Stories of Horrible HOAs


Ht's Frankie just show podcast here on iheartradio. I we moved there from Arizona the only reason we live where we live because we're homeowners associations. When we lived in Arizona Homeowners Association and this may shock you. We've spent about thirty five minutes together, but it turns out comedy boy. Here has a little trouble with. The local gladys crevices didn't get along to. They're always write me up. Garbage. Cancer off garage door was opened. My rocks I didn't have a one it was. There is own a at rocks and they were messy because my kids would run through them Oh. You're actually messy, didn't know those who wants. It fell out on my head for moving here. The day we sold the house who were driving at back I told my wife I put. The card will be right back and I went through the rocks. What are you doing? I said I'm just sitting up a meeting between gladys in the new owners. People Person We're going to be talking about homeowners. Association or Condo Cessation Horror Stories ridiculous. Whatever you WANNA call if you ever been involved with one, you probably have a story or two or three. We'll get to that at about seven forty this morning. It is ninety seven hundred zero hd solid number. One hit music station with Frankie. Ingest welcome to Monday, so it's ran out there highs in the mid sixties today we've got a couple of I mean there's about four fires in the State of Utah but big ones that have been happening over the weekend, so the knowles fires the latest. That's the one that's around Saratoga, springs. So there's a lot of our listeners and a lot of people that are evacuating and a couple of those neighborhoods. In some of the pictures and the video the traverse fire that started what on Saturday due to some fireworks. So that's sketch, scary and sketchy listener Scott was just emailing and saying that so they're on like kind of the evacuation notice, so he said about two in the morning. The the cops are going around saying ready to prepare to evacuate, so they've got all their stuff just in just in case He said the last he had heard is it's over five hundred acres twenty percent containment, not sure I'm sure the rain is helping, but I don't know where it's at with the that fire, so maybe we'll try to find out from her sister station in a few minutes of can't harass gonNA find out if they have any updates. Because, it's It's really bad seeing some of the footage is terrifying. I can't imagine. Let's see coming up. like I, said the Hoa in the Condo Association Thinking about thirty minutes here, so did you have a good weekend now as it felt like, it was nice and long, yeah, it was pretty good. Yeah felt like there's a lot in with. Feel bad because I mean, we're talking about the weekend. And then you got people that are like evacuating. You know seeing some of the the news stories. It's like Oh. My Gosh, it just seemed like. Like I didn't hear anything about that. Travers fire until late in the afternoon on Saturday or whenever somebody sent, the island was kind of. I wasn't I didn't know that that was happening. Then we were up at the cabinet and then heard obviously yesterday. The Saratoga Springs thing though the knowles fire was just. Do Lightning. The other one was due to fireworks somebody. That worries me with this weekend with the forthcoming up you now. So, crazy. We did the whole Garth Brooks thing on Oh. Yeah, was that Saturday IOS at the Redwood? Ravin, it is pretty cool. It was pretty cool. It was it was a little less than an hour and a half so I thought it'd be longer though it was kinda short, but I think there was a show later than ours, so we had to get out of. Of there, so they could come in, and that's when the storm kind of started whipping up down here. Redwood road was just like dirt, and it was I mean just the trees were going to go shoot. We gotta get home, but it was a cool experience. I've seen Garth live a couple of times, but the. Where was he live from? He recorded it in Nashville. On stage with his band, obviously no audience, and then so I guess this is the second showing across the country that he's done one earlier in June, so the second one he might do another one I know that it was playing at three different drive. INS AROUND UTAH, two out of the three I think sold no one out of the three sold out, but yeah I was kind of neat to socially distance and just set up in your car where people excrete like at a concert like. ooh, HOGGING THE HORN! Was it like that the Horn screaming? Yeah, it was kind of cool people, having mattresses and the back of their trucks trucks. Yeah, that's cool, but it was a cool experience. It was different but yeah, it was really fun. It was a nice long weekend. I'm excited for the holiday weekend but I'm like I said nervous about the fireworks. Just and again that travers Firoz somebody, so they've got the person or people in I guess they've been talking to the probably kids or who knows it could be an adult, but you know people in with this pandemic. That's I guess a problem with a lot of cities including. New York say they're talking about people blowing off fireworks like every day as opposed to being around the fourth were in our case in the State of Utah, the fourth and And Twenty fourth, but a lot of you know fireworks displays have been canceled, so these people are buying. You know so. It's I'm sure it's going to be happening here if it's already i. mean we know every single summer we get in it, so it's before after and then before, and after as far as the fourth and the twenty four throughout the whole month of July or the whole summer. They started in my neighborhood a couple of weeks. At ten o'clock at night and Mike on a weeknight, please I. WANNA DO A. Little later on in the week about that as far as WHO's living in a neighborhood right now where people are keeping you up, you know we've got kids. Younger people that are blown off fireworks at midnight eleven o'clock. On a Tuesday night like an old person money, but you whether you're working at home or whatever it sucks, man. We gotta work. Summer for us. And and you're not supposed to be blown them off. In the one of the reasons, he special in a state like ours. I mean it's they're so dangerous and how many I've been here almost twenty three years. How many times do we have to talk about this? You know where things catch on fire, and you know I mean this is this is this has happened I can't tell you how many times Nov Twenty three years that I've lived here since you've moved here. Yeah, and then people are. Were you? What. Do. You got people foams. Young people people losing their stuff essentially losing their stuff. I was going to bed last night. It was like Oh, my gosh. God forbid what take. What would we me start thinking about? Okay? What's our game plan? If that were to ever happen, because you just never know, we'll let her yesterday. It was on castle. They were interviewing. And interview and re Ryan I. Think is his name. He was literally in route with with his family, leaving one of the neighborhoods there in Saratoga. Springs and he said they took. The PATS, the kids grab the parakeets, and and then there they try to get some other documents, and then that they got in the car, and that was it I mean you can't. You can't go back for anything now cops I WANNA go you can't so you have to get like what you saying? What is important? Get it right now. Get it in the car and leave gives me chills man a movie a movie. You don't WanNa. Be In you know right? It's crazy. So how was your weekend? You have a good weekend. Just really laid back into. It was like what you guys said. It was just it felt like goes pretty long. Which is nice, so we just kind of hung out so whether it was pretty good then in the valley, because it didn't start changing until I came home, Saturday an excellent I went up so we went fishing on Saturday went to the. The middle part of the PROVO Middle Provo and he didn't catch anything. That's I kind of figured. We wouldn't there then took them up to mill hollow yesterday morning, which Sunday and and the weather was fine, but then when we got up there, it started to change a little bit, so we were up there for a little bit, and then started coming back. Back, because it's about an hour, okay, you know on the ATV, it's only like ten miles from the cabin, but it's all dirt roads and everything getting up there, so it's Kinda takes a bit. How we wanted to beat the weather, and as soon as we were leaving mill hollow man. It was just like that weather started to change and it was like. Like. Oh, no! It started to rain, started getting cold, and then that was that way all the way to the cabinet and we just came down after that it was hot on Saturday. It was like mid to high nineties. Kevin playing softball. He and his buddies did like four games. I can imagine because it was blazing hot. The cabin and we're like eighty. Eighty five hundred feet and it was so hot up there. I'm like. Oh, my gosh, it's gotta be just. 'CAUSE TAMMY didn't come up till Saturday. She said it was really hot and. It was so hot up there. Kevin feet were burning. Feel the he threw my shoes. Yeah, so as burn big actually went over there after I had a live broadcast, Taylor carpets and Lee high. It was the grand opening at the Lehigh Story. surprised cavs stopped by his game, but it was. We were in the shade and just sweating. Do they win hot? Oh, no, no. It was a horrible weekend for. Also the flip side of that. If you've got good news, tell good it is Monday so if you got some good news, we wanna hear about it, so we'll get to some of those texts at eight to nine for five. We're GONNA come back into the middle edition of Hollywood headlines for your Monday. So, what are we starting with the big when people come in at chase, route? You've been listening to the ninety seven one V hd Franken. Just show podcast right here on iheartradio. All right we're going to jump into the middle edition of Hollywood headlines, about fifteen minutes away from we'll get into this as far as homeowners, associations or Condo Association the ridiculous. Whatever you want, just you. I'm sure you if you're involved or have been involved one of these as far as being part of one, their wacky man. Yeah, you know how some people and all but in A. Lot of the cases people that are on those boards. Thanks for all they go overboard power-hungry whenever you want to call it. Yeah, they go a little little much with as far as having that power so if you've got a story or two or three, or whatever think of the best of the ones that you have in text us and we're going to get into in about fifteen minutes. We're going to jump in and like I, said into the middle. Middle Edition Hollywood headlines brought to you by lifetime store this morning. All righty, so chase rice. He's a country singer and he was on the Bachelor, so as Peter Season of the bachelor, and he showed up with dark, haired girl. What is her name again that people didn't like Victoria so he showed up with Victoria and they're at this concert and everybody's having a good time if Victoria's acting weird and. Just kind of just odd, and so it comes out that she's like only had a relationship with the singer, and then he did a country music interview. I think the week after that aired and he's like never relationship. We hooked up for a night. We weren't dating. We weren't together and don't believe any of this stuff because. I'm sure they were together, but you guys knew what was getting ready to go down as far as the bachelor. She knew he knew and it's like for to benefit his country career. I guess he was what on survivor years ago. He's like a Reality Star kind of guy. That's true. He's got his country thing going and it sounds like he's got tons of stuff on country radio. Yeah I didn't know who he was until the bachelor. So I guess, people are mad at him over the weekend, he had a show he had a show. He did a concert and so people are like. Are you serious you're taking? Everybody's health. You know putting everybody basically risk I guess. The show was on Saturday. They didn't follow any social distancing at all. I saw some pictures and videos on TMZ and everybody I mean just like a regular concert at Ron squished in there. They're all at the stage there about a thousand people. This where jam packed I'm trying to think where it was I. WanNa say could have been Idaho I think it was. Was Idaho Yeah was at this highway thirty music fest, just with C., fans and It was chase rice and Chris Johnson actually were they not together was I'm trying to think of chase was somewhere else because I know I think he lives in the south now, but but yeah, no social distancing. Oh, you know what here we go. It's a different country star. So Chris was an Idaho Chase was in Tennessee but they were like no, we did everything we had hand. sanitizer out took everybody's temperature when they showed their tickets, so everyone you know was turned away if they had a fever. And they're like still it's still not okay to do that. So Ca Kelsey Ballerini who is just super, talented and Cute I love her. She said imagine being selfish enough, but thousands of people's health at risk, and not to mention the potential ripple effect from this and you know all of us want to back out on the road. All of us want to be on tour. All of us care about our fans and want to be with them, but we also respect and love them enough to wait, so people are not happy with him this morning like it was about thousand people that were crammed into this this. Event Hall where he held it, and they were shoulder to shoulder because I was like. Oh, no, not one person was wearing a mask, so yeah, it was kinda crazy and like I said that other artists. His name is Chris. And he was in Idaho, and there was just people shoulder to shoulder there, too. Crazy crazy and then I'm excited. Okay, so like I said chase was kind of discovered by a lot of us on the bachelor, so the Bachelorette with Clare. They're going to start filming it next week, so they've been kind of putting off. Because the pandemic and everything, and they announced the next bachelor, but people are like what clear so they're going to start filming. Filming next week, and of course they have to set it up differently because of social distancing and with Kobe and everything, but they know that Bachelor nation wants you know new episodes. We want our Bachelorette. We want Claire to find love, and so they're. They're going to start doing that. You're not happy with the greatest bachelor. They're doing right now of all time. Call now. It's reruns reruns three-run couple little tidbits. We haven't seen like that's not enough to keep me. I can't do it just can't do it and then beyond say so I. Think they had the bt awards last night and she got the Humanitarian Award I. Don't know if you have the clip from that so i. don't know, but she also has releasing. Releasing a visual album called black is king. It's going to be on Disney plus Let's July thirty first. It'll be based on the music from the album. The Lion King, the gift and on there's a picture of beyond. Say on the Hollywood headlines Page of Frankie and just dot, com and She just had some awesome words of wisdom after she. Said, thank you for her award. For the humanitarian. Award I've got a clip from Wayne Brady where he's doing a little tribute and paying tribute to little Richard. Bam Boom. Roti. Rudy. Dude is one of the most talented guys ever seen I've. Never seen him in person, but I mean as far as watching them on whose line or just any of those shows me. The guy guys so talented. Even when he was doing, what was it Let's make a deal. He was hosting. That still is, but yeah, he's just a talented guy. Yes, he's cool and we had him on. What was it with Jim? Brickman them on both on the line because there is forever good. And they were, and they were schlepping something, but and we obviously Jim Brakeman's it. He's talented, but we wanting to talk to Wayne and it was just kind of. Jin's more subdued. Interesting, interview wasn't like what I was hoping. It would be yeah I. Do love Wayne. Brady. About that and Jim He looks good now. I saw a picture of him actually few weeks ago. Seventeen that guy in years. I used to work with him indirectly with old job. He's got a lot of silver in his hair and aliquo looks damn good. Mike agent well. He's a musician of the. Don't know Jim. Brickman is yeah. He's talented just a little bit more quiet. And then Kelly Clarkson Josh Josh growth in an anti Lennox and then Ceelo Green. They had a telephone. They raised seven hundred thousand dollars for project angel. The Angel Food Covid Nineteen Emergency Fund, so that was good news over the weekend and then Christina Aguilera so she just did an interview recently, she was talking about you know. When she was younger, she was a teen when she got into the business and people wanted to change her name because there were like it's too long. It's too ethnic because it's obviously Christina Aguilera! You have the clip. Catheter pulling something up. Christina Agai instead of regular because it was too long and she's like. No, that's my name. I'm not changing it. That's weird if it's too long, I'm sorry, but I'm like good for her. For being a teenager at an office, her her parents, who stuck up for her, probably not her dad, because they kind of had a restraints, a strange relationship, but yeah. Yeah, she definitely was not going to change her name, but again. Could you imagine Christina g? No, that's just I. Don't know it's just not her name I wanna say when she was, she was young. We had the was called little cottonwood stock, and that was however many years ago. That was the show that we had up little COTTONWOOD CANYON UP AT SNOWBIRD! And it was a bunch of artists, and she was just starting to hit the scene, but she was probably. What twelve wild! For Me Yeah Oh. Yeah, that was like way, and that was a long time. God was late nineties or Rate around two thousand crazy. I WANNA see. She was like twelve or thirteen shoes a baby and she was just young. Yeah, I'm glad she stuck to her guns and like that would be really. If someone's like, you need to shorten your name and a radio I. mean the of you like you need to change your Dj Name. Let me take completely shorten. Your name would be kind of bizarre and then coming up next hour. You WanNa. Stick around I, know you love Gilligan's island and there's some news about don wells, so of course that was Marianne and I know you love Marianne. She's like one of the, isn't she? The last one out of the whole cast that's alive. She probably is think anybody else's alive, right? Gosh I'd have to look it up I. Don't remember, but she's not doing well. She's not doing well. That's for sure she's your mom's age. Eighty one crazy. Oh, I'm so. There's news about her. That's being reported this morning and then Brad. Pitt's new love interest so that more coming up at eight twenty. Ninety seven one. Frankie and jess show podcast here on iheartradio. Hoping that the rain helps the the fires that are burning right now, there's the Saratoga Springs Knowles fire. That's right around like ten thousand acres the other one is the travelers fire, and that one's been burning since Saturday and that's about five hundred acres and rain right now as you get up, it was raining all night, and it should taper off some time this morning. And then they're saying kind of on and off throughout the day, but pretty much all of northern Utah should change by tomorrow, but somewhere in the mid sixties I. Think it's forty six as you get up right now some. This Monday. If you've got some good news, start off the Monday. We'd love to hear it to nine four five. We'll get into our topic in a few minutes. I've got kind of a good news story I guess if you look at it this way, so it was on Friday afternoon or little boy excellent I went up to the cabin, and then Tammy came up the next day, but we were kind of hanging out on the dirt road, just below the cabin, so and then it was next door. We were literally just right in front. Are Our cabin, but by our our neighbor's driveway? In this thing darted across the road, right in front of us, and it took a second like one thousand a boom, and then it registers like in your brain what it is. A. Big Badger within feet of US ran right in front of us. And I was like holy. FM and he's got like this little strider bike that he wanted to bring up to the cabinet, and it's little, whatever so, that was on that? We were on the dirt road with that I picked him up off this bike and it went into this drainage ditch that goes underneath the driveway of the neighbor's driveway and there's only one. One way out, and that was closest to us so I knew he was coming out some running up this this dirt road, and then the thing pops up and is watching us and I kind of went up the road, a little bit, and I was just Kinda like and leaving his bike there, and those things can be aggressive and be pretty ferocious for for. For as little as they sing was pretty good size but it didn't didn't growl or anything that I could here because we pulled it up towards the the neighbor's cabin that was kind of a way from ours and I told Axel I set them down I. said You know if this thing starts running, you run to that cabin I had like a stick. Stick or whatever, but I was going down to grab his bike, and at that point I didn't see it, but it. It eyeballed us for about three minutes just came up out of the that drainage little little pipe thing that was underneath the driveway, so and went in there and I'm like. Oh, no, it's coming out this way which is closest to us? Ran Away from it. That's crazy I just happened so quick, and it was right there and we've seen them. You know they're all around or whatever, but I'm always, and we're always talking about that and we had one last year on a hike. The did growl at us. We didn't see at growled four times, and we were kind of go. Go you know we had Sheila. Sheila and I was carrying accident at that point, but yeah, so that was good news. The badgers wasn't aggressive or anything like that. But what is it if you've got some good news that you WanNa? Share at eight nine, four five. We'll come back. We'll get into this topic if you are a part of the homeowners, association or a Condo Association and you don't have any. Bad stories good for you. I think you're lucky. Yeah I think you're on the minority with that Because if you've been involved as far as being part of nature way, you know that a lot of the time you know these things that they ask of you are just ridiculous and things that they do or say, or whatever, so if you've got a story, we'll tell you why we're talking about that. Get Ready to Texas or call into the show at eight, one, five, seven, zero, one, nine, seven one. You've been listening to the ninety seven one ht. Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. Let's see before we get into setting up the topic here. It is Monday we tell us something good. We've got some good texts that are coming in here at eight to nine five. It's always good to share your good news this onsite a three day weekend this weekend. I'm excited I've been working six days a week for months. Oh God. Bless you. You Hubby and I moved into a first house. Our dog loves the yard. It feels surreal, really cool with great Let's even bust about at work like a failure as things aren't going well, but my cfo called me and has given me a bonus for all my hard work and denic dedication started bawling on our zoom. Call happy Monday so. Congratulations. All right so here's what we've talked about. Before will throw it out again because it's always insane to hear some of these ridiculous, just crazy stories that you hear about homeowners, associations or condo associations, and again if you are a part of one, and it's like great, then good for you because I think you're in the minority with this. Yeah, after 'cause it just a lot of people that are involved in them. You're a part of one. You know that they can go a little crazy with some of the things that the requesting. Some like you can't do this, you can't do this. You can do this and I'd never seen this commercial up until now. I've seen it like a couple of times. Maybe I just got blocked it out, but Kylie's. Did you see the the GEICO commercial on? It's along the lines of what we're talking about and I've got some audio from the I'd never seen it before until like you said and Kylie mentioned. We love new home neighborhoods Grade School district. The Hoa has been very involved. These shrugs. Aren't board approved? You need to break down your car board. Violation. Violation. Planners down. At least Geico mix bundling our home and car insurance easy does help us save money. To inches over-regulation exit the so that was the mailbox that was too hard. With a chainsaw. That's not too far from what can actually I mean? That's a little extreme, but it's pretty bad with some of the things. We heard some of the stories and some of the ones that make it and I think we've been had some stories locally that have made it national. As far as what the the homeowners association that people on the Board are requesting like we needed to do this, and if you don't do this, you're gonNA. Start getting fined every day. For everyday like of her Wi with the weeds, coming in or like a crack in the driveway of her that like if you don't get it repaired, and then that was one that somebody that I knew belong to a homeowners association, so they had a crack in their driveway, and they were going around kind of with the clipboard. And they're like you need to get it fixed for every day. It's not fixed. You get fined so whatever it was a day and it's so expensive. Replace Driveway Nude, and sometimes you know when you get a brand new driveway, and then they just kind of settle and boom. You GotTa Crack Right and they were walking around with a clipboard saying this crack here this year. And then this is a listener that kind of spawned this topic again because we have done it before in the past, but we haven't done it in a while. Somebody said that with their homeowners association. So I guess they paid. They paid to get some work you. The fees the monthly fees, and it's to to get stuff done within the community. And it was I guess they were putting sprinklers in, and they cut part of the sidewalk in order to put the sprinkler pipes in, and this she said was like a couple of years ago. Will they never fixed the sidewalk? And it sounds like there was a gap, and probably about I don't know maybe what seven inches of a gap, but we're just no sidewalk and it was like where it was. And I think her. Her little boy fell on his bike, so he was going on the sidewalk and then hit. That wasn't a sidewalk was like a chunk. There's some lawn there and then boom. We went down jacked up his face, but I think what they had said is it's in the bylaws here? He's not supposed to be riding a bike or skateboard on the sidewalks. It says right here in the rules. It's like Gosh anymore ridiculous. Yeah with that. Why is the sidewalk way just like yeah? And that's what we're paying money for right. Do you have a ridiculous horror story? Whatever you WANNA? Call Her just an insane story that you want to share with us. That has to do with the homeowners association or the CONDO. Association so if you want to call us, you can do that. A one, five, seven, zero, one, nine, seven one. Ninety seven one. Frank in just show podcast here on iheartradio. So condos are condo. Associations are Homeowners Association. That's what we're talking about. As far as the nightmare stories that you hear being a part of one of those and somebody call earlier in the seven o'clock hour, and said well there, there's an awesome. It's good for you. Because you know there's a lot of them out there that you hear these stories, people have little power. You know under Roman those to their head. And they're just like in a lot of these. You GotTa be careful what you're signing into Oh. You gotta read it and some people just sign. Yeah, I've read that thing and I know it sucks to read contracts, but you get screwed. We'll some of the things that they want you to. To abide by are just ridiculous and and when you sign into it, then there's nothing you can do. Yeah, you have to live by their. Whatever bylaws are you signed it? You wanted to move in their. Remember back in the day. We talked about this. It was years ago, it was a vet and the HOA was like. You can't have the American flag out, and there were several of the country. People were like. Are you kidding me? He almost died for our country. He can have an American flag out and pay respects, says right here the violent, no flags and we knew and yeah, so there are so many of those stores that made the news and I think one was a local story. WE'RE HERE IN UTAH. Northern Utah that made national news. Tie Hami, those we I like. Oh, my Gosh, just ridiculous, so yeah, we've got a lot of texts here at eight to nine four five, or if you WANNA call into the show, we'll watch the phones eight, two, one, five, seven, zero, one, nine, seven, one, talking about, either just insane or horror stories that fall into the Homeowners Association on the Condo Association I hear this is becoming more common, so the animals have to be DNA swabbed. So if you don't pick up your POOP, they'll trace it back to your dog. Because there's a lot of like you know dump and runs. You GotTa pick. Up You're do man. We have heard about that like. They started talking about that a few years ago. Where they're going to do that. Only holy crap. Yeah, don't leave your poop around people. Hoa Got Mad at us because our car is parked in the driveway, not in the garage. Cars and a two car garage, and it's a nice car. It's you know it's not even parked in the street. It's not because a lot of HOA's which I do love that they don't want cars in the street because my car looks, you're not. My Street looks like a fricken car lot, and then they want you to bring back your damn trash cans once again. My street looks like sanitation coming every day of the week. You GUYS ARE NOT IN A. Want one but I mean it's a fine line because some you know like the commerce. and. Then some go too far like this. You can't park in your driveway. Can't so that's ridiculous or there so I? If they're just wanting them to to to move, but it's like okay well, if it doesn't say which another if it does, say in the Contra or whatever and thing that you're the agreement. Really you can't park your car your own car in the driveway now, and that's what they said. We have three cars. What if they have like a team that drives right that shoe cards live way now drive way are that's what it's for well and I get some of them because my parents had you get technical drive-way. Supposedly moving through. My parents, you just couldn't park on the street at night. So when I was right before I, married Kevin I moved back in with my parents for a few months, and so I'd have to make sure I moved my car by a certain time because they would take it my parents. Get, so many tickets neighborhood, and then they ask you to sell your home in Leigh Oh my God I'm not kidding actually, please. Me My home and leave me. We WanNa go actually. We're going to try to get our three. So! We can get Outta here. L. Let's say four girls drew with Chaka my driveway three weeks later I gotta find notice with a picture of the heinous crime of colorful butterflies and flowers, either fought that crap and I was so ridiculous. Either one of maybe that was the listener that posted it, but I swear. I saw that on facebook just recently the same thing. Or. Just maybe it was completely different story, but the same story and people are doing a lot. Know Kids Love Sidewalk Chalk, but people are doing it more just because it's A. It's been such a year. You know she's away. But it's just like fun and colorful, and is positive and Brian. Oh that's wasn't. It was a friend of mine when I hooked up with this buddy of mine that I hadn't seen him forever, so he flies for Delta. He lives in Atlanta. He was talking about a neighbor that lives next door to him, so he's got some. Horrible neighbors one is getting ready to move out and the other person on the other side. He said it's this guy here. Who is angry when his kids or any other kids in the neighborhood do the sidewalk chalk he's. He's out there like with cleaner spraying it. He's out there. So that's where that's where the story came from. But that's just funny, not funny, not not for you. If you're involved in it with the homeowners association, but it's just ridiculous. Late Tomorrow Years Sidewalk Chalk. Charges not paint. It's chock those stupid. This is my wife and I bought her kids. A playground for the backyard got notices and finds from the HOA. A month later because the playground was purple, purple is not an approved colored rounds in our neighborhood, and that's not a joke so I worked with a scowl years ago. Wow, and she had an Hoa House and she painted her door, and she got the approval for the color for the door. Right because you the fence that the door everything has to be approved the house color Olivet. Garage door, so she got the approval and they started finding her. She's like what the F. is. This and they came with like the swatches right? There like it's, it's like a tad off i. mean it wasn't the right shade of whatever color couldn't. It looked the same the same? She was like I'm out of here. She's older how she couldn't. And that was like one of many things that had happened. This one said lived in a crappy condo Hoa Hundred Fifty six bucks a month. They started. Started to do this annual event cleaning for fire prevention and the charged an extra twenty eight bucks every time they did that vent cleaning because they were building the Reserve Fund Jeez Yeah neighbors. Kids had a lemonade stand a couple of weeks ago. The Hoa filed a complaint against the lemonade stand. No businesses are allowed in the neighborhood and no signs. We're raising money for the school of a friends disabled sister my gosh take. Sleep at night. You're going after a little kid lemonade stands. Right here, no signs. And no business I'd like to see your business licenses like I'm sure. You've been listening to the ninety seven One v Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. Ninety ones. The HD Celtics Number One hit music station with Frankie ingests coming up in about twenty minutes here. We're GONNA. Get into this topic. We've got other tax leftover two, so we'll get to some of those so if you want me. Chime into the show as far as being a part of an H. away or association. If you've got a good story that falls into a ridiculous story like a horror story we'll get to some more of those in about twenty minutes, but then we'll get into this topic. We'll tell you why we're talking about. You're in disbelief that somebody in your life said no to you, so you asked them something and they said no, yes, so. So what was IT Milan? We'll talk about that in a little bit. We're going to jump into the late edition of Hollywood headlines this morning. It's brought to you by Robert. J Bri and associates very cool. Okay, so Connie has some big news. This thing came down about three o'clock Friday after the show and he partnered up with gap for ten years ten years. That's a huge deal, so it's called Yeezy gap and he's going to introduce some yeezy merch the first half of next year in store and online, so it'll be modern elevated basics for women men kids. You know accessible price points because we know Connie's fashion is not always accessible to us normal people that don't make money. I haven't been to a mall in forever and even the last time that had been in a mall. Gap Are they still open. I didn't even think I thought they closed the gap stores so and they might have been struggling for sure, and they know that bringing someone like Kanye is going to help them get in the right direction financially, so Kanye is going to call the shots with us with his line how it's going to be marketed all that type of stuff, and so after the ten years there's actually an option to renew for another five years after that three could end up being. Being with gap for about fifteen years, so his shoe line last year, not with gap of course, but just the Yeezy shoe line. It was like one billion in sales and I've heard. Those shoes are not only you know awesome, because it's like Oh man. You got easies. They're expensive, but they're really good shoes. What are they rob them Oh. Gosh, I'm trying to think the last time we talked about that. It's it's not cheap. I don't know if they're more more more than two hundred bucks. Be. Gone for like two hundred dollars for the original twenty. So about two hundred bucks. Twenty screw that I know that's a lot of money, but he declared this was what five years ago that he wanted to be the Steve Jobs Steve Jobs of gap, and he always dreamt of being their creative director, and so he kinda put that out there and when gap got wind of that is all that'd be awesome well. He worked there as a teen Connie was Konya are before he was easy, he works. Works at gap, so I think that'll be cool because I mean I remember, growing up. Gap was huge like we were gap, and you know junior, high and high school and college gap was a big deal, so yeah, it will definitely help them financially to have conway yeezy teaming up with them so pretty cool stuff and then after. Oh, it looks like okay. There's an update so after he signed with them their. Their stock actually went up eighteen percent people already getting ready for that and then Oh, we talked about this briefly last hour, I said I had some news for you with Mary Ann from Gilligan's island, so guess she's battling dementia which we have mentioned on the show before. She's now at an assisted living facility, and her manager had to go to court to stop this psycho from taking advantage of her so i. I guess there's the so-called Fan who's been harassing her and trying to take advantage of her. They didn't go into details, but the guy has been writing her and calling her since March of this year. They're going to marry you. I WANNA marry you trying to get personal info from her like her social security number, and she has rejected his advances, which is good, because like I said. She's battling dementia, you know. But he won't go away and it's really getting to her, and so the manager is you know really scared for her. He thinks that this guy could physically harm her. And so the judge ended up signing a deal, so he had to stay one hundred yards away from her, and that he can call her and try and get a hold of her. So yeah, this guy is you know wanting to be with her and. And then he sounds like he wants to take her money sucks. Because I heard she hadn't. She didn't make I mean none of them. They got the L. got screwed with the the deals from Gilligan's island so especially those shows, and like the sixties and seventies the you know the creators of the show, and then the deals that each individual character including like Gilligan Bob Denver who he didn't make anywhere near what should made. Isn't an but so. She had money troubles just a little bit ago. Posted something even on our page, just trying to help her out I. Forgot about that. Good call had her on a show that I worked at Jacksonville. My first morning show that I worked on ninety three. We had her on. He was just on the phone. We didn't have her in studio would've flipped off. We had her in studio, but she was so nice, because I was the producer of the show, and she wrote this this letter to me, thanking me, and I still haven't signed by her and yeah, so I still have that picture to know picture I. Don't think let's see, do I have I might have gas. There might be a yeah, the black and white close. But I do remember the the letter and I still have the letter. Oh, that's really cool. Because I was a huge fan, Gilligan's island, it was a big fan of Marianne. How long was that on? Well, it was the it's been still in syndication, so it's been in syndication since the the late sixties early seventies. Okay, yeah, it was a good show. We used to watch grown up, so Donna's We were talking about this a little bit earlier. The DONNAS one of two of the seven castaways from Gilligan's island that are still here. Ginger is still alive Tina, Louise and David Pierce mentioned that on his h nine four five so it. It looks like Marianne Aka, Don Wells. She's eighty-one Tina Louise Aka Ginger is eighty six CA. Jews I know crazy, right, saucy, redhead, and then Brad pet, so he and Angelina. Jolie I think are officially divorced, but they still are working out a couple custody things and so, but it looks like it's looking good, and they're starting to co parent a little bit better, but this woman this actress. He's been spotted with for a couple of months. They're just friends, but people are saying. Oh, they're not friends. They've been together. You know and they're trying to keep it on the D. Elsa who knows what's really going on, but we've talked about this before. If they were spotted together long, they said they're just friends. Who knows they're both in the business and they're just friends we have. People are like we don't believe it. They're together quite a bit, and it's been consistent. So who knows if this is his girlfriend Lia. Shaukat say her name, is she the one that was at mit or who who is she know that women, so yeah, who's dating that BRAINIAC? And then she ended up marrying somebody else and I think getting pregnant but yeah, this girl's and actress. She's behind the scenes in front of the scenes. Yeah, they were spotted like an art gallery. The last time I saw photos of them they were out at an art gallery and they're like Oh. There were other people with us. It wasn't just us. Right sure she looks familiar I can't but I don't know who she is, but mean she does look like I've seen, but maybe absent, because she looks different and all those photos hair. Okay. I never really got on that show I. Only know a little yancey huge Welt. The second time around backers canceled the first time, and then it was it Netflix's or whenever brought it brought back. They were saying she looks a little bit sometimes like Angelina. But you're right every single photo. She looked different. Yeah, let's see there's yeah. There's a lot of different premier. She's been out, so you can check her out. She's a cutie, but they're. They're saying they're just friends. Still Okay, and then this is for you i. know you worry about Dustin Diamond I. Know You pray for him. It keeps you up at night. Screech from daisy, but So he is having issues with his home in Wisconsin, so this is the one that he was trying to save back in the day. And now it's look. It looks like the banks going to take the house, so they said according to the story. He owes like almost two hundred seventy thousand dollars on this home. He didn't know he was not far behind on the mortgage. He said so. He hasn't been to that property since January of last year. I guess he lives in Florida now I'm not sure what partner who lives with, but he moved into that house back in two thousand and three, and the property was worth three hundred and forty K.. He put down like sixty eight grand on the house, so he's like I. Don't know, and you know or understand how much I owe. And this much so I guess there was a busted water main last fall the. It was so bad his buddy. His neighbor was like dude. It was flowing out of the first floor window, just water pouring out of this house. WHO's living in the house as the runners in the house? Nobody nobody's making. So he said he lost thirty years of memories in that home, which socks because the basement flooded and the wind up to the first floor so comic co-. Comic Book Collection Instruments Collection Family pictures videos. He said all ruined, and so at that point he was like he stopped paying the mortgage because he's like okay. It's obviously something that's going to be expensive to fix. I don't have the money to fix it. Reasoning time that we're screaming. Where's that? You're going to stop paying the mortgage. Yeah, okay. Stop paying the mortgage, and that was when Oh gosh. The water main break was January of last year so year and a half ago. And he now he's coming at the bank and he's a cool. Thanks for trying to kick me while I'm down there like You're not paying them more. We don't know who you are. It's so true, so he never went to check on the property and his friend like I said was the one that told him, and so, what happened was it froze over because it was cold, it was January and now it's turned into black mold. And so he's like well. It's going to go clean it up and check on it and get it ready to sell, and then the pandemic happened so now he's saying it's the pandemics fall well, and then you know as well as I know like if you're saying this and he just bolted to Florida. He probably, there's no upkeep on the outside. So this is probably an eyesore with the neighborhood, and I'm sure big time, so people don't like that you. Can't leave and not keep it up. No response in the rest of the neighborhood like crat totally so yeah like like. I said I don't know he's living with them Florida, or if he's on his own or what happened? How even ended up down there? But yeah, it's been sitting for a year and a half and then coming up next hour. You want to stick around Ariana Guerande. Did some fun stuff over the weekend? And then we also have a bunch of other stories. I'll talk about Ron Jeremy being in court. Some good news for Takashi six nine and then Mama June talks about more of about her life on the road, and just how much money she's gone through life on the road like she's unto tour. Excuse well. She's literally living in her car. I mean she's. She's doing some crazy stops. That's coming up next hour. We have posted a Franken just dot com that we can look at A. A lot of giving anything away. Let's do all this was really sweet, so it was chloe's birthday. I think over the weekend Khloe Kardashian and I just love Kris Jenner. So that's her mom. Of course and Chris has lots of kids and lots of grandkids, and she always just gives the most thoughtful sweet birthday. Shout outs that are just so personal and honest love Kris Jenner but. Herself Larry's. Gives the best awful, okay. Feel the love and. So Tristan is you know obviously has a kid with chloe. And their daughter is two and a half, and he just said I thank God for the beautiful loving woman that you are especially to our daughter. True deserve the world cocoa through and I love you, Mama, and then he just basically said something to the fact of he appreciates her for who she is because he is now a better man because of her, so they definitely have been co-parenting. They're not back together, but it was just sweet. You know I just think the guy obviously needed. You know somebody like Khloe in his life. He definitely said that he needed to change so and it's working, so it's good. Ninety seven one zero. Frank in Jess show podcast here on iheartradio. So before we get into setting up this next topic. We threw this out a little earlier plus It tells something good, so just keep that in mind if you're just tuning into the shown, you've got good news that you WANNA share. We'd love to hear it, so we do that all morning long at eight to nine five, but this is something that we talked about a little earlier. Hoa Or Condo Association so Homeowners Association or Konno's Asian. Are You a part of one? Have you ever been a part of one? If it's a if it's a good thing for you, then I think you're lucky. In I just know that there's a lot of stories out there. People that are involved that have been a part of A. I think a great idea if if. If if you like, my buddy, said if you have good management that runs them. Yeah, you know that's key when you have people like the Yahoos there on the board and you're like okay. This person's on a power trip and that sort of thing and then there's some of the rules that they have and if you don't like it like he had said my buddy said you go around. You know to each resident, and you basically get it where it's put on the docket. So when you have another meeting, you can put it to. You know whether you get rid of it, or if you like the as the the as that kind of thing but some of them are just ridiculous. Some of the things that they that you have to abide by if you're a part of an association, and that's what we're talking about. Some ridiculous insane stories at eight to nine four five. got a notice from the HOA. Please keep your children quiet. From six PM to six eight six eight am, is that. Are you kidding? We don't live in a hotel six PM. It doesn't get dark in the summertime until what eight thirty nine o'clock. PM Make sure your kids are quite the next twelve hours. Break. Hoa, my parents have been fined for not having their backyard done, and they wanted Saad put in well, my dad, in spite of the way decided to put grass seed, and then sent them pictures over two years to show the slow progress. It's the best looking grass in the neighborhood now, but they so it was like you need to put saw down now, and he's like no, I'm gonNA. Put seed, and then They've also been fined for trash cans being visible. Find for having a car parked on the street when the snow plow came. Even though they never get plowed in the cul de sac where they live, but a lot of those those those are basic ones I mean. You gotta get your cars off the street that trash cans they don't want. They don't want people seeing them, but if you're planning a move in then I see taking a picture and then sending it to him, but if you're gonna live there, then you're just gonNA. Make yourself a target. In the future like. You know like you got a crack in your sidewalk. Poking the bear you're watching you. Hoa Expected US TO STORE NASTY, hot swampy trash cans in the garage instead of outside and so they ended up. You know what who was was people in Phoenix to that told me this that they would make them. Put them in the hot garage, hundred fifteen instead of outside. Eviction notices for cans were I guess issued? If you left him outside the garage, Bessis Gusting, they stink those big garbage. Cans are disgusting Pretty Nasty. Hoa Fees or like two fifty a month. No Pool, no clubhouse exercise room, no extra. They barely keep mowing the lawn and they expect the residents to help us no removal, so they're kind of like. Why are we paying this and you gotta? Make you 'cause. They're supposed to tell you exactly where those fees are go, so that's part of their. You got to hold onto to that. Where that money's going back to fifty a month get if you got poor management or somebody that's running. You got person that doesn't know what they're doing. Because I know people that are a part of them and had been screwed because the person that was the president of the Hoa wasn't doing what they were supposed to be doing with the money, and then when it came time to do things that they need money for the money wasn't there? And you would think that the people that have paid the fees, but then they were kind of they were screwed. They had to come up with with money. So. It's just like what so you got to make. Sure that I think once a year whatever it is, maybe it's by biannual or whatever, but they're supposed to give you a list of where that money's going. Call this one said I work in mortgages and I cringe every time I have to deal with an HOA. Most of them charge one hundred fifty two hundred bucks for the documents I need, and they take over a week to receive. If we need a correction, it's another one fifty like it's just it's pricey. my favorite group of people. Started Let's see the Hoa sent me notices that he planted sunflowers, and they needed to be removed. They're not on the list of flowers that were appro-. I fought it and I want. I guess somebody's got against them. I fought the law. One. got a notice from the Hoa having one loose plank on our tree house that I in the back that was exposed, but haven't gotten one for are brightly colored door that we painted when we first moved in. We didn't know we needed approval for, and they haven't said anything about one loose plank on a tree house of haven't said anything about the door you know not. Boy Starts starts with the plank post. Lindsey Hoa we had one of those. Basically no driveway in front of the garage, which the entry was through the back, the front road was parked on by all of us on the street. They didn't like that. Our boat was parked up front with the cars told several times we had no room in the garage for vehicle so tiny and so they were trying to park at diagonal with the boat. Fourth of July, there took the boat out. Somebody had loosened all the lug nuts on the boat we. We all slot and the ball of the truck, so the wheel came off on the two zero one broke the boat Axel. Yeah, so no fourth of July that year, so they see people start messing with them, but it sounds like it was like a teeny tiny space and they were trying to like store. They're both there and they can barely store like barely have two cars there, so people like in the neighborhood and maybe even not been the HOA but probably somebody. Looking at your boat, and like it out, but you can't do that. That's sketchy alright. If we get more, we'll share them coming up in the nine o'clock hour. So this is something. That's a story that I think. Kylie handed over about a week ago and it has to do with these These twin brothers, so this brother took read at looking for advice on whether he is wrong for not wanting to help his twin brother become a dad, so the man writes that his twin brothers, his best friend really close. And apparently something happened to the brother. The one brother was medical issues that left him and fertile so now that the brother and his girlfriend WANNA start family. They came to this other brother for help. So. He's asking if he'll be the donor. And the brother. Doesn't want to help them. He said No. And you know so family Kinda got involved in. Some people are saying you know it's his choice to do that and say no and then other families like just help them out. people are chiming in on. Read it. You know as far as the comments because this guy threw it out there, so they're saying look, you know I it's. Technically. Yes. You're the father, but you aren't on the hook for anything, right? It's your brother's kids. And he said so. That's the case then you know you're just gonNA. You'RE GONNA be the uncle. That's it so I mean if that's what you're worried about. and. Then other people are saying hey, man, it's your body. You do your body your choice. Yeah, so, but I wanted to throw it out there and this is kind of a trip. I mean. I think that you know the guy should just do it but I mean again. It's not my call and say I would if I were in that situation. That's what I should say. Mike's if it were my brother and like he could help them I would, but I mean it's it's again. He said no, and that's his right to say now total, and that's what I think, too I'm like this is body feels uncomfortable. Absolutely I don't think so some people that just you know. They have a problem with hearing now and you say no to them and they're like. Oh! How dare you and that's what we want to throw out, so is there anybody or somebody in your life that you're in disbelief? Because they told you now, so you asked for something. What was it that you ask for? And they told you and I can't believe they told me now. You listening to the ninety seven one. Franklin and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. all right so here before we get into what we're talking about, so this is a kind of there's been a lot of these going around and I. Think Josh Gad he's got this. reunited apart thing that he does as far as these these episodes, and he does the zooms, and he brings in. You know whether it's TV, shows or movies and he reunites the cast. So I've seen little bits and pieces of that's cool, but this one here kind of got sucked into it and we're gonNA posted a frankie and just dot. COM has to do with Ferris Buehler's Day off as a person and. Maybe it's because I'm such a fan of this movie I mean it's a huge part of like I. Just Love It. It's a John Hughes. It was just a saw not too long. I've seen that. Growing up. It really is a great movie, So if you've never seen it, are you looking for something? If you've got like maybe a tween, a teen depending on how old he or she is show coop that yeah I think he's a great movie there is some language and that sort of thing, and but that's about it. You know it's it's. It's like a teen movie from back in the eighties, but he had everybody a part of this. Like this whole reuniting thing the unit thing yeah, so. I'm GONNA play a clip here. This is the the notorious Torius restaurant scene, so the they actually will have them act out scenes. Josh will act out scenes. Yes, so here's the scene. Ferris Bueller. Day off in the restaurant. Can. We just let it go, please. Please, VARROA WE'RE GONNA, get busted A. You can never go too far. Be If I'm GONNA get busted. It is not going to be by a guy like that. That's Hilarious oh. My God here is the original. If you know the movie then. We. Just let it go, please. Far. Rusted Eight. You can never go too far. Be If I'M GONNA get busted it as not going to be by debt, Roman. It wasn't his name Roman remember yeah. We posted a Frankie and Jesse DOT COM so a couple of things that we've thrown out Let's see we've got a good news text. You said to tell us something good. Wanting to share some good news with us, this is huge, good news the Sun Monday sorry after after four months going in and out of the hospital, a bone marrow transplant dual hip replacement, many rounds of Chemo. My Hobby is finally one hundred percent cancer-free. We can live normal life. Wow! Congratulations. That's such a good tax. Yeah, and then the other one is this we want to know maybe around either side of this, but it did somebody and you're just in disbelief, but somebody in your life. Tell you now, so you ask for something or asked him to do something, or whatever and they told you know, or maybe you're the person that told this person now and this person's upset with you. The reason that we're talking about if you didn't hear the story, so it's It's it's gone viral because of the nature of its. You've got these twin. Twin brothers! They're best friends and you know so. I think the one brother and his wife are not GonNa have kids? Because the just their lifestyle? They don't WanNa. Have Kids, but the other brother wants to with his girlfriend. They want to start a family and they're not able to. Because something happened medically when the one brother was young, so he's infertile, so he's going to his twin brother, asking hey, would you be the donor and the brothers like he thought about it, and no, and then then took to read it, and then people are chiming in with it and. And, wanting to kind of add there in some people are saying hey, man. It's your choice if you don't want to. That's that's that and then other people including family, so he kind of shared the whole situation with a family. Some people are saying that in the family like. Hey, it's his his right to say no and other family members. Saying just do it already do it, so we wanted to know if you could relate to that as far as your in disbelief, because somebody told you know, so, what did they tell you? What did they? What did you? You ask them and they told you know or or the flip side of that. So, what did you tell someone not to? At eight hundred four five, asked my mom to watch my son while I give birth to baby number two. She said No. She's taking it personally that she cannot come and meet the baby at the hospital. It's not me. It's covid like she can't have a guest in. There's no plus one any more. Geez your Mama can't go in right now. Telling you know as your because you're telling me no I'm not telling you now this. Administration at the hospital. The people that are in charge. They're telling me now. Different Times. Mom, sisters, not speaking to me, because not let their sixteen year old son live with my family because they were moving out of state. Everybody thinks I'm selfish, but I don't WanNA parent a team. That is your right to say now. On through no few and they want to stay here with the friends in their school. On the yeah, that's that's a huge thing to put on a family member up. It's at least two years because right there sixteen now they've got a couple of years, and then if they decide to go to school and stay here for college I mean that could be six more years and I love how everybody like in the family is just of piling on and say do it. You should do, and it's like this is not your life. And even listen friend, Liz message, and she is a mom of twins, has daughter and then twin boys and. She just said that it'd be weird to ask the twin brother to the. There too close to each other and a be kind of weird throughout their lives. So and that's the thing we're saying earlier like I feel like if he said no, that's okay, but. I don't know I. see both sides of it like you said. If it were you, you would do the donation. You would help out as much as you could. I think I would I. Mean I can't see me saying no, but again it's dudes right to say now. It's your right to say no to anything. Yeah, say yes to any. There'd be badgered by family or what I mean if you WanNa, say no. That's you're right. While I'm surprised. They put it out there for even debate me. then. You're really welcoming all comments that you don't WanNa hear. Ninety seven one. Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. All Right! Let's get into the bonus edition of Hollywood. Headlines in about fifteen twenty minutes here. We're going to get Dr Burton on for therapy. Monday bonus edition. Don't have a sponsor. If you want to sponsor something here on our station Hollywood headlines on our show, our radio station in general. What you do is you call eight, hundred, one, nine, zero, eight, thirteen, hundred to speak to somebody and Z.. HD sales perfect. okay, so Ariana, Grande Day. She turned twenty seven over the weekend. Yeah, she's came up there, right? Right, so she had a birthday bash for herself, and she hosted on Friday night. She had about twelve people that showed up so close. Friends and family and she's been hanging out with this new Guy Dalton Gomez I guess they're exclusive now and they've been quarantined together Zia. Musician as well or artists are. This is Kylie's girl. Do you know Dalton I have not seen him yet? No, so her mom was there. Her brother Frankie was there and I. Guess the theme of the Party was mid Somare and. When Wayne was with us on the show that was the most terrifying thing that he'd ever watched. He had nightmares after watching that movie, but so she ended up wearing a flower crown. She ended up having security during the party. because. People were trying to get photos I guess people are trying to drive by and get towards her house and there were areas that were going around because they could tell she was having an event, so yes, so she only had like a dozen people there, but she higher security anyhow, so he's a luxury real estate agent in La Oh. Yes, yeah, very cool. If what does that video I? Just like watching her? She's so good. She's friends with Bieber right there tight right? That last song with each other stuck with you. Song Seattle Twenty seven, are you? Have you patched things? Are you an honest on the? She's skew. You're getting more listener, do you? She's so talented. She's good and then Joe Exotic Oh. My Gosh, we were talking about this year. That means that's going around the most normal sane thing that's happened in two thousand twenty s Joe Exotic. That's fun. That's terrifying. Story. So true I know this weekend. People are like really now fires, please. We can't take it so his former zoo and Oklahoma is being investigated over concerns for the welfare of the animals. Specifically. The lions so. Jeff Lo-, is getting ready to turn this property over to Carol Baskin because she wanted in the lawsuit. But it sucks because horses deal with this and animals that are outside a lot, the severe fly strike, so it's the flies that lay the eggs on the animals, and it destroys their skin, and so these animals have bloody ears and tips are damage. They're covered in flies. It's very painful for the animal, especially, if it's not treated and so they said the flights have been an issue at the zoo for many years, because their next to a big horse farm and I guess he told. Told Jeff Low told the investigators I spent thousands of dollars a month medications for the Lions and the Tigers and the other animals and the fly repellent as well, but some of the repellent can be harmful for the animals such a catch twenty two, so he said that's one of the many reasons. He is going to move the animals to the tiger king park soon as possible because he's starting another park, Carol basking gets this property and allegedly she's not getting the animals. Jeff's taken them with him. So they're keeping an eye on him, because like a lot of them, pretty rough shape, he just a shade. Is everybody else so shady the? Tons of people that watched it, but if you haven't watched it, everybody shady and that Italy including Carol I know they're all terrible. She's the less of the evil, well, maybe not. Husband knows, but they said the bobcats and mountain. Lions bears were actually in good health and in good shape, but it was like I said some of the other animals that were just having a hard time with the flies, and I think there are the cages that are closest to that horse farm that are really getting the swarm of Ed and then one of our listeners tagged me on instagram over the weekend. Because remember, there's this instagram page that's. It's being run by Kristen Cavalry and it says it's Jay Cutler her soon to be ex husband's page, but he's never on it well. He's on it now, so he took it over from her, so he's posting on it now. Yeah, I'd heard that. He posted something last week about chickens, so he had something taken out his chickens, and he thought well. Maybe it's their cat, and he kind of took a an instagram video of the cat saying. I don't remember what the cat's name. Yeah, is that what? What you're talking like this story with chicken, so he's got chicken serial killer, and it's been ripping the heads off his birds at his home, in Tennessee, so he ended up taking over this instagram and he had over the weekend was like investigating this, and like you said he thought it was his cat thelma because she had blood on her paws, but then determined. It wasn't the cat, so we had vision goggles Cammo, and he was up in the kids treehouse, overlooking to see what what the deal was. Heard this on Thursday or Friday morning that he saw it sounds like over the weekend. He's really like down and dirty eligible to find out. so he didn't find it yet unable to find the killer, but he said he's he vows to continue the hunt, and he's said he's been staying up at night and he's so tired, but he's like I'm going to get on the case and every day. He's been doing that and so people are like like intrigued. They want to know who is killing. His chickens got. Or something then knows what raccoons and that crazy. Yeah, yeah. He said he's GonNa find it and he's you know he's going to take care of it. But every night staying up late in the tree house, looking for the culprit, so he's taken over his INSTA- rampage. Yeah, yeah, because it's usually kristen. I think he's like what's my password. Star posting, that's funny. Oh Man, and then a couple of other quick stories for Hollywood headlines so Ron Jeremy. We talked about him last week. And if you ever miss any addition of Hollywood headlines, Kylie Post them separate from the show. You can actually listen to the Hollywood headlines PODCASTS that Franken just DOT COM. We talked about Ron Jeremy. And, so he ended up pleading not guilty to three rapes We had women that came forward and had different incidences with him and so and just and yeah, this guy is, he's a mess. He's late sixties and They're expecting I. Think more women to come forward, so we'll have to see how that shakes out, but he pled not guilty, so we'll see and like we're talking about last week like he's been porno for check aids he can you know like the late seventies early eighties or whatever? And people were just like you know, and and yeah, they were getting into the. The meat of the story into saying you know, he could have I should have said you should never mind I'm just GONNA go. Just forget that with Ron Jeremy. No. Wanted I do that. He's going to move on or gay guys. You six nine, so he was excited he was talking about this over the weekend on social media. He only has thirty four days left of house arrest, and he can't wait till that's over. And of course he's going to go buddy I don't feel the nineteen. You know like you're. You're in California and they're talking about kind of locking down more. They're like with bars and restaurants that are closing backup. Yes, yeah, they're seeing the numbers starting this where you're you gonNA go, I don't even know it's not I mean. He makes good money, but I don't think yes. Private jet money. Like where are you headed? Dude, who knows and like you said I think they're getting ready to close down the beaches. Again Florida so I mean there's just yeah, like where are you going? So. He'll be off house arrest and he's lucky because he is supposed to still be locked up and they let him out because of Kobe, there were trying to get rid of people that you know. They could monitor and they didn't think they were. You know high violent offenders this point. A lot of people are on lockdown just like you. Got GotTA. Hear you know better than a lot of other states, but some people have just. They've been going through this and haven't. Able to go anywhere. Yeah, like anywhere. now Let's see Mama June so she is She's in a world of hurt, so she sold her property. We talked about this to a flipper. He flipped. It made some good money from it, but she ended up pocketing. I think about one hundred fifty k. from selling her home, and they blew threat with drugs. She and her boyfriend G. now they've been going. Going to Casino Casino Hotel to hotel at this point, they're totally out of money. Because they spent a bulk of it on drugs, and they've been sleeping in a car and I think it's his truck. I WANNA say sleep in his pickup truck, and so she's been trying to contact her kids, and you know patch things up and I. Don't know how that's going, but yeah. They admitted they spent one hundred fifty. On basically just doing drugs. I think is asking the network to help her go to Rehab which they'll probably pay for, but she's going to film, and you know there's strings attached exactly they're going to have to tell the story or whatever I hope that's not the case and they do the bill. That would suck being a family member or friend and say Oh look who's calling us and you know that she's out of money like Oh. Look at that. We know the reason that she's calling is because she wants money. Yeah, and that's the thing, too is just like obviously. This woman is you know suffering from drug addiction and she's obviously very depressed. Really had a good self esteem, and she's going through a hard time and. I don't know man. It's easy to judge, but until you're in those shoes, and and that's their mom. You know which sucks because she. You know basically deserted them, but it's also her illness. That keeps her her way from them it just it sucks all the way around, but check out all the pigs I've got lots posted today on the Hollywood headlines Page of Franken just DOT COM. We've got. Got Beyond the up there. We've got khloe interest in Let's see we've got Halsey. A flashback photo palsy, which is pretty cool. Let's see that one It's really cute. She was a little girl. We were like Oh, my gosh currently, and I were in the office and we're like that's all. I mean, you can just tell without even reading it here. Let's see if we pop it up. That's cute. Oh, she's so cute and then I've got some candy. So if you want a little Michael Jordan on a Monday caceres. Monday people also just look it up. It's like one of the hottest photos. Hey, there. Oh, GOSH! She's like an older car is at an El Camino Blue Camino. Looks like go. Down Yeah, yeah no little I can't for you. Guys and girls log on. Check it out right so frankie and calm. WHO coming up here in about ten minutes? We've got Dr Burton therapy Monday so one of the things we're going to talk to him. Actually three different situations and it was from Wednesday's topic. It was the sensitive topic we want to know. Is there something that you can't bring up to your spouse because of? The sensitive nature of it. You know it's going to end up in a fight or the person's shutting down, so there were three in. Situations that came into the show that we're going to ask Dr Burt Lake how you handle that. Ninety one. Frank, Franken just show podcast here on iheartradio. So you know, it's Monday, choose. Therapy Monday and we got. Birthday happy Monday Buddy Dr Burton from Aspen Grove Counseling, so you're all healthy checked out you didn't. Okay? That's good, made us realize how much we don't want to get this thing. Yeah, the COVID nineteen. If you didn't hear so somebody in the family the thought. Maybe they had it right. Test? Fortunately came up negative. Nice. How long did it take as far as the time you've got tested? So, what is it like? Three days got tested Saturday morning, but didn't get back till Monday evening. an, and they must have just been doing lab tests because when we first heard. They thought they'd get back on Sunday. and. Probably though there they're inundated. My friend and healthcare is going as fast as we can try, and you're kind I. Mean and you're like okay, Kuwait, but so many people getting mad at them and treat them like crap. It's like come on man. I can't imagine the nerves how your nerves words just like your like you said you're on with us at last Monday, like I'm just kind of on pins and needles wanting to know if you've got it or not. Yeah, yeah, all right, so we got a few difference in herbs stories here that came into the show on Wednesday for the people that didn't hear this or the setup to this, so we through this topic out last week and it was this like it's your significant other. It's a sensitive topic that you can't bring up because of the other person either shutting down or you know it's GonNa lead into an argument a fight. Fight, so one of the things that came into this and we set these aside for you because we're like Oh. What. What does Dr Burton like? What would he have to say about? This one is okay, so this person said that their husband or boyfriend is so boring they don't have any. He doesn't have any clue about current events. They can't carry on a conversation with each other. And how would you like if your significant other so out of touch with things that are going on in the world, and then they use the word boring and can't carry on a conversation. How do you even bring that up to your spouse? So actually had this two couples, so you know what they did with it, but I'm going to get fired. Five different ideas and these are general communication issues and apply to the other two situations as well I think the first thing is you need to be respectful of the other person and ask for time to talk about the issue I, think often we just we pop in and say hey. I want to talk about you. Know you being boring or whatever it is and. The other person needs to have some time to think about and be prepared. Because you're prepared, so you've been thinking about it, so do you bring up and say like you let them know what the topic is or you just as one of those words like i WanNa talk to you then it's kind of like this. You get nervous like your boss saying hey and Monday Monday when we come back from the weekend I WANNA meet with the at nine am. It's like okay about. Would you give them a little sample of what you? Being Boring. I WOULDN'T WE'RE GONNA get to how you phrased it okay. So I wouldn't say that way, but yes, I give them an idea. Of what they're talking about so it's almost like setting an appointment. Next is a harsh versus sauce, and this comes from John Godman worked that. If you start off the conversation in a harsh way, you got about ten seconds to corrected before just goes south, and you might as loss stop and start over again and I always try and get couples to imagine. That, harsh thought again we'll go. I'm going to have a quiz for you. Guys and we're going to try this out in just a minute. Negative oriented statements versus positive oriented statements I think you can tapings in a negative way or positive way and again I'll show you what that is. Focused more on your own emotions. Not necessarily what the other person is doing, but how it is for you. And then the last thing it's listen, listen listen I go on with listen. Topple felt listen to each other, and that's always kind of perplexing to me, because if you're having a dialogue or conversation, at least half of it should be listening, yeah. Maybe. Hey. Maybe on Monday, we could do that because there is. It is a skill to learn to listen and I think this job has helped us learn to listen better. Frankie's actually coached me over the years to be a better listener, and not to have the next thing you want to say on deck and to really soak it in so and even my friends are like while you're a good listener. It's trained thing so. So? Maybe there's a Monday we could talk about how to be a better listener because I think that's part of what's wrong with a lot of things in our world. Rush right is that no one wants to listen to each other agree, agree and I I think you're right. Okay, so the first one you could, so you could approach this and you could say Oh, you're so boring. Why can't you be more interesting? Right. That's that's that's versus soft. Yeah, that's that's. That's nine eight seven seconds. Six seconds need to turn it around south approach yeah. Okay so can you. Can any of you think of a positive way to say the same thing I? Think we have better more interesting conversations together. That's it that's it. That's perfect good for you. Here's the one I would write down I wrote down. I would really like to talk with you about what's going on in the world, and I would love to hear your ideas now. Though it's essentially the same what you said Jessica did see how that for positive it saying you know essentially I want more of you. ooh! What you're saying. I think it's the way you approach it. Yeah, absolutely, and that's that is key, but that's like tapping into. That art is easier said than done, so lift well. What are we gonna say I think it's hard to tap into it, but I think people need to be more thoughtful about whether. You're right. Sometimes, we just think you know. Go through my head so I'm GONNA. Tell you what's going through my head, right? And that doesn't work very well. Think about it be soft Andrew. Me More positive. It goes back to what we talk about before like when you say something in those words. They're hard to take back like once. They're out there and yet. If you say at a certain way, then like if you say that I'm boring. I'm always going to remember that. You said that I was Boris true no matter what you say after that. But I mean even ten years down the line I'M GONNA? Remember that time when you said that I was born. Absolutely, it's always going to be in the back of my head. Here's how couple of that there's a and I. Don't know what this is. I think it might be a podcast or something. On the Internet it's called the daily and I think what it is is a compilation of news, and so they just had the guy listen to the daily. Post, isn't it yeah? And so, what happened is a gaping things and talk about Oh. That's cool. I like it all right. So the second situation that came and somebody said my wife has a few family members in prison. She's constantly trying to arrange them to live with us when they get released. Yeah, so that's something that he knows that if he brings it up or whatever it sounds like, it's already bad, a been a pretty hot conversation or heated conversation. I mean I. Would you? Know, what do you say that I? Don't want you know. Yeah I would say no to. So you have to have the conversation. Here's the negative one. You always put your family first. You're always thinking about them over me. So, what's the way to positively say that? Go into that conversation you. How about like your family? Yeah, but I but I love what we have here more I want to preserve what we have with our family. Yeah, exactly! Yeah, you are great you. wrote. Here I am concerned that having your family live with us will not be good for our relationship. I really wanted to focus on us for a while. Love it. Oh, that's good. See I, mean essentially you guys brought. It came up with the same thing. Yeah, you can say the same thing in a more positive way. Eventually you might have to say no to it though I certainly would yeah. And it's like I've known like from having you on over the years and having you know being in therapy over the years I know the harsh versus soft approach. I know that, but sometimes go to is harsh sometimes. When you're having a conversation in your in your head going, he'll soft approach, soft approach and This screw that here's what you want. You. Know. Art Yeah something that you got to like you said practice in you gotTa really just. Get used to it so hard are here's. Here's a positive. Let me tell you if you make an appointment at first thing, I said then. You'RE GONNA prime yourself to be more positive. Yeah, yeah, yeah, instead of just like sitting down. Let's talk. On taking a grenade and just reactive, thrown it in front of your spouse in the last one here. I think a lot of parents can relate to this, and if you missed the setup to why we're talking about these situations with Dr Burton's the last week we did the sensitive topic subject with your significant other something that it's very sensitive, and it's hard to bring up to your significant other, because you guys either argue about it or Or your spouse shuts down, so they said they're six year. Old is a picky eater. They struggle every night with him. Trying to you know with new foods, they try to keep a positive but not back down Let's see my husband gets mad. Yells and swear so the husband gets angry and it sounds like it's you know making the kid sat, so you handle that as a couple with a with a kid who's a picky eater. Essentially as parenting issue and I've mentioned this book before my favorite parenting book. It's called positive discipline. And the reason and they're actually several different versions of this book like for Preschoolers for teens, but there's. One, called positive discipline, and I think it's agency now. The reason I liked that is that you use it as a parenting how to manual so I. Don't have it with me to my office, but if you go if you were to go back, that thought I'll bet anything in the index would say issues with picky eaters or something like that, and what it does is it gives you great ideas of how to approach that positively so that's what I recommend really for any PARENTI issue. So here's here's the negative statement. I don't like it. You get so mad. Yell at her son. You have to change that. So how would you change that positive? that's a tough one. That is a tough one. Now I'm shutting down like I. Feel like you're saying to me and I'm like this I'm just shutting down in my head going this. Be The soft with what? I! Would like to work together? Be On the same patriots on as he works through these food issues. What do you think we could do together? So you, you, you don't point out you're doing this same. Let's do something different together. I liked again. It's a bit more positive. Spin on it. Yeah, yeah, and that's another one like it's. It's tough when you're in the moment, and it's happening, but if you if you're listening to this now, and you know that this is something that comes up nightly or daily, or it's like once or twice a week. You know that you have a picky eater or something with your kid, and it has to do with your spouse, so you got to think about. Basically the approach, and maybe even have the conversation beforehand with your spouse going. Hey, let's have instead of when it's happening. Because that's hard when it's going down in the kid is like not eat at, don't. Don't do that. Yeah, talk about it while it's happening, right? That's why I think they. Whoever wrote you know wrote in about this. Get that book and go find out what the book recommends for a positive approach to this 'cause. I know there's I know what's out there and then you. Can you do it together? And as I said before really important for parents to be on the same page. Good Call Yeah. Hey one of the topics throughout earlier this morning. Hoa Or Condo Association Horror Stories. Do you don't? Do you live in a an association Homeowners Association? Yet it's like so for us. It's called the planned unit development. Okay subdivision, but we. It's private, so we have you know we have our own road and things like that any any crazy things that have happened while you're living there, or is that maybe too close to home? You don't want to pull the. Always. The Guy who the guy who runs it him a little bit easier to either retired guy lives up here. But it it's like he's an authoritarian. WHO, for instance a garbage can you know? He'll go around and look in your yard to make sure your garbage cans, or whether they're supposed to be, and that just seems a little extreme to me stuff like that. So, we're always trying to figure out ways to kind of troll him you. These. These stories I mean for the most part I think. It's most of the HOA's the Condo Association I mean people have text and said I've got a great one and buddy of mine, said you know his is good, and it's good management, but for the most part you hear ridiculous for crazy stories, horror stories that come out of him. You know and I think lots of times. It's people who wanted to power your. Little domain of the neighborhood. Control or they came from a neighborhood like mine where there's cans out all the time and I want to scream and run through this. President one day. You're going to go. The pendulum's all the way to the. All right thanks for going on with this. Give the number over an aspirant counseling. Eight, zero, one, five, eight, one, zero, four, two two. You'll be safe and have a great week Dr Aggregrate Week. We'll talk to him all right coming up here in the ten o'clock hour. If you do want to chime in with the tail, end of their with Dr Burton Maybe you have, and you're just tuning into the show, so you've got a crazy ridiculous story that has to do with the nature. Way Or Condo Association. We've got that coming up. You're in disbelief that somebody in your life said no to. To you or maybe on the other side of that, you said no to somebody in your life, and they're angry at you because you set now so if you've got a story with that and eight to nine four five, and then we'll after ten It's a quick little fireworks topics. Seeing that were getting into one just started. What traverse mountain on fire from Saturday, so they're still dealing with that. It's at five hundred acres now or just a little over. It's about twenty five or twenty six percent contained. But we're GONNA talk about fireworks so so coming up in a few minutes we'll set it up for about ten thirty. Okay, so think about this and you don't know where we're GONNA. Throw yet, but we're gonNA talk about fireworks. That's coming up here. You've been listening to the ninety seven One v HD Franken show podcast right here on iheartradio. So I wanted to throw this out with Because it's it's, it's making new stores across the country in certain cities are seeing more. Basically noise complaints and people shoot off fireworks late at night in the middle of the night, to the point where it's like New York. City's four hundred twenty. Four hundred twenty six times more noise, complaints and June because you know the the the scheduled fireworks like the big ones are being canceled. people have more time, so they're buying them and we know where we live here. It's been twenty three years almost twenty years. That I've lived here. It seems like every summer. It's the same thing as far as with people just being negligent with them, you know and and burning things, and not being smart, or whatever, and it's either kids or just adults that just are not thinking but I wanted to throw this out because of this new story. In, I know like you know where we live every once in a while like a kid in the neighborhood or kids or something but. Anybody have anything either this year. Something that you can think of in years passwords notorious in your neighborhood that you have somebody that is lighting off fireworks late at night or in the middle of the night, so it's either too late. You know and I'm sure right now. It's GonNa get even it's probably going to be bad for everybody because people. You know aren't working or is much, you know. And thinking well. I'm not workin. Nobody's working as far as I don't have to get up. Thinking in your mind like nobody else has to get up and thinking. It's like a Saturday night or Friday night when it's a Tuesday night, and it's eleven or midnight, and you're blown off fireworks in the Neighborhood Saxon I. Think sometimes kids summer. They're board. Have Access to mom and dad stuff, or they can buy their own stuff, but it's been going on in my neighborhood ever since I moved to that neighborhood twelve years ago. Really it is, it's June. July and August man and give night. Any given time is a bad this year. I'd already started already started. It's like. Like ten o'clock at night, they start lighting them up Mike Oh. Please got tired. I've been dealing with insomnia since my dog died a month and a half ago, so like when I'm tired of my Kono another starting with the fireworks blows, so anybody want to chime in for about ten thirty You can text us at eight to nine four five. Where you're dealing with this right either right now. You're dealing with that. Are you have been passed however many years like Jess. I know like in our neighborhood WANNA say. It was probably a couple of weeks ago. where it was one of those had the pause, the TV and it was, it was I. don't know if it was a weekend or a week. It was probably a weekend because thinking if it were weeknight I would have been well, no it. Might even a weeknight. It was kind of late. You know I go to bed pie nine. Isn't you get up early and that was like per doctors orders. Neurologist told me I need to go to bed earlier but it was probably around. So it had been in bed and I WANNA see me around ten where I was hearing like. Boom boom in the neighborhood like the popping and it turned out where somebody. Somewhere in the neighborhood was lighting off fireworks. Yeah, was like a Tuesday night or Wednesday night and I don't care if it's the weekend Friday Saturday I. Don't give us, but during the week that sucks. You know what I mean, and not only that, but sometimes it's not sounds like gun shop freaks me out of my. With everything else. We don't know what's going on and everybody's like. Their anxiety is like through the roof. So yeah, if you can relate to that where you, maybe it's starting now, or you're in a neighborhood where it's like late at night or in the middle and I see somebody light off fireworks so eight to nine four five Let's throw out some of the actually get to some of these texts from little earlier, and that is h. away or Condo Association Horror Stories, or just some ridiculous story that you. You might have that has to do with a homeowners association being a part of one, so we had a couple of texts that came in at eight to nine four five this one. The H. Waste sent us a bill from something that did before my house was even built. They said they split the cost. According to how many homes would be there? My husband kindly sent them a bill for the work that he did for free for them a month before with his backhoe he charged a regular. Regular rate of one hundred bucks an hour. They dropped the Bill I. Love It. Yeah, so it was like. Excuse me. Really. You'RE GONNA. Pull that and they and it's cool when they're like. Oh yeah, we'll hear you when there's a petitioner or there's a letter and they're like Oh. That's fair. You're right. We didn't think of that. This one said We had a tear down a five thousand dollar fence. Our neighbor was an Hoa they approved it, and then he complained and said we couldn't have a privacy. Privacy fence so we had to tear it down five grant Sophie approved. It couldn't have thought that you had to have Right I. You would think that you had a leg to stand on with one thing. If you didn't try to get it approved, you put the fence up. Things like that sucks. You should've tried, but they said they approved it. They did, and so the thing is back on it. It sounds like they were early twenties and they were intimidated. It was like grumpy. Older people people in their. Forty year old. Year olds. I'm not going to be complaining about offense. That's. Live, in pleasant grove I don't have a horror story, but the. Two hundred bucks a month with co bid. You know it's not like the price goes down and we can't go the pool of the clubhouse so that Kinda sucks and then this one Hoa Arizona, and there's a ton of Arizona with a retirement communities like dude. Yeah, HOA's huge there, too, so he sent us a letter threatening to find us if we didn't get our next door neighbor to pick their wheats one. He put it on them to get them to pick their we go. That's there has to be something that that they can't do. That has nothing to do with the other than they live next door to you. Are Speaking of Arizona's play this clip starting off the show here. This comedians name is Jeff Allen and he's talking about living in Arizona. Hoa. Homeowners, association and this may shock you. We've spent about thirty five minutes together, but it turns out comedy boy. Here has a little trouble with the. the local Gladys Kravitz didn't get along. They're always write me up. Garbage can lisera off. Garage door was open rocks I didn't have a law, and it was Arizona, so I had rocks, and they were messy, because my kids would run through them. All you're actually didn't know. Those are the ones that fell out my head for moving here. If, have a story, a two, nine, four, five, ninety, seven, one St and ten fourteen now. HT's Frankie and jess show podcast here on iheartradio. Before we get into the break. His very sad, so this happened on Thursday last Thursday and it was a plane crash. That happened in the Centerville Farmington area right there on the border and it's an experimental play, so it's a small plane that went down. and. It looks like the pilot was seventy two and he ended up passing away. the passenger is forty seven year old Jason Sorenson, so he was severely injured and taken to the U U. Hospital in critical condition. So it sounds like he well, he is He's a hoist, paramedic and pilot with Inter mountain healthcare so when he was flown to the hospital employs immediately recognized him as a CO worker associate. So they saw yeah, so it's just sad. It sounds like they They take his legs from the knee down, so they amputated legs below the knee at the hospital. Burn center in intensive, care, unit, and they're saying that he by no means is the out of the woods with this yet each minute. Is Down. He's in good hands, but there is an account. Donation account that's been set up in his name at America first, Credit Union and again. His name is Jason Sorenson so if you want and he's forty seven. And families just say they want their privacy that in this moment, and even just people in their neighborhood, because it's just so detrimental came in imagine. What did you say was the issue with the plane, so they didn't say and they're looking. You know they're still investigating that to see why. Start losing altitude and went into the sort of losing elevation, so it went into this field sparked brushfire closed about ten acres, so that was on I. Believe on Thursday. And just can't imagine 'cause we talk about the stories where somebody rolls up and they're either a paramedic in there there at the scene, and they know the person the victim and this has kinda along those lines when they took him to the hospital and they're like. Oh my gosh, it's or CO worker associate they. They knew him came in. Imagine that so hopefully he. He makes a full recovery in that. He's going to be okay, so we're GONNA. Come back here so if you can relate to this as far as maybe you're being kept up at night now or maybe this is something in the past, but the fireworks thing and apparently in cities all across the country. They're seeing an uptick in the noise complaints because people are. More time a lot of the fireworks. Professional fireworks shows are being canceled. People are buying them, and then maybe not working or thinking, everybody else isn't working. If they're not working and and they're blown off fireworks late at night middle of the night during the week whenever it is so if you've got a story that you WANNA share his for his gripe, you can do that at eight to nine four five, and then it looks like some of the Homeowner Association Hoa Stories Coming in and I forgot so we. We have some tax. Sorry and My friend Maggie was like remember heathers neighborhood so this? Hoa was next level. So this is our friend that is now Minneapolis. But when she moved she actually had a place in draper Nicole to sack, and she's lighting me up with all the things that really with the way we'll talk about those when we come back and then maybe. Maybe before we get into those, there's another for twenty twenty list of the most popular baby names for twenty twenty. Yeah, and I'll tell you. This corona is on the list, but it's not in the top ten for girls or boys, but Verona a made I think number one hundred for girls ridicule. Yeah, so we're GONNA. Talk about the list. That'll be coming up next year. Ninety seven one ht's Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. Before we get into some of the texts here, we were talking. Maybe you can relate to this as far as the story talking about city's pretty much all all major cities across the country falling into this and that is. They're seeing that the noise complaints are even worse than well. Than, they've ever been probably because of the pandemic, but with fireworks people letting them offers setting them off middle of the night late at night, and can be bad i. mean you know what the fourth here and the twenty four? Th here and we talk about it like even pre and post, and they're only supposed to do and a lot of amount of time, but people don't listen and they do any. Any way. We want to know if you fall into that. As far as maybe being in a neighborhood that I don't know, he's just middle of the night late at night Tuesday night and you got fireworks. Going off sucks, so we'll get to some of those tax second here and eight to nine four five, and then some Hoa Tech's to you said in some stories from your friends. I guess. So I want to do this. Because we had this from bump dot com, the bump dot com, so they posted their most popular baby names on their site for this year, so it sounds like coronas. We're talking about that when this thing two months ago that it was actually people starting to name their kids. Corona for boys and girls, so it made the list for girls, and it sounds like it was at the very top of the list. I think it was the hundredth most popular girl's name. That is unreal. We'd caller Ronan for short. Are you kidding? What are you doing? That's ridiculous. I don't know as a reminder of like this. You know twenty twenty. It's what. But here do you want I guess we'll do the girls first, Ladies First so we'll do the top ten these for twenty twenty for these girls, babies names, and then we'll go to the guys. Are The boys ready? So let's see for number ten to one so ideas number ten looks like molly came in I. Like Molly Cayden. For girl for girl with a K. K. Yep. Nova. Oh my mom's for scar. Chevy! We have so it's It's our our niece Harley. It's her cousin, she she doesn't even November. ELIANA AS I. Say. That right now, that E. L. I. A. N. A. is that Eliana looks like. It's pretty Amelia. And then Aria, so that's A. R. I. A., and these are the most ten most popular baby names for twenty twenty, according to the bump dot COM Let's see then it's our Aurora Aurora and then aaliyah. And it's spelled just like Leah like. The former saint were the late singer Leah. And then meal I was the number one name. Those are all really cute. So nothing too crazy. Sometimes only mention names, and you're just like yeah. How do you pronounce? This is the only one that I would, but I think it's Eliana. I. Think is how you would say that right pronounce. It sounds like the chick version of Eli Yeah there. You Go and then for boys from ten to one of the most popular boy's names for twenty twenty, according to the bump dot com, so river is number ten and Lucas Liam Elliott Logan. You got a nephew named Logan urban. What urban urban my keith I guess. Chi is on the list, so that's Kfi okay hi and then hunter. Zion. That doesn't say Utah on what does right and then Braxton is the number one boy on the list number one name for the boys on the list. Yeah, Braxton a little more out there than the girls I would say, but they're all pretty good nothing to out there. Can you know because usually when we share those? There's like one or two that you're like what yeah? Okay. Urban is a little like Iran's a little weird urban. Yeah, there. You go all right, so we started off with the Hoa Stories So. If you missed a little earlier, we were just talking and given a chance to to vent. If you've got a good Hoa Horror Story a ridiculous story, and it's one of our listeners. If you missed the setup to it, so she belongs to an Hoa, and you know you pay monthly dues and that. That is to go to kind of upkeep the maintenance of the development, and so they all pay their money or whatever, but they put in new sprinkler system. They busted part of the sidewalk in the in the community sounds like they didn't replace the whole thing, so there's a big chunk. It looked like from the pictures. She said at least like six eight inches of sidewalk that was gone, maybe even more yeah, but to the point where? They haven't been fixing or they have. It's been two years, so they haven't fixed it. Her boy was writing and didn't realize so. Maybe it wasn't as big as is it just enough? where he hit that little patch and he went over, and he's a little boy, so he went over, and he looked like he hit jacked up face a little bit. So then they go to the HOA ends a Hey. You need to fix this and all where he's not supposed to be riding his bike or skateboard. You trae here in the bylaws. Fun Monday through Friday. We're going up the as we can repair that. Yeah so. Just, To to vent about her, Hoa, so we figured we'd be a chance to maybe just tell us a ridiculous story about a Condo Association or Nature Way, so we've got some good ones, and then you said your friend had a whole laundry list of. And she's still in this development. Now they moved. They moved from this place draper, this cold, a second draper up to Sun Crest and other Minneapolis, but so the text eight hundred four five forty one weeks pregnant, so she's a week overdue on maternity. Leave had topsoil deliver that morning. An hour later noticed from the Hoa that they told them. Hey, it needs to be removed, or you're getting fined, so she was moving at forty one weeks pregnant topsoil, and it was an hour after it was is, and then they got that notice holy crap crown this when made me chuckle, it's like well I'd I kept forgetting payment Hoa. Okay well, you can't do that. I almost lost. My house ended up paying extra fees because they had to pay through a law office. Worst thing is they. Don't do much for a neighborhood. Yeah, you got to pay. Away when I know somebody that was it was along those lines, but she she was paying, and then the person, because it's a very small development, the person that was running it like the president and I think he was acting at that point is the as well. She didn't cash the checks. Oh, no, so she didn't cash him, but then this person had to come back they had to basically they were. They had to basically pay what was owed because it was that person's fault, but it wasn't you know th. The resident had to actually go back and pay because. Legally. They had to pay, so they may payments kind of to catch up or whatever, but it was because the president slash treasurer, so she was like acting as both, and I think she got, they got a treasurer after that or whatever, but she wasn't cashing the checks, so it's like. How do you even have gone after her legally to I? Think I would think that there's something legally they could have, but they're paying on time and she's not cashing. Cashing him so with their fault. That's BS messed up my gosh, so what happened when your front now? This is not S-. I remember one of the nights so We Bible study at her house, and it was a called the sack, and we made sure to you know park accordingly, but if it's a cold sack, was a small neighborhood, those little neighborhoods where they build these cute houses and ethnic Uber. Though in this you're supposed to. Lift ticket taxes, so they did. They call a tow truck on all of Bible study girls because they we were there maybe two hours two hours once a week, and so they called the tow truck on us so what happened Let's see so has been went out and talked to the tow truck driver and he's like I. Know Him sorry, so he ended up I think. Think your husband ended up joining the out Hoa Board so he could be in on this because it's like this is ridiculous. We can't have guests over once a week for two hours and they're not parking in front of people's driveways like they're doing everything correctly well. That's like my buddy said so. He belongs Hoa and he said You know that if there are laws that you. You there that are ridiculous like that. You just go around and you get people you know the residents, and then you take it to the board, and then you vote on it, and if it's so ridiculous than you can get rid of those laws, but you have to kind of be proactive with it, you know. Take some work, but you can fight some of those things especially when? When you have some of those ridiculous laws on the books they were fighting at and I the and she's giving me the cliff notes because it was so lengthy, but no junky cars and they would tell you like is the oldest. Your vehicle could be because they didn't want the neighborhood to be trashy Let's see that could be a good thing. You know what I mean. So. If you've ever lived in a neighborhood where like a really like about running. Starting up their car. Crash, like six in the morning for the bad muffler through. Let's see there was something about Oh. They were given. Them fits about the fence. Even though it matched, they said it didn't match and so there was a fight about the fence They said if you have teenagers because it was a lot of shared driveways, and so they were telling him to keep their trash cans in the garage, with got really stinky, they had nowhere else to put them. And then they had the shared driveways, and they were like well. What if you have a teenager that drives? We have nowhere to put these cars and they're like well. You have how many kids? You told me share driveways. I'm not moving into that community like I am not sharing. You can see where that's going to go. When you're having to share driveway with somebody I know like Hey, well. We've got this. We've got that. This is you know. Really it's too much. It was a teeny cute neighborhood tiny. They had a rule no gatherings. I can't remember the number. No gatherings over a certain number of people. She said it felt like quarantine rules back in the day. You can cove nineteen covid. They're they're doing it before? It was even cool. And then when you would be in the neighborhood, you, you can only walk a certain way like if you're a walker, you can only go up this side like their rules on the way to walk on the sidewalks. You're going the wrong way. You're going the wrong way I'm telling I'm going to tell what's her name from the GEICO commercial. Remember what the? And that's the thing they had this Hoa. That was pricey. It was a tiny little St. no pool, no clubhouse. There were like what the hell are we paying for this four and they did their own yard, so it wasn't like it was for a yard present along. Do they live their? Years and then they were just done. They were done because it was an uphill battle and then yeah. It just got really messy, so they moved up to Sun Crest. And then we were just talking about this, and it looks like we have a text that can relate to it, so we WANNA know. Are you being kept up late? You been kept up late. Maybe a live in a neighborhood where somebody you the middle of the week. They're doing fireworks late at night or in the middle of the night at eight. Eight to nine four five neighborhood is like Jesse's. They started Friday night, and they won't stop until August this start about six o'clock most nights and the weekends they don't stop until about eleven o'clock, and then the holiday, until at least midnight or one am. We have at least ten law enforcement people living in the hood, but not nothing changes. Right. If you want to chime in to the show for anything that we're talking about this morning can do that. Eight, hundred, nine, four five, or you can call us a one five seven, oh one, nine seven one. You've been listening to the ninety seven one ht Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. Before we go could be a future topic It reminds me of the story that told before, and we've talked about stories like this, and so the story is somebody that I know that used to own a business and it was one of our employees that Well I didn't WanNa say that, so it was just somebody that's young. They were probably twenty nineteen or twenty younger and the story they were told by their father, and then they were telling other people, and it was just like. Oh, my gosh, that's ridiculous, so the father had to go to the emergency room because he. Do Air quotes and can't see us because we're on the radio. Because he fell a on the broomstick handle fell happens right, yeah! Kieser so that's the the story that he told his family goes to emergency. You Know Er, and of course they probably know otherwise, but the family, and then this nineteen or twenty year old is telling everybody like Oh. Yeah, he went, and he was sweeping the garage, and then accidentally fell on the handle of the broom, and it went up as stor. Three picture it. This is this. Is like the first time I heard I was like this. Oh my gosh, but believe to do you're like Jessica. So! This is along the same lines of that. This woman was consonants. You made a comment on facebook. Saying their husband went on this business trip, and he caught committeea from his face mask could happen there bacteria on that thing if you don't wash them right. The media from the face mask. So that's the story. The husband I'm sure is saying to her like this I caught from the face. The face mask. So anyway I figured. Maybe there's a topic in the future with that Oh totally definitely. Maybe this week we could do it, but yeah, you gotTa Wash your masks in all seriousness, a lot of people wearing those cloth masks over and over and not Washington you can get bacteria. Like your bet people about your. Wife like this is how. You definitely gotTa Wash. Them aren't have a great Monday. Jeff's coming up next. We'll talk to you tomorrow morning here.

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