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New Kanye Fans, Senate Slippin? 10.30.19


This is you guessed it Ronald Jacob Burgundy don't you think I give Good Advice Carolina I've given you amazing fashion advice and you didn't give me fashion advice just blew my shoes out the window I can be a little misogynistic how dare you how Wednesday October thirtieth two thousand nineteen my name is Jack O'Brien ak got no but and I can not lie no matter how cast where he take a deep dive into America's shared consciousness and say officially off the top fuck coke industries and Fuck Fox News it's went yes except for the part I didn't walk away the chef was light and then I was like the only weird shit in a meeting room executive Oh my God that sounds like a nightmare they just looking at you like kind of wedding will be holding us to different standards and yes I almost became a Japanese crossover hit sensation rapping in the late nineties but I decided to turn my back for that one miss new booty as we all know thank you for reminding than that I'm not a professional rapper because I know that can be confusing sometimes you hear my dad vicha remember that Okay Rela Gloria I'm a legend at a store you a hater you adore me I'm hot got your horny coming late enough before me coming you'll enjoy me and I don't remember the rest lipped and I think I was working at Dana Barros Celtics even know why not one time but now you screwed I could keep going but I messed up the Kate isn't that's okay because we keep it moving we're all professionals here Ramaphosa rappers as well that's podcasting is about thank you to act crispy mean doughnut I forgot what you rent. Mc Name Big Fizz Mandingo Dingo wow hell yeah let them it's the Ron Burgundy podcast thank you listen to the Ron Burgundy podcasts on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever Oh yeah damn if they happen what happened the specificity of target about their renting their shit it was more what's up man I wanna come in with the rap to you know what I released I I had a rap song I did thirteen fourteen years ago so I'm GonNa see eh Oh shit while we are thrilled to be joined in air third seat by the hilarious and talented visit dose honey yeah everywhere we heard you mayor Rudy hang up your phone with Ukraine or about a month to get your hands on them crimes Oh hard I try ta belt around my waist used double sided tape up my pants keep falling down oh realm on news todd Moron and I ever you find your podcast hello the Internet and welcome to season one zero six episode three of these guys the production of iheartradio the closed-door impeachment proceedings we're GonNa talk about Katie Hill resigning we're GonNa Talk About California Burning Mike I'm quoting Trina you go that was yeah that was impressive Yeah Fedex Office near me I don't have a printer okay tell nobody does how many people it's weird once you get done with college today what's going on each mint and the whistle blower scandal we didn't come up with an impeachment drop are we are going to talk to haze Brown who is the host of Buzzfeed newses new impeachment today podcast about impeachment that song was she references both things little inside reference for the Lana heads out there the Dell Remy axe maniacs the rest but this is like empirical lyrical miracle bad respect muscle. I do what I want you do what you can own a flight you for what you rent your credits all bank do a becoming a rapper like wouldn't you do the forty at the time but it could happen which meet today the money's right vices right Corbo did I know gauge of was impressive is like oh did it suck but whatever I wanted to write I did like some poetry before spoken word Funny Lake Funny Poetry that's how he's gotten to comedy kind of like in college the it would have been it would have been widening doors they were literally like your half black and half Japanese you could be song records said to plus check look like and it was I don't WanNa do this because they were making like singing dancing I felt like I was doing some real like really yes you'll never see that good luck finding it because I never did it the public in Delray The del Rey gers Adele Raider. Oh Shit I it's yeah we're GonNa want and also the most Kong being like a gone and California burning I'm telling you a no low Lana del Rey was on it with that greatest any time there is sort of like a platform to perform yeah it was sort of like a way you know to read so there weren't Japanese business interests riding on you the printing driver on my computer now connected to the Wifi medically my wife is a printer queens she makes sure that we always have a printer going yes I fucked Halloween decorations organ check in with those but I visit we like to ask our guests what is something from your search history that is revealing about who you are it was the last time I was like I need a fucking printer I don't have good luck with printers Lake I swear like they always just work right I got a printer and it stopped working yeah yeah yeah yeah we're still in our first round Santos with a twenty and we'll be twenty five million they had a full on office section of their apartment that you had already installed on your computer so like yeah I'm GonNa put that thrilled to be joined as co host Mr Miles route is Buddha Buddha down everywhere never win when you miles but he folks tango so it could take a couple yeah yeah as you pull up the pull up the APP and you look for the home would the printer you email the very it's a very it's an encrypted attachment so they can't do duplicated well it's GonNa get weird now here's single at Fedex office getting hit on the like you need hope to hit is a we're going to get to know you a little bit better than I can tell our listeners a couple things we're talking about Kong is reaching a new fan base we're gonNA talk about somebody with a printer the printer I didn't full disclosure I never dated this person for the printer thought about going on another date with yeah we give you the printer for really good price but then the ink costs right hundreds of dollars but you can again from Amazon you can get off Ashley we're looking for we're looking for a million dollar investment for a one percent stake in our company one hundred million dollar company yes it's called Homey with a printer there's murder inc or whatever they go what is something you think is underrated I haven't got him so often I was gonna say murder honestly nuts as snacks nuts for busy people yeah at least for me for me I think because like being and I'm like I can't do this I don't want to do it just it was Amazon prime so I just prom today's billion dollar idea because we always just given these out on the daily the thing I feel like more products would have adopted the model where it's basically like gouging where they're like we don't have to keep referring back maybe one of these cream yeah work on a guy thirty we're going to talk about the latest S- Witness in EH judge me energy is off the walls right now alm into your bag you know someone gave me cold through I've been up since four in the morning art I wish I got attention from like someone who actually worked there for some free printing we go on these dates so you can get like free printing the nut butters nuts and stuff it's like a really efficient way to as efficient source of calories and they don't go bad you can put them anywhere I found a loose in my bag and I ate it's keeper that's why I'm not saying that's exactly why I married her but you know if this gives me to someone with your partner imaginable like you know Jack we've got a printer and INC that's only if you have a printer that works yeah yeah so that's a good band offramp inc yeah that sounds like a cool like sounds like a bad Santa two Taber for for printers that's easy to do is call homey with a printer I like cashews yeah but they're super luxurious where do yoga she has like a bunch of little packets certainly not that I disagree but on this thing see cashew hack you need to always get whole cashews because the broken up kind like bobby for me I had an option because in college and I had a friend like I had friends who are in the music program who who wasn't a wraparound call and if so we got an opportunity I don't know like chips or the reason these but like you know what like sometimes you need a real meal getting older like the way the Lord intended cut you want your sniff base pair am just just yeah I was going to say God you have a lot of people oh my God I'm telling people you guys need to listen to what she has to say about energy because she has a lot of energy a lot of good what's your favorite meal yeah I had to put an audition on tape and get it in super early bullying I know since they gave me cold brew I didn't put any water in just let me just take concentrate of nuts snag couple cashews but cashiers are the best I'm ends are so easy Goto wait hold on cashews are the best I think so enjoyed the film I think they could have gone further but when I say dogma I mean like like rules and regulations when it comes to spirituality like this is right this is wrong one side uh the amax would be like it's not the same era what is something you think is underrated I think well I I need to outsource for the hollow hollow anybody wants printer cartridges for a dollar dollar dogma the movie the Movie Kevin Smith Most overrated film do the portrayal of the Golgotha actually I kind of does the same thing for me so yeah it's a cashew seed the cashew Apple Dwarf CACHEU Prophet I'm just reading recopied liked the raw raw sometimes I like all of them but I think like the it was probably healthier if it's right imagine like anything the heat or the road our fucking I love your smoke dome and same with Sodium Department and like you'll never pass out while you're driving exactly that should never end raised Muslim I'd love to see like a Muslim perspective from like someone who was raised this way but like you know doesn't really sort of talks office with my employee discount no or just because someone has to get off to it someone asks to be into it oh I loved we really break up get the whole salted it doesn't matter where you get them from that point and you like them roasted ever had them uh-huh lava poop is that considered a true then if it if it's coming from a tree oh shit because a peanut I heard is not considered like a true nut legume is fits all otherwise you're going to hell so any like you know to me that's that's overrated and like I'm not you know I don't really do organized religion save my soul or whatever and down the ritual man or you have to do this Eh quarter owner I will we're going to take a one hundred dollars align with organized religion but Yeah I actually went to Mecca in Saudi Arabia with my parents because I think they wanted you know baby hairs you can see so you have to cover everything the standard of decency in Saudi Arabia and I'm not GonNa like also say Saudi Arabia and Islam or the same thing it's like I'm worried about you did you drive here okay you pass out though no no okay because I have nuts they all thank God I am yeah loose outlawed Pedia I don't know all all entries burdened by mandate should be like a nut pedia what is something you think is overrated dog but that's where levels to it yeah well Saudi Arabia it's like it's run it's a it's the patriarchy but like out in the open around with my titties out what was the point where you sort of as as a child is that when you sort of realize I've organizer Login isn't for me because it's always interesting like I I my the American name brands yeah exactly so you know everyone was sort of like oh your baby hair's falling out women would come up to me try to fix my thing 'cause you know like it was like four if you grow up there because there were moments of joy that I've found in you know I couldn't move back except Miami Miami doesn't Count Miami doesn't count terms of you could move back there you have to be live in Miami strong swimmer I guess my underwater parents weren't really religious my grandparents were and I went to like Lutheran and Catholic schools and at a certain point you kinda like look around like just for me but I mean Challah doing I know I don't want to lay do this bunched up against your spirit as a young teenage yeah but that was sort of my window yeah in my lifetime precent underworld let's hope and also like yeah do you like that like Chile from teal going very she her baby hair's just on point and finally what is a myth it was my first introduction to sort of a connection to like you know that sort of energy but like so that part was cool but like all the rules thing because if it's the truth why not yeah so all right Joe Rogan so you're some people think is true you know to be false well somebody who was born and raised in Florida a lot of people think Florida's trash and I I would like to posit that everything's relative and it's not trashy Oh like some people say Florida's not the south and again it's I think it is sort of very much part of the Saudi Georgia again it can get nutrients everyone's then adding the Saul I lay hobby flavor around Tom Lehman hot diamond blue diamond Holler at your boy any your shit freaks in the world I don't care what size attachments you sangram print everything WanNa collated double sided printing interest. Aw You quit the job after no I actually kept it for a while he goes I love I'm sort of like a hustler by nature and as a server it's very you being the exception Miami's more South America was what's the most when you say look everything's relative Florida's trash could be depends on your perspective yeah to you what is the most trash you gave this person it was really a time I mean it was like a while longtime ago so I think like everything was little cheaper eighty like you know like really going through something you're just like you know you need you want to reach out to something that was sort of my window but I was like I was the kind of kid who was like questioned the police I was scared about him going to my parents I was more scared of my parents Indian immigrant parents like you know there are a little intimidating so ended up getting a job at Shrimp Shack Florida thing you've ever done oh I've done a lot I've peon car at Karbala two XS car but he pushed me CIA sort of a hustle job you sort of slang that shrimp exactly like there's not really is like a ceiling you can make I love that so in some some ways Colebrook yeah signature well you said about Florida being like part deep south part like Miami actually being part of South America is had those edges laid on the edges late bash it laid on my forehead Oh my God that's so scandalous I might as well be walking there's a Caribbean also there's this book called the eleven states of America that like redraws the lines of America based on shared values it's those cities are both so vibrant and there is you know there is of course that southern fusion of there's so much outside influence in diversity do the right thing by the environment lovely yeah back to reality all right we're going to they like don't even identify with any other parts of the country they're just like yeah these are more like they share their values and how they vote with other countries entirely take a quick break and we'll be right back mile now the future of phone services here did you know that this is what cashews look like in the wild yeah I saw that for the first time and I thought it was a joke it looks like it's taking shit and then it's like eat shit listen again I thought that gravity blanket was going to be a brain implant no all right very simple okay what does this forty bucks a month you're all in that means what unlimited his baby hair those are the little hairs hairs pulled back it's like the little hairs that just do not grow any longer than home down and I'm where settlers came from and they that's exactly what they say actually that Miami Miami and New Orleans are the only parts of the country that Carole's once yeah is a physical everybody says it says yeah suit fits J I don't know what the fuck was going to say that idiot is but I don't want I don't want to talk bad about anyone Lonzo all right you know I'd love to all the profound shifts that you just said my question air into the year two thousand nine hundred and you'll see that there's no waiting in lines their customer service you can hit them up in any possible way text chat tweet anything well guys if you're ready to learn that's visible dot com slash TDC and we're back and we listen that's so funny that you even handled it though like such an immigrant kid up standing kid where you're like okay fuck I I'll get a fucking job your brain yeah you think everything we advertise is an implant goes in your ear and into your brain yeah let me just break it down for it's very simple reporter and editor on the world desk and the host of the new impeachment today podcast hey how's it going man oh you know tired morning that's kind of updating people on the state of impeachment I have found it very useful thank you necessary wchs and that's what you get unlimited data surely does not mean unlimited it does okay you will not get charged by how much data you use and they don't care happy speed so you just keep the download come in baby well Shirley I'm going to have to go to a physical phone store and Neil with the lines no if you get off your rocking chair assignment for our for prepping for our show and you guys manage to make news of the dissolving hey it's me Jack from work but the future phone services here and it's called visible I'm assuming that means that it's an implant that goes into euros being Nixon announcing his resignation and zero being an ordinary day in another presidential administration since there are ordinary days enjoyed just to like give him cash to fix carney never did never season so then he just drove around with bitch I guess so but in that spirit I wanted to discuss some of the latest developments that seem like they might tossed yeah kind of sad but how else do you expect to do the news in two thousand nineteen yeah you guys are you guys have a new episode first thing ever be my might have some effect in that sort of broad sweep of of where this thing is headed yeah definitely yeah you guys had kind of briefly covered the fact that the Democrats appear to be taken this thing public all yeah which makes sense to me the in both cities Miami and New Orleans which are both going to be under water right so it's out let's let's all take swimming lessons or you know fucking get these people you should be the motivating everybody here in a limit to what you can do with this and this is like definitely colder talking also sponsored and more or switch to visible than head to visible dot com slash TDC to get twenty dollars off your first month service when he signed an exclusive special offer just for dailies I guys listeners data messages minutes on the four G. Lte network what about annual contract arts no or just stop right there there are no contracts until shady hidden fees you pay your forty bucks have an expert guest of I going to check in with we're joined by Haze Brown from buzzfeed news he is a senior republic somehow fund so that's that's what we do here buzzfeed news dot com we make the end of the world at these Smiley appealing. Yeah there you call me that that word what does that word mean it's French we you're listening to the what is it called yeah yeah it's kind of where you figure out where we stand in the broad sweep of history with ten B so yeah one of my favorite parts of the show is when you check in with the Knicks in this one probably I'm thinking George H W Bush or Clinton's I rhyme or something since the last time things felt somewhat normal it wasn't even some fuck you get telling my parents right see what they can do but you knew that wasn't an option I was like television yeah I nine and shit like so he had a communist I'm just like when you push me some lady saw me and I think she probably told him now all right I think he lied about that but I think some eighty a neighbor did see me do it I was just like whatever and you threaten her you'd like get back into actually ended up I was I wasn't scared about him looking proud of you you just out here getting the job you're motivated to learn but they're like where's all the money I said well dad like my parents know that I had a boyfriend visit we really yeah look if you see a PT cruiser with bitch carved in the side in Florida John Pattison Mall let them know yeah make sense that you would you'd WanNa televise it turn it into you know a very boring version of the Jerry Springer show daytime TV it's been said from the start the impeachment is a political process and not a legal one so I mean in terms of swing public opinion of impeachment really started to shift and then you know it became a possible that Nixon didn't have the support of the Senate so will released a letter that was reportedly dictated largely by trump attacking the process but it lawyers looked at and said what is this he's one the pudding the trials on TV during the Nixon administration was something that wet when public perception we'll be going viral to be spread across twitter as well so it's going to be really fascinating to watch how the people consume this because it will like about how impeachment inquiries work then Pelosi has been playing by the rules that she was given and they announced that later this week I can't see any yet given what we know about what people have said behind closed doors so far if they don't want to perjure themselves by coming out in public and right these came from two thousand fifteen signed off on by former speaker John Bainer so yeah sorry that you guys didn't think to write in anything more specific over right now. Dj is already appealed in their appeal they say they're trying to argue while because this is actually about Ukraine you can't really ask for the MM time let's not forget that back in the seventies during the Watergate hearings those were aired during Primetime Oh did that tape oh yeah for sure so this could be like wall to wall coverage muller stuff so we'll see how that one plays out but today the White House has been like you said making more of a political argument than a legal one the White House counsel edge all day could be replayed in the evening it's just not really clear because it's been awhile since we've done this we've never done it in the age of the Internet where these clips makes sense that they would want to do that but are the are there any ways that you guys can think of the this will backfire kind of taking it public wiggle room is less than you might think so latent fuck ary then very blatant so back on someone last Friday a federal judge ruled well that she was ruling on a case about the muller inquiry out Grand Jury testimony that the House Democrats were trying to get a hold of now eh argued that while there is no impeachment inquiry because the House has voted on it Cetera the judge said actually my dude there is totally an inquiry so you have to turn this stuff thank something completely different when they were speaking under oath before we're going to hear a lot of damaging things I will say that during the Clinton how things are going to work moving forward so it's GonNa be really interesting to see the exact details wants that documents released right that'll possibly help people to sort of maybe asking questions of potential witnesses the bits that you gotTa do before you bring your evidence to the public for and Republicans haven't liked that argument Thursday they're going to be holding vote on a resolution in the House that both you know officially says yeah all the increase we've been doing on Dopey legit and also not every moment and the Democrats have always said that eventually they would get to public hearings raping arguing that right now it's the private closed door behind the scenes Arabia subpoena because there's a lot there's a lot of like legal wiggle room for people to be like well is this actually an impeachment inquiry is not to have to take that that legal impeachment saga they also had live television hearings but that didn't really do much to change people's minds on the situation as it stands I think this is going to be different though but Democrats have been saying all along yeah and they're also sort of like these are the rules y'all came up with right we're just this is your this is your playbook right I mean it seemed like it was a worse case like people people's general opinion of that case was that what he did was shitty and gross but have multiple you know current and former official at the State Department and now White House who have said that yeah this really fucked with our national security right and we said so the there's no law this letter dudes so I mean just putting it back in terms of the broad sweep of history I mean the you know the fact that he lied about it did not necessarily interfere with his job as the commander in chief whereas the site meanwhile here we Republicans are good at screaming their point directly to their base just like ramming it down their throat like what what their thoughts are even at the time they didn't listen but we said it's we done told set we told him but he didn't listen is where we're at right now yeah I mean I guess one thing when the facts aren't necessarily on their side like we saw with the Supreme Court confirmation Republicans also did not want to impeach the president they they were willing to go along with it but they also attacked the process they also attacked it as a lynching hearings last year so I could see you know Republicans during Nixon's time were actively there to find out the truth and Eric kind of in far more polarized times well you say that but I think it's actually easy to forget that back during Nixon's impeachment at the start of it times because you know much like the president got in trouble for recently because there is it's not like partisan politics is a new thing the last twenty years but as the facts especially in the Senate where once things moved there for the actual trial part of things they have to be serving as jurors actually make the decision on whether the president is guilty whatever the house charges him with so they're really trying to be cautious as they don't no one knows what else is coming out no one knows how much more damaging information really bad things could shift right I mean Fox News seems to be the one sort of qualitatively different factors came out of Kim harder and harder to make that defense and we're already seeing it play out where Republicans aside from like some of the true diehards are trying to hedge their bets a little they didn't have to deal with back back during the Nixon trial you know Fox News was in fact designed specifically by a Nixon advise coming out so except for your like Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan's of the world a lot of them are trying to say either well we haven't read the testimony so we don't know for sure it hasn't been in public which base of supporters of trump who you know they can speak directly to will make things somewhat different it's just a matter of her who never thought he should have been impeached and probably in the back of his mind as a way to make sure nothing like that ever happened again so you know the fact that there is a huge you know whether you can keep them in the dark kind of full them have Laura Ingraham come on and just shit on every witness and imply that they're a so we don't know very juror so I can't say so the next month or two if they decide like Oh this is actually look in because he has a lot to say that sounds really bad about how he knew things were wrong about the call between trump and Ukraine's president and what's interesting is that I was speaking to one of our reporters on Capitol Hill and she's had the Republicans she talked to your being really cautious about that and that Fox News is going on looking in Congress don't seem really ready to jump on board with that narrative yet they're more worried about how bad it looks to attack someone who elimidate especially with a Lieutenant Colonel Alexander van men who who you're referring to just there who's testifying on Tuesday so today we're recording this Soviet spy on you was trying to set on your show yeah that's you're right that's going to be really wild to watch play out Life and tried to say so so yeah like you said Laura Ingraham attacked him the other nights we had Sean Duffy former congressman attacking him this morning but yeah they're going in I mean I wonder when Senator Ron Johnson is GonNa come into focus because there's a there's a lot of reporting now showing that he knows a lot more than I'm very confident and sort of trying to you know sort of obfuscate or act like this whole The call was a nothing burger sort of thing you know who when the receipts come out for them is told by ambassador Gordon Lindsay. US Ambassador to the European Union that there was a quid pro quo in place about the military aid and investing the thing but trump denied it so yeah gas it wasn't a thing right but that's been the case ever since before this went public with the president has been saying it tells you where we stand with impeachment every morning thanks a lot his appreciate glad to do it all right so before we completely is an Iraq war vet a current army officer and won a purple heart Iraq it just seemed like he's a really bad target but Fox News they're gonNA try it anyway the time to come talk to US people should check out the podcast it's called impeachment today and it's from buzzfeed news and buddy keeps quitting all the republican incumbents keep quitting just deciding not to run and they're getting yeah like someone Asian is the Biden's but Johnson said at the time that he asked trump and trump's at no that didn't happen and that's just kind of a story that ran that Johnston's move on from impeachment of what one of the stories of that jumped out at me of off of the front page of Drudge is leading on like when he first went on meet the press with Chuck Todd and was just regurgitating conspiracy theories It'll be interesting to see what other senators who maybe in the beginning started off to someone and others that there was no quid pro quo even when it was clear to Sunland who was helping negotiate it right right well Hayes thank you so much for taking uh-huh rid right yeah Ron Johnson's really intricate he even said to the Wall Street Journal like back when this was kicking off all a month ago or so that he keeping an eye on on the conservatives the they said that there's a growing fear among Republicans that they will rand he's just a he's about serving his country and he happens to be an expert on Ukraine Soviet Union because he's from Ukraine but that did not stop the yeah they're Leonardo it's absolutely pragmatic ruthlessness when you listen to what they say like for example Fox and friends they took a stab at this I don't think he would hesitate to push in that direction but right you know that's that's a long ways off but it's just I guess a potential in trouble reconciling like their allegiance to maybe the president and their allegiance to reality where like they they aren't as totally comfortable just telling outright lies -servative 'cause at large and if it's looking like the party would be better off with like pence heading into the twenty twenty election you know of Congress and you know again a lot of people with every person who's tried to testify who wasn't saying like oh I didn't know the economy CUCO it seems like the thing so there's a narrow but very a clear path to for Democrats to take the Senate yeah and I mean fundraising not good is bad polling is bad for senators and every goals at Fox and anywhere any Republican who has like whoever got the bat signal to tell GOP lies they're all on the same page there's an unscrupulousness worse because as we were talking about with Hayes earlier Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vin men who is like the Ukraine expert on the National Security Council testified in local to me it must upset him much more have the previous administration handled the conflict with Ukraine when the Russians came in and carved up the back of enthusiasm to get behind these people and I think also just because rhetorically they're in such a fucked for just terrible place right now they don't know what to say they can't say anything like they're having ready been trying to do these smears on him already this just so just for the record this man is a decorated war veteran he survived an I. E. D. blast and Iraq half to you know senators actually deciding we're talking about just like last week to the you know the pleasure principle right we're like the the negatives are starting to outweigh the positives of them and I think that's what you're seeing too and yeah the the fundraising I think they should be concerned about because that shows a lot point of the Soviet Union emigrated with his family young he tends to build some Patrico with Ukraine also he's been in that position for awhile and says he's able interested in annexing this part of the country we are trying to prevent that from happening from them just sort of invading this sovereign territory that is an issue and we're holding relate to the impeachment if you know Mitch McConnell is very shrewd that's the that's the one thing we know about him and he's all about doing what's best for the Party and the is to try and find the president so that puts them all in very tough spot and you know you hate to see it Yeah Hey oh you hate to see it but and it's only gonNA get nation like the motivation would be the same like oh he's he must really love Ukraine but he didn't like the other thing that happened also didn't like what he what whether or not he did or one and immediately are calling into question his allegiances so this lieutenant colonels background it's got a purple heart he got hit by Iraq we also know is about this dude who like when you read his written statement it's just like yeah we had these meetings and we were all just alarmed everybody who wasn't the can answer this since we already had the the first thing so odd because how can he simultaneously be upset at the previous administer the fundraising shortfalls like places where they're losing the Democrats is like I in a generation bad and yeah I don't know this this seems and this happens now they just put you just put whatever out into the Zeitgeist a right and then we talk about it brains and were killing the world miles thank you electric helicopter thank you coke industries but even on Laura Ingram show even Laura Ingraham Laura Ingraham alike is a relevant you got to choose one bro it's the fact ecocide if you are the expert right I say this is a strategic ally this country is placed in such a way and Russia is many must be mad about Obama too so maybe he'll blow the whistle on emory's it's like really you know I just think what's being shown to us is such a it's theatre president or Rudy Giuliani right was like talking to each other like yeah what the fuck exactly and the other thing about vitamin is that he had raised this issue twice yeah people being like this is fucked up yeah nobody did shit yeah and then so yes like you said his opening statement is bad for Gordon Sunland remember key which is why he probably committed perjury is that when he was giving his testimony was like no one had ever raised any kind of objection to anything we were doing as far as I knew it was just about this version between ambassador Gordon Sunland and enjoy twenty-fifty call which we all know it's been transcribed so we'll see from his point of view but I don't know how much color he up their defense aid because he wants to do a smear campaign against Joe Biden yes that's the problem but again they're like of and here we go with the what about shit well tweet and took Crimea and we responded by giving them Maris and sleeping bags this administration gave the money would bothered lieutenant colonel reportedly is should Joe I seven tenth was playing w think oh the man who paid a million dollars to be an ambassador a one hundred percent he was playing dress ups Oh yeah Oh what point you 'cause you can't the facts are completely against you so let's make up a fantasy world where this person is a spy yeah it'd have John Yuan and immediately raised the specter of him being I mean possibly from another specifically said I think that's called espionage yeah like when people defenseless against very well armed aggressor nation in Russia and then saying like well you know Joe Biden responsible oh seriously because it is theater but then also there's like repercussions that hurt people is extremely problematic war for example and that who yeah Jimmy Kimmel did side by side of trump's announcement of the al-Baghdadi mission and Obama's announcement of the Bin Laden killing we'll get just completely cleaned out in twenty twenty just a waving company wave is coming in a week before he was like I don't know anything if Barack Obama and Biden that's news to me I'm just here to do a good job and I can go in his opening testimony he he basically explicitly says that Gordon Sunland set all this shit in front of representatives from Ukraine and he was like reprimanded the hill who is new new member of Congress is resigning she wrote that mid term wave in with a lot of new freshman but it was just so self serving and has just a very narrow focus in a short sighted only about their immediate satisfaction whether that's plots from the press or just being able to big big things blowing up and it was just like it was like listening to a child described something that happened in a move Iraq and in fact he and it's just like stark how he he's like we you'd think we'd go onto the through the front door we went through the side door came in and it was right what does this mean who are you are you Giuliani yes you are by the way speaking of juvenile I wanNA give a shout out to the Jimmy Kimmel show for by or whatever the fuck it's also juvenile yeah well you know this is what happens when you have the focal point of the president is someone congressperson but this combination right and I think that's what's that's what's really fucked up about this whole thing because also because they're from California even though California is one of the first states to enact I'd say it was like we we could see a movie like this is our best form of conflict resolution one again and also like to revel in it too the you know the right wing I guess publication I won't call newspaper whatever red state they basically launched this smear campaign that sort of coincided with her estranged husband I think extra soon to be like on the spot by Fiona Hill and him to be like Oh that is inappropriate right like you bring up the Biden's when we're talking about military aid and he said in his this is the work it's tricky ex husband who released a ton of just like nude photographs and things like basically revenge porn she didn't do anything wrong but he didn't do so this is a story that on its company red and meanwhile we people saying no sir no you actually talked about we pulled you aside and said you literally outlet are saying job is uh-huh real quick I did want to talk about the Katie Hill resignation terrorism I don't I don't understand it there's no okay so if you distill it down to it's bare essence revenge porn was used was weaponized against the violated yes that's what happened was committed against her the people that came out they're not interested in policy they're just want the feeling of being up so then you get all these things together it's so crazy because it's just like that's why I don't take it but more resources than let's say you know just someone off the street who absolutely yeah so what happened was she wasn't a consensual right to to then use this sort of idea of slut shaming culture to be like oh I don't know if that what that means for Congress or whatever nothing to do with whatever her what she was doing as an actual Olmo bred those people quid pro Cuomo bountygate Murcia I think like with him you know they're they've orange porn laws it's a misdemeanor and like maybe a thousand misdemeanor it's a thousand dollar fine and maybe six months at its most extreme out there still it's like trying to come out women for having relationships maybe outside of their marriage or whatever to say this is disqualifying whatever how is that disqualifying well this is the difference it was really a bad look I was a little bit disappointing Jack because you say speaking of juvenile I thought you were going to say the river slugger had multiple affairs with staffers with lobbyists this is an uncommon right but it was using campaign funds is she why is she resigning that's the that's what I'm wondering what happened to her that is it's just like so like those two values are so closely wired especially among people who grew up in our culture of like being you know sexually the exposed and shame and so is it just feel we're talking about how narcissists are happier because they don't experience shame like in into her based off of her whatever ex husband said but again a lot of these people are just focused on like she's she's nude with a bomb break whatever Atas just being immoral but it's just like I don't think there's anything wrong with that either again that but there are a lot of people pointing to house rules that were passed in two thousand eighteen that's it's absolutely is to fund the Uber Rides the fuck and hotel rooms the dinners all that shit which is illegal illegal reading that she's resigning and Hook is this it's completely devoid of any sort of real it's again this person her husband ex husband had a revenge plots trying to enact and use this culture of often off the table to even have any kind of relationship with a campaign with a staffer congressional staffer by the letter of the law she didn't break that law that was a campaign aide whatever a lot of people have could have the fucking guillotine right above there hasn't been any time so it's like we they want like I mean we're millennials and the sexting then her husband like in a facebook post try to legis she was having an affair with one of our policy people in her on her staff she was like that is not happening but that created an ethics investigation do they do what they can to collect it off we'll in hurt as she said in her resignation letter she is exploring every legal avenue possible to bring her ex husband to justice You spoken around you need to resign card right and that shit you should slam the fucking deck on Dunkin Hunters head right who is a congressman from California. I mean that's what you know it didn't help like Nancy Pelosi had things like quotas to say that it's like I forget it was like it was poor judgment or whatever there wasn't any choice to like engage in a romantic relationship with a subordinate you know what that's not illegal yeah did just also it's like of course you know people can have a field day and condemn that offense like you'd feel like instrument yeah why she judging personal you know when you think about how many people percentage wise that engaged in sexting have you look at this versus how trump would respond to something and again many people point out just the inherent double standard that we have to write because you even have again if you WANNA play at some point at some generation we're all going to have read and I think that's the word needs to be as we need to D- weaponize take the fangs out of this shit yeah right it'll be like during be start at nine on the West Coast noon on the east coast so probably I mean they could also run that in the Amer relationship with her husband at the time and campaign and yes but it was consensual that I understand that is terrible because we still exists we're like oh I can't believe that and that sort of man to have lake you know to be exposed against her consent to the absolutely did not he like the currency of relationship these days may be depending on you for you talk show yeah I don't know it's just like you say you're GONNA put five minutes I'll do the moment expires anyway all right shut up to juvenile shout out to him Oh mail this out daily fail God she said she's probably did she make a statement what's going on it took us out and then the Daily Mail publishes shed and then here you go this thing they publishing revenge porn is that should be illegal listen to from scratch on the iheartradio APP and Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts sixty four thousand text daily to sixty four thousand to get this special offer from Mel Science and remember you support the show when you support our sponsors topics one of the experiments you get to do is build a functioning battery another is growing crystal Lake your push a t and and we're back and it is we we mentioned a couple of weeks ago that it's fire season Kelly Text D. 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That's we're real learning happens when you have your hands kincaid fire is still unknown PG reported the equipment on one of its transmission towers broke near the fire's origin point shortly before the blaze was reported was in an ethics investigation because of this facebook post her ex-husband put up that's the only way she's not she's been very good yeah a lot of people have been excited about her being and then there's also like it was funny to a lot of these areas where we're like wealthier people are living there so self centered and self focused they haven't been telling people that work for them going on and also in the kincaid fire of north guests who may be responsible for that one PG Yep they're like oh the ooh power had been shut off in the area but not on that specific transmission lot we covered in an episode last week that PGA was like they had the option of fixing their infrastructure which would have cost money or just coming up with a half s Lucien it's such a loss fear yeah it really is so it's again you know this is sort of this is also why to the culture on the hill right you have Nancy Pelosi who is an older woman eh like Nannies Gardeners people who take care of their homes their children do like Oh yeah we it's evacuated don't come here and shown them what what the fuck born I'm like we'll put that motherfucker listen and we don't do enough in this country all right we're going to take another pro looks at it completely different than the leadership was closer to our generation look at her porn because I think maybe if the leadership turning the power off to huge chunks of the state and they went with the half asked one yeah just yeah shut the power down and then maybe you'll go away and then last year that area that had been affected by burn like increased fivefold yeah I mean smoke is not good to inhale period what happened but yeah it's it's man the air quality is not good right now in the city they're not letting my kid it play outside at school because of air quality yeah well I mean what the there was a new study that said between some point in the seventies it's like it's it's it's really disturbing fires were not rare in California now this shit like full on half the state national fires like every year so I mean that's God can you imagine living in an area that's prone to that yeah earning like around this time of the year it's becoming the normal it's really oh it were fine legit like a season that you can count on like you can count on there being generous I am I am not sure who is everybody sending dictator why aren't those out now let's see now I don't prevent I'm thinking of revenge for the vendor yes this one this one but like you know like the people who live further west where because I mean the fire is not coming down to Hollywood no but when you just think of like our boom bust cycles of like like rain drought heat yeah create a bunch of brush thick brush for fuel for the fucking went right like we is areas more and more because it starts off with the land being cheap and you start over building where you know they have options you have options so it's like well we'll just generally like smoke yeah no there's no there's not enough fuel to have like a fun city fire but yeah I mean also the the a lot of people develop like in the yeah and Our next story is about him this is the Lana del Rey segment of the show. I you know for all y'all out there go to the you know the other house or we'll just hire private firefighting company to save our home which is what one person that did that was kind of a wet then of his fan club he tweeted Kanye West is cracking the culture code at Kanye West new album Jesus king is the epitome of fearless creativity and dangerous unapproved ideas he said what's the name of album go on leftists always try to silence those who are speaking empty has nothing it doesn't even come close to being anything like Gospel Music aside from like using buzzwords but again because Connie has come out here again being are who are still Kanye West Fans Yeah you've got some good company Outta here what is wrong with you The tracks junior is new like Democrats are brainwashed black people abortion is killing people on mega all day they realize okay they someone from the left side of the spectrum West is a visionary he either walks alone or raises an army either way he walks on his concept of God I it's very specific find you a youtube video that's Fart for ten hours straight loop and that's better than the twenty seven minutes of whatever the fuck this album was having listened to it yes to empty it's empty there is dogma and I I totally agree with everything you said about Dogma but you know I think like the Catholic Church would say the Dogma exists so that again remember we were talking about Dogma earlier you know the dogmatic traditions of the Church of Whoa Yeah I mean if you WanNa see the reason where people they like they're like let's just put our capes on and be this man's number one fan right and then again you have who else oh Pamela Geller who is a very famous Islamic phobic Obama conspiracy theorist so this is by the it's everything undeniably tremendous the left is going to rip it 'cause it's all God act honey truth they're waging a war on our family and culture conyers pioneer new you need to a Kanye West or like people like West can't be like I'm God right everybody follow me God would you go to the album I would but only for the report Taj I would be an undercover source yeah sure okay I would not go I think I would just be I prayed and his laundry was done it was a miracle he has huge parade and then he was inspired by Jesus to find a new way to launder money yeah the album itself that is the album heddon delivered fairly fan reactions are any indication it's hit millennials will be captioning their instagram gospel album that's what he calls it yes okay all right yeah Jesus's King is the name of all right he says some they want a Yandi until Jesus pissed off because he going to find yourself necessarily know I've I've I've already found myself I love what I see I do too like there was a attorney's office in Atlanta who did like a mock crime scene okay they put a skeleton outlined in tape like crime scene yeah that doesn't seem I don't know oh this existed man but yeah people are depicting lynchings in their halloween decorations like in aggressive ways yeah there are some people autos closed on Sunday you're my chick-fil-a for years to come all hell yea Benzino no man how the fucking talked about rather than oh I've just created like a culture war when pitchfork gave life of Pablo nine or nine stars or whatever right a nine they look like those dolls Golly Golliwog doll yeah sing hung so I think that image you know it's it's questionable there's still some plausible deniability but as I was going further and looking at some of the other pitchers yeah those are explicitly people hanging by the neck the drudge report definitely the other side no that's when I go on come on co Yes for the Tottenham Hotspur separate

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