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Yeah That man. I am C. Three Po human sidewalk relations. Hi. Mammoth tapping from. One at Atlantic. Sanctuary you're listening to Sifi talk with Tony Collado enjoy. Stefan Frank has created an interesting graphic novel series called silver looking at the calendar. It said thirty years after Professor Van Helsing Tangle With Count Dracula. There's a hunt for the counts treasure by Van helsing descendant Roslin who was also a vampire hunter by the way and a fortune hunting conman. Working. Together. But for their own agendas, here is my conversation which Stefan Frank What what you to Dracula's treasure. So, two things really I mean like I'm GonNa. Say three things. I always loved vampire stories and always was obsessed with a drug dealers lower third was just a just incredible and the West pretty funny when I started writing silver originally, it was not even Dracula but it's it was such. All the characters had such during early else to drive you know to the that started like you. I'm. It's debt world. You don't mean like it occurred to me at some point is like that's that's the world. I'm in right so I just embraced it. So the love for for that lower on that story. But also of my love, for conman, stories. Yeah. You know what I was. Groping France and the I was a kid. Of course, our sin lupone the French Mister C's from the old era. And and so I love. Lou Pa and I love the The American cog manure from disdain to immigration and all that stuff. And I thought it was a great tragic figure in there and all the also fails that. Ended, the also it Didn't occur to me at the onset, but very quickly, I discovered that conman and the vampires are very related creatures that they live by nights their predatory nature of they don't engage in your life in the same way that most people do emotionally speaking. So in fact, you know when people talk about man like in real life, you know people who've been con-. Very often you know here like parking buyers united. Right. So you have these people who are in a way figuratively Solis, and then you know the true living dead that I'm playing as completely solis right and so you call I, the two and the results are very interesting very challenging the characters both red sounds great. It's going to be a four volume set so I guess when you Plotted this out to do outlined this also that you kind of knew what you were going. But as I always ask writers but the always leave a little. A little space even though it's a graphic novel going to detour little. Bit. Yes. Oh you know. Absolutely. So coming from the film side, which you know I mean I mean originally coming from coming to always like to remind people the head my parents had a bookstore. So I could not becoming more from cummings than I am but also shown with any mission very early on and my career I went to school for to make your ear has been mostly in a nation entail Sylmar, right but So but because of that career, a most of my experience writing. is in film script form right so that's high road silver as a as a as fool scripts. was. Twenty pages long and the thing when I, you know when you write a film script basically. It works insurance of ten pages. You like in the movie ten minutes every ten minutes it's a big sequences I could big movement in the in the in the film. So I, feel like there was a really natural series of breaks in the. In the script that Every. Ten pages of the film scraped would turn into like a single issue surmise English shoes are longer than most people they go. They go from thirty pages to Early, you know low forty, you know like the final twelve, sixty pages so dairy but basically in terms of the movement of the story it, you know it broke into those twelve parts that became the twelfth chapters. So yes, I do have the whole thing Rayton even when you're shooting movie, you know it's it never happens at well, we have this now. Do exactly what it says say the words then we're good to go. Right it's like as the actor stick hold of the characters or the animators or the story is anybody who's adding layers of performance over the writing, you find you get deeper into the truth of those moments in this does carrier. So there's always a discovery process that takes place that evolve in eater rates over the story. So. That the thing beaks at the end I mean the audience is not there to re describe their there to either read a book or see a film right so just because it's been written. Doesn't mean that all creativity been the accounted for down. You're just a you're just waiting it right? No, it's it's a process that keeps maturing and the re. Prosecuting discovery, but it's true joy. The the thing reveals itself to the point where hope free deeks at the end of the process and so. Yeah I mean a drawing the book I mean it was a combination of. The magic of seeing seems like free relies now in the Finnish. Comic. Images come to life that. I had as concept that obstructions when was reading scripts so that that's always wonderful. But also by the time you reach the second half of the script and you realize that. Hey. This character has I know more about this character now that he did what I wrote the thing in the first place. So line of that I'm evolving as drawing you done regarding it. So it's it's a process. Yeah. Cool. As far as the main character, this is cool because it takes place after thirty years after the the great professor Van. HELSING AFTER VISITING DRACULA'S CASTLE and now he has a descendant of vampire hunter. Rosalyn. Is actually his descendant. How does she kind of fit into the legacy of the pen housing family? The silver starts, for Finns point of view right and so we're into abrupt stoker's we're in its original years university it's inspired by the novel and so it. So it's not like Dracula's a household name that you know you go get a drug dog cussing or anything like that regular in the world where does a real person and no one knows about him, right so Finn. Doesn't. Know anything about. By buyers. He doesn't say there's such a thing exists i. And the way I think of it is he is like a regular person would be in the real world would have been in the real world before Brim Stoker truly made. Vampires. Culture right right. Be before that. It was just like you know legends and you know and. A. Your full details and stop, right. Maybe equivalent to this urban legends. So that's you know. So when somebody would say vampire to you, you know depending when you were, you were a superstitious or not you either chuckle or kind of like you don't say that. but it stood pucklechurch thing right. So especially, the named Dracula's NOPE. No, you know being a con man he's the kind of person who Feels like he's in on the joke he knows how things work, and so it's really fun like when you live the bail. Oh my God, there's this whole layer of. You know if another joke played on the world that he's not a on on the so you know Wendy decides to this adventure of course, is going to eat someone who is on the inside through Jonathan Harker of Journal. That he finds his chapter he's able to try a Rosalyn, and so that's when we find in the second chapter and so. Roseland is she's a great character. The way we're playing the. Housing Story is so I agree expanded on what we learned from the Stoker Noble and to me it's it's a family business it's. A secret tradition but is really a tradition or is it a curse? You know what I mean? So she's this character who's the last of the hill sayings And who blames herself for things that have happened a earlier and actually get to seal this stuff in the Prequel illustrated mobile arkell Rosalyn where you know which is played as her childhood diaries is very compelling. We can get back into that later she's very conflicted character aware who's obviously very good at doing what she does, but she has this almost self punishing attitude and there's this broken this about her but also wicked sense of humor, which is her coping mechanism which you will and you know she's been spending all too much of her life lurking at nineteen. In graveyards making sure that the dead stay dead right and she's a little bit disconnected from the living. So she makes her very interesting character and especially when she encounters fin because she's ready coming from King. Highly. From very high moral. You know the moral high ground if you will and he's coming probably yeah. Thief I wanNA steal their stuff right and so they can. There's a convergence of interest in in their buds of you know of course, they're coming from they're both broken. They're both somehow disconnected from any sort of attachments to the rest of the living and so as soon as they meet, you know it's like it connects with degrades, screwball comedies of thanks. Man or you know you know things of that era, you know buddies written with a modern sensibility. Sparks fly as soon as they go. So yet the Finney referring to is finicky and who is. Who is like the leader of the group and? Obviously. Wants to pull off this huge heist. So basically can pretty much set himself up for the rest of his life. So it sounds really cool. You know what the irony is of course that vampires are allergic to silver's. Tracked you last. Silver. It's something you would never think that I do like that twist. It's really neat. So this is your company Dark Planet Comics and you're actually also on kickstarter to fund this as well. Talk about that part of the project. Yeah so You know every. So every volume that we do. By. So when the book is either completed or almost completed, we do a kickstarter campaign for it. And what that does is that it allows the existing fans who have been really like invested in. Being part of this process in read the act of CO creation of this thing, you know to help us bring into existence to come in early. So they get to the alder, the early and. I think most importantly like on the you. Soul level you know they're part of making this happen you know in the in media environment where there's very, very little space for real grassroots stories like this. You know. So so that's really exciting also. Feels like there's enough of an event or under skip stars so that we're able to concentrate alot of our press Communication. So we get those very heightened moments where a little refund stuff happens. We just launched the the the kickstarter for building. Before? We. So both for the concludes the story of the ffynnon Sledge Group trying to steal the dragon, which is treasure answer to fool story that you can. Even if you just read, that would have a full story satisfying and self self sufficient. But of course, the Silver Universe continues, of course, already has with Rosalyn and more story lines that are. Coming organically at of the the world that we are so of lifting the veil on and the thing that he's super cool with this. Is that. There's an opportunity to because people have been collecting these trades right and the shops conventions from kickstarter, and so we have this slid case done really excited about and then. Lecturer for trades and you basically targeted to this really cool box set. So I'm into beautiful things and I liked my stories July. Nicely House into something recall. So so that's for a kickstarter and. Also really fun is Silver something that I've been doing. The only writer in artist donate so far. And so. Of. Leading. Friends who are artist that I'm extremely in awe of you know people like the country Miyazawa you know you know I just love his work so. To me, it's like the best of the you know the best of any meets the best of comics. Show textural and he's characterists field area real and takes righteous. Love it end. Or Royal? Ganden. WHO'S said a great of Yuno. French coming of Bay. BUNDY'S IN A. Artist you know but he's also master animator. One of the best animators around he animated supervised the choreograph confides in. Movies and stuff is just any credible dude and so I've worked with these two guys. So they've given their take on the characters. You know silvers in black and white, but I love to color when I get a chance. So I painted their their images. So the collide with Bangladesh. Super. Fun. I got some really interesting results and then there's Mr Mayor Milton who's just a monster artists who does Show like the extent of the Collab- There is that he does it. You know my jaw hits the floor you know, and that's that's about his energies too. So you can older those through the star two. More on the. HUNT FOR DRACULA TREASURE IN JUST? A moment. Joseph Chief Executive, producer, and writer on Stargate St one strike. Atlanta's stargate universe presently writer on dark matter talking to you on top would appeals to me too is the audiobook version of Roslyn. And Limited edition stuff too I mean I love all that kind of stuff. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So There's certain barrels in two seconds said. So roseline is. A. Concept that I've had for a long time because you know especially when you get volume three, there's a there's a fly you get you on your there's a flashback and disclosure and you you understand gist of what happened in her childhood that would her on the tracks that she's all right but. It justifies bag and it's just a conversation but then adore gets opened there and I always knew I would continue the. Roseling. Story E of your her as a child. I just didn't know when I was going to do that or how exactly and last year I was on the trip to Montreal for a film that I'm working on and so you know, I, it was just me alone in my hotel room you know so I had time on my hand and also just being in a new city for the first time. It just scrambles your brain in a different way and all those does crazy A. Association. A tend to my mind in terms of needed to be and It became this strange about my family history merged into the fictional reality. These character you know my great grandparents and great grandparents where you know where we'd go wandering Jews, you know coming from Eastern Europe and from the Being shaved by pogroms and all that stuff and settling just always further west you know and. Just settling somewhere and quickly settled into semi semi-dwarf wildlife until the town of the country, turn them them and he was you know after free again the. You know. Van helsing being. JEWISH CHARACTER DRACULA WAR AROUND THAT TIME, which would been twenty. Twenty, sixty, nine, hundred, fifteen, four, win. Roseanne. Who was a child which was the time that my my ancestors were trying to us Cape and you know going West I to me. So became their story where you know their story about our hunters. Finally of Vampire hunters there's this long family tradition but now they have children they will. It will Arab the life, right? So they keep going from town to town, but the thing is. sooner or later the lives, GonNa you know catch with you and the thing was my grandfather. Is. That on the one hand he was A. Bad Ass you know he escaped why? No exact. Get twice from our you but but also was very amusingly joey. And for instance, he was a dentist you know but because he changed countries so many times diplomas weren't valid right? So you're asking so wait are you real dentist? He would say. Practitioner of the dental arts you know. That's great. And so I figure if you're been housing and you've you've fixed your own wounds, your flesh when so many times and use your your macgyver you know. You you're into your use getting town. Somebody needs a dentist your. damndest you don't have in. My legs broken just show me Yo. Soon became bad. And then you know Mike kids our youngest kids in college now. But you know I just have vivid memories of their relationships in their moments like the intimate moments between siblings you know when they were little and that became like the family life Rosalyn as it's described, you know. Straight from my memory files of my kids and then my mom you know like when you know the the Vampire Sketch Dan, you know she's GonNa end up a little road to becoming a Rosalyn you know and my mom during World War Two was hidden child she was on the road. Often with him at all, you know trying to survive but also process a world of adults gone nuts but through the innocent eyes of a child. Were, be on your years and yet your child you know and even to this day you know a when she she wouldn't like it if I sit her age so I won't. But she still takes ass now but she wants she tells us to reshape your book about that whole story is very interesting because it still processed through the eyes of a child that you know like the the way the story was processed experience is baked into memory, and so that's why became super clear to me that arose lane had to be a dire like visual and verbal diary of rose as a child you know and going through. All that all that adventure you know and so so so I was alone in the material you know. We get to after a working moody would come to the Hotel Room Start and couldn't stop working and like there's a couple of weekends where I was just like I was. Like the room service was piling Detroit, I would just leave the room and like I let Latrell was like a hundred pages it was this was not possessed by that story. Yeah. Yeah. I I. Well, first of all, your parents are heroes for what they've done so. Not. All heroes were capes. That's what I've always said. Joe That's great. I mean. It's it's it's really a an amazing how you incorporated that. I have to I have to ask you. Did IT I. Don't know if you've seen ready player one but did it feel if you heard about it or seen it? Did it feel good to see the old iron giant in that movie? So I I have to confess I have not seen the movie I'm Super Louise Because I've been. So insanely busy this last month. I basically. have no life but I I did not know it was going to be in the movie and when I saw the trailer and the Sony Come Out of the midst of the and I was just like. Insanely exciting. I. Think they captured. The giants that yeah what was really taken by it? You know but I have not seen the movie sham hoping to do soon. Yeah. It's a lot of fun and all I won't spoil it for you but I will say they use him well. Great Yeah. You'll be happy to how he's used I think also. The despicable me franchise I mean it's I mean at have you taken a look at how big this thing has gotten? Kids are devouring this franchise. Yea I. It's really interesting. I was involved with the first movie were allowed on the. Different things along the way but I'm GONNA send. My biggest involvement was these with the Third Act that I've you know story boarded the. Several versions of its own fool until we found a one that's in the movie and Dentistry Fun. And also worked on the minions allots Hell did love they like the kind of visual humor and so I didn't create dominions right? They were. They were already there when I when I when I got there you know but. I did work a lot on continuing to explore there like a lot of the comedy. The Those like Wehrley endeavors that does like. You know nonsensical thing that trade accomplish in how they go about stuff. That movie was great surprise in in in many ways because something that sort of came out of nowhere of course, it's junior thing. But as far as illumination, you know it was a new company that was not familiar with stuff like that and so the reached out I stalled the thing was incredible and I think it's sometimes any nation as a hard time delivering genre. I think it delivers as as emotionally. as it is as you know all that stuff I think it delivers spike fi in a very satisfying way you know and I think that was very very successful. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, silver looks like a great idea I mean that's awesome. So we will certainly send people to the kickstarter page to to to join in and as we talked about, there's a lot of cool little treasures that don't find. If they sign up so it sounds great and. Roslyn intriguing. Really intriguing. Story and I guess my last question would be. Is there. Any chance that vampires might show up in this series? is going to be a little bit buyers All right. All right. You covered all the bases. It sounds love yet lots of buyers we really that that's another Fun Part of the of the series is the world building heads. Because we start with kin who does not know that there's vampires around you know and so I defined one and two, and then there's a train fog fogleman then little. Own. And then next thing you know you're in this discordant vampires ending district extends so far beyond what you thought it was going to be so in the world building aspect of that world that Society A. Just a rate front. Very cool. Well, I really appreciate your taking the time to talk to me. And sharing your story about your family. That's really great stock we need to hear. More. About stuff like that it. Sometimes Especially these days we kind of forget who we are and we need to be. Once, in a while. Through you know I I like to say. that. We're in the business of getting the most universal stories, the way possible. S, I think that's that's why I'm trying to do with silver, which is it's a pulp adventure nets nuts of. A book that finds its relevance by being overtly political. However, it's boom that finds its relevance beyond the entertainment, which is big but by really connecting to human experiences that are intense and that you know we can relate to whether it's it's roseling or whether it's just. Trying to. Find his identity, a as a man and his moral compass at a time where the world seems to not have one you know That's kind of my way to things. We'll that sounds great as I taped this that kick started closes in six days go to kickstarter dot com and search for silver. That's the best way to find it. You'll see it under silver volume for. Thanks for joining me as always I'm Tony. Tomato. Hi I'm George, decay and I listened to Sifi Talk.

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