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And I talked about them when I came back from vacation because we kept seeing this couple everyday the same breakfast place into becoming friends with them we and we had a at going to a Luau the last night we were there with them. And he turned out to be an independent film director and his wife was ushers nutritionist. Remember that. And she she put me on a cleanser. Some sort of I forget what is your online and then as time goes on, she's got on, she was on red table talks What's her name? Pinkett Smith, her thing. And she was she's the smiths nutritionist. And I'd touch base every once and then eight. A drink that was the official drink of. Of coachella festival, right so she's gone undo some big things. She left me a message over the weekend. There was such a random message that if I told you the message. It's It's just they're just so much to this message that I've listened to it over and over again. That wanted to play for you guys. To just so I just I can't send it to my sister because she actually asked for my sister's helping this message with is her Mona is her name listened to the message hold on all how are you sitting here with Craig's? Jay. one. He can help me with something. So Will Smith one of my clients were heading back onto set to film his next movie King Richard Plays Serena Williams dead but we had a chef come on set to cook for his personal crew every single day, and she can't make it back from Toronto, just with everything that's going on. So somebody who kind of falls in line with my philosophy super healthy available who knows like the? Set Life who can work with a budget What we ended up doing was renting a food track and ordering all the food and stuff like that to get catered delivered onto set but with your sister. Just wondering if you had a contact or anyone, you know who I could talk to you about this that would be great i. think we go back mid to end October. Thank you so much love to you in the family I. Guess let me tear my mind. Went I. Okay. I my my win. Will Smith is doing a movie called Sir Richard So. It's like some William Shakespeare play and I'm lake. Will you're making a horrible mistake? And then I'm going and Serena Williams's ping acting like she plays plays Williams Dad. That's where my mind went first right then then then then I start thinking about, okay. They need a healthy chef for a food truck then I went wait a second. Will Smith is probably playing Serena Williams's dad in the movie of Serena Williams. I was like. A good movie. Totally changed your mind. Could be really good and they're calling it Sir Richard, Whatever Sing Richard whatever whatever it is. I was like, wow, that's going to be really good movie because I've already seen a documentary on their life and it's good like he literally had kids to become a millionaire. He had two kids to become tennis players. Did you know that that's how he had he saw who's watching TV and he saw how much tennis players made and he was like I'm going to have kids to become tennis players it'd be a millionaire. that. So that's like if that's the storyline they go with that's pretty damn amazing it. We got sidetracked to forgot to get the league the League chefs for them 'cause I just kept thinking about the storyline of will. Smith People how I'm. Away from Will Smith I'm one person wave. Like nothing like I know I'm client will Smith. What is if she had to like clarify it's like well Smith. So amazing to me so anyway. my sister's looking for. She'd been looking for three or Scheffer tissue. She said she does three chefs perfect for that. But at best they're all very busy. So if you're listening to this broadcast in, you are a very healthy chef. I can get you a job working for Smith message. ME DM. Alto, wonder whether we're at, you can hear the music in the background you didn't get that. Sounds like a like. The party. Yeah So Kyle, why did you think about quitting your social media this weekend? A few reasons actually. So I know everyone in here watched this social dilemma Netflix's and I finally watched it too and it left me very offended because before I watched the Social Emma is like I mean what am I? Really GonNA learn already know that they place ads in their targeted right at you and their whole goal is to like keep you on as long as possible but watching the actual people who are in charge of facebook and pinterest and all of the things online that we spend so much time on like they know what they're doing and they know it's hurting people and they know that it's literally Tearing. Society apart, and they don't care because of the dollar sign that's attached to it, and so I- since watching it have been. So aware of every time I pick up my phone just out of habit to suggest to even like I don't even care. I just xed out of instagram because I've seen everything and then for some reason I find myself back on and I'm like Oh my God it's happening. This is crazy and I had posted pictures of Addy's birthday party and we kept it really small on purpose literally, it was her and to dance friends that we have seen over the last three or four months and. It's interesting because I, kept it small on purpose you know like with covert I don't want a whole lot of people there and these are you know trusted people and in the comments it was like this isn't what Kobe? Bubble. By you guys are breaking the covert rules and there's in that and then it went totally sideways the to I'm racist because she has to white friends. Like okay. See, this is exactly what the socials lemos talking about how it tears people apart and how it's. It's just I just like reached my limit I was like it's so negative and I'm like I just wanted like to have the pictures on there. So I could look at them and I was like I'm just going to delete like my social media because I don't want to deal with the stress and anxiety of having to think about posting a picture of my daughter at her birthday party. Yeah. You know and I'm. Like why would the comments go that way and I just kind of like ignore them a little bit and then I just responded to the one person who was concerned that apparently I don't care about people who have died from Cova because I had a small birthday party that like we kept it small on purpose because of that meanwhile, I'm dealing with texts from a different mom who's upset that her daughter didn't get invited. Pictures. You gotTA. Leave the trolls and the bottom feeders and not not Linda gets you but it's hard to say that. Know and I normally do. It's like I think most of us deal with that on a regular basis and it's just like the one negative comment that gets you but like. I just don't understand how people assume things about your life that they just don't know know on that social dilemma there's this one part and it we're one of the guys goes I. Think one of the I can't remember which one maybe the Pinterest guy or somebody he's a CEO one, the one of the vendors and he talks addict knows the main guy, the main red guy he was addicted email now he's like I'm addicted email I'm just so addicted email and unlike. What how you? That's the last thing that I'm addicted to. Right. So we're driving home yesterday somewhere my wife and I ain't red light and the kids were all the car in she's on her phone and she's on email and there's nothing going on and I was like you need to watch social dilemma Sherzer yet she's like why? Because you're dictate your email there's like nothing going on and just hitting refresh I could see her just doing it doing it over and over again, and she's like Oh your your phone go totally percent I I. Go over there refresh at a red light not there's nothing there like I'm watching you be addicted when you see someone do it. It's crazy or you put your phone down and you turn you go back and pick up your phone. And it's very disturbing. It's on Netflix is called the social dilemma in it's really educational and really eye-opening. All right judging rich even when the show is over sometimes we just keep talking and now you can hear it listen to the John. Jane waits afterwards podcast on Iheartradio or wherever you get your podcast. They pressed him. Let's happen. You're on the air. Hello how are you? Wow it is the coolest thing to be here right now. Cool How are you? Good how can we help you? I I'm looking for I want to get in touch with. This girl and I'm hoping that the power of this show will help me out because I'm sorry I'm super nervous. Her name is Laura and I really WanNa take her out and I I kind of want to be her boyfriend and all that good stuff and I was hoping you can help. We've got a little bit of a guideline here because I know you've been emailing with Delaney and Joey and stuff. So you had a crush on somebody. Yes and? She like a CO worker what? She's she's a she's a friend of mine and she's actually. Funny enough. She's actually my buddies extra. Guy, code there is. How good of a buddy? I I mean like he's one of my closer buddies like we. We've known each other since we've known each for at least ten years now, I? Think almost. Like that? Have you talked. I have not. I have not but they've been. They've been split up for ages. They've been split up for at least like six six months something like that like he's sages. Age How long did they? They did it for two years. Serious would just be clear. So you come to us because there's a girl that you like you have a crush and you want us. To connect you with her, you want us to see if she'll go out with you or what? Yes. How did you said her name's Laura Right how did Laura and your friends relationship end? They just kind of stopped dating I never really Kinda delve into my buddies like explanation they one moment they were and the next moment he was. Going home with another check. So it wasn't wasn't one of those things that. It was it seemed to be a massive deal. What what's your take on this? What do you think? We should know I kinda WanNa know what his relationship is. Laura like do you guys have you guys ever talked before you? Would you consider her like your friend right now? Yeah, I. Mean we're we're kind of friends on instagram and facebook and everything like that. I often try like I talked to our show stories and stuff respond to them we we've definitely seen each other out and and sat and had conversations, but that's really about the extent of it. I? Don't know. It's like, I. Feel like you need to talk to your friend before you know China at least text. Well, here's what we're doing. So on on normally on the show like we do like, let's say, let's say like Miss Connections, we would call them up and we will call Laura and say. We have the sky discussions. Why don't we do this? You do all the work. Preston. You can use our show. You can use our show to do it though, but you do the work we'll get her on the phone. We'll get her on the phone and you have to sell yourself to her does that sound good right your show. That has a good ring to it. I. Was Sell Yourself. Shoot show. My Dad's to tell me when I was a kid I wanted like. I. Get a new bike watch new bike. So yourself tell me why tell me why you should get a bike and I sit there i. wish he would shoot your shot son. Wide Shusha that's you shoot your shot Preston. So we need like a timer ready to give you a timer. We'll get more on the phone and we're going to say we get on the phone. We tell her she's on the air and we're going to tell her we have someone. That likes you. Right. We do that. We have someone that likes you and we're going to give them sixty seconds. Sixty seconds is that a good time with that too long seconds sixty seconds to pitch you on whether or not? You should go out with them and be like who is it? Who is it doesn't matter the in that sixty seconds they're going to tell you who they are and they're gonNA shoot their shot and ask you out. How's that Sound Preston? Press does that sound? I arrested. Okay. So in the meantime, we'll take a quick break. We'll get a timer we'll get we'll get Laura's number. We'll get everything all lined up, shoot your shot. Maybe Yet ready trust in to shoot your shot. That is next which Jane, Rich John, Ritz studying rich. We just created something totally new on our show. It's called shoot your shot. Shop Music. Yes press gonNA shoot his shot. No he likes his girl named Laura who happens to be the ex girlfriend with good friend of his they broke up six months ago dating two years really get Laura. On the phone we got a timer. He's got sixty seconds to shoot your shot. So we're going to get on the phone once she accepts that she's on the radio and we set her up and tell her that someone that likes her Preston. You're ready to go. Right? You got to sell yourself her K.. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA ask her out and you're gonNA. Do all itself stuff and we're not gonNA tell you who you are. It's all you you got at Preston. Okay. Yes. You can't study. You've got to be ready to go you like. This is what you want. You there you wanted this Preston remember that you want you came to us. Let's pump him up. Pressure on it. Are you ready. I'm ready. I'm ready. Let's go. Hi. Patch lower through. Better. Shoot your shot music. That's pretty, pretty strong. To be aggressive. Shoot your shot y'all. Don't. Hello Hi is Laura available. Listen she. Hi Laura Gordon. Hey. This is the John Rich show calling. Oh How are you? I'm doing I'm doing pretty well, how are you? Good that's awesome. So Hey, we wanted to talk to on the radio. It's okay with you. Sure, okay. Okay, Laura You're part of possible new segment on our show that so far we like part one you were part of part two. Okay. So we're calling this right now or working title is shoot your shot. Shoot Your Shot Laura. Here's how here's how it works. A guy has approached. There's a guy that's approached us. He likes you. He wants to ask you out. Okay. So we'll yeah what we've decided to do we're not gonNa tell you who it is. What we decided to do is give him sixty seconds. To shoot his shop and asked you out to everything. He's going to tell you who he is. His say the reasons you can ask he sixty seconds. We have a timer is a time already rich? Yes it is this year the timer. Series now emotional like a superhero dying takes all the excitement out of the. Dramatic. So it's shoot your shot. So are you ready? Are you cool with this? row. Yeah. Okay. So. So I guess we'll say now we have the person ready. So we'll say we'd sit the person's name like say person's name shoot your Shell I. Okay. Okay. Preston shoot your shot. A high Laura. Preston, how are you? I'm to- I. I felt a dumb flavor about you for a long time I just. kind of a massive. but I shouldn't. Never mind not that's a bad turn a freeze I apologize. Anyway, I've been too scared to ask you and I just love to go out with you I. Genuinely think you'd be most beautiful girl. I've seen. And and we get along really well and I think we'd have a lot of fun together. You know if we give Champs I I mean I've got a good job. I. I drive to two thousand, Eighteen Mazda. You know it's it's paid off. I have no student loans I love I like going hiking and. I also. Hang Out Watch? TV We can net flicks but you know you know not in the creepy. I Love You Up. All Right Laura your thoughts Wow. I'm really taken aback, I didn't I had. Well first of all, thank you Preston that. That's all very that was really sweet. I had no idea that you felt that way. some. Sort of shot. I I kinda figured. You didn't really know but you know yeah, I always liked you. Well and idea. I didn't never got that I mean I would go out with you. It's just I. I. Don't know how you know you're really good friends with my with Dalton with my ex and. I mean I get that. But Like it's it's you know it's his fault. You guys you guys. You're not together. You let go good something good and he's moved on you know. And is. Not going well not going. Out with them, it's just the like we we talked about low x situation. But we get along so. I'm afraid that it would. Have afraid that it might be awkward. Just, give me one shot one day. How about just just one date the two of us go out. Hang out. What do you WANNA do? You Know I. I say let's let's do it. Let's just go out. It. If it gets serious as something starts to Boston, and we you know we bring it up to him and we can tell him but. I. Don't think we need his permission. But guess what? Guess what? We lost it. He's got disconnected or. For trying all this time. Trying. You're sitting there trying to come up with it and I think he just gave up. Either got disconnected or he said screw this embarrassed I'm out of here or he decided to call Dolphin. Nervous he said Oh wait here he is. Is Back I don't know. I guess I could call enough. Pressing back. Pressing we we have pretty good Israel you missed out on this. Preston. Hollow, go ahead. Lord. What's your answer? That's an say, let's let's go for it. You know and if something starts to blossom or get more serious than we'll just We'll let the no, but I don't think we need. We don't need to talk to him about right now I've always I've always liked you to i. A little awkward and weird about it but. They, know right now he doesn't know he doesn't call it doesn't need to know. Yes. If it turns into something. You said, you got a client that happened bid see each other a couple of weeks so you'll care it that. Way To go press way to go Laura congratulations. All right we'll be talking to you shortly on second date update on now when she doesn't call you back. then. That's surely your shot. Shoot your shot. Judge Rich. Leave you on red we reply try US TEXT JR Tonight six, eight, nine, three, John Rich so halloween is right around the corner. In fact, I was at two different places this weekend in saw Halloween decorations one was a house that headed outside. We're all swirl so they play twice but there's this company called yeah and either the ones that make all the Halloween costumes, the sexy Halloween costumes. They've released a sexy tiger king and a sexy tiktok is getting banned costume. Okay. But they do draw the line they're not doing a sexy cova costume. The vice president merchandise said there's nothing sexy about Kobe. Draw, the line there that's true. Yeah. So, what's the deal the information with Simpson's and them replacing voices? They just actually started the new season last night and The show's producers said that white actors would no longer voice non white characters such as Carl. Played by Hank. Zara. Boy. I am so sick of everyone assuming I'm good at basketball because African. American. So. Now, Carl has been replaced by an actor by the name of Alex Desert and he made his debut last night. It's a ball that was featured on I'll drink what fills drinking with Phil. Rosenthal. That's your new Karl on the simpsons. Well, also on family guy, they replaced Cleveland. the guy. Mike. Henry did the Voice of Cleveland? He's a white dude and now they have another guy. In here he is doing the new Cleveland. Voice. Hey. So all the new people who are worried that. I'm going straight to away from performance I. Promise. That is not the case because. Studied my main. He's incredible. I won't let you down I promise. Was poppin winning Peter Griffin Nabi racking widow out of Shawnee abby women a booty stop by Deborah stopped you. Got Daddy he'll be winning Rallo gotTa Daddy who spinning so just likely. Little. But dead on INSKIP ABI exactly. So a guy got thrown in jail for a year. For throwing parties during covid nineteen. So he's in Maryland through two large house parties back in March and the COPS said you can't do that. So he kept throwing parties. So finally I said you're going to jail for a year. Time so here is whose personnel here's the the state attorney talking about it I say look it's not like we just surprised him. It was given a warning it's not like everybody just the police swoop dinars it going to jail gave him a warning. He had at least fifty people there the first day and then two three days later he's doing the same thing in the second day. Of the mind that he's not gonNA cooperate. He's GonNa tell people keep them using plan. These decisions were made for the public good for people safety. We've got two hundred thousand people dead because of the attitudes that Mr Myers demonstrated that particular day. Aren't year a whole year. Like you would think, maybe a five thousand dollar fine. For the whole year I don't think that's were worth it. Suze. What's what survivor horoscopes today about what you enjoy doing when you're completely alone based on your horoscopes sign call us at eight, seven, seven, nine, three, seven, zero, four, seven. We'll get to that next John Rich. Let's get to horoscopes would go with. Shannon. Hello Chanel little. Gemini how are you? great. How are you guys doing today? Good today Suzanne. What is it? This is what you enjoy doing when you're alone based on your horse signed. So what is it that you do during me time and it could be like a guilty pleasure to so let's see for Gem Nation Age what you enjoy doing alone Gemini is listen to music you pride yourself on your taste in art. So when you're spending time with yourself, you listen to some strange music that's out there. Some say that's guilty pleasure most geminis have at least one song or artists on their play lists that no one has ever heard about this sign likes to explore and listen to absolutely everything they're alone. That's all something. I would do nothing nobody else is ever heard Dad's in Lee I would love to see your plane they. Don't forget a guilty pleasure I'm guilty. Arch, they have a great day. Pat. What's your sign? Gordon Scorpio's all right. So I feel is what you enjoy doing alone is read everyone knows this sign is very passionate and romantic. Now they truly enjoy the company of another person. But when a Scorpio's time into bed at nine at night and his alone, they love to curl up with a romantic novel. They enjoy reading about other people who are passionate just like they are. Wow, that's one hundred percent accurate. Love that Ruby. What's your sign? Agitators. Sagittarius Okay Rubio Sagittarius just like Delaney will you enjoy doing alone is over preparing We Know Sagittarius love to travel, but they're not the best planners sign this signs guilty pleasure is buying a necessary thing sometimes travel supplies even if it's not about traveling, this line can buy too many outfits for an event in the future in the future just to be prepared to preparing is good but this needs a little help with overdoing it. I remember dealing with all kinds of outfits like when quarantine like Colbert just began it. She's like I. Don't even know what I'm going to use these outfits for we're not going anywhere the fashion show for. Right. Piper. Go what do he got that'll John Jay for you? I don't know if you will necessarily agree with this. But if you enjoy doing alone is drinking at says, you're always trying to be the best and you work really hard. Therefore when you get home, you sometimes just want to unwind. So a virgos guilty pleasures going to be a little bit of booth it could be a nice glass of wine or maybe some whisky. You just need something to help you relax when you're finally finished working for the day. Never done that. Rigging Drake I remember. Fascinated by people who'd go to a bar by themselves the WHO does that? homages. Drink. Wine. Your Wife. Blake, she loves wine. Have Line I don't know she's like. Loves wine. Like I thought you were going to say I like to do terrible things to myself with a fork. Would you deny that though? I'd be like Oh, my God. Do. Be All alone. I just thought wow, that's really time. I've I've seen horse. Go back. Yeah. They could. You imagine everything over go out there doing that when they're alone. Alvarez like yeah. Thank you for being our voice. Oh John J. You never super. You always surprise me. Never. Ever. Seem to amaze me and there you go. Okay. Oh. For Libra will you enjoy doing alone is emotional eating. This sign is always trying to make sure that you do everything right you work on keeping the peace and making people happy. Therefore at the end of the night when no one is looking libra tends to grab whatever's in the fridge and just eat their feelings away. Emotional eating is what libra go-to and no one is around to judge them I would not agree with that when I'm emotional I don't eat. Oh, it's the opposite. Yeah. Yeah. Just thing. This. Island. Maybe maybe I don't know maybe that maybe maybe like the stressor aloneness as with I don't I don't know. When you are alone like what is this something that you do? Just like listen to music or watch TV. Okay. You have before you just. Zone out with music. You know what I'm feeling a little. I'm feeling a little gym today. This is getting. Rich Pisces enjoy doing alone is eating unhealthy foods to go, and we know this is very creative and artistic Pisces love to create beautiful things just from the raw-materials materials. However, you're guilty pleasure. Pisces are store bought baked goods when you feel like you don't have the time and you're completely alone, you rather eat whatever is there. That's true. In fact, I'M GONNA. Shop Grocery shopping yesterday to the actual store and I bought like one of these little cakes for my kids in there there around I won't touch it. But when everybody's gone. And Capricorn, and what you enjoy doing alone is eating the weeds. The sign is known to be very responsible and very serious everything you do has they function and purpose they're constantly trying to better themselves and don't easily give in to temptation except when it comes to your sweet tooth when no one is looking to go all in for the cookies and the ice cream and the cake, the this I don't necessarily agree with that because I don't have a sweet tooth. I'm sure other capricorn do but I'm like a rather go grab a bag of chips than in finish the entire baggage salty stuff is my go-to. That's my guilty pleasure. Battles Salty the line Tito's. This yesterday, a whole bag of duckie's this weekend cooking. The Blue One o those go with a box of those mouse. I mean a box is taller you in room. Kidding you when I tell you that saw Scott. I gotta give I. GotTa. Get My blood tested today. You know. So you can't you can't can't eat. Now you know what I mean and I don't can appointment. There's no my wife's like just walk in. Right. So I don't know how long that's going to take going to be miserable, right? So I can't eat any get off the air. Just. saw this thing about. How a wake up things that people do to wake up in the morning already took a cold plunge, but the number one is listening to music going for walks going through social media. Already I've already done all that drinking a glass of water, turn the lights on wash your face, a cold water I, took my whole body cold water. Shower brush your teeth and the number one thing to wake up in the morning. And he guesses anyone's who's edited guesses jump around. No. No rich thing drink coffee. Not. A. Natural ways. Energy drink drink coffee to get my blood tests. Probably. Would raise everything it raises your blood pressure. GonNa Conference through things we need to know well, animals may not appreciate a covert vaccine. I'll tell you three things you need to know next to a John Jane rich when the show is over, we just keep talking and now you can hear listen to the John Jay Enrich afterwards podcast on iheartradio or on I tunes south of the show today I got to get my blood tested and I was concerned of what I can eat drink in Heidi knows, Heidi? What can I drink? Walking have coffee with black. What about energy drinks? Law, that wouldn't that wouldn't be the same but lots of water because that definitely helped. Coffee so gross. Black Coffee. Thanks Heidi. Thank you very thanks. What do we need today? Okay. So it was a big day over the weekend president trump nominated judge Amy Kuney Barrett to the Supreme Court trump hailed her as a woman of remarkable intellect and character Obviously, she will fill the seat vacated after the death of Ruth. Bader Ginsburg well, experts are saying that around a half, a million sharks may be slaughtered in an effort to make. A Corona virus vaccine. So I guess sharks actually make this oil in their liver that is already used in some medicines including the flu shot and also is used in some of the candidates for a Kobe nineteen vaccine out they say if one of those particular vaccines are used worldwide experts believe two hundred and fifty thousand sharks will need to be slaughtered to provide one dose for each person. Now on Sunday yesterday. I got to lighten up a little bit because get a little heavy, right. So if you were watching NFL football, he may have noticed something totally random and kind of fun in the stands. At the Broncos game you would've noticed literally the entire city of South Park characters, stage, melting, large portion of their dance with them There were actually about five thousand human fans in attendance but along with them was you know respect and I thought. Even, the devil was there, they were all there. Probably never to promote Wednesday comedy central's airing an hour long south park pandemic special but still kind of fun and random to see you know what I mean have fun with empty seats about three things you need enough to get into any TV and movies I saw a movie this weekend. That, on the surface so is going to sound silly but it is a game changer like it hit. My wife was making fun of me for watching this movie. Now I'll tell you. How I stumbled upon this movies, there's a mix up of how I stumbled upon this movie but this movie blew me away and I recommend it to every single person every single person John Dean Rich. We'll tell you about this movie I saw. And if anyone saw this movie, please call impact me up. It's on Netflix. Called my octopus teacher. Okay. Preview. I hadn't even heard of that. Okay. If you've seen it call eight, seven, seven, nine, three, seven, one. Oh, four, seven now. Let me explain. With my son Dutch and we were swimming in the Pool, he says Dad I would pick up free diving. What's that? He's I guess we just go underwater you hold your breath you down. He's like I. saw this on Tiktok. This guy goes underwater and he's like friends with this octopus. And like Oh, that's cool. So anyway, he he's telling me about it. Cut to I'm with one of those on board moments. Right turn on Netflix to see what's on. And a see the scenes says my octopus teacher. How would you turn it on the preview starts to play. I'm like Oh. This must be the thing Dutch saw. And I, thought he said Tiktok what he probably meant. Netflix. And I thought. Wow my son. Like stopdown out of video games out of whatever in watched this movie second hour and a half documentary on this guy, this octopus. And I couldn't believe that he did that. So I thought I'm going to sit here and watch it. So I started watching this movie. It's unbelievable. So here's the story. This guy is from South Africa. And he grew up in this little place. There's a little cove. And it's beautiful this cove and he goes swimming snorkeling day and he slows down to the bottom of this little cove and he sees his. And he's the I. Guess He's out of work or something. So he goes. I'm going to go down there every day and check on this octopus. So he sets a camera down there and the octopus fills goes over the camera and films in touch the camera, right? In every day, this guy goes no matter what happens every day this guy goes out in films and films octopus. And develops a connection with this octopus. And like has feelings for this octave and the octopus is the same like octopus like comes out and trust him now swims with him and plays with him. Everything touches his face, and and then like there's predators that come after this octopus like a shark attacks as with A. Rips this octopus. Armagh. In, each his arm and he's got all the footage of the shark ripped his arm off towards the camera with the arm in it, and like an octopus is skin color is down you think. Die, and also he sees weeks later and it gives you the date will say fifty four days seventy, five days of every day, and then all of sudden you see little stuff starts growing back knocked his arm grows back like Kurt. About Ryan And then he just follows his life, his October, and then a huge shark comes after his octopus again and he's follows whole story the octopus and it has like a sad ending. And then it's like and I'm a little. Sad. And bummed me out and then so I went up the Dutch dinner last night and I'm like Mike Man Dutch I watched the my teacher octopus, these I. Think. It's a tiktok video about a guy in Hawaii I said, no, no is the movie on Netflix about the guy. South Africa. knows. A couple of guys in Hawaii, the free diving in the grabbed and octopus. It's on, Netflix. He's is on Tiktok. and. It goes to show you and he graduates Tiktok, his phone and each shows me this little tiktok video these dudes that are just jumped around in Hawaii and the grabbing octopus having his hand like chicken all. And it's like totally what I was watching. That I had as maisy moment with my teacher octopus teacher Oh. Right? Right. What what do you think of Octopus Teacher That my five year old with me Saturday and he actually put one on the House I thought it was really awesome. I got on there and I found the director and I said the Director Message Lalo. Like the and then the Octopus Fan Club of the world jammed me back and said, hey, next job. Actually. Ninety six percent on rotten tomatoes from the audience. But no none from like the critics. I don't think. It's unbelievable I'm telling you guys go out of your way and see this. You'll. I knew nothing about octopuses not even from finding dory I mean Hank was a Septa pus. It's uncomfortable. In this guy, he's talking about octopus and starts crying when you see the end of this movie. It's it's an I want at one point with activists got lost his arm and was dying. He thought this guy you know how these guys they don't break nature. They don't want to interfere. She's like cracking open lobster or cracking open oysters and feeding the octopus, right? So. Yeah, and then and then it's like then there was a point where I thought he should have stepped in and he didn't step in. Ju It's an unbelievable movie. It's called my. Teacher. It's Netflix and I can't stop thinking about. In. A million years that a you'd even watch that let alone be interested and then be so affected by it. I'm telling you why because I thought Dutch watched it. Should make you watch. Over. Anyway, so where are you guys on Ratchet I finished a and I thought the ending was pretty good at I think a season to definitely coming for sure it doesn't end Cuckoo's nest. Okay now you fish two. Dead but I did not. Still have like a half an hour. So this show. It goes somewhere kind of boring to episodes, but then kinda comes back and they. Okay. Now I'm okay with Being Board for episode or two because they came back strong lots of people die. You. Hook the entire time that was really good show. I really enjoyed the acting like just the actors themselves. The story was pretty messed up, but it was it was fascinating. Well, I started the this is the show about the insane asylum. It's a Prequel to one flew the coop snacks and has called ratchet. It's about nurse Ratchet There's a scary moments in it where I feel like I can't I don't WanNa, watch it night sailing, watch it in the daytime because I don't want to have any kind of bizarre nightmares. So actually had a little bit of a nightmare by the last night, but my nightmare was mostly me trying to mother-in-law to watch it. It was. And she would watch it. I don't know it was a dream, but I'm at least it wasn't about that. She didn't respect your TV credit dream and that killed you. I'm at the part where. They boil that woman. That's where I'm at right now. Little. Yeah. So but I did also watch episode six, the Boys Oh keep getting better and better. You could but it's just like these crazy just twist. that. Show is so good. I think you'd like it. and. If you don't like it I mean there's one I if I tell you about this one scene, the guy with the huge penis. I didn't see that. That's just the crazy thing about the show. It's they things you would never expect never expect, but it was laugh out loud galerias. Funny. and. It was really well done. How many episodes are there six hundred? Foreign on on that show and it is really disturbing. But also Hilarie I look forward to I'm so you know it's actually I'm okay with just getting one week because it is a lot. When you see one episode, you're like, what did I just to watch? So it's kind of. Like way for the other one, sister told me to watch in Nola Watson and that's number one on the flex right now. Yeah. That's a movie though not a series. Oh, it's a movie. Yeah I believe. So Oh I don't know I started watching sneaker heads juicy stiegler heads. Watching that Number ten. Watching it over the weekend. It's okay. It's okay. It doesn't me hooked just yet. Anyway. So speaking of TV, we get into TV because we want to get into the TV that messed you up right 'cause ratchet missed you. Oh Yeah. Oh, yeah. I want to hear about the sleepless next really kept me up. Okay. We're going to get into that next John Jane Rich. Taxed. We don't care text Jj and message tonight six, eight, nine three or so the number one show. NETFLIX's right. Now it's ratchet nurse Ratchet. It's a scary bloody grizzly show. It's a dark show by the same people who do American horror story. And it's messed up rich right it's messed you up. You know in fact, the last show to mess me up was season one of American horror story. So it's the same people they must know how to get me and I don't want to give away too much of the plot but I'd say there was one of the nights we'd have to get up super super early. So I watched about three or four of the episodes. Back to back. So you get sucked into this entire world that they have this assane saint asylum. That's a former SPA in the nineteen forties or late nineteen forties, and there's something that just when I think maybe nurse Ratchet might have some conscious tour. She takes somebody who's totally innocent. All they did is witness a murder and she makes him incapacitated for the rest of their life in the gross way possible and I couldn't sleep. I know it's fake I know I know talking about when she with? That part guy that got me way so far the show has it messed me up. Yeah. Messed me up with that show I an I mean I in in what messed me up is rich told me about it I. So I knew it was coming in I was terrified that it was coming and then when I saw, it was terrifying to to me this little things that messed me up and this is the part when Sharon stone goes to feed her son and he's got no arms and legs. I'm right I and I was like. He's got norm two legs. He's in bed and he's screaming that he wants dessert I that stir the hell out of me. Late Parts hearing you guys say that makes me watch it around noon and I'll watch it for fifteen twenty minutes. I don't like scary movies and what sucks is I told you guys about the show I did. That's what sucks. I like like I think about shows or things that I've seen that have messed me up and I I go straight to the most recent one which was golden state killer that documentary the. Finishing. Yes. That women and stuff that gets me like I. This is the first serial killer show that I haven't been able to finish not because it wasn't fascinating because it was. So terrifying will the other show SPF is on the other side of that is the movie just watch the octopus teacher. Up in a in a different way. It's I got emotionally attached. If you guys take an hour and a half out of your day and watch this movie, the octopus teacher it's GonNa give you a different perspective on how we are all in this together I, want I sound like an airline. Are, like we are when you go swimming in the ocean like you're part of it. It's it's it's an amazing. It's an amazing movie about the world and animals and how we are all one. It's beautiful. It's beautiful at the end of it. I was a mess. But when you talk about shows, mess you up though there's one movie, the One TV show, it's the killing season one, the season, two of the killing. On Flex. Then, it's this guy in the car talking to his counselor. He's a homeless kid he's talking to his counselor. and. Having this conversation about south and he's like I'm doing great and he's okay great. The counselor says to the kid getting the back seen take off your pants and he goes I'm not gay and he goes neither mine. and. Then cut to the next scene and it just so disturbing your mind where your mind goes there. Those are the ones that are the most disturbing things at all because your mind has to go someplace, they lead you down a path and it's like that is so dark. So dark. So we want to hear from you about TV shows or movies that messed you up. Eight, seven, seven, nine, three, seven, one, four, seven, the scene I just talked about the killing has nothing to do with the show at all. That's what. has nothing to do with old show. Eight seven seven nine, three, seven, one, four, seven, one here from you next John Rich. Leave. Your. A. Real. Quick. Before we do this, the Mariah Carey thing. Yeah. The mercury thing. Oh, which one. Is the one where she has. She had an alternate album. The ran up like back in the day she actually recorded an alternative song and when you hear it, you have to go really but when you listen closely you mariah. Makes Sense it was. It was the time of Atlantis Morissette where like she was all over the radio so it makes. The because I felt like Pearl Jam in Nevada there. Yes. She said she was grunge inspired but I mean like there was some there was some cools lantis. was everywhere back then. That was her alter ego nineteen, ninety six. still on Amazon? Might get. Why should we want to know about what TV shows or movies messed you up? Richard Pretty messed up by seen from ratchet, which is on Netflix right now shelby. What messed you up? With cat. Budget scenes from there in fact but when you say that I have one goes in my head, but which one was for you. So for me well, I love cats are my favorite animals I've choose. So I was like holding them him like near dear to my heart when this happened. But when he puts the cow on the end of the room before he put it in the bath, you could just see the fear in it is. I I couldn't sleep for like a month and a legit had to go to therapy. Yeah. You're was for me is when you see him in the security footage, go into. Complex with the guy and he walks out, he kills a guy and you walk out wearing the shirt. Yeah That was crazy. Show is terrible. It was terrible right? Thank show. Sarah, what movie or TV show Messed you up. It's a movie called Gone Baby. Gone Yes. Casey Affleck in it. No it's it's been. It's GonNa come back. Gone Baby Gone. What's that GONNA fight girl? Yeah Oh God be gone. That's the depressing. One right is that it's really really depressing. I know that one I know the story of that one I. in fact, I knew the story I decided not to see it it because the storyline. But yeah. Really. Messed you up. it's just a question in the end of what is right for Bronx like is it it better that this little girl is taken from a drug addict mother or is she better better off with this person who took her So for me, it definitely was I think she should have gone back and social services should taken over but it's just what I talked to. They have different opinions about it your. Lisa saw my office teacher. Thank you. Lisa what do you think first of all that that messed you up to. Yes in a positive way and I was just calling to back you up. It's an amazing movie and I wanted to share about it when I first saw it. But I thought it just sounded so silly like it's not an occupancy. MAZING beautiful but I just I wanted to back you up. I was so glad to hear you say that it's it's it's a beautiful movie. You know what? I don't know how it works with Academy Awards, but I think it'll win an academy award. Ted It's amazing. Tell you this. I still think about it I saw a couple of weeks ago and it's just it's such a just it moves you and just the relationship that they build and and he actually is a films at film director film artist and he was really depressed and that's why he was going underwater every day and and just, and even the ending even at Saturday's as it is like I I agree cried. it's still like it's still like quick in a sense Specht. So beautiful. Wanted to back you up, take you take the I. It's like I WanNa talk to talk I don't WanNa ruin the ending but I have these thoughts like I felt like he could have done stuff. Do you know what I mean? Like I wanted I wanted him to like put her into the. You know what I mean is it sad does your octopus teacher become your Calamari appetizer at the? No no not not. No it's just it's so traumatic. It's it's such a beautiful movie. It's just so it's so well done. There's no movie like it. Too long ago to four of when it came out of beautiful day. This Kovic. Steph. Sensitive No. But I can tell you that I, my estrogen levels of through the roof right now. Fact. You. Do Scares me. But I know where this is going. But I, promise you you. If you see this movie, it's a it's a it's a life changing movie. It's so good. Anyway thank you Lisa. And what movie messed you up for TV show. Or is the trials of Gabriel Fernandez Oh yeah up. Yes. There are so many of them out that would outline was terrible. Horrible it's so sad. Just thinking about it makes me emotional. Message to. Explain would cry yes and it made you like I. Don't know about you. But it made me like faith in our system Absolutely. It's a one person who's supposed to love you the most betrayed you and it's such a beautiful little boy and just speak on and to see everything was just so emotional every day is that still on somewhere streaming. Try It. Actually. I think that disturbed you John Jay so much you it would watch. Not There yet where I can just. Do that I have to when when I know what the story lines about it's just terrible. Yeah thanks Sarah What about you what what? TV Show or movie messed you up. it came out a long time. It was called the cell with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Lopez. And the pretext is they have this machine that you can get into and it gets you into the mind of another person and they go into the mind of a serial killer to try to find his victim that he's got. That he's being held hostage and he's in a coma, it is visually amazing and stunning. But the things that like Jennifer Lopez is the one that goes into this killer's mind and you see and it was so disturbing that after that my roommate and I had to watch dude, where's my car just to not? True. Found Fascinating Thank Sarah Thank you Susan what movie or TV show messed you up. uncut gems that I don't stand liver. It's just it's so dark. You can't root for anybody and at the end, they just need to shower in a hug. Clark got halfway through that visit. Will they what? What? What is it because the anxiety or just bad people It's the anxiety about people. It's loud. It's I mean I know it's intensive dramatic for man it's just You just feel icky at the end of it and it is hard to see Adam Sounds Bat. Exactly. Gilmore you do feel like, okay. I need to get away from this in watch something else. John Jane, rich use your phone. The way it was originally designed to be used talking to other humans call us at eight, seven, seven, nine, three, seven, one, four, seven, John Jay and rich Laura. You're on the air. Thanks for holding out. I just wanted to say that I, love shoot your shot i. really think that you should. You know open it up to anyone really who wants a shot at anything? I think you said it best John J like when you were a kid, you had to like sell yourself for the things that you wanted. So I think that would be a great segment. Okay. So opened up. So other than wanting to ask somebody out what else is there a promotion? What do you think Laura yes. A job. like if you wanted to. Do something and your husband didn't want to like you can help put him in you know get him or you know if it's like a teenager and he wants to do something and his parents you know on the lying about it like shooter shoot. Sure your shot like, why shoot? Why do you deserve the new X. box or the playstation five? That's good. Okay. We could do you know shoot the poop that can be podcast where we talk. Another one. s while. Next. Okay. That's good. Okay. Very. Good. All right. Thank you like okay. Now here's we're GONNA get into? An the reason we're going to get into this this next thing is of Suzanne and Mr Baby Explain Susannah. So why we were talking about this the other day, but Mr Baby was like, do you remember what you spent with your first paycheck because I remember my first paycheck I thought I. Was Bolland like little over one hundred bucks and I ate out all the time Oh spotting my friends I came in get whatever you want on the Menu I. Got You. He was so excited about that and I was like, what did I do with my first paycheck and I told them that because my first job was in and out Burger? And you have to buy your white pants that you wear. So I told him I was like I with my first paycheck I got another pair of white pants. I had to buy my shoes and the rest of the money was for gas because I, it was like a forty minute drive to work, and so he looked at me like with like his face was just sad he's like that is that's horrible. That's what you spent your first paycheck on l. you're so responsible. And if. I. Didn't think of you know buying anything crazy. So he was just so bummed out for me. So other than rent and bills, right? Yes. What did you spend your first paycheck? God that because as soon as you said that I, know I know exactly because I lived with my parents and then I got a job like my first real paycheck and I know exactly what I bought and I still haven't. I still have it to this day I. Look at it almost every day. I'll tell you next eight, seven, seven, nine, three, seven, one, zero, four, seven, we want. What did you buy with your first paycheck? John Jane Rich. Was the first thing you bought with your first real paycheck. CLEO. Hi. My. Mom's taking my cellphone away. Then she paid the bill and also with my with my first check I went and got a cute little cricket now phone six hundred take away from anymore. Thanks cleal. Nick how about you? I thing you've already paycheck. My engineering paycheck we were going to fort peaks free in Tempe Arizona. Driving my girlfriend had just gotten a brand new car three days old pink cars that she absolutely loves this car and I made a wrong turn and I made me go into this dark area where I made a u-turn now does making you turn a biker ran directly into the car broke his bike, broke my girlfriend's brand new car and how to pay for the car to get sick and the biker. Fact. Got Pay paid. I got. This. I didn't even I didn't even get my first paycheck yet gave coming the next week. So I work hours and my paycheck for something the next week but it's fine. We're still in a relationship. Six. So we're. Just drive pink car. No she sold it and got a jeep which I do like more theft. She has a pink cheap, but always wants tour. I think. Hey. Porsche. You're on the air. With my birthday Jack a tattoo that I got done in a garage that I hit from my mom I two years. Garage. Yeah, Gary. I was sixteen but you know. Tattoo. On my shoulder, it's a hard aground. It's a band I used to listen to when I was in junior high and high school. and. I look at it every day I mean it's a little bit of a regret but I I to my first paycheck emperor, Tattoo who's the band. It's called him. I do not listen to them anymore. They changed other her FDR. Latino Them. I'm Richard you're on the air. What did you get with your first paycheck? So my first. One hundred and twenty seven dollars and my mom and dad made he pay for my rental Tuxedo from my cousin's wedding which one hundred and eight dollars You'll never forget that. No I don't know. Richard Thanks J. Junior year on the. First paycheck would you get what you by? Junior. You're breathing. All right anyway. So my first paycheck, so I had I had to. Two Jobs, my I was at the check cashing place, right so cash checks all through college to get my way through school, and then my first radio job. So I had to first paychecks if you will. To major purchases with my first paycheck first paycheck. I bought. And from what? I understand from people that this is very valuable now. About Nineteen ninety-two because it was in nineteen, ninety two. I bought a Schwinn Bicycle Beach cruiser a Schwinn and I still have that in my garage now are I mean they're they're? Solid to Schwinn beach cruiser in. It's awesome in. It's still awesome and sometimes my son gets on it and right rides it and I get a little emotional This is like man about that. Get your ass off my bike. That kind of emotional. Let's get on it. And then. This just came up the other day. I bought. With my first radio paycheck I bought a custom surfboard. It cost me six hundred bucks and I still have that in my garage. It was awesome and the reason it came up the other days because the guy who made my surfboard. I met somebody that knows him and I was star struck because the guy used to design surfboards and my dad's apartment complex and I would watch him designed surfboards. I was someday I wanna make enough money where you can design my surfboard he was right and and I would watch him make surfboards and finally. Six hundred bucks and I had it and he designed my support he put his name on it and it's like I know. But in the surf world, it's kind of a big deal. This guy except now he quit needed makes he makes kites reports or what do you call it, Kite, surfing. In Hawaii and Australia now, and you still have that still have this report, but it's old and it's like it's gross. But it is sentimental. I took it surfing a couple of years ago. And people looked at me weird. Surfing, is changed. You got a lot of stuff in your garage do. Is the biggest problem I wife wanted to clean out the garage weekend and I was like come on, we're in the middle pandemic. Anyway. My son wanted to go to eat at this restaurant yesterday that I didn't WanNa go to can we go to so and so and? We're GONNA. Move a pandemic. Like. Let's get tacos. anyways sell. In case, you don't know the way things work at the radio station. You know we got Joey Brad Fischer Audio Ninja, engine the back. And then we got new Guy Nick right new guy nick backs up Joey. and. Nick. Listens to every single thing that happens on the show and then whenever one of us on the show has like a crutch or something, he highlights it. And he collects audio. and. What you think is. A. Ton Of minority does he said he's working on a bunch yours I don't know if this is on you but he says he has a new one. He's got a new montage. We don't know who it's about but the last time he was here, he said he had a whole bunch on. So New Guy Nick has a new audio presentation on somebody on the radio. So we'll find out next with John Jane rich the full show podcast the afterwards podcast and more from the Johnny Rich Network searched John Jay enrich on itunes or I her radio. By New Guy, naked studio audio of our audio guys, and he is captured something and he's made something. Going to make us feel insecure. Okay Nick What are you got? Hey, guys. Do you WanNa talk about crutches today? Talk about crafts purchase go ahead. Audio crutches. So, this one is you know. God Love You John Jay. Album I have. been noticing this over the last couple of weeks specifically, I John runs a show and there's a million things going on at a time I any time he's resetting there's something he says. All right. All right. All right. All right. Up to. This. Generous. Argue play game. The horoscopes. Time for arts time for Life Hack. Signed a place who sets game? Owen said by I want to get into. With you guys so. All right. Thank you. Never know. I. I have because a lot of times. Bill Delaney will send over teases for me of what I'm going to say and these a lot of times if you guys can scroll up here and see that they'll. All right. Alright right. So Starts so so Are you pulled? Say Right amount for me sometimes to say a say it on my own all the time too. But I'll look at it and but I'm wondering if they're writing it because that's how I talk. Mean is another one. Percents. Good Pool Bone Dick. Was Good Show I. We always played twice. So go ahead. Right. All right. All right. All right. Let's get, into Ellen DeGeneres. Argue play game. The horoscopes? Time for arts time. For Life Hack. Signed A place WHO SETS GAME Owen said. I want to get into bio tries up with you guys so. Thank you mick. Also have an okay. Okay. Yeah Yeah. Listen those. Again, there's so much that I have now. My transition, a third transition from one segment to the other. Because I'd go. All right. Thank you nick today. Places. Game Beach Suzanne. So. If you can identify hit songs on the radio justice, fast issues map then you can win it. We're GONNA. Play that next judging rich. play, beaches an Kelsey. In High Kelsey. Shoes that's the host is that how do we play I? Play Very Popular Song for you. You get to here for a couple of seconds. Then you tell me the artist and the title of the song before the Buzzer I can give you two point. You can also get one point if you just give me the title or the artist, but there is a theme tied into beaches them today, and that's a car theme. So you'll hear the song. If you remember what car they mention in that Thong, you will get an extra point. Okay you. And you can. You can wait after the buzzer low give me you know the type of car that they mentioned. So you know be lenient with that. Are you ready? Kathy? We're GONNA. Start the game with John Jay's. Songs that? And I don't know my back I. Think the talk about my back. That is Jay Z. Re Anna and Kanye that's run this town and the car that they mentioned is Raffour. Grab. A good about that. I thought they said rat what do you think wrapped four? Yeah. What do you think I rap for put China row four. But you got Jay Z. so John J you are on the board with one point up next is rich. Friends in. The. To Halsey Never. It's Halsey. With chain smokers in closer and they're in the fronts, the backseat of a rover. Now, that is east side. And Khalid, made me think extending myself but that is all the end. The the car that the mentioned is corvettes other. So you, you set Halsey. So you've got a point there rich. Rich you wait for fat Joe Pravada. Let's right. Anybody. Hip Hop Song. All right on the board with one point Kyle over to you. Love what am I? Okay, that's beyond say the cars made back in believe that's also part of the name of the song. The song is called top off. To. Make. Very, nice of has two points taking the lead right there because I was beyond say DJ calendar Jay Z on the on the song to are a CALC- it's your turn. To. Talk. Chain smokers. Along I, can't think of the car or the song. That is chain smokers with halls the. Closer and the car. Is Rover. Back. Gave it to me. I'm, stupid psychic. Until a pathetic. I should've I should've taken the hint. All right. Next time it's all right Kelsey. You got one point by saying the chain smokers are I. So we got John J. Rich tied with one point. Kyle has two points round to back over to John Jay. Don. T know what the Hell's us on Old Town road. Yordano it's because he he gave. Billy Ray Cyrus. He gave a car was it a Ferrari? He gave them a Maserati. Gay Car. Gave me call. For, SH-. He got old town road right before that. You didn't say. He did okay. Okay. All right. All right John John the lead away three points very nice up next is rich. Box. that. Never. A Taylor Swift. That is. But. The the car she mentions is, of course, an old Ford truck. Chevy truck just. Sorry my daughter if you're listening. Should know this. Oh, he met at your. Her she made a country playlist and it's like all Taylor swift and blink. Nothing else. Maybe came Brown. Yeah. So it is Taylor swift fungus called Tim McGraw. McGrath. Rich has two points. Kyle over to you tell them well. Down I have an enemy. Fights. Bill S. WE'LL call why you brought it. Really. Yeah I'M GONNA get a zero on this one. I. Am going to make a wild guess of UH. Whip. Something that rhymes with whip. said. That's actually what Cardi B. and. The whip PLOP. Cardi B. Making the salient and they mentioned a mack truck debt. Big. To go to Disney. that. Super. Dirty. Sorry Kyle, we have a rich Kyle tied with two points John. Jay has three points played cathy. If you get three points right here, you will have four and you will be John Jay okay. Right. All right. Good luck. As we own a block. Seven Fifty in Utah Snow. Trunk into front that. That is while by Post Malone and they mentioned a whack. Got A. Nice Job Kelsey. I thought you. So putting my brain starts going to think about other cars and other songs have cars and I can't. There's one. lose one and it was it was a hit was in talks about like a Toyota Camry what funds we like rappers that are always Bugatti and lamb bows and my back's when they talk about a normal car. That's. What? I thought for sure you would use Rockstar with Purple Lamborghini too obvious for this game. That's actually the tiebreaker. Right? There is the separable Emmer Games. Guinea you're thinking of the thinking of the actual purple. Rick, Ross We in the news hotel. COTY. I woke up. Yeah. Risk if somebody car songs. Yeah there's there's Mustang, Sally. You want to go in your Mustang. So many hang sally now be tried to go. You'll be hearing it now you're listening to. I had a couple random things I. saw about. Did you hear about these social influence influence popped using a studio in L. A. Look like they're inside a private jet? Lame Guy Pennsylvania used a drone to drop explosives near his ex's house has been sentenced to five years in prison or. Someone on Tick Tock recommended that everyone in generations get a matching tattoo. And he didn't realize Vega Swastika. So no one. Got It. It's see the city of Lake Jackson Texas is warning people not to drink the water after a brain eating Amoeba was found in the water supply to tip. Yeah. Don't you? Real Janeiro has delayed its carnival parade in February because of the pandemic first time it's been delayed since nineteen twelve when he was suspended after the death of a top politician. A congressman in Argentina has resigned and listen to this with shame. He was seen kissing his girlfriend's bare breasts during a remote session He didn't realize things broadcast on YouTube. Nobody told his. Co., how are you? been. Privy to that greeting. A couple in Italy. Met In March when they started talking from their balconies, face each other. they live in Verona Italy. So people started calling them the real life Romeo and Juliet because we're talking about Kenny favor on and it looks like the couple were have a better ending though because Romeo Juliet Marine died. Because I just got engaged. And the sequel to bore at two is coming out. Do you see what the name of it is? The sequel called Borat. Gift of pornographic monkey to vice premier mikhail pants to make benefit recently diminished nation of Kazakhstan. No Way. That's. Title. Yeah boy at vs member what borough one was called. It was called Bora at cultural learnings of America for make benefit Glorious Nation of Dan. So that was we just call the BORAT. So everything to call Borat to probably yeah for sure Yup. Tino TIKTOK is saved yet. Again, I'll tell you three things you need to know next with John Jane Rich. Now back to John Enrich cowed, we need to know. Explain its own little game of survivor. So last night, a judge actually blocked the federal ban talk which was set to start at midnight. This is what will be removed from the APP stores they wouldn't be able to do updates anymore. So for now, you can keep talking until a full court hearing that hasn't been set yet happens. Thought, they had a buyer. The buyer at the sale has not gone through and it hit the deadline last night. I know that's what I'm saying it's like a little game of their own survivor things. It's like we have a buyer hasn't gone through yet, but then we're saved by the federal judge. So yeah. So Bottom line you can keep talking away because I'm going to talk last night for with the bed had no idea that all this is going on behind the scenes now. So I'm guessing you're gonNA, wish that this was happening before the date they're going to do this but Google said that they're going to block ads related to the presidential election after the polls close on November thirteen th this email to all their advertisers saying they're not going to allow ads referencing candidates the election, or it's outcome given that an unprecedented amount of voters will. Be counted, Election Day. This year I'm guessing we would all like to see the political ads stop right now but that's not gonNA happen. But literally after the polls closed on November third, say Goodbye Amazon's annual Prime Day is usually in July. They've given unofficial new day for prime days because it's two days Tuesday October. Thirteenth Wednesday October fourteenth. You can get an all the amazing deals that you get on Prime Day of course, you have to be a prime member you can enroll. That's things you need to know October tenth is love pop day. Courage everybody to post pictures of you and your dogs with the Hashtag. Love pup days. According to. New, survey. Three out of four people with dogs say yes at some point. They have canceled plans so they can hang with your dog three out of four people. only one in three people don't know with cats. And the average person with a dog or cat has more than one dog. Average percents. One point seven dogs cat owners at one point nine dogs. That's weird. So weird looking cat. Your cats are probably encouraging you to leave. Like we haven't been home and I feel bad I'm like you. I got to spend time with the dogs especially when they're puppies like I gotta go by. This dog house right now his name's betty and he's a poodle mix and he I think he's under a year. He was hit by a car. Right? He's doing great now but he is people shy like he needs a lot of work he's beautiful and so does my son is working with them my wife's work than I haven't gone yet to try to work with them yet, but he will come out of his crate. Right. So. Yeah. It's such a but what he will make somebody a wonderful dog. So. Another thing out a little research about they asked a new survey asked two thousand people with the name the most mundane. Boring. Chore. They could think of the chores. What's the Most Boring Chore You do? Kyle. Laundry that's the ten. Lonrho's what's the Worst Chore Sleeping? Sweeping that specific is an in here but you rich unloading the dishwasher. Dishwasher doing the dishes number eight. Dusting is number three. vacuuming is number nine, cleaned the kitchen number seven clean out the fridge number six washing the windows number five changing your sheets is number four cleaning. The toilet is number two. Number one new bathtub. No shower. No. I can tell you that I don't do any of these parts. shocker. Sweeping up leaves or something in the yard work yard work. One time we read an event and I needed this done and I had an intern come over our hotel room when you're out of town, do this for me ironing ironing are. Sucked. It's I get frustrated. Irony is the worst is really satisfying though the moment where you like. Put the iron over in the wrinkles, go away and watching that is a thing. Shirts like. So, Checkout Love Pup Foundation speaking this dog Benny you could see his name's Benny you could see him on Lopa bondage instagram also bunch of other dogs when you find homes for we got a lot of dogs right now. So, check out. Love Pup Foundation instagram live for Benny look for gypsy, for a bunch of dogs need homes. Listening to John J range on Iheartradio for more good Ajayi. RICH DOT COM

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