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Or wherever you listen to podcasts. You are listening to the dan patrick show on fox sports radio the bit when fritzy reaches out to me so i guess i talked to you but it's been two years i guess since i've seen you guys in person he look a little thin. You don't really look like a former office of lime and you look more like a former tight end in the nfl little. Don't look beefy anymore. That is i am convinced that is the dream position from physique standpoint. Like if someone said to you okay. You can get us amazing. I've got like three pages of notes. This is not on there. It's over two minutes into the show is over. But i've always said if someone said to you for the rest of your life. You can have any physique. You want based on the position that you would have played as a football player. It's tight end all day every day. I mean like six six six seven like gronk six six six seven to fifty that that is the i mean. They may even a dispute that goes to get travis. Kelce his hair with it. He's got good hair. He's got great hair but no tight end is the dream. Yes mclovin. But i was a kid. There wasn't all these six four hundred thirty pound tight end. Run four fives like is this when the kids these guys didn't exist and now there's eight of them every draft no. I don't think there were guys that were this fast. There were a lot of tight ends. But they also bigger and they had to block allot mclovin unite grownup. keith jackson. remember. Key jackson oklahoma. He was the best by far there was. Nobody like was like ahead of his time. Although killing winslow came before him. Yes paulie yeah you know. There's guys like jimmy graham. I saw jimmy graham and person and it looks like a pro volleyball player in the sweet. Looks like he's shredded. Yeah because the cool thing about a tight end is like you're big enough that year a presence and nobody wants to mess with you. But you're not big enough that like your knees and back her and you're borderline obese. You know what. I mean. So ross tucker i think most of you guys know me. But it's been a while since. I've been in filling in for dan today. Eight seven seven three. Dp shows that number dp it. Dan patrick dot com live on peacock fox. Sports radio yes. I am chiming in on chat row ryan. Honolulu turned me on to chat chat. Row guy now. Dan patrick dot com. Hit us up on twitter at dp. Show i am at ross tucker. Nfl we'll have burglar from the athletic and a little bit which is important because maybe one of the most important pro days of all time is going on today. Trade lance from north dakota state played one season fcs. So we'll find out the lowdown with that. Frank is sola will come on in our number two ten twenty. Am eastern time to talk about. The patrick ewing knicks thing but really the nets. I'll just say it now. I hate the nets and everything about the nets. I don't like the all star teams. I don't like. I don't think kyrie's likable. I don't think hardens likable. i i don't like the nets and then the final hour andrew brandt. He joins me a lot on the ross. Tucker football podcast. There's a lot to talk about. I mean the kansas city chiefs yesterday there to starting off onto tackles who both had surgery last month major back surgery major achilles at least eighteen cut him while they were at the hospital on the operating table. Surgery went well. You are released at least waited a month but believe it or not. I am convinced that this happened. Because i'm guest hosting today. We have major. Nfl breaking news to start to show the new england. Patriots have gotten an acquired their presumed starting quarterback for the twenty twenty one season. Now i'm gonna go around to the debt. Because i love the dannettes and by the way i don't i don't say suck it back row. I love the back row. Okay you go all right so the first question would be this before you guys all know because we talked about it but if i just said patriots acquired their quarterback for twenty twenty one fritzy who would have been your guests. I would have said that they would have kept came back for one more year based on what they can cause everything. You hearing about shawn watson and all these guys may be jimmy. Garoppolo popped into my mind before to bring him back mclovin. Yeah i hate to be only camera jimmy g. Were the only two names. And that's the only two seton but set a couple of times that i think they're bringing back. Paulie sam darnold. I did not think they're going to bring him back. I did not. I did not think it went very well last year. I did not think that they would bring cam back. And here's the thing if we're using logic right now it can't be one of the guys. It's a free agent. Free agency doesn't start until march seventeenth can't be a draft pick because the drafts until late april so the only people could have been or it would be either cam or trade for like a sam darnold or jimmy g. I don't think i would have guessed. Jimmy g. this morning so i probably would have said cam just because of what is that. Deductive reasoning that. What i just did right there. Do deductive reasoning as ivy league. Talk me yes paulie. Are they a contender or even close to being a super bowl contender with their current quarterback position. I don't think so. So why are you signing him to do what. Nba for both of them for both parties. Cam and the patriots. Next best alternative for cam. He knows the offense. He's been there for a year. I don't think cam was guaranteed to start anywhere else. This is a place where at least knows. He's got a seat at the table. Starting your whole foods employees. The table member in fritzy got got latimer on the show that was program starting to lose the table so anyway the movie that program by the way if you know like when i say latimer if you don't know that that's from the movie the program whole over in your car right now and reevaluate however you got to this point in your life and then go back and watch the program. I've seen that movie thirty forty times but anyway starting offense place at the table for cam newton. This was his next best alternative. And then i think for the patriots. Everything's very up in the air. What free are they going to sign. Jameis winston fitzpatrick. Are those guys going to be better for them. And twenty twenty one then at cam. Who's actually been there for a year. Yes paul don't you think that by signing cam newton. It's obviously a one year deal that they'll take a quarterback in the second round and try to mold him into the next person like they were trying to do jimmy garoppolo again get in the second round. Well it certainly is funny. Everyone that is tweet about this. Okay jim mcbride from the blah. Boston globe. Tom pella sarraut from nfl. Network adam schefter espn. They all went out of their way to say. This does not preclude the patriots from doing other things at the quarterback position. It's almost like whoever leaked that to them and told them what the deal was like. Make it clear that we might do other stuff now. Let's go deep into this okay. Does that mean they're not going to get another veteran. That seems unlikely. So does that mean that. They're going to draft somebody or does that mean they want us to think they're going to draft somebody but they're really not mclovin. What do you think there's a guy saying that they're going to trade up and get somebody at number four in the draft. That sounds like the most unpatriotic move ever. They've never done anything like that. Here's the thing. I don't think they need to trade up there at fifteen. There are five quarterbacks. And we'll talk to jane burglar about this fifteen minutes. But there are five quarterbacks who i've seen go and top. Tens of various mock drafts trevor. Lawrence zack wilson trae lance justin fields mack jones. One of those guys is gonna fall to fifteen. I mean it happens every one of those guys now. The question is is it a guy that the patriots one is that the guy they want or is it the one or two that they want. This might be trae lance. There's a lot of risk they're taking a guy that's played one year. Fcs football and has played one game in the last whatever. It is year and a half. Don't you think trae. Lance would be the perfect guy to sit behind cam. For one year they're similar trailing ran over twenty one miles an hour next gen stats. He got a lot of similarities to cam. That would be the perfect guy for trae lance to learn from for a year. Yes paul and there's other quarterbacks and play if the falcons the falcons had the ford pick of the draft if they trade or take a quarterback there what if matt ryan all of a sudden and play in late april you know there's another guy who's still young enough to get a few years left. I don't know if that's necessarily the patriots. But matt ryan might be in play for another team. The problem is matt. Ryan would be over forty million dollars of dead cap. Money to the falcons. I just don't think they can do it. I think the falcons might draft a quarterback. But that guy's gonna sit for a year behind matt ryan and then they trade matt next year. Yeah fritzy they got their own teams to worry about. But one of the bill's thinking today. Or even tom brady after that was his previous team. I'd be curious as to what's going through their mind. This cam newton one year thing. So listen i think all brady really cares about. Is that the patriots. Don't win the super bowl without him. And i don't think he's worried about cam. Newton winning the superbowl shouldn't be now listen. They didn't have a very good team around cam last year. Oh line was okay. The skill guys struggled. He'll have better people around him. They'll have a better feel for how to use them. But the patriots are not winning. The superbowls cam newton. I mean look at the mess that i left my former team where they don't know what to do with the quarterback position and signing cam for another one year deal. Can we just. Can we just put this out there. Ok brady knows what the deal is. Brady knows that everybody's keeping score on what he does. Po spell check and what bella check does post brady and he's way ahead and by the way the bucks might win it again this year at least have a decent chance. The patriots are not winning super with cam. Newton is anybody out there. Raise your hand. If you think there's a better than two percent chance the pacers would win the super bowl with cam newton. I don't think anybody would pick them to win the afc east right now over buffalo. Of course it's possible. But who would. I don't think anybody would. And then wait till the dolphin to the jets. Get to shawn watson. yes mclovin. What is the other option. What's what's playing be. That's the problem. I think they looked at cam. And plus it's burden hand right like the patriots didn't want to go into free agency with nobody and and we'll talk about the money. Let me ask you this. Because i saw what it is now but we all wrote down in the morning meeting. We all wrote down what we thought the contract for cam would be. It's out now what it is. Let's start with you fritzie. I was extremely low. I they were gonna give them two point five million maybe some incentives that could get him to the eight to ten million but two point five million was worth mclovin. You're going to think i cheated. Thirteen wow nice mclovin seton. I was going more in the five range. Okay pauly eight million. I had one year ten million. I thought they'd get in the ten one year ten million. They gave him exactly. What rothlisburger is making this year. Fourteen million that must be what you get if you're like a former. Mvp that's not what you used to be that must be. They're going rate for guys that as they ever was go ahead and so and what i'm reading is that fourteen million is all incentives so that his base pay is actually if that fourteen million is assuming everything goes perfectly this year and they win the super bowl at if it doesn't go perfectly and they don't think it's going to be a lot less than that yes mclovin high back of money's like eight right seven eight nine so this is like high high backup of like the chase. Daniel's the case keenum's yeah. Yes paul one thing understand what mclovin saying you know. What choice did the patriots have their choosing mediocrity choosing to be in the middle at the quarterback position instead of going with a young guy who you reset the franchise or an older guy. Who can help you win. If you're not getting better at the quarterback position you're getting worse. Wouldn't if you're the patriots wouldn't you i know they don't ever trade up the corporate the fifteenth pick. It's been a long time since a top fifteen. Pick if you're the patriots. Isn't this the year to make a move. They haven't they still might write a one year deal for not that much money. They're going to have much better guys around cam. I think the check thinks they can win. Double digit games with cam and the revamped roster get in the playoffs. You never know what happens. And by the way if it goes south they're going to have a first or second round pick quarter. They're going to have a rookie quarterback if. Ken doesn't play well. They're gonna put that kid in. Ross you're both pretend you're still playing in. You're playing for the patriots and i said you had a vote. You could have cam. Newton for fifteen million. You don't care about the money or ryan fitzpatrick this upcoming season. Baltimore available today. Ryan fitzpatrick okay. Chance to win right. What's that better chance to win. Better health i believe. Look i think a lot of these teams that need a quarterback. The bears whoever i always see. Trubisky jameis winston. Mario data cam. Are we shirt. That those teams would win. More games with fits. Are we sure about that. Because i'm not. He played well last year. Yes he he's never made the playoffs who ryan fitzpatrick. Okay right. But i mean i'm just saying if he gives the patriots such a better chance of winning. He's a guy in his whole career. He's never won ten and six the one year with the jets so he did go tendon six. You know that we're thinking about that satan. Is i feel like he's playing his best football now you know. He won five games with a dolphin team. That was trying to tank by the way note to self. If you're trying to tank don't sign ryan fitzpatrick as your quarterback and again for. Here's a harvard connection. Harvard never plays they. Don't do postseason ivy league ryan. Fitzpatrick doesn't do the postseason when he's in the nfl. So should i get offended by that as slight at the ivy league or should i be happy about that as a knock at harvard. Does it bother you. That the ivy league doesn't maybe you could point the ivy league. Shouldn't they take their champion. Put them in the playoffs. Don't even get me started. That's got bother you as a player. Oh my gosh. Don't even get sure the weird thing about it is and these are the topics that everybody nationally really cares but the weird thing about it is. The lacrosse team won the national championship. Three four years in college and the basketball team wants the tournament and won a game my freshman year. So why can the other sports too. But we can't and that's very never ever understood. Nobody ever gave me a good explanation for that by the way. If i'm a little off my game there's a reason for that. And i will explain exactly what that reason is when we returned seventeen minutes past the hour. This is the dan. patrick show guys. 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Okay and usually. When i'm working out. I have comcast. That's that's peacock right. Comcast peacock same family sure. Yeah i'm with it so anyway. And i listen to different music channels and i used to always listen to like top forty hits over the last month or so. I have been listening exclusively to the eighties channel. My workouts have gone up twenty percent. My workouts have gone up twenty percent. The eighty s music is by far the best music. For when you're working out it's not even close like i'm telling you think about this. Okay think about rocky four soundtrack think about like first of all i of the tiger one hundred percent. Who's who was the heavyweight champ. Right now cain velasquez or something. Yeah that guy's dead. If i'm listening to the tiger he's a dead man. If that song is on the guys that dead me. That's number one number two van. Halen jump bon jovi living on a prayer. Even the song yesterday yesterday i was. I was doing curls. I was like maybe. He's no romeo but he's not one man show. Let's hear it for the board. Tell me you can't lift more. I have no idea who sings that song but tell me you can't look more when she says let's hear for the boy you're sound a throwing soundtracks from footloose on putting up some weight. I don't know eighties music. I don't know every music. Every song gets me gets me jack. Yeah that'd be denise williams for you never heard of her. I don't care sounds awesome. Well maybe i don't but that's okay with me. The strength coach down at bama you put this on. It's go time. tell me tell me. This awesome loves me. I think there's people out there that would tell you that what this is awesome. You gotta get to the part. Where he goes fast she goes. Maybe he's no romeo but he's my love and one man show. Let's hear it for the boy. That's the can't lift more for this is gonna live some more for me this morning. Danes been waiting long enough. His name is dane burglar. he was on the college draft podcast. This week i'd have him on every week if i could hear. Absolute stud check him out on twitter at dp burglar his rankings. His everything dane knows everything about these guys like even kids. I know from high school. He knows things about them in high school that i didn't know it's unbelievable dane. It's ross twice in one week man you to guide say that lead in a this is a prospect interview. I don't know if that's a red flag more likely to draft you now. I can't tell all right so dane you are young looking but can you at least be with me and agree with me on eighty s music. Sure i was born in the eighties. And i went plenty of eighty s parties in college So you know. I got my fill Yeah i'm with you. I mean like i said i i i was a little. I don't know this might be a red flag but the more you got into it. I was like all right. I'm with. I'm liking this so yeah i'm with you why you should like you know why not a red flag you want people that are passionate about things in life and you know what scout burglar. I am even more passionate about football than i am about. Eighty s music and that's of passion. I'm going to have for your team. If you draft me. I love it. I ll soul third grade all right. So here's the deal all right trey lance played. Fcs football. i played football. He played one year as a redshirt freshman. And that's it then. He played one game this fall and now we supposedly a top ten pick. So we've got his pro day today. I guess the first question. Dana is is this the most pro day ever i mean. Where do you put this in in the pro day all time importance rankings. There's no combine. He played one year. Fcs football right. Obviously this Pro day care is a little bit extra weight just with you set it up. Seventeen starts have college level. he's an unprecedent evaluation. There's no other way to say it it. Obviously we've seen players from the afc s level go to the nfl at quarterback find success. Carson wentz jimmy garoppolo go back steve mcnair. But we've never seen an fcs quarterback with the you know only twenty years old with such meagre experienced his talent level. A go to the nfl this so only seventeen starts and none of those starts against fps competition. A lot of times we might have one game against iowa state or something like that. Not not with him because he's only a redshirt sophomore. We don't have the benefit of the senior bowl or you know the see him with the better competition that's something that really helped carson wentz jimmy garoppolo when they were coming out a senior so it's really an unprecedented evaluation and that's not a reason to not draft him but it does make it a little bit more of a challenge especially because at north dakota state. They had their offense identity. They're not gonna change just because they have a. Maybe a higher level quarterback in seventeen career starts Lance averaged eighteen point. Six pass attempts per game while the team averaged forty five rush attempts per game so this is not a quarterback that had to put the team on his back and make things happen so he did it. Plenty plenty times. But that's not how the offense set up so a his pro day today is going to be well attended by. Nfl teams just like his one game was back in october. And they wanna see him. Throw the ball to how the ball comes off his hand. But more importantly it's going to be about the interviews for trae lance. Where is he mentally in his development North dakota state. Nice job in terms of Getting him ready for this moment. Quincy avery quarterback trainer who works with a lot of nfl quarterback deshaun watson as you know. He's told me how advanced he is for. Twenty rule in that goes back to north dakota stage in what they do during the week in terms of putting more and more on his plate preparation techniques Things like that on game day he can set protections he could make checks do all these things that freedom so even though he is twenty years old even though he has meager experience i think teams are going to be impressed with the chance to sit down with them and really talk to him Unfortunately this year is going to be all virtual. You don't pass years. They'd be taking out for dinner Last night for the day were out for lunch today after the pro day. Not going to have that opportunity this year. It's gonna be virtual so just everything's different and that's gonna make it really interesting for a player like this. Who's again such as an unprecedented evaluation so dane. I know you know this. How did he get to north dakota state. I mean he's six four to twenty. I've seen him throw a beautiful deep ball. Strong arm i was reading the next gen stats. He's got four carries over twenty miles an hour like he appears to be a total physical freak. Show how did he get to north dakota state in the first place and born and raised in a small town in minnesota about one hundred fifty miles west of minneapolis. So that's the first thing. He was really a running back most of his life at the high school and they moved him to quarterback becomes a starter as a sophomore in kind of grew from there. he got better and better But you know even as a senior he. He was playing safety. He had fifty four tackles and three interceptions as a senior safety. Which you don't see a lot You know with these quarterbacks usually their quarterback only and that's it they're going to quarterback camps since they were ten years old that just wasn't the case Trae lance and so as a recruit a couple fps teams did look at him western michigan They offered him right before. Signing day. Boise state got in the mix a little bit later. But at that point he was already set on north dakota state and you know he goes their red shirts and then it has that Prolific redshirt freshman year where he had what was twenty eight touchdowns zero interceptions. Just a remarkable redshirt freshman campaign led north dakota state to the fcs national title. Bevy drew it up textbook. What you want But it's the only season. We have go off based or aside from that one game in october. So disabled size isn't great but the talent is sure intriguing talking with dane burglar from the athletic at deep root brewer on twitter by the way the only one that knows fifty four tackles for trae lances senior high school. Nobody else knows that. Fifty four tackles three interceptions. I guess the last one on lance. 'cause i want to ask you about a couple of other guys is just. Is there a player in the nfl. Comparison that you like and has there ever been another circumstance like this where a guy really only played one year. We've seen guys Stay about the quarterback position play. One season You know mitchell trubisky obviously That was well. We'll talk a lot talked about during his lead up to the draft. But the one quarterback where you can draw. Some comparisons is tyler. Murray when you think about the skill set now lands bigger and keiler is a little quicker but in terms of the sample size. The number of starts it similar In terms of on tape you see a lot of one read run throws but you see a smart guy who's able to create the arm talent but y'all says the mobility so i i think there's some comparisons there Just turned of style. Now again Lance is bigger not quite as quick but in terms of what they did the college level and what they can do it the next level. I think there's some similarities so you know but this is unprecedented. Really you again when you talk about a from the us level having such meagre experienced and not having the benefit of the senior carson wentz. He only played. He was only a year and a half starbucks at north dakota state but in going to the senior bowl really helped himself that went from a yeah. He could probably be a first pick to all of a sudden. He's in the top. Three mix and eagles are trading up for him so not having the senior bowl not having a combine. that's That's a it's a. It's a missed opportunity. Unfortunately but again. That's not the reason not to draft him. It just makes a little bit more of a challenge when you try to figure out okay where to see Where does he stack. Especially in a class like this. Where there's a lot of other quarterbacks with lawrence. Zack wilson justin fields jones so plenty of options at quarterback in his class. You mentioned that i'm curious. Is lance your number three guy or do you have fields ahead of them. It seems like everybody has lawrence one wilson to. I guess not everybody. Simms has wilson one but most people have lawrence one wilson to is it lance or fields. Three for you. You know. I think right. Now i've got feels three lance for but those guys are next for me I do think lawrence Isn't clear top guy. And zack wilson. I you know back in the fall. I kinda put it out there that this guy's got a chance to be the number two quarterback and you know it really gonna come to fruition. I talked to people. Run the league. It they love that wilson. They're really intrigued with what he can do. That skill set and then three and four. That's where it's interesting. Because i think you have just field lance both have a lot to offer a physically talented. I think it really comes down to figuring them out mentally. Where are they in their development With justin feels what he was asked to do. In that ryan day offense compared trae lands when he was asked to do with north dakota state very very different and so three and four to me are very close. And then you've got a matt jones who eat all its nationals. Is difficult because you know you have if you list that what. You're looking for the quarterback position you know the traits you start with decision-making inaccuracy those are one and two and mac. Jones has that So it'll add. Think you have to look at everything else case. He good enough in these other areas. Where he's going to be a guy that could be a starter for us and so h teams looking at that differently. Some teams that have a more established roster going to be more interested in him while some other teams that Need more out of their quarterback. They won't be as high on the alabama quarterback so it really interesting dynamic between these quarterbacks and how the teams are going to view them. Kinda crazy i mean you probably know some of off the top of your head dame. Aren't there some power five schools that have had a guy drafted at all and like twenty years at the quarterback position. Meanwhile north dakota state is going to have a second top ten guy in like six years. It's gimme a couple of programs off the top of your head. I'm sure you know a couple that haven't had a guy. Drafted are drafted high in a long time. Well state was like the higher state. Had not had a from quarterback in a long long time but for dwayne haskins In the obviously ohio state is cream of the crop. When you talk about recruiting you talk about college level players And they had not produced a you know a high level quarterback You could go back to the seventies and you know they. It's interesting because North dakota state has really done a great job identifying these guys and developing them and that goes back to what they're asked to do. What the the of their quarterbacks in terms of during the week in preparation really really impressive. So there's a lot of programs you know even before last year with two of you look at alabama and quarterbacks to they produce not a lot of high level quarterbacks even during the nick sabin era too was the first first round earned a while. There's plenty of top level college programs. That have not produced a type of quarterbacks in north dakota state has here's we gotta do you gotta check out dane on twitter at dp. Check out all the stuff. He's doing for the athletic. You can hear him earlier this week. Talking about the guy that was a punter basketball player only as a junior in high school that might get drafted it tight end in the nfl draft on the college draft. Podcast part of the ross. Tucker podcast network dane. You are the man. I meant what i said. Thank you so much. Thanks for us. Dairy is dane burglar. loved aimed. burglar love the players championship as well. By the way rory mcilroy and the pga tour very best take on the purest of golf courses pc sawgrass who will have this year's defining moment coverage continues today on golf channel and tomorrow one eastern on nbc. Did you see by the way that video you guys see. The video was ian. Poulter was with three guys. At the nineteenth hole they were a combined plus twenty nine yesterday then the pga tour put a tweet out like polls like this is what they're all having a daddy soda and he said something like this is what you do when you're a combined plus twenty nine on the first day of tournament they're all just sitting there drinking. Beer why do we like it so much especially golf when they do poorly go ahead. Paul there was a golfer who put four drives into the drink on a par three yesterday. And you both cringe. Oh that's that's how i would do. That's how i would be on that hole so it makes them weirdly relatable for a couple of minutes. how many. How many shots would it take for you to hit the hit. The green was it the seventeen toll where it's like that little island of land surrounded by water it. I guess it would be just luck if one of us you'd probably be in your own head looking all that water and we just swallow you. What do they do. What do they do with the balls like there has to be thousands or millions. They had like a big net underneath there. There's got to be mike. Grandpa my pop up. He would jump in. Go seeing yes you know what it is to about that whole. I think it's not so much hitting it. It's getting it to stay on right. I think we could probably hit it. But it's just going to bounce over you know that it's getting it to stop and just stay. You need to do like the arc thing where hits and then spins back a little bit little english on the seventeenth hole. Hello friends all right. Play in a day. I already know what i know. 'cause you guys told me but i already knew before you guys told me what the player today would be. Forty one minutes past the hour. This is the dan patrick show. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio app at fsr or stream. It live on the peacock out. This is kiki michael key and welcome to draft it. This podcast series follows to college basketball phoenix the explosive anthony edwards. Who start at the university of georgia superstar and the university of kentucky's tie reese maxi arguably the most energetic hardest working player in the draft is draft my to get drafted tonight. We still moving couches. This is their real life as it unfolds in real time and we're going even further behind the scenes with unprecedented access to their agents. Klutch sports group founder and ceo. Rich paul heavy draft. What's going on what you hear their basketball omar wilkes. This is a draft unlike any before. It's all a game of chess. Listen and follow on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts gonna play play of the day play. Check this out. Five seconds left house. Or clark clark fees it off. Here's a three pointer from beaten for his first talk. Come through as winter. Hord saturday two to sixty cavaliers fan. That was reese beekman hitting the game. Winning three pointer to give virginia a seventy to sixty nine victory over syracuse to advance to the semifinals of the acc tournament. Just the ninth three pointer for beekman all season. He's nine for thirty five now after hitting that he had not made one in just over a month. That was the only shot he made all game. Courtesy of the virginia sports radio network. Unfortunately we have some bad breaking news for virginia paula. Can you hit it. According to the mothership the acc announced that. The georgia tech virginia game has been cancelled following a positive test subsequent quarantining and contact tracing within the virginia program georgia tech advance to the men's acc tournament. Championship game guys. This is going to be crazy. I mean this this. I mean that's two now dukes how it happened to do yesterday when they're supposed to play florida state now virginia. They're all happy by the way it's like the day after they're happy and they win. Duke beat louisville. We're happy we win next day. Somebody test positive. Maybe duke in virginia should start their own tournament like take a little pause ten days and then put together some teams well. Virginia's still going to be able to be in the ncaa tournament right for sure. I saw a lot of stories saying he's virginia to be able to be in the tournament probably but i don't think it's certain is georgia tech so if they win this. Acc title by default is at lake. The you celebrate. I mean they gotta play the yes. Yes you celebrate. Yes you celebrate in a major way. By the way. I was talking earlier about the supplement. I take in the morning which is eighties music. Okay the supplement. You guys take is em drive. Powerful ingredients backed by science. I know you guys. I've here all time and dan talk about help. You get energized stronger. Leaner go to 'em drive. Dan dot com today. Get free shipping and a sixty day money back guarantee. Don't let age beach. You re find your prime with 'em drive end eighties music. Think about what could happen if you double down on both of those drive end eighties music. I'm so bum for these kids. This stinks and the crazy thing is whether it's duke or uva a year a year ago. This morning i woke up at four thirty a. m and called my buddy. Who's a doctor. I was supposed to fly out west to go skiing. And he's like you should go. You can't go because the night before was tom. Hanks go bear. The president said no international flights. It's of crazy that here. We are a year later and we're still having games cancelled. Evidently i think i read this right mclovin. Evidently you need as long as you have five players and the ncaa tournament yeah. I think that's the case. So that means for contact tracing stuff for like uva. They didn't have five guys. That could go out there today so it seems to me like what teams need to do is get an extra boss. Don't have these guys together like have have a bus a at a bus. Be and don't ever let those guys get within contact because you want to at least make sure you have six dudes or five dudes in case somebody test positive right. How are we not going to have people positive when everybody's in indianapolis do cod. This year had their own basically hotel off. Campus at all the athletes were staying at and they didn't even go to greensboro to stay in the local hotels. Which were you know. They had covert rules on the cost of it. They were going back and forth on the team bus. You know. i think it's really crazy about that. Avondale say this. There are multiple reports out there. That the guy that tested positive was a walk on and that by the way is why louisville doesn't have any issues team that played duke because there's no contact tracing for the other team because he didn't play in the game. How do you feel that. If you're that kid that young man. That is a tough one to look into starters to look at the scholarship guys. Because you know. I mean there's there's two ways you can go there right that'd be guys be like. Don't worry about it man things happen. There's a couple of guys that this was this is their whole lives. And somehow that. Walk on and i would look. We don't know what he did but somehow he did something and tested positive seton. That is true that everybody can look at this guy and be like man you cost us but there's a bunch of other people on that team would be. Hey man. you had all season to not stink. I just messed up. There's one thing. Because i got caught co but you guys are the ones who games barely squeaking in if maybe you beat florida state you might get in easy on the covid guy by the way. How crazy duke and kentucky not going to be in the tournament duke and kentucky. Yes paul according nca protocols with virginia and these other teams they require seven consecutive days of negative test. Before arriving in indy for the tournament that plus whatever quarantine is required for your specific team. So virginia's that's tight so wait a minute seven days. The this tournament starts a day later. This year does not start on thursday. It starts on friday. What yeah they bumped it back a day. We just found out that i understand. We the in saturday's the first round right sunday and monday's the second round right do we. Do we know logic for that. It's i think i just like this. They bump back a day because if during a tournament. This that one day could help. Virginia you get in there kind of messing with my likes circadian rhythm or whatever. That thing's called doing that. What that noon. Thursday way my mom and dad they let me stay home in school. My whole life. Thursday and friday twitter if i got straight as. That's just good parenting right there. One hour we'll talk a little. Nba next hour. And patrick ewing. Who doesn't know patrick ewing. Ms square garden. It's dan patrick show with their new epoch. Speed driver calloway is using artificial intelligence to bring you the future speed. The speed driver contains a jailbreak speed frame. And i designed structure that connects the top and bottom of the driver immediately behind the face to enhance towards stability at impact. In other words the speed frame helps reduce the amount that the driver had twist and deforms. When you hit the ball that means more energy stays in the driver face and transfers to the golf ball and more energy to the golf ball means more ball speed so jailbreak speak so jailbreak. Speed frame sounds pretty useful right. There's a new epoch driver for just about every player and they've all got the jailbreak speed for him the epic speeds for most players the epic max has additional forgiveness and the better players epic max l. s. capitalizes on the tour. Preferred combination of low spin plus high stability. Calloway is not just building drivers. They're framing the future of speed. Check out the epic family of drivers at callaway. Golf dot com slash. Epic me me me me but also you the payroll fast. Forwards is favourite foreign film. Powder doughnut okay. What's my line. The only line. I see here on. The script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive man. That's a tongue twister I'm sorry i'm getting more minutes. 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