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John Sculley: Chairman and CMO of RxAdvance and Former CEO of Apple | #ThePlaybook 232


On this episode of the playbook one of my all time mentors John sculley chairman and CMO of our exit. Vance but everyone knows as the youngest president and see you ever a Pepsi. Six years later. Ceo of Apple. And he's going to tell us all the great secrets that Steve Jobs taught him as well as celebrating his eighty first birthday. Why the heck is he still working? Anyway join me for all of this more on the playbook. This is entrepreneurs the playbook each week. I bring you some of the greatest athletes celebrities and entrepreneurs to talk about their personal and professional playbook to Success. And what made them champions on the field and in the boardroom? I'm your host David. Meltzer is day Meltzer with entrepreneurs the playbook and very rare. I get to say this but I have an executive legend. I am so excited huge fan. I get all kinds of fame. Football players baseball players etcetera but John sculley chairman CMO of our exit. Vance obviously the former CEO of apple and Pepsi to smaller brands. But what an honor to have you on the playbook especially during this time. Thanks for coming John. I think for me David. We'll get what you want to get right into it. Because obviously we're going to compress time of uncertainty In running large companies. You know uncertainty you know exponential change things can happen and move on a dime. What are some of the key skills That you've used over the years when we get into these high compressed times of being Zaidi. Let's say two things one is you have to have an insatiable curiosity and curiosity means that you're constantly scanning the landscape all the time good times and bad times and the second thing is that preparation is what it's all about. I remember having dinner with Kobe. Bryant one night and he was telling me he does a thousand shots a day. This was after he had retired from basketball so people who become really exceptional in their fields are people who are well prepared and they match that with an insatiable curiosity to that end you know. We all have a different challenges boy shortages in our life especially during these times. How do you keep a strong mindset to not get distracted from your innovative creative side and also the pragmatic side like you said of taking inventory of what we need to do and and how to practice that one of the things? I learned working with Steve. Jobs was what he used to call. Zoom out then zoom in zoom out. He met Look beyond the conventional boundaries of the industry that you're in and look at the things that may be happening that could converge with your sector your industry and then zoom in when you've identified that and simplify and focus on the details so if you have that kind of construct zoom In no matter what goes on around you because there's always a lot of noise distractions. People have urges things that have to happen. You know your term priorities shifts major things like the corona virus occur. So you have to be able to look at your zoom out zoom in strategy regardless of what's going on around and you've taken on you not only the chairman role in our exhibitions but also the Mo- position in marketing his obviously one of these obsequious areas right now where there's varying opinions on the communication that we should be having not only internally but externally to our investors are consumers. You know our clients associates Looking at the landscape today how to UC role as the CMO. What types of strategies are you guys executing in order to maximize the opportunities that exist? While we're in this corentin. Let me describe what are some is because it's a relatively new company. We started all over five years ago. It's already we'll do about two billion dollars gap revenue this year regardless of the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic that's going on and we believe that we can eventually build us into one hundred billion dollar business over the next four or five years so we are a company that is in the three point. Five dollar healthcare industry we focus on what is called a smart process automation where we're going in and building a platform that covers some of the most foundational parts of healthcare system but instead of a healthcare industry is constructed today which in vertical often silo type operations were horizontal where a platform justice. People are familiar with platforms financial services e Commerce Entertainment Ella Communications. It didn't really come yet to the healthcare industry and so what are the first really large company that can scale too much much bigger company that is able to take the actionable intelligence that we capture from prescription drugs where we provide the role of what's called a pharmacy benefit manager where we are in the role of working with the pharmaceutical companies. The large insurance companies the large pharmacies large provider systems and healthcare and in addition to what's called the Judicata reimbursement. We take that actionable intelligence across the entire continuum care horizontal vertical of Silo Industry Construct so therefore we are able to integrate with things like preventative. Care and wellness. Where able to focus on the reversible chronic care diseases seventy five percent of diseases chronic diseases are reversible like diabetes like sleep apnea like obesity. And so if you can have that actionable intelligence and be able to get into the hands of actually the consumer just like every other business that uses platforms eventually powers consumer it can mean you can connect up people tracking themselves on simple devices like apple and fitbit watches and being able to take that behavior and connected to the types of actionable intelligence. We have across the clinical medical system and it offers a very transformative way to think about. How do you zoom out and then simplify the healthcare system particularly for preventative care? Wellness you know. It's so exciting to hear that I In my past before the sports world of Lee Steinberg and Warren Moon Iran the verse smartphone. It was called the P. C. E. Phone Pre iphone even. You may remember for the nineties but I talked about a ubiquitous world And it was beyond the imagination of most people when I would tell them that in full duplex you could talk for free and colored China and and you know even ninety nine when we had Comdex people look at me. Like what is he talking about And then there was great visionaries like yourself and Steve and others that saw far beyond it. I see the same thing in the healthcare system with your platform but you saw it before. There was a stress on the system that we have today. What are some of the techniques that you use you know because I think more than ever? There's huge opportunity I call it the margins of the millionaires When we have great change more millionaires were made in the Great Depression than any other time. Back then here once again people that have the ability to imagine and then to affectionately I believe. Steve told me this when I was young. Connect the dots backwards. David And I assume he was using zooming into mount approach. But how do you connect the dots backwards at this time saying I have capabilities? That may be energetic or supplementary. Did something that doesn't exist today. Absolutely will exist as we come through or out of this. I think there are opportunities to zoom out and connect the dots even greater today than any time that I've seen in certainly in my past activities. The reason for that is that we are in exponential time. Not Linear time now. When I was growing up a people accepted linear time. We knew how long a day a week a month was. We knew what you could expect to do in several months. Maybe a year but today we work in linear time and in Mathematics. Linear time means compound. Math means that the The future is measured in a curve. That's going up at an accelerating rate of change as opposed to a straight line and consequently Things that used to take a two years can now be done in two months now. We're seeing a factor of ten improvement in some cases and the reality is that it's very difficult for large established often very successful corporations who have been the leaders in an industry to be able to make that change as rapidly as entrepreneurs can because the only reason for an entrepreneur to exist is because they got to be solving a problem. That's not been solved already by someone else. And so they have to be furious. They have to be able to put together a team that Shares IN THE VISION. And everything they do has to be designed for eventually what's called speed to scale ability to scale it to a very large numbers while fortunately the technology today is an incredible boost to us is like riding away in a big surf and you cannot get crushed by the way or you can get on top of the way. So it's it's an amazing time. I think that if I were a young person I would absolutely want to say how do I get a chance to get into the entrepreneurial world because it's so different band traditional corporate worlds yet? It's interesting how the blend though you know. Both of us have had the experience with the blessings of my life is this you know. Change of executive Behavior for me as a young entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley in the Internet and then in the hardware side of the PC phone and then to run the most notable sports agency and then in the media and all these areas of production. I never thought I would be involved in. Your career puts mine into a diminished capacity. Because you went from you know the CV LAKE CB jeep products of Pepsi to Apple. Now to health care. What are some of the skills the knowledge and the perspective that you have as an entrepreneur in a Subaru entrepreneur to be able to cross those industry lines to be able to use your skills and knowledge from Pepsi to Apple to now are exit advance? I say that everything that I've learned that I put to use today. I learned after I graduated from university. Meaning that There is a lifelong experience. Ironically in my era back in Silicon Valley it was all about microprocessors they first microprocessor commercial product was called the personal computer and then we saw. Moore's law it kept doubling in performance about eighteen months to two years. Well now the equivalent of the record change might be the sensor while sensors in healthcare going to be built into everything We already see them in consumer products like apple a bit bit but we're we're gonNA see ambient sensors that can be inside of a room of an elderly person who's living alone who may be suffering from chronic disease and being able to measure All kinds of things that are important to be monitored for the hell we're going to see a products like the first generation boys digital assistance like a Siri and Alexa. Which are you request a answer? You get an answer back. The next generation is going to be conversational where you can actually have a conversation and Google demonstrated that the technology to call duplex that that is very hard to tell. Are you having a conversation with an artificial intelligence? Are you having conversation at like you and me talking to each other? So this is a world that entrepreneurs are going to be able to take advantage of. You got all these resources out there. And they're changing all the time and so in in my case I spend a lot of my time in biology and chemistry in physics. And you say we'll yeah so what's your degree in physics. I don't have one which degree in Biology. I don't have one So how can you talk intelligently and work with some of the smartest people in the industry on these things and the answer is because I come to the table with what I do know. Which is my experience in working in high tech Which was my experience with. The design is industrial designer by a knowledge over many years in higher math eventually leading to machine learning and artificial intelligence. And I say okay. I can leverage those things I've learned somewhere else and then go on a steep learning curve. And it's amazing how much you can learn just going out on on the web and doing your own searches on Google and then networking with people and You know hanging out with smart people. And that's the best education could possibly have. And then you say okay. Now I want to get involved with someone who actually wants to build the companies. So I'm not running companies anymore myself but I probably get one hundred twenty five one hundred fifty requests a week from people saying Hey John. I'm doing something cool. My wife is a data scientist a computer scientists and so she kind of was the screening of things. We ought to look at but we only work with a very small number of entrepreneurs and we usually get involved don at the very beginning but we get involved after they've been added for a few years developing the technology putting teams together. And they WANNA get the. How do I get to the next level and so our role really comes in to sort of think about that? How do you scale the business bring in more capital? How do you reached the most warden customer opportunities? Do you find the right partners. All of those things so thinking through of complex problems and hopefully finding a simple solution is where I spend my time and figures anytime one of the most common questions I get asked is about motivation and inspiration especially now people ask me. How do you stay motivated inspired and I do see them as separate things One I'd love to hear your perspective on. Is there a difference between motivation and inspiration into you know? A lot of people may look at you and say what why the heck is in John just hanging out in palm springs with all the rest of those guys you know. What keeps you inspired. Because I'm sure you're just as productive today as you were ten twenty years ago it. Kinda cool because I just had my eighty first birthday this week. I'm a super health. I I do pilates every morning for an hour Normally my body structure is here with me. Now we're doing over facetime and my wife die in our herself as well then go out for a nice long run of the streets. Are All empty. Live here in Palm Beach. My house is on the ocean. The beaches are Corentin the moment but I can sit up at my shit combat. I had discovered that I can actually do more things now during the self-isolation because I'm not jumping on airplanes. Not Staying in hotel not going off the business meetings in person so one of those two hundred million people who use zoom video. It's terrific video successful skype before that we had Webex. So why is it Soon came out of nowhere and it went from ten million users January two two hundred million users currently in April and I think the answer is. It's much the way apple thing you just keep it really really simple. You make the experience one that is so transparent to That bypasses the technology. And it's just you and the other users who are talking together. Frankly when corona virus crisis behind us and people say well. Let's get back to normal life normalize. Life isn't going to be the normalized. Life Pre Corona virus. Normalize life is going to be how we WANNA live normally in what the next is debate and I think video conferencing these for me is going to be a definitely. Are that experience. You know so interesting because I run those parallels between apple zoom because I was resistant to both at first You know with my blackberry Rim Pager. In my IBM THINKPAD. I remember flying which I fly two hundred days a year like you do looking over at someone with the Mac and he opened up with no viruses and it went right to the screen and I said why we should. I was an artist or a teacher could use that and he showed me that it was a business tool and I would say I have sold more. Apple products never been paid or work for apple because it actually is simple. It has such extraordinary quantitative value that when chasm hits when the awareness and the resistance has gone and people actually forced to be exposed to it or use it like zoom the real product. Stand out the truth vibrates the fastest and I think the same thing will be true about rx advance and you've just once again. Got A shot in the arm because the Healthcare System. The education system will both change dramatically. Very soon in you. I have three girls at In a little boy but that are you know in higher education virtually learning and I think people like you and I will have an opportunity to not only have our children learning different capacity but it allows us to be teachers again. That we can share In you know it's one thing we tease the professors that I I respect them greatly. But there is a difference between those who teach the world and those run it and I love seeing people like you having a platform like zoom in this podcast to help teach people an MBA in a day of the amount of situational knowledge and experience. I know we're coming to the end. I always liked to get the especially with my legends whether it's in sports entertainment or executives like yourself. What's the best lesson or piece of advice that you've gotten over the years that you'd like to share with people? Well my best advice is that life is always about the people you meet along. The journey is life is not a destination. It's really a journey and there's no reason why the jury has to be focused on the end of courses at an end to our life physically in this world but one of the reasons I got into a life science was I said you know I feel as active and my mind is working as well as it did. Twenty five years ago but the reality is you know I'm old. So what does that mean? All in the context of what your life can be going forward now. I didn't have any interest to lie on the beach and retire at a retired. Had no interest to retire so I got into regenerative medicine and I started talking to people who say you know the kids who were born today. have a pretty good chance to live to probably one hundred twenty five and the first person to one hundred fifty is probably already alive and the reason for this is that we're learning more and more that there are ways that people can have very rich. Sustainable lives in their eighties and their nineties. And so I said wow. I'm going to hang out want to keep learning. I WANNA keep learning so I get up every morning at five o'clock what I do. I read online learning stuff to keep your mind alive at exercise. It's like an athlete exercise every day in practice. E prepared the same thing with anything you WanNa do you feel is important to you and life is more about giving back than it is taking away. The real enjoyment in life is what you can do for other people and I think all of us seven obligation to pass on lessons. We've learned along the way to the next generation so I I agree with you David. It's all about what we can do to help other people learn to me. It's much more interesting than running the world. A Happy Happiness is the most violent disease to begin spreading just by witnessing it strengthens our immune system and regenerate so much in our life so I am just so grateful that you join us happy birthday you do not look your age keep up the good work both with the mind body and the soul Just your incredible information. Thank you this John. Sculley the chairman and CMO of Rx bandits. Obviously the former zero about book and Pepsi. I appreciate you joining me. This Dave Meltzer with entrepreneurs the playbook hope you enjoy this episode the playbook but more importantly I want you to join text community. I'm doing a lot of fun. Things there one on one conversations trainings giveaways and it's the first place. I release all the information that I'm giving so join me at my techs platform nine four nine two nine eight to nine five. That's nine four nine. Two nine eight to nine zero five joined my exclusive community.

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