Harden leads Rockets again


Today is opening tip quite eavesdropping on Kyle Lowry the murderers conversation last night. Do you think wants another groman? Scotty. Maybe. I have it on good at thority that he's got dispensing nice quality friendships together. Download antonio. Scare you go solve friendly. Wasn't job. I'm Rachel Nichols. Alongside our insider. I mean, I'll Hassen Andy great Scottie Pippen's six time NBA champion hall of Famer, you know, all about all the stuff that he is able to do coming up is everything cool between pop and Kawai after his former coach defended him last night. We're going to get into all that. But I, you know, we're gonna talk about the other games. Don't talk about it be about it. That is one of my favorite expressions in sports in the twenty four seven media tornado. We all live in. There is plenty of opportunity for talk and more talk more talk. And yet when sports especially basketball is at its best is when someone slices through all that conversation and just does the damn thing. And that is exactly what James harden did last night period. I can list all the stats numbers. How he led the rockets back from the abyss of a twenty point deficit against the two time defending champion warriors in their building against their best players. Just like he has brought the rockets back from the abyss of disaster season. I bring up this was his fifth forty plus game in a row a streak only, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have topped or that. It was his ninth straight game with thirty five points or more something no one else, not even those to have accomplished ever or I can just show you. Yes. The shot, and we're not. Gonna play it for you at regular speed. Because that does a disservice to just how difficult eighteen James harden pulled off here instead, please come along walk through it slowly with me. And please note the time left on the clock and the score. And please note that Klay Thompson is the excellent defender. He crosses there. And that even once PJ Tucker sets the screen, please note, former defensive player of the year, Draymond green closing in fast. Please note hardens still nearly thirty feet from the hoop and when he releases a ball that everyone in the arena though league and a country knew he was about to shoot. The he is not even fully on balances. He goes up and not at all on balance as he falls down. Please note that by the time the ball rattle through the hoop. There was just second left in overtime. And please note that is hard is getting up from the floor. Having just one of the most clutch moments of this career dream on wisdom. Epic trash talk, which I think is kind of like giving Thomas Edison, a lesson on how electric. Ity works anyway spinally when it was all over. Yeah. Those two he's holding up the number two. And yes sure looks like you said two time MVP, which brings me back to the whole talk thing James harden has been doing a lot of talk in this past week or so he said by the time he retired he intends to quote, be mentioned is one of the best basketball players to ever touch basketball twice in three days. He said he intends to repeat MVP saying, quote, I need it. I need it for sure. And I'm going to get it. He's also answered all the talk about how his numbers are inflated by how many points he's able to collect the line saying, quote, stop fouling. It's simple. And he added even more a little talk last night's take a listen to this. Talk about so much defiles and not of actual the greatness, and what I'm really doing out there on the court. So we need to focus on the greatness together is an interesting approach for a player who has never wanna title only been to the finals once and even then not as a starter. I'm not a rings girl. But I do think if you want to put yourself in the category of greatness or greatest ever conversations do actually have to show you can put your money where your mouth is at the most keen most high pressure most high stakes moments and last night was just a regular season game, of course, but for the regular season it was as close to as it gets considering the time and place the opponent. The rescue job harden is pulling off with his own team the degree of difficulty of that shot itself. And James harden went out and did it and that counts for a tremendous amount in any conversation. You want to have so Scotty James might be one of the most polarizing players in the league. And. Get fans, I know the players amongst themselves have wide birth of opinions on him. So after what he is done in the past month is he starting to win even his biggest haters over. He's been a winner the whole time. I mean, James harden is the best one on one player in the NBA. I mean, the fact that he's such a difficult guard the fact that he makes other players better. I mean, he's made Capello one of the most valuable beaks in the game off -fensive skills fact that he's taught him how the grace to the rim. How slip when pickers try to double team him? He's he's very efficient. And I felt like last night game. He sort of pulled Golden State into China play his style of play. And again, he's the best one on one player in the game. Not a not a high praise coming from. You not not statement. There's a lot of exaggeration with people trying to point out things they tend to exaggerate the winds of happened is exaggerating takes over reality. So yes, he draws a lot of thousands. Yes. Free. Throw shooting is not fun to watch. But to make it seem like he scored forty points a game on forty free throws, which is what the conversation sounds like look ahead of this game is stuff like this step Bax and crossing the type of place that we ve usually value as just as viewers, but because he gets more often than anyone else. We kind of twist that into all he does shoot free throws, which is ridiculous. And so like, Scott, he said, look, she's been great and let me see this number right here and beyond that he also has the record for most points accounted for by one player in entire season two points in this. So he's a very successful player. I don't know. People will going to hate them. They're not going to watch last night and change their mind because they're all going to focus on the certain things that they don't like about them. But it's this has been true for the last three or four years, really. The we've to discuss the controversial play also. Warriors the to lead before hardens game winner. So Katie is let's just call it out of bounds. Four or five still rate, the the officials missed it. Now the recommended appointing. So I don't know. Are you guys? Ok that. Also, what are you? Okay with this play because I think that officials should be held accountable for this. I mean, you can't reward these officials and see them in the in the playoffs. I don't wanna see them into polcies because your your mindset is not on your job. You must be a fan of the warriors. I mean, if you know what Katie Ford still auto box right fan of the Golden State Warriors head on that play. He didn't turn his head. We saw him look and right in the corner. Right. The here's the deal being a reference heart. I get it. There's a lot of bang bang plays. A lot of plays that we sit at home 'cause we have slow MO, and of course, he was out of bounds. But this right here live action. We're not slowing down. Anyone in the building looking nose? He's out about James pointing after that. He's the whole time. It's like what what he spent more time out of bounds than he did inbound on the playwright there. Yes. So for the rep to get any part of that wolf he literally had to been like looking at someone in the crowd that about whether his oven was still on at home. He had not like his eyes were open. But he's not looking. All right. So here's why you guys always give me a hard time. When I say, I like the two last two minute report when that report comes out today. The NBA will come out and say we made a mistake. He deserves. Wouldn't you rather be part of a league that says? Oh, yeah. That was a screw up as opposed to some other leagues that are like, it's it's not ever mind. Sooner report because I feel like a lot of times it's unnecesarily putting people on blast for the type of bang bang plays as it looked it's hard. Sometimes you get wrong that needs to get put on blast dude's name needs to be he needs the pool reporter should've been go. What were you looking at what we do? I think it goes beyond that because as a player on the basketball court, and you see this like you wanna go go tin this this show. Right. Like, you didn't see that like come on this. This is unbelievable. Looking at unbelievable. Well, here's the thing on made a mistake yet. At least one of those know there's there's nothing even everybody is fortunate moving us as fans this did not decide the game. Because can you imagine that game was so good? Can you imagine? The warriors had one and we keep talking about a hamstring away from last year's playoffs. It would have been like three outbound steps away is good that they didn't win the game. Because the Lee would really helm. We'd have to all have jumped. Logos of our mouths today. You say I would. The warriors side of things because tops and save it for the commercial break Thomson said the warriors gave the win away with a comfortable lead, they relaxed late, and they laughed a killer. Instinct to study we've been talking in. You're the one that we want to talk to about when you are part of a dynasty and you'll going back to the finals every year. I get it is so easy to just be like it's a game in January. I don't care. But if you keep not practicing stuff that you will need in the playoffs like a killer. Instinct, you think that is going to catch up with them? I think it will catch up, but I don't think it should be Jonas on last night's game. Whiteclay said that Bank 'cause you play one of the best teams in the league. And it wasn't about the killings thing. It was about you close the game out and is really to me about their past personnel. I don't think that they have the personnel that they need to be dominant. As we've seen in years past. We've seen them have bogut. We've seen them have javale McGee. You look at those two players. They are seven footers speed on the court intern. I'm so running direct line to the rim. The Golden State Warriors don't have that guy in the more that guy made Steph curry game, very valuable to me. It also make Klay Thompson game very valuable because now you got two great shooters coming off, and you pretty much got two defenders that are going to close out to them, and they got seven foot rim run run into the rim. They don't have that peace and that causes them. A lot is forced they're shooting percentage because they're not getting easy baskets anymore. Is we watch for years clay driving the lane getting layups that's not happening now because they don't have that seven foot guy wanting to the rim and everybody is getting better teams. Getting better teams of starting to close the gap on them. So last night's game two to me was really not about them closing out. It was about the Houston Rockets are showing that they can score the basketball as well as they can. Yeah. Didn't this one and we give hardened credit for putting amazing? Capelli you mentioned at the top of the show Capella had a rockstar game night. Right. Gordon started hitting in the third in in the third quarter in the fourth quarter. The rockets weren't making their threes the first half, and then they made them in the second half. And as you said, that's a credit them right shooting. Even even when you have a disastrous game seven, but the other part of this is a hope I'm wrong, but serious disease of me with the warriors really get serious vibes that agenda that was in place three years ago four years ago, even to even last year has changed into an individual agendas. Lot of grumpy grumbling grumbling complaining complaining complaining that and dictionary where we're gonna add that to Paul Pierce dictionary. Yeah. I I just I got a bad since I got a bad feeling about any evidence for this bad feeling about this strength in numbers, then and I think what we're seeing now is instead of the five fingers closed fist to the strength. In numbers. You see in five fingers to do their own thing for their own different reasons. I do think the habits or thing we've talked all certainly last season. But even this season before about the Cleveland Cavaliers and defensive just sort of giving up that they were doing and not rotating all really basic defensive principles. They weren't practicing during the regular season. And sure enough during the NBA finals, and again, I'm not even talking about the most recent one because it was a whole bunch of bag of issues, but the one before it they suddenly had to play defense, and they weren't doing the things they couldn't they couldn't just stamp their new the things that they hadn't been doing all season. So I get it. And you've said here a lot and talked about how when you're in one of these dynasty teams. It is hard to get motivated during the regular season. But these are bad habits to some degree and teams like the rackets are going to keep coming. I look this up while you're giving your answer in both of you three Petes in the third year. You guys won the least amount of games out of the other three championship years. And so that's part of it is just part of injuries. You can throw in there. But yes as a team, you do get a little bit laidback during the regular season, and you get a little bit complacent, but that's part of winning because you know, what the ultimate goal is. And it's just about getting there again can't spend all the few China win regular season fans, of course, will answer back at this whole segment and going yes in Scotty won a title in both of those third years of those three Petes, and they think they will too that that is the answer until someone beats them coming up while Leonard booed early and often last night in his return to San Antonio after the game he played he blamed the medium where his with the Spurs is that fair we will try to be there in answering that it is time for our distant replay. It's this date in. Nineteen ninety eight rookie metering. No allen. Anthea Ratliff the awfulness from the mop Lewis. That's his name is the office from Irish. Operas iverson. I wanna see let's let's give a little role. Taken off over there by he can. Yes. Say philadel-, Drake. You. American Allen Iverson. But you got your rhythm going down. Maker MS leave. Good make in courage and the third hard hits death back on clay. Gives them a little slap on the back side there because you know, you wanna encourage guys you don't wanna really leave them to disappoint. You know, if you've demoralized them. And then you want them back up study. Let me tell you this is that this is not nearly as disrespectful is getting dropped. And then the person looking at you for a little bit. And then they think that's good. That's just good deed. Yeah. I don't I don't know. I think the stall. This topping ball. You'll get you'll get on the break. Watch the difference by buddy healed so ours is this. Say business decision. That's what it should be. That's the nickname. Decision. We're still we're still not completely sold on the matador nickname over here. Scottie for dodge. So I think we're just trying it out on another. Get out the way make. Thinking of the nuggets, overcoming a double digit deficit Sacramento. Thanks to Jamal Murray's thirty four second half points. What do you like at Murray? Oh, so much more grosses this year, but he's still pretty inconsistent. But he's coming around Denver's team worse. Like, man, I don't know how to describe it Yokich his is elite. But everyone else really good to be number one in the west season. Yes, I did. I said it's because it's a roster of really good players as opposed to a bunch of the jazz to finish. Number one is pick the nuggets ripping on the nuggets being consistent. Anyway, about minutes. Lakes. Austin rivers coming big for the rockets last night. He scored eighteen points, including some very big shots down the stretch rockets are five and oh since he's signed Scotty, do we need to rethink Austin very river. But to look at this is a good fit for him because hardened plays a lot like CPI three. So he's used to playing on the ball off the ball of it offensively. So it's it's been a great fit form. And I'm having seen playing well with him. I am of course, interested in what happens when Chris comes back. I mean what happens if they're not five. No, and sort of you know, awesome was talking a lot of talk last night. So we know what happens for each make acrobatics. Demar, Rosa notching his first career triple double last night versus the raptors. Which is still strange sentenced to say, do you think this like helped him workout exercise, some of those demons goals loved it? But if you ask them to go back in time, would you rather still be a rapper think you'd rather still be? I think that's true. But still gotta you gotta feel good. If it's a comeback game. After you've been traded show out like this. It made him feel good about himself. But still I mean, he's still a little bit of that. A little bit better doubt. I'm I've I'm sure that's true. I thought it was good for him that this game was in San Antonio. If the first time he faces old team had happened to be in Toronto that I think maybe we would have seen motion crowd fight more and sort of that he at the whole crowd behind him. And look he is he's sort of the aggrieved party in this. Right. I wanted to be traded. He didn't. So at least he got sort of the backing of the crowd and all that. Let's talk about why though because after the game very nice moment between Kawai and Gregg Popovich, not only did they hug it mid court. But then pop shoeing all the cameras away. He actually takes down the court away from the cameras to know conc- what they're saying. Take a listen though to Spurs fans pop. It asked them all to be nice to Hawaii and appreciate what they have been. And look here's popzette about it after. We'll go to. Wonder? Special badly. Kawais a high character guy. You know, we all make decisions in our lives. What we're gonna do with our futures. And he has that same right is any less? So I felt badly. We'll motion from Greg there. What I was trying to spit out before we played that sound was Greg actually asked fans that morning and in the newspapers and said, hey, don't boo him for leaving cheer him. And celebrate everything we accomplish while we were there, and he felt strongly enough about it. You saw him after the game said he was disappointed. Do you think that things between them feel mended to you? And the that all that's also demonstrative to you of how their relationship is our between coach pop in kuwa-, obviously, the fans wasn't part of that meeting. But you know, just knowing kuwa- in coach pop few years back. Yes. Me to speak to Kawada. And it was a great opportunity for me to get to know Qalad. But I know that he has a very special relationship with this young, man. Even though he's not coaching him and things one. We're last season has a lot of respect for him. And it was great to see him showing his emotions talking about this young players because. He definitely deserves some cheers. They wanna championship there. He was MVP and as popsy it sometimes in your career things go differently and as players we get treated differently sometime because we make different decisions different than people in corporate America, but we should be treated the same. And if we're not happy somewhere got to write to make a moving. Wended pop ask you to come talk about a couple of years ago. There was in Chicago playing. Yes me after game. If I would speak to him and talk to him and kind of get a feel because he felt like that his game kind of pattern my game a little bit. And it was just a moment. I wouldn't even for about ten minutes and talked about three games wanted to get across to him. Just really telling him what he needed to do to keep progressing is his game in getting better. And I kind of admired his game and told him that you know, I've been watching him and see that you know, he's been getting better. And better things that I felt like he could work onto, you know, become even better player. And I feel like that he's filled all those votes. I ask you if he spoke during that time, but it was hard. But he did he did speak as you guys know commodity, very quiet player. So, you know, he don't speak much off the Ford either. So, but it was it was great just to sit down and talk. You know game some sometimes makes coward out of a sometime because as players people don't outside never know what we're going through. And then when we say things do things people take it as the worst. So hopefully that they can in this relationship and the fans in San Antonio will continue to embrace. This is interesting because we right. We don't know what's going on between them, and especially quite doesn't talk a lot Popovich very famously closed mouth about what goes on behind closed doors. We do know, Mike, right? Our reporter down. There has said that pop and quiet actually been texting a lot of this season. And that they have maintained that relationship. And then poplars actually, we know this pop came out and said later that he felt his comments about quiz leadership got misconstrued. And he really wanted to communicate to qui-. He had good feelings about them. So clearly, they have mended something and just knowing that they've been talking that much. I think is super interesting, but it is interesting. Then also to hear that. After the game because he blamed a whole other party. Meet it as a great job to stir. Knowing force them, this think of certain way, so already knew how that was being away to media was. I mean, he's basically blaming the messenger. Right. The media does not create these sentiments there reporting these sentiments sent them came from a certain place. That's why they're out there. It's also ironically, why qui- was a villain last year because his side never really got out because he doesn't talk. And so it's one of those things where that was very nice to hear pop say that it would have been nice to that last year. When there were a lot of ugly things being said through the media don't know who set him, but they all seem tilt toward one side tilt against a certain other side. And so yes, you can blame the media for putting it out there. But you can't blame it for creating that message. That message was created somewhere in the city of San Antonio. Yeah. I think the message was clear that his teammates felt like he should have been playing. So that really sort of dirt. The up the water for him. And that's where the media started to really dig in figure out are you really injured or you don't wanna play here anymore. So I mean, you can't blame the media for that. They're just trying to figure out what really happened. Why of one of probably any player that I've ever known the plane San Antonio to wanna leave some because you left Chicago. And when you guys left Chicago was not on good terms ninety eight when you came back. First of all what was your sentiment combat and another thing because we had clips of was quite mom at the with the jersey. Do you have any family members in the crowd in Chicago for that game? I don't recall, but you know for me coming back. It was to forget about my pass as what happened to look forward. Because that's what it was about. It was about really building on what I had done in the past. And not look at what had happened in between that was bad or. What divorce happened? So I was happy to be able to come back because I wanted to remove that that scar from my life because I wanted to finish as Kabul, and then I had to go on and finish my career somewhere else. So I was a little disappointed, but it is part of the business and every player in this game gets traded or get talked about being traded whether they get traded or not I understand players perspective from choirs perspective. The media does amplify things race. So can turn up the volume on something where you want to be like again like like pops comments about twice leadership. He said them. It's not like anybody made them up. He said it in public. But then the media amplifies it, and you can feel well, whoa. Slow your roll, you're taking it out of proportion. That's one way. The media does affect the NBA especially today that is not the media created this. And that is where I have a little bit of an issue with with require was saying only in that. He left rate. He wanted to be treated, and he got traded if this was all just a media creation. He would have come out and said, no, I wanna be here. This is crazy. You media. You're creating this. I wanna be here. I'm still here. I'm son in the supermax. I mean, it's it's it's hard to come out and say the media did all this he left, and I I understand the frustration of living in the fish bowl. But that is where we are with the NBA that make so much money and get so much money from these television contracts. It's good for the league that everyone's talking about a twenty four seven, and you know, we'll keep talking about it after this break coming up daddy. Age. It's got a, you know him. Well, he did not like LeBron calling himself. The greatest player of all time. The other day, I made some very strong comments about it. Find out what he said when the jumper turn a pot. Only on ESPN. Plus, it is more than an athlete are eight episodes series exploring the unique bomb between LeBron and his longtime friends term business partners maverick Carter. Rich, Paul randoms. The first seven episodes are available now. All right, guys. We heard LeBron call himself the greatest player of all time on that more than an athlete broadcasts. He was talking about how he felt after the two thousand sixteen championship. Well, then the not only disagrees he's strongly disagrees. Here's what he said about LeBron and local sports radio show in Boston, quote, his career is not over. I just like to know why he's saying that. I don't know. Maybe he thinks that sells maybe he's taking the Donald Trump approach and trying to sell himself. I don't know. I mean, that's a interesting comparison considering the history between the Brun and our current president. I thought this these remarks, but then angel credibly incredibly irresponsible. First of all he has a history of throwing unsolicited shots. Lebron? Right. So if you remember six years ago when Pat Riley put out the official statement telling Danny to go bleep himself. Basically that was because Danny said this on a radio local radio hit in Boston fan about LeBron complaining about officiating in a game. That did not involve Boston. It was a bold heat game. So again fast forward again. This doesn't involve the Celtics is doesn't involve Larry Bird, the one. His teammates doesn't involve. Anybody knows? Right. He's coming in and thrown it. And guess what? Look whether you like or don't like the comparison. It's all good as far as LeBron Michael Jordan. But when you bring the president's name into this, and you know at best so very polarizing figure at worst. It's someone that this person specifically as a problem with what other LeBron has politically that the president. There's a per. Personal this year to slide between he knows what he's doing there. And that ain't right. And it's it's it's there's no comparison really because you're talking about one person maybe talking themselves up in LeBron case, but he's not out of question. We're not saying the old no way could be. Maybe maybe we maybe we don't agree versus someone who at look is known for bloviating and same blustery things that are way out of proportion that his defenders will say that same getting caught up an emotion and detractors will say this is telling on truths. But either way these are not the same thing for him to make that comparison. He could've said everything he said and not bought up that name the he he decided though that name in there. And I thought that was just despicable while follow that Scotty Pippin on the fall on me. That's Danny Yankees opinion. And you know, we all have Pinon. But my problem is more. So Whitney Braun is if you. Are the greatest player. If people are saying, you are the greatest player or people are saying my Jordan raise player, why do you need to say it? Jordan. Has never ever said. He's the greatest player Deva play the game. Why he's respected all the other players before him. So for LeBron to say that he sort of pulling himself out of it. Because you can't say you're the greatest player you have to allow you appears in the world to say that the context of what he said it just because you know, if we're having this cushion, he was talking sitting around his friends, and he was saying that when he won that two thousand sixteen title. He said is I thought was Cleveland while we've done this first time fifty two years, and he said, my second thought is I was running around the court being crazy was, wow, I did it this is what makes me the greatest player of all time. You can disagree with him. I get it. And you agree with him saying that by the way that conversation was for a documentary that was supposed to appear any SPF. Plus, so he knew cameras rolling not like they caught him in a moment. Are you? Great guy won three titles Lilith for two years came back and won three more. That is considered greatness to me winning out to me decides who the greatest players in the game. Out in front of another man in front of cameras saying what he thinks. Coming up next. We can't follow. So we just gonna take a quick break. I did sit down though with Bisky, and you will want to hear this. Here's and through this that often. I mean, you're actually there interview. It was a lot of fun. He wasn't even sure he belonged in the NBA at one point in time. And now, he's competing his twenty first year in the league, stay tuned. But here's what the jump recommends today that close ten things I like and don't like including rock-solid Indiana Pacers. The Pacers defense the Knicks lack of defense and much more in this column. So go read it on the app during the break. Kevin Godley don't sportscenter live from Santa Clara. How Alabama Clemson par? Four compares to the previous playoff trilogy. Plus new reacting tonight in the wild ending of the rockets warriors game and predictions for all four NFL wild card games. Sportscenter with Keith Olbermann sixties anthem PTI. Double header right here on ESPN eastern, the Mavs ticket on this. And then the thunder take on the trailblazers tonight. Our coverage begins with police. Great NBA countdown at seven eastern. So after more than two decades in the league the name Dirk Nowitzki speaks for itself. He's one of my favorite players to talk to to watch. And I was thrilled to recently get the chance to do both when we sat down we talked about his journey to the NBA why he is still playing what he thinks of Luca Donncha ch and that memorable championship in two thousand eleven take a look at one of the all time greats had to say before you can catch him tonight against the Celtics on ESPN. Twenty first season ahead of Kobe Bryant as the player who has played the most years with one team in NBA history. Thomas flown by. I mean you've had chances to go to other teams had chances to retire. You've had a bunch of contemporaries retire. Why are you still here? Compete even older gets the harder. Just keeping up with some of the guys that half my age, but it's still fun to try to help the the franchise of the team win games. It's you know, we have to use your brain you have to use your smarts. When you lose a couple of steps, but that's still fun to me. But it says definitely coming towards the end. I don't want to say this is the last year but roll we'll have to see I'm gonna I'm gonna approach it like it's the last. And then goes, well, we'll we'll see about that. Nick summer. There's some here. Marlow new uniform. You have such a great sense of humor about yourself. If you do something goofy on the court, one of your old teammates is now coaching here nickname you like a mummy for the way you move. So you do a whole skit about it. What has let you have that perspective on yourself? Always Love's gonna ask d- made some the first long all this. Now goof around always wanna wanna keep a light atmosphere usually 'cause NBA season gonna be a long long grind. And I always try to make it life. Enjoy what we do LA's like this. You've talked a lot about how when you first came into the NBA, you were so shy. And you're very self conscious came with English not being a first language, and I was almost was worried to say the wrong thing. You know, if that makes sense, I kind of said not much just being in the NBA. How scary was that idea for you when you were coming over here? So I wasn't sure if I was ready for it only weighed about two thirty to thirty five. So it was really skinny just wasn't. I wasn't sure of my body was ready for the pound ING my first year. They were games were I didn't play at all where come off the bench. And you're like, hey, maybe I should have stayed in Europe. Maybe I should have gone to college. Had a bunch of offers and think it's normal. That's couch. Pretend I don't know why this guy has a better every time I seen play. He looks better than the guys average six point two game. But I wanted to fight through it. I wanted to work my way through it. Good this show. Luca with the fancy handles. Don is coming over from Europe different kind of player than you were in certainly different era. But still how can you be helpful to him in his transitions? Well. Mine. I think I got here. He's already extremely savvy as a player, which I wasn't. He seems like he's been playing parole since he's ten years all the way much has justly cares himself, and they'll scrimmages he wants the ball. He wants to make decisions with the ball, the great great passer for size, of course for agent. So I think it's going to be fun to play with on the compete with for a long time. You have plenty of players come up to now in the NBA who were boring after you started playing I grew up watching you Derek. What is that like? Yeah. That's that's crazy. You know, the know that can be. You know, I'm double the age of somebody's young guys play with go to educate your younger teammates. A lot of these guys were born in the nineties until you had a ninety throwback fortieth birthday party this year, which address as myself, which was amazing about this wig. And so I kind of like a style to my hair style looked like when I was drafted problem. Earring back a war pinky ring. Like the wide genes that were that were hot in the nineties. Our a super big shirts like a quadruple X shirt. A lot of great stuff. Great throwback stuff. So really enjoyed it. And glad everybody showed up in part in the Dallas fabrics NBA champions the first title in franchise history. There's so many highlights with you along the way through this twenty one years, but the NBA finals are always going to be sort of the big temple book ends and with you. I mean, you have this experience you play Miami in two thousand six tell you so frustrated that video of. He walk down the hallway pushing kicking and just blew slowed so angry, and then that gets book ended with two thousand eleven where you be Miami. And your reaction, then you ran off the court and just started crying in the locker room before the trophy even came out crying, stop myself. So I just decided, hey, get off the cord get a minute before all these cameras are right in your face and lay there in the back a little bit. There was a little bench there in the visiting locker room in Miami, shower shower. Yeah. So I lay down there. He would just sobbing kind of under a towel all the emotions, you know, all the things go through your mind, the hard work that all our all the people that go through with you through the stuff you up and down. That was just it was a blur. What it was? It was an amazing time all all know for it for my life. And that moment man that's championship cap off a resume among the best to ever play this game. A lock, of course for the hall of fame. But got what do you think real legacy is going to finally hangs it up? Tomatoes wanted to buy a really doing the pick and pop to three point line. And just watching his his journey really Watson a young kid coming to game. It was clumsy. And then just watching him develop a shot having a shooting coat in now playing NBA finals winning. He's he's just been a great pioneer player for us in our game. Just watching his development and how he's worked in just got better. And better and better. That's why he's you know, he's still in the game for me as an opponent scout forum that feeling of helplessness whatever someone gets the top. Well, this is basically a layout. He hit that one leg shot. And then watching that one out get taught all around the league to other big. Whether it was guys is good if Kevin Durant guys regulars, Ryan Anderson, the all kind of incorporate that stuff in there. And also, you know, he's really close friends at Steve Nash. And you know, I got experience dirt. Do Steve's is and stuff like that. And they have a similar story of having struggled in the first couple of years, and then reach great highs in the both eventually becoming MVP's. And so just a great ambassador frog game and a great, you know, an obvious sense of humor. The work that he put in over. The course of rare is definitely stand out for me because we talk about some of these guys like their finished products in their first or second season. They're not if you apply yourself, you can be like Derek and can be like they're coming up. We're ports coming out of Philly. I Ramona Shelburne are Agent Orange announce key talking about Jimmy Butler being unhappy with Brett Brown's offense. We will get to that. But I here's another distant replay for the people this one two thousand three J kit. Does he? Not always hope. Oh. Air williams. Go. Just behind my back. Oh and you'll help. Was there? He didn't need to. Hanging out with lower here too. Few minutes discussing the rockets are physically better than the warriors. Whether Nick foles on the verge of another miracle playoff run coast club, Beckett Aref and crazy stories about Cowboys legend, Charles Haley, stay tuned. So good. It has been a month and a half since the Sixers acquire Jimmy Butler and today cited leak sources or Asia works now ski and Ramona Shelburne are reporting that Butler has aggressively challenge coach Brett Brown on his role in the offense. They that has complicated. The Ardy tenuous chemistry among the teams big three hierarchy. Now Brown had this to say on Tuesday after the Sixers compelling win over the clippers the he's focused on growing and shaping the team's chemistry. Quote. We are coming together. We have a new opportunity you don't just click your heels and throw Jimmy Butler in and everyone's going to be playing the same way and style it doesn't work like that. So my job is to grow a team. And if you look at this story reporting that they've done is that there was in particular film session in Portland believe that the team lost by thirty four points. There is a lot of frustration. And that Butler came at Brown in that film session in a way that some people in the room felt was disrespectful Brown late. According to the story told people within the organization that it was okay with him that he felt it was within as they put it the confines of the relationship. He already has with Butler. But obviously, there are issues there, and that the story talks about how Butler's frustrated he wants traditional pick and roll that this is a more free flowing offense. What do you make all this? But Jimmy Butler, as we know has been carrying a little bit of a track record in terms of dealing with with coaches. So, you know, they have some some issues they if this is the problem in hopefully, they they can work it out. But I think that Jim is definitely been a positive piece for them. And I'm hoping that they can work this out and they can be a positive team going into the playoffs. Someone that can be competitive because I do think if they're ready, and if they're healthy and playing well together that they can compete for tight like any other team. Yeah. Well, first of all we talked about this yesterday about the frustrations that come from because there's not a lot of room on the court because they don't have enough shooting. So that obviously boils over. But the other thing is look we don't know Jimmy is a very straight shooter blunt tool of fault. But Brett Brown doesn't have a problem with it. I talked to a Bernie Lee Jimmy Bolas agent. He said, yeah, they talk every day have zero issues. He knows that's how he communicates. It's not unlike dream on green and Steve curt, right? Very mom can be very demonstrative. We have seen problems at the two of them and look skies. Right. Jimmy has had issues along his steps along the way at some point. He has to learn even if this is his style that it might not work for the whole team. We will follow this story. Thank you guys for being with us. Have a great weekend games are jail. Yes, sir.

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