Frankenculture Episode 64- State of Play, Grounded and Spider-man for me but not for thee


Hello everyone, and welcome to the frank and culture podcast. Video, game podcast you weekly with our news reviews and opinions on the Industry to day I'm your host CPA corny joined as always. By the man moves his camera Levi. So, really quick. Making. This podcast and I just put it in there because it's trending right now is by watermelon sugar I don't know why but it's trending watermelon sugar by. Sugar. pom-pom bob. Heine Hunt He. By hello. This is the new attempted camera angle for. To make. Gorny. Look better. It looks much better. It does a lot better. Leave I, work and people find you. Over on twitter and Instagram, it's Franken boosy and the twitch channel Franken culture. Watermelon sugar is a Harry Style Song Oh. Is it A. Cool. We might get some some New People. This. These three fat bearded guys. Where's my hair styles and even type it in I just hit the hash tag and it was like the top one that optical. Cool. That other voice, the man to my. Left. Stackhouse. Levi impression stackhouse. What's happening? Nothing, much much doing the same thing they leave out was doing making tweet for the podcast. Ban Fat please band fat, man. Snowball where can people find you? You can find me on this lovely twit stream twitch dot TV slash lumberjack stacks. And on Instagram and twitter rejects acts over there and say what a? Couldn't you bury? Their does visas very, very serious. ACED. He is on a mission I'm trying to. Pump out the we've real. I'd like to point out for a second thing about Steve is that his forehead is literally one third of his face. And your stomach is three fourths your body. Built like a snowman. Everybody we want. Hurtful. Hurtful It looks like you eight dad. It looks like you eight South Rogan. Allergies. Making. This is what is it certain show? Do you see what you make me do. What have you been playing? I've played about. Two and a half hours of destiny, and that's all week and played much. Well, I, try to get you to come play grounded in you denied. I'm actually probably after this going to buy that. Are In whatever the fuck you said. You Jerk. It's not it's on game pass. Okay, I'll get it on. Did you get game Pez or are you just bullshitting? The dollar one I. got it. Yeah so just Pass. I haven't gone through all the Games on there yet shit dude, there's a Shatin. Also, hang on I need to add something into our notes. No Christ. What's going on in destiny anything exciting. No I think next week is the. The big moments are. Called but like The big event that you can go and get a new title ship for your character and stuff like that. Real men of genius is just. Started saying something. What number. called. It's an event. Visit Event going on because you don't educate Novon Disney. All you. You fucking talk about it so much but you never. Nothing ever listen you guys come from such a negative point of view I. Don't know how to tell what are you talking about? What are you talking made a very sad post in the middle of the week that no one plays destiny with them anymore and I felt bad. and. A sad batman replying did was the best tweet Levi's ever made for me was like, fuck. Yeah. He was like Moose. Heaven people to play. Disney with. Loan? No. Big Ass Group of people that played all you do is run through the levels. No not doing that Steph like trying to do the raids and things like where you actually got to kill things not the stuff. I've heard you won't play with the Fatman anymore. I'm crap. Well. Yeah. That's true. He does play minecraft. He plays all these other games but he says grounded shit. So I don't know what to think about that anywhere first off I will admit grounded as they broken game. But if you take it in as a preview game, it's mindlessly enjoyable. It's in the realm of if you can enjoy minecraft, you can enjoy. Going to say, that's just like minecraft. Like it's a mindless game. It's not mindless. There's a lot to do grounded Levi. You've been playing. You know what? Actually I didn't add. Thanks for reminding me Stackhouse. In Art. How did they get deleted from last week? This list is this. Wasn't grounded what's on there? And I took Brown it out because I haven't played ground. Knowing, played with your brother. Was that this week I think Monday. Holy Shit Dude. Day It is anymore. The near I did play grounded yeah. Because I was trying to get steakhouse to fucking play we could add crew four running around. And Play that I played a little bit of Arc. And then. A lot of call of duty and a little pudgy. Duty, pretty hard. Yeah. I can tell you refuse to play grounded with me. First off I said screen that. I was already playing video games in your life grounded and I'm like what the fuck is random Friday morning no warning. No whatever. No Hey we play grounded with me the text. I texted you Thursday night and that's when you were playing college judy like a bitch and then I texted you Friday morning and you just like cool. Yeah you're very mean. Takes one to know what's going on. Arc. Nothing. I logged out because I saw Alpha car near the base and I don't want none of it. Leaving by which stones did inform me it killed everything. And then stone her way in with is army of dinosaurs, killed it for us. Why isn't stunner playing grounded? I don't know because he's obsessed with arc again. He sent me a picture of like ten birds he was breeding wants this morning while. He could he could be the master of grounded. I. If we let him play grounded. He'd have the game finished before you were able to log in one night. I was watching. Ryan who used to work at Margarita villas play grounded with his whole crew and they have like a huge fucking tower like they built this humongous. Our they were like they have a level three hammer. Like they're fucking shit up over there. It's crazy. I popped into a couple streamers playing grounded in like. The people that grinded out with the whole team. Have these like elaborate for? Whatever you WANNA, call them and. Armor stands and. Shit like that. I. Wonder if that's like to have a team that run with you. You'll never know. I guess. I, fucking. Won't because the two biggest homeys I have refused to play what's going on in anything exciting. I. Gino is the renewed maps and hawks. They just remodeled it and there's a giant truck that drives around. But season I'm a call of duty started yesterday yesterday or Friday Friday I think what's going on in college duty? Can go inside the stadium now. I don't know what that means. and. There's a train goes around the map choo. Choo. Choo Yep. You might you might have just talked to plan called. Play, I want some of that Chu X and. Chug Chug. Running Gun Bullshit? I. Still no interest playing any colleges. Dude. There's no one. For you guys. I'm having fun. I don't care about what's. Obviously. What's the new one? It's call of duty. Black. OPS Cold War. That what was leaked? Off during. Half. Torito's. Doritos has never lied to me before. We start now. I myself. I've been playing grounded still I took down a lady bug last night. I. have put a treat a gas mask. So we can. Go into. There's a whole part with pesticides. It's great what a great game I also played the Demo of Skate Bird where you play a parakeet skateboarding. Pretty. Cool. This is also on game pass the demo. was made by the same people that made the dog nut game. No this game is far better than. Gone nuts or wherever the hell it's called. I just remember Levi being upset about how bad that game that game was very bad. If somebody comes to me and is like, Hey, can you list your top ten worst games ever getting one through seven? I. Did get a press release for New Leisure Leisure Suit Larry Game. That's GONNA come out. So I'll have review copies for YouTube guys. Play that again. I also played frog fractions, which recently was added to steam to browser-based game. it sounds like a math game but I love how interested you guys are It's browser-based frog game or you're just catching flies upgrades. There's dragons. It's actually very cool. They just released some DLC. It called the hat DLC on steam, which is basically a whole other game. I was playing on a laptop without a mouse so It wasn't overly like the gameplay. Kinda, sucks. It's definitely a mouse and keyboard game and then I jumped back in again. To no man's sky actually saw that I feel like I'm more upset that you didn't ask me to play no man's sky with you. I stopped asking to play Games after Friday. You. So here's the the general routine is he worked Fridays I wasn't expecting you to WANNA play video. Hey Hey, leave off tomorrow. Would you like to place no games? No I would've told owner and my brother-in-law to go fuck themselves I would have play video games with my family and let's Let's play. No Man's sky. What are you playing on? I, will play. Hopefully it's not playstation because my playstation is now upstairs and I can't play fall guys. I WANNA play that fog is has gotten. A lot of. They've got review bombed in a bunch because the servers that been wonky because it is such a new game from an indie developer. Say their their servers gotta be super overwhelmed. Oh Yeah I mean. It's Like the clips I saw like bomb was playing it and they just kept getting kicked. I think they finally got one game to work with all four people were actually able to play but. But no man's Guy I didn't dig that deep into. Leave I I will gladly play no man's sky with you I will start a New Game. And Start. A new. while. So in preparation because all of them needed updates. Give me a heads up. Because I re downloaded. And updated did too far cry. 'cause I WANNA FINISH THEM You have been in quarantine. For months, you haven't finished a single game. I've been playing games. In far cry. Yet because I feel like Pudgy cod in. The what we've been. Section. So you've been playing three games finishing zero. But they're all re downloaded and updated. Play. You're a digital video game order. I wouldn't even say just digital it's just a video game mortar did well, it's worse because I have the two terabyte extras have three terabytes on my xbox. A. Saginaw. Mode. Game that I have done that I haven't finished unless I just didn't like the game. See My problem is I started playing these games and then a game I want to play more comes out and I'm like hello back burner. And then another game that I wanNA. Play even more comes out. Did you ever finish? Any scenario of frost. PUNK. Yeah I WANNA say God I played like one super. Like evil tyrant like made all the kids go to work and was dropping like awesome. Go to school during a pandemic, right? Yeah, and then I played one where I tried to keep up. By making cemeteries instead of just throwing the bodies into a bit and stuff like that. but I saw that they added a shit deal see. There's like a, there's there's not even snow anymore some of them, and then they just added where you can find a a military base in some sort so. But I'm going to call a game frost bunk and not have snow. Right. Levi. You need some nerdy stuff in the background. You don't like my towel and my belt and my clothes. PAINT CANS WOULD MAKE into. It's funny because like my rooms clean except for the empty cans. Other day. Oh, there's no Anson here. In the millions of ants, we got new releases you and. No No. No, you're not. Pop Up Dungeon. August twelfth. Total War Saga Troy August thirteenth. Kill with fire. August thirteenth. Eastern exorcist. On the PC also August fourteenth. Bill doing. UFC Four. August fourteenth. Yeah Club Ladder Stackhouse. skiing. Area. Thank you Microsoft flight simulator August eighteenth. I heard a lot of good things about that. Actually heard a lot of other than. The, game really like ten discs or whatever. Full Yeah Yeah Yeah. I I can't for them battle royal version of Microsoft flight simulator. Google maps doesn't it so you can literally fly air. Streets. I'M GONNA take a helicopter please Levi. Levi please. It's Cindy's. Yes. What are you drinking there? Should get a ban blackberry Vanilla Cherry. Power Punch. That's right. My cameras up here and. We Got Grief Elm on the August twentieth. Pastelle Blind Karma August twentieth as well in remnant from the ashes deal and complete addition coming out on August twentieth that's for PC playstation for an xbox one. Let's get into the news. Why doesn't hang on why? That's why if not letting him enjoy delicious sweet beverages. She's mean. while. Levi News. To to to to. Leave one job. was feeling bad for Fatman, we've we haven't task him with an article and weeks. He only has one thing to do. That's make the. The news noise. And he gets distracted. So playstation state of play was this past week did you guys happen to get is on that? Occasion really mean. That I. Love You. So I'm not going to say. Yeah there's a million other regional have a heart attack than bang. Me To me to me. You don't see my my man boobs. He was adjusting himself before we went live. Right. So playstation state of play started off with crash bandicoot four, the gone to more of the. Game play. You're actually middled played different characters including dig odile. Which? I have no idea. So last crush band I played was crash into three haven't played it in a very long time. Then we got some a hitman trilogy they're going to have playstation VR support. That's kind of exciting. Hitman. Hitman Games are pretty cool. You can do a lot in those games. And to be able to do it in. VR, seems pretty crazy. I take it back. I did see a game from this and it was the vader having the. fucking doe does. What was the exact name of that it like later mater immortal? Yeah. Tons of lightsaber play in that. I'm his in anniversary edition with completely redrawn Redone Art. Braid. Play, Braid. I heard of it. I haven't played it. You never really brave you buy those xbox sixty. I I've heard of it, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if I downloaded it and never played it. You can time travel, right It's not so much time like the more you move forward on a level like the the level changes and If you go backwards. Pretty Amazing game and the endings pretty nuts to. Spill lucky to. Coming out September fifteenth. Why even going to have you guys played spunky. I don't remember hearing about spunky. Huge game people. People love spunky really generated. Dungeons. Looking for treasure. This adds more characters to your rescuing people. Some control DLC coming out we had the vader immortal that we spoke about before. Hood outlaws and legends. We got a trailer for didn't look very interesting to me seemed kind of way to open a boring. The pedestrian. Which? Obviously looks kind of like an Indie game. Your running from sign to sign is different logos and. Like animation cells seems pretty cool we got bugs. gameplay trailer bitch. Bitch Levi. It looks awesome. Decided Oh. My God, I don't think that game looks good at all. Levi. I'll buy you a place Asian five. If you beep if you promise to stream all of bugs next and bead platinum bugs, nags, you can't afford. It gives you know what I you don't know what I'm doing. I was working when I got my stimulus, bitch. If you want me to play bugs, eggs with you that band I don't think it's even multi-player. I just want you to hurt. Platinum it for a I have no problem. No Fat. If I buy you a place aged five, you have to drink a case of bang. Watch down your bowl of mashed potatoes. Band only comes in like a twelve pack. So here's only twelve. Off of Amazon and I was like. We got. A trailer, the path list, the Pavlos looks like a horrible Zelda Rybakov. I. Yeah I. Wasn't about it. Auto chess trailer. Coming out. which is from Doda Tem, which is whatever God far they did a godfather they did a whole walk through which. which is what ever do not give a fuck about God fall. God fall feels like the rise of. This generation remember rise. Levi. I do remember that game actually. You. Know what? Though I didn't hate that game. But whatever which one was rise. It was the like playstation for. Comes with the playstation for game. Play that game. Now that was a rise was a three, sixty game or Whatever have Came with one of them. Yeah. You're thinking. You're thinking. Oh why is that name going to escape me now the game for playstation Oh my God. Ah. Other game. Stop Expo he made me stand in line with them. We can play back. To be that line was that long. and. We also got a trailer for Yon must die. So, the real news from this comes from. After the show where? All the developers of quit. Publicly. They said there was rapid abuse. Sexual harassment they weren't paid for their work. And they how they did this was they dropped the original trailer from the game what? I don't like what's going on in the chat. While the other trailer for state of play. Aired. May. During in the upload, they put people who have worked on every shot of this or no longer with the company holding Ip. Rights. Some were not even paid for their work. This trailer has pending conflict of Ip the real Ip for the game was stolen from the Creator's via foul play. Final reaction of the publisher to the information remains to be seen. So we're getting a another case of developers taking advantage of their employees and just shifting all over them. Basically, all eight of the employees at Limestone Limestone Games including the founder all resigned to endless French harassment, abuse, corruption, and manipulation. Also there was a lot of attempts to segregate. So, event truly. Focus. came out with a statement against this focus home interact interactive. You can see them at focus. On twitter focus home interactive has always praised and supported all our partner studios and the developers who compose a creative teams. We pride ourselves on treating our own employees and third party developers fairly respectively in this will not change. Focus home interactive was informed of serious allegations raised by some of the developers limestone who have worked in the creation of the video game. Aon must die these grievances were directed at. Their direct employer as a publisher of this video game focus is carefully looking into these allegations of will draw the necessary conclusions if they are proved to be well founded and then take all the appropriate measures. No further comment will be shared until we have a clear and complex view So basically, they're going to investigate themselves. Probably find that they did nothing wrong and we'll continue in the circle of eight seems pretty interesting for a game that looks so so so subpar. That's not even the only studio that came out saying that this week. Couple of days ago. Blizzard came up saying that they're getting. Worked under the. Sport to the court. I believe. Lizard always, like has been saying that for a while. True I. Just know a lot of employees did have a this week coming out saying that they were. Having the same kind of issues is this for this post here I feel I think I read every studios going through name one studio that has an at a Hey, you're fucking us. That such a small that a small studio like this. would be a rare. Because I don't think just keep saying. These guys I don't think are a giant game. Studio. That made this. CD Project I can. See New Product. I thought CD project redhead something about. Pay. Gap She was. Think so. Good for them. I wish rare would make another Viva Pinata. No again, dead. Like. It'll come out when destiny three comes out. We'll get a destiny three soon because fucking they want money stackhouse. They're not though that's the thing they are you. Two more years shit for destiny to I said that about destiny one and then they're like, Hey, here's destiny to what they'll do is they'll just released destiny three in that second year of content will be usable in destiny as well as destiny to. I. Don't think so I think so. I think. So you'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA be able to link character from destiny to to destiny three. With this by the way, I, don't get me wrong. I'd be totally is I'm just saying I don't think it's an apple. Fuck destiny three. Fuck destiny. In Fuck you. Don't. Ever, talk about vive opinion like that again. Be the opinion. Hold the JOCKSTRAP. Of Desk into. What? was waiting for someone. Stack. Deal. We. TC Fan. Dome. The dome. Coming August Twenty Second Rock Steady Studios Announced via twitter that suicide squad game. Is going to make an appearance. Pretty. Cool. Is it GONNA so I'm assuming it's going to be. Hopefully Batman esque those Arkham games were great. Those Arkan. Games are fucking oh Did you play those. I play the first one. Stack there's like seven more dude. I never played this cinematic ones but. The standalone games were great. What's cinematic ones we talking about? There's didn't a I. Guess It wasn't rock steady that made them tell tale a tale. Oh. Those Games are pretty. Cool. The poster has superman with a crosshairs over his head that spell out suicide squad. Yeah, I'm super excited about this the suicide squad whether. It be the movie version cinematic version or the Congress version plenty of amazing characters to play with. H. B. O. Max Under Their D. C. headline actually has some solid suicide squad cartoon movies up. Right now. What do you think of that? Hbo Max Levi. Awesome because I don't have to pay for it because one of my roommates got it care. Enough. Is there a lot of? Choices on HBO. Max. But you have there's a ton. There's even anime studio Ghibli and whatever it's called his on there and. Movies you should watch. On tell me what to do. Seconds what's up by your microphone boom? That was like one key car. Anything. Steal from work. Now, this is from children's Miracle Network hospitals saw children. Hey what's that boom mic holder? What's that? Older. Yeah A little bit. Let me see the base of that. It's a road. It's like. Clamped onto the death. You have like a two hundred dollar boom Mike. One hundred dollars. He's Stuck around with my streaming stuff dude I, put in the effort. Fancy audio technically. I can his. Fancy light up PC, microphone, is at. A five hundred dollars Shroud. You have a a seven grand streaming set up at a five dollar cat tree. fucking. One five parents kitchen tangible. Kitchen table in the I don't like the Road Baden Mike I don't like read Pa Mike that. What's the road pod. It's a road, Mike it's a little like it's for podcasting. Goes in your but. Then you pay more for your but. Stackhouse supposedly, you have a trailer for something. We have a trailer Qaeda. You put it in there either set up again. I don't even have a story for this out. So it's all on you bud. When it's all on me well, daily expect announced the. Game Pass going on android though now that's pretty. Dope. android. Trailer is GonNa be the cool like extension. You can see that chick using on her phone. Yeah like to hold it basically, it's just gain pass on your phone now, which is pretty fucking dote. The. Yes Didn't. They already do that on windows phones like years ago. Do not recall have no idea. I could've swore that if you had a windows phone. But I think that was the issue. Nobody has a windows phone. Don't make them anymore do they. Really Oh I'm sure they do your cricket mobile. Right. Yeah, exactly. It is pretty exciting. A game pass wherever you WANNA go. The idea of being able to play anywhere it's still really cool. Are. You say that are you bashed on stadia eighty dollars a giant failure obviously not because it's still going. They've destiny to. Run Shit on it, and Pudgy, and Pudgy. And probably arc. Garbage. Park is probably part of that. Don't make them anymore. I. Don't think they. COULDA sworn. iphone. And I'm ninety nine, point nine percent sure I thought I saw a Microsoft on Microsoft, as I was like. Literally, what I said. I was like they still make those. Like maybe they like number, you can still purchase them. Maybe. I don't know. I'm excited to see how that goes. It looks cool. I trust phone Internet. To give it a try sometime. Phone internationals. Stadia was three or Google Browser. Stackhouse. You'RE A, joke. You're a joke you just hate. Stadia. Eightieth dumb. Of Die on this hill. Like. I don't know I don't like using my phone. For Games I. Don't play very many games on. I do I. But like a cool idea it's a really cool idea. But like I can picture myself playing a little bit and be like okay. Never doing it again. All like I. Guess. Maybe if you're into like games like they have minecraft squabble. You can play far cry on your phone. We can play minecraft dungeons on our phone. Line grounded on your phone. Oh that's neat. I need to get an android phone. You won't you won't bail on the right. Now I'm to deepen. Our Day too much into that. What is it called? I add on what can pull it out of your Ashtec House. What to call another word yeah. Previous system FEM donate. What'd you say Levi? Well. Because he's saying that they still have an android phone but are making windows phones. I'd have to double check because this was literally maybe two weeks ago. I was just entertaining the idea of up because I'm sure I have a free upgrade and I literally looked at it because there was even a. Blackberry and I was like what married? Very still have. They just came back out. Yeah right because it's has like a keyboard or some shit doesn't it? I think so yeah yeah it has a keyboard ended touchscreen. But yeah. No I. I if I got another phone, it'd be just a newer apple anthem. I have an eight plus I think me too. I remember when leave I got his phone, the red phone, he was super upset that he had found. She's talking about I paid I. Don't say is that's That's why even the clear case so you can see them read. You. Yeah was, the did the watch with that. Is that what happened because I remember you had the one they gave me. Yeah. Because you didn't really want to watch has gave. No? Well. So I went in there and I just wanted my wanted them to replace my battery. and. They're like we don't do that and I'm like, fuck you don't like just give me a new battery. They're like you have to upgrade your phone and I was like fuck that I was like and then I threw out the I'm leaving and they're like Whoa Whoa Whoa. WHOA. Care and. General. Manager. I just told him. I was going to like because I've been with verizon since two thousand. Ten dollars like it was like you know what I'm going to out or to at and T. and they're like, so they're like look. If you upgrade your phone. We'll give you a watch and I was like Oh. Yeah. So. I mean I guess I guess. That's fine. Leave high strong arming. Poor. We. We own our phones our right now. So it's like. I'm thinking we might go with horizon or some shit because sprint sucks. Even joined with T. mobile they they're still garbage. I've. What you say I've never had any issues with sprint you have sprint. I've had sprint since I was in high school. explained. A lot about you. had. Verizon since I was in high school. Also at eight PM t before. Too Much I had verizon and sprint only because we got discounts through each one. Doctor. Disrespect. Guys. came. Back. On Youtube. He was getting about four or five sobs every thirty seconds. And he wasn't fucking streaming. Video. Game he's back. showed up on new ewing tube. That's not nice stack. He was making donations in the amount of five hundred and one hundred dollars over and over again utterly ridiculous that this guy who's probably worth a million dollars. Was Getting these fucking donation amounts? Hit Four, hundred thousand concurrent views and peaked at five, hundred, thousand viewers. Youtube Youtube Gaming Baby Remember I feel like though for a man like him, that likes to curse and this and that a lot he's on a platform. That's. We'll be quicker to D- monetize them. I don't think just. Got A, APP for Iowa. Youtube gaming have its own an iphone. Yeah. I feel I feel like Youtube gaming is going to be more lax than. Twitch was. Especially in terms of swearing and shit. Only because of that algorithm like at Algorithm I think watches, those videos watches videos and then deans them. For ads or not you know what I mean it's not like. About just go into every twitch chat enter every stream chattan listen for. Curse words, I don't think. Yeah well we'll see. Don't get me wrong. Stackhouse apparently hates Dr. Disrespect Okay Levi if doctors disrespect gets flagged for swearing. Within, the first month. You have to play bugs. I'll just play so you shut up. Yeah. Doug Dr Disrespect is back. We still have no idea of why he was. Even thrown off which still? No idea. And do we really care stack does not. Stuck out sibling I just think it's interesting that the article that I read on it, which is different than the Geek. slager. You. That even the twitch affiliate program people and the Partnership Program people don't know why he got band. It's literally just cap to the. Of Twitch. It's up to the upper. Dear people of twitch. Like. So even his. Doctor disrespects personal handlers through Amazon's. Don't even know why he got banned according to. twitches. fucked up. So they're keeping Super hush-hush why he got banned It hasn't been leaked yet. So. I Bet I bet we'll never find out. animal crossing has sold over twenty, two, million copies. At Twenty, two point, four, million copies since launch, which was only four months ago. I'm so at that five, million copies a month at. it has sold more than. A Super Smash Bros alternate legends of Zelda Pokemon Sword, and shield. but has not. Oversold, Mario, Kart eight deluxe, which is at twenty six point seven four teams also been out since thousand seventeen. So prefiguring other two months, it will outsell Mario Kart. Eight Pretty pretty crazy. The game is still going strong Levi no matter how much you hate it. There's fireworks backup Terry. There's all sorts of funds. What? Terry. And put. That clip. Is fucking amazing. No matter what. We're talking about. How do you? Stack doesn't know the backup Terry. Terry. Our. Time. Behind the car cat that hiccups farts at the same time to. Barney teeth brushing. To. Chat For everyone to. Enjoy. That game is fucking on so I know it. I didn't know the call. We read I started reading an article that when you don't play your animal crossing I'm GonNa come back to my island. How messy it would yeah. It'd be overtaken by weeds and stuff weeds and roaches bugs. People moved away. They don't like your neighborhood anymore. Well, that's trying to his one or whatever you ever get rid of that more. All just don't talk to him just kind of leave them alone. Fuck that cow. Just ostracized. How she gone. In the last bit of News, we have here that kind of made some big waves spiderman is going to be a playstation exclusive a on the vendors game. So. We're really talked too much about this game. Anyone excited for this game. I. A lot of people that got access to like a Beta said that it's not very good. We'll actually have access to that Beta later this month xbox Levi. Available on playstation right now. And about a week or two, it'll be available on xbox. So we'll get some hands on. From what I've been hearing it's very it's actually like one of Stackhouse's favorite games. Elite based. Shooter. Game. So. It's like destiny to where you get different loot in run through the same exact instances over and over again. Sometimes running past all the enemies that you can. Even for sex stop no selling it. Not even a fucking smile. You Yourself. Now. Just. Announced I was like it doesn't look that great to me like it doesn't look. Fun. It's not marvel ultimate alliance to. Like those are the Marble Games that those games are lying. Awesome. Anything after those. has never been cool to me when it comes to those games like. Marvel Gate. But are we going to play this? Do you want to I mean it's available on PC. If you want to fucking beard scratch I swear to. God. Leave I it just it sounds like you're getting straughn going skin. Even with your moisturizer. bearded. Yeah. So everyone has been up in arms about Spiderman being Sony exclusive in they released a statement. Actually it was in an interview. And let's see if we can follow this. So the beauty of Spiderman and what Spiderman represents is a character. and. As a world is again, it comes back to the relationship with playstation and marvel we happen to be. Once, you can execute and deliver when it comes to hundred choices of where and what Spiderman can be. That's a relationship question that playstation absolutely has the rights to that. Is You guys know with Sony's ownership there and marvel with Sony saying, Hey, this is something we can do. This is something we could do on this platform what? Just say, Fuck Sony has the right to Spiderman movies. In some of his video game, Shit. So they didn't want him on. Microsoft. What. Like what the fuck is statement it goes on and so what we do is creators to say this is an opportunity where we can make something unique and fun. Awesome that we all you just talked about black widow and to be able to have that experience. So we love the idea of being able to bring this character to the playstation players, but I really do think people will look at this and say yeah okay, we get that we can understand the business behind that. But in general, we're making a game for everybody. Nobody understands the business behind that. Are. Making it game for everybody but you can't play either man unless you have a play with a fuck. Fuck was talking who is this guy? He is studio heads Scott Amos. Amos A. needs learn how to do an interview. It was like a round table discussion. Okay, okay okay but still that that first that first paragraph ending that I. Oh it's it's ridiculous. Quoted to. That's like if you were talking about something like I can definitely hear somebody saying that stuff. Yes. But context, it's like impossible to follow. But No No. One's in it. I didn't understand that business move. It's going to be like just make something was more like an asshole. Like. The only thing that I it's one character but at the same time like. Making a temporary exclusive is one thing but a permanent exclusive is fucked up. Kind of A. especially, if it's across both platforms, you know I can understand a gaming console exclusive. Yeah. But I'm a I'm I understand? Like on college duty making certain maps. xbox exclusive for the first month is one thing but you know. The only other game that I can think of off the top of my head had character exclusive. Caliber like. But that was each console had their specific like Character to it this is. Just keep this character like he gets like the crucial character character general be like. They're not like, Hey, we're making sucking Doctor strange or yeah ant man. Don't get me wrong but yeah, they're not like, Hey, we're gonNA take someone that's not as big of a deal. Just. One of everyone's favourite out and you guys can't have on his popcorn. Fuck about spider not being in it. Vitamin. But again, going back to the. Soil caliber example who do you think like if xbox is going to have an exclusive? WHO WOULD IT BE? They got spun. Spun is not a moral character. No? No. No. I'm just saying that's who they had. No INTENDO head Yoda. Yes. No. Yeah because Sony had metal. Gear Dude. Famous metal gear, dude I don't know. If metal gear. Get. Psycho Mantis. Solid snake liquid snake. The psycho mantis level is probably one of the best levels. It's the best boss battle. Ever do that like fuck with your saves you have to plug into the second controller to beat him. I see you've played resident evil. Yeah. Great. No I think it's I. Think it's done. I don't give a fuck and now I think there's You can't let this fucking bother you. If. He's going to be if he's going to be a council of you have to look at it like this. Then obviously, it makes no difference to the fucking story. Anyway. Like Dane it's probably going to be. He'll probably disappear from cut scenes shit like Spiderman won't be fucking like it's it's dumb. Until you found, find out, playstation got extra missions and stuff like that. They did. They know they have a lot of exclusive shit. Yes Oh well. So you you're GONNA have Oxford. Say so you guys just GonNa have. Access to the neuter version of this game. So you're telling me. I'll. Try. When the Beta comes out next month, I'll give it a check. See what's up. Trying to find it. Yeah. It's Different fits or some shit like. It's I I don't think the game's GonNa. Do like amazingly well, anyway. Oh I don't think that the stuff that playstation. Will. Matter. In the long run. Yeah? No, I. Think the game doesn't do great. I I don't get that vibe from it i. don't see the fanfare behind it. I think if it was going to be that big of a game, they would have waited until. The next. Marvel release. No they would've waited until. The next GEN systems. But they're not. So it's not. And you guys have anything else for news. No. Levi, where can people find you? My my twitter and my instagram are Franken boosy and then on the wonderful twitch channel for US Franken culture. You can watch him stream call of duty and not grounded because refuses to play. Man Set. It looks like that fish. You know the fish I'm talking about the Blob fish or whatever the fuck it is. But. He's pulling it up. There is. Title. World's ugliest Anna. Cows Working People find you. Lumberjacks tax on all platforms. With an S. lumberjack staff. Snake. How does it swim? Where's the footage of this thing swimming? Look at that bucket GLOB of whatever coming out of his mouth right there. What is this thing? It's a fish bro what's the problem? Nah. That's mean. You're being you're being hurtful. As always please follow us on all social media platforms twitter instagram facebook. At franken culture makes you make sure again to follow Levi on our twitch. At Frank. Culture. 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