Glimpse of Home


This unique observation deck is a window to the world from space. This is innovation. Now bringing you stories behind the ideas that shape our future designed to improve the view of the exterior of the International Space. Station. The KUPA was added to tranquility node three in two, thousand, ten, this small module houses the workstation controls for the large robotic arm that is used to grapple visiting. Cargo vessels and assist astronauts during spacewalks. The circular shaped module is just under ten feet in diameter and comes equipped with special shutters to protect from contamination and collision with orbital debris or micrometeorites. But the Dome which was placed on the Earth facing side of the station provides a unique opportunity for photographs and video. In fact, astronauts can often be found here with camera in hand. Made up of seven windows six around the sides and one in the center. The Cupola provides spectacular views of earth and other celestial objects and for astronauts live aboard the orbiting station for days weeks or even months at a time. These bay windows offer a comforting glimpse of home for innovation. Now, I'm Jennifer pulley innovation now is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace Through collaboration with NASA.

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