Lawler vs Covington, Jeffery Dahmer Facts & Bro Cuisine


Yeah it's the smooth sounds of the trap house variety hour this week we talk about Jeffrey Dahmer facts. These are the kinds of facts that can save your life. We break down the COVINGTON lawler fight. It's going to be on E._S._P._N.. Sweet P._J.. Pedestal fighting we try and figure that out apps ribbon sang hard coffee and I want some of that all of this and so much more here only on the trap house US Brian Lou there we appear to be back. Hi I-i get some different echoing going on this place if you notice that yeah it's a little echoey but when you have a craftsman's kitchen was this car now I think that's not a pressman had more would in it yeah. I don't know I mean Jesus. You know grasping. Okay okay would would shit yeah. We're Jason Highs Deluxe accommodation. It's not a bad kitchen like so you know. It's been pretty pretty handy since we've had it you gotta communal sort of island here that you eat on the cook and you got plenty of shopping shopping space. This is like the whole house has got that like more modern field. We're at your house a few weeks ago and we were talking about about how the the rooms are really sectioned off which we kinda liked. You know which I thought was like we're like Oh. This is nice because like other night we're in here and I was uh trying to cook a steak and I like turn the the the butter and stuff to get out on the cast iron skillet before went to go like snuggle with Jalen came back out in the fucking but it was just like smoking furiously meets smoking eight to like your is like tell you a lot van. I wasn't thinking a run your kitchen in your family thing about this is like wait a minute so you fucking put a skillet on with fucking butter in it and you like eat just like Pumpkin to bed yeah. I thought it was GONNA be like I know I didn't even think about it. I was just okay stakes coming out. I had it in the oven. You know stakes coming out of the oven. I need to put it on the cast iron and so I come out in the fucking the skill is just like smoking like furiously and the whole house smell smell like burnt butter for I think that's so like every time you walk into a house. You spell smell like basically fried garlic and Rosemary in the other other great thing about that is of course is your special friend almost burnt down the entire house cooking steak a couple years ago right yeah and so on the drill is opportunities or payback well listen. My special friend was in the kitchen while this is going on. I don't know so I walk out of the out of the room and I see the skillet and she goes. Let's kill it's really smart smoke like Oh yeah. Take it off the burner so I'm like running around the kitchen <music> opening windows and then I come back and I'm like Osh Bright. Take the fucking skillet off the burner. Yeah it was a it was a panic moment but that doesn't really help under help me understand what your special friend was doing win skill. It was smoking like where Ham not sure. Maybe she thought I wanted that that smoky that hot would win great to <music> Sierras. I should just went ahead with it. Put the steak on there today suited up real quick create allegri for yourself R._A.. Might as well get a tasty piece of meat out of so you're broil a your broil in the state and then you're gonna sit a bake it. It's super you know super like to twenty or some for like an hour however however thermometer in there yeah I gotTa make you WanNa do. They're good stakes over here so I I'm. I'm definitely not doubting you here yeah. That's the best okay do you put it in or the smoker doing the smoker. That's really good to you. Put it in there until the temperature comes up to like one twenty five thirty and then you put it on the grill or the cast iron just two sear both sides delicious and are you letting the stick set a little bit after that or or is it yeah. I need to do that because you had that slow cook <hes> lead up. I mean sometimes I do. If I'm like come hungry as edith. Sometimes I let it listen for ten fifteen minutes yeah yeah but <hes> it's ready to eat soon as thank comes off there off the grill or the cast iron for sure in what can we cut of steak. Are we talking about here. <hes> we do some Casey Strips last last time I did. I did this like big thing. I'm not sure what it was. WHO's like a really thick steak? That's kind of cowboy strip. That's what was a cowboy Rubai. Yeah can't the by that's that's why I like that too yeah. That was young fat on that. I like to come that up and slamming so oh yeah we did that and it's nice and thick. It's like maybe an inch thick you know super delicious in a couple of years ago to you bought a cow early to half a cow the right time right dead shut up like Jeffrey Dahmer. Put that shit in your downstairs freeze freezer already starting take it out. You're looking you wouldn't play with it like Jeffrey Dahmer. Would you couldn't was he playing with the reality at a whole bunch trophies not that that said this something you've we've been into. That's very judgmental of no knobs asking very common. That's that's actually a very common thing. Instead the you gotta be careful about sharing how much Jeffrey Dahmer Knowledge You have with other people occas. They'll meet them immediately. Judge You well you know and so oh I what what can the community of like minded Jeffrey Dahmer not enthusiast but at least that people with a large knowledge base whichever dahmer was up to is that the date they need a probe other people in like see what their level of Jimmy Domino interest is before they reveal my my level Jeffrey Dahmer Knowledge. I'M GONNA go with <hes>. I know that he is a serial killer and that he liked he people that that's that's pretty much it so oh go ahead though that's not information. That's going to keep you alive. You need to be careful amy alive yeah. What do you mean what if there was a there was a serial killer in your neighborhood hood and he was manifesting in evidencing all sorts of like Jeffrey Dahmer Type Track pet traits and all you knew about Jeffrey Gorsuch who is a serial killer in A._p.? But you didn't get to see this guy killed people need people however maybe he's like. He's my major league improving. I'm not saying like a specific Pacific neighbor but like what if you had a neighbor that was like giving away. What was the what would I be looking for their? Are you know starting to torture animals. I think that's yeah that's a big one. Torturing animals making like body suits out of human skin. I think Islamic come on. That's we're trying to figure out size of we're getting there though come on help me out well okay like in going off sounds Lance. Did you see that longtime tom ago yeah so that the bad guy sow slim buffalo bill yeah he he had a Nazi quilt was Jeffrey Dahmer in the Nazis and stuff I <music>. I'm sure that was part of fetish is some of that stuff so we had a Nazi quote. That's not good the other thing the buffalo build it is like as they did like a camera pan through his basement like torture chamber. There's a dead old lady in a bathtub so like if he has like a dead person at Batta like runaway on look I mean do I need to do. I need to know about Jeffrey Dahmer now. That lady in the Bathtub is warning sign for neighbor can explain shit way pretty good well. I have is dead person in my bathtub heavy seen. Did you see how the royals are dylan that kind of thing. Is that what I'm looking for baseball woller. Did you know my grandma did in my bad I could. I mean I certainly could there could be we're neighbors. I don't know any of my neighbors. I mean I know a couple of my neighbors but few money yeah no yeah I was just really really general statement and so yeah I guess I know you worked through it all on all by yourself there anyway and you have your you. Have your truth what we're talking about with the houses thing though was that your house has the rooms so if I were to smoke up the kitchen there or viewer smoked Norbert Kitchen like maybe your bedroom might be saved from that yeah yeah a little bit. Yeah sure sure I'm with you but but this open floor plan that delivers there's all sorts of smokes and smells did yeah all the way to better every time we walked in the house. You know your mind failures just like smoke near you're right. It's going it's going on but yes speaking that that led us to Jeffrey Dahmer Cereal Yeah the other thing. They have is shitty family life but you know that's that's I think that's kind of a debatable thing lots Bela sheedy families. Don't chop up other people eat them. Definitely <hes> Hoosier have other serial killers that you know about. Are you in a serial killer. No not I mean just asking. I don't care I <hes> I feel like I'm being I'm being you're on trial trying to trap me now a lot. I'm just interested to know if you know more about serial killer now I don't <hes> but I am a fan of sound slams yeah. That is one of those movies that if it's on T._v.. No matter where it is I will I will watch it to the end yeah because I think it's a it's a it's one of those great. It's a very well paced movie. There's lots of twists and turns of funny characters and the thing sure and and <hes> it's like a greatest hits you know it's a decent classic rock jam you know and so <hes> in it's not it's not a perfect movie <hes> in some but its imperfections are make an entertaining you know like for example like Buffalo. The bills basement is like it's like two city blocks like there's ulcer typing rooms and like there's a well in the motherfucker dry well L. O.. Is that the puts the lotion in the basket. That's where that's only a Gurney in a basement was in basement is like backyard or something. I haven't seen this in a while and then at the end like Buffalo Bill could've killed clarice starling or sterling aries and but he liked tried installed on her with his <hes> he styled on her with his <hes> his night vision goggles he just WanNa put them on. I'm like get an extra thrill out of the thing thing even though he was like danger closed like getting caught you know take care of business point my opinion in my serial killer. If you were part of the the lower there is like having a having a cat playing with a baby mouse you know doesn't WanNa kill it because then it would be downplaying with it. You know I see it was kind of going into next level like I'm GonNa take this to the next next yeah but in other chop it up and deal with all that you know yeah that's not fun. I had this great idea for a this is relative to the great idea. I had a gritted for a Halloween costume. There was a <hes> that there's a scene in south slams. I'm GonNa take you back okay when he kidnaps APPs the the heavyset girl that he keeps in the basement and has it wants to put delicious dinner. She gets the hose again. Do you remember I remember like this this that remember this line of question. You remember the premise remember how they got there. I don't remember what grade is it. Here's how they got there. In your freshman you're going to refresh my memory so for whatever reason like buffalo bill like encountered this girl like somewhere at the mall or something they can go home right right. He's like Oh. She's a perfect size because I'm looking for size fourteen girls. I don't know why and he's like in the because those are the size of the girls that I wanna make my body suit. You'd have okay Lee thinking about some shrinkage maybe when he does the curing process and says that yeah I think I like when you knit human skin together and you make a body suit that of a person or a number of different people that there's a lot of like all sorts of things you gotta consider right who wrote this movie <hes> I duNNo I dunno as directed by Jonathan Demme whose like an eighties eighties Guy Eighty stricter guy ninety stricter guy so anyway so he he he his the way he got her like Horn Suave and captured her. Is that he like He. He had a couch okay he. He had his man okay all right. Van is another down by the river one of those van if somebody has a conversion van they're they're on on spectrum on here yeah because they need that mobility in Reno space yeah so it's like. I don't even care if it's like. I don't care if it's like a Mercedes Z.. Sprinter van I still put you on on the list unless it's a minivan which is like family tope thing that's true. Can't I mean there's not enough room in a minute I mean there's some of those many bands are pretty rummy but not quite as many as a sprinter art will let me let me let me put it this way. If I can't see through the middle of Your van you're realistic. It doesn't have any windows I might have so our so here's the thing so he had his van right and he put on a fake arm cast so he had heard are you're okay and then he had this couch. Okay he had a big couch. He's trying to push into his me in like did it by her like he saw her coming out of her car so he's trying to get the couch into the command and he's like clearly need help okay. He comes over and helps them. Excuse me Sir. Can I help you. Yes you can help rigor. Can you get in the back of the van just pull and push okay ready three one two who three and so and then incredible who has my buffalo bill thank you and so at that point then he pushes the van like into knocks over and then hits her over the head with the cast asked okay. Here's my great idea for a Halloween costume and it actually needs to people are here. I am ready for bowl recruiting well. I mean if if just tell me interested I'll go if we had to be invited to Halloween Party for small both of us okay. I'm going to go to the Halloween party dressed as buffalo bill with the broken arm cast in a in a couch. I can walk around with and so it's going. I'd be like a dumbing out in so maybe it's like a miniature catch. Maybe like half a couch and I think that'd be kind of funny so tired of this well well I mean I think we're GONNA have to build up a machine or something. I'm not sure but then here's the great thing you're gonNA show up the party just like a half hour later also dresses buffalo bill with the arm cast couch in. I think it'll be hilarious. Why are both of us is Buffalo Bill? I thought you can say like one of his dressed up like chicken. Then we do the scene the kidnapping become you'll be on the shedding shutting artists Okay Buffalo Oh bill and we both have these huge couch attachments to our you know we're like carrying couches In can you hope it carries this car. Is that pretty good with my on the way you're basically second try and he almost nailed gay and so I don't know I I think that's high concept. I think it'd be really entertaining. I mean I would be entertained and you'd be entertained addressing up or should somebody else drives up the cost him. I think I think <hes> you know I think people will get very tired of it down in that makes funny for me but ah that like yeah. That's half the battle with aline costumes. You're like hoping people tire of your costume. No I want <hes> I.. I want to put people out. I really want I really want like WanNa ruin their fun. It lifts my phone level. It's you know we'll let we'll come back to it. I guess you don't have to say yes or no right now. Okay yeah not blocked sitter the Halloween's a few months away yeah. I got you know a little little bit of time yeah to the decision but in in I know in the past sometimes you have coordinated like <hes> Halloween costumes with your family. Guys have done a theme or at least maybe one year you did. Oh No. I'm I'm just I'm just <hes> dragging dragged along. Tell you Yeah Simon Right. You know how this living living with ladies so <hes> yeah we we did <hes> we did what we do. Oh I was slammer one year yeah. They were the ghostbusters at a big inflatable. Slammer suit that was fun was like a suit that you head like constantly inflate or was it in one no inflatable. It had a fan on it. A battery repaired battery fan yeah. They'll look pretty good. I saw inflated you know my mom Jalen an an were ghostbusters others and then allows Chewbacca one year that was fun except for the hair coming off of that <hes> costume I was not fun competent a heat and it just made me sneeze I wanted to do I couldn't get. I couldn't get everybody on board with this idea I want to do the girls were going to be seal team six and I was going to be Osama bin Laden. I was GonNa like an enormous Edward and like and they're getting like like just like bushmeat hunters taking you around trick or treating yeah. I thought that would have been like a prisoner where our yeah just or maybe I guess I could have been on a Gurney Arnie or something that actually be due to lay around yeah near out. That sounds like maybe I should be somebody in a wheelchair next year. Soccer <unk> re be rolling around Halloween. You can be professor x you can do next every go yeah yeah come a hair though I'm sure they got a wig Baldwin and just make my head look bigger. I work again. That's fun. Professor X could do that. He's toll in wheelchair got. You got one more wheelchair hero for me with C.. You could being you could be the born on the fourth of July Guy Attorney Kovacs or something in her house new. I don't remember that one now as Tom Cruise Star vehicle born on the fourth of you mean days thunder anytime on no now <hes> but <hes> he was in a movie called <hes> born fourth of July he was was yeah. Oh I didn't know any wheelchair yeah that's like. I don't know if it's GONNA lifting by spirits but you know it's important to remember in about as bad as much as a what's his name. Shelvin people ended the fucking sprinter vans name Buffalo Bill why why they named Buffalo Building because I think buffalo bill may be skin buffalo or something like that. I think buffalo hides. Did you see that that little girl yellowstone get tanked by the buffalo this week hike. No I saw the link to it. It was <unk> such hot. Click Bait. I just said I WANNA see some trouble it was it was funny so how did she put herself in dangerous fucking. I don't know what's going on but people are getting too close to wild animals like they're. They're like twenty feet away from this buffalo you know in the buffalo just fucking ain't having it and fucking fucking charges this little girl so girls probably think. I think it said she was nine and she gets thrown doing flips the whole time like probably ten feet in the air where does a couple of flips and lands. I guess you got lucky and just had some bumps and bruises but buffalo sent her flying buffalo went. Low Man on her assist lifted her straight up. You know these things are I don't know I don't know how big they are. Probably twelve hundred pounds or something. Maybe I mean it looks looks pretty big. You know I've never stood nice to buffalo but you know compared to the people that were in the frame like this thing with gigantic like I think I saw like a junior near Lyon that somebody like tranquilized and there are do measurements on. I think it was like five hundred pounds you know and that I think a big line gets like seven hundred but <hes> in buffalo or bigger and wider immediate than in so I think yeah you can get that you could get that high so it wasn't a junior buffalo image. I don't know really I guess like could have been like could have been like an eight hundred pound buffalo which either way that's going to be looking way bigger than a five year old and they're jacked mean. They're they're definitely on Akito. Diet now or eaten like well. It doesn't matter what they're getting lots. Exercise is out there yeah Mike Big Getting reps in. They look like those things from <hes>. Remember the Mario Brothers those <hes> forget it was character. I think maybe the the bullet remember those bullets Yousef I after after jury you know they were just plain black kind of reminds me of those the way that they're shaped and they're you know. Magid haven't thing charging edge fuck all that yeah China and she's lucky. She got the forehead because those guys have some horns do that's. That's some serious score stuff. Yeah man so you gotta stay away from these guys. Give them their their. They're wide berth. Would you run with the Bulls in Spain that big <hes> series where they they they run from the Bulls and all that stuff I pry would out not for that. Yeah I mean I mean a couple of people die year. I'm sure but <HES> I think that like I'm conditioned well enough that I should be able to handle that. I should be at the very least at worst I would get injured. You know that you think you can you can make that a quick cut to just like your it's like if if you're running from a line with ten people you just have to be slower than nine of our faster faster than nine of them so I think in that situation <hes> I'm faster than nine of those people budget yeah a bunch of drunk euros basically yeah. I mean not that it had been all day I mean I think it was a session to yeah right. We're going to be equal in that regard sure so you've got a little more <hes> snap muscle fiber and that's not even honestly there's so much random shit that goes on in a situation like that. That's not like that's not the main indicator are your fitness of. What of what could happen but I just think statistically wise. I'm statistically wise if I saw myself and there was a need to put a bed on one of those guys getting fucked up today. I wouldn't put the bet on myself. Yeah Okay I.. I hear hear that yeah. I just think how come out I would go to come out in if I didn't do it. It will be worse than if I didn't. I got injured if I was there and somebody asked me if I wanted to go down there and run with them and I was like no. I think I'd be like pissed off myself the rest of my life you know he had just. I never got to go back. Cellphone Self Self Shamed for the rest of your life. It's like the original song fucking bulls run attack got in right. You know yeah yeah I mean I.. I'm not even trying or anything about me making that last minute cut that last-second cut to say my life I for me. It's really just a matter of math is that I think I can live with a math in in that but it also even though I'm living with the math I'm still on the spectrum of death sure which is exciting sure I mean and it's also you know I get to <unk>. I get to party with my bras for a day and I get you know everybody. There's a big communal thing because we're all sharing in the death experience. You know I mean yeah. You almost have to jump on that one. Now I was trying to tell this to some of the movement to scout camps on the girls whose like listen all the funds shit. It's Kinda dangerous. You know so imagine how much fun run with the Bulls probably allowed on dangerous but it's private onto to your they're like Jalen. Daddy told me that all the fashion is dangerous. Think about that yeah. It is like well we thinks about it and he's honest with themselves. Yeah fucking Jason's right yeah Jason's right. Give me some death on here. <hes> you. WanNa do a quick just discussion about this upcoming fight which I thought was interesting because you've been in these guys as the train with these guys so I think he got that familiarity with with with some of the skill sets ceased to bring into the table the fight that's it's coming up in a couple of weeks or you know. I've been pretty soon after this podcast comes out of the Kobe Comington versus Robbie lawler so <hes> <hes>. Let's just start with your most recent experience is with Colby's are right training in a little bit of sparring their way out here. Yes gimme. Give me your precious to him. <hes> the last hour not with him was ripe for he fought though. Sonya has been a few years <hes> but he he's. He's always been a tough round. You know tough session anytime you get with him grappling or or sparring he's getting he's getting better. You know you know like I mean him. Actually we were down in American top team. <hes> we both came like went there at the same time so he was like him in. Massad bacteria can a couple of the guys were like some of the first young got not the first yes but like they were some of the young guys they had <hes> down in American top team like living there. They had this house. It was close to the gym they lived in and I would go. Stay in the bedroom. They were there fulltime and I would go stand a bedroom and I was in town in that house so l. yet from then to now like he's obviously gotten a lot better you know but <hes> yeah and Robbie haven't trained with quite a while actually action in from from your perspective. How can you see that like how can you see somebody get better from when you train with them versus when he seemed just in a fight like how can you recognize that advancement <hes> well put him like he's always been a really good grap. Learning you know whenever arrested or comes in and starts doing Jujitsu. There's like they. They progress pretty quick. You know just from knowing have positional awareness ernest. No one had a drill and that type of thing so I wasn't too surprised you know that he was getting better on the map but his hands have gotten a lot better to hands and feet. You know so he's a you know. I had some some training with them. In both areas like years apart you know so like in two thousand twelve or thirteen or whatever and then you know two dozen seventeen whatever whenever he fought dosages so yeah you know he's just been down there living and <hes> training you know so it's hard not to get better when you're in an environment like that now so especially guy cameras highly biathlete coming from another sport. That's in the where the train philosophy kinda allows you to be successful and Emma. May you know kind of just gives you the framework to know how to have drill and had a spar and how to fight their adversity and just kind of be in the gym everyday like so yeah. I mean he's <hes> he's doing well one of the places that I've always I've I've liked colby that a lot of people probably disagree with is that I do like his. I think he cuts a funny Promo. I think he's committed to the bet you know of this sort of hard right sort of Maga- <hes> Uber Alpha but it's got a little. It's got a touch of humor to it. You know it's it's kind of it's not necessarily tiny tongue in cheek but I think there's some funny to me and I also had the respect that if that is his gimmick that he actually took that Gimmick to the White White House and got in front and got with Donald Trump Donald trump you know signed his belt or whatever you don't picture with them and everything and it's like you know now say whatever you want about trump or Kobe's like what a great commitment to the bit that you take it to the to the ultimate level that you can't actually go any higher could Jim Gallagher Yeah Yeah and both Gimmick Irs benefited from Ray. It's like that that that moment in the matrix tricks work canneries gets to stand in front of the Computer God or whatever and you know ask him questions and that's how I imagine it the the ultimate mind I imagine Koby and <hes> trump meeting like always questioning like what would it you know what is the key to the gimmick now outside well. Kobe you know goes on and as fucking stupid gimmick talk but it's not stupid fucking. He's the president got three whatever but twenty million people to vote former however many he's GonNa get it again so I think I mean yeah and this is not an endorsement. It's just recognition his gimmick. You know that he's figured this whole thing out the matrix of voting yeah of of the public. What do they call that guy up key maker but he's the I think it was the key master. Lima goes the guy that they got out the Asian. Guy That had all the keys remember. I forget what they call this guy but that's trump no yeah the <hes> will them so wh with with lawler you know <hes>. I guess in that matchup of Kobe versus lawler like what do you think the where is their a significant advantage that either guy has over the other or would you know how if you were going to game plan or here's a different way to approach it. If you'RE WE'RE GONNA game playing Colby's fight against lawler. How'd you gain planner for Colby for Kobe. I'd say that he has the kind of fight the game blends. GonNa look similar to how he fought. Los China's except for those on us. You know I mean if we're talking about like knockout power. <hes> you know lawler would be a little ahead of designers in that respect so can't really he can't really afford to take as many blows from law like he was able to do though signers like. I felt felt like he was able to kind of walk us on just down a little bit just because you know coal is not a huge well two way but though Sanyo this is <hes> you know on the smaller side of that way class <unk> a little bit shorter in coming up from lightweight now so and Robbie is kind of the opposite. He's he's like. He's not a huge huge welterweight but he's he's a little bigger than Kobe in his power is preserved powers. Yeah ours you know a lot more than dose Angeles so I think the the game plan for Kobe would resemble that he's GonNa have to kind of corral Robbie and and hoped like pressure take him down. I think on the mat kind of in that like blending blending techniques together the whole game together like this take downs in his striking. He can't just he's not gonna be just <hes> standing up with Robbie because that really favors Robbie favors Robbie you know yet there was that great quote from the older jazz brother. He's like he's like he can't take Robbie lawler punches to your head bad for your health. It's kind of a paraphrase but I mean <music> speaking very direct honest truth there. Yeah no Robbie is like you know <hes> since the days of military we've heard about. How powerful Ravi is like <hes>? I remember hearing this a reunion. <hes> I forget that magazine I think it was grappling. Magnet used to kind of turn into an intimate magazine for a while there militants was talking about how he used to spar with Robbie but then he's like now. This isn't fun anymore so he's like this is not fun anymore. Respond Robbie so far anymore you know and I've seen I haven't sparred with Robbie but I've seen a lot of his sparring down when he was American top team and he even has kind of a he's got like a an awareness of that power you know so. I'm not sure like what the you know. A lot of boxing people will tell you that power is just something that people have you know that you can you can accentuate it or you know now they can atrophy. You would not use but it's not something to like work yourself into you know have any don't so Robbie's <unk>. I guess Kinda knows this because I've seen Amin's barring like hill spill be smart a bunch of rounds and and then like hill see the guy he'll he'll see the guy wearing out a little bit like it's late round and held like go. You should protect yourself. Now you know give the Guy Guy Hi Kinda like a warning like textile and so he kind of knows that he's a he's got a little bit of extra power. You know the people maybe are not used to you know also. That's you know him. Being a good trainer partner. He knows knows that he's telling me guy like hey. I want to open up a little bit now. He like that's just kind of like a good good. Look for training partner you know in even like going back to talking about lawler strength and his his ability to sort of use that strength going back to the Ben Aspirin fight when aspirin probably had top position on him and almost like working at kind of like a top crucifix Bruce Effects where he had controlled probably his arm with his legs and then the other arm he was like basically draped over the top of lawler but lawler or socially schilder stood up and power behind aspirin into oblivion. You know almost into oblivion you know obviously uh-huh and aspirin is a legit knows top pressure knows how to stay heavy in knows how to stay out of these fucking getting put on an elevator type jams right yeah yeah I mean to see him listed up like that was pretty spectacular. You know those those crazy fight. I wish it kind of wish it would have been able to see a normative formative end you know but can't have everything I guess yeah <hes> so I I it's right now. The odds are roughly a call a COVINGTON COVINGTON minus two hundred or minus twenty and then you know they're coming back at plus two hundred plus one seventy five <hes> and the odds opened up with Colby being a little bit less favoured but I think he was played pretty. He's been played at least early pretty heavily or at least for anime may be sports betting which I don't think has a lot of volume attached to it but <hes> so that's that's how at least Vegas sees this fight is Kobe you now <hes> minus two hundred or bet two hundred win one hundred be right now which is pretty. It's not it's not a Gimme but it's a that's. That's a that's a tiny bit rich. It feels a little rich for colby. You know what I mean. Over five rounds <hes> you know colas always been in pretty good shape shape so that's kind of one of his attributes you know so I think like if I had to find a bet the house at pry bet on on Colby Obi but <hes> you know I'm kind of hoping that Robbie is able to win that you know we'll see so uh it's really a great promotional setup in that. If Colby wins he continues to elevate escalate his his position mission and I you know I think it'll be interesting to see where it goes from there you know that title shot or whatever and then but if if <hes> lawler wins than lawler colors certainly you know a high profile title candidate again you know and so I think it's a win win for the for promoter <hes> and win for a fan. I think you know in both those both of those guys that are either guy loses out of that. There's still plenty of interesting matchups waste for those sketched to go to the I'd like to see. I don't know I mean there's a lot of good like you said I mean I'd like to see any of those guys. Versus Woodley Again Robbie again or or colby you know so <hes> but yeah there's there's a matchup stare for sure you know <hes> I wonder I guess the winner would probably Alright get get the championship Fi. You know Kobe Kobe Zeman. It's for that for a while thank you. I'm not even sure what happened with that. They they kinda stripped him but for no reason basically I don't know yeah I I mean if you that's just that's a piece of the business that you know doesn't really reward you by by really diving into you know it's like here we are so what are we gonNA do. <hes> did you see that they may be Japan. Versus Nick Lands is that a fight coming just got made. I saw a couple of hours ago. I was like Whoa you know after after the last fight after B._J.'s fight <hes> Dana was saying they like he didn't WanNa see them fighting him anymore. You know and you know I'm not <hes> Kaunda judging whether B._J.. Can fight anymore. It's up to him you know but <hes> versus Mike Lynch whose ACI it's like kind of still top of the middle in that in that are bottom of the bottom of the elite there you know like he's he's up at at lightweight. He's looked really good. You know so yeah I mean I don't know I don't know why they would why why they would book that forever B._J.. You know I've been B._J.. Mark for a long time I I I like L.. I liked his fights. You know throughout his career and that's like when I started paying attention amaze when he was starting to peak you know right and in that certain interchange between Matt Hughes and she has p. and B._J.. You know that was a really interesting sort of you. Know <hes> a trilogy or Tri factor those three units sort of revolving around each other being close which each other in terms of competition and so and so I I'm I'm I'm Dalla B._J.. And of course I love his like you know those those legendary embeds where like he's like training running across S._E._O.. Shore Iraq and then he's taking a ten day vacation after Dana calls them. Dan is like what are you doing him and he's like <hes> you know. No we're just GONNA head to <hes> Kona and endangers like Oh yeah how long gone out there for and vide goes <hes>. <hes> you know not very long crawly. You know about ten days. Contain is like what the Fuck B._J.. You're in the middle of camp like you can't leave for fucking ten days well. Let's talk about let's talk about the defense of that that prospect okay so if eve you've had if you've been training and sparring hard leading up to that point what is the point where if you pull the plug on sparring hard and just stick with cardio and stick with movement or anything like that like how far advanced the fight you actually pull the plug. B._J.'s going to Kona for ten days I he what's the difference instinct Kona in the Big Island Buddy. You're you're on Hawaii. If you're in Hawaii definitely can understand the difference you know off yeah but I'm just saying like don't you think you can. Maybe we go to Conan after the fight after fight George saint-pierre. WHO's you know no slouch understatement of the year right right so <hes> I don't know ten days or maybe look? We're going to count on for the weekend okay. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA run. I'm B._J.. Panam hiring. I got my pad guy with me too and a couple of wrestling partners. There's run conifer the weekend days. Get no no no. I mean now. If I'm really talented. They still pretty talented. That's drew to write like just don't know but I mean he close and he lost that fight him. I'm pretty sure he he lost that one. Would you know for I guess he was able to get away with that kind of thing for a long time so I don't know what can you really tell them you know and with all that said I mean you know of all my my respect for in everything I've seen in the past and I've just seen this guy takes some hellacious fucking beatings these last three fights you know where you know. He just looked like he was his reaction time. In terms of striking was just was was was real super slow and you know his ground game is just as getting real pushed over over you know and so it's like <hes> but the man wants to fight. Let's let them fight on and so it in in if you're GONNA do with the promotion promotions going to give us. That's GonNa pay give you that exposure that you want. Let's go for it but I would like to see you know. I think you're kinda pushing herb. You're you're working your way towards this is that I'd like to see him with some legacy fights. You know let's try it out. Maybe Frank trigg or something. You know you know something like that because because I am down with that kind of man I like those matches I e you're not GonNa shake me off that I I liked his legacy or those. Those legacy type matchups with me frank triggers like he sou he super tired he fun years. He's doing like movies and shit and that was decimated fresh. Nah I mean but that's a good example. You know what I mean. What if what if like I mean? I don't think Matt Hughes confided anymore but would have the legacy tour legacy tree out where those three are fighting again. You know there's they do a four man tournament tim him Johnny of G._S._p.. T._C._U. Kick Shit at all at this point. Is he still yeah. G._S._P.'s still operating at that level yeah now yeah so frank trigg Japan. Mayhew's and I don't even know you know some other. Maybe like Ivan. Saleh Berry or some shit is watching like <hes> I do have my d._v._R.. On a record record for any strikeforce rebroadcast and so I get to see some of those griddle those great nate Nate non-core yeah yeah I am bid needs like a big. He's big nouns company but you know we'll let's figure out we'll get a catchweight going to cut anyway in two shows heavyweight before the threat against a yeah my man who is the ultimate mark for the Moment Yeah Dragon is John The dragon era. I love it. was there in spirit okay yeah. I was watching television okay. I was watching on television or doing it. Ah No they're really relieved. I believed in the drain on team Machida Yeah I wasn't on. I wasn't like you know on the fence. You know dispassionate Professional National Observer Mark for Dragon Professional over that Crotty man all right yeah wins every time Tim an inspired by the cat. You know you got a problem or that free thing chronic but my leg was you or I'm not very at all the hairless bike as so. What's your cat's name who Roger Roger? I guess Taylor's got <hes> Indian friend young lady named Obituary. I don't know if I had his name. <hes> she tells us that that means King Wean her language so yeah. That's the girl he's a boy Bro. I guess he's like Androgynous. You know so really it's just it's just me the two ladies in an Androgynous cat in the house yeah yeah more of a eunuch because unique eunuch yeah yeah yeah yeah we gotta be careful the label well. I mean you know this is a gender fluid or gender positive podcast agree. Yes is totally eunuch the Eunuch Kitty. Let's do one more subject are can we talk about P._B._R.'s hard coffee. That's the subject of this is important to me. Okay like P._B._R.. Though I think you have we been somewhere in you've ordered p why though <unk> at that was a place for the poor house yeah we went there and this is like this is more Hickey. This disbars granted set the scene Priyanka so this is a bar is built on the side of a Walmart right. Hey right a walmart parking lot A.. K. Loud even a good Walmart. It's a fucking. It's a market market Walmart. Good Walmart go in there. Leave my fucking car in there. They don't have a car place. I want a Super Walmart dammit. I don't WanNa wait a minute car place. Would you mean yeah yeah you know how warmer Walmart has like the tire place like a regular Walmart. Okay they have yeah. I WANNA go get an oil change at any Walmart that I'm forced to be around really yeah. I gotta be able to take my car there. GET TIRED chip. I want to be able to get worthy grocery demand. I've never really heard somebody like say. This is what I need to have it. I would be able to go get more than groceries there. I WANNA get everything they're like. If I have to go into Walmart I WANNA be able to get lot's of Shit. They're talking like T._V.'s Fook and tires catch a greeting cards groceries ammo ammo yes any toys amine. All kinds of shit not just gross. I don't WanNa go herbs yeah. I don't WanNa go in a grocery store her Walmart <unk> grocery store. That's not what I'm going to Walmart for okay. I'm just saying all right so this. This is a bar built. That's built somehow now on the side of a Walmart they do make more. It's like the bar it's like normally where like the loading dock would be okay and then they like they bill in the parking lot like they blacktop essentially the blacktop is your patio area okay and they threw some shit back there like you know awesome tables and chairs and a couch the Meyer Shit yeah I mean they're doing their best so it's it's a pretty it's a rule precedes. Sort of joint needs got A._G.. A._G. Dive into it but that that's why about his yard in one last thing I'll back up when perhaps we'll be. I mean the People Walmart my people okay. I mean that they are me okay. The only problem with Walmart is it's a fucking. It's just a big mass. It's a cluster fuck. It's like they just have palace shit laying around everywhere. Nothing's organized you know and I just I don't WanNa do that. Yeah I the my main problem with Walmart at is there's when you go in. There's a twelve minute. You're going to be in there for twelve minutes. Average regardless garlic of what you're getting you know every time I go there. There's either an incredibly long line at checkout or there's incredibly Wrigley Longline at self-checkout Youth. Even if there's a short line itself checkout you know you're GonNa have some issue where like the one employee working self-checkout has the common fucking put their code in to my machine to do some shit so that's why I don't I hear what you're saying there was there was a I did go to Walmart because next to the gym location Dude I've been killing that Walmart I mean and so I got gum and some bread okay and some old lady was fucking things up at the self-checkout right and I can't blame her because self-checkout. It's not it's not you know it's not perfectly Terminology and so she couldn't figure out where to put the bills and once again. I'm not mad at her either because you know it's not it's not totally intuitive you but then she like she like walked away and like of course I'm around topless. I'm going right behind her to get it but I don't want an crowder of course and then but cheat like her chaser spit now now like Ma'am you forgot your change and then she comes back and the only reason I bring this up is because I gave her the change and I'm like I'm like here you go. Here's your change inch and she's like okay. I go thank you and I was like what am I. I work at fucking Walmart. Why am I think of this right? Thank you for he's coming in today and I'm like I don't know I don't know if I was mad at myself for like Santa Monica worked there or mad at myself for like emasculating the old lady you know because like just because it doesn't mean that she needs to be treated with fragile kid gloves you know but anyway. I don't know I hear strich thank you what is dummy. I need to get my my head examined. No I order perhaps because cold pabst is is just a notch below cold Miller Miller highlife. I like Miller highlights. If it's super cold the champagne and beers it was to be super cold because the minute that she gets living close legs whispering warm. It's fucking it's swill. Will it's fucking glue. Basically you're drinking glue to yeah. It's bad so I see good. The reason I've ordered P._R.. Is On fucking special. It was on special. It was like two dollars for a fucking like a tall boy in the and in the Burgers were five ninety nine and so I was like I can get a buzz in my belly full for eight bucks here. We go you know so that's that's where my mind frame was. You know we walked in there and <HES> and I go. Is there waitress or something. Is there a waitress or something and he goes no. I'm the only one here I was like Dan. Okay sorry I got a truck the shit out to the parking lot myself but in my lap <hes> so anyway but here's so pabst blue ribbon had an incredible product innovation that I think was designed for people just like me so this is in the near post P._B._R.. BAPS were ribbon has a coffee beer hybrid percolating bouncing getting back from a there's a marketing gimmick they called the PABST blue ribbon shortage of two thousand eighteen visit coffee and beer the enduring of him imp- American brewing company's testing his new hard coffee in select states p._b._R.'s depressant stimulant cocktail Combo has made him Arabica and robust or beans rich American milk. It's hyped as tasting like premium. Vanilla infused iced coffee but packs up five percent A._B.. Devi panch in five percent will get you where you need to go drink so <hes> this is not coffee and beer though right today who that wrong now. It's it's some some sort of liquor is beer. You know just like a liquor is D- waste here. Liquor is lemonade booze coffee but I don't want coffee beer and Robusta coffee beans. That makes me suspicious to why 'cause we're bus. Though is that gross coffee the Kinda like like if you go to a fucking. I don't think guests like some of the gas stations have decent coffee now but back in the day when you go to a a gas station and get coffee in it smelled like burnt popcorn that's robusta coffee <unk> she ever knew that bad coffee really and how did you learn this just on that went on some right now. We're not some deep dive about coffee when I learned that all aw coffee was was <hes> is from Africa like yeah so I I know a bunch of random shit. What about Kobe like <hes>? Did you know that MOCHA has nothing to do with chocolate. It's it's MOCHA's a portent. Africa just got somehow completed conflated with a chocolate flavored coffee. I did not know that that's another random thing I learned and so what are we all from Africa. Though I mean this. Can I get a little repetitive but I guess not every plant animals from Africa so yeah yeah no I am but but coffee and humans coughing sprang from that lush verdant green <hes> what is the Nile. I think I think coffee's Mo- most coffees from Ethiopia really yeah which is like a dry like high desert or something or not alive as ask you're getting you're getting out of my wheelhouse. I don't even have a wheelhouse to get there so and the Robusta coffee is not cheap. That's why you know. Kinda tastes like coffee. Just kinda get that weird already. Not You off. This thing. Damghan started yet. Will I mean like I said I'll try it. I if you had some of those I would drink one you know but <hes> like I mean I I guess is how far away is starbucks from Rockin this kind of be and yeah <hes> you know or even like Pudding C._B._C.. Or Aura or Jay Z in his capone is coming for sure I was in a starbucks in Florida like probably two years ago and they had like wine in all kinds of shit like that you know and I thought start seeing that other places but I really haven't you know I had this idea for a he coffee shop that like doubles as a wine bar. Go ahead yeah. That's Bas- community during the day it's coffee shop and then like turns turns into a wine bar yeah the whenever these layers bottles right now feel like you need to you know switched reached over. Probably you know probably changed throughout the throughout the year like in the summer. You're going to have called for a little bit longer. You know I can always tell how much stress my wife is. Under under how disbelief she is with me the whenever the wind bottle gets opened on really yeah unlike Tuesday ended up bottle of wine. It's like you know like of course five o'clock is like you know the U._S.. Standard right the bag no one no. There's you can't jeter lush yeah five o'clock so yeah correct the thing opened five. No one can say about you but like I can tell like when like I'm fucking up or <hes> you you know she's just displeased with me or like some something like it open for the open. It's like they started doing laundry talk. That would be a problem so that's like a good barometer for our relationship. That's good yeah. It's nice to have like it's like a you know like an outdoor thermometer. You just look at them on low at the temperature you know and so my thing about this when I saw this pabst blue ribbon or I'm sorry the the hard coffee I was like well. It's like a poor man's speed ball you know. How could you get an upper end a downer on the thing but if you think about that that's actually that's fucking stupid because you can get like a hit all for like ten bucks? You know yeah Bris death so it's like a slam coke yeah so it's like if I can get that for like ten bucks and I'm not going to be fucking with a fifty dollar. Pack of like <hes> of of hard coffee has coffee the other my other danger on this this thing and I'm going to try whenever I can get my hands on. It's not available within a hundred miles of Kansas City. He added check. They're doing. It's not WANNA test cities but like a lot of this hard stuff has like a high sugar acid content and so it just gives it opens up fucking sores on my stomach. I guess you know and so I basically like double over in pain while I have my I buzz at some fun. No No. It's not a trade off to make right now yeah well. You know people know that sugar corporations now that sugar is like you can get somebody hooked on a bunch of sugar in it and you know it gives people buzz. Two people may be more likely to buy that. She was good. You know you've put some sugar in it. Follows fails Robusta coffee to coffee cheap sugar does like if I'm going to house party and like I'm going through the the cooler Taylor and I see like a fucking like a wine cooler or I'll see you know like a hard lemonade all grab and pop that thing and drink it. You know I but ah I just I guess I'm not cut out to buy to buy a four pack or six pack and rocket at home. You know just not. I'm not that strong for them. They'll do one of them. Yeah Yeah I wish I I wish I had the metal for it. You know yeah the Constitution a lot of <hes> a lot of alcoholic drinks like that are are too sweet for me. I don't know it's like I don't know what's going on but like I like wine cooler hard lemonade or side or anything like that. I'm not sure what it is but it's like they're little too sweet for me while I was fucking with some with some canned white wine and I thought he'd the other day well. I know I mean white wine is like the perfect perfect amount of sweetness like Chardonnay or something. I mean chardonnays pretty sweet I think I don't know it was in my belly. I the CAM was empty before I could even labels. I don't know what I'll do my why that's like you know I like i WanNa do I wanna like Sweden's. I guess chardonnays private favorite white wine yeah which is he's like. The sweetest has got to be the sweetest wine yeah sure but but the way that it's delivered is you know there is some fermentation there is a little bit of a natural process there not just pouring we're in a fucking gap sugar and Syrup on top of to mask some sort of horrible taste yeah yeah so. I guess that's a difference but it but that white wine in buzz is a good one sugar together. We'll give you a high headache to you'll have a headache after that yeah yeah. That's that's yeah no you can't you can't hydrate your way out of that. You'RE GONNA get one chardonnays Yummy though Dude Uh Smash Chardonnay she going Yeah Kid Rock Weird ordering that though Mike can I have a I want to say it was like a French inflection just so it's not so like Chardonnay the I don't know it sounds pretty good. I yeah more smooth and French. You know he just brought the smooth there. You know it's it's like all the white ones have super superlight names like that. We kind of feel like uppity saying like Pino Greasy. Oh you know would it would fucking advancing tonight. You know Riesling yes. That's a soup. That's a super calm. I won't even order that you worry with the penile just order piano. I can't even I'm not

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