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The B. It's episode one sixty five of the feed the official Lipson. Podcast the PODCAST. That takes it beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the everyday podcast and taking you inside. Lipson the largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand and four. Welcome friend Kazuhiko. Go in man. I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. Thank you so much for listening and now here we go in this episode the new redesigned Google podcast APP. And it's in I o S. Oh my gosh more clarification on Google play music more on pandemic titles best practices. What if you want your podcast out of a specific podcast out? What do you do cool? Add stitching functionality. In lipson pro should you use zoom to podcast only versus Roy? Podcast discover ability survey results. And of course stat stat stat this time covering the latest mean and median download numbers for you if you know the drill. Feel free to tap on that thirty second forward about four or five times for the rest of you. Here's the scoop on getting featured on the show you can send a thirty second promo to the feed lipson dot com. It needs to be thirty seconds or less end. Be Clean as a no profanity and again do your very best to keep it to thirty seconds. Attach it to your email and send it to lift. He'd at Lipson DOT com. If you don't have a promo but you want your voice on the show ask us a question or add to the conversation that you hear in an episode and send us some feedback you can record it and email it to us or you can call us at four one. Two five seven three nineteen thirty four or you. Can you speak by speak? Pipe Dot com slash the feed? We also have a long running blog feature called Rockin Lipson podcasts. Every Monday we highlight one. Lipson podcast in an order for you to be featured on the blog. Guess what you have to email the bead at lives dot com. That's it I'll send you all the information. It is a first come first serve so the sooner you get your info to me. The sooner I'll get it in the queue and now let's jump into our main conversation with Rob Walt Vp podcast relations at Lipson as well as my co host right after our first promo of the episode from beyond Westworld. What if you could live your life without limits where every desire you ever imagined could be fulfilled? Experience Westworld a show where every humans dark side will be revealed after watching each episode. Listened to beyond westworld a podcast featuring humans and hosts from around the park diving deep into HBO's Illustrative Narrative. Every hero has a code. And so you download your temporary and the show at beyond Westworld podcast dot com or your podcast APP of choice. Hello Rob good. Generic time and the date. I'll see you. I'm good including I have wisteria so we have this new home right where we're living in a new house which is essentially next door to where we used to live so we took over our neighbor's house and I didn't know that we have this amazing wisteria on the back in the backyard and it is the most stunning thing I've ever seen. It's like Oh climbs all the up into the trees and it's all purple and beautiful and it descent is fantastic. So I'm looking at it right now and it makes me very happy. And you're you're you're a nice distance away from civilization so everybody's safe there at officer. I like Sarah and I were talking. We're like we have to go out of our way to go find a human like we really have to work hard so you know how I think. I saw an article. That was showing People's travel as in like cars and they were like measuring distance from homes and They were kind of alluding to the fact that people who are driving longer distances are sort of not staying. Home kind of thing was like well. What about people like us that we have to drive for? You know thirty to forty five minutes to go get insert needed thing. That was. Yeah that was a chart. There was a guy from the New York Times or something like that right. That did it and it was so out of touch with reality. 'cause he was trying to see how all these people down south that are traveling so far. I'm like well then then someone else's it will look here. Here's a charge of how far the local grocery store agent noticed that the people that are traveling the most have the grocery stores furthest from Their House. And this is a biased. New York Thing where you know you know. Go worry about everybody. That's being sick. Don't go be point fingers at folks with bad data exactly so. I'm one of those people that we ever if we really. I mean we do have a grocery store super close literally like five minutes away but if we need anything else like hey for the goats we you know we have to go far to go to get the hey by the goats so but But yeah we are doing well. You guys you doing well over there surviving. We're in our self imposed lockdown. We are still she'll distancing we're doing it and and trying to avoid going out at all so doing the right thing and don't be a sprinter don't be don't be a spreader. Alright so shall we start off here with a what an email currents all right here. We are good news okay. Great so here we go hello both first of all. I hope you and yours are healthy and safe. I'm writing to let you know that we just announced a redesigned Google podcasts including a brand new APP new features of our ANDROID APP and support for subscriptions on the Web via podcasts dot. Google DOT COM. You can read more about the launch here and we'll have all of this. You guys in the show went when you future we've been looking forward to debut. Is The APPS EXPLORE TAB which includes personalized recommendations based on a user's interest in listening history? Our goal is to simplify the process of discovering great. Podcasts helping people build and manage their libraries with ease and delivering them specific recommendations. That wouldn't have discovered they wouldn't have discovered otherwise all show. An episode recommendations will continue to be algorithm medically driven. We're excited to help. More people discover and listen to podcast in sync. They're listening progress across devices regardless of the platform. They use. If you'd like to promote your shows on Google podcast please use our listen on Google podcast badges which you can download by clicking here on your site and in social and marketing materials. Thanks for your continued participation in Google podcast and we hope you enjoy the new futures. Best Lily Right. Well Nice be able to start to show off with good news in this day and age and yes one of the key items in. There was an Iowa APP for Google podcasts. Which is great to see so. Now there's a google podcast APP for android Google PODCAST APP for less. And and if you go to podcast DOT GOOGLE DOT COM. There's now a website. We can go to see your show and confirm the latest episode showing up the any platform so now that that's even the better part of it so now the people are like why didn't know if they have my shows it being indexed. Now you know and you found a link here. Yeah so I've been obviously. This was released last week when you hear this guys. And I saw on our an interview from a Rene Ritchie with Zach. Who is essentially the creator of Google podcast and obviously working for the Google podcast team and he gives. It's a really great interview guys. You definitely need to check it out. Rene just started also a new show with us which is great. So he's hosting with us and he is sort of going on his own now. I don't know if you guys know Rene Ritchie. But he's been in tech for a long time. He's just a a well known person in the tech industry he primarily. Does these really fancy awesome? Well produced youtube videos but in addition to it to the Youtube video with this interview with Zach. He's also going to be releasing these interviews as an audio podcast. But at this time you guys can see the link in the show notes for the interview and it's great because that gives insight into like literally spearheading the entire Google. Podcast him. Great and so. It's those that don't know. Zach Zach is the head of Google podcastone. He's been the spear side Google for podcasting so Zach it's really great interview it's act. It's like forty minutes long. Although the one thing I thought it was funny in the interview he mentioned his favorite weather. App was dark sky. Just acquired I knew that I thought I was like. Oh my gosh dark sky but alas though it's really insightful. And I really. I think one of the things that I gotta that interview to is the fact that a lot of thought that Google putting into this and they're also not doing a thing where it's like you just we gotta do this. Quick Right. So they're really visiting out what this is going to look like in the future like the really planning it out and being very focused on it. So thank you to the Google podcast team into Zach for this and great interview. Renee got an email here next up. Yes we do here we go. Hey Rob hope you are well in all this madness question so google podcast finally created an IOS APP. Is Google play basically dead? I was trying to find download stats on this but Google podcast is used a lot more than google. Play these days right. Someone I know is plugging apple. Podcast and Google play as a place to download episodes. They should be using spotify or google. Podcast right and this is from Doug. From America adapts media updated. Google play music APP on my iphone and it is void of any podcasts. So Google play music. Podcasts are no longer and Google play music on the IRS APP. Now had someone check on Google. Play music on Android. Said they did still see some podcasts in there that that was the last version as of near the end of March March. Twenty seventh or something like that but the latest version. And I just updated yesterday Google play music APP and it did not have podcast and it anymore so google play and I wanNA say Google play. Music is not going to die. It's going to still be Google play music but it's not gonNA be podcast. It's going to be Google play music. Sands podcast so G. P. M. isn't going to die but podcasts are no longer going to be a part of Google play music and right now on the side. They're not which is good because they were only available in the US. Anyway and in Google podcast is available globally. So it. That's the future we've been taking this on. They show for a while. The future of podcasting android and and from Google is Google podcast in now. They've actually as we've said a couple of times now it's also on Ios per where you should recommend people other than your website three places. I tell people when people asking where you know where where should I recommend people go find my podcast since obviously in alphabetical order apple. Podcast Google podcasts spotify. You know that's what I tell people. The those are the three places that you want to look at. Make sure you have links to on your site And in your email blasts and things like that other other than of course. I'm all in with that guy. So Remember Apple. Podcast. Google podcast. Spotify are your top three buttons or calls to action if you will every time that you are creating stuff to promote your show okay. Oh Net now. I point this out. Violent per google podcasts. In User Agents. Google podcasts is what the user agent is on the Android side. Maverick develop in your life sciences Google podcast android sadly on the Iowa side. For the new APP it is showing just as podcast in our stats. Which is what Apple. Podcasts shows as well which is not good Are Working to split those two. I hope to have an update on that. By the time we do user agents stats on the next episode. But if you go into your lear lipson stats now and in this now. Being you know early April What you'll see for Google podcasts for the IOS APP is unfortunately it shows US podcast which is mixed in with apple podcasts. So you really don't see anything broken out so if you're wondering where it is in your sats. That's where it is again. Our does our non that and we will get that split. And we're GONNA actually. I think also try to combine all the different apple. Podcasts ones because it subtypes it shows up as bad debt batter dareus and sometimes it shows up as a whole bunch of squiggly characters and sometimes it shows up is podcast with a K. Or Pied Kit and his podcast. You why Depends on where your audience is. Globally depends on which apple version of Apple podcasts and that gives a different user agent. So I think we're trying to combine all apple podcasts. Globally into one user agent Just to make it a little bit easier looking again more on that in future episodes user agents which will not be this episode. Although we've already just kind of yeah but you don't have the actual stats so but but given that though we do have a little bit of an update on something. That's been affecting a lot of people right and it has to do with some of the topical things that we're going through at this moment. Globally so we mentioned on the West episode. Be careful about what you put in your episode title and what You Talk About. Perkovic nineteen as we have seen spotify boot. Few shows over attempts in their mind of keyword spanning. We made sure not to mention those words in on our last episode. We replaced anything. Go vado Corona virus with the word instead this show about it and I was looking at some of the new shows with Cova or corona in the title of the shows because a lot of new shows popping up one of the best. Okay well let me see all the ones that came in on Lipson on say okay and one of the best titles that I saw was covert Cova. D- convoys that's cool which I thought was cute concise and captive yes but the but the ones that I think are most likely to get the boot from a directory. There was corona virus. Four one one podcast Dash News Komo alerts and updates on the corona virus towards Covet nineteen. Oh Yeah we're the acuity feminine layer and then a close runner up was Kovic Dash nineteen colon common sense conversations on the corona virus. One word pandemic the those two I don't see being long for the world can be careful on your titles folks and also I mean did you did you mention that it's also affecting episodes. Oh yes and episodes are getting booted the next item. That's right there we go okay. So here's an email. Hello Elsie and rob thank you. For Great Information and tips to avoid issues and Elsie. Thanks for your detailed show notes. I know that is super time consuming and I really appreciate it. I've used menu. Thank you future Elsie. Don't you and past all the Aussie? I've used them many times to find bits of the show. I wanted to hear again. I have a question about your recent episode. One sixty four the episode talking about it at about nineteen fifty you warned us not to use covert one thousand nine hundred basically at all in the show notes title keywords. I am a Lipson pro customer and produce shows for major industry trade associations such as the American Bar Association American Dental Association National Association for Convenience Stores Among Others. They are all making episodes about the topic informing their members and the public about resources. They can provide tips for their industries on how to deal with all this. Many of them are putting out multiple special episodes around it. It seems legit use of the keyword to me but would love your advice to keep people safe from takedown threats during a time when their audiences really need them. Would you say the same thing to Industry Association? Podcast specifically as you said in the feed to a more general audience and if yes are phrases like the outbreak or the pandemic equally as dangerous to their podcast status. Many thanks and this is from Paula. All right Paul well here are chew titles of episodes that were taken down in the last day by spotify one was quote corona virus input from Tau Tahoe Gli quote and quote how to beat the Corona Virus Comma the flu comma and other viruses and assaults on your health unquote plus. There was this one couple days ago quote krona virus. What naturopathic doctors are saying about the Kovic nineteen outbreak vitamins herbs self quarantine social distancing immune system support on our all or even most with covert or corona virus in the title of the episode. Being taken down no but some are per saying the same thing for an industry association. Podcast yes I would say. Be careful and avoid use of those words for any shows other than Medical Raji shows and per- phrases like the outbreak or the pandemic when an episode is taken down in his either around the words coveted or corona. I that I see the action being done avoid. Those two words is my current recommendation and then I sent an email back to pauline Paul replied with this actually one more. Quick Question Would you recommend going back to change past episodes already using those words and then my reply was well one of those examples that that was just removed to last day was removed Was done so over. The episode was released over two weeks ago. From when the episode was originally went live and they had five other episodes. Go since that time so it wasn't like it was released two weeks ago. Most recent episode was two weeks ago and it was five episodes after that and then it was removed Another one was removed on March twenty fifth and it was posted on March third So yes if you have a title you fear is a wee bit on the keywords. Bammer side your might WanNa rethink that title Yeah Gosh and this is a question. That's coming up all the time. In fact I think we talked about it in the last episode as well. It's I mean as much as it is also happening here in podcasting. It's happening almost everywhere else. Like facebook is doing things like that. Instagram YouTube. I think I might have mentioned this last episode as well but I have seen that facebook ad. The entire facebook AD accounts are being turned off for people. So they are. Kind of like your. They're not able to now advertise on facebook at all when they are offering like some kind of solution based around coronavirus. And it can be you know. It's really interesting because again. They're not discerning about that Sometimes it is about sort of like how to deal with coronavirus when you're at home with your kids kind of thing and they just shut it down and it sort of like maybe shifting the title to see like hot we survive in isolation with our children when we can't get away. Maybe because it's so there's been a lot for all the different places so I think that we need to be mindful on on what we do with that but speaking of Spam Rob Ya Many of you probably saw some clear spam from a company with the word crowd in its first name and this company scraped email addresses from rss feeds in added you into a mailing list. Boo Boo Boo. I hate to army marketing. Like this When people do this I just say runaway runaway do not use their service. I don't care what their services just. Mark s spam and ignore them Definitely do not give them any info as you can never trust those that do that kind of unethical marketing but Yeah I mean I got signed up on like five or six different email addresses from them and then I hate that and it's like Oh you got to opt out of that. I reply back every time they send one. Identify spam spam or no evil. You're evil well not kind of on an spamming note. I think that I I actually tweeted out something as well that I have seen kind of really really ramp up in at least in my email. I don't know about you rob but in my email. It's been kind of annoying to the fact that I had to do like a public. Psa Not that twitter is like my place. But anyway in the fact that I'm getting so many more pitches in my email asking or actually promoting coronavirus experts to interview all my show. Which I completely understand I mean I understand that there are people that are looking for this kind of stuff for this kind of conversation but it is incredibly annoying. Because they don't do any work whatsoever on podcasts and there are some of us who I mean. I guess we could up some point. I mean I. I can't even imagine a time where we would have a corona virus expert on the show unless it was Sanjay Gupta and he was like you know he's on lives in or something like that you know it'd be like Oh like that would be great because he's cool but I mean FBI anyway. I I just think that you guys those of you guys who are listening. Or maybe They're thinking about promoting people on your show or maybe helping other people get on other people shows. Please minimum listen to one episode of the show and see number one if that guest is an actual fit number two. Whether or not they have an interview show I get. I get all the time today. I don't do interviews on the show do it's very slow four hundred ninety four episodes and I've done like five interviews. It's not only not what I would call an interview show. No and it's very selective. It's a very specific type of conversation and and just because things are crazy out there doesn't necessarily mean we every single podcast or wants to do a show on something. So unless you're pitching me Tim Cook or Phil Schiller or Recre- or yeah. Yeah I'm I'm probably not gonNA interview you on Today Today. Anonymous absolutely anyway on that note here is our second. Promo of the episode Dot Net. Core podcast hello. Everyone welcome to the Promo for the Dot Net. Coal podcast the podcast which is devoted to dot net coal and it's related technologies. This show is all about building cross platform applications and libraries with Microsoft's programming framework. Don't let go. It's also about the latest innovations in the on that space like blizzard. Don't know what that is checkout episode five so if you want to be in the know and head over to dot net's called dot show those. I subscribe for links to the show. All major podcast services are thank you elsie iron similar reputation points from Apple. Rob You're gonNA need like a t shirt or something to really own this stuff but this is a good one. I'm so glad I'm I was so I was like really you down in and the question I answer those first. Let's go to the question. I answered going to give you my reply but I answered and that Apple Endorse my answer on was quote. I'm trying to upload a new podcast and I keep getting the same era. The fee does not contain a valid podcast image. Podcast images must be at least fourteen hundred four hundred pixels. I check my image and it appears to be fourteen hundred. Fourteen hundred. Any help would be appreciated on quote in my reply was quote. Make sure your work meets all of these specs. Fourteen hundred fourteen hundred to minimum to three thousand by three thousand pixels maximum square. You know so again folks. Fourteen O one by fourteen hundred is not valid Jay or PNG RGB color and less than five hundred kilobytes file size. Your artwork is one point five megabytes in file SIZE UNQUOTE RIGHT. So the only thing that was wrong with our work was was it was it was one point five meg and you know I go. This is significant because in Apple. Endorse this answer. And this is significant. Because it's the first time apple endorsed publicly the fact that artwork needs to be less than five hundred kilobytes and in this case. That was the only thing that needs to be changed to meet the requirements. We've asked apple to add the less than five hundred kilobytes part to their full SPEC for years. Just nice to see this answering door so now I can go point people saying well apple number so that I go look here. Here's an answer. They endorsed it all right so another email here. Hey guys on episode one sixty four rob talked about engaging your listeners through community forums. One was facebook but I couldn't catch what the other option was thinks. George George the. I wish my brother George was here. Bold bugs bugs bunny fans June Anyway the other one was me we as an M. E. W. E. dot com. That is where I manage the Community Board for today. And I o s which you can find my going to today and I was dot com slash community. And I like me because it asked a couple questions for the the people that want to sign up and you can put in questions that really do filter out people that you don't WanNa your community like mine is which is one of them is which is the better os us or Android so for today. S The answer is obviously aiming. That's crite that's right all right. Here's another Email AG T. O. T. D. and rob I know that as podcasters. We want to be everywhere and I tried to be. This question is more hypothetical so please humor me for a moment and pretend you hated a certain podcast APP for whatever reason and didn't want to be included but this podcast apples from apple's catalog as it seems podcast apps do if the podcast or wanted to be removed from this one. Small podcast APP. Could the APP developer reject the request? Whose right is it to be in the PODCAST APP. The podcasters since they created the content or the creator since the feed is publicly available. Who would win the case asking forefront name redacted per can the Dev remove just your show from their own directory the same one? They are likely sinking from Apple. Podcasts IT depends Luminary was able to do that on a per request basis but I guess multiple APPs have no way of removing it. Or at least might just say that or just won't reply per who is in the right. Well when you submit it to Apple. You did approve their TS and CS. So likely you are not in the right to remove from just one APP that sinking from public. Api that apple provides who would win the case. The one with the better paid lawyer of course who paid more for the lawyer which you really do not want to hire a lawyer just to sue an APP developer for podcast APP. They are likely making no money on For for them to remove your show from the Public Directory you submitted your podcast to start with and where you approved apple's Ts and CS which you're likely probably never read. It's not worth it to do that. Fight my recommendation be everywhere. That is not abusing your content or hosting your content even apps you might not like personally and in most APPs out there. They're not doing anything nefarious. You know. They just pulled from Apple's public directory. The release near podcast which you Smith Apple and by doing so. You're making available publicly. If you think about it you know in wherever. We do have user agent stats. You can see that the majority of APPs are a very small percentage of consumption right. So it's like if you're removing it from those places it. I think it's more of a pain because it's not being used that much anyway. So last official count. Someone did when they looked at where How many APPs in places will pulling was icon twenty and that was a few years ago and so in that was probably just English language. Once my guess would be now all the ones that have popped up in other languages around the world. You'd probably two hundred two hundred and fifty or pulling from Apple podcast directory and when we go over the list of APPs we don't name more than twenty five some yes. Oh it's it's a very small number that actually get any traction. And even though the twenty-five some of them are point. Oh two percent correct now. Two percent point Oh two percent in. That's in the top twenty five but but I can understand. I mean if you do want to I. Hey I would email the person but I just don't know what the benefit is on that. But Oh elsie okay so all right so we have a Lipson pro question about our act stitching tools and so this is the e mail that we got. Hey Rob in rob. Is it possible to automatically trigger a replacement ad campaign wants the current campaign reaches its set maximum? Plays in Lipson pro or do you have just to have to monitor it and turn on another campaign manually. Thanks and this is Dany Hi Denny. Absolutely can do this Not The manual part the automatic part because we check stats every fifteen minutes. You can actually Set up multiple ad campaigns for a single day away. Actually the only ones that allow that and still can say that there will be certified for downloads as we're the only ones that do rolling twenty four hour filter rather than the calendar. Twenty four Calendar Day twenty four hour filter. So we're actually checking stats every fifteen minutes. So as far as I know. I think we're the only ones I be. Certified that does enrolling twenty four so for example you could limit campaign a on the first day two thousand downloads per day. Give it the highest priority. We have a scale of zero to one hundred one hundred and then the campaign be limit the next five hundred per day give it a priority of eighty and the campaign C. can limit it to the next seven hundred fifty per day and give it a priority of of sixty and so on and so yes yes. You can have multiple ad campaigns running with limits based on daily weekly monthly or all time downloads and then the priority is based on the prior trading. You pick for each campaign. Obviously the ones who the the advertiser pays the most you give the highest priority to cool. Okay here we go. Hey Rob I hope you and the Fam- are well. I just switched zoom for my interview. Podcast in have noticed when I record and playback the audio sounds like the guest is the host of the interview. Their audio sounds good and thank God I use them. Good Mike or my audio would be terrible any remedy stay. Well trae try. I would say I have. You thought about using skype to do interviews. Then if you aren't a Mac you can use call recording it will record each side as its own track and then you can clean it up a lot. Easier that way You have a lot more control processing in post production when when you can split like that Skype is what I've been using for fifteen. Plus years and skype can sound really good if you make sure to close out all the other programs when running it. Plus there is the whole issue with privacy now with zoom so I definitely would not recommend zoom to anyone. Right now SPACEX. For example just banned their employees from using Zoom Zoom said. They put their feature developments on hold for the next few months while they work on security issues of the CEO. Just apologized About the security and privacy issues so this is rob waving the privacy flag here. It's zoom saying they have issues so we'll put a link into that I would say right. Now stay away from zoom until they get all their issues worked out in any way. I always like skype. So I've been using skype fifteen plus years. I don't know why people don't use skype more to me. It works great. I think part of it is That generally speaking for skype. You have to have a skype account and for Zoom. You just have to give people. I mean I guess you do have to have his account to. I guess they're not doing like fifteen twenty people link. You have a bunch of people come in but when it's one on one interview I hate doing one on one interviews when someone doing along with someone they go zoom Lincoln like really. Can we just talk skype? Yeah I think that part of it is just that the majority of people are kind of even more used to using 's zoom for work purposes is my thought I mean. I started us more when I started. Do My my mentorship group And I can see why it's great. I'm not sure I think at this moment why I would use it for my remote recordings at times That said though ROB. I did put an extra link here at least from where recording. We're recording on a Friday morning and the nine to five nine to five just Mac Dot com published a an article kind of addressing. The fact that you know zoom does have issues and I kind of want to give Kudos to zoom for doing this. I mean they. I think they're they`re. They're they used to have something like five million users or something like that right and then they've moved to two hundred million so. I think that we can give them a little bit of grace because the majority of the privacy things here at least from the research that I've done weren't necessarily horrific things nor nefarious things but they were also not important at the time that the development was happening because the scope of the usage was different right. They never thought it was going to be used for medical transference of information or like high level meetings for companies with like very important information that that was not the thought process behind that but they are really working towards that If it's like a small thing I you know they said that it's really not that big of a deal but if you have a very important conversation don't use that use skype or use facetime for both of those things that said though in terms of this settings just to give you a really quick insight there are some essential settings at both inside of the Zoom Dot. Us website and they are some settings inside of the desk top APP that you can set so that it really splits your conversation and in there are also in the same way that skype kind of enhances if you will your audio at times. Zoom does the same thing as do a lot of like stream yard. Does it as well like it? Actually processes your audio for you so that it sounds better not for podcasting but more for regular conversations. So you can. There are some settings way deep in there where you can allow for the the original recording inside their plus supper at the audio files zoomed. Desktop APP has those settings so if you go to zoom desktop settings audio show in meeting option to enable original sound. And then that has that. Coming from your microphones. You have to check that also from ZOOM DESKTOP APP. You can have settings recording and then check record a separate audio file for each participant and also note that you can only split tracks if you're recording locally so zoom also gives you the option of both recording on your co both but either recording on your computer or recording in cloud storage so it can facilitate both of those things at the same time so in terms of postproduction. It can actually do that for you. So test that stuff out for yourself and see if that can work better or just switched to skype Roy a lot. Yes speaking of away So my little story about versus Roy. Last week we got two pieces of feedback that I thought were totally on point. I'm actually playing both of them. Because this actually makes my point so let's hear from first Moxie and then from Craig C. Android. It's Moxie from your brain on facts calling in about the culture clash you experienced regarding the word boy. I think I know what you were going for the word. Oh I use British for. Hey it's usually use like punks and it's something kind of aggressive you're thinking Oh why boy is in the for. Oh No WHOA. Isn't he. So one tiny little letter seems to cause the problem for you there but remember. Oh I is. Hey why or or or a stick of an old Jewish grandmother. I say kids straightened out for you. Can't wait to see you. We ever did she again. They say. Hi Rob Craig here from Ingress. Podcast just want you to up something regarding else's common last episode of the feed where she wrote to client in a text message in British English when you say or write. It's used as a not very polite way of getting someone's attention especially when you're annoyed or possibly even angry for example only. What do you think you're doing or Roy? Stop eating my tips. Stop EATING MY FRENCH FRIES? So yet can understand why. British English speeco would find that unprofessional and possibly IMP- alliance and maybe the the copy some confusion here with Roy a Y. Or even a va which comes from the dish expression to express dismay or exasperation free sample. Oh I'm so sorry your dog died. That must be awful is kind of like saying. Whoa is me and I really sympathize. So those two might've been confused or Roy but of course in text messages. We have no intonation. There's no way of expressing and in such a clear way. We just have the words on the screen so. I hope this helps. It was really good to catch up with the LIPSON team at podcast. Even though it seems like a lifetime ago so much has happened. I hope you're well and keeping safe and catch up with you sir. Thank you guys thank you. I know I think one of the things that I loved about. Both of those things is that you can tell right. You can tell the difference in tone from your speaking speaking right and so you can understand. I think you guys also heard me last week. What I meant to say when I was doing that but all of that is to say. That tone is often lost in communicating in text. You know that's just what happens. And and and cultures have different meanings for often the same words or the same sounding words like you just heard right there. So context is very important. I think one of the things that I learned is that as someone that manages Social Media. I really see how words can really cause harm at times and when I say that I don't mean that they're being mean like you're you're being profane with somebody but sometimes the there's there's some missing layer which is the human layer and even if you're saying something as simple as you need to Rian Code your file the way in which it's received can be perceived as condescending at times just by a couple of turn of phrase so I find that empathy is the first thing that goes whenever we're communicating online. And I truly I believe that companies out there are intentionally looking to cause harm or to be tone deaf when when things are happening around us we we can all give some grace. I and offer some insight in and really. Just try to believe that we can adjust and be better so I understand now the difference between oil and I alway so then. I won't make that mistake again but at the same time. It's like my intention. Even though my intention was not to do that I could see how it could be perceived that way if I'm saying to somebody essentially like chill dude you know what I mean. That would've probably not been the best. So I think we just have to be a little on both sides of the equation as somebody who is communicating with somebody else and sharing information or helping somebody else out to watch how we are being perceived and also for somebody who is looking for help to understand that most people are not there to not help you more there to help you and giving a little bit of grace in that exchange is often a good thing. That's a beauty of podcasting again. That's right you can. You can put the tone in there. Yes absolutely when I married my first wife she said I do and I said I do. Oh Oh my God right okay is this what is this? Is this the Numale to? Yes an email right okay. We go all right rob. I remember a couple of months ago on the feed. You disgusted being able to submit host slash guest photos to apple podcasts. That are now being included on the homepage on Apple. Podcasts I remember you talking about the specifics of how the picture needed to be framed. But I do not recall where you said to submit to have them added. Dur shows pay. Would you mind giving me that information or pointing me to the feed episode number so that I can go back and listen? Get the information and submit those shows those picks for my show. Thanks so much. I hope you're doing well with all this virus stuff going on regards. Npr Boy why this question came up a few times per what we said. Previously there is no place in your rsvp to add that host picture which means there is no place in Lipson to do so. You would be contacted by apple and asked to get them the picture. Not sure if that is via email or in your apple podcasts. Connect to count if anyone listening has submitted their host images and guest images to apple. Please let us know how apple as you to get them to them Shoot that email to Robert. Lipson DOT COM. But yeah it's it's not something you do through your feed your company. It's something that you do directly with apple okay. So I added this because it's just kind of like backing a again with something that we mentioned in a prior episode. So what? I mentioned the podcast. Discover ability survey results 'cause I told you that there was a survey in so there's some results that came from that as well and it has all kinds of interesting data. Yeah so did you get a chance to tunnel gaze through that that rob? Yeah I mean a so say this the link to the survey in the show notes in the first thing that you need to know about this data. It is heavily heavily. Skewed towards the scarver ability opinions podcasters rather than regular podcast listeners. It was seven hundred people. Eighty people that were in the survey and a disproportionate fifty nine percent of respondents were podcasters. Essentially it's three to two ratio of PODCASTERS TO THOSE. That are just podcast. Listeners are only podcast listeners not just but just only by not creating podcast however in the real world the ratio podcast listeners. To podcasters is closer to six hundred to one that means you have to look at some of the results with a large asterix next to them. Pro The big question You WanNa find a podcast. Listen to what do you do I? And that's their big question and forty percent said search. My podcast listening APP directory. And that's not surprising. If you're an apple podcasts or overcast or wherever you're listening you go into the search feature Eighteen point three percent said ask someone they know who likes the same stuff word of mouth? We've talked about that for a long time. Fifteen point two percent said they ask on social media. So that's Kinda also word of mouth essentially and thirteen point. Six percent said They search on Google. Which means make sure your podcast is in Google by cast and then finally thirteen percent said They browsed through a podcast chart or feature section and hence why we mentioned the Asterix. I wonder where this was if you just looked at only the podcast listeners. I would say that number is probably a little different for just podcast. Listeners versus podcasters again reading the results I felt that things were a bit too skewed by podcasters. Maybe in the future they'll release the results just per what those that were not podcasters answered. I would love to see that data set on its own but then they need a bigger set of replies to make it even more relevant. I want one of the things that I liked about. This is something that was that is on the blog post itself so you guys can go take a look at it and part of it. Is this part where it says. Quote does poor artwork. Put them off. Does it matter if they've heard of the presenter? Do they care about ratings and reviews? What if the episodes are all quite long? Or what if they don't have much of a back catalog and if they do and if they finally do decide to play how long with podcast have to hook them before they switch off and quote so? I think that those are questions that have never seen before in a survey because it kind of made me think I think even stuff I've never thought about. Yeah I mean I don't Wanna about. Is it too long? That date is completely. That's where the having skewed to podcasters. I think is completely blows that data way. You can't use that you can't use the answer from the question with any validity because if you actually look at what people listen to. Right. It's the longer content right. So if you actually look podcast. Listeners set do now what they say. My podcast listeners. Actually do their vote is longer podcasters longer. Podcasts are are better or what? They prefer what they're listening to the most right. When you look at the top episodes apple podcasts. Seventy five percent are or forty minutes longer than medium numbers over sixty minutes so what podcast listeners are. Doing what the survey said people prefer are completely different. So you gotTa take survey in that case and just say the state is skewed and you throw it out because it's the measure data doesn't deserve it doesn't match up to the measure data and measure. Data is actually accurate in terms of the listener stuff. Yeah and I think that part of the reason that I mean obviously yes. I hear what you're saying in when it comes to the listening part of it but the reason that I liked it too is that there's so much conversation from the marketing end of things that I see particularly and she podcast and I'm sure everywhere else where there is so much time spent on. Should I change this arc? Does the have my face on it? Should I have like this like? There's so many times when I I mean again. I am a skewed person so I am absolutely one hundred percent biased art because I am at like a professional podcast listener. You know and I don't think that I've made a decision ever to listen to a show based on artwork. I've also not made a decision to listen to a show based on the title of the show. I generally make decisions on descriptions so meaning. What is it about like? I don't care if you have a funny fun Quirky Name. I WanNa know what the what the show is about the career you are with your description the more apt to press play so if you are eight two people talking type of podcast and it says we're talking it's the two of us talking about all things all the time every day and laughing. I have no idea nor do I care. It's the same right so I think part of it is the fact that we need to think about instead of just titles in the artwork that they're that everything else does matter particularly nowadays so yes it is skewed towards podcast listeners and there are some of us who know where to find all the stuff but to also understand that the. Meta data for shows I do feel is important holistically versus just focusing in on that one thing that you do sometimes show notes. Make the decision for me when I press play if I see a sentence I probably won't press play especially if I don't know the podcast so anyway that's why I found it interesting. Yes I would love to see this data more specifically from listeners that I guess I wouldn't even be interested to see from listeners. Who are essentially really good at it. Meaning that they really do our podcast listeners. Like that's one of the things that they do. They love podcasts. To see how they navigate that in per your question. Should you put your your image on your artwork. Here's a simple block diagram Are you a celebrity? Yes at your picture. No are you a male if you are male no do not include your picture done done that if you're not a celebrity and you are a male you do not put your image on your on your period done all right. We don't okay. I don't know enough to even calm but okay moving on to another email. Hi Elsie. This is Jason. I started the old dirty Boston. Podcast we host on Lipson and so far. It's been great. I have a question. My facebook ad campaign is set up to track people that visit my site. Do you know if there's a way to embed my full Lipson paid on Chiappa fi site instead of just one episode at a time. Thinks this Jason Juice shop? If I supports eight five I frame embeds then you could embed in your show level player go to destinations. And then you get the show level player in embedded and it will show a list of all your episodes and automatically update as you released new episode so under destinations. Select Edit for the web player select the custom player and then select render playlist. Then make sure the height is set for at least four hundred pixels and that will give you a list of all your episodes of the scroll through the list and again in automatically update with your most recent episode. So if you're able to embed a single episode player then you should be able to embed the playlist or multilayer multi-player episode player. So there you go intel. Did you tell him to make sure the height is set to four hundred pixels during the at least four hundred pixels and I actually recommend six hundred better six hundred okay. So now we're moving onto our favorite section for most people are stats but before we get into that here is our third promo of the episode track profiles. Hello humans this is John. Host of the truck profiles podcast. Each episode is an interview with a star Trek Fan. We talk about why they love the show. And some of the episodes that are the most meaningful to them. Sometimes it's laughs and fun and sometimes we hear incredibly powerful and amazing stories of how this show changed people's lives in a deep bend real way however each episode goes it's a celebration of one trekkie. And what the show means to them so check US OUT AT TREK PROFILES? Dot Com and live long and prosper. Thank you all right so now. Let's get into Lipson stats? And this. Is the media mean numbers to see how your show measures up and the media me. Numbers are based on episodes released in the month. February downloads measured until the end of March. On average each file was about forty five days old and the media number four February was a hundred thirty down a bit from January's thirty seven on the adjusted mean average where throughout the top half percent and any files with three or less downloads. The adjusted mean was thirteen. Ninety eight. That's down a bit from January when it was fifteen twelve and then six point eight percent of downloads for episodes released. February were five thousand or five K. range or greater per episode And and that's the magic number. Some advertisers look for for downloads for campaigns and this was down from. January one a seven point three percent in typically it's above seven percent so this is one of the lower results And here are some other numbers measure against and again put things in perspective if your episodes of getting a hundred and thirty downloads. After thirty days you are better than half two shows out there. If you're getting more than eleven hundred you're better than eighty percent of the shows more than thirty two hundred you better than ninety percent. More than seventy two hundred better than ninety five percent more than eighteen thousand. You're better than ninety eight percent in more than thirty two thousand year in the top one percent and those numbers for February were all down. Compared to January's numbers traditionally and given the trends for most of March I would expect them to drop much more when we report. Marches numbers next month In okay perhaps things have gone so far since the Bendeck went. Well Pan. I I've been looking at the downloads very closely. The past few weeks and I compared them to the averages from the weeks of January twelfth nineteenth and twenty six. What is what I use? And we'll be using as the baseline number for this future. Mentions what we found for. The Week of March fifteenth is the following the whole week Sunday to Saturday. That's how we define a week starts on Sunday on Saturday. There was a decrease of around twelve percent. But if you looked at just Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday traditionally the biggest days of the week for downloads. We saw a decrease of around sixteen point six percent again. This is the week of March fifteenth. But here's the interesting and positive number out of that all that. Looking at Sunday and Saturday we saw an increase ram one percent. Now move forward to the next week for the Week of March twenty second for the whole week there was a drop of around twelve point five percent but for Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. The drop was eighteen point one percent and Sunday and Saturday. The drop was just point five four percent and for the week of March. Twenty ninth. Well we're still technically in that week as we record here on Friday the third so all I can give you is Tuesday Wednesday Thursday numbers and versus the baseline average in January. There was a drop of seventeen point eight percent so actually improved a little bit from Lazovic. Eighteen point one. So that's some good news. Maybe things have settled in a little bit I've seen some pretty bad and misleading reports. On what is happening without numbers one company compared year-over-year numbers which are completely worthless in scenario. Because Year over year. I could talk about how the last week of March this year is about ten percent over the last full week Last year and it means nothing in context because what happened a year ago is too long before the pandemic started to matter. Another company put out a post saying they had their best weekend ever really had the middle of the week. Do for you. Also bragging about your. Number's being up L. C. This is a case of tone deafness. Sorry yeah the company was and and doing so when only looking at you. Weaken numbers misleading at best. I think it's only fair way to look at this is versus a recent baseline that happened right before the downturn started but after the holidays that is why I started with the week of January twelfth beyond the holidays an average of twelve nineteen th and twenty six. You could start with. You can't start with December thirtieth or sometime during holidays and compare either so someone else do that and then look at the week over all anyway. I think is what we're doing is we're looking at the week overall. We're looking at the middle of the week. The part where most affected by this and then we so. We're looking at all three and saying here's what's happening now. Now is not the time to mislead people. Now's the time to say this is what we're seeing. Here's how we're looking at it and use some commonsense and ethics doing so long the short that podcasts downloads are down. I mean that's that's the longest podcast downloads are down and it's just around twelve percent to thirteen percent for the whole week overall. It's not bad. We lost a lot of commuters but with any situation there are some shows that went up one variety. Podcast is up over ten X for their weekly numbers compared to January. But if you have a podcast on hockey or basketball or baseball you numbers are not going to be up 10x or up at all right now. every show will be impacted in their own way. Do Not Fret now if your individual numbers are down and please don't celebrate Iftar up. Well at least not publicly. Just concentrate on. What what you can't control and that's content and stay connected to your listeners. To all of this in many cases you're part of their social connections and are providing them comfort and these crazy times. So keep doing what you're doing and I think tired of it is that we're all learning also how to do all of these things right. I mean it's it's a situation where not only our listeners. Trying to figure out how to kind of you know engage with their life as it is now but we as podcasters ours. Well one thing that I know. Is that feeling an extra pressure to continue doing things that you've always been doing. Give yourself a little bit of slack there and put out stuff whenever you really are feeling that it's necessary to do it right. I know that at least for me. It hasn't been too bad because our focus is a very specific even for both of our shows for she podcast for the feed. It's a very specific type of conversation and obviously in the feed we give you a little bit more of the analysis and tips and data and things like that and whereas with she podcast. We've actually kind of moved back again to to doing the the re the why of why we started Justin. I started recording podcast. It actually became an outlet for us when you know in two thousand fourteen when we had younger kids at home in every time just and I would get on record it literally was our only escape from our everyday life and we would just talk about but stuff that was happening with us with the context of podcasting and so now it's kind of become that again it. It's become sort of like a a a place where we get an opportunity to talk about what we're doing how we're dealing. What are the things that are happening? And obviously how that affects podcasting. But it's a different. It's a different tone and it's our show so we can do whatever we it doesn't matter and of course we still keep the topic but at the same time we're giving each other. It's it's an outlet and I think it helps our community also to hear people going through stuff and it's fine. It's fine okay so rob. Where have you been Rom- it's all virtual now? I was on the commando show. Thanks me on again and we talked about. How businesses can use podcasts in this in this day and age and this time I was also interviewed by at age for an upcoming article about what is going on right now in the podcast base. Tried to give them a little sanity in in actual numbers on. What's really happening? So that article probably be out by the time. This episode comes out. I think the thinking the beginning of the week of April sixth so somewhere. And then how about yourself you anywhere virtually? Well actually we the one virtual thing that I've been doing too. And is that just having going? Live in the sheep. Podcasts group facebook book so a Mitre we take turns going in there and Usually we reserve that for just as she podcast super squad. Which is our patron paid? It's like five dollars a month and you get free coaching from us through the week every week but next week is my turn so if you guys or women ladies if you are not part of she cast of the facebook please join and if you are put this down at two. Pm Eastern Standard Time. Or what is that eleven am? Pacific Standard Inside of the she podcast facebook group. I will be going live doing. Qna there so any questions that you have specifically to your show you can ask me right there. You don't have to do anything you just have to be part of the group and it's just GonNa be streaming in there so that's kind of where I have been virtually. We're probably going to be doing more of the things that inside of the groups and having a little more virtual stuff. So that's where I will be and have been so you you can also see our past. Qna's that we have done in the she. Podcast shoe podcast group as well. But where are we going nowhere? Nowhere right here. We are practicing social distancing. So did you know going. You know we're not gonNA talk about any upcoming events yet. Because it's everything is in flux. Maybe in future episodes with things we we kind of figure out what's going on in when we can get out the real world. We'll talk a little bit more about that But right now we're going nowhere physically and neither should you. Everyone stay in. Let's get this thing Lou flat in the actually for those of you who happen to not follow us on social media. Would you please do that either? On twitter or facebook or instagram. Because we are going to be doing. I think we're going to be doing a little bit. More online. Like webinars and education and stuff like that. We are kind of in the process of of getting some of what that is gonNA look like and more likely than not you will see promotion of it in those channels. So if you're interested please follow us on social. I know that sometimes email gets to be a little bit crazy and we actually don't send very much email so we might not be doing that via email so please follow us because you might have an opportunity where you get a chance to learn a little bit from us or at least get a little bit of insight or possibly even just come in. Hang out because we're thinking of ways to serve the community that way so that's your first step. Just follow us on social and keep an eye out on what. We're putting out awesome. Well that that makes it that we're finished Guinea. So if you have any feedback please email the feed at Lipson dot com the feed lipson dot com. You can also call for when to five seven three nine thousand nine hundred thirty four and you can also download our free APP so we have apps for both IOS and android in their respective APPs stores for free and you have access to our shows directly from their which is super awesome. Please go ahead and download those there. You can contact us directly from each and every one of those apps as well we look forward to hearing from you guys as you can tell it is so much nicer to hear your voices because the tone man because of the tone and plus it just makes us feel that we're a little bit together here so don't delay if you want to send something to us and speak to us and we would love to add you to our show other than that. We will get back here recording for you guys a couple of weeks okay. Everyone be safe. Stay home by Chow.

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