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A content warning for today's episode, there will be several passing references to sexual violence against women. Listener discretion is advised. In a small rarely talked about African kingdom, surrounding, the king is an elite and highly trained core of bodyguards. Armed with staffs and Spears Bay command respect everywhere they go. And, they're all women. This isn't what conduct and the door Malaysia. This is ben in the western neighbour of Nigeria and the Dahomey Amazons. My Name's Moxy and this is your brain on facts. Life in Boulder county to Pradesh, India is delicately put not easy. Summers bring intense heat and drought. Forty percent of the population lives below the poverty line. Nearly fifty percent of women never learned to read. The caste system is in full effect with a glut of people in the delete or untouchable caste. Girls are married by age. Twelve female infanticide is common and sexual. Abuse is rampant. Domestic violence is just a part of life because abusers never face consequences. Utter Pradesh as a whole ranks as one of the most unsafe provinces for women in the country with over nineteen hundred cases of rape, eight thousand cases of kidnapping, and over two thousand cases of Dowry Death, women murdered or driven to suicide over disputes of their dowry. And that's only in one year. It's against this backdrop that one woman took conspicuous tools to fight back. A pink, sorry and a big stick. Something Paul! Debbie was married at the age of twelve and soon had five children to try to support selling vegetables. One day in two thousand six, she overheard a neighbor, beating his wife and tried to stop him. She wasn't strong enough to stop him herself, so she gathered some other women from nearby and together they gave the man a sound beating. News of Debbie's actions quickly spread. A woman in a pink sorry is making trouble. That emboldened Debbie not only to continue, but together more women. Many more. Eventually over four hundred thousand. This female vigilante group is called the Glue Lobby Gang. Google lobby is Hindi for pink and the women all wear. Pink Saris as Debbie did that first night. Today women as young as sixteen and as old as sixty each receive pink. Sorry upon initiation so much cooler than anything. Mary Kay ever gave out and a long bamboo stick called LAFI. In a society that so often silences women Debbie and the other who lobby women are protecting themselves and others. When a woman does go to the police after an act of violence. They ignore her. I don't mean they patronize her and do nothing with her case, as is so sadly common. In the West, they just pretend there's no one standing in front of them. The justice system in Brooklyn hand is dysfunctional and unreliable, says journalist and author of Pink Sorry Revolution. Amanda CON CON says that devies goal of gender equality and freedom has found success due to her bold and creative strategies, and that has further empowered the women they're. The lobby gang has stepped into the vacuum left by the state and offers an alternative means of attaining justice. When word of Abuse Reaches the Gulag Gang. They confront the abuser to try to make him face justice or change his ways. If that fails which is often outcome the Loftus You might not agree with the idea of addressing violence with yet more violence, but the lobby gang could be the difference between life and death for many women. If we find the culprit Debbie says. And blue so he dare not attempt to do wrong to any woman or girl again. We don't fear the police or any authority because we fight for the truth. The lobby gang fights not only sexual and domestic abuse, but child marriage, and even fights for female education. In two thousand, seven and untouchable woman was sexually assaulted by a man of higher caste and nothing was done. The villagers and members of her cast protested, and many of them were put in prison for it. The lobby gang charged the police station to free the protesters and demanded that the case be brought against the rapist. When the policeman in charge refused, they gave him a taste of what they do to men who abuse women. I. Don't want you to think that they go straight for the nuclear option. The goolagong gang also uses nonviolent tactics like marches and sit ins, and of course publicly shaming the offenders. And it's not just female based issues, either but basic rights for even the poorest people. In two thousand seven Debbie learned that government run shops, which are a bit like welfare and food banks were not distributing food and grain to the poor villagers as they were supposed to the Gulag, he actually went undercover to collect evidence on them. The Guliani found that the grain that was supposed to be given to the poor was being taken to street markets for sale. They turned this evidence over to the authorities. Who did nothing. Their work wasn't in vain, though because it had bolstered and spread their reputation. Beating up one of the corrupt cops probably didn't hurt either. In two thousand eight, they stormed a power company office in the Bond district officials. There had been shutting off power to extort bribes from people. The lobby gang were able to force them to turn the power back on. Men who commit these atrocities should be beaten by women, says Debbie. I have seen many changes in our area. Awareness is growing, and we are seeing more justice. It is always challenging to fight victim cases, but we persevere. and. Debbie isn't the only strong woman from that part of India. In fact, if you Google the phrase female freedom fighter. Almost all of the results are Indian. TOOK PRUDISH! Enabling modular dash have also given. The world for insists John. Zeki, Ronnie, who revolted against the colonial rule of Britain and Phoolan Devi who sought revenge against her rapists by turning into a bandit. Since twenty thirteen in Mexico, a woman has gone to even greater lengths to avenge women abused and murdered by men. She is called Diana the hunter of bus drivers. and to hear about her, you'll have to sign up over at Patriotair Dot com slash your brain on facts where for the duration of the covy crisis, all levels of membership are receiving all rewards. In northern Iraq and into Turkey and Syria live the Ziti people probably about half a million or so it's hard to save with certainty. They tend not to marry outside of their community and their faith, which has some aspects of Christianity and Islam, but is a distinct religion all its own. They worship Mallock toss. A peacock angel that God wanted to watch humanity. Absolutely Google the phrase peacock angel. You will not be disappointed. If the Ziti were animals, you would say that they have one natural predator. Isis, The Islamic state called them devil worshippers when they began attacking the Yazidi town of singer twenty fourteen. Isis killed an estimated five thousand men and boys, and took at least as many women and girls to be sold sex slaves. Many of the Zd fled into the mountains with terrorists close on their heels. Some people were abandoned by their families, so they wouldn't slow the family down. They had no supplies and many feared they would starve to death before it was safe to come down. And Isis mind the area so even if they could come down, they couldn't return home. One woman who escaped the terrorists and survived, the mountain was well known in sin, Jar. Thirty six year old catoon cater was a singer and musician, playing, weddings and festivals, but after all that she witnessed, she put down her timbre and picked up a gun. I was famous in many places, but I left all of that after what happened and I became a soldier. After her escape chieter wanted to fight back. This wasn't just a crime against humanity, but a crime against women and she refused to be a victim. She would make her stand with the first all female Yazidi Fighting Battalion. With so many women having lost family including their own children, and some having been captured in escaped, there was no shortage of volunteers. Some seventeen women would join cater. The call themselves the Sun Ladies. The battalion received weapons, training and support from the semi autonomous government of Kurdistan in northern Iraq. The Sun Ladies were the first female battalion of the Kurdish Regional Army, the Peshmerga which translates to those who face death. It's an enormous transition for these women. The. Yazidi are a strictly Patriarchal Society. So with only six weeks of training, they had gone from homemakers two soldiers. One of the sun, Ladies. This caters little sister Leah Twenty one years old when this happened. I knew many girls who were taken by Isis many of my school friends. Some of them are still captured. If they knew about weapons, they might have escaped from ices. The sisters come from a military family. Their father and grandfather were soldiers, and their brother is also in the peshmerga. CATOON chosen a civilian life for herself prior to the attack, but a lia had always wanted to be a fighter to be like her older brother. The UCD have had to fight for as long as any of them can remember constantly being under siege from one side, or another be terrorist or governments or being pinned in the crossfire of other people's conflicts. The zd count over seventy separate massacres in their history. Part of caters motivation for starting. Her battalion was not just revenge, but to stop things like the isis attack from happening again. There are no recent reports of how the cater sisters and the Sun Ladies are doing. But, at least that means, there is no news of them. Having been wiped out so I'll take. If you do come across anything less than say three or four years old, definitely post it to social media and tag, facebook and Instagram your brain on facts and twitter at brain on facts pot. Now, women have been involved with military action in one capacity or another as long as there has been military action. With the exception of Russia in World War Two which you can read about in the your brain on facts book and thank you to the four people who have left reviews y'all who are reading. Please keep them coming. Women weren't allowed into combat roles in modern militaries until relatively recently and in limited capacities. Special, forces forget about it. It was only this year that the first woman became a green beret. But leave it to a Scandinavian country to lead the way. In twenty, fourteen Norway, formed the Oregon Tropic or the hunter troop. The Modern World's first all female special forces. Just because the unit is for women doesn't mean it's any easier. Of three hundred seventeen candidates who tried for placement, the first year eighty eight made it through the selection course and of those thirteen made it through the training a whopping four percent. The idea for the unit began in two thousand thirteen under the codename Tundra. It was the brainchild of a pair of brothers, the current and former head of the armed forces special. Command Eric and Frode Kristoffersen. They realized there was a chink in the global war on terror. Afghan women would not speak to male soldiers. Since. Women are half the population. This means potentially missing out on half of the available intelligence. Norway's response was to create a unit that could interact with local women while operating at an elite level. Thus the European trump. Candidates are selected based on attitude, physical fitness readiness for all situations, so no being afraid of water or heights, and they have to survive hell week, which includes among other things long marches over several days with little time to rest and minimal food and water. If, still in at that point, you face a ten month training program that includes patrol standard survival, winter survival, shooting communications medical counter-terrorism, parachuting close combat vehicles an urban reconnaissance. Colonel Kristofferson remarked that the European trump and have displayed superior shooting and observational skills and one male special forces. Soldier said a lot of the time. They shoot better than the guys. To complete the program candidates must be able to march nine miles or fifteen kilometers through a forest with fifty pounds or twenty two kilos of gear in under two hours and fifteen minutes. They have to do fifty sit-ups six pull ups and forty push ups in two minute intervals, the same number of sit ups, and almost as many push ups as required for US Navy Seals. They after run two miles or three kilometers and swim a quarter of a mile or four hundred meters in eleven minutes, and they have to stay submerged for the first twenty five meters. It's like the presidential fitness test. For my nightmares. I can walk like a mile with my phone and wallet and that's about it. in addition to proving themselves physically, the European trumper must also prove themselves mentally. They spend a year learning to stay on mission despite food deprivation sleep deprivation long marches through the snow. You name it. Human beings are not good at dealing with being cold, tired and hungry. But that can't be allowed to impact emission. Speaking of missions, the European troppled have gone on. None. At least as far as the most recent article on them reports. But they're special forces after all, it's not like they're going to send out a press release every time they go on a mission. I have been on to personal missions lately. One is that I am pivoting to being a voice. Actor can imagine where I got that idea. Because I'm just getting started. I need to build up a portfolio, so if any of my gentle listeners have a business that needs voiceover work whether it's four an explainer video learning phone system. You name it. Email me at your brain on facts at g mail, DOT COM and I'll give you my special. Wipe off listener rate. The other mission I have been on was to guest star on fifty different podcasts to promote the book naturally, but that also means that I had gotten to invite lots of great guests onto my show, so to tell you about another amazing, all female group please welcome, Katie and Alli from her story on the rocks. High your brain on facts. I'm Katie and I. Am Alley and we are from the podcast. Her story on the tax where we talk about famous women from history, we talk about good women, bad women, fictional women and non-fictional women from all times and places, because women have nuance and today we're here to tell you about an incredible group of women who are on the rise to try and combat an environment that is on the decline, but first we need. Need to tell you about the Black Rhino. which is the smaller of the two African Rhinos? It became classified as critically endangered in two thousand and thirteen rhinos along with elephants, zebras, lions, and chimpanzees are just some of African animals that saw massive declines in population during the twentieth century, specifically from one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two, nine, hundred, five during the rise in popularity of big game hunting, we saw startling ninety eight percent decrease in rhino populations there. There are only between twenty five hundred and forty eight hundred rhinos left in the world with all that we've learned about the environment and all of the protected wildlife areas that have popped up in Africa. Why is the Rhino population declined still an issue today. Their horns aren't even ivory like elephant topics well, poachers have a field day with rhino horns. They are highly prized estimated to fetch a to sixty thousand dollars per kilo on the black market which makes. Makes it more valuable than gold oil end cocaine? But what is surprising? Is that Rhino Horn is composed mainly of Carrington, the same component as human fingernails. So why is it so expensive rhino? Horn is considered to be a valuable ingredient in some forms of traditional, Asian medicine, the supposed medicinal benefits of Rhino Horn include the ability to cure typhoid fever boils and poisoning. The Horn is even used as an aphrodisiac. None of these claims however are backed up. Up By hard evidence, therefore you can get the same health benefits by chewing on your fingernails, which is a habit that about twenty to thirty percent of people on Earth have anyway, and this is where the idea for the black. Mambas came from in two thousand thirteen, the same year that the Black Rhino was first listed as critically endangered Craig Spencer the head warden of a nature reserve and Clark from Transfrontier Africa decided they needed more feet on the ground. Ground and more is on Rhino's. The group started with only six young women, but now the group has almost thirty members for many of the young girls. It's their first job out of high school and people in the community were skeptical of their abilities at first, but nobody is skeptical anymore. Each girl receives three months of training, which includes physical exercise and classroom work the last month. Though is the most rigorous focusing on survival tactics in the Bush building. Building shelter and functioning without food or water, the extensive training is part of why there have been no casualties on the job. Despite regularly facing serious peril, each member spends a total of twenty one days living on the reserve to create a visible police presence. The women are outfitted in Camouflage Ranger uniforms and trained in tracking and combat they patrol on foot, or by jeep, four hours at dawn, and four hours at dusk in search of snares human tracks. Tracks sounds of gunshots and other suspicious activity. The Black Mambas have shut down five poaching camps and have reduced snaring by seventy six percent. There was even a ten month period during two thousand fifteen, when no rhinos were poached at all. Rhinos are one of the oldest groups of mammals that play an important role in their habitats. In African countries, the protection of black rhinos creates large blocks of land for conservation purposes that also benefits other large species including. Today the Black Mambas. anti-poaching unit has won a champions of Earth Award from the United Nations Environmental Program, this has been a short story from her story on the rocks podcast about awesome women doing awesome things. If you WANNA learn more, you can find our podcast on Google. Play Itunes, stitcher, and spotify, and never forget that well behaved. Women rarely make history. By moxie. Thanks Ladies Now. The Black Mambas were the first all female anti-poaching unit, but they aren't the only one. In Zimbabwe's fondue wildlife area, a one hundred fifteen square mile, former trophy hunting tracked are the Kushinka the breath ones. It's a program that not only saves animals, but in many cases it saves the women to. The cushing are one arm of the international anti-poaching Foundation. The IPF was founded by an Australian man. Damien Mander. Mander was an army special forces sniper who served twelve worse in Iraq. Twelve. All that time in combat, then it's like okay. Go back to civilian life. It's a hard thing to just switch off. But manner was able to find a way to channel his skill and do good in the world. He moved to symbolic way and formed anti-poaching squad, but the initial results were middling at best. So manager changed his strategy. He fired the men and began training female rangers. Specifically recruiting local women who had had a raw deal in life. After all who better to defend the threatened the helpless Ben someone who knows what that feels like. Thirty six women started our training modeled on our special forces training, and we pushed them hard much harder than any training. We do with the men Mandir explains. Only three dropped out. I couldn't believe it. Years earlier mandarin a similar course with one hundred eighty nine men. At the end of day one all but three of them had quit. So. That's eight percent of the women quitting versus ninety eight percent of the men. San. Manner tried to push the recruits to their limits. He tried to put them through hell, but as he got to know them, he found out. They'd already been. One, woman's husband left her with one child and another in Kerry and no way to support them. Another woman's husband would beat her so badly. She couldn't stand up afterward. Woman in her early twenties was raped by a neighbor at seventeen and became pregnant. Then the rapists mother took her child to raise, and hasn't letter had any contact with a? Sleeping in the mud is nothing compared to that. From the very first day of the women's training manager saw that he had something very special happening. He realized that the women were the missing link to a successful conservation program. For most of the Inga being arranger is the first job they've ever had outside of the home. To the surprise of no one, the community was not Super Gung Ho on the idea. The men in their villages harassed ridiculed and belittle them, but the Chinga don't care. They care about the animals. Like a leopard killed by a group of men who claimed that it attacked them, and they had to kill it in self defense. The Rangers could tell from the superficial nature of the men's wounds, and the fact that a leopard pelt and teeth are worth more than a month's wages that they were lying. There were other benefits that mander couldn't have anticipated. The ACA INGA SEEM IMPERVIOUS TO BRIBES AND CORRUPTION They. Spend their pay in their communities. A female salary earner in the Undo region generally spends ninety percent of their pay on their family as opposed to thirty five percent by males so all right as soon as the programs started, it was contributing more to the community's economy than the fees collected from trophy hunters. When the ACA Shingo make arrests, they deescalate the situation rather than letting things become violent. And then there is their devotion to the animals. As one ranger put it. Female Rangers are superior to Male Rangers because women have a motherly heart. In there is let's face it the stereotypical tendency of women to talk especially in a rural setting where there is not a lot going on. Somebody finding an affair. Yes, way to make money is some juicy gossip and the cushing have ears in all the villages to catch it. The success of the ACA Shingo illuminates their key principle to the community. That wildlife is mirth more to them alive than it is dead to the poachers. The ACA shingle live together in a hilltop camp with a panoramic view of the area and take their meals together a sustainable cruelty free, but calorie rich vegan diet crafted by a chef hired by mander. On one morning manner briefs them onto raids scheduled for that night. One on the compound of a man suspected of having illegal guns for hunting and the other on the home of a suspected poacher that's been trying to sell a leopard skin. They spend the day in drills, ensuring that each ranger knows her position. Then manner gets behind the wheel of the truck. For Rangers jump in the back with a local police officer who will oversee the raid and the team sets off. In, the single digit hours of morning, the Shingo approached the first target. Mander speeds into the compound and the Rangers leap out and take their positions. One knocks on the front door. The suspect eventually allows them inside where they find several pelts from a species of small antelope. The is handcuffed and loaded into the truck without incident. One target down one more to go. The KUSHINKA have been up for more than twenty four hours now, but we are not tired. One told the reporter writing with them. We don't tire until our job is done. And that's where we run out of ideas at least today. But to the homie Amazon's so named by European explorer naturally because he reminded them of the Amazon women of Greek legend as all warrior women seem to do. The core began with skilled hunters, and then the Halsey were added the third tier wives of the king. Some, women were forced to join either because they were slaves, or by their husband or father. But many women joined voluntarily. They carded the king of Benin for nearly three hundred years growing to number some six thousand before the last king was overthrown by France in eighteen, ninety four. Remember you can find all of the sources in the Scripture of the show at your brain on facts. Thanks for spending part of Your Day with me. And stay safe. And seriously if anyone needs any voiceover, work recorded. Email me at your brain on facts at

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