'Valentine's Views' podcast: Where's the value at WR, TE? Draft analyst Matt Waldman tells us


Welcome to another edition of the Valentine's views podcast giants fans a week ago. We had Matt Waldman of the rookie scouting portfolio on with us. And we spent an hour or so talking quarterbacks, but that is not all that does met discusses Matt is knowledgeable about all of the various skill positions. So today we have met joining us once again what we're going to do is go through the the receiver positions as they relate to the giants Mets on the line right now. How you doing today? Matt thanks for joining us again. Thanks for having me back at a good time. Talk about quarterbacks in this should be just as fun. Well, yeah. You know, I got to give you a hard time though. Because since the last time, we talked I saw that you did Patty train us podcast. I saw that. You did big blue kickoff live with John smell. You know, come on, man. I'm telling you. I'm a I'm a mercenary. What can I tell you? How it just it? Just just tells you that you're a popular guy that people value your opinion, you know, as we do here. So that's good stuff. And I'm just I'm glad that people want me back, but you know, Patty, and I used to do art used to show together back in the day. And I always I always give her a hard time about steel in my guests. Well, she certainly she does fine work as well. You know, and and it was kind of funny because when I when I heard you talking about that earlier that she she she contacted million than I got the contact from feebles Schnell that was pretty funny too. So I thought it's going to make our time coming back on this show. But whatever it's worth, of course, I am. You know? Hey, it's it's all it's all in fun. And you know, it's all people love talking about the giants. And so let's let's do some of that, Matt. And let's start with this. The the news that broke yesterday was the giants signing sterling shepherd to a pretty long. I think four year extension supposed to be in the neighborhood of forty one million dollars. Just you know, from your perspective a quick thought on on the kind of player sterling shepherd is in the the extension that he got from the giants. I think it shows that they're looking for someone that they want to build his receiving core around, and they feel at ease the type of worker the type of route runner the consistency factor in his game is good enough that you wanna lock him up for a while. I get that. He's a he's a player that you know, reminds me a little bit of a former giant that I really loved in this in when he came out in the draft. And that was during the time of the Matt line area, which was Steve Smith. I was a big fan of the giants. Steve Smith before he got hurt because he could do a little bit everything he can stretch the field for you with tremendous quickness a clutch player. He was a terrific route runner he could play a little bit in a little bit outside as well as inside. And I think that shepherd is a player that I think they hope can develop where he has that kind of Steve Smith upside. And I think that he's already even if he doesn't reach that point. He's already reliable guy that you can lock in. Place. No that you're gonna get someone who can make the correct route adjustments be there for quarterback create a good target for his man and be able to help them move. The changes wells occasionally makes a big place. It's funny. You mentioned Steve Smith, I always liked Smith. But toward the maybe it was after he started to to suffer some injuries. I always think of him as catching fall down Steve Smith. Yeah. Guy that catch get make the catch and get down. No yards after catch nothing. Yeah. And that was that was it after the injuries at pretty much didn't form. And I think before that you had he was a guy who made Matt liner. Look a lot better than maybe liner was. So it was a is just one of those things. Sometimes it's a shame, but grew life spans are short in the NFL injuries that you'd factor for that. What is your take? Obviously the giants signed golden Tate in. I think we've talked about this a little bit. What is your take on the concern that some people have that that take in shepherd our guys that that have similar skill sets? And that it might be hard for them to play together. I think that I think it's there's some validity to that. If the offense doesn't show the magic nation should, but there are some differences here that are noth- to to kind of give them separate roles for take take can be more of a flanker in the sense where he's tough. After the cash he's a physical player. He's I think he's a little better than shepherd winning the ball at the catch point. And he has the speed to get deep, and we saw that with him in Seattle when he had the connection he had with Russell Wilson, you know, in Detroit, the the more recent exposures people had a think of as a slot receiver. And they forget about the fact that he wasn't outside presence who could win the ball in the air could get deep. An additional fact that he runs like a, you know, like a Scott back with a little power after the catch. So this is a physical player, and you get you know, shepherds kind of craftsman you get a real physical presence who can block who can you know, who can also be a presence after the catch in a way that construct the fuel horizontally for the for the giants because of the presence of saquon Barkley can split them out opposite sides, and you get the players. Defensive backs linebackers out to be equally concerned about when they have the ball in space, the other thing, I guess that. I think about is the fact that you have you know, offenses aren't static. These guys don't line up in the same spot, you know, every single time. I mean, unless you're running the Mike McCarthy, you know, offense ninety five ninety five percent of the time in eleven personnel. Which giants fans are familiar with? Thanks to Ben mcadoo guys move around. So I think there's there's that benefit to these guys aren't always going to be in the same place the same alignments, absolutely 'cause they're looking for matchup advantages, and you're gonna see certain things where baby teams will look at Sheppard and gold tape and you'll see vendors kind of look at the mess. The same kind of role in certain situation and realize that that kind of got numb outfox there and put into in the situation where take might have a little bit more of an advantage with certain types of routes or certain type of look, and that can lead to some stakes in terms of opportunities to create pre snap a mismatch is or league defenders into a false sense of security that there may be they may be running the blocking on this play as opposed to going out for a route. So there's there's levels things you can do. And I do think they're different enough players that it's that people are just kind of looking at. What happened lately with Tate in Detroit as opposed to what he was in Seattle. It'll be interesting to see what happens once the giants. You know, get into lab and get all these guys on the field and see what they can create. But I think we know, you know, heading into the draft here in a couple of weeks that the giants I wouldn't consider them to have a complete receiving core by any stretch of the imagination. So I would suspect I mean at some point in this draft that they have to dip into the receiver pool. So let's do that right now. And what I really wanna do. We're kinda going to go through sort of where the giants pick and the players who might be value at at the different spots in the draft. And to be honest. I mean looking at Tate looking at shepherd looking at Korey Coleman who they brought back. I mean, the one thing that the giants don't. Have is that bigger bodied guy that outside guy on unless you wanna make Evanston grenade to that guy. So we're kinda I'm kinda going to ask you to as we think about it to lean toward talking about about those guys that are a little different type of player than what the giants have now. Yeah, that sounds great. And I think before we do that. Let's just think about that for second to like two little cabbie outside like mentioned before really delve into this one is that it is quite awful that they decide that they wanna make Ingram guy that plays more on the outside and be more receiver and then they draft the tight end. And there's plenty of great tight ends in this class. So where you can get a complete tight end a better blocker than Ingram who might be a better interior receiver than Ingram. And then he could putting your money outside Lyneham win with his size in his speed. Leaping ability in the other caveat is this is that if if you talk to anybody in the scouting community. Who's who's who's worked in that community? You learn pretty well that that there's more variation in greats for for receivers among teams or between teams than any position that they look at in the NFL allow that has to do with like you were alluding to the type of position that type of role that you're looking at whether it's a slot receiver split end your flanker. Or if you're looking at players who can be combination of two to three of those roles, and that can filter your pool in a way where you may want. He may have a second round grade on a player and three other teams may have sixth-round grade on that player. So as we go through this, you know, you wanna keep that in mind because most likely, you know, I'm gonna name some players, and we're gonna talk about them in a second third or fourth round and some of the mega much higher or much lower interesting. But you know, at least. It goes back to the fact that there is no such thing as a hard and fast rule of you know, who the best player available is because two different sets of eyes to different teams, you know, even different scouts within certain teams will always see players in a different way. And it depends largely on on what they feel like they need what they're scheme is in. What players they're teaming that those guys with right? So where I wanna start is at number six. Now, interestingly, we were we were kidding about Pat traina in locked on giants the other day and and full disclosure here. I actually did Patty show earlier this week myself. You see see there? It is. Well, you know, I used to co host over there. So once in a while, I dropped by you know, just so folks remember me, but it's funny because she asked me what I thought if there was one sort of outside the box move that nobody had really thought about that would kind of turn the giants draft on its head. She asked me, you know, what that move would be. And I need to start at number six. I keep hearing that the giants are doing an awful lot of work on TJ Hopkinson. And I think there's no wide receiver that I can think of that that would have value at six, but I can't necessarily see the giants doing this at six with all of their other needs. But I keep thinking, you know, if they wanted to turn the draft on their heads Hopkinson. Might be a guy to look at it six. Oh, I think it's definitely something that you have to look into because he is that good of a player. He can start right away for team because he is that a block he you can use him on the wing you can use in line against offensive ends Outside Linebackers. You can use as a fullback you can split them in the slot or outside, and he can do all he's got the size already to anchor in hold up. He's a good puncher younger stands out. Get come off the line with his back loan as pads low. He can turn very quickly turned defenders quickly. He's a good lead blocker. So you get someone who's already at better blocker based on what we saw last season than evidence grow. And you get a player who also can work the scene down field and win contested plays and run after the catch. So if you wanted to say, listen we ever receiving core. We're just gonna put Ingram. You know at split end or put him at flanker. We're gonna put the other guys where the where they need to be. And we can rotate Coleman we can use Latimer in certain leverage situations, if he continues to show up, and if that's the case, then you end up consolidate your position and part of that is that you could use Ingram as the second tight end. He doesn't have to be on the front side of blocking schemes. So he can end you can be the guy can sneak out of the backfield sneak out off the line and use him on that level or you could be more multiple in your look. So you have two tight ends split. One out pre snap motion them to the receiving parcel. You can take advantage of what the coverage shows you. And now you're looking at a rob gronkowski Aaron Hernandez type of situation in terms of how these players could be used in the way that the patriots did your to go and that I can see why they're studying. That because when you have multiple tight ends that creates a lot of issues the colts did a lot of great work with that last year where they even ran things like three verticals four verticals using three and four tight ends. And looking like they were going to you know, they're gonna run the football. Just you know, compressed the box play you know, short short yardage football. And the next thing, you know, three of those tight ends or running verticals off out of the formation. They're getting big place out of that. And you could send e how the giants decide listen we've got saquon Barkley we want to look like we're going to be a physical power to eat. But we also want to be multiple enough that we can spread the field in as soon as as soon as the defense decides they're gonna use personnel and take advantage of them for that. So I love the idea is very creative one. We'll see if they take it seriously enough to to go that route. I have my doubts just because of all of the they've spent so much time talking about how much they need to upgrade their defense. You know, how much they they really could use a right tackle. And of course, you know, the quarterback discussion, which I don't think they're going to go quarterback at six, but it it's an intriguing idea. I just I think I would be I would be shocked if they pulled the trigger on it at six agree. And I think if they went really that could probably go around or two later there some guys that can still do that with guys like Dawson knocks of ole miss is of very fine blocker who has that same versatility? And can also catch the ball up thanking. He's terrific athlete is just underrated because he wasn't used a lot as receiver at ole miss. But he could be bargain version that for Hopkinson there's a guy really love tight end by traverse. John West go from West Virginia who's a former quarterback. When he came up or high school quarterback. But he's he was literally praised as part of the offense of live for West Virginia last year in terms of how Weli block he's about two hundred seventy pounds. Unbelievably quick really fluid hips can run those type of whip routes that you see slot receivers run. He doesn't have great speed. But he's very good after the catch. And suddenly, you have a guy who played a lot of fullback h back and also in line work in Trevan west co- at that could accomplish the same thing, you could get him may be on day two or maybe even days we. Nice. We'll get more into the into the the the day three, you know, type players as we get along here. But let's go to seventeen where I think it might be more likely that the giants I still think they're going to lean toward quarterback or or adding to their defense here. But if they wanted to add to the receiving core, I think hocken sin, you know, the way I the way I understand it the wit from what I've been told. I don't think Hopkinson is going to be a choice at seventeen I think he's he's probably going to be off the board by then. But I think maybe we start to get into a couple of the bigger bodied wide receivers that might be available guys that you think might be available at seventeen who who would be value guys who could get picked in that range there a lot. Guys, because there's even talk that maybe teams are starting to figure out that maybe we should wait on receipt of us were absolutely sold at the guys like the next Calvin Johnson. Now, I think there are a number guys in this class who are good enough to be franchise caliber receivers. But it doesn't seem like there's a consensus about that. But as a result, if there are if these guys are on the board, I think Akeem Butler would be in a mazing pick for the giants. If he somehow slips that far, and he probably will e six five to twenty seven he runs those whip routes at six five to twenty seven watch him against Iowa last year. And you'll see him beat a cornerback on whip route working inside back to the outside. We has to drop his way flip his hips in succession and beat the man so badly that he had to be tackled. So that the so that he didn't catch the target. Beforehand in basically committed interference. You don't see receivers that big run that unless our name is Calvin Johnson. That's I mean, that's how good of a hot fluid is now. Yes. Emissions which Rops? And so people often say we don't wanna receive who drops the ball. But you have to understand that the way the NFL if you really studying receivers, well, you can text relies what those drops are. And there's three types of drops at our common with receivers. There's the focus drops, which are just basically the equivalent of say, you're teaching your your daughter how to drive and you get to the stop side. And and she's like listening to the radio or telling you, something interns. Doesn't seem go Adam stop sign and she has to stop real quickly. You know, maybe she ran through the stops on over. There is one of those things it's just more of attention to focus. He used the correct ethnic knows what to do. But he's he's to focus on maybe the next task or tasks that, you know. Looking at the defenders coming or trying to talk the ball. That's mostly a key butlers issue. You know, but people off and make it out to be a secret more serious issue. But those series issues are technique driven. You know, not using the hands in the correct of position based on the location of the targeted to me. That's more. Like, you know, if you're using the drive analogy, it's kind of where you you're gonna hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal because you you just got distracted as a beginner driver in that can be dangerous, obviously, but you can go back to the parking lot with with student driver in say here, we're going to go five miles an hour until you figure out how they hit the break in the gas. You know at the right moment and not get distracted there. And the most dangerous one is where you you may know, how to hit the brake pedal, but you don't know how much pressure to put on it consistently. And you keep rolling the intersection with gas jar Barron down from the opposite side, and those are people who don't track the football while they just don't understand how really track where it should arrive in where they should reach four guys like Sammie Coates had that issue. Of Troy Williamson that issue. Jake Reed back in the day at that issue not always played their game. And so people sometimes conflict drops with that key Butler is a guy that I think is probably I think the best receiver in this class on. And I think he's the most versatile, and if they wanna be multiple use that versatility. He's the guy miles boykin. No, he's the real. Combine wonder is a guy with slot receiver metrics four point zero seven twenty shuttle six seven seven three cone drill forty three and a half inch vertical? Leap and he's two hundred twenty pounds and six four, and he doesn't have those hands issues at all he tracks the ball extremely well. He's good after the catch he strong. He runs to riff routes breaks back to the ball. Extremely well. So you can rely on him variety of ways. It wasn't talked about a lot. Because didn't have a great quarterback. And people wondered if he was truly that faster. Not. But you can see it on tape matches up as what you see. And then then another guy could be. Multiple is AJ Brown. Who's certainly, you know, more of a slot player. And I don't think the giants will go after him, but he can win the catch point. And you could probably put him at flanker because he's very good after the catch. But I think they need more of a split in than that guy beings. If you're gonna look for split ended this class decay Metcalfe's that guy decay Metcalf. You know, he doesn't have great bend with the way he drops his weight in his routes in and out of his brakes of and I worried that tighter coverage will Biggs Asir bait. That issue where now defensive backs in the SEC all over college are just scared out of their minds about getting beat deep by him. So they'd get a lot of cushion. But the same thing goes with him as I think he's so physical it the way he uses his hands. He so violent with his head that he can create runways just doing that. And and then he gets up to that fourthly speed that he has and he's off to tackle any can win the ball all the catch boring. He has occasional technique issues with. His catching and he also drops passes, but again technique is fixable. Just a matter of understanding when he needs to put his hands up high for certain types of throws as opposed to using a lower hands technique. So he's a little more. He's a little less refined than Butler boykin Brown of. But his physicality at high would use him as a split in. That's all you wanna use them for. It's like going to the hardware store and saying you want a hammer, and you're not gonna get all caught up whether or not the hammer concern into a wrench. He's a hammer. And he's a guy is gonna get downfield. Just have the deep the zones of of defense. So the one name that you mentioned that surprised me a little bit as we were talking about that particular point in the draft was was miles boykin. Do you really think that he would be in the conversation that early in the draft or or is he a guy that that would come a little bit later on? I think he's fog end up in the second round. He shouldn't be. But I'm just looking at highlight, great guys. So to me he's that good. He he should be the conversations while the top three or four receivers in this class of. But most likely he will probably fall to the second round in this in this class will be of quiet thing, we got remember that, you know, past examples, we've talked about players, we think are gonna be first or second guys and in the past. We didn't think Paul Richardson would be a second route guy for the Seahawks. When Dante Pettis would be a second round guy for the forty Niners last year. So I'm kind of open to that because I'm debt at this was my first ranked guy last year on the board just ahead of Ridley DJ more and Don strategy see that petty started. Flash solo skills. Once it got LV. So yeah, I don't know what boy can will be someone that they might account and said we can probably get him maybe in the second round. And if they do that will be quite a bargain. And as you said, you know, at the top when we started to discuss this teams have such a wide variety of of grades in any opinions on wide receivers that you know, that you never know, you know, how some of these guys are going to fall, you know. So the giants have the they have the picket thirty seven, and you know, and you talked about boykin. You mentioned Dawson Knox. I don't. I don't know. If Dawson Knox is a is a tight end who would be in consideration that early just, you know, off of your grades. You know, who might some of the guys that that they could be looking at, you know, at thirty seven be maybe a couple of guys we haven't talked about yet. Certainly as another tight end, Irv Smith is kinda delaying Walker type. I would say if you can feel he's a good blocker. He's not quite as big as Hopkinson, but he holds up very, well, technique wise, and he is I think he's the best receiver after the catch. Even though he's not the quote, unquote, most athletic, but he's the most polished tight end in this class, and you know, comes from great bloodlines from earth. Smith senior who played for the New Orleans Saints in the forty Niners for quite a long career. And he is a good tight end who could be split outside versatile. And could give you that Delaney. Walker type of player, but in addition terms of otherwise receiver talents, the keel, Harry might be there, you know, and a lot of people see him as a big slot receiver. And I think that may be the case, but he's also a guy who you know, can win one on one in the deep game at with his physicality, and he's also a guy that you can move around. So if you're looking for multiplicity in terms of multiple looks in terms of higher seniors could move around at different positions. Harry can also play tennis different roles on team. So he would fit in well in that regard. And I think that those, you know, those two guys probably make the most sense of thirty seven. You might see if team I would say this is doubtful based on how he performed at the combine. But if a team is just really in love with Kelvin Harman's tape, and they feel like we'd love his physicality. We like how can run double moves? We feel like he can be possession. Plus kind of split end for us in Alan Robinson tight, but maybe not quite as faster dynamic Kelvin bet car. Kelvin Harbin is a is a guy who wins really well to catch point. And they may see that another one might be an it may seem like an odd pick. But it's Paris Campbell. And the reason it's gonna see my to everybody on yours could be pretty obviously seeing him as more of a slot receiver. There's a lot of talk in being Streep draft me that he can't get deep or that. He wasn't used a lot as deep player only six to five. But we gotta remember that Paris. Campbell's is a hyper lead athlete of this is a guy with four three speed extreme quickness great explosiveness legs drink, he's an excellent blocker. And he just wasn't used much as receiver one of the flaws Dwayne Askins ad that we talked about the last. Episode is sometimes he missed some of the opportunities to throw the ball deep where he had open receivers in terms of the leverage pre snap. And it was usually centered around Paris Campbell in the slot. But pairs Campbell can't get deep. He actually knows how to make the good Dr step one long step into the hard parade. Which is the hardest thing about route running for the more difficult timing rouse. So he may be inexperienced. But he's not raw. He has a good solid base a fundamental as a pass catcher as a route runner, and he someone very good after the catch. And I could see how you know. Maybe they decide that they they like his athletic ability. They wanna get creative with that. I don't think that's the best. All I don't think it's going to happen. But I'm trying to think of guys in that range. In addition to may be deebo Samuel would also kind of fit in that rage. But he's kinda I think depot Samuel can be a little bit for a Jimmy Smith type of play Jag. Guar receive them or a Sterling Sharpe type of player Rickaby a little more physical than you would expect. But he's extremely quick and fast win after the cash, and he's a guy that I've always joked runs that he can kill you with the single death blow with the shot on or thousand paper cuts running through and beating people the way that Odell Beckham junior. Did you know back, you know, when he was starring in your so Sam could also give you that special teams ability. So those are some guys at Mike fit that range of its allied range of possibilities. And and we'll go from there. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart. It seems mart as show about people doing things that for some reason or another seems smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing a hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart. Hey listeners. This is Luke Thomas show hosted anime finding if you like mixed martial arts and combat sports. You should check out. Our weekly show 'em a hour. Each Monday, we speak with the top athletes enemy from world. Champions two. Rising stars also bring you in-depth analysis on technique in our Monday morning, endless segment. We talked to some of the brightest minds in the game. We answer your questions regarding the latest news and headlines of the world of professional finding find us on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. It's interesting because it just seems like, you know, it seems like as I look at this class. If the giants want to upgrade at wide receiver. It just seems like somewhere along the way. There's going to be value because it just seems like there's a there's a a fair amount of depth the fair amount of variety in types of of players, you know, pretty much all the way through this class. Yes. And you know guy who might creep up into that second round because he had a good throw day was JJ Sehgal Whiteside who six to twenty five dollars box out receiver who wins in the red zone. But also shown some pretty good route running skills, I'm a little concerned about his hands. I think that he catches the ball well in terms of catch rate, but like Cortlandt Sutton, the guy was a little concerned about this way too in played out Denver early. I was that. He doesn't have the greatest technique any fights the ball. But I agree with you. I think there are a number of players in his class who in the in the, you know, second late second day early early third or late third who really have an opportunity to evolve in the stars. And and. I'm looking forward to talking about some of them too. All right. So let's let's frame the next part of this a little bit differently and ask you to kind of put your your GM hat on here for a second. When we look at the giants on their current draft board, they go from thirty seven which is early in the second round to ninety five which I think is the last pick of the third round last or second to last pick of the third round. So there's a huge gap in there. But they have eight day three selections in one of the things that I expect is I expect them to whether it's late second early third. Whether it's, you know, fourth round picks, I would expect them to use some of those day three picks to to move up in in target. You know, a guy let's let's suppose that they've they've gone through. They've picked up a bunch of defensive guys that picked up an offensive tackle. Whatever maybe they picked up their quarterback. They haven't touched receiver or tight end yet. And you're sitting there early in the third round. Is there a guy that you can see maybe it's one of the guys that we've already talked about. Maybe it's a guy that that that we haven't mentioned yet say early early third round where you would bang the table and say if we've got to give up a couple of assets. Let's go get this this guy because he can come in and start for us and help our offense right away. Yeah. And I think we'll start with we'll start with guys who might drop, you know, the miles boykin Ricky Butler drop than I would be throwing the table up against the wall. If they weren't listening get fired probably mum. At that point. I also think you know, if the Keitel hairy dropped it would be interesting to consider consider that. But at tight end, I'd probably be bending the table for someone like Dawson knocks Dawson Knox is still there in the early third round. It's time to consider him seriously as that asset. If you believe that an Ingram can be that got or if you know that your draft board has valued below that. Because I think there are receivers in the who are gonna be available the fourth or fifth round who you really going to be able to get get some value out of. But the if there's a receiver. We haven't talked about that if I was really if if I look at his pro day look at what he has to offer. And I'm pretty intrigued by him. I think he has some drops occasionally, but I like one of seen of him, and he's proven an awful lot. I might. Lee personally, I'd probably say would beg the table for here. But I could see how team might and that's Jalen Hurd, Jalen Hurd of Baylor is a former five star running back around the time where he was the starter ahead of compel VIN Kamera and ahead of John Kelly at Tennessee, and he was around the same range that you know, he was he was in playing around the same time that there can was playing six six five two forty kind of sloppy feed the powerful could catch the ball extremely well showed some speed bursts. But he didn't really wanna be running back. You wanna be receiver? Tennessee didn't really want to be receiver. He ended up getting hurt. He ended the siding to move on and transferred to Baylor be receiver. There's a big kind of divorce fallout in the media between this and Tennessee's coaching staff was beyond they been kind of the they've been. Magnet for trouble. During that time. They weren't that. There was a loud bad stuff going on about that whole program. So but heard got the brunt of it like he was the bad guy. But all Endo is at hurt shut up went to Baylor. Put his head down and became a guy that we look at them on your like this guy looks like he's been playing wide receiver since high school and he runs good routes. You can see him do the technically sound things about talked about with you know, guy like MAs boykin, you can get a little bit better with that gathered the steps to hard breaks. But that's the thing that a lot of young receivers after learn of, but he's got the size. You could break bolt tackles the open field. He's a smart runner. He can catch the ball goal up win it. He's used more often Baylor in the slot. But he should transition to becoming a split end in the league. And again, you know, six five with it, you know, with that kind of quickness and good route running showing -bility too nippy late coverage. And final been zones. You could start about the slot and put Ingram outside. And so you kinda slowly feed him into the offense as a contributor in let him win where he he's comfortable and in the year or two he can wind up being that split end for you. And what's even cooler about him is that because he had the work on his foot work so much as a rout runner Baylor. Still use them as a short yardage running bag or occasional running back as a change of pace. Unlike gap plays trap and power toss. And he looked even better at Baylor as a runner, not production wise, but just purely from his footwork in decision making in quickness because he worked so hard on that it actually helped his game as a running back. So you could see this big old guy come in and kind of be a change of pace to saquon Barkley and suddenly you're looking at two five star former five star running backs one of the. Could occasionally use it up again to try to be multiple. You know, not only did you may be tight end. Or maybe yet? But you have that you also have heard who could be a split end for he could be imply put him at wing back because he's big enough. And if you wanted to add weight decide you wanted to make maybe a tight end, I don't think they would do that. I think he's too much potential as outside Seaver. But if they wanted to go that route, and it might be able to do that with him to his member did play to forty at one time, but Tennessee and that was when he was younger player. So this is a really intriguing prospect who I think that there might be a team or two that really likes. You could see how Scots might be on the table. It's really interesting. All right. So now, we have hit the the day three, you know, portion of the draft. And we've already mentioned we've mentioned a lot of names already and have to admit one of the things one of my favorite time wasting sort of activities is to is to go to the draft network or to go to fans speak, and and and you know, mess around with with the mock draft, simulators those two play. That's it's it's to be honest early in the process, you know, I'm not a person who studies guys the way that the way that you do in the way that that a lot of these guys that a lot of guys do to the point where they know everything about everybody, basically. But there's a point in the process where I'm actually using these simulators to to get to know some of the players ESP. 'specially draft network is kind of cool because it lets you pick up the bios on the players as well researched them, but the mice sort of long winded point here is when I do these seven round mock draft simulations for the giants one of the things that makes me crazy as I do these when I get to day three when I get to date to round four to round five even round six. I look at the board that I'm presented with and it's wide receiver wide receiver wed receiver wide receiver. Wed receive rag go down like twenty five names in nineteen or twenty of them are wide receiver. And I'm like, I don't wanna wide receiver right now. I took one already or I want to do that later. But the point being there's a lot of depth on day three. So what I really want you to do is kind of cherry pick a little bit and talk about some of your some of your favorite guys that could go later in the draft. Oh, absolutely. All right. So Jalen Hurd will probably will one of them. We already talked about a guy that that probably could be liked by scouts a guy by the name of Travis full out of Old Dominion, east six to two hundred fifteen pounds. He's a rugged rebounder. With some sudden. At the you know with this first step he's kind of a potential possession plus receiver with some deep nece some deep game to him. But he's will bit more of like a four five eight forty guy. So he's not gonna blow the top off of off of a defense. But he's a little bit more physical in rugged kinda Michael Crabtree. Aspiring type of player who who could be interesting there if they wanna go big slot. And and they think the guys I have on the outside are good. And they feel like they wanna roll that way. Little Jordan Humphry out of Texas. Who's also a former running back six four to ten has some of the best mitts in this class. And there are a lot of good guys in his class in terms of being able to make the catch kinda Marcus Colston type of player who can run, but he can run after the catch away that Colston couldn't you could probably use them out of the backfield occasionally, but he makes excellent adjustments to the football is not very fast. You know, Tyree Brady is an interesting guy or Emmanuel hall. We'll talk about to them that on wrap up the third guy after this. But Tyree Brady isn't very fast. He comes across four seven four. And that I don't know if that's really indicative is speed. I've seen him get through past guys in ways that seems a lot better that he has really must have really good quickness. He didn't we didn't get a chance to see that on in the metrics in terms of his his workouts. But he's very quick off the line runs. Good routes. He hasn't incredible concentration at the catch point make some really difficult catches. But he kind of in that room of like if AJ green was the top model on the board. You know, like he's the luxury model of this type of receiver and say Josh Reynolds of the Los Angeles Rams is kind of like the mid range model, you know, tiring. Brady's kind of like the compact model at the rental car place. But you might be able to eat might be able to upgraded enough that it could do. A lot of work for you. If you're looking for a classic split end. Who's just graceful can become really good deep ball specialist. Maybe expand his game and become something. More Emmanuel hall of Missouri's early graceful guy with four three nine speed kind of in that Justin hunter mode, though. 'cause once he drops the ball. He starts to drop more and drop more any loses concentration. And I think he has to continue to work harder to focus his game. A guide will probably fall day three. Because of an off field situation is pressed in Williams, and we talked about the AJ green model, if AJ greens the all pro model of in terms of ability, Preston Williams could turn out to be the starter model for that. Which is pretty darn good six four to eleven Scott four five speed is as quick enough. He has good enough acceleration. He's terrific after the cat. He wins the ball well near he could play. Flanker split any. He he actually runs good routes, and he's guy Colorado state, who's a former five star prospect of Tennessee saying program where Jalen Hurd, left and Williams has really I think Williams is one of the better prospects in this class. He's in my top ten on my board of but will probably drop because he had a domestic violence issue when or during his Tennessee career, and you know, obviously, the NFL every wanna look at it. If you wanna look at it, the cynical way, I'm more cynical side of things you look at the NFL has more of an optics PR issue about this than they do about really caring about it. If you look, you know, on the level of like, you know, in terms of how that goes now, I look at this way. I think everyone cares about domestic violence in in who has a good head on their shoulders. But at the same time, you know without getting too deep into it. I just say. That some businesses in America, don't, you know, don't have don't have a policy on it at all some some basically suspend people if there's a conviction some people would suspend base some companies with suspend based on a rest, there's a lot of Orion. So we tend to hold these hold the NFL to even higher standards and what our own corporations do. But with that said, you know that sensitivity in terms of the public is sometimes creates a need to drop players just based on the term. And when you look at Preston Williams what he did was wrong. Very clearly let me point that up. But from what I read in the police report, it was basically, he got an argument. He's a young kid got an arguments girlfriend girlfriend wanted to leave the apartment, and he blocked the doorway and tried to hold her from the doorway didn't hit her than pusher. Didn't do any bodily harm to her. Now, I'm not saying that holding someone back from the holding from there will being threatening on that level. Is not wrong. It's definitely wrong. He definitely deserves to be arrested. He definitely deserved to be punished. But it's it's different than say. There's a different degree of that say tyreek hill on strangling his pregnant girlfriend, you know, or Dede Westbrook kicking or strangling his pregnant girlfriend. You know, these are very difficult subject matters. But you know, if you wanna have a more in depth thought about this. I actually talked with a Serapis to works with people who you know, who have been perpetrators in these issues in domestic violence or assault in the past. And and I've had him give his takes on Myers p podcast, you know, about this. And how it relates to the NFL, but Williams has gone through counseling? His teammates said he was a sketchy guy at Colorado state when he arrived. He's become a much different guy since that time. They've seen him grow up a lot. If there's a. Team that want to giants feel like they wanna take a chance on the guy like that. Preston Williams would be that guide that might be worthwhile in the fourth round one. Last guy wanna mention, and I have a feeling that this is the guy to say that I I'm pretty sure from my sources that that the giants are very interested in this guy. And I'll just leave it at that. He is at Monmouth Monmouth, I don't know how to pronounce a month university. And that's that's Reggie White junior. Reggie White junior is about the dimensions of Marvin Jones of the Detroit Lions. He's about six two a little over two hundred pounds. He is extremely quick. He is fast enough. I mean you look at his game. And let me see can pull up his information here because he is he's an excellent young player that okay? He's runs a four four five forty. So he has the deep speed. You're looking for is a four point. Oh, seven twenty shuttle, which is very good. You know, nearly caliber in that in that range six seven seven three cone drill. And that is as good that's actually better than that's as good as miles boykin who was the top guy in that area. So he's quick he accelerates. Well, he's fast enough to get deep on you. And he wins the ball with grace winning the ball and tight coverage. Extremely well. And I've heard scout say that he's the best prospect ever plant, mama, and that's includes miles Austin played there. I think he can be that possession plus player who could either play flanker split in win. Contested catches be a red zone threat. When after the cash they liked to see him be a little bit more physical, and they like to see evidence of step up and be that big play guy. But I think he's going to get drafted late. And I would not be shocked at all the giants are looking at him. Look at you coming on the podcast and breaking some giants news look at that. Away something I sleep for a couple of weeks. So, and I and I can tell you I can't tell you that there's interest there. I I know I can't go into detail who in why? But I know that I know who was there. And I know what they were looking for. And I know that it was a very special case for them to be there. And you're talking about you're talking about like at at a local pro day on. Yes. And so I know that there were people there that that were very interested in him. And that you know, you wouldn't normally see some of those people there, and I'll just say that the, you know, the giants pick him I would not be surprised at all if they can get their hands on. Interesting stuff as always met. We always appreciate you coming on and break in these breaking these prospects down, and you know, now now you've set a new bar 'cause now you're coming on here. Breaking some news. Listen, I don't normally get this stuff. And I don't end when I do I don't know normally share it. But this is one where I can feel comfortable sharing this one just enough that that that's it. But I'm not normally the insider type guy with that. I just breakdown prospects just happen to know this one. All right. Hey, why don't you? You know, we did this last week. But or two go ahead in in, you know, let people know about your website and your draft guide again before I let you go. Sure, you know, you can find my draft guide. Mount Waldman dot com, and you get there's a tour of my draft guide the pre and post draft additions of that that you can look at from the past and the you can find my work at WWW dot Matt Waldman, R S, P dot com that provides links to my YouTube channel, the ours p film room and a lots of different analysis for myself and Mark Scofield as well Scott Bischoff, occasionally, some work from him and. And and then the dish into that. I've a podcast, and I found out my podcast broke the top one fifty in in sports and recreation recently, and that was and that's the ours p cast about while ours p tasks so you can kind of find my work at those three ranges, and you can find me at Twitter at Matt Waldman. All right. Thank you very much meant in. We will you know, when the giants draft Reggie junior. We're gonna have to give you a shout out. And you know, make sure that the world knows that that you had it. I. Okay. All right. Thanks. Thanks again. And we'll talk to you later. All right. 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