like Johnny o of the Johnny? Oh, close. He goes. Whoa. That's a haircut. And I went well. That's not a compliment. It is that people never know when you got your haircut, right? Yeah. But I I just went in. And I said, you know, what just when I went to super cuts. I just said, you know, what gimme the six. And then I realized that maybe I should have gotten the fine. Let's okay. Yes. Mclovin. What I say seven footer walks into the bar. I've been talk. That's too tall. That's not working. Yeah. Yeah. You have it. You would you be able to take them women are not into that? I don't know seven feet you ever you ever party with Manute Bol. It's just like they can't even talk to him. He's way too high. You send up a balloon. That's got a note attached to it the Manute Bol the first time I ever saw him. I thought he it was it was somebody who came out on stilts because I was in. This was Patrick Ewing first game. How about this? I got to see his first professional game and exhibition game. I saw Bill Walton's first professional game. And it was against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but to see so the doors opened the team comes out, and I think there's somebody on stilts who's like the mascot running out with the bullets, and it's Manute Bol with his warm-ups on. But he's so thin, and it looked like he had stilts on Manute Bol rest in peace Manute. I will take a break. We'll check in with Ray Ratto. He's got a column on the raiders. It's not pretty more of your phone calls coming up as well. Eight seven seven three DP shell Email address. TPS Dan, Patrick dot com. Also more meat Friday songs coming up. In the final forty five minutes of the program. We're back after this talk about the raiders here on the Dan Patrick show. If you're a loved one get leg or foot cramps, you know, how painful and disruptive. They can be muscle cramps can jolt you out of a sound sleep or interrupt your daily life. Well, listen Catholic because I recently learned about theraworx relief. 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In Finland is part of the NHL's global series there, by the way, our good friends at discover card wanna help you with your credit score discover card dot com. Make sure that you're taking me up on that. It's a chance to check your score your credit score. Just so you have an idea and find out if your credit card is the right credit card for you. Discover dot com. A couple of phone calls here which can with Ray Ratto bay area. Columnists got some more meet Friday song, Seton? Yeah. We got two more. Oh, all right. Well, let me here. Okay. All right. Well, this one goes into in a different direction. Somebody into your voice by the guest. Sorry. I think I'm getting a little bit of cold. I'm ready. Okay. Yeah. Friday, it's meet Friday. It's meet Friday on the DP show from the town of Milford. They'll be grilling even in the snow. Let's ride with the danettes down the street as they try to find some kosher meat. Dp on a Friday. It's a Dabbagh meet show. Yes, suck it back grow. It's Friday me day show. Flintstones theme song that anybody has gone. Like the theme song before it's pretty great though. Who was that? That was Wayne in Washington. All right. Got another one. All right. I am me this man since my wife's vegetarian so I e eight. There is no meat at home. Not even T-Bone. I'm looking at. Play. Things. I'd never make. How can? Then I went out and. Family. Came up with. To cook. Friday. I was a mean this man anymore. Thanks to my friend. Dan. Coldplay there. That's Ryan Grand Rapids. Thank you. Well, done well done Brandon North Carolina's back, Brandon. Eight. I just had a quick question. The game. I think it was from Georgia killed a said very impressed with the story about Mullins going out after games had gone with crowd noise. Running to play that they ran into game. Just wondering if you got any stories of any we'll keep it the quarterback anyone who had a sort of regimen. That impressed. You no matter what they're standing was on the team well on we've we've had coaches who will try to simulate the crowd noise at certain places, but I don't know other quarterbacks in routines that they had. I go back to Larry Bird was always out there three hours before the game in just shooting. I don't know how many shots he took. And then he would run in the Boston Garden. He would run in the upstairs bowl of the Boston Garden. I don't know how far you would run. But I remember getting there for this is the Houston Rockets NBA finals moves at nine hundred eighty four and I remember being told I don't know if his Bob Ryan who told me Jackie MacMullan, and they said, you know, bird gets out there really really really early. And I thought that'd be cool to sneak into the garden, and you know, went in. I could just hear the ball bouncing and then here the net, and I just peeked in and watched bird shoot for about a half hour. And then he went upstairs, and then he ran he just run around the top. And that's how we got ready for his games. I don't know if he did that on the road. But I know that at the Boston Garden. So that was his regimen getting ready you can question if the raiders got ready last night one forty nine hundred anonymous forty Niner apparently told a reporter that thought the raiders quit last night. At least there would be an excuse as to why you looked horrible. Ray Ratto has some reasons. I don't know if excuses NBC bay area communist kind enough to join us Ray, good morning. How are you? Hi pops. I feel. Oh, I'm having the time of somebody else's life. How's morale you think today with the raiders? Oh, I think they're thrilled. I think they know that the reps. Scrudem last night, and they can overcome this. Is there a plan here? Oh, yeah. It's to go into the toilet as fast and as deeply as possible. So that they can start over and maybe good three years. There's your plans. So you shouldn't be upset. Then with what you saw last night. If you know the plan. Well, there there in lies the complication because in two years this game be playing in the bat, not Oakland. So everybody who's watching them now is profoundly offended by the fact that they got sold yet. One more Bill of goods before the team leaves for good. So under normal circumstances. Maybe you could get away with it. But given the given circumstances people are hot because they were they were told that Jon Gruden was going to try to provide them a championship before they left through shakes. I think they can win a championship you stand on your head. But that's about it because they stink on stink. See I forgot about that that when he came in now did Gruden say that he was going to deliver a championship caliber team while he was in Oakland or was that how he was sold to the fan base coming back in. Well, I mean, the thing is, you know, everybody says stupid stuff at their introductory press conference that sort of a given. But. And I think he meant it on the day that he said it, but I think by April he had recalibrated his thinking, and when he decided to trade Khalil Mack. He made it painfully clear what was going to happen. Here was going to be the absolute antithesis of championship football. I don't think he thought it to be this bad, but he position them. So that it could be. Yeah. I and we've talked about this before I think that was the game plan. I don't know if that was the game plan all along its, hey, I got a two year grace period. And then this team is going to be my team when we get debates. You know, any remnants of Jack del Rio is going to be gone by the time, we get to Las Vegas. The question is how good are we when we get to Vegas. How much time do I have to get them to playoff caliber team and his Derek Carr my quarterback? How would you answer those questions? Oh, I don't know. I think I'd probably just break into despair cry. If I was raider. He's got many years as Mark Davis can can give them. I mean, you know, I don't I don't think anybody believes he's going to serve out all ten years now. But the way the contract is structured there comes a big payment if he's fired early. So that's one for two Derek Carr. I mean any day after June second is a day when he's gotta worry about having to pack his house because June second is the day that he can be released or traded and not have the salary cap crush, the raiders even more than it already has as for the rest of it. There's no way of knowing because gruden's history as a coach is better than his history's a general manager. And if you're a rebuilding team, you're not doing it by drawing up more arcane plays you're doing it by bringing in different players and right now, they don't have a lot of players and the players they do have. No, they're not going to be around very long. So while I don't believe they walked into last night's game. Not interested in playing. I think it dawned on them pretty early that effort would be wasted. So I think the game went on they decided to mail it in and boy, did they do believe Gruden when he says that he gets a lot of phone calls from people that are dying to come play here. I don't believe Gruden when he says he's Gruden. Look. What ball coach he came to Oakland as the quering hero? He was going to be you know, Mark Davis final to a fan base. She didn't want to offend while taking the team out of the town that they were in and instead he has galvanized hatred locally by being as tone deaf as a guy can be. And so when he says that people are lining up to play for the raiders, I think the only word that's wrong in that sentences for I think if you substituted it with against I think he's. I think he's. Thank you Ray. Always great to catch up. Always great to catch you integrate mood. Oh that every day festival here. Thank you Ray. And Ray Ratto NBC bay area. Oakland has allowed a league worst thirty one and a half points per game this season and the two hundred fifty two points. The raiders have allowed is the second. Most in franchise history through eight games. Conversely, the raiders have scored three points in two of the last three games. That pass dad of the day. The day comes that what stat of the day. Stat of the day. Brought to you by the great folks at continental tire. They have a tire for you. Thousands of pro and amateur sporting events in America every weekend continental tire has designed tires to get you to the sporting event of your choice continental tired dot com. Here's another one here. I didn't know this until mclovin pointed out that Russell Wilson junior. Third has never lost to an AFC opponent and home. The five and two chargers. My five into chargers. Visit Seattle over the weekend. I would not be surprised if Seattle won this game. I don't know if the chargers are going to be fully assembled still waiting for a Nick Bosa Joey Bosa, they might be waiting for Nick Bosa to if you look back on Wilson in the Seahawks. They have defeated Tom Brady and twenty twelve there they defeated Peyton Manning and the Broncos in twenty four teen, and they defeated Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in twenty fifteen so the Steelers are chargers have opened up as a two and a half point underdog. Not surprised at that. So Seattle in close one there. I'm surprised the Alabama spread is fourteen against issue. At LSU in a top four team. Yeah. Point LSU doesn't look at rankings TV from owes. I'm sorry Vegas. Doesn't look at that stuff. They don't like what a great matchup. Sounds like oh we wanted to be a great matchup. But boy, doesn't that tell you about the disparity college football. Yeah. Mclovin. I've seen the headline question is Nick Sabin best Alabama. Is it? I don't know. I mean, you got a great quarterback. They finally have a great quarterback. Yeah. They've had good quarterbacks. AJ McCarron was a legitimate passing quarterback. But you know to is to a great quarterback. It's always comes down same thing. But it's defense like they have a great defense. Now, they used to be a running team. I don't think we single out there running attack this year. But it just feels like that quarterback is so good and defenses. So good. Yeah. Mclovin. So down it's November you starting to really look at your Heisman vote and think about it or kind of wait to all evidences in you have to wait. But you win this month. This is when you win the Heisman we wanna handed out in September and October. But this is when you win it, and then we handed out in December. But it's hard to go against two. I'd like for him to play the fourth quarter. I'd be curious about that. I mean, his numbers are going to be skewed because we're gonna go you only through that many touchdowns or through for them in yards. He's not playing full games here. That's why I'm looking at these numbers that were put up by Patrick Mahomes. And you know, he threw sixty times in a game and threw for, you know, seven hundred yards and just cra-, but he's playing a full game to doesn't play. They don't need him to play a full game. That'd be scary. Mclovin. So the chief say Brown's Mayfield in Mahomes play. And everyone's looking back at this one game. I'm sure you watch it or homes that Mayfield what often each other? It was like sixty six to fifty five or something didn't they combined for like nine hundred passing yards? Like, yeah. Oh, they said seventeen hundred total yards of offense Mahomes had seven hundred thirty four. Okay. Yeah. That's it. He hey, twelve seventy nine combine yards record. Oh my God. Yeah. Polling to other quarterback at Alabama. His quarterback rating is two hundred and thirty eight point eight. There's quarterbacks the NFL quarterback rating is one third of that. And they're pretty if we combined how many quarterbacks do we have to combine to get that rating. That's like three Mitch trubisky's like two and a half inches. He's twenty his twenty five touchdowns zero assumptions that's a ratio of twenty five zero glove. It's a different rated, right. I've always actually, no, I I think be isn't a perfect NFL one fifty eight I have no radio at all. Then there's QBR which is ESPN stat. Which is. Yeah. Perfect quarterback rating. If you throw an incompletion like Russell Wilson, I think the other day had perfect, but he was fourteen for seventeen. So if he was seventeen for seventeen he wouldn't have gotten any more points. Qodian Tennessee joins us. Hi, cody. What do you have for me today? And we're here, I'm badger party. We're just watching the show in the morning coming from last night. And we got an internal bet on who's the doll in front of the computer. We got flash Gordon or we have who's Bobby Knight. No. He coached at Arkansas. This is the outfit from a coaching in Arkansas the doll that I'm holding up. That's Lou Holtz. Yeah. All righty. Hey, who's the most banged up at the bachelor party there? Yeah. We got a little brother here that type of trouble hanging around. Is anybody still sleep? No, we're all up in and then and then what? We got screwdrivers and buddy married going right now. And then we got a nice little house vote out here. We're gonna take your on the lake and see when you get in trouble. You know, what if somebody shaves off one eyebrow? I'm gonna put the picture on TV in the next twenty minutes. If if some done deal. Okay. All right. So we're gonna put you on home. Mario is going gonna get your information. And then in ten minutes, I need that pictures sent to us, and we'll put it up on the big screen here. Cody. Thank you. Like little brothers getting. Kemira little brother, brother eyebrow liver? Yeah. All right. We'll take a break last. 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That's what coach Spurrier's to say. I'm more Moi Moi interest Sunday. I keep the football game. Inter Sunday game could use a little more me miss coach spare, but most importantly, remember to keep it interest. This college football season with the official beer sponsor of the college football playoff, drink to-. Psyches responsibly two thousand eighteen in Puerto by. Racists, Mexicanos White Plains New York coach barrier Odio provided by an actor. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eighteen news headlines right after this podcast. South to our LA based cameraman. Josh Cole who lost his father. Stephen Cole waynesville file. Proud man served in the army during the Vietnam war. Josh thoughts are with you. Thoughts to Chris crane and his family Manu helped build this show, many many many years ago, and that his life is feeling better. Also, the passing of Paul's Zimmerman doctors e one of the. Just fun guys who you know. He he brought you closer to the game inside the game. There is there is. Doctors said something in the eighties. You know, Sports Illustrated. You believed he was he was football back. Then mclovin you worked with Dr Z? Yeah. You had it in for four years. You know, he was a character. I think you probably read into he was, you know, either loved him or your. Rasa. Our? Our? But he was gruff. Yeah. He was gruff. But you know, what that was his personality. He he didn't he didn't older it do you? Remember, he candy coated when he was on the original draft analyst with were you ever part of that still t- at at at that time? Yeah. I think I was still at CNN. But yeah, now, I was never part of the NFL. Yeah. He was covering him Berman and bobbly did the draft at one point then and then Howard balls are from from sporting news. But it was like at a hotel football weekly. Yeah. I went to the Marriott marquee. I I remember the first draft that was eighty four and a member going in. There's nobody there is nothing like it is now just you know, the draft picks weren't showing up. You just have guys on those helmet phones. That was also the passing Willie McCovey stretch McCovey at the age of eighty Johnny bench called. Yesterday to say make sure you remember just how great Willie McCovey all right last. Call for phone calls meet Friday anymore. Meet Friday song, Seton? That's it. That's it. Well, right ever some good ones. Can you bring back the Tom petty one? See if you can do that. All right. Let me go to James in New York, James goody ant for me today. How's it going good? Sixty. But the poll question Christian Meitner kicked you out of the most beautiful people. And he also kept shack off from the night from the. Jack Davis college players. I mean, he was getting looked at Hollywood you had one eight. I mean, usually out of college known as one name by the time, you get out of college broke every record that was in states down here again. I mean, one of the biggest guys ever people saw obviously was cast in movies almost instantly. Yeah. But later Leitner was a better college player than shack. Thank you. I mean, you know, athletically, Shaq was more Atlantic. But Leitner Lakers one of the top players of all time. You you. You can't deny it. Whether you don't like him or not. You know, that's a very short list of people who were better than Christian Leitner. And he was great in big games. He always great. And big games. We were just saying no matter what Tibo did or didn't do in the pros college careers impeccable. Yeah. Yeah. You can't take that away from same with Manzo. Can't take that pro career or college career way from all right? Final results of the poll question. Mclovin. So most famous college athlete of all time. Tim Tibo actually won and Lew. Alcindor second. Yeah. I would say luau Synder. I think Tibo we got to Tibo time when he got to the pros. We learn more about him. When he was in college. He was a he was a very good player on great teams. I mean, he won the Heisman any put up some big numbers. But I mean Menzel 's Manziel had a better numbers than Tim tebow. When when you look at Manziel, let the SEC and rushing. Like seventeen hundred yards or something crazy like that? Mind boggling what what he did that one year? Crazy. Do we got an eyebrow? Update. I this is called the cold feet report. The we're hearing reports out of the Nashville hotel room that the guys at the over from the bachelor party. No one wants to step up losing eyebrow. Well, how about the little brothers little brother being held down right now in an eyebrow taking off. Yeah. Come on four you call this a bachelor party. They have three minutes. Speaking has a little brother. That's your role in life is to have your older brothers friends pick on you come on. Cody and Tennessee, Cody there. Yeah. What what's the what happened where? We got someone that is not not complying here is that the little brother. Yep. About having a job or something like that. Come on. You're only gonna have one bachelor party. That's right. Cody, Cody, I'm gonna do I'm gonna take the under that on on this marriage. Hey, come on. Now the over under is four and a half five and a half years. I'm going under. All right. Thank good luck. Cody. Thank all, right. Take care. That's Cody from his bachelor party in Nashville hotel. Maybe. Yeah. Little brother come on love, the bachelor party call in. That's great. Yeah. Yeah. Let's see anything else needs to be mentioned here. Anybody calling for the gimme the upset this week. Do the Packers beat the patriots. You can have Rams over the saints. Which is not a big upset. Anybody want LSU Alabama? And it's not what the points. I'm talking about sets outright upset. Chargers over the Seahawks. Northwestern. Seaton's going north western over his fighting Irish of Notre dumb. How about Kentucky over Georgia? What's the line on that one? Kentucky can't be favored. Efforting? I don't I don't know if people are you going to be surprised if north western this games at northwestern. Right. It's in Evanston. I I wouldn't be surprised at northwestern won this game. Yup. Kentucky is getting ADA hook, man. What are the patriots favored by? Five. Said it Foxborough. Yeah. So I got the patriots actually between five and six, okay. By the way that chargers. Seattle lines pretty close even that that'll be a pick em by gametime. Yeah. That's that's a hard one to call. I would not want to bet on that game. Chargers playing. Well, and they're not fully assembled which is great news for me their Super Bowl aspirations Rams, minus one. Okay. Fritzy? Would you learn today if you don't wanna see the raiders quit we can comfortably say, they did not look inspired at all last night. Mclovin. Vince Carter says he's the best out of UNT. Paulie? What'd you learn to Rosen Nash over so close to town? They could've would've been up there immortality on Dan Patrick show losers. Seton a little brother took stood up from south boy. Yeah. Fritzy, what did I learned Vince Carter back in his pop Warner days? Played QB running safety all over the place kicker. Well, we learned brought to you by truecar car shopping can be confusing terms like dealer price list price and invoice truecar shows you what other people paid for the car you want. So you recognize the good price when you're ready to buy. Moore used car. Visit truecar enjoy more confident car buying experience. Thanks for joining us. Our pleasure to serve you have a great weekend safe weekend. Talk to you Monday. You checked out the big podcast with shack here at podcast one. Yeah, we talked basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports for this lady. She's gotta be at a seven. It's everything about everything sports. And she says, I love your podcast. But I hate that job. Listen free to the big podcast shack exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com and the podcast one app. If you love the show share it with a and leave us a rating and review. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. A sobering. New report from the DA it says opioid opioid overdose deaths hit the highest level ever recorded in the US last year about seventy two thousand people died security experts questioning President Trump's decision to send military troops to the Mexican border. As the president tells voters at a rally in Columbia, Missouri. To be overrun by massive legal aliens and giant caravans you'd better vote Republican the president says strong young men in one of the migra caravans heading toward the border through rocks that Mexican police and soldiers he says he won't put up with that. And if it happens to American troops, they should react. As if the rocks are rifles AP Washington correspondent saga megani? More bad weather ahead for the deep south two people died in storms and tornadoes that hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. I'm Rita Foley.

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