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Zero Difference Russ Darrow DOT COM Zave is your lead donkey into the world of sports and other stuff I've figured there must have been a cake this thing last night. As the new logo and made handed out, and it would be almost done edible. Funded featuring Josh Albrecht Josh. What did. He tell you about the cake. Though is there. There was no cake instead. Everyone was eating K. or no, no, no! No one was eating cake. There was no K was awarded. There was no came and Eric Bitter. There's a speaker and some oh yeah, round facts. TAP The show on the Bella W I dot, com, talk and text line at four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven three twitter at save you watched false ready to. Take Rescue. Him Cake would be another. One of my cards here trend reshape. Your dogs. We heard your cake, so we put a cake in your okay now. Here's Steve, Sabin. took. Their Number Twenty Four. Year I'll be honest. These highlights. More. And more. We thought would be a nice thing this. Way Baseball highlight from a year ago to tide us over when baseball is working its way towards coming back, and now as the stalemate drags on, too. What is most likely a brutal finish of no baseball hearing? These highlights has i. don't know about you. Guys for me has acquired a sting. That I, don't like I. Don't like it. The Great Brian Anderson the call, Yellow Solo home run against the pirates a year ago on bobblehead night, I miss via heads. Off. How you doing on this Tuesday in the good land, as we are hunkered down bracing for hurricane. Cristobal which really won't be a hurricane? Or really even a tropical storm were bracing for big wet spot. Cristobal. That sounds sort of gross. Doesn't it sounds very gross, yeah. Big What spot. Yeah technically the term big wet spot we've got mark. Bayden on to talk about it. At eight thirty today we'll, we'll see. We'll get his take from a meteorological standpoint. Just how rare and you know what we can expect in terms of rain? The big wet spot coming our way, ooh! A wet spot, so want that to be someone's nickname. The big wet spot. It's all that would be great in sports. A great nickname right? Yeah, the big wet spot. One sport is about like big hurt. Okay question. It's INSTA- question of the text line if There wasn't athlete that would be the perfect. The big wet spot. WHO WOULD IT BE? Somebody sloppy somebody that like what athletes should be called the big wet spot. or or maybe it, maybe it's A. Closer in baseball who comes in and he puts out the fire with the big wet spot. Yeah, that could closer could be the big wet spot shore. Then Seem like a good thing. Well well. Kim, have the watcher you're into. Leads. How? So yeah. The big wet spot think about that. All right, it's Tuesday. June nine, two, thousand twenty. We are coming up on the three month. Anniversary, Of The world and sports shutting down. Three months from March. Eleventh March, eleventh may eleventh. June no eight. No four way. April eleventh may eleven June eleven three months. Yes, so from March to April to May to June three months of nothingness. And even though the NBA has got a plan to come back, it's a long way away still long way away August. NHL, same thing long way away. Football, yesterday put out its protocols. For players returning to facilities, it is almost it reads like comedy basically. Like, there's going to be three tiers of personnel. That are grouped by different category. Who could be in the facility? The different tiers will enter the building from different doors. Or they will have specific times in which they can enter the facility. Then! There's going to be like a thorough cleaning down of every piece of equipment after ever use. There's going to be six foot distancing inside the building. It's GONNA be crazy. But they're going to try it I. Guess Because you know safety. All of this on a day yesterday, in which a story came out and you go. Wait. What. What this is the ultimate Chris Tucker what the hell did. You just say what the Hell did you say headline? World Health Organization Colon. As symptomatic spread of covid nineteen very rare. What. Guy So in other words the entire reason we tried to quarantine. A three hundred and forty million person, mostly healthy population. Is Wrong. Is something. You're like you. Know, it's pretty rare actually. Different. Never. Never mind. Dr Emily Tele from SNL back in the late Sunday. Do. You don't remember that. Once I saw it. I knew it. CNN's before Josh is too young I. Don't I don't know. Dr. Emily, tell us she was like this Dr. Ruth Westheimer character and she was played by Gilda radner correct and she and her whole deal was. She would get all worked up. About a topic. I mean really fire and brimstone for an old lady, and then somebody would point something out to her. That would just obliterate her point, and then she would stop, and then say as the sound bite goes. Go ahead and get her to play one more time. That's very different. So lockdowns over sports restrictions are over. It's over. It's overfill. Let's go, let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go. Let's go come on. We're GONNA. Follow the science member member all the governors. We'll follow science, right and the data will. The data is down as well like there are cities that have basically no more deaths due to corona virus, and they're still under some sort of restriction. San Francisco is insane, they they have like zero deaths for a week and a half like still still out there. There's still a few cases, so we're still going to require this this and this and we can restrict it that that get out of here. I. Don't mind learning more about this virus. We were always going to learn more about it and I. Don't mind changing your opinion. Even if you're a body like the world, Health Organization but my God. Are you kidding me? This is the biggest lie watt. So in other words as symptomatic spreading is very rare, but I thought we all had to stay in her house. Because otherwise you might kill grandma. Yeah. It's almost as if no one knew what they were talking about. Right. Right. And and instead of being very cautious, we shut down. A twenty trillion dollar economy through forty million people overboard into the cold ocean of unemployment where they lost their health benefits. On very little data very little data. We're like that that's it. Everybody Lockdown Moody. Now we have all this data. We have all this information. We've run a ton of numbers. Still can't open. Still can't get on our feet. Still can't say you know what never mind. Because it's like government and agencies once they get their claws into something. They don't want to let it go they they'll never let it go. They want to micromanage things will. He can now go twenty five percent. You can go fifty percent these restaurants in some states that can operate only outdoor dining. It's absurd. and. It feels like I'm taking crazy pills. Either that or I'm that Cena span of the world and everyone else is crazy. I can't be the only one that feels this way can i. And Look. Stick to sports all right. Well let's see the The lead headlines ESPN DOT COM, the worldwide leader in sports, four of the six on their front page are race related stories which I'm not saying. They're not important stories per se, but they don't make for good sports. Talk Radio. That's for sure. Top? Story is Davin cooks to hold out without a new contract for the Vikings. Suck on it purple losers. Of course he's GonNa. But then, but then the next story is when he defends handling of assistant coach used racial slur cubs Theo Epstein. Questions Own Hiring Practices Hopkins, Watson, call for name change at Clemson. Carlos Hyde captured exciting would show NFL is sincere. And then Aldridge out for season after surgery on shoulder I. Guess that's Lamarcus, Aldridge, I'm just. Yep, there is Spurs lamarcus Aldridge and that story qualifies as a gigantic, but hey, how about the Spurs, are it? What what record are the Spurs are? You. gave. So there, there's your. There's your ingredients for iron chef sports radio on a Tuesday. Go make me a lot of that. Go make me a lot of those headlines right there. Anyway I guess it's good that a symptom spread, but it's not gonNA. Stop the Cairns. That's the thing. Maybe you should print that article, and then when a when North American Karen comes squawking in your direction. going. Then you just show her? The story from the WHO? What about what about the Neal's? Oh yeah, definitely, shove it. Shove it in the neal's pocket. You take a copy of the article and stuff it in his front pocket SORTA like One Bill. Cower one stuffed in all only to photo of too many men on the field in Gordon Gord, proscar some NFL referee's shirt. As! He ran off the field. That was funny. All right, we got a poll question the day to get up there. We've got t shirts now fear the deer with a mickey mouse ear logo with Antlers inside the ears. Do you like that shirt? You Disney fanatics Josh and get her. Do you like it? was me I would definitely wear it. Yeah, you wear it. Would you buy it though that's the thing? WHICH GIVE Ninety nine plus tax. No, that's what they're gonNA charge now I probably. What's it t shirt at DISNEYWORLD FORTY BUCKS? Thirty bucks no more probably more no way for really some of them are for sure. Under twenty over twenty. That's all I needed over twenty. Over twenty, what about a little kitty shirt? Little tiny this big eighteen bucks. DOLLARS LESS The double xl mainly to then. We'll make a go of it is Tuesday. Get your top three going. Pella W DOT COM, talk and text line open for business, four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three, bracing for the big wet spot coming to the good land. The number is forty three. I can hardly believe it when I looked it up. Forty three. Total number of deaths in San Francisco. County which encompasses the city of San, Francisco Population Eight, hundred and thirty, three thousand. That's incredible. Now you could say well. That means they've done a good job. Right in San Francisco forty three deaths out of. Eight hundred eighty. Thousand residents. But, they still have restrictions in place. At what point do you say God? This is overkill. We need to get on with our lives forty three dead total. For the, and that's not just yesterday. That's for the entire run of the pandemic. I was trying to look up. What restrictions are still in place in San. Francisco but so hard to figure out what stated what's been lifted, but I know it's not back to business as normal. That's for sure. So, what are you GonNa? Do you cling? You'll be addicted like we did such a good job. Such a good job of keeping this down. We gotTA keep our foot on it. Keep our foot on the gas here. Okay whatever? Mets five padres one. There's your final there. In the national. League, most consistent team mets five A. Synagogue was on fire. To header over seven innings dominant. Apparently on the Dan Patrick Show, they tweeted out. What's the big question going into the NFL season Peter? King says he thinks it's weather. A second wave of covid nineteen will head. Man That Peter King. Is committed. To the whole corona virus. He's really on team virus. That's all he very good about he just he wants. It's almost like he wants it to be true, so he can. Tut Tut sat i. told You I was concerned about this. There's going to be so many good storylines, but many journalists will be disappointed if there's not another big interruption where they can write columns about in what football means. Man He is Peter. King is something else. He is committed to what he thinks he thinks that's why your rights I. Think here's what I think I think. Except, he knows what he thinks. And he says what he thinks all the time, and he will not be swayed by logic evidence, or maybe even say you know what I was actually wrong like you know on governor into Santa's did a terrible job. Okay Peter King for everybody. Apparently NBA players are going to be allowed to use recreational drugs as much as they want. In Orlando for camp, Disney or the NBA's Great Disney experience. That sounds like a lot of smoked up hotel rooms. Badging. Hotel rooms after. I can only imagine. All Right? Don't tell that the box billy when he comes. Here excited I'm Kinda shy, but mostly excited box score building. Give morning young man. What's going on? They save some Nascar Guy said that the Daytona five hundred race will only take place if there are fans watching it in person, which I don't really understand like the cards are really loud. Can they even here fans cheery anyway? also Minnesota's running chef Dalvin wants a new deal, but no sports. Sports Leagues can find a way to make new deal right now, which leads to the biggest story which is that the guys who baseball and the guys who played baseball? Keep breaking my heart. They keep fighting like when your brother and sister fight, and because they can't agree now. Mom says that no one is getting happy meals I didn't do anything wrong. Why don't I get a happy meal? Back to you? I like turtles. Mike and down. Very! Very Emotional Yeah Not He was. Daytona five hundred the Indiana. We'll take place in August. Why correct them? I get the point nine. He was yeah. You know. It's It's sort of a shot across the bow to the P, the governor in Indiana. About don't even think about trying to limit us. Don't even think about all. Wait a minute. You can't have fans. Because Roger Penske runs the indy five hundred and owns the speedway. Is a billionaire, and so he don't care that. That is a huge event and I. Think he's just putting out a chip. A marker to say don't even think about it. It's not the longest anyway Mo- by the way. But remember when given the chance, they'd love to write a four page memo with regulations the they just can't say you know what. Pandemics over open. Be careful. If you got underlying condition, you should probably stay home and we're back to life as normal. We shut down. Quick with no information will reopen without four-page memos cleanness do that. Walk One way where amassed. TAP dance around it's it's just nuts. And to get temperature check. My went into. Get my haircut yesterday. Really! What it what? It read normal. Temperature Ninety eight point seven. It's a little sweet. It's a great temperature. Tad Hunter. Is it a tad high tenth of a degree. Little. When you get your temp checked. You should ask. What what is it? What is it and then they go ninety eight seven. Eight seven. I normally were ninety eight six. Die and then run around in circles flailing your arms like grover. or Run out of the Salon and then cancel your appointment leaving a hole in the. Barbara's schedule or just say I'm sorry. I can't risk it I. CAn't risk it on one degree over him I left. The House is one or two thank God. Well good thing I vomited so violently right out my car window before I parked. I'm glad that temperature came down. I feel a lot better now. All right time for headlines are man. Pose is back in the house. He knows hockey and a lot more like you. Yeah. It's all good snapshot he scores on. This is posed no sports with to save brought to you by great mid West Bank for all your mortgage loan needs. All right good to have you back, brothers. You enjoy your last few days off. was great went out to Colorado to see my son and hikes beautiful canyons in. South Central Colorado and yeah, it was it was a blast. It was a great time very time I can just walking novel hills. He works for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department, so he was on a study for a bighorn sheep, so we were checking cameras and things of that nature walked right over A. Prairie rattlesnake that was pretty cool now. Overtures Richard Yeah walked right over. It walked right over a better than under staffed over it. Yes, you did not rattle. Rattle I. Just I. I! Would you know you're looking down because there's cactus everywhere in this was a baby. No, it was probably close to four feet. Oh Yeah. I WanNa see that picture of a huge. Can't tell the size of the snake by the picture, but it's it's there. That's what she said. It looks bigger depending on the angles. The light. It's actually bigger than that. When you walk in these canyons, there's cactus all over the place and stuff called. Yuka are note Yucca? It's called it's. This yeah, the spiny grass that just kind of shoots out like I don't know it's like like a one of those onion things that you can get at restaurants where they kind of flower up or whatever you just pick them off and stuff, but he's steadily nonunion blue onion. Oh my Gosh Ryan Ron. You can raise your leg along it, and it stinks about an hour, but Yeah again. I'll I'll send this to you right now. Zave sounds like a Gorse Bush. If you're in Scotland. Course doesn't sting Yuccas even worse. Yeah, it was. It was it was not yeah. Yeah, so no, we had a great time time major. League Baseball Players Association will reject the owners latest proposal to start the corona virus delayed season. That's according to Ken Rosenthal of the athletic. The owners proposed a seventy six game regular season that would guarantee fifty percent of players prorated salaries. The latest offer also included expanded playoffs from ten to as many as sixteen teams and would allow players to recruit recoup up. Up to seventy five percent of their prorated salaries, the union wants MLB do adhere to a previous agreement that would pay players. They're full prorated rate. Despite the gap negotiations, Orioles General Manager Mike Elliot's set on a conference call. He was very confident. There will be baseball this summer, but you just keep shaking your head now I just don't know. Why does he say that bear? The Josh didn't Josh didn't understand that the latest offer from the owners. Was Essentially. The same I'll run the math for you. This from Mike Access. Rights for CBS sports about Major League Baseball the owners I offer was eighty two games at a sliding scale based on whatever their formula was, which came out to about thirty three percent of what their normal salary would be. Then the owner players came back with an offer of one hundred twelve, and the owners said well instead of one hundred twelve hundred fifty games at straight pro-rated pay, and will go, and that turned out to be about thirty three percent of their salary. Their latest offer is seventy six games at a seventy five percent pro rated they. which if you do the math is? Can you guess right? Josh? What the number is this this? How `bout thirty three percent of their salary? As somebody tweeted. It's pretty gracious of the owners to come off their hardline stance of six of one and moved to half a dozen of. So that's where we're at right now and. I have very little. Hope at this point. They're going to get a season and if they do, I've already said the moment is gone. Pose that it will not be a feel good season. It'll be a Liga Tori dash for the cash for both sides. Oh yeah, so it doesn't mean I won't watch it. I'm not. GonNa. Be Happy about that. That's the point I'll get over my disappointment in this whole scenario once I see baseball again I'll be. Sure you know I mean right I don't I I honestly don't care what he makes. WHAT THE OWNERS MAKE! No just play baseball with. You're supposed to entertain us. That's why you get paid. Millions of dollars you get paid. That's why you make the billions of dollars you make play the damn game. Let us have some fun. Let's you know. Get our attention diverted somewhere else for God's sake. Yeah! It sounds like Josh's wife. The sex is bad, but she looks forward to being disappointed by. That was brutally honest. Holly and sadly that sounds like right. That's that's really bad, but that's love worst segment with Pos. Ever that's love for you're right there third eighties. Savage. Nasty, Man University of Wisconsin football and volleyball players returned to campus yesterday for the first time since mid. March this is a voluntary return amid the coronavirus pandemic with this week, consisting of initial health assessments and covid nineteen screening. And conditioning activities will begin next. Monday this comprehensive plan by the Department to ensure the health and safety of their student athletes at everything goes well in this first phase of the returned to campus, basketball and hockey players will soon follow Chris McIntosh Deputy for Wisconsin was on the Mike Heller show here in Madison yesterday. He's still optimistic that the fall sports season will start on. On Time Badger football scheduled to begin Friday night September fourth against Indiana at Camp. Randall Stadium in and Cook is not happy with his contract. He's got one year left on his rookie deal. That will pay him one point three million dollars. He apparently no longer will participate in team related activities, including training camp, and beyond until and unless he receives what he determines to be a reasonable. CONTRACT YEP still don't ask how that works out for Melvin Gordon yet. The chargers, yeah, and then now to the broncos, but yeah, and actually you know NFL. is still trying to determine when to open up team facilities for players to return No timetable has been set yet, but apparently they've lined up some protocols as far as you read the protocols. Cleaning and disinfecting medical services all of a sudden. Three tiers different entrances timed entry. It's it's crazy art. We gotta get out. Great to have you back? Send me that picture of the rattlesnake which we? Out To you, okay, okay cool! All Right? Coming up what's trending brought to you by Best Electric Josh? What are we got well? The Milwaukee County Zoo is going to reopen I'll tell you what restrictions they're going to have. 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Give them a call today at four, one, four, seven, two, seven, Eighty, seven, seventy, or visit them online at best elect dot, com, best electric connect with the best. Zave yesterday the Milwaukee County Zoo put out a press release letting everyone know that they will be reopening, but. Some restrictions. In place, okay, all right, okay, so restrictions for starters there were you all? Are all the animals going to be? Available to see no, are they gonNA open at twenty five percent animal. Animals do how how do we animals I'm not kidding Oh. Zoos can open their like. Where's the cool animals? They're like now. They're not here, but. We've got our worm exhibit, so go into. The, worm exhibit, so the animals that are only in inside buildings will not be available if the animals have an outside space, then yeah. The worm towed. A Taurean will be on the outside. Who itself? The outdoors zoo is still not open. Our resilience, most obser-. Opposite, okay, so indoor closed outdoor, open, correct, select the Aviary, not open the rat fish, not open correct. But you can see the elephant. Let's see the penguins and. The Tigers Raff. Open. So Open. It's good open. There's more to this though I. Even if you're zoo pass member, anyone who's going to be going to make an online reservation. Beforehand and there are a limited amount of spots for each day. In each time interval. Makes Sense makes sense because that's how the protests worked as well. You had to log on and say what a protest! And had to pick a time. Get your ticket exactly so this is just common sense. All visitors are required to wear a mask. Of course outside outside. Yep. all of the high touch areas as they say will be closed including the goat yard zip lines pony rides etc.. Train. Like the train yard yet. No no French kissing the orangutans that is. Could spread the Rona, which is a very popular thing the? Tank kissing booth at the Milwaukee Yep. What about food are they going to serve food? They will have a limited menu items. And it says that bidders visitors can bring in food and Non Alcoholic Beverages Still And there will be. Set hand sanitizing stations all over the place dealing beer. I, it does not say that. Will Win. Will they decide? Okay now we can open the door. Right. What metric will they look tour or teen days to make sure there's no increases in zoo visitors in kroner. They wouldn't know who got it from the zoo and they're gonNA. Come in. No it doesn't say. At what point did they go? Okay, we're going to this Dec- The micromanaging the fingers in the Pie. Every step of the way that nobody has the balls to go world. Come on come on. We're open. We had a hundred thousand people in the streets in Milwaukee the weekend we're we're. We're not too worried. Let's go. We're open fully open. You gotTA micromanage. You gotTA. Say Well. We're taking precautions. All right. If! You're planning a trip to the zoo. Know that the last time that you can sign up for for admission is one thirty as zoo does. Close at three, pm Do ten typical. No, it's usually much later. Oh so in other words. That's another restriction. Because the virus has a curfew. Will they. They're saying they need more time to sanitized. Exactly don't. For two hours. Is that what it is? Apparently. You know what safety first. There's you update. Joy The zoo, everybody. I don't mind zoo, but having been to plenty of zoos as a parent. If I never went to another one. I'd be all right good that. I, I can totally see it right now. I'd love to go get Jordi out of the house summer learning. It's something. Speaking of Zoos Joe Exotic has penned a jailhouse note predicting he'll be dead in two to three months. And then failing to read the room on the country right now compared himself. To George Flaw. Are you. He did he did he did he did he said quote. My soul is dead I. Struggle everyday to hold onto what little hope I can find. He says he's losing weight. He's got sores. That won't hear. He'll because he's not getting the medicine. He needs for his common variable, immune deficiency and anemia. Then says it's like George, Floyd. His message got lost on the riots. My message got lost for money and fame. Bitch Aero Baskin wants me dead Hey Joe. Joe. Read the room. Yeah don't get get George Floyd's name out of your mouth, stopping already attack. It's not like George Floyd. In any way shape or form, your misfortune is entirely. Self inflicted not so george void so sip it yet. Joshua's traffic. What's trending? Aim a man of thirty years old had an entire fish removed from his rear end after he says he sat on it by accident. So got stuck your. That doubt, no swam up. Swearing all the way up. The. On this story and that. Is Way up there. It's way upstream and the old muddy river. Known as. As the winding Anus River meant way up way up the Muddy River there you get so far up there. More careful when there's where they're sitting. You know. Make sure you got some pants on or something. Yeah so it went. All the way up, it did not the media report did not say the exact length. Of the fish, but apparently based on these species of fish, usually twelve to sixteen inches is what you're looking at Man. Out there are there apparently parasites that they say if you pee into an Amazonian? River can swim up your piece dream. In P P I. Don't believe that urban legend. I just don't because a piece dream if you look at it. Sounds Weird. If? You look at it it It breaks up into droplets as it falls, it's not as steadier stream as you think. It's the candles the fish. Is it really the toothpick, fish or vampire fish. Is attracted to urine? Okay well. Maybe the more you know. More you know either way. Diane he's just answer. A fish. Might as the guy. Sitting on facility, Jerry Inside Feld, having to have that removed. Little Jerry Seinfeld made out of silly noodles uncooked. Yeah. That's what they always say accidental. Yeah, now this got. I sat on it. It's crazy. They're, line, position. Dateline Chicago. Stay clear. Most violent day in sixty years in Chinatown over the weekend. Eighteen murders in a twenty four hour period twenty-seven murdered ninety to shot over the weekend in Chicago. Damn. Hoof. Steer Choir runaway runaway yeah. Well a man in Germany. He robbed a grocery store. He forgot one thing when he was leaving the. His eight year old son? Okay. All right I have these seven dollars and grow. Your Dad. I've just robbed the store. We gotta go. Go go go go go. Get your, Car Brandon. Gave as you sit what his car alright alright. I got my keys got my phone. Eight dollars worth of groceries. I still already points. Got Thinking good. Gets home. I forgot to me saying. Timmy with what do you think he was doing? Was He at the magazine Rack Looking at some He's necessarily. All the different sodas that he wanted to go. Your eight year old kid living in a grocery store pie sounds pretty sweet. Vegas. It's back. There's a video of a guy playing. In Vegas with a mask on and smoking and rubber game removes the mask. Yeah, and rubber gloves. or Medical gloves whatever, but he's being as conscientious as he can. Any still smoking. He pulls his mask down. The smoke comes billowing out. He pulls the mass backup and he gets that sweet action, so he takes the drag with the masks. Dhillon because he kinda wedges. In the side of the mask. And sales. To get rid of the. It's unbelievable. The American will nanny. He's trying to. Figure it out. One, just cut a hole in the mask a cigarette. The and it's the same thing because the mask is purely for performance art. At that point, it's not for any actual safety reason if you believe. Basic Common Sense. You just want to feel better. I guess. O. N.. Down Wendy's says they're beef. Supply is almost back. Who to normal right? Nature is healing. People are smoking in casinos are beef supply is almost back to normal. Where's the beef? Pella rest in peace. You Sweet, Old Lady! Where's the beef? The beef is almost back to where it needs to be. Good climate on. Base is the beef supplies almost back. But what about baseball is it back? Is it near Grover or is it far? He's near. Yup, they're far away. Baseball is so. Good, luck on that front coming up. It's a Tuesday top three Tuesday. The trick is in the last. Each of us will give our three top three lists, and then you can chime in as well at the Pella W. I dot, com, talk and text line, four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three. Make your top three topical. If you want, go way off the beaten path, get exotic. Get us. Oh teric, get unique. Get Creative I. don't care. It's Tuesday. We'll take your top three is next. Jerry. Into three. Oko tween. Ask. Top three top three Mike Number. All right here we go. The trick is in the list the rankings. Debatable. Top, three lists that died at the goal line. Maybe you can help me push them over you ready. Top three scandal codes number three a Qr Code. That's where you hold your camera. up to the square little hieroglyphic. And it launches an APP. That says Oh. I! Know what that is. Number to the old Barcode which revolutionized retail? Oh, by the way. One of the most important inventions in retail, just put a tiny little barcode on every product packaging. You can then price dynamically inside a computerized system. You didn't have to put physical price tag on every stupid item. And then number one. WHAT'S THE ONE S-? Cannibal your boarding pass code for an airplane. Is that a barcode or a cat scan it. Yeah, but what kind of coat? Code because it's almost like a mixture of a bar code qr code, so Qr Code Barcode and I don't have the third. There's one top three weird names. For things that go on your keychain number three FOB number two dungle. At I couldn't get number. That such. I get. That was guilty and and I actually googled FOB and. And it says what's the difference between a FOB and a dungle? So. There's actually websites that discuss it. I don't tell the third, though so there's a couple of teasers for you. there. texters, four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three, helped me out on my top threes that died on the goal line, as I couldn't quite get the third down for the top threes I completed top three best sports positions to play if you are fat number, three D., H. number, two kicker and number one. Golf. Top three things you can never have enough of number three USB drives number two bottle openers number one. The scissors never looked for more than two seconds for a pair of scissors. They should be allying all over the place. You'd be stepping on scissors when you need. Says you don't WanNa look for scissors. Top three dirty plays in sports number three elbow to the face number two tripping of any kind and number one anything testicular. Dirty correct pool Mr. do not do it. I'm trying to think by the way of tripping is legal in any sport. I don't think it is. Tripping is generally frowned upon even in contact sports. Where you're supposed to be able to tackle in football, you can tackle guys all you want tripping illegal kicking me and my fellas kick at her. Mr Dirty Pool all right. Those are my top three. What are you got? Josh Right? top three questions I've been asked in the last week by my wife. Number. What do you want to do for your birthday? This coming Monday. Number two. Should we get a puppy? Yeah Whoa. Oh number one. Are We having another child? She s how all of those questions in the last week. top three answers to those questions number three I don't know. Number two. I don't know and number one. I don't know. Okay I. Never want to be up to you. I got the answers for you. Okay, go, they go hookers. Yes, and already got to me. There's your answer. All right, so so, what do you want for your birthday? Hookers Should we get a puppy? Yes, and then, what do you want for your? Are. We GonNa Child Child a second me. So. That's interesting. You guys have talked about whether you have another child well. I wouldn't say we talked about it. I would say I was like she asked. About it. would. You like my thoughts on that. I know your thoughts can say them sure. Do you know what thoughts you. What are your thoughts are I'm good that that that I should be good. where I am. Well here's the thing. Kids are expensive. They are and messy. And they disappoint you relentlessly. But they're worth at all in the end, so says trademark, big kid industries because the big kid has. Yes they are. Kids are a relentless disappointment, and they're very expensive and they cost a lot of money. See! They aren't worth it, but they're so worth that the fleeting moments of love when they look at you and say thanks, Dad, all seven of them from ages zero to twenty one. It's all worth it. Wow, somebody says better. I'm just kidding. I'm not saying don't, but I'm saying it's perfectly acceptable to have one child. It's that very few parents do. Do you know how many people do you know that only had one kid by choice? One or two? Yeah, not many right. Because, the feeling is, we're supposed to have a family. And the conventional societal pressure and wisdom is oh just one kid. That's not a family. That's a lie. You Love Your Kid. And you can be an only child like you're an only child, Josh, yes. Now here's the thing. I'm GonNa Great U-turn. Great. Right hold on. Take three and look at out great u-turn okay good. The one that would rub his head I well, and here's the thing. I took Georgia to the park yesterday and he. I was watching him play on a teeter totter by himself, and I went of that looks. That looks like an only child problem. Watching. Do that which leads into my next? My next top three top three outside toys I played with as an only child. Number thirty a baseball would throw up into the air and pretend. I'm catching fly balls. How many traffic almost every time? Number two the stop. Off. It was a great play with by yourself and number one so sad. The passback half football. You guys don't glasses. This is Bollywood boomeranged. There's a battle that's literally. Half of a football so. It has a flat end and throw it up against the wall, and then it would come back to you so that you could pull my gun I'm looking at it right now. Whom I it's in the nose of its chopped off, so it's it's like you chopped off the front end of an airplane, and then you throw the flat part against the wall, and it comes back to you holy crap. All My life I've never seen when you can't play. Catch with the friend or sibling. Here's the half. Here's the the. The past back hat football. She that was what my parents said here. Josh trained smarter with the PASSBACK FOOT TRAINED SMARTER AKA. You have no friends here. Play catch by yourself. Wow Yeah, yeah, still think like you should only have one kid, but the demo video was have to doing it. Here's the thing just because you have. A sibling doesn't mean they'll wanna play sports with you. Just because you have, this is what you have friends for. This is what you sign up organized sports for I killed Kelly perform on the gridiron. You'll need to practice. So, you might want a little help. It's a guy throwing a football on an empty field nobody. That, he's got trained smarter with the passback of football training aid that improves throwing and catching skills. The passback is a composite material practice ball specifically designed to rebound when thrown against a wall, the passback helps quarterbacks improve throwing strength and coordination. Yeah, and Blah Blah Valla by practicing a large number of catches in a short amount of time. You know what it's not the worst idea in the world. Action drills for just have fun with it. Just looks like lonely loser. There's a guy that. Brings. There's a got long snapping the half football. To Camp Look I can speak from experience. Shake into. The passback is available in junior and officials side official official half size. I can speak from experience. Nothing made it more clear that you were the last Picton kickball that when you were playing with the passback half football. Josh, I'm glad that you you. Let let me on that I've never seen that before. Okay. All right, get what he got. Top, three awesome summer activities you do as a kid with your friends number three play baseball in the yard with the neighborhood. Kids must have been A. Number to chase down the ice cream truck, as it came into your neighborhood, and did the and number one the homemade slipping slide with just a tarp that you'd find in brawl yeah. Oh Yeah. Time and then, and then you chest was just all beat the hell, and then you'd leave out overnight, and then the grass would die. Those are goodwill. Dad Yellow you. Get a big mud pilot. Goes sliding off into the grass. Pooling up down their. Top three best ice cream treats for the summer when you'd get from the ice cream truck number three the push-up. Number two the drumstick. And no one the goat, the bomb pop. That is the correct answer. Yes, sir. Bomb, pop bomb pops days. Just to just the popsicle that's got colors. Lives in Congress in different flavors. A shaped like a rocket yeah yeah. Sure, he delivers Ivers, just different counts. And Blueberry. Bomb, pop if you like popsicles in the summer trippy. I don't like popsicles never did. I mean you're anti-american. have. You ever watched a pretty lady. Eat A popsicle. Kind of hot granted, thank you. Better watching ice cream. Circle gets the square. But but pop still you got a race to keep the sugary sticky drippings from getting all over your hand, and you don't have to with an ice, cream cone. Not as Oh, I would fight that or or Medical if you have ice cream and a cup? You don't have to well sure. So. So. I'm I'm I'm now deep into the wormhole of this website for this youtube channel. Called VAT nineteen. These videos including a video called Willett clog up fifteen pounds of butter and it's guy. Modern here. Because that's where the video that's where the video was for the football on this thing called. Nineteen sorry. So, we'll it clog is they're trying to clogged sinks? Greats? With a collection of the craziest clogs. What point. Video. No idea what's happening. Will it flogged. They put fifteen pounds of butter down the garbage disposal to see if it would clog the pipes. Do Toilets next. Do Toilets Next? Willett clog? Yes I! Just went to Italy. Not a problem. All Right? Get your top threes ready. Four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three is the. You did get all yours outright. They've got one more. We can do after one more. One more top three ways. Baseball could screwed up more than they already are number three play with a yellow baseball the entire season. Number to make the teams were actual wool uniforms like they did back in the day old times and number one put a team in Jacksonville. That would totally suck. Here's a video. These clothes are made entirely out of candy. Close out of. All right. Let's take a break and regroup top threes from you on the text line next four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three. You're listening to the Steve Zaven show right here on the game. have. 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Knowing that everything Pella does is measured Pella made and Pella installed right here in the USA and backed by some of the strongest warranties and the business, plus you can breathe easier with a twelve year two point, nine nine percents, APR, financing, option or five years of no interest, and then five months of no payments see set your free consultation today and see what Pella can do for you. That's Pella Wi. I. Three. Tuesday get him in on the talk and text line Pella W dot, com, talk and text line, four, one, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven three. To six two says foundations build me up buttercup. What's that about? Could question. I'm assuming that was one that was from yesterday. was what they were doing. One hit wonders I think. On the Chuck and wicked show yesterday. They're doing one okay. Why is it not displaying for me correctly, okay? Let's see Oh look at this. Tim and the six Oh eight top three things. Zave knows nothing about number three the pandemic number to the corona virus. Number One cove nineteen. Tim. WHO This is his first text to us? Thank you for joining asked him. Listening Tim Tim is like Super Big on team virus. I think he's mad that anyone is questioning. What we've done in response to the virus because he's saying I know nothing about it I, wonder if like to come on and have a conversation. We can compare knowledge about the virus. Maybe Tim is an epidemiologist perhaps. Why has tim not texted us before? Josh any ideas on that. No. Interest No, maybe maybe just found us on the iheartradio APP. Madison so we're on Madison. Got It interesting. Hi Tim Welcome to the show. Moving right along. Let's see top three things Josh should ask his wife this week. John and some. Good, one number three did I tell you I? Got A new eighty inch flat screen and it's being. Tomorrow. Get number two. Where are we on Pet Tigers? One thing Josh should ask his wife this week. When Jordi goes to bed, can we maybe do that? One thing I really liked that. You're not that into. Anymore. top-three crappy giveaways at a trade show number three canned cousy number, two and number one. Tutsi roll. I disagree with the CAN. cousy I mean you can never have enough like you said scissor you can. Never you can never know. Cancun sees so really I think I think a lot of people have enough and cousy. You only only can have one camp while you get to Cancun at a time, but still a man needs only one good can cousy, and that is a foam cheese cousy if you ask me. Are You you? You're not on board the pen you have any idea how glad I am. That people giveaway pens with their business on. Have you ever had a by pens? I mean look at this Cup in the studio. There's about twenty pens in three cups in the studio. There's plenty of pens. Life! Yeah and that's the thing. Now. You'RE NOT GONNA. Take the free pen if you don't think it's. We'll know if you're snobby about that type of stuff, you probably not take. Rachel stuff anyway. You like I. Know You like the pilot G. Two. You always have. Pilot G. Two. Oh, seven caliber, which is the straight medium, and I'll take it and bluer black, and that's it. Either one is fine although I do have a green one here for some. Read One. If I'm correcting papers. Yes, with do all the time as adjunct professor right four, one, four top three creepy guys in shows and movies number three stalker janitor guy from the bodyguard number, two penny, wise and number one dirty randy from the league. Dirty Randy's hilarious I never watched the league, but I know it's given top three craft beers number three Lakefront Ip number, two boulevard tank, seven and number one new glare screaming I P A. Have you had? Or. Is that a misprint I, assume a misprint? No, IT'S A. TYPO. O Double Ip O. so that it is a glare screaming. WPA John in iron, Ridge. Thank you. For that AG in the nine to our only having one kid by choice, could for you. Support those people encourage those people it is. Legal and just fine. Don't feel like you're living in Communist China where they have a one kid policy. If. That's all you want. That's all you need. Love your one kid. Make sure he or she has lots of play dates don't spoil them. And go on about your merry way. Out Buddies, had one kid, and you know as a kid got older and I got out of high school. He was like God. Life so easy, and he's like yeah, pretty much one. Nothing wrong with it. Man Love Your one kid. Have your one kid. To Sixteen thinks the otherwise only child's our Weirdos. Ou- Josh. That's a direct shot at you Mr but he's not necessarily wrong WHO WE ARE DUDE! That is true. There's no obstacle Jason top three reasons. People don't wear a mask number three. I've got trouble breathing. Number two caused me to break out number one. If you looked like this, would you cover it up oh humble, Brag. Lou Right there. I got an email from Chad in me A. Chan. He says regarding masks. My wife and I do food delivery to families on Mondays and Thursdays and the organization that sets it up wants us to wear the mask. Pack the Food and delivered a homes. Even though we just put the stuff on the porch. There's no face to face I've got one of the scarf style masks and just leave it up from house to house. We're driving around because I feel like touching it and moving up and down. Down defeats the purpose. If there is any purpose I can see why you think I, look more on though just pointing out and instance where I wear one of the car I don't wear one regularly being outside like biking right right bike riding golfing. ETC doesn't make it right, but just my reason. Chad Michigan Chad. That is perfectly acceptable a you're wearing it because the company that you're or the entity are working for says. Could you please wear a mask? Even though you're dropping the food on the porch, which okay? And, secondly, he's got a ban. Dan Mask like Josh is now in your? Home a y'all share Co.. And BANDANNA masks that require you to tie. Them are more cumbersome to get on off. I'm talking about the blue. Double Loop. Just flip it on. Flip it off. Doctors Mass. That's not even surgical mask I guess it is a surgical mask. It's just not a respiratory. Infectious disease mask that being worn in the car is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. It takes two seconds to flip it off and people still don't. Yes Josh, I would like to bring up a text on the. Dot Com. Talk and text line from Andy and Madison. Who is responding to Tim? Saying Tim is Cory Kobe's Dad. Oh which we did. I didn't know that now it makes more sense. For Your Kid, you know, get good good. He's sticking up for Corey. Cova, the Jeremy Lin of viruses. Started, hot huge sensation, and has totally faded and will pretty much forget about him soon. Corey Colas status as it was. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you, thank you for that one Let's see rfid tags could complete your three some. Of things fobs dangles and our F. I. D. Tag so there's that. Phil Madison, said how `Bout Retina scanning. To go with our Code Barcode Retina Scan. Is that a code? I don't know. Top three random brewer jerseys, you see once a year. Number Three Royce Clayton Oh. Yeah, number two Jim Abbott. And number one hood Deo. No, he was actually pretty good when he was here. Four hundred four keychain bottle opener. all right there you go. That's the other thing you need under teaching. Top three codes Qr Code Barcode and guy. Code says our friend. Mike in Madison Ohio the Guy Code. That's a good one. Two six two, Ninja Nate to port. NFC near field communication, most phones have it. That's how we use. Apple and Google pay true all right the old NF NFC out lanyard. Somebody says. One Ninety seven number one code is Morris Code Chris in Whitewater. One Ninety seven number, code. Number one code is Morse Code One ninety seven. What does that top foods and Taco Bell Matt and cut a three Chiluba to breakfast crunch rap. And number. One the cheesy Gordon Dot Clutch. Let's those right answers. Four one four top three transactions in the sports movie number three Bobby Rayburn signing with the giants in the Fan Number Two Jack, Park men signing with the Indians in major league. Two two. And number one the junior US hockey Olympic team adding Ross Tyler in his knuckle puck. Del The US to the gold medal in deed to the mighty ducks just watch last year last week with the kids. Digit. Top three fences. Says, the two six to number, three picket number, two barbed wire number one shady joe behind quick trip I. Don't get that offense somebody. You can buy illegal. Shady Good Yeah. Yeah. Wonder why they call selling goods on the side that are stolen fencing, because guys would sell them over a fence one once upon a time, who knows? Hind the fence that you can't see who you're buying from. Top three canadian-born actors I'd love to hang out with for a day number three Dan. ackroyd number two Seth Rogan Number One Ryan. Hilarious. Is is so dreamy and yet he's so normal when he when he pitched Deadpool, he was at the super bowl doing radio row. And like you was just totally cool normal like I thought you'd be stuck prick, because look how handsome your and you're a Hollywood star. Now. He was just. Answering answering questions from kids. Here's unlike the BBC or something. That's pretty funny. Jody and Hartford top three sexy women. You were talking about yesterday. Three Lindsay Lohan number two Sarah Michelle Guy Ardo. Assuming that number one Jennifer. That has to be a voice to text error or she. Ardo a lot in text messages. At Bonnie. Top three things to do at the zoo number three see all the fish will never catch never to see all the animals on never be able to hunt. And number one visit. The ex- mother-in-law at monkey. mother-in-law's shot. top-three oddly satisfying landscape projects as Mike Ohio. Three pruning shrubs number two, thinning out dead in a tree number, one removing gurgling routes from large trees. Yeah. He sent me pictures. Look at those look at those gurgling routes. He's getting rid of. Cod, Mike. Your way into landscaping quarantine has gotten to my friend. You need to get back out and self fertilize removed sus landscaping. I guess he chops them. So you cut them off and then it doesn't suck away for. Five done my last bit of landscaping. I'll be very happy can't wait business. No I have not yet eventually though I will. Top Three Guest Interest Jacob van number, three, banging the drums all day for nags number, two careless whisper ferment Miller. And number one you wreck me. For Drew Olson. Who by the way is coming up now? baseball pass plus there's a story about Angel Hernandez the worst umpire ever and he's a total paranoid weasel. Comes to his own disciplinary hearing, such a dip Wad. I'll tell you story next. Why can't we guys likeness fire? This bad for God's sakes drools is next ongoing. Soak it in and let it wash over you. The Great Tom Petty. With would you call this a beak through? I mean it's not like it's not a well known song, but it's not like the top echelon of Tom. Petty songs right a deeper cut definitely, definitely, a deeper cut, not a top five. Spin. But it's really really good, and what's great is that it's very simple, right? It's a simple handful of course right that is, that's the genius of absolutely it is here. Let's turn up and enjoy you wreck me by Tom. As people know all of our guest. Contributors have control of their walk up on the program. Decision that I mostly in find with except I regretted case. Matt Miller, because you know. His walkouts lamb. I Just feels weird, but that's okay. It's his so there you go drew we are. We are going. We're doing the dance with baseball. We're still doing the dance and I love how the owners came back with another offer. That was essentially the same offer just dressed up in a different way. It's almost like the owners think that the players can't do math or that. They don't have lawyers who could do math. There's new same thing it is finding creative ways to say folk pro-rated. Things like full prorated on your eighty two game schedule full. They're still around the same thirty percent that they'd been locked on trying to dress it up in different packages with the PR battle. In the Court of public opinion and make the players look like they're greedy bastards for not taking the scraps that the owners are offering them, and it's just you when you when you look at it and you crunch it. I have to starting to believe I didn't want to, but I'm starting to believe. There's a cadre of owners that don't WanNa play at all because they think they'll lose less money if they don't play and they don't WanNa play. And do you think that those owners are deaf or blind to the auxiliary damage and the optical damage by not playing any? Yes I don't. Care I. Don't think they're. They're on a business here and they're looking at spreadsheets. Growth of the game and antagonizing fans and poisoning the well. They're not worried about that. Look what's happening with no minor league baseball like what if? What if this week they decide we're at an impasse were canceling the season they could reboot the minor leagues. But they won't, but they could. Yeah I'm looking at the list of owners in Baseball I. Don't think about baseball owners that much. It's sort of like NFL owners I feel like I. could name almost every one of them really sprawls. Well, you won't try me go well I gotTA. Get, her get wicked list. List of NFL owners, and let's see how many I can rattle on about the NFL goes division by division. Gerry! Snyder the mayor family. There's the NFC east for your. alphabetical order because that's how I got on my list here. He's going by division well, that's tricky. I'll just go division by division. the NFC south would be the Benson family with the widow, because the old man's dead for the saints. The glazers in Tampa are the current owners are not Bryan Glazer and siblings. Yes, okay, and then he got Arthur blank. Who looks like some kind of comic villain with his mustache and his look Anna and you've got the new Guy Tepper in Carolina Nip. NFC central no owners with the packers Green Bay? Packers family the green. They've mccaskey family with the bears. The Ford family with the Lions and ziggy wealth with the Vikings. Proven my bona fide as yet so we need to go through. I figured Jacksonville Guy was the most famous and then shot they. Shot Mark Davis. Now Baseball I. I probably would bat thirty percent. How do you feel you do on Baseball Miss? Symbol not great i. don't think because. Turnover and there's been You know you know about the the will ponds, and you know John Henry in Boston. And you know the Steinbrenner clan and people like that, but there are of the. Lesser Teams I don't think every guys that I know. Are Ryan's dorf Jim Crane in Houston wilpon with the Max of course, our owner Marquette Nausea I know, the learners in Washington. Peter Angelos in. Baltimore hasn't been relevant forever. You mentioned John. Henry with the Red Sox. The Ricketts boys in Chicago with the cubs. Larry Dolan with the Indians about it, though DEWITT for like a lot of these guys, you know Ken. Kendrick is the owner of the diamondbacks now. WHO's that dude? liberty media owns the braves now correct. Bob Castellini owns the reds I would have been in a million years drew. The owner of the Red Bob Castellini. He's No march shot. Charlie Montfort owns the rockies. Who is that dude? John Sherman owes owns the royals. Don't know him. JIM POLE AD owns the twins part of the family. There John Fisher owns the athletics John Middleton owns the phillies. Robert nutting owns the pirates Ron Fowler owns the padres. Charlie Johnson owns the giants. Who are these guys drew now? I know why some of them are like. We'd lose money by not playing. Who cares to these guys even like baseball? Great question I think like money more than baseball. Well that's the thing they they don't like baseball. You know old Alan h ceiling. He loved baseball almost too much when he was owner, and then of course commissioner. Now just a guy who goes and gets his standard haircut in hot dog. I mean these owners drew they got to. They've got to think. What is the damage long-term by not playing? Yeah this is where they do. Miss Bud. Because his biggest strength was building consensus, it wasn't always as fast as everybody would have liked, but he got once he he would get rare that he would take a vote when he didn't know it was to be thirty two nothing. You know it was right he he didn't have dissenters. He Won. to His sad. I'm looking at the purchase prices of a number of these franchises. So, the more recent sales like the royals went for a billion. The dodgers went for two billion to the Sky Mark Walter now. The marlins went for one point. Three drew Yeah Hard Lynn Orleans one point three, so this is the slowest three billion. This was my prediction. I mean a couple of weeks ago. Is that you were going to see? In sports, because of COVID and if they play fantasy games, especially in the NFL, but baseball, for sure you're going to see expansion run rampant, because the quickest way to make money in sports is to expand, and if it's a billion dollars of franchise. Hello Portland Hello Nashville welcome to MLB. They haven't expanded like eighteen years right. Do you think that that's a possibility because I? Think it's a sure exact guarantees. A sure thing I think it's A. National Days. What about Charlotte Charlotte market. They've talked about a lot whether it's Vegas Charlotte Portland. Would Be Charlotte Portland national needs else. Portland needs a stadium, so that might be a tougher sell, but anybody who builds a stadium in his viable is going to get a look and they're going to let them in because. It's a way for the owners to divvy up a couple of billion dollars welcome, and that's the way to recoup some losses, and it's been a while since they've done it. Here's the thing that. These guys are all obviously smart businessman. They but they should realize there's damage beyond just hey will lose less money by not playing. I don't know how much money we're talking about. In fact I think. Somebody ran the numbers I believe. Jeff Passan ran the numbers on ESPN YEP. Any said it's nothing in the big scheme of things, it's nothing. It's a couple of hundred million dollars per team. For team valuations that are close to a billion and an operating budget of like twenty billion, like baseball makes big of pavilion or twenty, thousand million, a year, and the losses for the owners would come out to about eight hundred million total so less than a thousand less than one twentieth of what they lose. It's insane drew. It is I'm with you. Are you. Are you optimistic or pessimistic right now? As of this morning eight, seven, forty seven am on a Tuesday I'm still optimistic because I can't fathom the stupidity and not playing season. They had a chance to be I back, which would have been spectacular situation to being given his thirsty as we are for sports, but it It's not looking good, but I'm still generally optimistic, but I'm I'm in the I think it's. Fifty five maybe sixty forty that they'll play, but the Ford is gaining. The forty s gaining. Angel Hernandez. Is he not the worst umpire in the bigs right now? He is the on the Mount Rushmore of worst officials and sit the history of sports. Yes, he's the worst baseball right now. His judgment is bad. His knowledge of the rules is bad. His demeanor is bad at least these Jack layers much. He's right. He's he's he's week with the rules has bad instincts and is a jackass with players other than that. He's a great guy and he's also an eavesdroppers. There was an incident in twenty seventeen, where they'd a fourteen minute delay in a game between the raiders and the red sox other as move their pitcher to first base, and when that happens, the team moving him loses its D. H.. Hernandez had to be reminded of that rule by crew, and he screwed up another ruling concerning the batting order, it was a fourteen minute delay as they tried to untangle this ball of yarn after the game MLB had a conference call to go art fellows. What the hell happened. We can't have that and they're all on this conference. Call on separate lines, and after Hernandez was question about what he did in the incident, he was told to hang up so fellow Umpire Ed Hickox interviewed Hernandez allegedly didn't hang up at instead listened in after expressly, being told not to. Jesus. Ed. Angel, we can hear you. ozark! Now, that's not me, not me. This is This is Devil Fernandez Not Angel Hernandez. Just here on the. Here for the X Y Z. All Angel Hang Up. So why can't they fire? Guys like this drew cigarette question. He is cuban-born and he's he he he. He's had listed transgressions. The bad calls are one thing three incorrect overturned by replay in the first four innings of game, three of the two thousand eighteen the lds. Gets playoff assignments. Well then he then he didn't. Don't talk about playoffs then when he didn't pass them over, he'd pitched playoffs, right playoffs Oh, and he, he asked homer after homer Bailey through his no hitter. He asked him for eleven signed baseballs, which is kind of a known. Eleven yeah. That's seemingly a lot like one for my kid. Be Okay Eleven hundred kit too many, yeah! Eleven. That's an odd number. was that the number balls left in his pouch I I don't know maybe yeah, Bro! How many balls umpire having his rabid pouch? What do they call that pouch? Pouch Pouch. Ball Pouch all pouch. A. Probably six I don't know six never counted. Top three. Tuesday brought some stuff to the table. I love it top threes. What do you got Mr I? Don't know if they're going to open. But top three. My top three favorite of the newer ballparks, the classics, not the elderly, but the classic numerous ballparks top three new ballparks, meaning less than ten years number three, well, the newer generation twenty-five years, number three coors field spectacular venue. Cool. I love the I love the The the Colorado topiary display in Centerfield you know. Fine trees and the blue spruce. That because who says they're not. I remember to. Number! Two PNC park majestic view Pittsburgh skyline which you didn't know, was that cool until you sit there and gape at it. It's fantastic. It's really getting better. They have a baseball team. They're all right number. One the Oh, gee to me still I love Camden yards everything about. The setting, has it? Has It withstood the test of time? Yeah, it really is good. It is a stupid stupid warehouse. You wouldn't think a warehouse without much charm, but it does. It's right and again it's too bad. They have not been relevant for years now. Yes Baltimore top three things. I don't miss about being a homeowner number three cutting along number, two tie mulching, and pulling weeds, equally backbreaking stupid activities. They're number one worrying about a rain like tropical storm, both for my basement and how time when to put fertilizer down, so it won't rain wash away. To? I'm just so I'm getting I'm getting closer to that than you can imagine you're. I looked at the whole that white. How about property taxes didn't property taxes now top the list that's on the list as well, but there's. There are other offsets there and then number three I'm sorry. Top. Top top three things I enjoy about staycationing. That are better during staycationing number three workouts when you have nowhere to go before and after a workout and can do it more leisurely. It's more enjoyable workouts. Two more enjoyable during station number two watching mindless TV shows when you don't have anything to do before after you can leisurely watch parks and REC and mindlessly watch them. It's better at number one best thing about the staycationing. That's better everything else. Everything else. Did, you have a stake Asian. He's on vacation one right now on one all right now, but you're you're. You're so so in other words? This was your one big thing to do today. Is. wide, open the boxes check and I'm ready. Boxes Checked Very light to do list twenty minutes. He acted with me. All right drew a talk as always. Thank you, brother, let. Coming up third hour the program in next hour we'll talk to mark Bayden meteorologist on channel. Make me. Put me on the spot here. Channel, Twain chief meteorologist set everybody cheap right, cheap cheap pay chief. We'll talk to him about the big wet spot. That's coming more don't. This is the Steve. Sabin show of the game now here is the say. I was surprised. At how. Few of the major league owners. I actually recognized. Yeah, there's some really weird one on that list that you like well. Who and Two six two says Weird Flex Zave on the NFL owners, but okay Hook Him I. do like the Okay Hook. That's a Tom Herman expression when his former assistant tried to blackmail him. It's like okay him. He's like cool. Hook Him. He didn't care. It's like all right whatever. I'm not, I'm not humble bragging about the NFL owners just saying. I guess, we talk about them. A lot more. We know about him a lot more. The NFL is this better soap opera. The NFL is episodic is week by week every week is an episode. Tune in next as the Seattle seahawks traveled of face, there are tribal the San. Francisco Forty niners. What will they do? The niners are on a two game losing skid, and there is concern in the bay area. Next week on as the NFL turns. That's what's great about the NFL. The Monday through Saturday Is so good. It's so full of stuff second guessing strategic questions. Why aren't we doing this? How come that guy fumbled? The referee screwed us on that call. And on and on and on Episodic Great Soap Opera Baseball this just every day. Is just an everyday seige of all right nine innings boy twenty-seven outs. Get after it allowed him up when it's all said and done, doesn't it seem a little weird to though with the owners just because? Of Baseball, not having a salary cap? I feel like because of that. The owners should be brought up more. In topics of conversation regards to baseball but. You're right. I! Guess you're right. I I couldn't they're just? They're just mercenaries. They're just guys that by teams and they run them for the money. They just don't care about baseball's historical. Place in American. Culture. And what it means, and why not playing would be so. So bad. Only about four hundred and sixty four reported deaths nationwide yesterday due to covid nineteen reporting of deaths is very uneven, a lagging indicator and sometimes they back file deaths, and so it's if you look at the curve for coronavirus deaths like the front end is pretty even the back end. Though is all Jaggi. It's like down up down up down, but the overall trend when you smooth it out by average, it's all down. I would imagine if this trend line holds and if there's no big pop from the recent run of protests and large gatherings. That by July I. Know, it'd be under a hundred deaths a day. Which would be? And then. Would be great and it will be great because Corona viruses are seasonal. They do run in conjunction with flu seasons, but imagine sitting there July first. Today a reported seventy two additional corona virus deaths, and honestly seventy. One of them could have been something else. They might have been. You know old ladies on a bus that went over a cliff. jeeze sounds good example. Seventy say seventy seventy two deaths, July first nationwide in a nation of three hundred and forty two. Million people give or take seventy two deaths in baseball. What are you doing? God. Is that going to be bad? Luck right there. Could be getting in a crackerjack eighty two game schedule. An eighty two game schedule that would started July fourth with a full post-season would have been thinking about that. Boys think about that. That actually would've been great. Laureate would have been. It would have been like a half, sandwich and soup. At a restaurant who doesn't love the half sandwich and soup combination cup of Soup Half Sandwich. That's all I need A. Baseball, and the playoffs, starting on July fourth. Great and they're not GONNA do it. They're going to screw it up because these billionaires and these groups. They've assembled Mark Walter of the Guggenheim Baseball Management Group. That owns the LA dodgers. Who bought the team for two, but that a billion dollars in twenty twelve. He doesn't want to lose a couple of hundred million this year, so let's make sure we don't play baseball. I love when you look at the the purchase price of the Yankees on that list eight point seven million. Yeah right exactly and some of the on the Wikipedia list what they are bought for. Teams like the current owner of the twins bought the team for forty four million so he bought the team for forty, four million back in eighty four this. Family Yeah. They've got a beautiful new stadium outdoors, which is kind of PSYCHOTIC, but hey Minnesota Yo. They like it up there. And Minnesota that. Isn't that what they say, that's how they say exactly. Like we say here in Wisconsin Minnesota Minnesota's GonNa Minnesota Yo where we can't do anything about it. That's a forty four billion forty four million dollar purchase. That is now worth easily one point, five billion dollars or one thousand five hundred million dollars so forty, four to one, thousand, five hundred. You do the math on that a lot too much math help. It's a lot. Guy Made a baseball stadium. They made a model of Kauffman stadium entirely at royals, baseball cards a good guest. Twitter is something else to worth one point three billion dollars right now on yeah. Yeah exactly. And so does that mean I'm siding with the players like while you sounds like sounds like you're on team player here. You know that they should get a full probation. Of. Their salaries No not necessarily. But. It's Kinda hard to be on management's side on this well, we'll see. They're both wrong. This? We all lose. So gymnasts? And Nick. Faldo will not be together in the booth for CBS on Thursday for the start of the Charles Schwab Challenge. Colonial at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth Texas. apparently Faldo's going to be an Orlando. In a studio. And Nancy is going to be there alone. I haven't read yet. Get Her why. They felt that was the wise way to go. I certainly hope it's not because of covid nineteen kids. It sure seemed that way. We'll put a plastic divider between the two like they did for the the Tiger Peyton Phil Golf, match. You know just you can do it in a way. Like is fallow too lazy to get on a plane. What the Hell and of course Nance says he needs to strike the right tone. which you can understand, hello friends. They're gonNA. Have just the all three announcers. Nansen the tower, dottie pepper and Mark Immelman on course. Other town what about Faldo? Baker Finch, Novela? We'll all chime in from the Golf Channel Studios in Orlando. You know I would like novel Oh to be relocated to or have basement. A concrete basement in. Gitmo where there's no cell phone. That would be a good location for frank novels, so you like him. Randall Brando you're absolutely right. Brand will get such good shot there you know. I had nothing to the broadcast will. They'RE GONNA they're gonNA, says are GonNa Mike up as many players as possible. A Remote Confession Cam. That'll be settled. Says perhaps near the tenth tee as an example where players can voluntarily step in and provide a twenty second sound bite. All Right? That's Kinda cool, and no no OP survivor. Ask right there, isn't it? You know we did that Sunburn Bowl one when people were voting for MVP, Josh and I set up the camera there. Right I got all that video. Yeah, never looked at it, yeah. I should probably get it out, edited it and posted. Since. Eight almost seven months no six months after our trip. It's been a that video coming. I'm working out at every day by working on. I mean thinking about and then not. That's like me and my Diet I think of all nine every day and then I. Go on I don't. Know. I need to dig out on it, but yeah I should pull that out because there's probably some interesting stuff that you know there. There will be some good innovations that come out of this pandemic, regarding coverage sports and television. And this might be one of them but I. don't know why fallow can't get Dan plan and go there I. Guess Maybe doesn't want to I. Don't know I. Don't know just as they wanNA reduce gymnast personnel. That's what they offered. And there'll be no piping in fake noise. Okay okay. And Nancy's going to have a big monologue to start the broadcast on Thursday. I'm sure it's going to be well written and devoid of plugs for his overpriced clothing line. Vineyard Vines. Of course. It's nice stuff. Yes, of course St. Hemp Pizza has debuted. In the frozen pizza I'll josh go to you for more details. Palermo's pizza. Our friends at Palermo's have brought hemp pizza. To us. With their urban that. There's hempseed in the crust. So they compare it to say you're. You're nine grain bread. That will have a little bit of seeds in the bread itself. There's GonNa. Be some hemp seeds in the crust. And it's they have a whole line of flavors. One we'll get. You will get you high. No. Okay, so it's not actual. Marijuana's not know Ham. See nothing does not. Just, a byproduct correct okay. It's a byproduct of the plant. Okay, but you'll be able to get it in quickly. Chicken Pesto, six cheese, spinach, an roasted mushroom and pepperoni chicken sausage. Okay cool. I mean they just keep doing things? The Beer We can ask Ted about a two now. You're going to see. Nick Fluke I believe on from Palermo's yesterday on their show so question. Could we engineer a pizza with THC, the active ingredient that causes you to get a little bit high and silly. Into a pizza. Not whether it's currently being done or even legal. But could food engineers create a pizza? That simultaneously gets you high. And Satisfies The munchies. But you get the munchies. High. So. This! Well so combined that you would. Right, so in other words you would almost cut the munchies off at the pass, because by the you got high for meeting that THC pizza? You'd already be full. which maybe wouldn't be? As good I, don't I don't know. Subdivision about Joshes. My brain hurts now you know now you know why the rest of the world hates us. Here in the first world. We're thinking of ways. Hey, could I make pizza? That gets me high just by eating it. YEAH WHY NOT WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY! Let's do it. All Right Ted. Olson will join US next ten days. Olsen! Olsen. Next. Drew Olson Ted Davis Ted Davis voice in the Milwaukee. Bucks. It doesn't look like he's going to be gone to Orlando. He's probably not totally disappointed by that, but the NBA has a plan to restart, and we'll talk to him about the bucks and what they need to do in their chances next plus plate bricker Swish. You're listening to the Steve. Zaven show on the game. How great is the weather Ben Lately Fresh Air Sunshine you love it right well. After months of being cooped up staring out those windows, who wouldn't be enjoying the fresh air? Don't you want that fresh air and sunshine to come pouring into your house through brand new beautiful pella windows? Of course you do, and right now Pella has to make it easy and affordable to do your choice of twelve years two point, nine percents, APR financing or five years, no interest in five months of no payments. Pell has been in. In the business of fresh air and sunshine for ninety five years, they've got innovations like the between the glass blinds and shades to let the sunshine in as much as you want away from dust, dirt and little hands plus Pella's amazing role screen. Let's a breeze in anytime you want, and then it rolls out of sight when you don't need it feel invigorated. Knowing Everything Pella does is measured, made an installed right here on the US of backed by the strongest warranties and the business plus you can breezy breeze breezy. Breezy easier breath easier with a twelve year. Two point nine nine percents, Apr.. Or five years no interest in five months. No payments certain restrictions apply set your free consultation today at Pellet Wi. All Right? We gotTA plan. Restart the Association of Box Ron at an NBA championship. Shell resume and we're all excited for Ted Davis joins US now voice of the Mid Day host right here on ninety seven three game. He is brought to you by Palermo's Pizza May Game Day great with Palermo's delicious brands of frozen pizza, including Prima thin screaming Sicilian Connie's and urban pie Palermo's Wisconsin's. Town Pizza Ted Good Morning. How are you? Good Morning I'm doing fine It occurred to me that yes, we do have a plan, but it's still six weeks before we're gonNA. Do a game, so it's not on the horizon, but. At least they're gonNA. Come to finish looks like. Well, the good is, is that once they report. That'll be something to talk about and Kinda. Get excited about and once they start practicing. You'll be another inflection point so hopefully it will ease into it. You know because this is. This has been such a tough stretch for all of us in for a season. That was a dream season. That? We've been waiting for for a long time. So the fact it's going to get started up again. We're all very happy. You're not going to Orlando Right I. have no idea I haven't heard anything officially. there have been indications that they want to limit the traveling party. Normally. When ANY NBA team goes on the road. They've got upwards of fifty people I think they're trying to limit it to thirty or thirty five. So that would take out some seats on the plane and so I haven't heard it actually I would think that what they might do is have the national broadcasters inside the bubble in any local broadcasters, TV or radio, would be done from a remote location probably in the home cities, obviously and local TV only does the first round wants. That's The the first round has done. It's only national TV from that point on. If they gave you the choice, would you go? I yeah, it's ideal to be there. I've never done a game off a monitor in a remote location so I think that would be a challenge from You know just seeing things that you would see when you're in the arena. WHO's coming in WHO's reporting to the scores table? That kind of thing I think things are gonNA. Miss from a broadcast challenge It would be something that I would look forward to in a way because you know, I've been doing this for forty eight years and I I think I can make any broadcast sound good, and that would be something different in resume. What if they told you? You have to quarantine in your room for seven straight days, not leaving your room. If you wanted to go down and broadcast, yeah, that'd be at least you're at a nice hotel. You know you could You could ring up room service, and they could I, don't know seven days late only room. Leave the food by Your door. Days. What would you do it though I bet you would. You're such a game where you're like the be there for this, if at all possible well, hopefully if they start if they start remote, and if things go well made it a loosen it up at some point along the way and you can report. Here's one thing I've wondered as teams get eliminated, the bubble is going to get smaller and smaller. Because when those teams are done, they can go home. So if you get down to where you only have the final four, so to speak the two eastern conference team, and the two western conference teams. I would hope that that point they might consider allowing the teams radio broadcasters to go down there and do it because that would only be adding two more people to the bubble. Obviously, we'd have to be tested and all the. Things that are going to have to be done, but I would hope that they would consider that for the conference finals, and of course for the NBA finals. I predict I'm wrong often so I may be wrong. I predict the conference finals and the finals. We'll have fans in that small arena in Disney. I think it'll be fun. It'll be small. It'll be raucous, but I think it's going to happen. That's my prediction. Possible I think they. I, don't know I. Think they're still Leery of everything and once sure everybody in the bubble and they're doing the testing and they know that nobody has it I. Think they'll be very leery of bringing anybody in from the outside. Even though if you limit the number talk in September. So. October for the finals. I hope that's the case. Where do you stand on piping in crowd noise? Yay or Nay Kinda Gimmicky I think it might be unique. Just a the guy is talking as they would on the floor during a game and we don't hear a lot times I mean some of the stuff they might have to edit. I would suppose, but it would almost be like. You're playing a really good pickup game at the Y. on a Sunday morning i. mean you could hear everything all the trash talking going back and forth I think it might be kinda unique without the crowd noise. Sure capacity at the wild wide world of sports arena on campus at Disney is eleven five, so it's actually bigger than I thought actually. There's a couple so there's the arena. At Espn Sports, says eight thousand, and then they how each piece fieldhouse which has. Fifty five hundred, so having that must've been. Eleven eleven. Was the Baseball Stadium Action. I'm looking at this. Point eight eight all right well. Still it's It's larger than high school gym smaller than a NBA Arena from the buck standpoint What's job number one once? They get their dribbling basketballs together and practicing. Do you think ted? Back in game shape and you can't do that until you play games. Really I mean you can run up and down the floor and practice, but nothing simulates real games, and that's why I think. In retrospect, it probably was a good idea to play these eight games, and for the bucks it'll be interesting to see how they approach this. Because you WANNA get your players in shape, but your magic number to wrap up the top seed in the East is only two. They've got a six and a half game. Lead over the Raptors, so they've pretty much got that wrapped up. So how do you approach it? Do you play on us? Thirty thirty minutes thirty five minutes. Because that's what you want him to do in the playoffs start. How do you ramp up to that? It's almost like you're going through another preseason where you start with the minutes low, and then you try to build up as you get to what will be the real games when the playoffs start? What hotel the bucks are going to be in. We heard one, but I don't I. Don't know where it is. They're all going to be in one hotel, so every team will be in this one hotel and they're trying to leave. As as tight as possible. Wow that was saying so cool. And a hotel with the greatest basketball players in the world. Ted. Where did you place on earth? Where did you hear that? It was places I never supporters, woes and Be At one hotel the. Better be the Polynesian because that's what the Lopez boys called Dibs on and the most sacred thing. There is when you call dibs on something anything. All right, and then are you going to get into the the bubble teams and not inside the bubble, but those that were included beyond just the sixteen that would have otherwise made the playoffs I saw some computer simulation that calculated the number of times those lower teams would win at all, and it literally came out. Two Zero tries out of ten thousand runs. Yeah I mean they're going to have these games to. To determine the eighth seed The East is not dramatic at all. The wizards are way behind it behind Orlando. The only thing that could flip is Brooklyn and Orlando could flip that would affect. The Bucks Mask John Wall's not gonNA come back from his injury. Kevin Durant not gonNA come back from his injury, so we don't even have that to look forward to I guess I on GonNa play. I. Think is GonNa. Play and My? My Co host Dario Melinda has has a conspiracy theory that they want Zion. Williamson in the playoffs to match matchup against Lebron in the first round so somehow Pelicans. We'll get the aid. Oh Mario Dilemmas Mario, Mario Mario silly silly man loved that guy, okay time to play bricker swish here. We go around the horn. Quick statements and Ted will deliver his verdict. Is it a brick or is it a swish? Swish Mr, Davis Palming, and or crossover carry dribbles in the NBA are an epidemic. That must be cut down on for the integrity of Dr Naismith, game, brick, or Swish I've kind of brick that one. I've gotten to the point where I realized. That Allen Iverson started this thing. And now everybody does it if you look back at old films of Oscar and some of those guys Jerry West. They had their hand on top of the ball and it almost looks kind of weird. Now the way they dribble We've seen the palming the crossover for so long. Just let it go. Ten! The bucks will still win the NBA championship this year. Regardless of all the hoops they have to jump through. They're the best team I think. It's GonNa come down to either the bucks or the Lakers and clippers, and I, think the Lakers of the tougher up so if it comes down to Bucks Lakers very even match up. I don't know how that would go, but since I want the bucks to win I'll go with my heart switch. BRICKER swished. The Clippers are the team from Los. Angeles that scares you the most. I think Lebron does an Anthony Davis does to me. That's That's a one two punch. That's pretty potent. I realized that Kawhi Leonard Is there for the clippers that Rick I'm GonNa go with the Lakers. bricker swish super size, fries, always brick or swish. Depends on, if you really really like the fries now when I went to McDonald's and they had great fries. Yes, if they've got a little soggy prize. That can't say wreck note. There's a button. that. Brick. brigger switch Ted. ABC will have to hit the dump button a ton because of players, swearing and having that leak through know crowd noise. I would say swears because a lot of talking that goes on a healthy. Shane's of thoughts and ideas as I. Describe it sometimes, and you'll have it on ABC, you'll have it on ESPN. TNT. Ya think they're going to have to have somebody like you, Josh. You're right there. That's your job. You're manning the dump button. Somebody's gotTA. Be Manning the dump button. BRICKER Swish. If you get to go to Disney the to foods, you're dying to try the Alcoholic Dole. Whip and the jumbo Turkey leg. I don't even know what the first one is, but I like the Turkey legs, alcohol, Dope Pineapple, ice, cream and rum. Oh. I got an audio bricker Swish here. We go to the movie hoosiers. Should be over swinging around in that fits. Blocking, paint, dry breaker Swish Hickories, opponent, hoosiers should have defended the picket fence better because they saw it in a previous game or on film, pricked or Swish. Could be able to defend watch. Your opponent is. Coming. That was their patented play. Old, Duggar. Highschool was the name of High School in that movie. Okay last bricker swished Josh what he got bricker switch Ted. The Palermo's new urban pie thin crust with. Cross is going to give the Prima thin a run for its money as far as your favorite. I haven't had one yet. We viewed it yesterday talking about it It looks like it's fantastic. I WANNA try all of them in particular the uncured pepperoni. Six cheese pizza because I'm not a cheese pizza guy, but that one sounds good so swish. Bricker Swish when you get to Disney. If you go, you will ride space mountain from the front car as often as you can. See. Here's the Disney I've never been to Disney and people who have been to Disney are shocked by this, but here's what I tell them a lot of times. If I'M GONNA go, it would be in the summertime, which means it's hot. Live and lots of screaming kids, so I'm out. Out. All right very good ted. Thanks for your time will listen to you today at noon and say tomorrow to lend us for us all right, thank you. There you go. Picket, fence. I seen the. Movie. I know, but it's such an easy play to defend I mean come on. Slow motion. And Mary Go. say. Yes Josh when looking at a few reports here It doesn't look like they announced what hotel it would be although they say that the pop century resort is the largest has the most rooms and would be a great location in regards to where it is near the ESPN area, but the quality is far far below. What these MBA! Expecting yeah. So. They're remodeling that building fast, or it's not happening the. Question will an NBA player. Take the social media Yes to Gripe about. One hundred percent, yes. FUCA. Hanger I'd like to hang out in that hotel. Hundreds of the world's greatest athletes basketball players just chilling playing hoops for the summer with the Larry O'Brien trophy at the end of it. That would be fun coming up Mark Bayden. Wins N twelve chief meteorologist hurricanes become tropical storms then they become tropical depressions and then become big wet spots. If they've got all the way up the country and hit Wisconsin, which is apparently what's going to happen? We'll get the local cast from Mr Biden next. Radio. Riders of the storm. Doors. Even give them a chance of him. Sorry. Should've known that. Takes a while to get to the. I wanted I wanted the rain. The Rain is good because the rain is coming weird that we didn't play. Blame it on the rain, but that's just me. Right a lot of rains. For more on the big wet spots coming, mark, Bayden joins us now. Chief meteorologist W. I S. and I'm a big wet spot. Market is not going to be a tropical storm. It's not a tropical depression, even can. New Nickname. By the time the time it gets here, what is it mark? Is it okay if I? Don't use it on the air tonight. Sure Yeah. You could probably isn't technically be a tropical depression when it hits southeast, Wisconsin is not it will just be the remnants. It is It is no longer a tropical depression as we speak, but is reading the rarity of this making it to Wisconsin. That's that's the fun part. Yeah, it's crazy. This is only the fourth time ever in recorded correct history wanted I records. Go back to the eighteen eighty so There's there's there's a few years there. How does the system like this? Swim straight up the country fighting the jet stream and the land for that many miles to stay, even that sounds like a as remnants. Exactly so it's a unique situation because there's a very slow moving cold front that's sitting out to the west of us, and that's kind of like bringing the invitation for this tropical system as it hit Louisiana actually moved to the North West. If even moved to the northeast, normally, something is GonNa is GonNa shut. This is going to push this to the east. Normally, there's a culprit that's going to push the or as you mentioned the jetstream that the jetstream as we move into the summer is not nearly the big player that it can be in the winter because i. I know you already knew this Ah, that nearly as strong, and there are times that it doesn't really move across much of the United States which it's not doing much up right now, so there's nothing that's giving a nudge, and so this is actually giving it. The impetus pushed itself to the north, and this one will be as a meteorological geek that I. am this what it's going to be the farthest west and the farthest north tropical system, the remnants of tropical system, and ever made it in a record keeping so it is a long day from meteorologist across the catcher. No, it is cool and I'm thinking first of all. Where else have you worked in television? Weather before I started in Columbia Missouri, then went to Sioux City Iowa Saint Louis des. Moines, and now it's taken be twenty three years to finally make it on to the Steve Statements show. The while here you are, and what a big day it is so in other words. The places you've been all find cities you mark have never been in the hurricane game. You'd never worked in marketing. West Coast Florida where you get to get into hurricanes, hurricanes while destructive and deadly are cool ass. Things from a weather a person standpoint. No question now I did talk my company years ago to covering two different hurricanes covered perking Francis in Florida and then I covered Hurricane Rita that was the storm became after Katrina, hitting in Beaumont Texas for that so I was able to be spent dorky Guy. WHO's standing out there? Getting pelted with rain and the winds hitting them, so that was It was a great experience with. Tornadoes you don't get a lot of those. either. When was the last Tornado one Wisconsin We've had one, but that was a grant county. South Western Wisconsin. We had twenty two last year from maybe a few more than that, but there. Most of those were small. We haven't had a Akron. Wood, we haven't had a really large tornado here. Actually since probably the Eagle Tornado, which is almost ten years ago, so wow, it's been a while we're. We're doing this thing. Do and why don't Tornados come that far north because not enough, warm, moist energy on the bottom side. That's more of a planes thing, yeah. Yeah. There's there's obviously the planes will. We'll see more of the action because that's kind of dividing line between the cold air from the north, and then a ton of moisture, and warm air from the Gulf of Mexico. We can't get that here. I mean we have had terrible Tornados in the past The the Barneveld Tornado, which was an es five with the anniversary of that was it was back in nineteen, eighty-four, the anniversary of that was yesterday that a terrible tornado killed. Quite a few people so it can happen here in Wisconsin, so it's my job to take Take the apathy away. To realize it will happen here and It's a matter of time we don't live in Tornado. Alley I'm okay with that, but I still want people to always be ready, because it's still will happen here at some point. New Jersey and Philly caught a d'auray Chico. Last week and the D. C. Area those about eight years ago and it was a son of a bitch. It's basically a line for those that don't know markle expound upon it. It's a line of severe fast moving thunderstorms. Where if you look at the radar, it's like a giant bow, and it will have read read on the radar Marl for literally leaving three hundred miles continuously in just rakes across, and it rips everything up knocked down trees. It's a mess. And it's cruising now. These things are amazing. We've if we had them certainly here Wisconsin. We have to last summer but that was only a northern Wisconsin was almost back to back, and so for those that are are going up north. They noticed a lot of places. It's just lost. Thousands and tens of thousands of trees that are still out now. and we have had it. The worst one that I've had in my career. Here was actually Memorial Day weekend of Nineteen, Ninety Eight. We had a director that came through southeastern. Wisconsin with winds up to a hundred thirty miles per hour. Knocked out knocked out power to two hundred thousand people. It was probably the worst craze at since. Hundred and thirty. That's a straight line cat for hurricane, isn't it? Correct exactly holy crap. Yeah, those are those are bad. I don't want those and not as bad from a damaged standpoint, but one of the other. Weather, phenomenons, and when I was living in Chicago, there is one of these the cutoff low. Off, low that just loses its MO JO and sits and spins and rains and rains and rains I think there was one of those triple. Yes, it was like for a week. It just sat there off the coast of Lake Michigan like no, I'm not leaving. I'm just GONNA. Sit here and rain. I hate those. They just impressed I had no idea that whether it was in the interest in your in your category, it's just this is new information. Interesting everyone everyone can be a weather fan. Hell, it affects everybody. Right Josh absolutely mark. You brought up earlier. How you were so glad that after all this time you were finally on the Steve's Avon show I was just wondering how it felt to. Beyond The seas, season show, and then become mark the big wet spot Bayden. believe we have been called a lot worse than that. That's my new nickname. I'll so that leads me into what I WANNA. Talk about. Is You're? Better. Yeah, he's been called worse by better as this thing called worse by needles probably in one day probably. Already numerous times. Yes, how how much do you get on twitter from people when a storm is coming? time especially you know I mean there's two different things that really give people going. Is this a you? Break into their program because we have a tornado. Especially, if it's like the bachelor or something eventual or when? Or the NBA finals, which is complained oprah was on. Oh, my Gosh, you can. You didn't WanNa match the Oprah Fan. 'cause you normally think Oh, you know this a loving show. Tornado warnings giving cars away Mark Kelly! They lose. They lose their niceness very very quickly. so it's and the other thing is is if of course you miss you miss a forecast especially, if forecast snow, and so if that ever happens, it's relentless. But I've grown a very very very thick skin. There's not a whole lot thing. You gotTA. Basically. That's the only way you can do it I understand. You're a pretty enthusiastic golfer as well. I. I play a lot of off a Wednesday. I'm a good Golfer but enthusiastic sure I do I love. I love the game. It's it's aggravating. Is You know what, but it is? It is awesome. When we gotta get out and play, and and my whole thing about you know golf and weather. Is. I used to be very sensitive to like. What's the weather going to be trying to plan and dumb? We're GONNA play or not and too many times. I bailed out of playing mark, and then the weather turned out to be fine. Because what? BE IF HE GETS UP. It's going to pass by now. Here's one of my secrets. All often put in thunderstorms in the forecast, if morning tea time to try to keep as many people. Weight. Wasn't that a plot line of curb your enthusiasm? It was yeah, that's right. They'll love it. All right well. Look how how much rain we're GONNA. Get here from this the remnants of The? Heaviest rain is going to be in western Wisconsin. Wait way far away from us now. We're still going to thunderstorms around here both days Austin. Don't get outside and enjoy it. was off today, and then probably after four or five o'clock, we'll start to see somebody thunderstorms. They're going to be kind of crazy going to be moving very fast south North so we'll watch him pretty closely. Closely the one thing that can dennis concern is you see the remnants of a tropical system? You get a lot of low level. Wind Shear, so won't take a lot to get some spin up. Tornadoes, and a better chance of that will stay south and west, but even here. There's a slight chance that we'd see that in our area, so I'll be watching that closely, but again. This is later so. Is probably half an inch, maybe three quarters of an inch and it'll be quick. It's GONNA come down fast and furious and move out rapidly. Take an extra club for that. Wind Shear, good advice from mark bed. The Bait Westbound W is central chief meteorologist. Thank you mark. We appreciate it not the last time we all year round of golf. Throughout they've. They Mark Bayden. Who hates that new nickname but? Mardi de thrown. They have their own life. They have their own sort of You know I don't think it bothers. Fight 'em. It has a good ring to it. Man, I don't think it bothers me the big wet spot Bayden. Hopefully it makes us to his wikipedia page also known as the Big West fought. When he came on the Steve, Zaven show talk about the remnants of Cristobal. Only the fourth tropical depression remnants to ever hit Wisconsin. nerds says the four one four all love weather. But. Would Click. Yeah every look everyone knows about cut off lows come off. Lows are the house guest of weather that never leaves. They are literally the worst. Let's hope we don't get one of those a time soon. Very just text me said I never want to be on with you again so. Our coach Don. Nelson prayers, that's most first time guests say that. That's not unusual. Occurrence. Madison. You've got Dan Patrick next we've got nine to noon with John Kuhn. He's up. We'll play five wide, but she's still on paternity. Leave, but sure Mr Kuhne as a big show lined up. We'll find out what that is next. Fit. On the Lynch Guanaco, Total Traffic Center I, forty, three, northbound, the offramp to. We are now five. Nine to noon with tune is up now we go five wide or four wide Ryan Butch is out on maternity leave. Packer Legend! John Kuhn here with US top three Tuesday top three fullback duties. top-three absolute fullback Must Mr here. We go number three. Hold onto the ball. Number to know the snap count and don't jump. And the number one fullback duty. pancakes some mother. Yes. Yeah. Yeah Pancake Block and do you guys talk? Pancake blocks ever? because. Oh Linemen! That's the only way they can get any stats and they need to feel validated too. So when you're in the meetings, the pancake block counts as a plus, plus you get graded on every single play in throughout every single game, and you get scores at the end and a plus plus basically makes up for a minus earlier in the game, and you can make a comeback with a pancake double, plus okay, so coaches still talk about that. There's a reason why get her can chime in on this we have. We have a buddy. Brian theat- who is A. He's a big boy. Let's just put it that way, right. He's not spelt, but he's also not ashamed or shy, no nope, and so so so one year in Vegas. We decided to create an alter ego for him just for goofs walking around Vegas. You know and so he called him Steve Robinson and his backstory coon was that he was a fullback for the arena football league team that was in Milwaukee briefly. What was it? The salience Mustang mustangs, the mustangs, and so the stats would. This. Vertical because he was this fictional. Oh, no, thirty six pancake blocks his senior year in high school or college or something like that was that the backstory Pancakey much I'm wondering from a guy really in the Biz if they still talk pancake blocks, and we created a fake twitter handle called pancake thugs sixty nine. Pancake real mature. A. Pancake blocks or when you take your guy straight to the ground. Just Bam, you flatten man right. Yeah well, there's a couple of different ways you can get a pancake, but basically a pancake is when you take the guy to the ground, and you get down on him now. If you just if you just knock them down, it's just a D. clearer which it might not be a plus plus you just knocked down. Maybe he tripped maybe stumbled, but you knocked him down right pancake is he goes down and you go down on top of them like flattening pancake. How about writing a guy out of the picture of the all twenty two? That's a pretty good one or writing a guy out of bounds. As a block. That's pretty good yet. No, so that's a good one to you. Write him out of the picture. Take all the way out of the picture, but if you take them all the way out of the picture of the tight copy, and then they go to the wide copy, and you pancake him off the tight copies film that is the Holy Grail of blocks because you've now taken the whole way out of the picture, and then you finished with a pancake on top that is the holy grail that had locked. What about if you throw in like a people's elbow at the end? Then, you're just. You just play with houses money you can't get. You can't get more than a plus plus plus Josh. That's the best you can go all right well. I'm learning here. Do do film sessions? Amongst the team room, especially after a big win, they get Kinda Fun and and Chirpy. Guys are chiming in like elegant that great this great that. Oh Yeah. You see some pretty exceptional things. What's great is you're you're so focused on your position and you and and maybe your position Roman. What the other guys around you're doing it. Sometimes you miss great things that happened in the game and it's not until you watch film that you see it mostly for me, it's throws or catches. Throw looks great on on the field, but sometimes your point of view. You can't really see it and sometimes you're playing, so you've really don't get to see it. Boy I. I've seen some brilliant throws from from the likes of Aaron Brenton, and drew brees just throws where they shouldn't even thrown it, but it worked I. that's the coolest part about watching film today after. Whenever. There's a good jeff or Gif on the Internet at a label at a minimum fifty loop rewatch like there is one of grandmother and mice. Coming around a corner, and she literally just went straight into the hood of a car face I. Hopefully, she was okay, but it was so funny I said that's fifty luke minimum rewatch. The throw from last year that I would have bet would have been a fifty loop. rewatch was a rogers backfoot scrambling in Kansas City. You out of the back corner of the endzone. Was that Devante? I can't remember Jamal. Williams Jamal Jamal right right exactly that was so sick. That was the throw. The year I got to imagine the boys in the film were like. Run it back right up bag. Lou, that man! Yeah, I mean I know. We watched it and we weren't in the room with the guys, but we watched at. Thirty Forty Times just because it was just one of those. Aaron Rodgers first touchdown passes. A starter was very similar. People don't remember this. It was a Monday night football game against the Vikings. Maybe it was Sunday night against the late I ever start by Aaron Rodgers Brett Farve, two, thousand and eight, and he threw a ball where he was jumping spinning to he was rolling to his left, jumped, and spun to his right through the ball back to the left, and pieced it about six inches above the ground to the wide receiver who was a fullback, playing titan on the opposite side of one of the best rose I, ever seen in my life, no doubt. Vintage Aaron. Rodgers and he's come to do stuff like that many many times since then. That sounds super interesting. Let's get back to pancakes. Coon I need to know your personal. Take on potato pancakes. Well I. Mean I don I tried them and they're okay for me. If you're going to have that many carbs, it might as well just be the full flour and dough. Let's get an airless mixed. The exits beat it all together and come up with a good flower. Pay Kick I. Don't need potato pancakes. That's really just hashbrowns. See you're in the same Zave. Thank, I, don't understand. pancakes are amazing I can happen at breakfast. You can emma dinner with a fish fry. Their credit hashbrowns. Jeff. Farmer in the sixteen hundreds make a potato pancake. The potato famine. Oh, my family almost died. We made pancakes. It's bad now. This is the twenty first century were living in the first world. pancakes out, Outta, flower boom and done so there we go. We've talked pancakes. What's on the show today Mr Kuhne? well, we talked in a pre show meeting about who is the X. Factor for the bucks this year and in one article that that has been recently released it somebody. You're not exactly thinking of who could be the guy to lift the bucks letting. Love it I can't wait. It's GonNa be a long slog to get to July or August. I should say, but we'll get there. And hopefully the boys will start to report soon to Camp Orlando where apparently they're going to be staying at the pop. Century Hotel and many people have chimed in just in the car, says no way they stay there. It's only a moderate resort it's. It's barely yeah. Resort I would be. Surprised if that happens, they did not sit like no room. Service is at vending machines. Almost most I mean. It's like you enter from the outside Joel. Yeah. It's it's. Called Dibs on the pond. So so they they have not confirmed a report of which hotel they're going to stay at, but there are reports found out from Todd Davis earlier that all of the players are going to stay at one property and the biggest property dizzy owns. Is this pop century which is apparently near the ESPN sports zone area? There ain't no way they're staying there. No well the contemporary they could stay at there's to. Is it possible? Is it possible. That Disney said we got. We got reserve the Polynesian for high dollar. Without seriously. Can you imagine if they if Disney? Bayton switch to the NBA essentially all we'll have you for three months, and they're like are great where we stand into like pop century like. No pass anything else. nope aspect. Pop Century because he didn't come to the infomercial to get the timeshare down there so the DNA. Time! Wow. All Right Tag. You're it nine to noon with Kunas next I'm out of here. Thanks for listening have a grey Tuesday. Watch out for the big wet spot and we will see tomorrow.

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