Steph Currys injury, Kawhi Stockton, Team Jo or Team KAT?


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Globe is Ben Golfer last week as Jay z would say it was all good just a week ago here we are having he played for the future should they trade off some of their pieces here we are having this real high minded discussion Aaron Baynes the Phoenix Sense Son Center and now they don't have the rest of the season while Steph Curry's out over on your at at point five others to build the chase center from the ground up to not have steph curry there to inhabit it is and they're showing me like the million dollar sweets where you've got the Personal Butler you know your own and now I'm just picturing all of these Silicon Valley Billionaires Hubris whatever you WanNa call it that's that's what they're going through up it probably will one way or another just because the Games won't necessarily be as interesting but I'm not sure Sacramento's the writers following stars around the country so it's sad how quickly my mind pile up a few more people here down in Los Angeles it's not like we don't already have one hundred fifty people to a team that's going to be basically unwatchable for the next however long it is until burn a selection through the fan voting and player voting process and that's where we're going to start we got a question from Mike and he says with curry out with a broken hand player would be the perfect Tim Duncan to curry's David Robinson in this scenario curry I don't think there's a you know needless to say there's no Tim Duncan in this draft class I was gonna be for them to sort of navigate a path and you know the upside of their team really required having especially if you know over the course of the year a couple months in your staring down having like that's fine and especially you know as we talked about the chaser like you want to fill seats you want to make sure this is a Kinda come for them one way or another with all due respect to Eric Pascal and Jordan Pool in these all of their role players all these quality row guys with more marginal NBA players are more developmental the to do I think that's now out the window yeah I mean I don't think we can overstate snake when awful teams are awful everywhere I don't know what it is about me but I always get offense but it's in play for golden state I mean I don't how much do you think a it's probably too much but I mean if you said they were right around twenty if de Ngelo and line he doesn't penetrate deep into the paint to get like really high efficient looks and so offense yeah it's no secret I'm not the world's biggest ngelo Russell Fan it would be hilarious if he oh if we're pretty much convinced that they're forced lake up the owner I mean either way like that's fine you can have whatever mentality whatever you're thinking with regard to either Dangelo Russell trade or draymond green trade four five year plan of maximizing curry's chances to to trade russell or draymond green or both this season because of I would place my bet on that cap space on some team throwing some good young players versus now I mean you're already awaiting for certain time window with Russell with Draymond I'm I'm I don't WanNa be overreaction or whatever but all chemistry between him and curry and once clay comes back then in the shadow of another guy and that he might not be very good you know he might not ever the next five years I can definitely envision that you know viewing him propped offshoot of the Steph curry show golden state just doesn't really make any sense so I was already I'm young players some picks you know whoever is going to be someone wing depth to try to make the postseason run you know in the in the short term with draymond environment just got really really difficult right and there's not gonna be any way around it so that to a team if they're not competing for titles I mean we know how he feels about here at this point right and so it just feels like a little bit of a mismatch again if you're golden it's two years down the road is draymond green still going to be that guy is he into account all of his miles you know some of his slippage in terms of his athleticism up Draymond Bay legend build him a statue retires Jersey tomorrow and you know especially in a trade deadline window where there could be a bunch of teams jocking Eh what about you I don't know that it would shock me I mean I think there's definitely truth to the idea pick up some things that allow them to adapt but just with that the gradual decline in athleticism and so from that perspective I could see the warriors at least some some part of their front versus what can we get for him now and especially if we get a younger player now and they have a player right now who could be the next running-mate for Steph curry in addition to a pretty jumped too far ahead and just assume that's going to happen a lot really needs to fall into place for the warriors trades but there is a stronger financial argument for these traits next year salaries twenty two million dollars if you have all four of those players that's just to give you should not be paying four guys that much money if they can't even manage we're GonNa fast forward twelve months just based on the money alone one of those four players will not in any other meaningful way and by the way Kevin Durant did some interviews they had last year Los Angeles which I thought was pretty funny second of all though he said look yeah he's just basically look at the salary numbers and there's just no way to do it and there's body of Golden State's GonNa blow this up you know it may not happen in February but contributes to the degradation of any great team dynastic team in particular is the mind you know the next Andrea go dollar the next Shaun Livingston those are very tall orders as Russians because you still have two of the top four or five players in the league potentially on your team the most for him he's the guy in particular when you say something's gotTa give Hughes he's probably the better bet to stick around for a little while but if gold state it just doesn't make a lot of it didn't make a lot of sense to begin with and certainly doesn't now as draymond green in the wake of the slow start you know and the way Golden Curry's overall career narrative slightly I'm not saying that Eddie Ray says anything there's been concerns about his durability for much of his career up the minutes like crazy and so he was able to just hit this incredibly consistent there's a huge question coming into this season can steph curry stay healthy what should his burdened period of time and when you're comparing curry to some of the other best players good health has to be mentioned in conversations about him right like I do think that his fans commit to that right. I can't exactly say I was shocked to find out I think I think those are valid criticisms of Steph in terms of could he have a James Harden like Aron Baynes trying to take charge and you taking a bad fall and breaking your hand I don't see Elise or rank him versus harden who you mention and you're saying okay well I think we can say Steph the franchise and and have him for the next five years he might not be your top pick at this point even though he's no I think your point is taken this particular injury I don't the thinking around where he would rate relative to the superstars I would say pretty much zero for me you know imposing athleticism I mean those kinds of things matter in these conversations and long and because he makes the game looked so easy but you know if he is you know kind of in his health as much as possible like I think that's something that Golden State has to look at and I think anyone a defense defenders around him to make make sure you have the right offense available in May and June to kind of you know do what he does in the big moments because that's that's a track record that has to be mentioned it does I mean I think at a nobody should be proactively taking some time off just to prevent some of the wear and tear type stuff but again and if they followed this way because a guy tries to take charge in front of them which is really a problem with the rules other big news from Wednesday night and it was you know the the brawl I game comments on social media and instagram these guys were really doing it for the grand I got his mom giving me middle fingers that's some serious real estate so apparently towns asks when it comes to Instagram I really appreciate when people do that so now that was nice work by again imagine talking after a twenty point loss you've never been but I got the facts about you don't get it twisted I own you so there's some and I think when I was replays of kind of the altercation and everything else beat I don't think he can take it anymore I think he hit his breaking point and that was a major simmons didn't get either thrown out of this game attack like absolutely nothing for I mean towns tapped out I mean what did you think about tapping out I think he was he was going to die in that situation do you just pass out or do you tap what do you do aggressive but I do think it's kind of a side plot here I think that's for sure well the main guys need to be it doesn't seem like it was de escalation I do think it was pretty aggressive and unnecessary goes back a while now and be has really challenged his manhood on multiple times so you know I it doesn't offend me but I could see how in context a towns would not the messy high profile robbery between two of the top three L. Embiid is just the most frustrating experience in the world I could understand if he is in towns it's you don't WanNa see punches thrown which thankful they weren't in this case it was more just kind of wrapping up and and but the bummer is that we only got you know twenty minutes of both of those guys in what is WanNa make up I want one on one let's sell some tickets celadon arena get been that would be pretty wild the reason why I like this robbery though I mean like most robberies it's the story that you know towns basketball prodigy who everybody knows about kind of the Hallway trickier path to you know stardom and fame early it's also the idea that towns even though he's supposedly the soft even though he plays that tough guy role and there's also the the difference in their they got Andrew Wiggins and then their experience with Jimmy Butler kind of other to a certain degree so there's a lot narrative going on between these towns is game is predicated upon skill smooth offense now he's got great textbook footwork when it comes to you know working in the Post Kevin Garnett thing going or the the crazy dead I tim Tim Duncan thing going where not falling asleep in napping on the court at times but I do think that fully ah for like five or six months so I actually kind of hope that and some of it is to like you're saying the way these guys games and experiences the worst things you could say about Karl towns about you know picking on his defense for example are the Oh and ends up turning the ball over and so I thought was really interesting when you brought up unbelievable we'll stop right there can you imagine if we just flipped Carl towns into have as much success with towns and the rest of the players that they've assembled there would there's an argument that if you have an elite defense every year thanks to embiid you know maybe mine and beads missing a lot of time and less talent you have around him the more you know your roles no I think I mean for one thing Jimmy Butler might still be in Minnesota I do think the sixers would be in a much different place and I think that's the whole crux of the of the embiid it's probably better on balanced but I think just from a thought experiment perspective you would you over the last twelve to eighteen months because I think philly's been the most impressive team in for Jason Tatum and Marcus smart so maybe I'm smarting a little bit from Milwaukee's performance there that we're still in October and everybody knows there's a long way to go they don't really have as much to prove this Oh home happy and to see not only that they blew the lead and there's GonNa be runs from basically everybody on the team That was you know slightly this whole thing is shaping up quite well you've got embiid out there you know living success offensively I think you know if you're Philly I mean you're not gonNa have a different vibe this season they have to be one of the leading candidates to make a significant NC's in avenues we may not be considering in terms of where the bugs could go. I think a lot of it's on the table if if L. Love that you wait in he writes my beloved Timber Wolves are three you know order against the heat this will not continue for long Peter writes but VP candidates. I watched the Anthony Davis put up forty twenty this weekend being the conversation based on the crazy numbers he was putting up right out of the gate ought to make that playoff shop or no I think they could be in the running for it and got it out some impressive wins but some of these teams that we thought would be in kind of the nine to twelve range Bentley if Carl towns is an MVP candidate and not just you know a good all-star center is like Jake Layman a little more effectively all these little pieces along the periphery of the roster. I think this is the best defense if you've ever seen from him and the best complete offensive game we've ever seen from him so I think we'll see but when you look at the situation cold weather climate franchise has not a marquee franchise early helpful but you know he's a Max level player who knows he doesn't have enough help and you know he gets into this mode like Cagey Minnesota or even like that Kevin love that skill is in there with Karl towns you know we can all see it and we writes we can all agree this season confirmation that quite simply isn't human he it out of the team flow and could it really make his teammates better but coli in assists already this season he's moving the ball a lot it's not the Internet are because I've been seeing a lot of buzz on twitter about the new and improved terminator it really is you know if we can take kind of sidebar from the rest of the Janas Inc Board for a minute you've seen in play a lot more in person this year already because of whether offs wants Kevin Durant went down and I think that the shooting aspect having kicked threes and being able to be that main player within a super efficient offense our big I like that he feeds Zubec- very old school he's realizes that if they can get Zubov going then you know there's just wide open shots first of all they don't have that ball dominant point guard whether it's Kyle lowry who Patrick Beverley is And when Lou Williams has the ball it's more straightforward and then I think you know the other issue for him is that his teammates are just really good I mean the clippers are nice king reads and he's going to be in a situation every night where because of his physical advantages a quarter is going to dictate a lot of what the clippers do well and where they struggle and so to see him come even after such limited time playing together it's it's really impressive I don't really know how he flight point guards on a new team I mean look at Mike Conley it takes some time to kind of adjust to and did he already has such a good sense of how to feed them and how to get them in their spots in addition to easy to integrate quieter our offense just give him the ball and everybody in the room starts laughing he's knows just what phenomenal talent sky there too but it's sort of like you know you you go in and play Summer Basketball in the gym right and if best all around player and I think rob you know you and I might have underrated on Wednesday against Utah but I think he's got as good of a shot to win MVP I know you and I have had some you know expressed skepticism as to whether Lebron would still be the best on this season so far and the choir has been phenomenal but we also haven't seen Paul George Comeback Let me ask you this if you could undo the Paula George Trade based for one I don't think you could write because I think quite coming was contingent on Paul being there well or you don't WanNa live in Toronto at the cold weather so you're Kobina the clippers and we don't think the Paul George so you could use you know in trades maybe go out there and snag Draymond Green at the trade deadline Peter out when they don't have things trade anymore when they you know the young players they've all traded away that picks at these things take their toll and eventually you need the means to replenish your roster I think that's where I think I would bet on that variety of players and assets even over Paul George for place to be I mean I think you really have to think about it but I'm also song argument you're going the other way you know one other thing on this. MVP dynamic of Jaren Jackson Juniors game he got tutored by Anthony it's clear he was the most valuable player on the court but Lebron just has a sensation where lake I need to be the center of attention so what do we get overshadowing what Anthony Davis do because

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