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Hey foot clan today, we are getting into rankings early rankings. And you know, what that means? That means it is time to get your mind back on fantasy football for the twenty one thousand nine season. And there is no better way to do it then getting yourself prepared with the ultimate draft kit. It is the tool to win your league every year. Get it at its lowest price right now as a priori at alternate draft kit dot com. Eric Dixon NFL hall of Famer. And you're listening to the fantasy football podcast. Welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from pristine auction dot com studios with your hose, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right? Welcome in. Another fine show. It's another fine Tuesday. It is April second the scourge that is April Fool's day is over Mike. Are you laughing at the fact twenty four hours as bath? Well. Here's here's what I know about. If I'm is over. Here's what I know about April Fools day. If we somehow end up in the new America purge day, actually becomes a real thing. Yeah. Yeah. Just like the movies, right? It all started because of April Fools. Oh, you're saying I hope you're all happy in twenty years. Mike always a big fan of a day of jolly fun. See the thing is no I'm good with like, a fun prank on someone as change your phone background to a boon. But hilarious, that's hilarious. Where where I draw the line is lying to people. Okay. That's the problem, for example. Like, if you and your wife told your whole family, you're pregnant get those the worst the absolute worst. Or if I come in here, and I'm like, hey, guys. Joe Mixim Sma number one running back. You're not. Okay. All right. That's good enough. We've got the consensus early running back rankings on the show to actually he is. He's not real second. You're really off the rails. Welcome into the show. I wanted to have a little fun. There's actually two quick questions today. You guys didn't know this. There's one quick question about Jordan Howard. There was a big trade. We're talking about the impact. There was a second one that I post to the foot clan because I just wanted to know the answer. Right. And I said I asked the mess and said look you're on a cross country road trip. Suddenly you blow a tire you pull off to the side of the road. It's a remote desert landscape a car pulls up behind you someone who stopping to help. Well above. I wanted to know who do you want to lend a hand, Andy, Mike or JC I want to I want to interject here real quick. Okay. I saw the poll I did not see this. I voted on the pole. I'm gonna say, you know, what's going on in for the first time in my life. Like, we've got spit ballers. We put out the poll every week from our from our fan. Drafts. And. I don't care if I think I want or not I always vote for me. I could not get myself vote for yourself. I wanted to be me for many reasons. No, I did not hear myself pool. Brooks, did you know that this was up? I did. I did see. Okay. So baller. I was gonna have you guests. Yeah. It's on the F F baller for the log in earlier today might so here is the poll results in case you're carriers. Mike is winning the poll. Forty five percent of people would wanna see might get out of that car. Well, because they just get out shocking. I'm at thirty seven percent Jason with a cool. Eight percent of the vote. Sorry people because those service to you see those people would not have they wouldn't get back on the road. But they would be highly entertaining. We'd have a great time. They would they would be a great day for aiding for the tow truck. But yes, it would be a great day while waiting for a tow truck. All right. Follow us on Twitter at the F F baller that way. You can weigh in here is the actual question of the day. How does the Jordan Howard trade impact? Both the eagles and the. Bears. Backfield's Jordan Howard was traded for half a box of toothpicks at best at. Yeah. It can go down to six around pits. Not the flavored ones know that those those better the cinnamon ones, if strong they made you a lot cooler in grade school if they were all they were currency back. Right. Well, I didn't realize that you went to a weird school Birlik cigarettes in prison. Yes. What cinnamon toothpicks? You. Did anyone else have that? No, okay. Who lived a charmed life. Mike eagles they acquired Jordan Howard from the bears for twenty twenty six round pick. What are your thoughts on this deal? And how does it affect both of those backfield's? I'll take a stab at the bears situation. I think the big winner here is Mike Davis now to Rico and a lot of people are excited for him. But Mike Davis. They brought him in. He's got. He's basically like a he he is a well rounded not special anything back that. Do everything. And that's what they want to Jordan Howard to beat him. They tried like crazy this last year to get Jordan Howard to be able to catch the ball. And you saw Mike Davis us. You know, who he is who Mike Davis says? Yeah, give me the com- Damian Williams. Yeah. No. I get it. That's a that's not a bad. Calm doesn't have. He's they hate calibers. They hang out. And they were like man if we could get one contract between the two of us now. So he's the big winner here as well as the opportunity cooler still a winner though for a rookie to come in. Because now if they were to draft someone with some good capital, you know, they get a get a third round rookie running back. I think it's a great situation for them to come in. It had Jordan Howard been there. I would have been murky. You wouldn't have been able to put your trust there. I actually think it's a right now today, Mike, you're hundreds of right to recall on Mike Davis. Big winners. If they draft someone it can change quickly because shorting Howard was unknown non pass catching commodity that was somehow permanently in the doghouse despite consistent numbers, although since his rookie season yards per carry of gone down year after year. He's just twenty five years old. But this is a this was no joined I have the conference Jordan Howard, Jeremy hill. Yeah. From from a youth production standpoint, that's not I don't like hearing that as a Jordan Howard dynasty owner now on the on the Phillips sign now, you're not wrong on the Philadelphia side, though, low risk investment to get a banger into town Corey clinic. Couldn't do it in opportunities to be the guy they barely even let them try Josh Adams. There was talk of him being cut this off season. It looks like Clement and Adams will be there, but they're going to play a subsidiary role behind them. I was going to say the wrong word there subsidiary. That's. Definitely that works. Does it? I think so. Yeah. They'll take a grammar advice terrain. Ian, subterranean roll beneath the earth. Here's the deal. Jordan howard. I like less important than but related or some mentoring to some those right about students, rusted, your gut, I should have a second guess Jason for grammar and spelling. Like, you could spell that. I spilled it, right. The first time. I was shocked. Not correct me. Here's the reality though. To me. I don't think that the outcome of the season is probably going to be a whole lot different for Jordan Howard and Philadelphia then Chicago. But I like the fact that there is a bending upside instead of bending downside in Chicago. You could have ended up in a situation where Matt Nagy threw his hands up, and we just kind of tired of dealing with finding a role for Jordan Hauer. Philadelphia wants to find a role for Jordan Howard, right now, Jordan hours. No good. You know, he was gonna fail in both places. If that's the case, but at least in Philadelphia they have weapons on that team. They've got a nice looking offense. I think there's opportunity for you know, double digit touchdowns for Jordan Howard. That's everything is comes down to touchdowns because Wendell Smallwood is still there as well. There's four guys they brought in. It's to me. He's going to be the legare blunts for Philadelphia that I saw you tweeted about that a couple years back. They brought him in when they made the Super Bowl run and Jordan Hauer. I apologize legare blunts numbers that year hundred seventy three carries on the ground seven hundred sixty six yards but only two touchdowns for the gear blunt. So that's not be saying Jordan Howard won't get the touchdowns. But it's air ski business up in the air. No doubt about it. We'll have to see what happens in Philly this year, Jordan Howard. At least he's got a starting role. Star dish starting is. I will say this man, the the eagles there. There's such a smart organization. I mean, the fact that they trade nothing for a a a real genuine improvement at the running back position. They pay him nothing. And then because they traded for him and basically own the rights should Jordan Howard at age twenty five go out with someone else next year. They get a compensatory pick back. That's better than the one. They gave up to have the player plan for them. Just really didn't get a golden Tate. Yeah. The they will didn't did you guys. See how Tampa Bay be crowded everything up because of the signings that they made lost a couple of compensatory picks. Yeah. You gotta know how to play the game in their certain teams. I know how to play by the way shoutout to Matt per Pura on Twitter. He makes the point that grandpa. Andy would be the most prepared with the necessary materials and most importantly a AAA membership. If you broke down is out of the road. I know Vince, Mike, I mean, I see both you every day. I definitely voted for Andy. I know he would Heidi most efficient at changing, my ideal blame you I can do it. But I will say this. Hopefully, we have cell service because I may need to jump onto YouTube. See I want a hundred percent contained tire. I know how I don't need the YouTube. I just absolutely am unwell. Oh, it's the worst. I'm not going to do it. You can get a AAA membership by being fit. What AARP is what I was. Yes. Fifty five or older or a rocking? Chest tired. Yeah. I'm not going to little help. Can you go to the can I go to the bathroom? All right. Let's get into the news. News and notes from around the league presented by sleeper. There's there's a new cramp in town. Writer have agreed to terms with is AM crow. Al. Yes. Formerly of the jets on a one year contract. I don't know if Mike so excited for is air coils production, or my demise a little bit about. A little bit about the raiders Attanasio Crowell to a backfield. That includes gem shard, Chris Warren, Jalen, Lazard, Daelim shards. And look there candidates to pick somebody up in the draft. They are it'll be an interesting situation there because marshawn Lynch could still return if marshawn Lynch dove returns you can slot. Isaiah Crowell firmly into that Doug Martin role. Right, right. Yeah. I would agree. If it's it's a win for now. Forget well. Yep. No doubt. All right. Let's let's go in and initiate the hype train guys. It's important. On the tracks might rebel. Wouldn't you know, he likes to build the offense around Derrick Henry and better than that? He'd like to tell everybody about it right here right now on the off season. I would like to speak further on the so when this came out I was on the clock in a startup dynasty league. Trying to decide whether to take Henry as I looked into this. It was not just rebel. It was so tight end coach who took over the office of coordinator role. He was talking about the owner of the titans was talking about variable was talking about they all said they figured something out at the end of the year when they started giving Hillary eighteen carries a game and they won their games got in the playoffs. And they all said this is what we're going to build around. This is what we want to do. So but into you said it best in the studio. I think it was a Friday before we left if he if there are sucks, it don't matter like they want to build around him, and they want to give him the ball. But if they give him the ball twenty two times, and he's running it, you know, three point six yard. Words per carry like he's done for most of his career. So far, they're not going to be able to keep doing it. But I will say this. I think he succeeds. I think he's got fresh legs. He is a beast. They're figuring out how to use them reading more into it. The tight end coach taking over for the offensive coordinator role talked about the zone scheme that works well with Henry style, and that they that that was part of what they found last year and they're going to implement that and build offense four Henry because Henry can't run in every style. You can't just plug Henry into any team and have him succeed. But what he's good at. He's great at. And so, yeah, I I am I guess, well, I think that's well said, and and we have to know only took three and a half, wait three point seven five years and the league is that his yards per carry. Oh, both. All right. More hype train news GM of the colts. Oh, man. My guy. Chris Ballard says the team believes Marlin MAC play on all three. Downes d by the Marlin MAC hype. There has been there's been talk of J Gye coming in for a word. He's Marla MAC now has the hype we are undefeated, Mike, speak to your guy. What's what should the Glenn do about Marla Maxence? You are the Marlin MAC guy. All I care about is who's playing running back for the Indianapolis at that time and time again, if it's going to be more MAC, he's going to be very success is Naim Hines going to be under drafted. No, okay. Yes. My yeah. Brooke stead Brooks is a huge believer in name Heinz tried to get me to draft him in our dynasty league. I did not good for you. Thank you. But I know Brooks he does look Brooks does not chime in on his own often only when he's so compelled he internally is a true believer. And I will say this Brooks, you're very good fancy football player. You've had a great dynasty team. You've got a good eye for this show. Where's this going? So maybe all right one more piece of hype Jay Gruden. He is excited for second year wide receiver. Trey Quinn is quote ready to watch him jump into the slot role and dominate the position we all just take above average player. We take domination to the Bank. I think he could Trey quit was a great college player massive massive production just didn't fit the the correct profile for NFL teams. I think he was Mr. irrelevant back. Last year, or so I mean, he was very very very late in the draft. But I think he's a good player. We'll see if he can succeed with case keenum, case keenum, coal all. Yeah. K- case. Keenum loves him some shorts. He does he wears the short shorts. He loves George cargoes. Danny likes Trey Quinn in this lot. Yeah. Because eight yards from line of scrimmage is is his power zone. A lot of a lot of targets in that area. Obviously vacated targets coming with James Socratic going away. I mean, Trey Quinn is a guy that where I am personally happy that we are recording this the the day before because I plan on my next round. I'm in like the fifteen I'm grabbing Trey Quinn here Madrid now to be fair. Jay Gruden also said that Jordan Reed was going to buck the trend and be back in the great player again. Yeah. Yeah. Lizzy wearing the the lie detector tests on Allen. I dunno. All right. Don't forget Switzer dynasty league to sleep sleeper. Download the sleeper app to. Today. You can get news. You can get one of the best platforms that exists and they're always improved. And before we jump into the rankings wanna remind you about our rankings very excited very excited. Remind you about the side, pod entertainment. That's the name of the game on the spitballs podcast. We just have a good time answering absolutely ridiculous questions. New episodes drop every Monday ride into work in style. Hit the gym have is a gas have a last don't listen to the spitballs while doing heavyweights. Sure, not good for health. It's bit bars. Pod. Wherever you listen to your podcast. All right. It's time to get into the early top ten running backs. Running bags si si. We're getting into running backs. All right. This is the April second episode of the show. Here's our early running back ranks. We all we've all ranked out our top fifteen sixteen seventeen running backs at this point put them together in a spreadsheet figured out the consensus this excludes rookies, although I don't anticipate that I don't either I don't anticipate that any rookie is going to pop it in the top ten running backs this season. Yeah. I think you're fair to say that I think that's right. There is no saquon interesting the NFL this season number one. Let's start right here at the top Ezekiel Elliot VPN number one. I agree with you. I think they will. He is number one for Jason and Mike is number two on my list. What is there to say? About Ezekiel Elliott that hasn't been said. And why do you guys have so much confidence in him at the top of the rankings? So for me, it's all about the transition of the Dallas offense Zeke turned into a pass catcher the pass catcher, we knew he could be from his tape at back in college. But they wouldn't use them that way for whatever reason. And then they finally unleashed him ninety five targets. I mean, he had four fewer targets than Alvin Kamara. I mean, that's absolutely ridiculous. When you're talking about Zeke Elliot who since he has entered the league has led the league in rushing yards per game on a per game basis in all three years that he has played plus positive regression coming in the touchdown area his rookie season. He scored a rushing touchdown on about every twenty one carries. That's pretty frequent. But then the next year balanced out. It was to thirty four. And then last year every fifty carries. He scored a rushing touchdown. I don't think that holds up the. Offence has improved with the addition of Mario Cooper, so Zeke is my number one guy. Yeah. It's it's pretty much. Exactly. What what I believe? It's the security Zeke has held up. He has proven. I mean, he was a top ten back two years ago when he only played ten games and you look at his his sixteen game pace last season of fifteen hundred and thirty rushing yards with only six touchdowns. It doesn't make sense. So to me, it's a matter of like, okay, maybe curly's head. I don't want the risk right now with girly. I don't want the risk of putrid offense. Dallas offense is good enough. Zeke is the center of it. He's going to get the ball. He holds up, and I think the touchdowns are gonna come. If he if he gets back to his normal touchdown pace than he should be a lock for a top three. And when we look at our risk ratings inside the ultimate draft kit. Zeke will have one of the lowest for me. No. It was a complete wildfire of Zeke points from weeks ten through six. Teen to in the year. I mean, just monstrous numbers thirty four fantasy points thirty twenty three twenty three twenty five you guys. Make it compelling argument. He led the league in rushing attempts with three or four and that was the lowest for a league leader at the position since two thousand. So you need to count on receptions. The question is going to be does is the seventy seven repeatable are though are those going to change if they feel comfortable with Randall Cobb and with the Mario Cooper who weren't in the fold for the entirety of last year. But I don't blame either of you for making that pick. It's a very narrow decision for me. I haven't at two. So when I say, he's not my number one. He's my number two. But I went with this guy saquon Barkley he had one hundred twenty one targets caught fourteen more receptions than Zeke, did and it just comes down to what I think is more guaranteed in the passing game. I think they're I think they're going to get very similar volume in the running game. Obviously saquon had the. Eleven touchdowns last year to Zeke six and I agree the positive regression makes sense with Zeke. But it's look it's it's a narrow margin here between the two they both put up a quote, unquote. Good game ninety four percent of the time. They both were absolutely dominance. Saquon never busted in his rookie season at all. He led all running backs in scrimmage yards. You know, the question for him is bulletproof. What chance does he have to regress in your minds? And does it, you know? Allies not special, but he wasn't special last here. Don't tell that today. F- few goodness. Dave g yeah. I mean, twenty twenty they've got a pencil didn't already. Br break that the issues with Zeke are basically the offense. If there are fewer touchdowns. I mean, he had a lot of big huge breakaway touchdowns. And while that makes sense because of his talent and his ability to break away. Those are the stats that are usually the least sticky even for players who have great talent. You don't you can't Bank on fifty yard breakway touchdown runs because he did it last year. So that's that's the issue. I agree with you that I mean, if this was so we kind of put our rankings together and half point PR leagues. If this was full point. Would you make the saquon would be my number one because I do expect Zeke to slow to slightly go backwards in receptions, whereas saquon, I mean, it's hard to imagine him going up from ninety one receptions, but I think he might be their number one hundred Seaver now. So with though Becker another way. Yeah. I mean, nobody's going to be disappointed with either of those two backs barring injury. Yeah. Yeah. You know, saquon impressed me so much last year because of the percentage of stacked boxes he faced. I mean, he faced eight plus in the box more than almost anybody in football and still found a way to have those breakaway runs. I agree. Those are hard to Bank on we've seen that year in and you're out. It doesn't matter. How good you are those are hard to fit factor in but just sheer volume. I mean, they're both absolutely outstanding players leave their I believe teams this year will start doing the first eleven men in the box defensive formation against against the giants. The giants. You're not worried about sterling Shepard outside. I'm not worried about ally. Manning behind my eleven in the box cover negative to. Wow, Christian McCaffrey comes in at number three, Mike. You have them at three. I have four Jason asthma. Five all this for the number one most consistent player at the position last season. He finished with two hundred nineteen carries in a thousand ninety eight yards seven touchdowns where he made his money in the passing game. One hundred. And seven receptions, eight hundred sixty seven yards and six touchdowns on one hundred and twenty four targets for me. The big not concerned because I don't have great concern over Christian, McCaffrey. He belongs. He cemented in the top five. But my biggest question I should say. And I'll toss it to you guys is a little bit to do with the offense with Cam Newton Cam Newton's health does DJ more take a step forward. What is this offense? Look like next year. And will they? Decide to maintain the high workload will Christian McCaffrey be able at his size and stature to stay healthy through the duration of the year. Those are the questions that I have. In terms of Christian McCaffrey last year. There were four games that he didn't even miss a single snap, which is iron, man. Yeah. Is he an iron, man? Or is. He is he bucking up against the the odds with that kind of a workload. You know players do that for a while. What do you think? Like might give them the highest. Yeah. Long-term he'll will eventually wear down in there. The rumblings the whispers from the bushes. This offseason have been we gotta get somebody else in there to replace Christian, McCaffrey. At this point. It's Cameron Artis Payne. Let me say cameras babies his hand who is back on on the team. He is he thirty one is he twenty eight. We don't know what he's back on the team. And he is the primary backup right now for Christian McCaffrey. I think it's safe to say that C J Anderson had something to offer and they didn't want it to do. They cut him last year it his his role in the past the game is so secure. I can only hope that DJ more takes an step because I want the offense to be better only seven rushing touchdowns for Christian McCaffrey back can go up when a guy has two hundred plus carries. And I think that his passing volume is super safe. So it's like Zeke and Barclay where Christian McCaffrey I haven't met three right now. Maybe he's five maybe he's six, but he's going to be incredibly consistent. And I think he's very safe. Yeah. I got Christian McCaffrey the lowest of the three of us based solely on Ron Rivera coming out saying they need to lighten his workload to north set. But that's yeah. That's what I was going to bring up, and I I looked in order in the back shaking his head know. No, no. You know, who's you whis rod? No. And that's the thing. Riverboat last season coming into the year. I was making the argument that Christian McCaffrey will be a workhorse because of north Turner. He only he just doesn't like Arbutus. He's great for fantasies. I mean like you said they had C J Anderson. The perfect spell to give you know, McCaffrey some rest, and they said go away like stereo Christians way Caesar. Here's the thing. Maybe to learn them because this has been the story of Christian McCaffrey in the NFL so far is there's what the team wants to do. There's what Cam Newton's been good at. And then on the other side. There's Christian McCaffrey too good to get off the field. He's too good to get off the field. When push comes to shove you need to win the game. When push comes to shove, you gotta throw to a guy. They can catch out of the backfield 'cause two years ago we were talking about cams. No good at throwing to the running back. No. He just didn't have Christian McCaffrey. It changes the equation. So maybe that means that I'm underestimating him, and he deserves that all pro respect he one hundred seven reception. He just has. Special DNA because you can go back to his college two thousand fifteen three hundred thirty seven carries two hundred and fifty three carries the next year. There's some guys did SE his Twitter posts. No the show in the worker the alleyoop to himself windmill dunk on a ten foot hoop. Some people just win the genetic lottery. So you answer. Then is you want Christian McCaffrey to get out of the car and help you with your tire that? Oh, heck. Yeah. Sorry. Andy, my vote has changed. All right. He'll lift the car up slap that tyrod on. Yes. Yeah. He doesn't. He doesn't use. Any of the lug nuts? No. He was full Flintstones. It is like a LEGO. He's smashes his legs to the bottom of your car and run any runs out. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's off season training, and he just carries people from to and fro. Your call an Uber Yoko Christian. Yeah. Cab service. All right number four on our consensus rankings, by the way, they will be too early. Running back ranking shows today, we're going to cover the top ten and then we'll jump into eleven through. However, many we can Melvin Gordon comes in and number four jas Jason down. I've got him at three I can say this. Honestly, the reason Melvin Gordon is down at six has nothing to do with Melvin Gordon. It has to do with the five guys that I have above. Okay mellon. Gordon? I think there's a handful of really really good running backs this season, including Melvin Gordon. Yeah. Melvin Gordon only Todd Gurley has more touchdowns over the last three years. Then Melvin Gordon does. Melvin Gordon gets in the end zone. Thirty eight touchdowns in that span earliest as forty six. He's been banged up. He was the third most consistent running rear missed week seven and eight he mix missed weeks thirteen fourteen and fifteen there has been a situation where we've we've looked at him coming back from injury. And I remember last year when people were wondering, hey if he's back on the field. Do you have to worry about a a workload problem? No. Generally when he's come back from injury. They just give him the ball again. But does that over time is that a concern for you? Mike seeing him missed two or three games each and every year doesn't have the opportunity to get out. I mean last year twelve games eight hundred eighty five yards ten touchdowns. It has to factor into your system when you're going to go all in on Melvin Gordon. I still would take him in the first round at two. I would take him as the foundational running back for my team. I really appreciate I had him last year. It was great. I didn't have him in my semis. But he apologized. He apologized all the fantasy football people. Out there. So I take that in in my consideration that make you feel better. It made me feel a little better a little bit better because I know that he wants points to and he thinks he wants to share his points of it is comforting right as a fantasy owner to know how intimately aware he has of his fantasy total. Yes. I do. I do pre really you guys. I don't care right now. He wants to be good for fantasy players the whole reason here like if every player and for Mike personally in this. Why did interview him? Yeah. Yes. That's true. If every player in this list area important was guaranteed healthy for sixteen solid games. Melvin Gordon would be way higher the you know because on a per game basis. He's unbelievable. He's used as a true three down back and unlike Christian McCaffrey who might be you know, a better pass catching back Melvin Gordon between the tackles at the end zone. You know is a big bruising back that can really get it done and have a high vol. Volume of rushing touchdowns. And so I love him. But when you're talking about the best guys it's to me. It's always been risk mitigation is just trying to say, okay. They're all great. Who's got the biggest chance of missing games or getting invert or you know, things like that. And that that's where history says Melville Gordon's probably not playing sixteen when you're playing fantasy football. You're weighing a ton of different things injury concern history. Or in this case the way, I look at it the offense, I really believe in entrust. What's what Los Angeles is. Do would you hear the beginning? A heard the little snake slip out. Never been to loss Angeles before I've ordered it from KFC. But look I have more confidence in the opportunities for Melvin Gordon score on the ground. But I, you know, when I look at the games missed in look at the iron man that is Christian McCaffrey. It's it's narrow it's real close. I could see those guys flip-flop in this offseason rankings, depending on the blowing of the wind shirt. So very tight very close. We're not breaking news here to say both players. Very good. I agree. But this next player. Let's talk about. I wanna see why he's so low in your guys rankings who are you talking about? I'm talking about. Super Mario Alvin Kamara last year free season. Again, I'm going to stop it. And I'm not let go last year preseason. What is the story? Last year preseason, I you know, I wasn't fully on board the amount of carries. He had rookie year looking on a per game basis. You know, he was he was good. But I saw major areas for regression to happen. And I remember week one watching it was just quarter one of the first game, Dr one of the saints. And I'm just like, oh, he's so he's just so much better than the defenders out to every time. He touches the ball. He gets the edge. He he's skirts tackle, he's fantastic. And now unlike going into last year where you thought okay, his carries could come down latavius going for marking until two latavius Murray. And you know, they'll probably bring in another rookie. I feel like chimera has solidified himself in the role where on this great offense. He's the dominant one now. I worried about what about his stats marking Ingram was back. Well, Mark Ingram is gone. So I think chimera is on talent alone. One of you know, the top three or four backs in the NFL. And now the opportunity should go up not down from this. Is that true and doesn't matter? But I think it goes lateral. Yeah. I worry about that. I feel like maybe the shine is off chimera, and we saw what he did without any Ingram in existence in the first four games he had to that's great crazy games. But then they were an incredibly successful team for the rest of the season limiting his his work load. Limiting the opportunities for him. Let's Murray is kind of built to whether you like it or not take the ball around inside the ten yard line. I'm just I don't know why I'm concerned. God I feel like they have won around two hundred carries max as weeks seven through sixteen. So you know, this is Mark Ingram. Mm is now back from his suspension. Chimeras still great, but on a per points basis running back eight so still great can give you elites week winning performances. But that's the reason I have him down just a little bit. He doesn't quite fit the same mold that the guys that I have ranked ahead of them do. Where they feel like they are. Majority owners of the backfield chimera feels like they could they could vote Kamerhe feels like most over the company. Yeah. Kamerhe feels like he is the most important piece and the most talented piece of the backfield. But one that the game almost the way that we felt about some players in New England over the past few years. There are going to be times. They're going to be games week five last year twelve thirteen fourteen a week five was the those that when Ingram came back, and it was a bit banged up over usage while they what I'm saying is going to be games. I think you're going to be disappointed on accident with Alvin Kamara just because of the way that Sean Payton calls the game or the people that are on the field. I again, we're splitting hairs at the top. We we love these guy. Yup. That's why they're there. But that's why haven't six jer I mean, I it really is the tale of how many carries is gonna get. Because if he gets what you know if. If it's workload goes down. Like it. Did when Ingram was back. And he's, you know, a top eight back like you said, Mike, then you're going to be disappointed at where I have them ranked. I believe his volume will not be where it was the first four weeks when he was so far and away the number one back and fantasy, but it will be up from what you had that that last part. So I see him as a top by more excited to talk about number six on our list Todd Gurley. He sat a very busy offseason, by way of speculation. Rumor injury concerns the Super Bowl the odd usage. The C J Anderson resurfacing at the end of last season the arthritis. The arthritis looked from weeks, you know, one through ten he was Todd Gurley per usual. Best running back in football bar? None scoring touchdowns had seventeen last year. Louis absolute monster. What is the real worst case scenario for him? Could they draft? Somebody is Malcolm Brown, really the next guy up. What do we expect? Got him at five Jason hasn't before. Mike. You have them at six. I think we're all just hedging. Yeah. The the worst case scenario for him is that the utilize ation comes way down, and he turns into a chimera style usage back and they bring someone else in to make. Hey, here's the reality though. The Los Angeles Rams are extremely cash-strapped right now. They're not in a position to go out and sign someone big. I mean, there's really nobody else left to sign. That's big name. Well, I mean, I don't believe that they'll spend high draft capital at the running back position. So if that's the case, let's say they go in to twenty nineteen which as I expect them to do with the roster of Todd Gurley Malcolm Brown, and John Kelly if that is their roster going in. I don't think they have the ability to real Todd Gurley back. That's who much. That's it. That's scenarios flaps up. I mean, we if they think that they can go into next year take their chances with the knee. And I guess it'd be flaps down wouldn't it? I was Jesse fluffy flaps up. I don't know why. I don't fly. It's it's a matter of aero-dynamics laps down. If you're reading more drab planes on the side of the road. Don't call me. I'm not coming. That's fine. I'll I won't tell you. What to do? Here's my point. If they go into the season with the mindset that Todd Gurley guy, and we can just figure it out later. Like, we're going to go in we're gonna sumit's healthy. And then we'll just sign a player like C J Anderson ask, you know, later in the season if we need to then that's your best case scenario for Todd Gurley. I mean, you're gambling with a little bit of risk, but maybe not a lot. I think that the team actually is showing us that they have massive amounts of confidence. Malcolm Brown for to have C J Anderson come in and play great for them for half a year. A baby they think. Okay. C J Anderson couldn't possibly do this again next year. It was lightning in a bottle. Now, go Brown got an offer sheet from another team. And the Rams said Jason like you said, they're cash strapped. They're trying to figure things out. But Malcolm Brown was important enough for them to go mass the offer and bring him back. I think the team believes, Malcolm, Brian. He was very good Browns player and he's capable. I mean, he he has the same careful with what I'm not saying is the same type of skill set his girly where he can be three down type of a player if he needs to be we all thought as good as girly, but we all kinda rolled our eyes when he went out last year, and Sean McVay came out, and he's like this is aimed. Yes. A massive blow to our team. Yes. But then you saw what they needed from CJ. So maybe it was. Yeah. I mean, I see what you're saying. My I think the reason they signed Malcolm Browne's offer sheet was because it wasn't that expensive. They're like, oh, all right. We can we can afford. This could have probably given Anderson less though. My was my point Joe mix in a number seven. He's Mike's number one from what I understand April second. He's our consensus seven go seven eight nine here in the studio Jason at seven I have met eight Mike has a nine in fourteen games last season to thirty seven for over eleven hundred yards and eight touchdowns forty three receptions. His stat line to me and the way he performed it. Kind of reads kind of like a watered super back in the sense that the watering-down happened by way of a bad offense and bad coaching and bad quarterback. And and injuries in. So people are saying, hey, can you take the what do you what do you put on like a go-cart to make it not go fast enough? What are they are a governor? Now, can we can the new head coach take the governor off of Joe mix in an hour. No, no. That's the government or oh, that's different. They don't put those on the golf cart drives me though. No, no, stop stop. Third most rushing yards per game last year despite all of those encumbrances. Okay. And is he ready to take the next step? Yeah. He is. I mean, you know, Jason has figured out one hundred percent Johm. What is it is ready to take the next step? The next step is to be a back that touches the ball over three hundred times. That's the next step. And you've got Zack Diller coming in as the new head coach from the Sean McVeigh breathed on him. And so you got mixing out there saying, he's he needs to make a Cologne. All totally I would buy it. I would I would one hundred percent by the Ritz. It's oh my gosh. Toilet, she'll McVay. Yeah. I can just see somebody in Detroit is spraying the heck out of map. Patricia put it up airdrops lanes. We to aerosol version news crop play up a probably crops. Oh, my good supercharge. The city with the scent of McVay Vanni by Calvin Klein, the point is that Marvin Lewis is out of the way. And they've brought in a coach who wants to go with the newer styles of offense. And they they came from having a Todd Gurley. And there are very few players in football that you could even attempt to say, okay, we've got a girly type player. But and I don't know if people realize how good forget the stats. How good Joe mixon is running back when he was coming out of the unbelievable draft class at had six superstar running back in it. He was a lot of people's number one. He was a mind number one. As far as just talent goes he was so good in college in all phases of the game. And so I think. He has the talent. And if they will give him the three hundred plus touches, which I think they will he's he is one of the only guys that's outside the top five that I think I could make a legit argument that he could finish the number one back last year was so encouraging because you've had a picture of him in the corner of your mere for a long time. And to see the the talent, you know, the opportunity go up and to see him take advantage of that opportunity. I think there's a lot of optimism surrounding Joe mixing in for good reason. The problem is the Bengals I mean, that's that's a big problem. His the problem for me is just his burst games where it it wins. You the week? He's going to be steady. He'll be an Rb one by the end of the season. But I think it's you'll have mixing and you'll be peaking over the hedges at teams that have guys like Melvin Gordon Todd Gurley going, man. It was was Joe mixing. We'll give me thirty points. Are James Connor comes in at number eight. Eight Mike you've got him up at seven Johnson has an eight I have at ten I have lost confidence in James Connor going into well his first season of as really being the guy. Now last year. He was the guy first preseason being the guy. What do you mean? Because he was he ended up being the guy last year. Well, yeah. But he's looking over shoulder the whole year or for a long alarm every week a large art at love bells coming but I'm not saying he wasn't the guy on the field. I'm saying that there wasn't a. The team hadn't put all their chips on him from day one. And that's the case this year. I mean, they're they're saying James Connor. You're not a stand in. You're not filling. You're not left bell light. We're not asking you to go. Do what he did wrestling you to be you and be the starter. And he was great. He was dominant to fifteen nine seventy three and twelve fifty five catches. How many is that? Don't do that. Again was rough. It was sensual. Yeah. It was troubling. I hope that was not every this morning. It was fifty five degrees out the seven and the ten year old. They both gave me their best rendition when ask Siri Siri, unfortunately has not very seriously. Sammy. What is going on? I don't know. It's a good one. Okay. So talk to me about James Connor where do you see his ceiling where do you see as for? So James Connors ceiling is the history of Mike Tomlin. That's that's his ceiling. The ceiling is we have a large enough body of work to say that whoever the running back is for Pittsburgh. They've got a great offensive line. Great offensive system is going to dominate fantasy. They're not going to share the load. They're not going to seed carries to the back number two. When lead bell goes down. And you know, an oldie Angela Williams comes into just it's your show when de will went down. I forget who the back was at that point. Is that when we got the Fitzgerald's? Yes, I think it was FitzGerald sun comes to som-. You're the guy you're the guy completely. So that is what makes us. Go kay. James Connors, should be an absolute one should be drafted with full confidence. But on the other side. Side are it's not as it's not as you know. The empirical evidence of Tomlin's history says James Connor will be the guy, but you also have to take into account. Jalen Samuels last year was really good. And he is a better pass catcher. I mean, he was I think classified as a tight end and growl. And so and now they've got this situation where they shockingly fired their running backs coach who has been great for a long time. Well, he told him levian bell income aback. Yes. Yes, you're gone. He had to pay and they they replaced him with the college coats from Jalen Samuel school in part because of how prepared Jalen Samuels was. They thought he's a good coach because Jalen Simmons was completely prepped to he had a good teacher. And so that's part of why they brought him on. So now, they've got a team kind of doing a little bit of investment, and Jalen Simmons. So there is worry. So you've got the empirical evidence versus the the speculative evident into elephants out of the room. I mean that that needs to be mentioned last year. Big Ben, I think five thousand plus yards five thousand one hundred twenty nine yards. They led the league in pass attempts by forty five Nomar Antonio Brown. That'll come down. No more level that will come down. And so I think what happens. I think you see efficiency decline for James Connor this year Boston. I think you hope that the reliance on the running game the office of line. I think you hope. That the the volume can compensate for the efficiency he played thirteen games last year. He had twelve touchdowns everything that again com that kind of a pace. Sorry. Everything comes down to Jalen Samuels with Jason was talking about has James Connors, the better runner the better running back. But Jalen Samuels he might have an edge on him when it comes to pass catching. But but Connor still saw that Levy mbelle targets seventy-one targets. I mean that that's serious business when you are going to be a workhorse running back, and that's why James Connor for me is number seven. If we knew for sure that it was just James Connor inheriting, everything in and going right into fulltime, levian bell. Roll like talk about what the colts. I just want. The Pittsburgh Steeler running back. You would actually be higher in my rankings? That's why he's down at seven for me. All right. You know, who I want? I want the Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvand cook comes in at number nine. In on our consensus. I haven't at seven Mike has amid eight Jason has at eleven from weeks twelve through sixteen last year. He was the Rb six and my goodness fell. As there is no one else in Minnesota Delvin cookies. The Abdulah says how dairy Mike is rest. My case. What do we think of dalvin cook? I mean this team their identity changed over the back half of the year. Obviously cook was injured. He was hurt. But he saw them a seventeen touches a game. When he was healthy. Look he could be a another like Dalvand cook. Joe mix those are two guys. I see that could take nextstep this season if someone else falters one hundred percent agree Dalvand, cook out of college. Was you know, superstar coming out of college was stretching for Doug collegian running and has dominated in the NFL win healthy the whole issue with him is health. He's dealt with several knee issues. And now he has the whole backfield to himself on a team that really wants to get back to running the ball. I mean, if Devon cook is healthy. I love him. But he scares me a lot, you know, these top running backs I just sent him in and go, I'm I'm more risk adverse when I'm looking at the top guys. He carries a much larger risk to me than some of the others. He doesn't have any history. Like Todd Gurley is dealing with injury risk in his knee and the arthritis and all that. But he has a history of complete and utter domination. He's you know, an MVP candidate last year. We haven't seen that type of stuff yet from cook. So this is one of those like if you're gonna draft cook, you're taking your shot that this is the year where he takes leap and starts doing that. Maybe you get a better draft value on draft day. But it's risky. That's what I was gonna say. I think dalvin cook is the best combination of upside and draft value available for the entire season. I think Devin cook and finish the years atop three back. I think he can be a top three fantasy football running back with what Minnesota wants to do with what he's. Been as a pro he's twenty three years old. He's a four point seven to carry guy in his career both of the seasons at he's played. He was four point eight four point seven. So the combination you're always looking for that and fantasy you the combination of draft value Pasqua and upside, and he is a pass sketchy is a very versatile player you you're not wrong. Jason he has to say healthy, but you presume health at a guy at this age. I think the way finished the season, and you presume it in part because of the team's confidence in him. They did not go out so far we've got the draft. But they didn't bring in a somebody to compete with him for carries. They practically did the opposite. They let save his Murray. Go and they replaced him with the mirror Abdulaziz. It's not a MIR. Mira Abdul is a special teams player right now the backup for double cook. As of April second would be Mike Boone goes, it's Mike Boone rock Thomas rock Thomas has gotten himself into legal trouble. Both of those guys are preseason warriors. But they're also undrafted. So we'll see what Minnesota actually does they have to bring in other runnings. Dabbagh cooking. Nobody because sounds great to me. No, no. You're right. You're right. I don't draft handcuffs in my redraft leagues. But if I draft alva- cook with my last positional pick. I might take a shot on whoever looks like the best backup for Delvin in twenty seventeen. This was super season for the Vikings. Right. They were thirteen and three one game from the Super Bowl. They were second in rushing attempts in the leak that was the recipe for their success. The twenty eighteen team they had a better rushing average than in two thousand seventeen they just didn't lean on it until the last part of the season. So chicken, I think because they were winning. They were able to actually run in twenty seven. Yeah. I mean, there is a bit of that. But when when you look at it from kind of a step back and what Mike Zimmer sees, right? Yeah. The Zimmer wants to AIG he he took the chicken approach because he Aventura changed the team. Yeah. Thank you. That's not as well. That was. Not as it was not a totally different. But let's go ahead and talk about our last guy. Here's we close out today's episode Levy on bell. He made the top ten. Hey, we could play the we the bell soon. The he's actually going to play that's pretty ominous though. Yeah. Like, yeah. It's just rightly so I mean, he's number ten. I mean, you wouldn't want that like let's say he was walking into a restaurant to eat dinner. You know here here he comes after week one. If he comes out and has a great week. We'll find a good dinner bell. You know what I mean? Like Interbail, heck you like ringing the dinner bell company, come on everybody. That's time. Is it usually a triangle? Sure that right. That's still in the bell family is I think at triangle is bell fan. I don't think it's the bell fan with Mati. You need the dungle in the middle. And we get a judge is the triangle in the bell family or do you need to have the middle dungle. I'll rule no on that. Oh my gosh. Voted against the undertaker bell that being sick. Too bad. That means nothing makes me happier than at dinner bell. The Knicks me happy the dinner. So should he showed out? We are getting a dinner bell. All right. It's been it's been a while. It's been a bit since we've seen love bell on the field. But Lewis would say the jets paid some cash money in. He is their guy. I have a nine Jason has nine Mike at ten. We all kind of agree there. The last time he played three hundred twenty one carries which would have been most in the NFL was last season. Now crap was wait. What I thought I thought L Boylan was was telling us that the triangle was a Bill that I felt bad Albouy Lynn being these other production assistant, we have here. If you don't listen to spit bars, you is an introducer for the civil fight guests, not the actual, Al Borland. Now would be ridiculous. The actual Richard KARN. You're invited. No duty. You know? He's not up to very much. You're invited the suit. You can't speak, Richard. But you can come in watch. Okay. Would you like him over your shoulder? Richard karn. My would not that would be a little don't want that beard. No, the beer theme so self conscious. Here's the deal with Levy on bell. When you give someone that much money. You are committed to giving them that much work at that's all that matters for fantasy at the running back position is how many times are they going to touch the ball. How much are they going to manufacture things for that player and love Bill has it? But he's on a bottom half offense. A guarantee though is not a guarantee I mean Sam darnold could take a step forward. If you believe that there's some opportune, but I would say the odds on of size, not very high odds on favorite Vegas. Odds would be that. The jets are not gonna sound effect for their offense owned. Perfect. Covered that, you know, look at David Johnson last year, David Johnson last year, finishes, the running back ten that's shocks people. People hated him. They hit him because he stunk, but he still finishes the runningback ten levels real good. So is David Johnson. I agree with you. But now, I think that the jets will certainly be better than the league worst cardinals last season. But it gives you an example kind of that that comp of a really good running back. Getting a lot of usage on a team that is not really winning ball games to run the clock out or scoring a ton. Can he still finish at number one the old Lenovo ceilings gone? I say no you've been removed impossible. Okay impossible. What's real ceiling top five top five? Yeah. I would say is like in the like number one, no like five or three to five to five. Yeah. There you go. All right. So that wraps it up for the top ten running backs in our consensus rankings. Here in April, Zeke sake on Kershaw, McCaffrey. Melvin Gordon Alvin Kamara Todd Gurley Joe mixing James Conard, Alvin cook love bell. And we'll proceed with the rest on our next episode. Thanks for tuning in to the show up. Wait, wait. I can't stop the show. I know I can't sell this show because we just got an Email, and I just remembered that we got an Email. Did you see this? No brennan. Did you did you see that Email? I saw what the deal was. 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