Colin Kaepernick and Accepting the Message But Not The Messenger


Welcome to the real real podcast where we share our reality it perspectives was going on the world of Pop Culture Sports Relationships Society and much much more all while keeping it real and getting into the Shit's as we like to say, I'm Jeff Brooks the renaissance man this Roy big easy by headed. Ivana Miyama someone and they called me Ta. But my mom calls me trevor. What we got going on today FELLAS. kawais onto. Way. Onto away, my brother's if you can't tell 'em an A. Mosa perved mood, the battle for La we'll have to wait into twenty twenty one again and has always been for the last fifty years. There's only one premier Los Angeles Basketball Team and that is your Los Angeles Lakers more than you can say about the Knicks but we're not gonNA talk about old episode stuff. Sam How you feeling this week my friend feel better until you mentioned the knicks why you always gotTa. Troll the next like, yes the Knicks has been terrible for twenty years. We get it. I. Don't know what fixes that well, whatever free right rent-free Ima-. Exact. I've been in a little bit of Funk in tiredness. I think that's just the fall blues in, but you know I just heard the uplift in. Negro. Spiritual Voice that is Jeff Brooks on the Mike to open show. So catching my second wind some ready to kind of get back out there and hit the field hit the field then okay. Speaking of in the field we just started a new season. Of the National Football League, this is supposed to be America's sport that'd be saying is still the case I? Think we would have to ask those people who were booing inaugural game the opening night when it was the Kansas City chiefs playing the Houston. Texans. Players were just right before the game started were locking arms for unity maybe up to speed. So who are the two teams? Now they were the Kansas City chiefs in the Houston Texans I think I heard that the Kansas City chiefs won the super bowl last season but I wouldn't know because I hadn't watched football on the last four years. So you got some pretty cool quarterback stat play for both teams. And tried to I guess do some type of phony unity ceremony. Yeah. They certainly did you know and apparently America wasn't ready for that and the whatever fifteen thousand fans or whatever win stadium because apparently can't city allows fans and stadiums right now there's a lot of turn a pandemic were booing unity. That's where we are in America right now can't say I'm surprised you know there's a lot of people that. Talk a good game with the black squares on instagram and all of that. But when it comes down to it than it really not about that life. So profit of course. Yeah and I think it's just indicative of the Fan Base I think Roger Goodell and powers that be dude is a long time ago Wendy shows to not stand Colin Kaepernick deep down inside they knew what he was doing was right and as you see him doing. His media tour. Now he's saying that you know he probably should talk to Kapernick He wished he could have talked to capture nick that cabinet was right all along and I would probably say that cadel probably felt that way for a long time and he actually did understand any got it. If he didn't get it back then he probably got him when he spoke with Jay Z. but what he understands it gets more anything else is. These and what the expect and what side of the coin going to they're going to stand on it. Sad See. But like Trevor said, it's certainly not surprising. Yeah. Because even the other side of that is you know fans are booing and immediately they transitioned from like a boot to like their Tomahawk Chalk Chop, which is. is also trying to move away from things like the redskins unlike being offensive toward native Americans and the fan bases are like now we don't give a fuck about that either. Right. So it kind of shows you like how divided we are in different parts of the country because ultimately people to do what they wanna do and what they wanna do is watch their sports and act the fool the way they want to and not be told that what they're doing is wrong yeah it. Just, goes to show I. Mean I don't even think that you can get fifteen thousand people to Gather Stadium and New Jersey or in Los Angeles like I just don't know for sure that the people who live in dis environments on coastal states would he be cared to be in that close proximity to fellow jet fans, giant fans, rams, fans, raiders, fans, and not they're in big now. But I just think that they probably would avoid that altogether and then you just have A. Different mindset. A totally different coacher in middle America just goes to show how big this country is and just how diverse away of thinking is, and there really is to countries. There's a matter country and there's everybody else. Do we think that's part of the reason that Kapernick still hasn't gotten a job even though you know as you saw, you know goodell doing his press tour and who Roger Goodell is like the Commissioner of the NFL for for those who don't know but you know. He's going out press tour definitely saying that Colin was right. But one is a team going to like stop sign this guy because ultimately unfortunately, it has been for years and maybe it might be too long. You might be too much of a gap in between when Colin last played but there's roughly about one hundred quarterback jobs in the NFL thirty two of which are starting, and then there's usually about two backups on the team captain, it can't be a backup anywhere not willing to. Take that bullet while we think that he just hasn't gotten the opportunity feel like that that trial yet earlier, this year was was probably his best shot thinking pragmatically right now I'd say if I'm an owner regardless of the fact that the capital deserves a spot in the league I. Don't know that I'd be rushing sign him mainly because you know he's not GonNa start at this point right and there's there's no training camp. So there's no time to kind of get them acclimated to your system. So you're to bring him onto the team opened up all these questions kind of bring in this media. Attention for guy that might be third or second string best when your team right and if you don't have a quarterback this fragile, what's the purpose of having an insurance policy that's only going to bring more I don't want to say a headache or drama Kinda bring more a needed attention to your team. Well, that's always been the fallback right the unwanted attention but I think if you're speaking about attention, now would probably be the time because you don't really have as much media or as much fans an easy areas but I'll just go and say it's a wrap cap it's been four years I mean. Who has been a mobile quarterback there's been an influx of mobile quarterbacks in the League. So one would say that, okay, he fit right in but his uniqueness is no longer a rarity anymore you got a whole bunch of quarterbacks that can do McCallum capper nick did when he was in his prime and you probably do a better than what he did and that. Also, just goes to their built in excuse to whereas Oh cap even that good. He had a bad last season. Now you have the fact that his last season in the League wasn't his best number. Wise. Even though he actually did a pretty decent job considering he had no weapons and had a pretty crappy line and just had overall bad team at that point did. You add four years in an activity into also just a changing way. I would imagine Sam. You're probably better at this because you still watch no judgment here as far as the style of play and if that's conducive to capture nick. So even with a progressive organization like the seahawks and you got coaches like Carol, winning wearing social justice shirts and racism shirts if. He hasn't been invited to a camp at this point. I can't see it happening and at this point to I would just say cap probably. Okay. With that he's still selling a lot of jerseys probably going to sell a whole bunch of sneakers and his legacy cemented. He had a very good career hall of fame pace numbers when he was in the league he won. Even with him not playing on a field again, and even if he does play at this point I, think it probably would water down what he actually stood for work. The fact that he can actually say that, yeah, I was too bad ass for the NFL I was so bad it that they blackballed me even when they were talking about all this end racism social justice advocacy not since that they were talking I think he's probably in his best interest at they continue to just be big really are we? Think that was basically everything that's happening. You know with the NFL spending or donating money towards social justice causes like do we all that stuff is just window dressing I think that they definitely realized error as at the end of the day there sports league, and for all of the publicity statements and charitable organizations in donations if they're making like, there's only so much you're going to be able to do because in the day what's your business is run on is a game, right? So I don't know and that. In on that same line like signing capper Nick. At this point to me is just kind of a publicity stunt. If you know he's not gonNA play. You're just signing him to your roster to say that you sign them to your roster and at the end of the day, how meaningful is that Matt Jeff to your point like it almost taints his his mission if he does get signed and they do put him on the field and he underperforms right like if he doesn't deliver after all of this fighting. Off. All of these kinds of like statements in videos, he's put out on twitter whatever if he actually gets signed comes back on the team is put on the field and stinks it up those haters in the trump lovers are going to have a field day and we will never hear the end of it. So I don't know if the juice is really worth. The squeeze in instance does it really take its legacy and this is more a question for you. Jeff Khas Muhammad Ali did lose some fights and Ultimately. He lost a major fight coming back from retirement when he fought Joe Frazier Right. But was that Ali's first comeback fight or were there if to fight before that but ultimately my point is, did it take Ali's legacy because I got point he was in a weird place. It was the same kind of thing where it was a very divided. America. Yet a a man who didn't want to fight for his country and you had you know a group of people who were. Like, but it doesn't make sense to go die somewhere else right jeff what do you think of in that early comparison? Well, that's definitely like to run questioned because and I say this quite often are social media I. Think we fall victim to what? I call revisionist history when Dr King was assassinated back in nineteen sixty eight Gallup did a poll in he was the most hated man in America fast forward a few years later, the same narrative of Bahamas outspoken audacious Negro. who had a nerve detail right America how he felt door does times right the already don't like it right now many people imagine how was back in fresh off the civil rights era. So you had this guy speaking out against a war that even when he was speaking out about it was even totally unpopular to way that we'd like to believe it was it definitely tasted his legacy den, but it was his legacy is something that has to be revisited every so many years. Toward a time. Yeah. You know people were definitely laughing at Ali. It wasn't a good look that he lost a frazier it people kind of laugh at him and you know it kind of bird proved the point of the people who are in opposition to him. But when he had a chance to fight again when title again, it certainly helped I don't think that we're as a patient now I think ending to with football versus boxing is that you might go three or four months. Without having actual fight maybe you might have to fights a year. That's how it is right now I think in those days might have been a little bit more often than that. So imagine cabinet gets them to feel it just because he's out of practice at out a plan for four years for the first four games he's rusty today he will only get those four games. He's got four games to really stink it up so. That to what I said originally, what Trevor said I think that it probably would be at his best interest for a team not to sign him. It's not a good look go to team and it's not a good look for him to lose lose situation and who really thinks that he would be as good as he was what a new system with a new team most likely a was probably back in two thousand, fifteen madden. Better, Cam Newton apparently, cameras isn't exactly lighten it up, but I still haven't cracked open and by the way I agree with Jeff on that point I think the other part of that that like gets lost. It's almost an unfair comparison because of what boxing is especially heavyweight boxing at that time like in shallow to ESPN for early in the pandemic they're put. On all the old Ali fights. So that was the first time I had actually watched ali-frazier and I remember watching that fight a few months ago and being like Oh shit like Joe Frazier was good. But like if you've only heard the stories and seeing the movies, it's always like Ali Kinda poke fun at Frazier and you think a frazier as do who? Was the B side, but like he could fight is ass off and like legitimately beat. Ali, wasn't even like, Oh, well, Ali was arrested like no frazier like whooped his ass that fight and I barely got out I believe he broke his jaw he and the fact is that like, yes, he was rusty but like even if he wasn't Russi, he might have took that out. But the thing that was redeeming for Ali in that situation is like Jeff said, you have a couple months where you can kind of get a rematch come back only fighting a few times a year. So you have a chance to redeem yourself whereas in football every week. So like, Oh, you bad this week you bad next week he week after that s all it takes with somebody completely right you off forever. So yeah, I'm just doubling down on saying it may be better for calendar Colorado off into the sunset get his show popular with Netflix's David Duval. Way And all the other things that he's got going on I. Know You just put us more jerseys with Nike he's got a lot going on doing great for the people so there's no need to kind of come off. That course just to say that you got another crack at the NFL let me ask you guys a question. What's your opinion about capital style as far as chooses to address the media alley choose to stay silent. I for one Emba Fan of how he conducts himself I think that he knows his role. He knows what's at stake. He knows how to use as leverage. There's probably more articulate people end Elaine that he's operating again. So he does ever want to misquote himself or a mistake his words. There's people that we know that think that he's a coward because he doesn't. Speak up you know and actually speak out about certain things. Cottages does an occasional tweed or occasionally instagram post and come out with very strongly charged words every so many months. So what do you guys think about Colin Kaepernick and the way he's conducted itself not just recently but throughout the course of this four year, Corentin from the NFL I think you hit the nail on the head I think that he knows that he's probably not articulate enough to carry the conversation in that way and I do think that when he was in his last season kind of addressing these things. On a much smaller scale with the local media in in San. Francisco. He had a few missteps you know rocking shirt that said Pigs Keke something referring to Fidel Castro one day like there were things that he was kind of saying that could be seen as offensive to other groups and I think because of that, he was like Oh shit like maybe I need to chill out. It's ultimately what you like from your Ad Fleet right? Because I know going back to like the beginning of the pandemic when we were watching Michael Jordan in the last dance, right like talk. About Michael Jordan's lack of I won't say political awareness his lack of being able to take a stand even though there were certain things that now the peers that did bother Michael Jordan, and now he's putting money towards because he wants to be that kind of athlete right or that kind of person slash owner billionaire all that but I do think that with capper Nick specifically I think he knew he wasn't well versed enough to tackle these kinds of conversations and because of that, he's kind of shied away from having the big conversation and uses his people around him wisely so. In other words, Colin Kaepernick is the Anti Wes. Everyone's anti kind of these days I would hope. So at least. But Kanye West is somebody who is an I don't want to speak about Kanye West too long but he does say some pretty spot on things but it's so impulsive but it's not Polish that you could totally lose the point with absurdity of somebody who thinks that he says and I think that capital like Sam. Said I think he has a very strong team around him that make sure that his message is extremely intentional and it can't be taken out of context. Yes. Because otherwise you won't be pissing on Grammy's right of you know we don't want to go too far in the Kanye West but yes, and unfortunately Kanye someone who just practices poor impulse control. And you're absolutely right conde will say some things that you like that part might make sense. So that part is pretty spot on it could bring true. But unfortunately, like the way what she delivers it and the the way in what you might like follow that up with his actions make it so laughable that you're like, I can't really subscribe to the things that you're saying doing. So I think Colin has a much better team around him. Then Kanye does but also I don't know if it's safe to say I would say I would bet that Colin isn't mentally ill so whereas kind yeah like is enough about man I think Barack said it best about kind of Jackass, but on a jar semi similar brighter note this past week we saw Smidgen of Justice Kinda come through in kind of some of the stuff that collins been fighting for right and kind of just trying to have accountability while we have still yet to arrest the killers of Brianna Taylor, the police departments out there took what what I saw as a big step and kind of taking at least a small amount of accountability in reaching a settlement with the. Family Brianna Taylor. So what are you guys thoughts on that twelve million dollar check that they signed over rather that tax payers in that city just signed over to kind of do their best set at making amends how much twelve million dollars for one is twelve million dollars a lot of money is that enough money for generational wealth? That's just my question know is, is it substantial issues quite intriguing that hasn't been any admitting of wrongdoing, but yet the same city. Could write a check for twelve million dollars. Personally I would love a twelve million dollar check but not at the expense of anyone that I care deeply about. So I think that just no one's really talking about it. But I think the price point is not enough I. Think there is a lot more money that could have gone to the family and to. It's a slap in the face now, I would argue that this probably helps the cause a lot more when it comes down to pursuing any other charges against the officers and whatnot because with this check or with this payout, you're not paying out anybody if you're not guilty or at least that's the mentality you ask people who observe the OJ Simpson Trial and OJ Simpson was found not guilty fordham murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald, Goldman but few years. Later, he was sued civil court shoutout to my old media law professor Paul Callan who represented the Goldman family ensuing Oj Simpson. Day were entitled to date actually got and here's the thing they got thirty three million dollars back in the mid to early nineties. For the murder of their son ultimately I think it just further validate what the Taylor family and advocates plan to pursue. What's the point of writing out a check? There's nothing that was done. Wrong. I agree with that. This is you know they wrote a check to try to keep people quiet like this is what that feels like and ultimately like in what has. been talked about since then the municipality has also put in some provisions around I can being able to provide like social workers to support during like some criminal incidents. Divisions like how the warrants will look like and you know how the chain of command for for warrants with the flexible. There are some things that can be viewed as a positive however again, you must be doing this because you know someone did something wrong but no one's actually admitting that they did anything wrong and that's the problem we have here is. Ultimately, the the officers who committed this murder still work there still like right now like his stop you at a traffic light can knock on your doors well, do all these things and if that's not terrifying, the people I don't know what is I think one of them got fired or at least suspended like one of the detective or the main guy. Poetry. But at least one, my nose is not active anymore at my favorites words Whoopie freaking do I was just looking a little further? So it turns out to to put twelve million in perspective. It's not the largest settlement. So even like actually earlier, this year kind of the Appeals Court in Baltimore County actually overturned verdict and that kind of resulted in eight thirty, eight, million dollar award. Going to the family of corn gains a twenty three year old woman who shot and killed by county police in twenty sixteen. What makes this case? Obviously that's a big big Delta between those two numbers as I just said that killing happened in two thousand sixteen. So you're talking about four years later that family kinda finally going through the justice system and getting that payout that was due. To them, and this case we're talking like Brianna got shot and what March February march thirteen belief. Yes. So we're talking six months and they're writing the check. So that's I. Think what? What you Kinda have to factor in and knowing that police departments historically don't want admit any wrongdoing and that's why they wrote that check but the fact that they did act quickly and did so. Right a sizable check, and then agreed to make some changes in how they kind of go about police and I think that's like suggests point it's not going to bring her back and it's not. It's not enough. If I were of that family, I would have respect for how they handled that part of it like obviously there's there's a lot of mishaps and kind of open wounds and just. kind of handling and the actual prosecution of those officers. But are the fact that they've made this step this fast to kind of make sure that that family was taken care of. To accept and acknowledge as okay. Well, this is a step in the right direction. Generally, what happens is if you rush in negotiation, you wind the overpaying. So this speedy resolution and it certainly feels like they've underpaid right and use that scenario a know Jefferson reference another scenario where you know that specific police department paid more for doing similar right so I don't necessarily agree with that. Now again, twelve million dollars, forty, million dollars, one, hundred, million dollars does not bring back your relative and of course. Like that part is always going to be the thing that hurts and it's going to be hard to kind of move past. But what you want is for you to be like properly compensated if anything one thing that should not be overlooked is outside of the murder of Brianna. Taylor and our sleep as been the concerted effort and you know I don't want to speak a great detail because obviously I don't have the faction in front of me right now but there's been an intentional smear campaign. To stain the reputation of Briana sailor, their spin deals that have been attempted to be cut with ex-boyfriends looking to I, guess indict her implicate her in some type of drug ring. There's been all different types of things being said about her alleged involvement and what she wasn't doing ballistics reports might have shown that she may have been killed by her boyfriend. John. Fire there's just so much misinformation being put out there by the prosecution by the Police Department to Muddy the. Waters. To make a pale like this, even more impossible to to pay out. So I think that the Taylor family probably should pursue a libel and slander lawsuit after it's all said and done if that's possible, I would not let up if I were the Taylor family. Now, one thing that sand did mentioned that I was going to bring up in another example regards to how justice plays out in this country in respect to black and Brown people versus mainstream American Dino. White Americans or a white person's in, and this is actually goes to some one who I believe wasn't maybe may have been in American she was from Australia. It was a young woman by the name of Justin Damon who was gunned down by a Minneapolis police officer. The police officer was a black police officer I. believe he was of Somali, on the set in Minnesota has a pretty heavy Somali presence allegedly she approached a car in a a frantic matter and the officer Kilter, the EP burder her and I it was ruled. that he reacted inappropriately probably no different than many other officers who would not been fired and had been let off the hook for for killing black people but I digress either way Muhammad nor was on promptly arrested he was tried he was convicted but not only that the family of just seeing they received a pretty sizable payout you wanNA. Know How much deputy was four? It was born twelve million dollars. It was actually twenty million dollars and in respect to Trevor's point about the timeframe I can't even tell you the amount of speed that this officer was erected trial convicted, and at this pale happened probably happened all within twelve months of the payout. And the arrest conviction of this officer now had the same result had happened if mom nor was say Bradley, Stevens. Charlotte to the Celtics Bradley Stevens Lead Officer Rally Stevens. In just team was a Juanita Jackson I. Just can't see it happening that way and the reality of justice works and it is similar to Matthew mcconaughey as. Closing deposition closing statement and a time to kill where they literally have I believe is a majority white jury and the Samuel Jackson Character's daughter is. Raped and new related by these white gentlemen white men who were murdered by Samuel L. Jackson and disclosing point that Matthew mcconaughey had and to the jewelry was now imagine if the girl was white and then you just see the shocking like oh So I think that sometimes it has to be done for the country to Kinda see just like a substantial payout might be but a list and I pray and wish to best for Briana Taylor's family shout out to the attorneys that made this happen I note he worked very hard for this but in my opinion is just Way Too little, and it should have never happened and we still need to arrest the cops that murder Brianna Taylor. Let me put it this way. When you saw the headline or the news that they had racist settlement where you happy offended disappointed. When you saw that news, what emotions came over you at that moment, I was surprised when I seen it. Was Not expecting that I didn't even know that I was being pursued. It seemed like he. Did a pretty good job working at behind the scenes of course I'm happy but I'm not overjoyed that makes sense. You know it's just like it's like winning a boxing match by majority decision it's not a second round knockout is anything spectacular it's like, okay we'll take the win I was shocked because ultimately like I think we all thought that there would be a point where there will be some Kinda like. Wrongful death kind of loss or something like that happening and this kind of came out of the blue which means that, yes all these negotiations were happening and yeah, no one was privy to I think that it's a step in the right direction. It's still not where you want to be but I think that unfortunately, what what needs to happen is like people need to pay right and people need to understand like. Black lives matter right like and now you're GONNA have to pay in this way. Right? But yeah, I guess it's hard to say you feel happy about this because the grand context of what actually happened. But I think we're moving in a direction where like you know these things no longer swept under the rug in like these stories are just like out there for the public to consume and understand like although we would want more where police are saying you know and meeting some wrongdoing. This is. Similar to that. Feels like that but we still need the other part. We still need some arrest them. We still need people to go to jail for murdering someone. To clarify. In from. What I read I I do believe this was a settlement coming off of a wrongful death lawsuit. So they kind of had and they might be working that behind the scenes or like just so much other news kind of dive through the fact that this was kinda going out just in reach atop the headlines. But yeah, for me, it was Kinda the same like. Not Overjoyed but I was. Like I was happy to see it in its maybe it's not enough, but it's something and I don't know if we've been so conditioned to see nothing happened that we are complacent with like settling for a settlement that may not be as much as could have been had by that family but that reminds me that now it's been three months. Now for George Floyd I don't think we've heard anything on that side. If you look at it that way it's like there's so many of these cases in moments instances in lives that were still fighting for justice for so like a kind of even if it wasn't enough for as much as that family could have received, it's a glimmer of hope to say that like a slight bit of change might be coming in that this is happening and be recognized at the speed that happened. The other side of that argument when we come to the George, Floyd thing is that those officers who arrested right so there will be a criminal trial. Because of that, you might wait out the results of a criminal trial and then you get to the actual civil lawsuit over here. It's almost like we know that the officers won't be arrested. So let's just settle this and get this out of the public eye I could be totally wrong and off base by that but that's certainly would have feels like. Speaking of the journey to justice man, we're recording this on the data. We got some great news in a loss of of one of the great ones on the highest courts in this country. So definitely want to pay our respects and give a shout out to the legend. G. It's a sad day in this country said they for the world to lose someone who's greatest her hopefully people do the right thing out there and vote this November. We can appoint someone to that seat who is hopefully equally as strong and progressive as as her I think voting his upcoming election is pivotal. We have no choice early I understand that many Americans are not in love with Joe. Biden. He's centuries that he's got it wrong on many issues, but he's also right on many issues as to especially when it comes down to a domestic violence and things of that nature speaking of which this is, what's at stake you can in your honest opinion believe in you know and I'm not trying to demonize anybody west if political views but if you believe in your heart of hearts. That Joe Biden N. Donald Trump or the same fine. You can have a lease acknowledged that the courts already or hanging in the balance are already tilted grossly to one side, and if you really want a true unchecked presidency with no checks and balances Lead trump get another election under his belt and you're going to see him rule without any type of impunity. RPG held on fought the way she thought she was getting chemotherapy treatments and going to the gym right after so she could try to equipped her body enough to sustain. The last few months hopefully of this presidency unfortunately, she lost her battle she fought a good fight. An honor for fight? The least we can do is spend a day and for most of us in probably will only take about an hour to beat up vote but take yourself to the polls get up in boat if you got to mail it in mail it in, make sure it gets to the ballot box your local City Hall wherever they're holding. This is an election and said. This is the most consequential election that we've ever had in the generation recipes RPG. I know the women of this world are going to miss you and all freedom freedom-loving people are going to miss. You was well job well, done good job warrior. You Know Jeff is always a tough act to follow. Absolutely this is going to be probably the biggest election in the next fifty years guys this NBA tonight the last election changed the way we live when the middle of pandemic literally the. Way You live the way you interact with people all those things have changed. Right we have to be smart about our decisions definitely rest and power to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for those who you know we we haven't actually set her name's I want to make sure that we say her name. This is going to be you and the fear now actually that before trump enters term that he will try to get another supreme justice right like and maybe the window is too short and obviously. He's focused on just his campaign, his reelection, and that's that's where his energy is. The would we be shocked certainly wouldn't right. So this is major and we have to be to is, let's go out there and vote for places that are allowed to vote by mail than vote by mail. Some states are allowing early voting low leave your house now and go vote right next Jeff said. It might take an hour, right. So go ahead and do that and shot out to like the NBA who decided to make other arenas poll voting stations. So listen there somewhere that's relatively close to you will. You can go out and vote. So please go ahead and do that in addition to excess your right to vote for those of able body in mind and the had the free. Time also encourage everyone if you can to donate your time and become a poll worker man as you guys have already Kinda said, I'll just echo how important this election is. We don't need any issues where people going up and showing up for polls and then can't get their vote counted because the line is too long because machines default in our because they're being turned away. So if You are of able body and mind highly highly recommend you guys go out there and do what you can't volunteer great organizations out there like power poles that are making it easy to kind of make sure you have the information that's needed to sign up in your local area. So this wasn't a sponsored read or anything like that. So recommend you guys going out and doing that but. We'll be here every week to fight the power with you guys, and hopefully by the time we get men will have some good news because Scott it's been a long year but as always. Thank you guys Harada with us through this episode we'll be back next. Monday. As we are every week in the meantime in between time man, it is up. On Social Media F R F R The podcast. Let's think about the episode. Let us know what you WanNa hear a see people Kinda in our Deanza game every now and again trying to send over topics man so yes, and there's something good man we might actually dive into it on an episode. So keep the comments coming to feedback comment until then piece.

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