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All right. I'm chasing lot. That's Marcellus Wiley that do is serve want to speak for yourself. The most clearly show in sports coming up. We'll tell you what to expect tonight's rockets warriors showdown where we start with last night's playoff. J? I Joel Embiid and Niccolo yolk, you should switch nickname. Indeed, his joker yoke is the process. That's the takeaway from last night to be a playoff action Embiid turning himself into a big joke and Yokich is at the center of four year process in Denver that is headed for a massive payoff on the night when the Philadelphia seventy Sixers needed him be to duplicate Michael Jordan's flu game, the seven footer moped around the court for thirty one minutes during a thirty six point loss to the Toronto. Raptors and beat scored thirteen points and turn the ball over eight times. He should have stayed in bed. Sick late in the game. TNT cameras captured him beat sitting on the bench staring at a stat sheet. Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley. Roasted in be I was thinking about when I play for the great field Jags integrate, Pat Riley, would they would say to my team at this point in time. And they both had the same tendencies in a game five and game that you need. They would come in. We would see stuff on the board when we give the United there then they race it. And then they both would say can you step up to the challenge you want people to remember the process forever? You gotta step up out the star player. You can never show weakness. You've got to keep the other guys involved in a game. That's what he does. He complained so much about being sick. He drains the energy out to room. Well as expected Sixers head coach Brett Brown had a different take. He defended him be taken. Listen, I'm kind of disappointed like he gets Shchukin around to me too much like he's trying to play for us. He's trying to get out of bed with a significant temperature income represent. At the organization. I think it's grossly unfair some of the criticism that he gets. I don't understand that. All right. Embiid is twenty four plane in his thirty and be AC's and has been rather inconsistent in this post-season his numbers are all down from the regular season ended, it appears the league's gatekeepers have tired of his. Hey, look at me social media. Embiid wants to be shocked two point oh of fun. Loving giant problem is at age twenty two and just as thirty NBA season shack put a penny on his back and carry the Orlando Magic to the NBA finals shacks play always outside his contemporaries and his diesel personality. That's not the case for him be out west. There's a twenty four year old seven footer playing in his fourth NBA season who is unintentional. Putting a clown suit on Embiid Nikola Yokich and the nuggets routed Portland in the TNT nightcap yoga's finished with twenty five points in one thousand nine rebounds. All of yoga's is postseason numbers are all up from. The regular season. Big Honey is doing his best work on the big stage without the fanfare and the social media printing the nuggets embarked on a four year process at around Yokich a second round pick from Serbia in the same two thousand fourteen draft class that saw Embiid selected third overall in Yokich his rookie year, the delegates one thirty three games. They won forty the next year. And then forty six the following season this season another one fifty six and made the playoffs for the first time in six years. It's base low steady process that has culminated with the nuggets looking a bit. Like the modern day version of Bill Walton, Portland trailblazers, I'm not calling yoga's the next Walton yoke isn't nearly the defensive force that Walton was and is to brief NBA prime. But yoga's does elevate. His teammates the way Walton did Embiid elevates him bead the joke right now is on Philadelphia's process are joining the desk now is Fox Sports NBA. Analysts. Jim Jackson, and Rick Bucur Bleacher report Marcellus I'll start with you being too hard on oil and be absolutely not. He he wanted his he loves attention. I'm guilty as well. My grandmother used to say once you call for attention, baby. You can't hang up think about it. Think about it. Once you want to smoke don't start coughing now. Oh, yeah. Right on. You wanted to smoke in be going out there for everybody. You know, trolling them clowning them and doing those type of antics like you say shock two point. Oh shack went out. There said game speaks first and then everything comes because of that game. And because he came into these playoffs injured, and now he's gonna leave sick those inconsistencies and the lack of production at critical times is while we own his head right now as we should be. I don't know guys know this, but I'm dean at the university of body language. So I'm a little upset at some of the interpretation about what's going on with Embiid. And what it means, particularly from from our friend. Charles Barkley is sucking the energy out of the room. And all that I don't know anytime a guy is injured or is ill of health to determine exactly how much that's affecting him is always a slippery slope. I don't know. I don't know how he feels. I don't know how much it's effecting him. The fact of the matter is he has played and to this point. I haven't heard him make any excuses. He has demonstrated that he's ill. There may be some indications that he's ill. But if he's not saying anything, and he's going to suit up, and he's going to try again, I'm going to give him that the big issue that I have is the comparison between Embiid and Yokich because we we happen to have back to back games where one guy wins going away and the other one gets stuffed because I don't think that that's a fair comparison when I look at the team. Teams and how they're built it's not even this is a team built for Yokich to shine. And to do what he does. This is not a team beat built in Philadelphia. The most that's incredible. You gotta blame Philadelphia, man. They've had process and he's been at the center of the process, but it's not built for the process. Actually, the process was stopped halfway through. Now. I'm never been a believer in the process, but they took the keys to the car from Sam hinkie halfway through the process, he demolished it. He got all the assets. And then they said thank you for your service. We're going to do the rest of it. I do not like the way this team is built and I-. Specially don't like the way it's built around. Joel embiid. You cannot play Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid together and think that you're going to get the best outta Joel Embiid new issue. I guess a good friend of mine is a minority owner with the Sixers and a couple of years ago. I told him I said the biggest challenge you're going to have M B is going to try to be a star too much. And that's the. Thing. And that's the thing. I talk about a lot about that is that he can't do that. So the process is there, but he has to I think Embiid has to get himself in better shape. I a lot of this is on MB. He looked good in that video though. Keila grit. I think but I think a lot of he has to get in better shape to me. I'm gonna demand a lot more out of him be listened hundred and forty one games. I think it is four hundred ten games. He only played one hundred and fifty eight in three years that he's been there. Okay. Some injuries you can't control but being in shape and being ready to play is something that you can control. And again, the Philadelphia seventy Sixers had the figure this out. I think it's too early to kind of break it up, but they had to put more demands. And Embiid has to come in better shape for me, not too hard on beat the criticism last night and for mother's. Well, no because the star of the team. Okay. Once you dress up, you say, you ready to play anything, you do you're going to get criticized if you have a great game, they're gonna love you to death. If you don't play. What goes that's just part of the business. Rick the one thing I don't understand is why is it unfair? These guys are twenty four that came out in the same draft. One witness second round, what was the third overall pick their played for two franchises that head. I know they tore it all down and in Philadelphia. But to see these guys and where they're at now four years later at age twenty four why can't I compare what you can? But I feel as if a lot of this is being built off of last night and last night's particular games, if I look at Joel embiid's overall ability he is a better player than nickel Yokich when healthy and without injury. He has he is capable of doing Zoro seal the numbers not just last night his postseason numbers this year all down from the regular season. Yogi just numbers all up from the regular season is not a one. All okay. But who is he playing against he's playing against the Portland trailblazers right now that have NS cantor. I'm looking at Joel Embiid who's playing with Jimmy Butler who was a ball hog Ben Simmons who a point guard who can't shoot in isn't always aggressive and Tobias Harris who you got through mid season. And you're still trying to his Matombo ding incident for Toronto or who's under. No. But but if you're asking me who's the better player? Marcus Saul or his canter Markelle soul by far and then being able to bring a surge bucket. The death. The Toronto has migrate issue with Toronto actually has been that they have not been taking full advantage of Joel Embiid not being one hundred percent last night was the first time where I saw Mark assault and Serge Ibaka really assert themselves. They should be doing that throughout if MB it's not one hundred percent, but he's playing against far more difficult talent in Toronto than Yokich facial where Rick's too. Yeah. You know, what's interesting before weaving go deeper into that comparison. I guess is the fact that you brought up shack two point. Oh, and how you said they don't try and be a star too much or too soon. It's amazing that in two thousand and four being out here in Los Angeles. And watching them have to go through the riff of Koby an shack, and they chose the younger more stable healthier more invested player. But not the better player. I remember there were conversations about oh, joy Embiid is on trade -able, if anybody has been Simmons. I when I heard that said they have that one backwards. Even if Ben Simmons doesn't have a jump shot, you still got to invest in a guy who seems like his focus is a little more into this. You disagree? Well, I just putting Ben Simmons next to Kobe Bryant as the choice where I get a little nervous. Oh, it's not those two because he's not Scheider saying what you're saying. But the the more durable. The the more consistent player. More over the guy. Rick, Rick, Rick Rick ended, this is more of a football phrase or cliche availability, Trump's ability. I get and Joel Embiid is very unavailable. And so again, I think we. Know where you stand I'll start with you. I think between these two Nikola Neo kids is I think he's the future of big men in this Lee. And trust me. It's taught me a while earlier this year, I was laughing at the thought of even talking about Yokich on this show. Right. But I'm watching this dude in the playoffs. And there's something real here. He is a unique talent. I don't think he's the future. And I think we're going to get into this. But but for me, look, I get it with Embiid. I hate giving up on a young player who I look at who's problems essentially in my mind are maturity issues if if you can take some of the kid out of Embiid beat look at what he's capable of. I looked that. He's fearless. When give me the ball. I want to attack. That's something. I can't teach Ben Simmons you either have that. Simmons. And we were just talking about Embiid, very, okay? Fair enough. I just I look at the abilities that Embiid has. And I have grave concerns about as not a vase health. It's why he's got a thirty five page contract. I'm protected unprotected. When it comes to that. But I would rather have when I see a guy, and we all know, it you look at a guy and you go for he's got he's got everything. I rather look at a guy and say he's got everything let me see if I can keep them healthy and get him to the finish line. Then a guy. I look at it go boy, that's nice that unique. But I believe there's gonna lead me someplace yoke is as here's the thing too is time and situation situation in Denver's perfect for Yokich in regards to what he does as a player. Really do we see now the offense running through your post player, and they do that in Denver because of how the system isn't. Because the guys are young and they're still trying to learn. My thing would Embiid is this that we talk about shack being outgoing fun gut. But when he crossed the line and how serious. Were machettes personality was like that when we were back in high school. But once he crossed that line. He knew when the shut that off and he was serious about his game now 'cause he got older you've got out of shape and things like that. But during his prime shack was all about his business. Once he crossed the line. I think a lot of times with Embiid. This is challenge. And I said this from the beginning with the Sixers of how do you allow him be Embiid, but employed him to be more serious about his business? That's what you have to look at your three SO. You got a couple more years to figure this out with him be with this health more important with his attitude if it doesn't happen then you have to make a decision right now still think is a little bit too early. But Yokich gives you the key to what a big man can do in the league. When you have a skill set. Like that. I mean, you know, it's interesting talking to Shaquille O'Neal, maybe this is three years ago in a summer, and he was talking about highest son is so different than him in the way, he plays as big and we were talking. About how things are in your imagination until you see this reality. And he was saying how he was stuck in the restricted area. He said coaches with yellow him when he got out of the restricted area. And then you wash the ever Lucien you see go to a garden it. And then you see go to Katie. Did you see this unicorn Porzingis out there win win available and they just continue to stretch it. But now we're in a point center like think about it. How it used to be a point four was amazing now we're seeing a point center. So what's going to happen? Now is some kid who is trending that size is going to now have that available in his imagination and in reality. So yeah, the future of big man is why less than one else facilitate for you when you can be the focal point of that Alonzo Mourning GRA friend of mine, and we talk about this talking about if I played today dog you wouldn't be the same player. Okay. Because one from the aids of ten eleven twelve thirteen you're going to be taught to play on the perimeter. You're not going to be posted up. You're not going to have coaches that are say anchor yourself down on the block. So to your point a lot of the bigs now. Now that a lot of big play in the past about how they are dominated like, no, you wouldn't because you would not be the same gave ruined up today. 'cause you'd be taught to game different to to your point. I get what you're saying. I think at again, I don't want to compare this guy to Bill Walden his prime because Bill Walters prime was a really special person defensively and offensively the way he has. But I do see some those qualities in Yokich and term. He elevates this entire nuggets team. He's a thinking man's basketball. Yeah. And I appreciate that. And I love that. I love I love watching him play. But you talk about being in shape. He could use some of that to a lot of that. And again, that's why it's only gonna get better. He's just a kid. Hold on. Give game. He'd. Mccain can't grow into being more serious about his health. But the other kid is on the ones got beads got a personality that I don't get all. Yeah. Yoga's crazy to joke gets even admits he likes to eat. 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If you love this show show, your support to it and zip. Recruiter by going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash S. P E AK. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash speak. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. I'm out for big story oracle arena, where the rockets warriors series will resume the game five and the rockets couldn't still a win last time. They were on the warriors home court, but they climb back into the series with two gutsy wins at home. And it looks like they've got things trending in the right direction with big jumps in scoring and offense rebounds in the last two games as well. As some improved shooting also important to note Houston won both regular season games at oracle this year leading me. Houston's gonna take control of this. To not tonight. When you know what's gonna having tonight hate to say it, man. But you want to go off of what happened in the regular season? I wanna go off what happens in the postseason when they're oracle in the last five years. You know what I mean gains? Houston is one and oracle preach. Ono one and ten your tonight one into game win in the postseason. So I was going to come out here and get paid off a hunch. But you know, what I mean? About this team and not travel and bring this same team on the road. We saw in the first two games whereas toughness, where's the energy? And then we say, oh, they hit the switch 'cause they went home in the I ca- twos. And now, they're ready. Guess what happens when it go on that flight going that bird when they land in oracle same old fate. I think Houston takes tonight the role players have had a big influence on how each of these games has gone and the role players generally traditionally played better at home. This is my one reason why I believe there's a chance for you to be right is that the warriors are not relying on role players in this series, especially they have getting in game three. They got thirty eight minutes out of their bench in game four. It was in the forties. They are writing their starting five their best five hard. And we're now going every other day with games, it's not back to back. But it's still. Well, the recovery period for Steph curry playing forty some minutes Andre Igwe dollar playing nearly forty minutes. I believe that as this series goes on and tonight might be the tipping point where the energy level, which was miss. I was at games one and two I will be there tonight. I was disappointed in how the rockets played because I thought they could play a lot harder than they did especially in game one. But I wonder if they can take that they understand look we can beat these guys off the dribble. We can be aggressive and get where we need to go. If they take that lesson from game four to gain hive than something might just happen tonight. It'd be interesting to see to me we talked about the game planning wise for gold and say at the beginning to see exactly what the plan of attack because this team, especially at home you see the point differential for Houston fifteen plus points at home. So Golden State how they attack Houston to measly very important is it off the dribble. And he's trying to get into the paint. Get the ball up quickly. But yet Houston has an outside shot because Chris Paul really hasn't played. Well, yet if tryst poll utilizes in this goes back to Mike dantonio to allows Chris Paul to be Chris Paul put the ball in his has even when James harden his own the floor allow Chris to navigate a little bit more early. Okay. In the game to get his rhythm. Because Chris is so essential to what they do in the pick and roll. And they're half court set that I think he can be a difference maker if he's involved early if you put him on the side and the space him then Chris's there, but to me Chris has to have a bigger game. Game. I think on the row because you talked about the role players not playing SRI. Well in a row, Chris is not a role player trysts the general in on, of course. So he has to have a good game in order for Houston to walk out of here. Would that w talking about dago? I'm I'm actually I would prefer Golden State to win. But I just think something has gone on with James harden, and he's activated by he's gonna legitimize his MVP trophies. And he's about katie's best player the league and Katie is. But I think James harden in this moment people kind of laughed at anyone, you know, flopper and all this other stuff and did his is where you get hurt. People idiots like me question that and I think this team James harden has taken on a different identity, and I think you're gonna see PJ Tucker. Do it again with twelve or thirteen rebounds six or seven off into rebounds out play dre bond. Green who's not playing poorly TJ PJ Tucker is playing better. I. I don't think the rockets have to do anything special. They were in both games and one and two I don't think they had to do anything special to win tonight. They have to do anything special, but they have to do something extra to mango for the fact that they had their issues and oracle so seven consecutive games. Six points of fewer all close, right? No matter who wins. It's going to be close. And you brought up the greatest point Chris, Paul. And we know Chris Paul in his mind is a one eight alpha dog but on his team. You can't be James harden his there. So I wonder because they even highlighted a package of Chris Paul when he is with the ball. And James harden is disengaged like what are you doing? So is it being coast out of Chris Paul to be the two or is it being taken out of Chris Paul by James harden and his body language because that's what you're seeing. And if they don't get something extra if they don't get their Chris, Paul. We know they're not gonna win. Or does Chris Paul still have the ability to dominate in that way? I have seen him at times drive and get into the paint, and then pick up his dribble and get stuck in ways that I've never seen. Chris Paul get stuck. But I will say this when I look at the makeup of Chris Paul, and I look at the importance of this particular game in this series. This is the time. The Chris Paul says, oh, you forgot about me. And I'm going to come and show you this. If there's ever a time if Chris Paul still has it in his bag to be the player we've seen him be. He's going to recognize that this is the game on the road where we were in the game gains one in game two he missed threes James MS threes, but we were right there. I'm not going to let that happen again. Because I don't want to have happened. What happened in this is where I disagree with. I just don't think Chris Paul complaint poorly. They can still win. He can play politic is still with. I can't see that. Because James harden, and Eric Gordon are going to do enough offense. And then you throw in the intangible. The PJ Tucker again, he didn't play that. Well, and these last two games than they won. And so I just don't think I don't the reason one of the reason why James sitting on the size April. We really don't need you right now. Well, I think I think to back home the dream on is going to have more effective game at impact on his game at home. Okay. I really do you look at Steph in Durant. They're going to get this. I think Clinton you talk about let's take you talk about air. Gordon harden? K we got Steph, and we got Durant. Cancel those to those who can't share the route. I think where the game is going to be one of those people we talked about Chris Paul has to be integral in there. Because I think they're going to figure out a way early in the game to get claimed more involved. You watch him come off screens early in the game. Watching try to post up Crispell Bobby gotta make the shot. But that's okay. I think I think the point is is to. Coaches know, they're plagued players know their teammates. Okay. They know exactly how to get guys involved early. Because when they're going to need clay is not in the first quarter is in the fourth quarter when things are tough. So they gotta get him going early. Don't you think he's been missing good shots, though? He's been he's been missing his shot because as a player when I'm standing on the sideline and I'm not involved mentally. I'm not engaged. So when I do get a shot, I'm not as tied in as I can't wait to get. I can't wait to get it up. That's why you go too early in that first quarter to keep him engaged. So when you need him in the fourth he's ready to go. We're talking all ofensive numbers, of course, enrolls for the most. But to me, the attrition is going to be at the defensive end for Goldensohn Steph curry being out there for forty three minutes and having to defend, and that's where Chris Paul does have to be aggressive because wherever the match ups are you need if he's on staff. I gotta go and James is on them. I got to go the problem that I had in games one and two in oracle was the fact that they they messed around two years. They were they were they waited too long into the clock. Keep it moving keep the pressure on Golden State because they're playing short bench, and this you may not win it in the first or second quarter become the fourth quarter. I just look at the warriors defensively and to me that's where they are vulnerable. Let's balance the math out keep it simple for you. We're lock Chris Paul can be a difference. But clay and Steph combined five for twenty and game four that's not happening again. So twenty five percent shooting from those guys it's not happening again. So even if we get more Chris Paul you're going to get more clan. Steph, whatever the combination may be So Chris Paul sitting there saying, this is my moment. A he needs a legacy moment in terms of playoffs. Assists. Let's go back to the clinical years of injuries costly turnovers mistakes. And then you get to last year whatever you want to say the hamstring. Like, there's a lot you talking about a month. You'll you're back in terms of a racing in your leg. This is the moment. The Lakers who have yet to officially hire new head coach for pear shopping for assistance already Taryn. Lou appearing more and more likely to get the head coaching job. Frank Zola is reporting that both Lou and LeBron James one former timber wolves and bull's head coach Tom tomato to join the Lakers staff. I actually think this is one of the most brilliant moves of LeBron's many moves here in Los Angeles. This is Indiana pacer fan me we had Larry Bird is the head coach and Rick Carlisle, and dick hardware, the assistant coaches, and they coast the tea and Larry board coast the attitudes and the emotions of the team and it worked tremendously three straight Eastern Conference finals one NBA finals appearance. Rick Carlisle was masterful day harder. Was masterful. I love I love pairing Lou with a hardcore defensive exa does guy like Tom typical this great move in my pay. And I could see how this move can go bad and be disastrous quickly. I understand what you're saying. But I'm flip the coin and realize that you can't serve two gods. So think about this roster construction are you trying to develop young core or you're trying to win now because LeBron his birth certificate. And that's been the issue with the Lakers. That's in part why they have the worst record NBA in the last six years. The worst team in NBA has been the Lakers teams have tanked. Went to process and are now in the playoffs while the Lakers still continue to be out of the playoffs. So when you bring in a Tom typical to support a tie Lou what is there to do if he's not in fullness to head coach to the final say is he just in charge LeBron or the charge of the young core and developing the neck if they're on the same page. I don't see how this can work because this roster construction is different than a veteran. Lace Tyler new team that he was used to in Cleveland. I think they're divided right now, choose your course. And then the actions of their course, the dynamic of tie Lou with Tom to the works in that you have good cop bad cop. It's the same as Doc Rivers being with Tom Izzo in in Boston. So that Stanford, and and let's be honest. This is the only kind of job that Tibbs is going to get moving forward. He's not going to get another head coaching job. He was given everything you possibly ask for in Minnesota. And it was a disaster. Faster. So this is a great way for him to rehab, his image to your point. This is where I struggle is. He was supposed to come in and coach up those young guys in Minnesota, especially defensively you'd be asking him to do the same in this situation. Now, not being the head coach does take a little bit of the sizzle out of whatever he saying. But nonetheless, he wasn't able to do that. And ultimately, that's what you have to do. I agree with you the dynamic with the Pacers was perfect. But you had a veteran team. You had the Davis. Big men. You had Reggie you had Mark Jackson. You had Austin crocheter. You had guys that were willing to do. What you ask them to do? I'm not feeling that from this Lakers team at this point in Minnesota typical had two titles, right? Yes. What would whose head coach in present? Okay. So the dynamics were different. And how we handle the players tips was my Sistan coaching Houston as an assistant totally different a little bit more laid back easier to talk to the communication skills were there. He really dug into getting to know the players and also the personalities spending time as an assistant which is different than what the challenge was at Minnesota because of those two positions. So I do believe that when you get a title and a typical their Tibbs outlook is so different than what it was before. He can go back to being the guy. He was he still hard core. But he's a guy that can communicate a lot better on the level that even if they're young because I think guys were respected a little bit more because Tibbs understands defense he understand what it means to be, you know, time and score and how to be in the right place at the right time to get these guys understand how the connective lady that's why I say it's different now. And I and I played for them. And I know it and I love. Them as a defense of coat as an assistant coach always thought. He would struggle as head coach because of that communicate. Yeah. As a veteran, you you bought in boating. But it was how he did it. He wasn't that. We saw him as a head coach is Chicago Minnesota. It was just like this. Okay. But as an assistant coach it pressure wasn't on him to be able to do that. So his demeanor was totally different. I think it's no different than looking at Doc Rivers when he was carrying both title residents note, and they finally slapped him back down to his level competence, head coach. And now, he's a brilliant coach he's in the laying where he fits Tom typical a great in football coordinator got elevated to head coach, and it was too much. Roy overpay him to be the assistant here. Satisfy him financially the Lakers and a lot of credit if he can get LeBron James and this team elevated to a defensive. I mean, remember what a nightmare was. For the Lakers if he can elevate them events when the wind LeBron's there on the court. He'll get a lot of credit. I like it for tips and by its Tibbs and o. I always get it. Right. I like it for tips and for the options that the Lakers have and with Tyler. Oh, I'm good with that. It's a matter of what your expectation is that it's going to deliver. Is this going to be is it going to take it to where the Pacers were? I don't think it's anonymous year next year to win a championship. Trust me. Oh, he was only target on his board or they're not gonna do that. I know. Like, that's not even within reason. Like these thinks they're going to get a player in here and him and a player and these young guys and the right coaching will be he's looking at Portland right now clock a real threat. He's looking at Golden State fall apart. And LeBron James is convinced you give me one player in the right coaches will be right there with any of these guys next year. I look if they get one if factor is. We were way out of our universe right now. But if they get the right player and everything works together because they do have talent is roster. I absolutely agree with that. But I've always seen it do experience that when my coordinator assistant coach is hard core. But my head coach is kind of you know, player freely. You take a lot of staying out of what you're saying. Because I know where to buck stops. And it doesn't stop with you. You're not gonna affect my playing time to the point where the head coach is going to sit there. So. Yeah, listen to you so Tibbs what is the leash is going to be given with this young corn. And remember they went through so many different changes in styles and superstars some of these guys were there were Kobe Bryant and LeBron kind of white noise at this point at the guy's going to do it. They're going to do it if they're not they're not. I don't know. What's getting out? Is back. We're joined now by FOX NFL analyst, Greg Jennings. I'm against anti-social. I k- do it today. Mandela's medium over there. He might note that thing we'll hear as you're gonna give it to us. Well, hey, you know, me today man, anti. The what's popping Darnell? Yes, sir. We're gonna talk about a big box office blockbuster. The new avengers movie has been a huge hit across the US news about everybody loved the movie inherently Klay Thompson he saw screening it was not enthused. In fact, he walked out of the movie at the two hours because the plot didn't interest enough. Now for me was I spend that bread. I'm watching every day from the fifteen minute previews the end credits which philosophy on data from the movie mine is I balanced early and often there's about fifty percent of movies. I go to I leave early. Fifty percent. Fifty percent you go by yourself. I was about to add at if I'm by myself is fifty percent if I'm with somebody is about thirty percent of movies only, I'll come on. Yeah. Agree we serve right? There's only one movie I left there. I came remember it. But you said he wanted to screening right? So he had to pay by. Yeah. So he was you know, what I'm really not filling this. I'm gonna go ahead and bounce obviously. With defenders you have to follow all of those. To get the plot. So if you just jump in in not knowing what happened before, but it doesn't surprise me about Klay now. Thanks, kind of do like, then I with this, man. But not enough ladies. Do what? Of these three hour before I've only walked out of one movie, I think it was called the fifth element. Oh, Spacey and weird for me. I just dipped on it with somebody. Do but I'm not into that. Like if I my money this free. But if I spend my money on me going all the way through that through free or not if I'm there, I decided I'm gonna spend this time, I'm gonna watch it. But I don't have a problem within walking anybody walking. Now me personally, I'm not walking out in heaven walked out on any movie, and I can go watch rerun Scarface, whether they're watching this you always. Let's get it going with the NFL Jamie's listened his head into contract year. It seemed extremely focused. Wisdom was really seen a golfing event sitting criss cross with a helmet on as golf ball was teed off on his head Twitter. Our cloud before it in another dumb choice books man's a gotta be a little upset by the decision making lately. Are you guys by the by this not at all? He's got a helmet all guys done it a million more dangerous than playing football. No. But you get paid for that. You'll get nowhere. This are they raise birds out there. His. What this guy does for live shots it? He's done it with on the golf ball on top of a golf club. So this is actually easier for him. But this raising money for a good cause James's just plan. This -partment stay up. Game. Some who were rockets for PJ Seguis caught on video tossing clothes on a member of the rockets bench staff and received heavy criticism online for one person tweeted, the video PJ this. Ain't it, bro. Treat the like he would treat the CEO. This is so disrespectful. Well, PJ tug or pushed back with the deleting Instagram post saying, quote, he's actually one of my favorite kids. And if you look back any other games, I read myself around him and another kid every single game shaking my head. The internet remains undefeated PJ deserves Chris's. Hell, no, no. This is how you should treat kids. Who is you all I was treated. Maybe. Now. So they go call child services go you spank now as Meg or you can't you can't give. I know what I knew when I saw this. He was going to get. Hey, and I knew we were going to take it out of context you've been in the locker room before some hazing rice passes, the youngsters come in there, you mess with them in a different way. I had one teammate John Henderson who actually used to ask a trainer to hit him as hard as he could interface. Right lippo. And sometimes you get into these weird relationships with somebody. Well, y'all do stuff that other people don't understand. So man, I lot of teams in it would ballboys ball-girls. We all have we all do something different. We wouldn't we throw stuff out them. Pour. Some water on what is all in fun because we respect the job that they do think PJ here. He knows this little kid with does it all the time. But it just got cut out of context he has a relationship if and if you watch the video he gives them the high fire as Harry. All right right afterwards that we always takes things out of context. I hate it. Because we don't know the relationship that we don't know the dynamic PJ, you cool and that Christmas bonus they're coming to that. And you know, it I time now for Donald question today dot I'll take it away. All right, guys. All right, guys. We won't take it to the curry household, and that's why I used to win on Jada Pinkett show ran on. On the go and talk about some insecurities of married with superstar can listen something that really bothers me. And like, honestly has given me a sense of a little bit of an insecurity is the fact that. Yeah. Like, there are all these women like throwing themselves, but me like the past ten years like I don't have any of that. Like I have zero. This sounds weird, but like male attention. And so then I begin to internalize it, and I'm like is something wrong with your. Multi one. Would you be okay with your wife saying this? But what's it going with what you got keeping thousand percent? Yes. One of the things in my twenties and even into my thirties. I used to put women on a pedestal and thought they were different than me. And then in my forties, and certainly my fifties off, I know anything I'll do the whole philosophy. And you only with somebody at anything I'm capable of doing and feely they're capable of doing and feeling. And so this doesn't surprise me. Look when keeping it real goes wrong Asia guilty. Look, my wife only wants my attention. At least that's what she says. She's smart say that I have one issue with this. And I it's not the woman is the wife when you get into the wife identity. You gotta understand that you shouldn't even have that owner radar it shouldn't be a registration anymore. But you disagree. Okay. Well, I. That's the problem. I have with it. Because look as a man I have different roles in different responsibilities than I do as a father one is is eight o'clock, and I'm going to bed because my son's going to bed. I'm sitting there demanding me is like would Jimmy Jackson somewhere going to get it. Right. But the what the father is sitting there taking it like, you know, what this is what I signed up for right? That's the only thing like struggling with the idea. The question is this because she's married to stuff in the limelight. Is that the over lying thought process? She was just married to Joe the policemen. Where she'd be saying the same thing that guys don't look at it. Yeah. Well, see that's what I'm saying. I don't know. But a lot of times when you in this when you're in the spotlight like this, the camera changes, you the spotlight changes you start to look for things a lot differently and me as a husband. I'm like the baby you're going to worry about that. Don't even don't even worry about why why is that even important. But again being as you look in while you Instagram account, who that's what your wife is saying why you gotta Instagram if you don't follow it. I see my bottle there like it on my brand. I remember his mom. Number as the problem with this is she's going to do all she's doing this creating more of an issue on both sides women are now going to see her being insecure, and they're going to attack him even more. And then on the flip side is like she's opening a door for me to come into our DM. Yeah. Face it. But see we do that. But we different. No, no way. No. We ain't gonna tell you. Tell me this women when you're out they will compete in broad daylight for your attention man's is willing to win. So guess what they sneak they sneak they sneak MAC, and they know when when there's opportunity and winners not versus where she's registering his everybody just shooting shot Steph and missing don't go when I do sitting there like, oh, I'm waiting for my shop. But I noticed the time to shoot it. Right. But nowadays got the opportunity because they feel like the doors open. The dudes is she go to the bathroom. He got to go to the bathroom. Both in each other. Okay. Okay. What about this? This is the problem with you has opened up. I'll tell you why somebody sent me this tweet. They said this is her in two thousand and eleven supposedly don't really need to mend. Trying to holler at me at the car dealership. I'm engaged. Jeez. Off the market. What what you want? That camera is as a dictator drugs. What you won't listen that's her at the beginning of their marriage. They're just engage in gaze at that. And so here she is eight nine years later. Her husband. She's like damn he got the same wedding ring on as I am. And that ain't stop narrow woman from hopping into his DMZ trying to throw themselves and just at some point is like I think what she's saying is like I want the equality of having that same temptation, my husband has I want to show him. I'm just as strong, and I because maybe maybe and again, I guarantee you she's had this with Steph. Well, she got on TV and said this her and Steph of had this conversation. And maybe Steph says, you know, how hard it is. I mean women throw themselves at me, but I'm Lauder you baby. Yeah. She liked to be able to say that. Right. Maxine I deal with the same. Why does show that the effort shows more love and loyalty when I ain't have to with it s even better. That's what some listen. Here's an because I want to generalize about women, but we started dating in tractive woman, and she's particularly she'd been attractive or whole life. She's been fed attention hole light Moya. And so when she marries someone high profile, and then they get the attention. Oh, that's Steph curry instead of the because again, every detracting Egypt curry is starving for attention transferred that you're getting she got shows everything like, you know, what the problem is people who who think has it all you got the the great family for husband on the money, you can spend and you got this combined when this is just on the streets in the hood complaint. Like, I want some check me out of human complaint to me because look at her mother-in-law, beautiful anybody. TV? Problem. She gets a lot of attention again. It's like, wow, she's dealing with ally. She's just being too honest drive in for her and Steph going through kept it a little too real too comfortable around some girlfriend kept. But I'm not gonna. Greg is back with us moved to Cleveland where the only thing crazier than Odell Beckham met gala. Alfred is what he's been saying about the Browns or the have been hyping the team nonstop since getting traded to Cleveland. And now he says he wants to turn the Browns into the new patriots. And is even started comparing Baker Mayfield to Brett farve claiming the quarterback is already on his way to a hall of fame career. I I don't understand what why do understand Odell runs his mouth. And that's what he does. But I think he's he's putting too much pressure on the team that just hasn't accomplished enough. We all grew up here and talk with chief. Right. So how does cheap talk turn into pressure an expectation to a point where you can't live up to them? And it's amazing that there are guys who are quiet and some of those guys are good. Some of those guys are not good. Is there? Gaza are allowed some good. So we're not Tom Brady walked out of the draft six rounder, then tell you by going to be the go became the go Dion Sanders. God drafted thirty go chains on he's going to be to go, and we'll have to go at his position. So I don't get into the top category. I think that you are going to be as Bill Parcells said which record says you are you going to still play the game of saying, we loans you put your work in. Yeah. I think he is bringing pressure to this team. But I think it's intentional. It's intentional. Because you have a lot of guys on this team starting with your quarterback in Baker Mayfield. And then moving onto Jarvis Landry and now Odell Beckham junior. And in the list goes on of guys who are supremely confident. And they're not only individual abilities. But collectively in their ability to be better than their opponent period. That's what they believe. They don't believe in this record of ninety five and two hundred and twenty four and one of the the Browns. They don't care about that they care about what's right now in front of them. And they see an opportunity where they acquired a roster of personnel. That says you know, what we look pretty good on paper. Let's make it happen. Okay. So he's off in New York or wherever run in his mouth, the people back in Cleveland or going through the voluntary workouts, all the other guys and the medial runs into the locker room post practice deal. Hey, what do you think about Odell saying you're going to be the new pages Baker? What do you think about being compared to Brett Farr? He's creating extra work extra questions. Extracts retains for everybody else. Haney even they're interesting. I mean, like some guys just like the right checks, and they say we don't cash them when we need to. And it's a lot of people out there that believe that this team is going to be special, and what he's doing is as you said is that positive pressure, which is football can get distracting at times, you think it's so much going on. But in simplicity is when you wanna one it's beat the guy in front of you beat the guy in front of you, you do it. You do it. We did it then we got some success here. And I think that's what their belief also think too when we first saw and heard of this signing of or this trade happening with Odell Beckham going to Cleveland, the first the first opinion was all men, he gone from New York to Cleveland. So in his mind, he wants to make sure everyone knows look I'm all in. I don't care where I met my talents. They transferred to wherever I'm at. And I'm gonna produce arm from New York, I'm in. No, he's all in from his. Personal training. It's little just because you got a new coaching staff and a new organization and all of that things. You have an extra minicam. You have an extra opportunity to get hurt. In my opinion. I'm not taking that extra opportunity to injure myself in a time where it don't even matter. So I'll wait I'll continue to train and customize my workouts to benefit meat for the long haul. And that's what he's doing. You know, what's crazy odeal went to Cleveland and didn't talk to talk. We'll say all he's a net small-market now. Oh, you know, what he's changing because you know, what he's not really happy where he is. You suppressing all his emotions can win in this situation. I had to Philadelphia where there was an outrage a few weeks ago after Donovan McNab said the eagles might need to move on. From Carson Wentz. If he can't lead them on a deep playoff next couple of seasons. Well, now McNabb is pushing back against his critics saying it's not just as job until people what they wanna hear. The question is presented to me. I'm supposed to answer the way, I see fit being truthful right in sometimes when certain people we wanna judge or we want to kind of have a different type of motion oh field. So there answer because of who it is. And that's unfair. I think part of his issue here is like he thinks because he's a former eagle whatever he says about the eagle catch carries an extra week. I kind of want to start with you, Greg because you face this with Green Bay Aaron Rodgers I kind of agree with Donovan. I I don't think we should be harshly criticized him because he gave his opinion on eagle not at all. This is this is the misconception that fans that even former teammates co workers, whatever if you've had a relationship with someone or you've been a part of an organization the misconception is that. I'm going to always say the positive about them. I'm not going to tell you fact, I'm not going to be honest. I'm not gonna. To be truthful in the reality of it is is he's just telling his opinion his truth from his place of experience. It's not some off the wall. What what credibility? Do you have no dominant? We now have has all the credibility in the world to give his factual opinion. And if his truth, or my truth, doesn't align with what you believe. So what? So now, you're mad at me because I'm giving you an opinion of something that you just want me to agree with you with. No, it's not going to happen. Because if I'm if he were talking about the Cowboys saying this about that Prescott every eagles fan out. There will be like, yeah. Tell them down. But because its home base, it's touchy touchy because I've I have a relationship with these guys know, you're not don't talk about family. Well, whoa. How was family gonna ever grow? If I don't really tell you truth, preach, man that truth hurts, and the people closest to you hate the truth because yes, it hurts them just that simple. And what he's done is what happens in families and friends circles all. The fact that if you tell them the raw uncut dope truth, they go and take it. Heavier and harder to anybody else. What was to uniform if someone outside the family tells you that now you get to the proper response and to me that's wrong. Mcnabb is sophisticated enough to know that that's coming with the territory. But also never muzzle yourself in those moments because you gotta tell the Trump put it as simple as possible, if if you have a friend, and there breath stinks, and they say a man, you breath Stein. They going to be upset like, bro, you're gonna just tell me. But if you have that same friend in their breath things, and you don't tell them and somebody else comes into man what's going on with you. And you've been with them the whole day. They go look at you and say, well, how can you tell me my Mustang? When I tell you breasting, you have a problem with me telling you you want it on your terms. So it's a lose lose. I the other thing is I don't even think what he said was all that. Controversial. It seems pretty obvious. Yes. Carson Wentz has headed injury history. And if he doesn't and knit foles stepped in and done a match for job won a Super Bowl to come on a little bit of a playoff one this past season. If Carson Wentz doesn't produce. There is a problem in Philadelphia. Yeah. I mean, I it's displaced aggression psychology one you're going to transfer to. Oh, you're bitter. Oh, you gotta axe to grind. That's why they traded you and cut you like we all hear it. But you know, what down event human ways? Core pool is not a bus ways. Core pool is not a taxi ways. Core pool is not the metro in DC riders ways. Core pool is not a slug line. What is ways carpool and new app that lets neighbors co workers and fellow commuters ride together to work and home fast. Drivers say Hello to that express lane and get reimbursed for gas riders getting affordable commute in help. Save the planet and core pool is get to know their neighbors and co workers a little bit better and ways core pool. Is smart. Not only does it match you with people who are going your way it connects you with people who you'd actually want to ride with so you can commute smarter with no headaches people. If you use ways already, you know, it's built by a community to give you the best traffic pitcher in real time. All the time ways corporate functions with the same high quality standards and efficiency, download the ways corP app today to catch a ride or give a ride to work her home ride together with ways carpool, I before we go. I'd like to say a few more words on Jalen MacKenzie. The junior high football star killed by a stray bullet in east Saint Louis late Saturday night yesterday. Dallas radio host Ben Rogers reported the Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, a Saint Louis area native has volunteered to pay from Kennedy's funeral. It's a thoughtful generous and kind gesture it is also now part of the tradition of high profile black murders, a black celebrity pays for the home. Going is the least we can do. But do we? Oh McKinsey and the thousands of other black boys murdered every year. More than a well-financed funeral the leading cause of death of black men between the ages of fifteen and thirty four is murder. According to a two thousand eleven CDC study home aside was a cause a forty percent of all deaths. Among black men between fifteen and thirty four for white males the numbers less than four percent. Murder is an epidemic disease among young black men. Paying for funerals doesn't mask the symptoms or raise awareness around the crisis. It is not my intention to denigrate Elliott's compassion. We know had McKinsey been slain by white police officer haffey NFL, and all of the would have been outfitted in shoe company, and Colin Kaepernick approved t shirts decrying racial injustice, every rapper. America would be locked in a studio thinking of words that rhyme with MacKenzie. We would make Jane McKenzie as famous as Michael Brown. The black lives matter, I calm from Ferguson, MS. Zuri? We would use MacKenzie as a symbol of an injustice. We would no longer tolerate we would be invited on every TV talkshow possible. And be granted the opportunity by a white host express our outrage and smugly proclaim white America's uncomfortable with this conversation. We would engage in a week long nationalist gushing about a toxic culture within our police departments. But since McKinsey is just another black boy from the hood gunned down by his own will Jared Dudley play for his funeral and keep moving. There's nothing to see here. There's no toxic culture that profit from celebrities and celebrates and promotes black violence and self eight. We don't struggle to see our own humanity. That's all crazy talk. Don't you know, my shoe company told me to lean in and put on this equality? He shirt, we're fighting toxic masculinity. Are we really last time? I checked toxic depravity killed Jalen MacKenzie falls under the umbrella, toxic masculine. I want them back with locking Wiley. Jim Jackson and Rick euchre back. Let's move to Toronto where the rafters now. Just one win away from the Eastern Conference finals after drubbing the seventy Sixers game five last night, quiet. Leonard has been every bit the superstar Toronto had hoped for. And it sounds like he might be sticking around longer than anyone thought. With ESPN's agent words and ask you reported the Kawai re-signing with the raptors is now a serious consideration myself. I've got some tissues here for you. I need a tissue. Jemaine stop teasing. You believe that he could actually stay in Toronto. Yeah. I'll always believe that. I mean, it's not breaking news love you wrote. Not breaking news say he's seriously, considering if you're somewhere it could be between the spectrum of one percent and ninety nine percent is never one hundred percent and has never zero. You're there, and we saw this with Paul George. We'll be was that ninety nine percent. He went up to the organization Indiana's. I'm going to the Lakers. He was ninety nine percent. Then they sell. We got something for you, send you. But the okay see then all of a sudden has started to dissipate the same things happening here. But what was different here is you need to see something change in terms of expectations for him to change his heart. His heart is in LA Toronto is going to be a good team. Toronto always been around this second round Eastern Conference finals team. Can they get over to hump if you exceed expectations and show me that change, maybe he'll stay? But I'm still thinking he's coming home. It's almost with. Any any of our decisions? And surely, I'm Jim you've been through this a lot going various teams as you look at certain elements. You man, that'd be nice. I'd like to just in a prison. I'd I'd like to play there. I'd like to live there. And then you get down to the nitty gritty of okay, what are the schools like where am I going to live? What's the cost of living who am I playing with who's the coach, wait a minute. Let me let me think this through right now. I would hope that he's he's seriously considering saying in Toronto because it's never going to get better than where they all right now. It looks like they gotta be potentially going to the NBA finals a lot of this is going to depend alternately on what to the clippers look like because they have room for that second max contract. How am I going to compare what I have with the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference versus what the clippers are ultimately going to be able to put around me. And he's not gonna know that until this whole process is well past where they are. Right. The beauty about. Think why is that? Because he's been silent. We don't know. We can't put a bead or read on what he's thinking what he wants what his aspirations are. So he keeps you in the dark from that perspective and has always tougher as a former player to kind of go into the mind of the player and say what he should do because I don't know him well enough to understand his background and what he really wants. We know he wants to win. We know that I think the path may be from an all-star perspective. Maybe a lot easier in the east. Okay. Not to say he didn't do it in the west. But the east is now more competitive Toronto is still building. But yet and still you have the other side where people are talking about. Well, he wants to be back in right in LA. I don't have a clue because I can't get a read on what coli once and it's doubled down by the fact that he's in Toronto. Because normally if if he was in New York, if he was in LA, if he was someplace where there are a lot of people around him to get a fee. Feel for how he's feeling who over here. Mannequin this weather, man. These taxes are like fear things that might be turning him off about Toronto. That would feed the narrative that he's not happy there. And then he's looking for something else. The fact that he's in Toronto. There aren't all those street agents that are going to be providing that information. But the fact that we haven't heard anything to that to this point isn't encouraging side. I've always thought the Toronto was a possibility, but I still think clippers next there you going there. Jimmy's here. What are your thoughts? So far on the Phil Jimmy first of all you will not referred to miss dot government. Name. You me has Bishop Jimmy Tutu. Name dach- what you would to me by this ship. You being done me. First of all, let me tell you big dummy today goes to the brother they said that no matter how what you think there's another woman out there nasty enough to do what you wanna do basically ain't that much nasty in the world. Jason you ought to be ashamed. Llosa doing it with somebody though. Visual bizarre discussion earlier about Joel Embiid is twenty four plane in his thirty MBA season and has been rather inconsistent in this postseason, and it appears the league's gatekeepers have tired of his. Hey, look at me social media act. He loves attention. I'm guilty as well. My grandmother used to say once you call for attention, baby. You can't hang up. All right Bishop Jimmy to. You have a take those of all I'm would like to say that I'm here solely for the purpose of defending my brother, Jim MGB. See I would like to say federal I feel that you in the members of the media, you attack my brother on justly, you give him you attack for him for things to which the young brothers. Not responsible. You understand you colonizers you have taken him. And you have a simulated him to your ways of life. You'll ways of life is taking his total up on my brother in our country. We do not have things like Popeye chicken kadarshian. These are the things that has taken this Tolan ravaged these young brothers body in our country. We know nothing ravages they manage nature and his strength, more Popeye's, chicken or conditions. You don't believe me? You don't believe me? Giggling boot listen to me, I give you sample. Where was the last time? We saw missed the Tristan Thompson no seeing Christian Humphries can't even get each spot on the big three. I hate to say this. But I own brother, I own Reggie Bush. I cannot make him run on Madden anymore. Do I need to say more. What about the one, Mr. Khan? Yay. One moment you go from Jesus walk. Slavery is an option. My brother. What do you hail? You stuck on stupid syncing up. Wait a minute. Now, this brings me to the point to which I really want to make Mr.. Mr Charles Barkley. Walk'll? You look at me in my eyes. They won't tell you shut your suck box. You will not speak of the women of my country. You do not know the big women of our country day on the old trees that bid fruit. And I need you to know that we diminish our country. We have to have the strength of a rhino to satisfy our women, and I'm saying to you toss quickly. Have you have walked off student a middle of the room puts a finger indiaia Rinn said now who moved to six MAMBO. Tell you. Until you walk. They mild and dish. Shut guy. Big women. You know, nothing about petition knife. Is how we wrote in our country Onda. This is spoken by my good friend, Nelson Mandingo. Day. Oof. No, I'm doing. Novi. We got. Listen, I want to do. Muffing? I'm married but still carry so here's approval rating Joyal MB. Oh, I hate to do it till you Bishop Jimmy to too, but I got him at a forty seven date in job performance for all time greatest twenty two character eleven authenticity. A forty eight scout team you gotta play scout team. I got him six dano Moscow team the lower basically, the only difference. I would say is I had to drop that character a ton who coaches who calls their coach text amid six in the morning. What tonight I ain't gonna make like that's the problem me s low character man, wait till you get there. So all bad man, code flu. Suck it up. Let's go ball brother Sarb issue. Yeah. I'm out here playing hurt. But you are. I mean. Well, I think. Bishop suit. Nah.

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