The Drop, Nov. 12 - The Jimmy Butler Trade


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We just posted are NBA weekend winners and losers to our Instagram stories so follow us and check this out or you can take on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash the starters. Official. We're now on Facebook. So why Monday podcast you ask? Because we couldn't wait that extra day. We couldn't wait until Tuesday. Matt wanted to use that Butler drop so bad. He got it. We are going to take a deep dive on the Jimmy Butler to the Sixers trade that happened on Saturday. But we'll also try and find time in this podcast to maybe address the mellow slash rockets. Rumors flying around here is he gonna play another game with Houston. We've got some NBA trivia, we've got a fun quick top five will step on the beach. You got a lot of questions about the Jimmy Butler trade. But yeah. The Butler Jimmy Butler saga is over on Saturday. Minnesota agreed to trade the disgruntled. I believe is how you say that word disgruntled all star to Philadelphia along with Justin patent in exchange for a package that includes Robert Covington Dario, Saric, Jared Bayless and a twenty twenty two second round pick. This goes down on Saturday. A lot of fun your initial reaction to this big news, obviously Jimmy Butler, finally out of Minnesota and going to the east to team up within beedon's hell it, and I think the beginning is it's the right move in theory. It's a great idea. But it's kind of like, Mark Wahlberg suspense drama. How will this baby? And. Off the bat. I think about there in Philadelphia is the right move. But will it end with a five year one hundred ninety million dollar contract at the end of the season that Jimmy is entitled to sign. It's a question Mark on the floor which will get to but also off the floor as well. So it is it's high drama, but in as a concept Jimmy Butler is needed on the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers to be a a last second score they desperately need one. Yes. This is going to be interesting to see what sort of attitude Jimmy brings now will he bring the combative? Listen, I'm the boss, and I expect everyone to be as work hot as me and be as tough as me, or is it going to be like, it's tough Minnesota pull my head in here and produce because I doubt that. Yeah. Well, I don't know if he's going to walk in there and just immediately stop pointing the finger though, I think he's going to have to earn that respect from from the gonna take a back seat. No, it ain't expected to take it back seat. But I also expect him to to not be quite as. Of a jerk. Yes. Yes. He's sort of. He has that track record. It happens in in Chicago. It happens, of course, Minnesota and the guy is trying to get a five year hundred million dollar type deal here. It'll be on best behaviour. You would you would think. So because if the Philadelphia seventy Sixers say after you, you know, what you bring too much baggage we want you, then he oversee county the five eight can still get a full year one hundred forty or something like that. But we'll team then go I don't wanna pay this guy for years and hundred forty knowing that he's missed or he's he's stoned out of three teams. Yeah. Yeah. So that's what I'm Lynch on the floor. I have no debt he can produce. But it's whether or not he will have the patience to deal with the full in the Simmons who we know struggling to shoot. And will he be out with withhold himself from getting in fights? I was like task seeing that frisbee emoji. Finally, it feels good to actually move on. And really I mean the season is clearly started where an eighth of the way in already. But it just feels like these are what the teams are supposed to be. We got Philly has been under whelming to start the season. They finally got that huge road win that Matt was eleven but now. Jimmy butler. So they can be one of the better teams in the east. Like people expected minimum the timber wolves can move on from Jimmy Butler, and maybe they can get some momentum going with their young guys who are supposed to be the future of their team. I think it's a smart move for both teams, though, if I were Minnesota, I what I on those first-round pickers. The full. Have much rather than Covington and starts search is an interesting 'cause he was really good in the playoffs last year, but he has struggled this season. And so what does he bring like the floor spices that they once I town can operate. Those guys are only good to me if you have a real number one in a real number two. And so that's what they think they have in towns because such last year in the playoffs had five twenty point games sexy. That's fantastic for third guy. You know with Embiid and Simmons and they needed those points this series struggle. I mean, I think you can sort of toss that aside. But if if you don't have a cat and Wiggins that our number one number two, and they're just another guy on team. Right. Both those guys. So I don't expect this team to be in the playoffs. I don't think cat in Wiggins have proven that they are worthy of number one number two label quite yet. They haven't when Butler went down last year they struggled and I'm not so sure that they're they're ready to be that. So the four first round picks get obviously, they didn't do it. Because it's not in Tom tiptoes time. Exactly, right. That's stupid. Yeah. Honestly. If he's going to be gone at the end of the season, which is what it seems like from we read weeding woes. Rating woes reports if he's going to be gone at the end of the season, what's the point of not playing for the future? I understand that you want to be good. And it's nice to have finally broken that no playoff streak last year. But if you're really trying to win a title, it's not gonna be this year with tobacco and Wiggins and towns, however, they're going to be you're not even going to really approach the playoffs. It'll be close. I mean, we'll see they could get hot. And maybe no Butler around means Wiggins and towns are both super energized and they play hard. But even so you're trying super hard to make the playoffs this year to save Tom does job. I don't get. It was max guys got two guys who are max contract players on their team. They should be a playoff team. And maybe they made a mistake with those guys especially Wiggins at this. Now, the pressure's gonna fold up -solutely on their shoulders to towns tested players huge. And it would help if we could back to being at least a score as you shown at times know for sure I think we can go deep on the wolves. But the story here is the Sixers getting. Butler. I think what they saw with after flaming out in free agency this past summer, and maybe looking ahead to this next summer where you know, sounds like clay going anywhere Kawais seems pretty happy there right now. And maybe even if he does leave the raptors e wants to go to Ellie, they were really looking at sort of their possibilities of a big name free agent and go in I don't really see one here. And maybe that's why they made this move as they did to this is the free agent in giving themselves the best chances resign him. At least. Good-looking Butler wants a five year hundred nine. He wants that. He's made that clear in my opinion. So yeah is long as this isn't a complete mess, and he's making false cry or something like that. Then I think he wills recyling seven. I think that's a big part of it. They just like this is our chance at a free. It here is the same thing as why we thought maybe the heat would do it. Right. Like, I know it's a different circumstance because they don't have star players in beaten Simmons to pair with if if you've got a guy like Butler, but the whole idea was they were screwed with cap space. And that was their best chance to go. Get a guy. Ultimately, they decided Josh Richardson's pretty good. We're not angry with Josh Richardson. We like his contract. And you know, he's, you know, I don't think they think he's on all NBA player, but nobody could be. Covington cheaper. And he's good Covington was first team. All defense kind of gets forgotten a little bit. Maybe Richardson could become a play like that for the heat. So that's why I think the Sixers do this now. I mean, we're talking about it. What does this mean for faults? Jokey about you solve the tweets going around about. Yeah. Jimmy coming in there and yell and Adam. But like, what is this is got to be a bit of a bit of a blow to I guess confidence which is already shaky as it is. I mean, he's not gonna start now. Right. He's got to be coming off the bench. And he is not a part of the big three in Philadelphia by any means anymore. It should come off. It's better for you. So you can be a ball handler because they've got guys that need that ball in their hands at this point to make things happen with Simmons Butler and beat you can't have a fourth. I don't see how that works on the floor. It's just it's not going to happen. He should be on the bench will here. If I'm Brett Brown. I absolutely bring him off the bench think give him a chance to at least through whatever is. He does offensively with the book with that second unit because Simmons is going to be looking for in beat and Butler. And then what's full to shoot. No, thanks. Yeah. He was shooting came out of the gate says a shooter, then he could play with them, but he needs to dribble dribble dribble. Make stuff happen. He had another free throw in this weekend. It looks like he's has regressed again. No, I'm not. It looks like it was last year about the same time where we had that happened. And he certainly improved it over the summer. But it looks like it's it looks like it's regressing again. So he might be he might be sitting down again. Anyway, for a while until I figure things out because when we've seen him on the court, he hasn't really done anything significant. So even if you put him on that second unit if you can get to the rack, okay, but he's just can't rely on him to shoot from. Anyway, I think it's too many things to figure out if you're trying to figure out Fulton and Simmons and Butler Butler mixed in with Simmons. I mean, that's enough of a conundrum along with him beat in the full thing haven't they have not figured out. But Simmons are a little bit of a struggle. You yet the only starting backward in the NBA that doesn't shoot three balls, and you're going to need you need spaces. And it could be Landry. Shamet not a joke. He could be out there. And he's peacefully reasonably well Wilson Chandler could get minutes at the four. They're looking for guys. But their offense is better. If sits and just as a backup point guard and runs the team like you it in college, but the second unit do you think the wolves asked for Marquel Fulton Street or do they not even really want? Like, I I don't know. What's your gut saying, it's sort of interesting in a way, you don't think they wanted them. Even I don't think. Don't take this isn't a nice the pieces fit when you look at the wolf's right because Covington and search come in. And they're starting alongside Wiggins on the wing and then get Teagan towns at the one in five. It's a nice little puzzle piece and roses your six men. So in theory, it looks okay. But I don't know. I don't think. Don't think doubt. It doubt. It. I mean, in fact that they couldn't get a first round pick win. Now they to win now. And you're not winning now by trading for Foltz. Yeah. You're right test. The first round pick in getting Butler in any sort of deal is a bit of a shock. I did this on Saturday. Remember when on draft night. The Sixers traded bridges mckell bridges to Phoenix they got Smith, and they got Miami's twenty twenty one unprotected first round pick. And when he was asked about it. When Brown was asked about that. He was like pretty clear like we need a third superstar to go and win this all or to go very far ploughs and try and get to the finals. And we think that pick could sweeten a trait of potential trade in the future, which is a no brainer. That makes a lot of sense. It's amazing. That thing didn't even have to be moved or their own also. Because apparently that was what Scott at the deal with Miami. That tubes insisted on getting another pick at a Miami. And that's why Miami pulled away so fatigue to be in this position. And not getting or I guess. They wanted that first round pick and didn't get it. And now in this position. They also want to get it is that right? And that's why you don't have coaches GM. That's one hundred percent why if you need you need to get a first round pick if you're trading Jimmy Butler. I mean that was one of the things that the bulls got slammed for was when they made the Jimmy Butler trade they also gave up a first round. What are you doing? You're giving up the best asset and you're getting nothing back for the future Covington and search will help this year. Maybe Sarge will bloom a little bit being more of it having a bigger role on the team. But for the long term, I think that this is trying to win now. And these are good win now pieces, but what's the stealing getting to the first round? And losing probably. Yeah. I think starts screwed up in Philly because the whole team was screwed up. And they just didn't know what the heck was going on with this full situation. Just started playing bad. And that's why I think they clean it up. And they say all right symbo. You're the man you're leading it full go to the bench and Simmons is an interesting to me. And I think he's a huge winner industry because. He's a number two guy on the Philadelphia seventy Sixers, but he's a number two guy that doesn't shoot. And he's not really dependable scoring the ball at the end of games. He handles it for like three and a half quarters does a lot. But then in clutch time, he kinda takes back seat. It's the JJ Redican Joel Embiid show in Philadelphia. That's what they do. And so now, he's got a guy who takes a lot of pressure off. And we saw in the playoffs last year at one point game or it zero point at one point. Yeah. There's there's a lot of pressure. I think taken off him at the end of games now because he can be the slasher, and and Jimmy can be the the guy that in theory works because Jimmy wants to be the guy at the end to go along with him beat and you have Rettig on the floor as well. That's nice. I think it's really nice for Ben Simmons because that's not as game. So it gives us a higher ceiling on the season. But where do you rank them right now? I know we haven't even seen play a game. But you sound high on this even though there is some depth issues with this team. They did to starters that play a lot of minutes for them like sixty four minutes. But do you have the Sixers as best team in the east? Two three four doesn't change much. I think their next contender. I put them. I would say maybe top three talent wise, they're number one over the raptors and the Celtics just because they have three guys who were all stars who could be all NBA easily. The death is an issue, but they'll be super active in the buyout market. Not to mention they've just got picks. They can trade extra around picks. They've got that extra first round pick. They can get a Kyle Korver. Courtney Lee is out there. They're going to be guys available. They'll pick some by the up for a playoff. So they're gonna hope they can replicate what they did last year. Maybe at the bio market of Ilyasova that worked believably. Then it'd be incredible. They can do that again and get to not get guys, but have guys perform the way that always happens when the Cavs the Cavs over the past few years got Korver at the deadline. They got Channing Frye at the deadline. They got Richard Jefferson to come back. But that was at the beginning season. There are guys out there that will at least be able to play playoff minutes for you. Eons available out there. Maybe JR Smith could be on the move. Coming. Five jimmer. He'd be very nuts. Yeah. There are gaining even more momentum already here that it's a possibility that he goes back to I forgot that played five years. Philip until I saw with their very strange. Yeah. So okay. So you're pretty high on them just. Yeah. It'll be interesting to see how it works. But you can like task saying you can see the blueprint Simmons is the man handling the ball for three quarters Jimmy's cutting off ball. That's how I started his career. So he knows how to do it. Then the fourth quarter. He's pound in that rock and shooting all the time. What I imagine will happen defensively they're going to be very tough as well with Covington was good to mention that. But Jimmy Butler is a very tough defend us. They will be a tough match the Boston fischel. I think the raptors are probably the best thing what was saying far. But once it all comes together. And once we say, fifteen games affiliate fifteen to twenty them together. We can have a bit more of an idea because I think that we'll be in the judgment period for shore of of you know, how many shots Jimmy getting his first five games does. He just get out there. So far away. Does he does he try to blend in a little bit? I at the start the season last year in Minnesota his only full season he blended. He said here's here towns. Here waking do your thing and figure it out. But after they didn't take them in themselves. It's my time. But I think if you Joel Embiid will be different. And I believe those three it's a ton of talent those three you just need guys that know the rolls off of them. And I think they have inferior Wilson Chandler who sort of likes the Celtics markets. More suit can Chuck from the four spot hasn't been great. He's kind of coming off injury. But he could be like that that guy that exactly like, Marcus Morris defend and do his thing there. And then they need a fifth, and they need to the depth issues definitely worried. But there's there's too much. I think those three guys figured out you called Simmons as a winner in this. I think it's safe to say Jimmy Butler is winner because he got what he wanted to Minnesota potential five hundred ninety million dollar deal on a team that is in the east, and you know, could be, you know, a potential team to go very deep into the playoffs. So I'm sure he wants that as well. Win keeps saying at least any other winners from this. Is it Karl Anthony towns, I mean, you said there's a lot of pressure on now. Yeah, that's true. But I mean. Finally, got rid of this guy. Yes. So he should be better. Now, he should perform numbers even when Butler wasn't playing. Yeah. He's kind of general soreness back to twenty seven points per game on fifty four percent shooting death. When Jim was in. There is what ten points less than forty three percent shooting. Good. So now, it's up to them. They don't have any excuse anymore. It's to see what towns, and we have got between them. And now how tip to truly interesting to me is now typifies relationship with front office. And the ownership moves forward because it sounds as though that was very very fractured. And I don't know exactly who had the final say in this deal. And I think that's sort of come out. But there's no doubt that the owner was basically undermining the people employs to do these things. So now, what does I do? What did they gonna losing streak? Does he fire him anyway? Or does he sort of just get through this as in, you know, maybe start afresh nixed. It took this long on. I happen for them to finally trae Jimmy vol. Waist. They probably ruin their entire season. If as Jimmy said he said this at the end of last season. That's that's that's bad on. That's the truth. Yeah. I mean, they could have got it done in preseason. They could've made a trade. But they have. You're right skates. They ruined the relationship. Now, you have been a who has just four six weeks taking Jimmy Butler side on this whole thing. Ran the offense the same way as if Jimmy Butler is going to be the star. When Karl Anthony towns is still there. There's that's why to me there's no way he goes past this seasonal like how why even keep him around for the rest of the with this that doesn't make. I think it was a rap as soon as towns was contemplating whether he was gonna sign a massive extension with the team. And I think I think we're looking into it. But that had to do with Jimmy Butler whose team is this? This guy's a jerk. We don't get along. This is brutal. And you know, okay. Well, we're gonna trade Jimmy Butler. Okay. Well, sign on the deadline signs on the line. And then, of course, all of this happens, which we bothering for weeks, you know, the the infamous practice, and then the interview with actual nickel. So. Yeah. I'm with you. I think Tim's I'll see how he survives this because they're only hope was well Jimmy plays. And we still win games. And they weren't even Jimmy was planned. They weren't winning games. They weren't good. And I think a lot of guys lost trust obviously in Butler antics to something definitely some of their other stars. Okay. So we talked to a false has been of a loser. As any one else anything else that would be a loser in this this deal for you? Is it the heat is it the rockets is a team that ultimately couldn't get the deal done. Yeah. I I don't know how good starch and Covington are really going to be but agree with trae to some degree that if you're the rockets you couldn't get him for something better. I know they're thin team. But you couldn't figure it out. So yeah, I definitely feel the rockets you put them in. Yeah. Anything else anyone else? No. Not really, okay. Folks is obviously some sort of loser. Because he's there's just no way I thought at the beginning as soon as the trade was happened just there because they just shoved him in the starting lineup to start this season. But at some point they gotta decide to win. We talk about the wolves their season being ruined. It's sort of like the Sixers in a way, I mean, it's different. But they're trying something here, and it's not working and to me, you know, Brank. Liangelo drafted Markelle Foltz. Gave up another pick to get him the right right, which at that time. I remember it summer league last year Philly faithful where Jack they're very pant before you know, Jason Tatum at an incredible season. And that traded obviously, that's turned out to be pooh-pooh. But maybe because Colangelo has gone maybe they can say by the full or take Foltz and say, Hello NBA. Is there a three point shooter that plays the power for its by Dario starch and just one for one? I know it's giving up on full pretty early. But maybe it's time. And I don't know who that guy that's in play. I would not be shocked at all see Foltz moved possibly soon reason they even had him in the starting lineup was because they needed somebody else to score with the ball somebody else that can, you know, get to the hoop maybe running pick and roll create something that's what Jimmy Butler is going to do. He's gonna take every possible shot that false would be taking. So are you gonna be committing a lot of development to a number one pick off the bench? We'll see maybe it's an interesting trade chip. But his value is probably pretty. All right. It's the lowest they could possibly be. Yeah. Undoubtedly that we talked with the wolves. They didn't get a first round pick that that does suck. Trey all being, but I did thought I thought he initially point he said at least they didn't take back like negative long-term salary because these two guys I mean, they'll have a decision decision with arch. I get that. But Covington is just started his four year six forty seven million dollar deal. That is nothing. Good. Obviously great Bela's in the final season was contract. So that's good for them. And again and saw at you know, not making a ton right now. So that that's a positive and we'll see what they can do with maybe more of a team. Now covington's should be. Thinks it's gonna play actions left, and he could have he could have a pretty strong season under him such who knows not a great defendant, really shoot much worse. He's. But then again with Saint L E with the playoff loss. He was really good for the. So you heart beacon find that form again. Yeah. He was awesome. Depended on them and ten games. Five of them are twenty point games. Yeah. Because Simmons can couldn't shoot. But. Yeah. To me, his value is kind of negated if Townsend Wiggins aren't good and Wiggins, the huge question where have all the opportune in the world to make shots at the end games now. But he wasn't doing rose was getting more shots and t was getting more shots along with Jimmy Butler. So I don't know Wiggins is kind of lost lost soul right now. We'll either of these two coaches in tips and Minnie and Browns. Philadelphia be with these teams at the start of next season to Brown should be. He's got lot pressure. Now, he's got make this work and they've expectations now. So if he flames out, I think you could be can't. Yeah, they wanna play. They gotta go far this year. The players are better. And now they've added Jimmy Butler. The teams should be better you should win more than one playoff series. Otherwise, it can be tough, especially if there's any sort of drama that comes out of the locker room. It'll be easy for somebody. Like, we gotta make the move. We move. We can make right now wolf seventy six play twice this season. Still so January fifteenth in Philadelphia March thirtieth in Minnesota you're talking about the playoffs. The common theme around Twitter this weekend was the second round of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference is going to be very tough. There's not going to be an easy match up for anybody in the second round as trae said they wanna series last year against the heat, which was tough enough. And then they lost against the Celtics wraps. So thanks Sixers and others like Pacers and bucks. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's not gonna be. It's gonna be awesome. First round. She'll be tough enough. Yeah. Exactly. All right. Anything else about this? I mean, we have more questions on the beach. Let's maybe just step on it and address on there. Questions. One more thing that Woche one of his pieces that I want to get your take on was this whole idea of detained wolves accomplishing one goal in the trade having traded Jimmy Butler to the Eastern Conference and not a western com night team. What do you think of that is this the most like overblown like reason to do a trade like I don't buy it at all? It was also the reason why they apparently turned down the full picks from Houston. Right. That didn't want him to be stronger in the west and to help build a juggernaut apparently. Yeah. My dad loves that. They trade him to the west. It's just it's such an old, dad grandpa. Thanks to these to these trade him to the other conference, right? Yeah. Within your division. Don't try to help those playoff teams you won't be playing against doesn't make. Yeah. Anyway. But okay, if that was one of their goals little checkmark beside that. Okay. I one couple here about Butler. About the trade this one from at e w Nielsen which player who doesn't necessarily need to be in. This trade is going to benefit the most. If it can be sorry. I got a double down. But it's Benny Simmons. Okay. No more pressure on him really to score at the end of games. He's a distributor. He's a slasher into the hoop, and he can score that way. But there's there's there's so much pressure on last year when you had that one point game. Everybody looked at him like you're appoint guard a modern day point guard who has the score. And it'll be interesting to see if him and Butler run pick and roll together because they'll have similar sized guys on them. One of them will have the smaller guy, and they cannot you know, they can either of them could be the ball hinder or either of them can be the screener. Then the other guy can go down in the post Simmons is pretty solid in the post Jimmy Butler score in the post that'll be a way for them to generate shops. And that'll be a way for Ben Simmons to get some looks to in the fourth quarter. If he so desires anyone else benefiting from Covington again, I think he's just going to get a lot of. What's there in Minnesota? So he he may get a little bit more almost exposure out there in Minnesota him. He's going to get the minutes and the opportunities and these east proven in the last year or so he can be a pretty reliable plant this one from at grizzly underscores shirk considering what they got compared to what had been reportedly up in offered from Houston was this the best outcome for the wolves. Or does this help their win now mentality? So we dress this a little bit. You don't like it. You think you would have been happier with a bunch of picks. I would if I am the timber wolves franchise. I would want the picks. I would want a chance to you know, five years down the line. Maybe Karl Anthony towns when he's twenty eight twenty nine years old is one of the five best players in the league. And you get to add top five draft pick. That'd be pretty amazing. But this is definitely a better move for tips. This gives them a better chance of making the playoffs this year. And that seems to be what was the goal. I'd rather have Josh Richardson, then either of those guys, you know, assault player, but. Josh Richardson could be a ball handler at the end of game season. Incredible three point shooter already forty one percent. He's already incredible defensive player. He's twenty five, you know, younger than comington great deal like Covington. Yeah. I would I would rather have him. There's more upside there for me if Jimmy this one's from at sea underscored Diaz to if Jimmy signs long-term with Philly is there a free agent next season that will help the Sixers compete for a title. That is a point should bring up here. If he does sign they could still have twenty five million dollars in cap. So they still could go and try and get a pretty big name. Alive agency. Answer given to rent. He's also. Keep it simple. Someone more realistic. Maybe or maybe Trey Lyles is we're digging. But you can fill it look. He can get up and down. Or if you want to go more of a grunter Markeith Morris is available like Wilson Chandler. They have on their team that they signed really to replace. The other dudes who left and Elliot's Sova and Markle Bill alley. So he's come back from injury. He's gonna get time. I think Marcus Morris too. I think is a free agent. Right. Maybe they could sign him to that double deal where she's the salaries to they're both Philly guys lights, but they I think they should split up that money. I don't think the twenty five mil should go to another superstar. They got three guys who need the ball a lot. And you're thin spread it out distribute, the wealth brook Lopez's a free agent to I think fits in the Philly bowl system shit, those threes sack of big, I guess. Changes game, man. He's changes career. He was my winner of the weekend. I don't wanna spoil the Instagram story threes on Saturday eight on Sundays from Steph career. Yeah. Blowing his fingers. That was cool. But who prolongs career if he keeps this up? Oh, was it network that had the tweet Brooke Lopez's made threes like in his career to one zero like, yeah. Just explodes out of the three point shot. The non jumping three point shot. When he first started Brees it took like almost the entire shock to get the ball from to actual release. But now, he's just a guy shooting threes, not jumping the guns for all. Right. This one from at Ivan's e e can we start calling the duo of Ben and Jimmy the fresh prince and his Butler. Like that. But Jeffrey was agreed. Ritz. That'll be great photo. The Phil I guess Joel Embiid filler is he the Carlton? Oh, interesting. No. Vitas let us whereas the DJ jazzy, Jeff. Oh, yeah. That's really is. Jimmy. Well, more here. How many games until Joel Embiid starts sub tweeting Jimmy Butler. This is from Nick in Toronto. Now, we glossed over this a little bit. But I think this is the real risk to me. It's the Embiid Butler relationship and dynamic both on and off the floor. I think that's fair. I think that is could be a concern. It could also work perfectly because maybe they're the type of just personalities that actually sort of push each other. And he can obviously both take it and give it you know, what I mean. Like there's that. But. You know, you keep saying Jim he's taking the shots at the end of games. Jimmy's. Getting those shots keeps coming up short. I mean, I could see him bead saying a little bit of what about me just give me the damn ball. Right. Because he was that good happy. Joel is not going to just go. I'll let him keep shooting. Right. Didn't he complained about something the other day on Twitter? I think it was he wasn't playing or. Yeah. He wants to play. So he's not afraid to have a goat. He's organization. He certainly not gonna hold back. If Jimmy comes in and starts taking his shine at all should be great. Jimmy Jimmy way back down. You could see literally putting up the Seinfeld clip. I saw. Jimmy club. It could happen. Anything else about Jimmy Butler to the Sixers? It happened. Fine doubt. Yeah today. No now gets himself back in contention with the all star game. I guess sure. Yeah. Does I basically dead yet to last season? But the coaches weren't gonna vote him in. I believe but now he's back there. And it's like if I wonder if he sits at any games now. Get hurt. Yeah. I don't think so. But that was a big part of trying to get traded two hundred mil riding on it. He also helped almost like sort of during a game tanked the game. I think just to get traded. If you saw that kings game at the. We lost to the kings. I know the kings back, but we're the kings though, we gotta get Jimmy Butler out of the last dry was worldwide tweeted was probably Jimmy Butler complaining about too many minutes to athletic. That's where chip's draws the line. Remember the set out the all star game last year because he was. Yeah. So, you know, the writing on the wall really when you look back at it. He was exhausted. And it was missing time. Anyway, I think up into that point. So and that's the scary part of that signing this guy to five year one hundred ninety million dollars very much coming fourth fifth year that could be bad. Okay. Well, let's talk a little Meno. I hope you got that dropping at your fingertips. Yup. Okay. Well, let me give you the news at least while you try and find it because I love that drop the New York Times Mark Stein over the weekend said any wrote this the rockets have denied, they're waving. Oh is that to sources close to the situation say mellow? Has been informed that his brief time with the team will soon be ending. He was listed as out for Houston's game on Sunday against Indiana due to illness. Lori got in front of the cameras. He said, no, no, no, no, no. This isn't the case. He's got an illness. You know, don't believe these reports he was illness on Saturday. Exactly right next Becky illnesses gotten flu shot. Terrible reaction to us. Yeah. Yeah. So he's so Maury and the organization says don't buy this. But it's not just Stein who obviously is one of the most trusted NBA reporters other. It was who has mid and Tim McMahon. Yeah. That's right from ESPN doubling down on this thing. He's gone. He said the play is mellow. That's right. So what what what what do you think of this? I mean came a little bit out of left field. I know the rockets were struggling, and it's always fun to say, it's the mellow curse. Whatever. Tv's element that much whatever team is on you know, suffers and it's easy to put the blame on him. But like this is a little weird. Right. I know they're going to get the win against the Pacers without mellow. What do you think? The drop again. I think they're in the mindset of they want to right the ship. So it's not time to screw around anymore. It's not time to have mellow trying to figure things out. It's time to go back to what they did last year and figure it out because you know, they started two four and seven now they're five and seven they lost Saturday when with only one mellow and said all right illness to Melville, we'll figure it out. And I think I think kind of like. Minnesota philly. They're just like all right. It's time. So by problem is it's it's unfair to blame the boys on him. But when he's been on the floor. They've been even worse. And that's the problem is that he's not really bringing anything to solve the problem. It's just when he goes that we get we get killed when you're out on the floor, basically. And we talked about on Friday. He doesn't poss-. He doesn't create doesn't rebound. It doesn't offend if he's not gonna talk. He had three twenty point games. That is kind of like, okay, he can still do that. But if he's not doing that. Then he doesn't do anything else on the team you had a theory in the car, right? In of maybe why this is happening, right? You wanna share that? Could it be something behind the scenes where Gary Clark's getting a ton of minutes guy who was and is a rookie over a guy that Chris Paul is clearly back and saying he's a hall of fame player. We'll see what happens, and then you read the woes reports, and it's like they're trying to massage mellows exit outta here because they don't want to mess up the relationships that they have with players who really like mellow mellow was clearly well like they're allowing the lease so many tweets going out. No, San this fall mellow doesn't deserve this Dwayne Wade LeBron back into all of his buddies. So you have to wonder if they are cutting things off at the head say, and we know that you're not gonna like coming off the bench and playing behind Gary Clark. Right. We know that your friends aren't going to like that. So we're just going to give you a chance to go somewhere else. Right. I don't know. I think there could be something to that. I mean, there's the history with dantonio mellow struggling. You said tasks we just need we have stars in heart and Chris Ball, and they've had some some slow starts for them this year. Specially Chris Paul. I'm hard had a Greek game on Sunday with the forty points. But yeah, maybe it's like we don't need another. We don't need mellow. Here's going bucket. We need some defense. We energy guys like that. Trevor Reza, we need those guys. Maybe it's Gary Clark. I mean for crying out loud. He's great on the guitar. There's something maybe to that. It's not his fault that they've started poorly. The idea was him come off the bench on a really good team that plays defense and their starting lineup. And he can just be the guy who sprinkles in some jumpers. Like a weird Lou Williams just shoot up. It has to be a really good team. He's being asked to do too much now because they're not good. They've struggled very badly. And so fair him credit. He I think guys are backing him because for the first time in his career Hussein. All right. I'm coming off the bench, and I'm fine with it. So mentally, I from his perspective it it's and from his buddies perspective. He's doing a good job. I guess he's been fairly professional about all of this. You know, being a probably a future hall of Famer and being asked to come off the bench for the first time his career and doing it. So if he is not any sort of locker room cancer. Then what's the reason the cuddle if you said, he's not the problem? He's just an inexpensive possible shooter off the bench is any different than like, Ryan Anderson. No, he's about Ryan Anderson. Well, so that's that's the part to me. And that's why I think trae sort of theory has probably some merit to it because I don't get it. Otherwise, the beginning of the stories were that mellow has an illness. But they're talking about his role on the team. Right. So what kind of talks are those are they saying, hey. We're rolling with Gary Clark Gary's playing the anthem. And then he's gonna come off the bench plays defense. That means you're going to be getting five to eight minutes. A game mellow probably says. Yeah. The report going around the sort of had talked about this before when they signed this deal like if it doesn't work out, and it's maybe not working out. Maybe we go our separate ways. So yeah, maybe it is one of his buddies will save in. He's going to the lake is all the Hague mean. Well, maybe Irving Liz making a play. The Celtics lose and he's talking about how they need a fifteen year benefits vet to come help with the season. That is the marathon not a sprint. No. Yeah. The idea was this is a sixty five win team returning and they're going to be good. And Carmelo may. Or may not be part of the solution. As a as a guy as Joe Johnson was was for them last year. He was sort of on the bench, but he can come in and score. But they're not that. And you got guys like Markey's Chris even sitting down because they're desperate need for a big like that. But he's not playing. Well, Mel is not playing well, they're not capable of playing that many minutes. So yeah, I guess it's well if you're not gonna play that much then maybe we got actually or you're going to be ill for four four weeks until we figure this out. And then you can come back. I mean, that's probably not gonna happen either. What does Mila one? I just don't I don't know what he wants. Roll minutes. Does he wanna ring care at all? Does he want just a bunch of money minutes to continue to cap laying scoring stats like what? Drives him right now. Cool hats, well, have they even been out this year that much? Yeah. Hats. Hats. Colder weather. Yeah, we will see with mill should have known. It was doomed when he was wearing a hoodie on the beach even that Austin. Sure. Actually gave you a sweatshirt. A hooded sweatshirt not as up, and when I gave it to I told you this would be great. It's a great honeydew on the beach, and I'm talking about. Yeah. I do with the stripes. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Very yacht. Yeah. The sun is setting a bonfire. Yes. It's late summer early evening. You can wear a hoodie wearing middle of the day is wearing a full on. Pleasing, son. No. Yeah. I wouldn't do that. I didn't think so. Okay. Let's get to some top five here. Top five top. Top five top five. Well, I got a weird one. No doubt. I'm gonna hit you with the top five today is Jimmy butlers. Top-five Mark Walberg movies. I didn't find a list anywhere that said Jimmy Butler favorite movies, Mark Wahlberg movies? But I'm I'm just gonna guess. Yeah. I'm the show gets weirder. From here. Also, not NBA trivia trivia little. Even talk about this. All right. Well, again, this is Jimmy Butler top-five Mark Wahlberg movies. According to me at number five, Ted. To see Jimmy Butler. He loves a good romance versus bromance plot. Yeah. You know, Jimmy wishes he was that bear maybe he thinks. Yeah. At number four, boogie nights. PT Anderson's masterpiece. Great movie, and I bet Jimmy loves the ending. Three the departed. Very relatable Taito part one on this list. Right departed and Jimmy likes to swear. In Walberg does a swearing in. This one. Number two. Lone survivor very relatable, title, part two. That's the number one Jimmy Butler favorite Mark Wahlberg movie. According to me is the fighter very relatable Tekle three. Plus Walberg reportedly spent like four years training for this role. Jimmy loves to talk about how hard he trains working on his body. You know, he was inspired by Walberg. No, he's inspired by that daily Instagram post, or whatever that he broke down his day. Ted, boogie nights, lone survivor and the fighter ever the season. Jimmy Butler might be asking for all the money in the world. Ooh. Really, really nice. Yeah. Did I miss actually what's your favorite Mark Wahlberg movie? Diva favorite the happening. Nature turns out of very related. I'm surprised though, the pain and gain didn't make. Actually, a lot of Jimmy ballers best friends just talked about how hard they work for you working today. So hard me to work hard together. Exactly. I'll throw one. You didn't mention the other guys. Yeah. Ooh. That's good him. That's always gonna be calling Ben Simmons and Joel. That is a good movie isn't funny. If you've never seen the other, you know what? Let's watch it. And get to it's the rewatching. Really? It's good. Okay. Title favorite? Michael Keaton is super fun in it. Okay. Put on your beach sweater watch. It isn't it? Okay. Well, that was a top five Jimmy Butler theme, and we've got a fairly some Walberg Butler trivia with another quiz just answer the damn question. Ancien the damn question. Non basketball Jimmy Butler trivia here very tough one to star. Jimmy Butler is good friends with what movie star Walberg on the set of what movie did they meet? It hasn't been named. Oh, entourage. No interesting. Hatred. No deep water. No. It was being filmed in Chicago. Okay. Perfect still when they met. Ted gambler. Gambler year at all. I think it was twelve thirteen transformers. Dark of the moon real nice. All right of all the photos and videos on Jimmy's Instagram page. How many is? How many do we know total doesn't matter? Because I know we've been talking about him so much twelve we've been playing it up twelve very nine. It's ten okay. Which I thought was really hard ten out of how many ten his all his photos that he started Instagram page five years ago is in ten. Yes. True. Great. I used my eyes. All right. What music is Jimmy Butler fan country four hundred thirty four posts, by the way, gymnast's ten. Gymnast really loves Florida Georgia line name the three country. PD lists Florida Georgia line. No, bryan. No, really what's his name. Real mainstreamers Chesney, no the voice, what's he's sheltie shelter. Brad paisley. Dr darth. That's right. Radio. Is it a woman? Tennis. No, Kelly Parton Taylor, swift Taylor swift. Country. Top three country artists media. No, pointing you go. All right. Everyone listening the phone top favorite country. Merimee in there. Yeah. Choice according to a comedian. He also embraces the country lifestyle by wearing belt buckles sporting cowboy boots and learning to play the guitar. Last question, Jimmy fancies, a particular men's clothing brand, which is also a doored by one member of the starters name the men's clothing line supreme and the starter. Better shares Jimmy's love not. Scotch. No catch. More. Ralph Lauren, no. Actually where here or. Two hundred percent are use the word adored that might be looking. Jay skeets guts. Jimmy Jimmy Butler is a spokesman for Bonilla. That I don't know if that deal still. The Butler collection. Would you rather have butlers Benito's loves Republic banana? I'll go I'll go only those because I but banana Republic the sizes don't work for me about it. You gotta find your stores. Yeah. Exactly Republic has grown into a store. The fits me. Suddenly. I don't know how to feel grown into. No, I've grown up. So you're saying Biard previous store PR live. Maybe. I've gone through various iterations used to be a gap guy. Sometimes. Gap in. Yeah. Then. Sometimes a club Monaco does quite expensive. Uniqlo phase where you. Now, you're close gonna. Street wear though, this'll too much from your. Yeah. That Uniqlo you line. That's the high quality stuff. Christoph Lemaire want? Great great trivia. That's a lot of fun. Let's end this Jimmy Butler drop buck cast a little rapid fire. Van's tire. Question. All right. Kyle Lowry has drawn forty nine charges. Don't fact check me check the last game since the beginning of last season. He says I can't normally block a shot, and I can't energize team with the crazy dunk, but I can't take charge. And I think my teammates appreciate needling myself out there. That's my energy energizing play what something you do to get or stay energized feed off, the hate of my enemies, just kidding meditating. Hi. Bust out about fifty squats. The hot right going great bust. To try it. You'll right. Squats, Allah, an example of when you'd be doing that like if you sitting on the catch Sipho too long on a Sunday afternoon or something you just need to get the blood moving the body. Yet, you just feel it. And then all of a sudden you don't just want to sit back down on the catch. You wanna walk off you want to stay? Let's eighty Lincoln says to do right? Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. It makes that's certainly explains. The. Parts myself a nice Cup of coffee brew myself. Nice spread. So then a poor the Espresso into the Yukon. And I drink it. No. I don't do that. You supply that you're just ruining two drinks. Really are you right? It's called a red eyed. But. So waste. Yeah. It's not universal Tabasco thought. Beer or something also flight overnight from. Many crates also. Yeah. Scratch with threat. All right moving last week during the New York City marathon a guy interrupted his longtime girlfriends race at the sixteenth mile Mark to propose to her. I had a big problem with this. And this is sparked a bit of a debate in our office or an office debate. If you will. Coming soon to social media platform near you. Tell us about a time that you were doing something really important only to be derailed by something. Really? Nice. One time is doing something really important sleeping when I was derailed by something. Really nice. Which is I got woken up at three AM gives my friend who lives near me her. Kidney-stones side to go pick her up. And the whole way was being berated because she was insisting that I was purposely driving into potholes. Does nice. Yes. Chilly along time ago. Camping. Schools. To set up the tent, and it was towards the end of the evenings. Like, doc. Wearing a hoodie. No. It wasn't captured by the beauty of the sun. Fulling? Setting up the tent set there and enjoyed this amazing sun fold. They call it in Chile. Down. It was so beautiful. But then once the sun went down I had to put my tent up in the dock, and it was a bit tough. Yeah. Yeah. Son. In rand. All right. Well, that was in the toilet room recently taking. My my one year old daughter, John sit in there and handed me a dump truck. She really wanted to give to her dead. And it was a very sweet maybe it was for me to carry out everything I was depositing in the. It was very sweet. That is nice Saturday before the raptors next game are old chum. Holly McKenzie was getting emotional as she tends to do. Sometimes looking at a picture of Norman Powell's dog and a cast. Norms dog broke his arm. She said Jonas Vallon Hsun handed or at tissue and said dogs don't have arms, then he blasted norm for having an Instagram account for his dogs. Then he said he was going to start an Instagram account for his trash can I love this guy. What's something stupid? You would start an Instagram account for Matt dogs are big we know that this question is established that but I'm allergic to dogs ducks. Dogs because I've never been allowed to get close in. That's what like you all to follow dogs at a distance. I looked. No. And has it you gonna be me on the street taking pictures of dogs at a distance. My hope is that eventually they can be used in a capture like find all the dogs in these pictures. So yeah, putting up the content. Maybe we'll get by technology a security company. Lake might be it new acquisition this year to the status team. And I've enjoyed it more than I thought and people like stupid things and sell thinking as I write it throughout the season. I put up pictures of of might be on its own Instagram account and see if people. Get. Shaved already once this year and the beer is back back quickly. Get rid of any ideas for things you could do that might generate interest. I just varying lengths. Stuck in various poses? Told the the, and then you know, what I'm adding to it in. Oh. Even get you as a celebrity. Follow back docks at a distance. Takeover here up close. Well, we know people love taking photos of their food. What about taking photos of your empty plate? Just an Instagram account of your empty dish after eating food just different colored slop on place. Yeah. How about that? Proposing. What I guess what? I guess good in the doesn't put what he ate chose the plate. That's it. See a purple schmear. Perhaps. What did I eat? This is all. We got a lot of social content start producing guys office debates apparently got all these new accounts. When we have time for show. Hopefully, we can because find that time 'cause tonight at six PM eastern on MBA TV, we are back baby. Talking Jimmy talking mellow weekend web. Sees a whole lot more six PM all throughout the week here Monday through Friday, and I guess we will drop podcast obviously on Tuesday. We bumped it up here to Monday, but we'll have one on Friday for sure if you subscribe to the show on apple podcasts. Do us a solid leave us a five star review. And we've everybody that has already know. Pto home. Toe techy. Knee home. Thanks for joining. Butler finally didn't embrace the day people.

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