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Hi It's phoebe. Radio Topi asked us to try an experiment. They asked us to try our hands. It making a mini episode sewed of a show. That was very different from the shows. We already make. We decided to try a call in advice. Show we're calling it Phoebe. Judge me you're listening to another edition of judge me a call in advice show where I do. My best has to help. Let's go to end in New York. Hello TV Ian. You're on the air. Thanks for calling. How can I help I realized I never know what to do when I'm having my picture taken. I don't have a consistent picture face and Maybe one time out of twenty. I'll get it right but usually when I see pictures of myself that have been taken. I'm making a face that I think looks nothing like me and certainly looks Less good than I imagined myself to look in real life. I would just love to be able to take a good picture. Well I think the first thing to realize is that there are so few people in the world who take a good picture okay. Usually the people who take really good pictures or lacking and other major areas of their life is also what I've determined but you've never met anyone who's been told phoebe smile as much as I have been told I mean in every picture that has taken phoebe smile. phoebe is not smiling. my whole life. I've heard that and I've just given into the fact that when someone is going to force you to one of those big smiles you're always going to kind of nuts and just just resign yourself to that okay and so I just have learned to just do a small sincere look forward and not try too hard and then when I get the picture back I don't look at it too much ever again. You know. That's the key is never spend too much time looking at pictures of yourself and you won't have much trouble at all. Okay sounds good Don't really need to change the Sergei Trade. I just never tried. Never see it. You just never search it out and and in the same wait you know you could also remove all the mirrors in your house and then you can just be living in your in your in your own fantasy world. Well I hope I could help. Thank you very much for calling in our next caller is a Smith from Birmingham Smith. How can I help Hardy Heidi Age as that country that you don't want to eat that's great well. I think you've just asked me. How do you eat something crunchy? Crunchy that you don't want to eat the green. Now I'm guessing that something kind of like Broccoli And you know. That is a hard dilemma. I think when I was a little girl we were allowed to leave the table in until we finished our plates until he drank our whole cup of milk and I spent so many hours of my life sitting at the table with my sister chloe. We put ice cubes in our milk. He's getting hot but we couldn't leave and I'll tell you I'm a lot older now and I think back about about all that time that I wasted a realize now that if I'd only just held my nose and gotten through it I would have so much more time to play and so my advice to you is eat it quick and don't breathe through your nose. You're welcome Smith Anytime At our next caller is Teresa in Nashville Theresa. How can I help? Maybe my question for you is about the concept of re gifting and my question is kind of a two part I'm interested as to whether do you think re gifting is okay. And if you received a gift and found out later that it had been re gifted to you how would you feel about it. Well you know. I'm all in favor of regifter. I don't think we should actually call it re gifting. I think we should call it something. Something like passing it on. I say this knowing full well that I'm about the hardest person to buy a gift for out there primarily because I like really very practical things that people would often overlook is a gift for me. A good pair of well-made socks does the trick any day. I also like really odd things like fossils. One Year my father gave me a an fossilized owl head and I thought that was just perfect So while I appreciate and we should all appreciate any gift that we receive. It doesn't mean that we necessarily have to keep the scented candle. We can appreciate the gesture and the effort and pass that scented candle along with a clear clear conscience and I think if I found out that somewhat had passed something along to me. Let's say a sensible wooden-spoon spoon. Well I'd be flattered. I I really appreciate that viewpoint and I agree with you too. I hope that helps re gift. But in good conscience and thanks very much for calling thank you. Maybe have a great day by our next caller. Is Vanessa in Demourin Vanessa. How can I help? Hi Phoebe I had a question My roommate has taken to walking around our apartment new and I'm wondering wondering What you think is the best way to handle this? Is this something that just started or has she always yes. We thought me. She's been walking around in the full nude dude in the buff in front of my boyfriend and other company that we have because she says It sure home and she'll do as she pleases this. This is just this. Well this just sounds like a real problem Kind of sounds like my nightmare also kind kind of a tricky situation. But I think there's only one thing to do here and that is to be very direct. You need to tell her she's got a knock it off. I mean she never has to put clothes on again if she's in her own room but in shared spaces in the house. The clothes have to be on. But you don't want to take away someone's happiness and if this is really giving her joy if she really is getting a thrill from being naked you you could always talk to her about the power of not wearing socks talk to her about how nice and infre- It might be to let her feet be naked arms. What about a tank? Top a pair of shorts. I think you have to be very directed that fully nude ooh is not for you or your guests and I think starting there and being very straight about it. That might be your best bet. Good luck to you you for thank you I will Take a great. Thank you very much phoebe. That's it for this edition of phoebe. Judge me tune in next time. And if you have a question I'm from me you can call in and leave it on our voicemail. The number is nine one nine six nine seven eight two three one. That's nine one nine six nine seven eight two three one. We're in the homestretch of our annual radio. Tovia fundraiser the one time of year. 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