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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. John Mayer answer some burning questions Mila Kunis gets neighborly updates from her friend Ellen. We pay tribute to a dear friend of the show. Lisa Jarman, and Ellen place to new games one. She loves and one she doesn't and by doesn't she to Andy and friends, I'm Kevin alien this Minnesota. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm Ed glavin co host of Ellen on the go. Andy lasts ner captain of the ship. Welcome. Well, happy twos. Debbie Tuesday Tuesday. Andy something happened today. That is never happened before the show here at the show Ellen suggestions, you get a haircut. Yeah. And then I asked Kevin is there something no what she said is you should have Laney cut your no never commented on my hair. And then nice Kevin is something different buying. And he said, it's a little poofy. Does not a great sign. Yeah. She's never commented on my hair. So we also headed over there very quickly after lunch, and I was going down for a nap. So maybe my hair was you know, but lane will give you a nice haircut. Yeah. Sure. That's not good to hear cutter. Why clearly she didn't like your hair thought. It was poofy when she told me I need to get a massage because my net may maybe it's still helmet hair from I believe what she was offering to do was pay for a chiropractor, treat you. Yes. Swing on it. Because she for those of you who don't know. We recently taped an episode with Mario Lopez that has an aired yet. Kevin. Yeah. He and he played Mario Lopez. An off nap one of the games from game games that is on tonight, by the way, and for a little bit of the it seemed like only Mario was playing around like a rag doll and I woke up this morning, and my neck was a little stiff and realized I'm a little older and can't move the way. I use you knew immediately after the game that you weren't right? Yeah. Your new like, wow. That was a lot. And then this morning I woke up a little whiplash. And then if he okay that was your response right after the game that you feel a little whiplash Ellen this morning, caring about you. And being the kind hearted person that she is came into you. Said why don't you have been changed to get get my car repairing? It's more about fearing a lawsuit. Let me tell you. You've you've signed your life over to her don't worry about that. John Mayer yet was here. We've had a lot over the years number of times for whatever reason he seemed more relaxed more engaged more authentic more entertaining than he's ever been. It was it was made to be an race flavor. Appearance of his has not aged looks exactly the same hid like a child. Yeah, handsome. Yeah. Sang a song thing a great song. Song to has that. He talked about all sorts of things about quitting drinking, and and just what's got very personal and very comfortable and very sort of naturally funny with Ellen and. Here's a little bit of that. All right for every question that I asked you on and answers, honestly, our friends at shuttle flight will donate five hundred dollars. You can make a lot of money today. All right, here, we go three things you must do every day. I have to make coffee before the breakfast is done in the microwave that's game number one workout. And I have to look at naked people. Where are they? Every day. Every day. Okay. What was your first celebrity crush? Oh, olive oil. You're not getting five hundred dollars for that. Okay. We'll then I would just say who played olive oil, Shelley Duvall. I was just going to say no wonder you have to look at naked people every day. Have you ever dated a celebrity that the world doesn't know about? No, no, no. We know everything about you. When you're not on tour. What time do you? Go to bed two am really every night. What time do you wake up? Sometimes just wait to go to bed you ever. Just wait to go to bed because it's not your bedtime. Sleep till two. What are you gonna do till then just kick around against? Really? Sleep. During the night or nine. Yeah. All right. What's your favorite curse word? Oh boy. You know, I don't go for curse words. I go for really significant and articulate burns on people say things like you are tremendously unintelligent. But I'm gonna say motherfucker. You can use it for good or bad. You could say you mother fucker or you could say you see that John Mayer play guitar. He's a motherfucker. What is your favorite body part of mine or someone else? I will start with yours whips. And what is your favorite body part on someone else that part behind somebody when they're facing those? They're back is facing up. There's a part like the leg when leg we're legs meet. But there's what what's the name for that fooled where the but folds down over the leg. Colin sad. I I mean like. It folds down. No. There's a moment. There's a there's a place where the leg is not. Sure. Well, I yeah. I I don't know that there's a name for that. But that's your favorite area. I told you I was weird. Yeah. What is your best beauty tip? Confused. The skin confused the skin one day retin-a next day. Just a real heavy cream next day. What's this nothing at all the skin goes what's going on that catches up an? Really good. All right. We're going to round it up to ten thousand dollars who shedder fly. So. Discover the tale podcasts that brings the daring adventures of real women to life for your little ones. Good night's stories for rebel girls. The fun and inspiring children's podcast is back with eleven new inspiring stories read by some of today's most influential women including Priscilla Chan Jackie crews and Amy Landeck in season two. You'll try a case in the supreme court Ruth, Ruth, baiter Ginsburg, save a country with the mirabal sisters and so much more. Look for good night's stories for rebel girls, the podcast on your favorite podcast platforms or go to rebel girls dot CO slash podcast and always stay rebel. Mealy kunas was here. Who's hit a neighbor of L? Always a great guest. Very intelligent alarium. Intelligent, cool. I like her a lot. Anyway, she was here. And they talked a lot about Ellen being her neighbor out by the beach, and how Ellen is there more than they are at the beach house, and how Ellen is kind of the local news for her and sort of fills her in on everything going on on the beach. And she told the hilarious story about how meal and Ashton's kids. Don't really they're young kids. They don't really know that meal in Ashton or famous. They don't know that the lady who lives down the street LS does famous Ellen's just the blonde lady, they know from the beach. Yeah. And then a box of Cheerios comes into the house, right? That has Ellen's picture on it. And here's a clip of Mula talking about that. I I know I've never seen you. I don't think I I'm so used to seeing you in like, sweatpants or pajamas. We we live on the beach share you don't need to. Yeah. It cleans you off when the wind hits you, it's it's almost like a shower. We we live very close to each other. And we're there more often than than she and Ashton. So I- update you when we have issues going on. I'll let you know if there's sharks in the ocean. I let you know if we're fluttered in wait. Can I talk about this? Yeah. So. This is surreal life. Like, you have to realize I get updates about rain drainage, flooding weather from Ellen videotaping our house water, but with commentary coming from you. So it's like a disaster is happening. But it's funny 'cause you're like, oh, oh, and it's like just like flood coming through my house and laughing at it. And it's so twisted during the commentary, and it's like weird surreal life. Right. Wait on that note. I was telling them backstage why it's reaction to you on the Cheerios box. Can I say this? Yes. Okay. So I have a four year old daughter, no concept of anything other than like, I am a mom, and Ellen is a human that lives next door to us. So this weekend. I really want some cereal, and I was like it will just go in the painter and grab yourself some serious. She grabs the trio box. She looks NGOs money on its shoe squats. And I was like young. She's like why? I had no answer. Like, I was like Honey and pointed it's Ashton and his response like well anyone can be on the. Anybody? How dare you not making bigger deal of? Did you go to Madonna's party last night? I did you weren't there. I was not. There was I was resting at the beach. How late did you stay out really late? How to thirty. Wow. That is late. It was really like. But I'll say this. We had to leave the house at eight o'clock in order for me to not fall asleep. It's it's the kind of party everybody goes, they go after all the other parties, and it's guy in Madonna, and he told me that he went to bed at four thirty and left two hundred people in his house still going when he went to bed at four thirty. There have been years where those people end up falling asleep in our driveway. She lives on the state here in town. She lives next door to him. And so, yeah, that's a it's one of the weirdest moments when you wake up and you're like, oh, wow. I gotta take my kids to school. So I'm going gonna roll you. And and it's and it's a celebrity one hundred percent of the yes, there's nobody butts. Larry's at that party. So there's someone asleep on your driveway. Yeah. And having last year, it was surreal. That's hilarious. Gonna find out who that isn't it? The other thing that Mula mentioned on the show is that Elin mercilessly teases meal and action about one of their kids. Never walking. Yes. They carry them so much. Yeah. I love when her neighbors are on because we get to hear like these little stories that would otherwise never never get Ellen certainly not gonna tell us. Ellen also tried to pressure her into agreeing on the air to guest host for us. And it was funny because meal was like I mean, I'm nervous enough to do the show just as your guests and yet and yet again later, she's agreed to do. The so that'll be really fun intense peer pressure really worked. You guys I love of learning never stops. And there are so many interests to explore in hobbies to develop in great courses. Plus is a wonderful way to do that. With a streaming service. You can learn more about virtually anything that interests you ancient history the universe meditation wine tasting travel photography, plus so much more. 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Lisa Jarman was an audience member in our show like maybe six years ago, and she was wearing this bright orange top and when Ellen entered we took a shot of Lisa off of the show at the top of the show. We took a shot of Lisa Jarman who was basically in tears and sort of like fanning or face and and her you could see her just her, unfiltered joy at seeing Ellen hit the stage. So I'm in the control room forever show. You guys are on the floor, and I by grabbed a human interest staffer and said do me a favor and talk to that woman after the show. Let's learn more about her and from there, we have had the most amazing relationship with Lisa we learned that she had never been to the show before that she took a trip with some friends from Houston for the sole purpose of seeing the Ellen show. That's what the trip was based around took care of a lot of family members. We've. Found out kids grandkids like just and so we had her on the show, and we gave her a car, and we impersonated her around here for years because when Ellen was trying she said, I it makes me wanna do something. Nice for you. I like the way you react. And I wanna do something. Nice you. So I wanna give you a gift, and she said don't do it. Don't do do that. She was just too emotional sheets. I don't make me more excited. I don't I'm not sure I can physically take you giving me some and just. Just like she had already won an already had everything she needed by just being at the show and being there and having a conversation. Didn't need anything else. A spirit of this woman filled our audience fill Dr staff with joy, she was just all goodness. So then, of course, she gets her car, and we love that reaction we go. Well, what are we going to? What are we gonna give her next time? So we gave her a house. I mean, we didn't just give her a house for the reaction. We gave her a house because she was she had adult family living with her raising their kids with her. And there was just there was just need there. And she had this spirit that was just like nothing we'd ever felt. So we so we we gave her we gave her a house and we wanted to surprise her with the house. So we told her it was happening. And then we said, no, you have to stay away from where they're building the house because when the house is done we want to surprise you. You guys have seen all the HDTV shows like you want to surprise people with the house, and then we got wind that Lisa kept driving by the house and cheating getting Jeff taking looks at the house because she wanted to see was so excited about what was happening. And that is a spirit of Lisa. She always wanted to help others. She always wanted to give back and the producers and the people who found her on our show stayed in touch with her over the years and would fill a sin on what was going on in her life. And how great the house was and how happy she was. So we had her with Lisa and a bunch of other get previous guests from show in the audience of I think are two thousand show to celebrate some of our favorite guests. So yes, I think it was two thousand show, and they started a group text after that show because they were all in the audience together. They started a group ten they called it lucky thirteen because they were all here for thirteen in our thirteenth season. Yeah. And they stayed in touch, and we stayed in touch. And then we got word last fall that Lisa was sick. She's diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, breast cancer. And so we brought her here immediately. And we put her in the audience of a twelve day show, and we called her down and spoke to her, and we just she'd been here so much we all just and we'll and and particularly Ellen just loved her so much that we dedicated a seat in the audience to her, and that's something we've only done for maybe four or five people and not a none of them were non celebrities. And I remember all of us saying like we've got to do more for her. We have what else can we do for. She's such a big part of the family. She's going through this terrible pain. And I remember Tracy saying honestly that will be more to her than anything else we do. And she was we were all like, oh, there's gotta be something else will get absolutely right. She fell apart. She likes felt like part of our family. She stayed in touch with everyone through every step of the way. So she was she was we gave her the sheet that. Was the original seat? She sat in the very first time. She came to the show and she loved this. She loved it. So so very much and finally two weeks ago, we lost her. She passed. And it was really hard on on on on our staff. Like, I'm sure it was really hard on our family. I did not see her family after she passed, but it was really hard on some animals. Awesome staff here who really and also. She was here. She talked about the fact that she wishes she would have had her yearly exam. Yeah. And that she was an in sort of that, you know, really resonated with our audience in the importance of having your yearly mammogram, and she lets it was one of the first thing she said to Ellen Ellen just just when a few years without getting it. And I wish I would have gotten them Ellen was touched by was really affected by her passing. And the tribute that we put together for her to celebrate her life and her best friend Renita who came every time with Kim every time with her. It was really amazing. Well, we did not tell Ellen. We learned on Thursday night or Friday, and we just didn't we didn't want to give Ellen that news over the weekend. So we didn't tell her we told her Monday, and like you say it it rocked her. And then we dedicated that we took we cancelled everything on a show the following week that we could we kept. Celebrity lead, and we cancelled everything else, and we put we dedicated the whole back half of our show to to attribute to Lisa we brought her friends from the lucky thirteen group text in and I thought it was just beautiful. I I really loved it. So and and it's a segment that it was half the show. So we're not gonna play the half the show here. So if it'll still be on your DVR, if you wanna go watch it, but here's here's a piece of that. If you've been watching our show for a long time, you're probably familiar with our friend. Lisa Jarman, we first met Lisa eight years ago, and she was sitting right over there in our audience, and we fell in love with her spirit and enthusiasm and over the years. She became a big part of the Ellen show family last week. We got the heart breaking news at Lisa passed away after battling breast cancer. And today we want to celebrate her life and honor her legacy first. Here's a look back at Lisa. She is now Allen did generous. No one last week. It was somebody in the audience that got my attention when I'm John. Fresno, Texas, and I'm a single mom. I'd never say that I'm cooler. I never say that I'm struggling because to me, I'm not to me. I just live like I live all managed comes from the Lord up villain. Me on this date at sit worth star. Starring my books and in that see my whole life. So here's what happened. We saw that. Okay. Not yet. We saw that energy and I loved him so much, and I said I wanna meet her. They. And I love you even more now talking, and we know. Love your reaction when your supplies, and so what does the cry again? Oh. Okay. I know you need it. I know you need a new look up brand new car. From two gives you life changing something, I just wanna help you in any way. Can I also could also also also also I wanna give you all twelve days the giveaways. Taint that for that. Anyway, we love you. Lisa mature family. You will live on every montage we ever play near you'll see these holy Lisa. Lisa lives on with us. And with all the people in her life because she really all viewers light for anyone who came into contact with her and to it speaks to the relationships that form between our staff, and the guests when they come into their lives, like someone's, you know, in the news for something or there's a viral video or we just meet him because they watched the show, and they send a letter and we put them on the show. And you know, what happens is that is the beginning of a relationship between that person that rights are that family and our show, and particularly our human interest staff on our show and those relationships indoor you know for forever. We've we've a producer who doesn't work on the show anymore. She works on Jimmy Fallon show on the tonight show. Her name's Vicky and Vicky produced Emily bear on our show. Emily Baer was like a six year old piano prodigy and Vicky producer, Emily. Bear is now seventeen wrote the music for Ellen's. The Nancy drew movie, which is coming out any minute wrote the music for the top of the movie and for the closing credits. And she's beautiful seventeen year old pianist who recently texted me a picture of her with Emily Baer. Like they've known each other for ten years now, it's really cool. Amazing. And I would say that this past weekend genie who you guys all know, and our producer. Tracey gold flew to Houston to attend the memorial service for Lisa jarmin's. And they were so happy they went they came to us and said, do you mind if we leave early on Friday, so we can go to this service? And we're like without a doubt, we love that you want to be there and Lisa's family was touched and said that Lisa often talked about her two families her Ellen show family and her family in Houston, and and Tracy might also from the bachelor recap show. Absolutely. These are people who come onto our staff. They've no on camera experience. They've never. An on camera in their lives. And now, they're both, you know on camera. Is what trying to say? But I don't you know. We love them and celebrity huge in a very average way. But he's a celebrity for sure. Kev. You're our game. Our game guy game tester guy. Tell us about what's going on. With some of these games though this past week. We try to couple of new ones we tried one called willy whipper. I'm sorry. Willie with for if you say it's slower, you'll say will he with her her you say it faster. What is it Willie with her it away, not great and? Another game called tro jumper, basically if it has a slight peanuts innuendo. It's probably again that I thought that we're gonna try on the show, and and if you're listening, and you had two games one just on the title, one called willy whipper, Willie from one culture. Trump Trump, you could probably guess which rate raise your hand right now who thinks that Willie whipper is the one that went. Well. Okay. All right. Hey, what's your hands down? Okay. Now. Raise your hand. If you think Trudeau chopper was the game that went well now, grab your Steeler right now. I may not know how Cass work. I don't know what your scores. Whereabout try really stupid new game. If all will he with her? This is how this game works. It's as I said stupid. Each wife is where a gay Senate ball behind them. And when I say go, the husbands most crawl around on this Matt and find their wife, and when he finds his wife and thinks he knows her since he's going to crow back to me and hit this button. That noise means everyone else must freeze is soon as you hear this. Raise the first husband will guess if he guesses correctly and identifies. What his ladies, smells like wins. If not we continue on it seems easy crawl and find your woman. Who is this? What does she smell my quiz Mo's like chocolate? You are correct. Luckily, if you just watch the show Ellen then says after playing willy with her. She says that stupid we'll ever play that again. We'll. And she was just feel how does it feel when you're in the control room and you've created this game? And you're trying it out on the air. How does it feel to get Ellen's real time? Critique of the game. I mean, I honestly don't mind at that. He doesn't it's interesting many games we have to try. They're not going to be winners. And she thought she was we're all laughing about what's amazing about being. I think that's an amazing quality Kevin has I mean if you're going to be a writer, especially a comedy writer. You gotta have a thick skin. Because a lot of what you do gets rejected. Some if it gets rejected before it ever gets to air, some of it gets you get asked not to do it again after the show airs, and then once in a while, you have the exquisite moment of Ellen saying to the world this game socks, and they all have Kevin the same way. Which is I got more. Right. I mean, I love what I can do that. Makes her laugh Joe chopper. She's like what what is this game surprise? Because just not the way her brain works. He can figure out ways to fix a game punch them up. Right. She's not coming with. Yeah. So a tro Trumper. She liked very very much, very funny. Then showed it NBC. They for some reason thought the chose look too much like penises, right? I didn't see those were 'cause they have thirty mine today. Jenny Craig the people dying. Groom Sahera, they're filthy. Jimmy fine with it. It seemed as though Sahara was the one who I don't know. She just saw a certain way, and I was shocked. She saw it was the person looking up with their mouth open and a giant Chiro being lowered it. Okay. Well. That's the fun. This is our indestructible Chiro chopper machine. One team will sit back to back, and where the Trump Trumper boots the boots are attached to a string, which holds the Truro dangling above your teammate, the higher you lift your leg the lower. The Chiro will be for your teammate you and your team mate must eat your trolls up to that line. The red line there without using your hands whichever team can eat both Chiro the fastest wins sit on down there. And we're gonna Mike you I like that. My my shoes are featured in this. Ready? Go trump. Now. You have to eat to the line. We purposely didn't even we purposely didn't even show them the clip of the guy from West Hollywood who finished the Chiro in about one bite. Yeah. King down fall park knocking on what was going on excu- didn't have a chance. Watch the show because they're very visual to see Chiro chompers and Willie with Willie whiff or you should just watch to see how bad and then when season three of game of games airs, you'll take a look to see if you can figure out a game that has evolved from either really whipper or Chiro jumper. I just approved a budget ferry expensive test of a game on our show from the brain of Kevin Leman, which one no Hodgman ball, Taj Mahal joie ball. Yes. So this was going to be like penises it's going to be like the hall. We don't want to give it away. But look look watch this space. Go on the Ellen show in late March early April and tonight, you all your favorites. The only other time we're gonna put taste buds game tonight stink tank for the second time. The only time people seem this will be on tonight. It's a really good physical games. Some people like competitive games. My favorite games are games. That were the the contestants are put in the most. Holy Larry's situations and amuses Ellen so much and taste buds. Is that game for you're gonna like damn funny? It's a good one. And if and if we don't know if you've already talked about this or not, but if you have a second just go to Ellen tube and look for Dax Shepard. And Kristen bell playing taste buds on the Ellen show. It's maybe the funnel. Really funny, and we're out of time. So subscribed today on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for more Ellen fun. Thanks, everybody. Thank by listening. Bye. Bye. Don't. We would so love to know more about you here at Ellen on the go, please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wondering dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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