Judge sets conditions of release for three Tacoma police officers charged in the killing of Manuel Ellis


Today in pierce county superior court judge set conditions of release for three tacoma police officers charged in the death of manual ellis k. Uaw's amy radel has more. All three men turned themselves into the washington state patrol. Yesterday today. they appeared in court via video from jail and pleaded not guilty in all three cases prosecutors with the state attorney general's office sought bail of one million dollars which the judge reduced to one hundred thousand dollars citing their community ties and lack of any criminal. History for the three defendants are not being released publicly. But a lawyer for matthew collins said he's living in oregon. The other to remain in washington state collins and christopher burbank are charged with second degree murder and first degree manslaughter. The third timothy rankin is charged with first degree manslaughter. Alone and his lawyer said he will argue that rankings. Role in the case was very different. The medical examiner's report said ellis died due to a lack of oxygen carved by physical restraint. He said methamphetamine. Intoxication and an enlarged heart were contributing factors. Amy radel k. u. o. w. news.

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