Urban Meyer on Redskins' Culture


You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show. Now here's Kevin just me today Sorry about yesterday show. It was long and it was all over the place and I didn't even get to the topic that I really wanted to get to. Which was you know? All of the Adam Schiff transcripts stuff that the House intelligence committee finally had to release a few days ago. That would have sent Tommy over the edge. I mean Adam shifts boy for the last three years But Anyway I. We didn't even touch that and we. We probably won't touch tomorrow either. I I'll give you fair warning. That will will leave you without any Virus talk or political talk In the next shared episode of this podcast between the two of US It's not going to be a long show today but I did want to start with these urban. Meyer comments about Dwayne Haskins Urban Meyer was on a podcast. The Daniel Jeremiah Bucky Brooks podcast called move the sticks now Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks are both. Nfl Network is. I actually think they both do an excellent job. Daniel Jeremiah has actually been rumored to have been in the hunt for. Nfl General Manager Job in the last few years you know one of those media guys that people think could be an NFL general manager. Bucky Brooks does a great job. I think in his analysis of the game. I've actually tried to get him on the podcast and the show recently And it just never seems to work out for some reason but anyway they do a good really good job and they had urban. Meyer on their podcast. Yesterday and Urban Meyer said some things that he had not said to Zabreb. He was on with Zak on our radio station last week. that he didn't really say. I don't think To J. P. Finley not in the same way If you miss this This was part of the conversation. He got very He became sort of protective and defensive. When it came to Duane Haskins for season in Washington. He felt compelled to really defend his former quarterback. And I'll read through this stuff but let me just start with. I don't really think Dwayne Haskins performance last year needs to be defended. I think he improved a thought. He cut better. I think you know considering all of the circumstances when he finally got the opportunity to start. And we've been through this many times before I was encouraged And I know not. Everybody was so maybe. He's defending dwayne. Haskins against the Haskins critics of that first year. But what he really did is he took some shots at the organization. I'll read through some of these quotes so in talking about the organization that drafted him the Redskins he said. So it's the quarterbacks fault quote never mind the fact that their coach got fired that the place is a mess. There's this going on. There's this going on. There's that going on a lot of stuff. I heard from behind the scenes because once again I have several players there yet. It's dwayne fault. And by the way he's got players they're right Terry maclaurin Alex Smith in the organization He's close to Alex Smith but there was more than just that he said quote. I hate to be so simplistic on this but you better surround him with some really good players the NFL is amazing to me. They draft a quarterback. They put him on a very bad team. And there are a lot of culture issues which I don't want to start throwing stones but I do know I talked to my guy. I talked to a lot of these players. So it's the quarterbacks fault now that their coach got fired after week five. They were in complete disarray. It's the quarterbacks fault now I wish college was that easy for some reason. It's not the quarterbacks fault. It's the coach's fault to me. It's about culture and leadership you want Dwayne to be a great player. Surround him with really great players surround him with a really elite culture Urban Meyer went on to say that. Washington's failures in organization is evidenced by its lack of success in acquiring talent via the draft over the years and he said quote. Why does that? Why do the New England patriots their teams in the NFL that have far greater players in the Patriots? Have you know they draft ahead of the Patriots every year so on paper there are teams that had been drafting ahead of the Patriots for fifteen years yet? They can't beat them. Why what because they have bad players No there's something else there. It's called an elite culture elite leadership and then a reference back to the redskins. They don't have that. There's something wrong with the organization you want Dwayne to be great. Put a lot of greatness around him. That's the one common denominator all great quarterbacks they have great players around them closed quote. So this was urban. Meyer you know ripping the redskins organizationally in sort of defense of Dwayne haskins again. I would start with. I don't really think he needs to defend join haskins first year. I don't We all have different opinions about Haskins and I understand some of you have the opinion that he wasn't very good I have a different opinion. I thought that he was you know. Overall It was very encouraging. And it's it started. You know obviously inconsistently but it got better and the last game and a half that he played. He was outstanding outstanding. Those last that last game full game against Philadelphia. And the last half game against the giants. He essentially in six quarters. You know threw for three hundred ninety four yards four touchdowns no interceptions in completed about seventy five percent of his his passes. Yeah I seventy four percent of his passes yeah. I think that that's a a significant improvement to end that season that way so I don't really think that urban Meyer really needed to defend him in that way but it's his former player and you know I think there is definitely some recognition here right from Urban Meyer. That at least the last year's redskins organization was a hot mess. Now he's not revealing anything to US K. We know that some let me rephrase ninety five percent of US understand how bad this organization's been how awful the culture's been how a M- non-conducive it's been to winning and two young players with talent you know it's just not been great and I think that Urban Meyer was doing a couple of things here? I think that he was absolutely ripping the Organization for last year. And that may be directed more towards Bruce. But you know it's strange because just last week. The night that the schedule was released. Urban Meyer was part of the redskins. You know Revealing of their own schedule on their website they had urban Meyer and Matthew mcconaughey and I think be Mitch and Fred smoot or part of the festivities. Urban Meyer has a relationship with Dan Snyder. You know he sat in his box during that Eagle game last year when he was at the Army Navy game and then came over. You know that Sunday morning to in that. Remember all the rumors that were flying around that Sunday morning. That all is going to be the next coach in that caused That prompted Todd. Mcshay to to say the following week urban. Meyer's a friend of mine. I'm paraphrasing at this point. Urban Meyer's a friend of mine. I will urge him that there are thirty two. Nfl organizations and there are thirty one of them that are better then the Redskins But you know to just say that. Urban Meyer was criticizing the organization that dwayne played in in his first year based on the circumstances last year. Which would include Bruce Allin? Being in the in the mix Would be to sort of ignore one of the last wines in this In this transcript of the podcast that he was on with the two. Nfl Network is Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks because he says in talking about the Patriots in essentially saying the Patriots have elite culture elite leadership. He then says and this is not past tense. They don't have that referring to the redskins. There's something wrong with the organization. You want Dwayne to be great. Put a Lotta greatness around him. That's the one common denominator of all great quarterbacks. They have great players around them by the way as a quick aside. You know he's wrong about that too you know. He's not totally right about. That is probably a better way to describe it. The common denominator of all great quarterbacks is not that they've got great players around him. That's not the common denominator the common denominator of all championship quarterbacks. If he said it that way it would be closer to being true. But even that wouldn't be true. Aaron Rodgers has not had the greatest of players around him but he is a great quarterback one of the great quarterbacks of all time and what he's done is he has been one of those very few examples of in elite quarterback that elevates everybody around him and by Extension Elevates in organization. I don't think Twain is that I don't I think Dwayne is in that group of quarterbacks or winning quarterbacks that aren't great or elite they've got great players around him. I mentioned this earlier this morning. Even the elite culture elite leadership elite organization. Thing isn't always true you know. Kurt Warner took the Arizona. Cardinals owned by Bill Bidwell to the Super Bowl in nearly one it that year. That was not a good organization. Kurt Warner elevated that entire organization Peyton manning for all intents and purposes did the same thing with the colts in nineteen ninety eight. You Know Bill Polian was there. They had general manager there. Jimmer say had hired Polian but it was Peyton manning that took this more bond dysfunctional poorly owned NFL. Franchise you know and elevated it to championship caliber. I know they went to an AFC championship game with Harbaugh in the in the mid nineties. I understand that. That's that's fair but Peyton manning elevated that franchise. It was not considered to be a high culture elite cultured franchise. You know. No one's ever accused Jim Mercier. Bill Bidwell of being you know in the top tier of owners. They've always been in the bottom tier of owners the NFL is designed for two things. Lots of things to things for the purposes of this conversation number one is to have a good season doesn't necessarily make you a good organization but the NFL is designed for every team to have a chance at a good season. That's why the redskins as a bottom feeding franchise with milk with bad culture every once in a while hits that inside straight get some decent play ball bounces their way. They stay healthy and they're in the playoffs. You know one out of every five years essentially been the average during the Snyder tenure You know in some cases you know you can win a playoff game or two but good organizations have good culture which results in sustained winning so the NFL's designed for a good season the NFL is also a league in. Which if you get the right person and player at the most important position on the field quarterback you can and that person can elevate the organization. They can totally essentially wipe away. The nastiness that comes from dysfunction in the organization now doesn't mean that it wouldn't be easier being with a better organization right we we understand that It would be great for elite truly elite quarterbacks to also end up really good organizations but a quarterback can really wipe out a lot of dysfunction or at least Mascot. Because there's such an impact on the actual game itself at that position now. I don't know that Dwayne is that player. I don't know I don't think he's that player. You know my my I mean. I'm being repetitive. Here but my overall guests at this point is that Dwayne the bust. Potentials been eliminated. I don't think he's going to be a bust. I think he's going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. And and I think he's got a chance to be in that range of guys. You know from eight to fifteen legitimate top half of the league starting quarterback. I think he's got that kind of potential. Do I see you know? Elite Greatness Peyton Manning. Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers. You know do I see that in him? Patrick Mahomes I don't maybe I'll see after another eight starts or nine starts. Get them up to where. He's played a full sixteen games and started a full sixteen. I think there's a lot of talent there but getting back to the Urban Meyer comments. He really got after the organization you know and you can sit there and say to yourself as really talking about last year's organization. He's not really talking about this year's organization and as I say that I don't believe that necessarily I think he may be talking about last year situation being much worse than that. He probably likes and respects Ron Rivera and you know thinks that this year's going to be better but you know he didn't say that last thing in past tense he said it in present tense and as I'm sitting here talking about this just you know to me. It's like if Tommy were here and he'll weigh in on this tomorrow. Tommy would give you the old liberals you know one of La Barros rules. You know he would say you know what I always say. You know what I always say. If things look bad Kevin from the outside. They're likely much worse on the inside. I've learned a lot from Tommy over the years. But that's one of his favorite things in so he's not really exposing this but he's you know he's obviously confirming it for those. That didn't think the REDSKINS had a bad culture But we're seeing what we're reading. We're hearing it was much worse. I mean there are things that we've all heard in the media. It was bad. That's why when some of you would argue with me. You know and say I was being negative about the organization. Look you. You don't have to go beyond the results to be negative But the results were caused by. Just incredible dysfunction. You Know Bruce. Allin was not good at his job. Dan Snyder's not been good at his. You know in one of the things that you know. Tommy will say tomorrow to is that if you believe. Urban Meyer's jest referring to last year. You're being incredibly naive. You know. You're you're being duped your stooge you know. Because we've learned this over the years that Ron Rivera people like Ron Rivera. Even though maybe guys like she in May will be glass half full thinking maybe Snyder is GonNa get at this time and they got themselves a good coach and if he can just stay out of it and let this guy do is give them full autonomy. It'll work out. I understand that I do. I'm not naive. I'm not a mark on this thing. I if you told me I had to wager to day on one of the two following results. Ron Rivera has great success. Or Ron Rivera does not have great success in Washington I in you told me I had to wager a lot of money like real money. I would wager that. He would not have long term success that he wouldn't be successful here. Why would I bet on the opposite? There's a litany of better coaches with better resumes. That have been here. That didn't it didn't work out for hall of fame coach. Joe Gibbs Mike Shanahan Marty schottenheimer borderline hall of fame. Coaches didn't work OUT FOR THEM HERE. But so I understand. I understand that you know if you think that. Urban Meyer is talking about Bruce Owl and and last year's culture and it's different now will I'm I am definitely leaning towards Ron Rivera. Having the chance to build this in you know in the way that he wants to build it you know. I think that that happy Thanksgiving Day press conference where Snyder talked about culture and he talked about coach centric and that Rivera Guy. And he's the guy that's GonNa lead us you know create a culture change and he's going to be the guy in charge. I think that Snyder for the M- for the moment anyway means it. You know I do. I think that he's GonNa leave him alone for the most part and I think Rivera's going to have a chance to do this. You know I guess. The concern would be The concern would be if things. Don't go well soon enough. You know because that automation could be incredibly fleeting. If Rivera doesn't win enough for the owner you know. Remember this about Dan Snyder. In stop with the. He's he wants to win. Will pay anything. Spend any amount of money. Stop with that. Who Cake is it's never worked and he's never been a good owner part of the problem. I've always felt really over the last. You know ten years anyway. There's never been any sort of an admission that he's been part of the problem. It's always been somebody else's fault you know. It was Vinnie's fault. You Know God God. How did VINNIE Hires Zoran? That's a disaster. Everything was going. Well when I brought coach Joe back and we would have continued to win and things would have continued to go well. Well I mean that's fine except coach. Joe Wasn't like he was not going to cover off the ball and round two. You had a losing record here. In four years yes miraculously got two teams to the postseason and that was fun in two thousand five in two thousand seven playing playoff games. It was but the Redskins weren't a good organization for the four years at Joe. Gibbs was here they just weren't? They had a losing record. There was terrible. Terrible MISSTEP AFTER MISSTEP in free agency during that period of time terrible missteps in managing contracts. And you know the economics of the Roster. You know it was not functional. It was much better coached. There was much better leadership in the locker room on the football side of the operation. But you know God God bless coach joke is. I love him but coach Joe Involved. Dan Involved Vinnie. Let them have say in what was going on. Whereas you know Marty Schottenheimer didn't and that's why he didn't last and Mike you know we had some power but didn't we'll that perhaps as much as he should have early on with like Donovan mcnabb. As an example I mean the bottom line with Ron. Rivera is in the only reason. I'm leaning more optimistically right now but not naively is they got themselves a really good coach in my opinion a respected person and leader Dan also had to reach a bottom. That was a new low for him now again. I don't think he blames it on himself. I don't think he looks in the mirror or looked in the mirror in December of last year and said I just realized it's my fault. It's been me all along. I don't think that happened. I think that he blamed brutes for this. You know in J for this and Bruce Hiring J. and bringing j back you know and I think a lot of that is the way he goes you know. Essentially we had him very much involved for ten years and then less involved for the last hand accepting key moments which were very destructive. Like rg three Perhaps like last year's draft although maybe he got that one right but It's never really been his fault with that. Said you'd have to be a moron to look out from your owners box at any point last year especially late last year and see basically a stadium that is at best twenty percent full and of the twenty percent full. You know Big Paying customers and they didn't pay much to get in more than half of them are rooting for the opponent. It you'd have to be an idiot to look out there and not notice that to not know what that means to your top revenue line. Now the team is never going to go away the NFL's at Juggernaut all thirty two teams share TV money. The redskins value continues to go up as does the value of every NFL franchise regardless of winning. It's interesting that Pete Rozelle designed to League in which it kept it healthy and continues to keep it healthy but also in many ways you know designed a league that doesn't require winning to be outrageously valuable. You know the Redskins are incredibly valuable. And they haven't won in twenty-six years you know they haven't been a significant factor in the NFL as a as a winner or a contender for you know. More than a quarter of a century. It's been but anyway The Urban Meyer stuff I thought was interesting. I think you know. In part the other part of this that I think in some ways is encouraging. Is that if Urban Meyer understands from the people that he talked to including former players. How bad it was here last year. Then Ron Rivera knows and I'm not suggesting that I thought that Ron Rivera didn't know I think some of you have concerns. That Ron Rivera doesn't know exactly what he got himself into. I think he does I think he does. I think he. He has spoken to culture now more than three times in various interviews. You know almost an admission that there has to be a culture change so Willy be allowed to to see it through. We'll time will tell on that one. I think he's GonNa get a chance certainly to get. It started in that direction. 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Was it more belichick or more Brady. I mean we've already had that debate but now that they're a part you know we're going to learn more about them now personally. I. I don't know what else you can learn about Brady. If he fails in Tampa he may have failed because he was forty two years old going on forty and that physically. He just was diminished as most players. Get you know to the that age. They have diminishing skills so I don't know that we're ever GONNA learn much about Brady like even if he plays great next year with by the way a terrific team around him and wins a super bowl. I don't think that that necessarily you know sort of separates him from belichick where you can say see. It was more Brady now. I think bellichik has more of an opportunity. Bella you know doesn't have a diminishing. Physical skill sets not required to be a coach. Bela CHEEK IF HE GOES ON TO WIN. A Super Bowl Or be a contender. You know in have a contending team for the next few years with say Jarret Stidham at quarterback. It's GonNa say a lot about belichick. It's a hell of a lot about chick. Now I bring this up because Asante Samuel Who played for the Patriots from two thousand? Three two thousand seven won two super bowls with the Patriots. it in on this particular discussion And he essentially said. It was always more Tom than it was bill. He said the following quote. I think bill belichick needed Tom to be successful. He tweeted this recently. Do you think Tom Needs Bill. My answer is no. Bill is known to be a defensive specialist. How many times did he have a top five defense into the did they? Were We win the Super Bowl? Tom Is always carried the team on his back with limited weapons. Josh mcdaniels. The one who really raised Brady not bellichik That was Asante Samuel weighing in now former Patriots Safety Rodney Harrison. Got In on the debate as well and he said quote. I think it's stupid. Essentially what Santi Samuel said because no matter how good those guys were together. Guess what. They weren't very good without tedy. Bruschi Ted Johnson Richard Seymour Willie mcginest I just think it's an injustice to all the great players that have come in there and really made major contributions to those championships. It's not just brady. It's not just bellichik so he wasn't necessarily saying it was more bellichik than Brady. He was just saying it. The defensive talent was better than sort of what Asante Samuel said. I I don't i. I don't know that we'll ever know for sure. I do. Think if bellichik goes on and wins big and contends for many more years with jace average quarterback or maybe a barely better than average quarterback that he will approved something Beyond what he proved with Brady and it will make us all in the long term future arguments. Say Look what Belichick did without Brady look what he did he. He won a super bowl with With Jarrett Stidham or he got to a super bowl which aired cinema. We went to two straight. Afc Championship Games in five. Had Five Straight playoff seasons with Jarrett. Stidham you know. Even that would be you know an indication of what a great Goetschi was but if he goes on to win the whole thing without Brady we're gonNA learn something about Belichick But anyway Personally I think it was both of them all along And I and I don't doubt that Belichick will have a well coached team. That plays well wins. Games goes to the POSTSEASON But I would be surprised if he wins championships. Without a really good quarterback you know a good to great quarterback Their teams have been at times. You know underrated defensively and usually when they've gotten to the post season they've been even better defensively than they were in the regular season. All right last thing I want to get to is that you know. This is sort of because there aren't live games but it's also because of the last dance in this documentary that is consumed sports fans for the last The last four weeks With the final two episodes coming this Sunday night. Espn NC CBS. Sports Dot Com did rankings of the all time. Nba Players. Now the the Espn DOT COM did a ranking of the top seventy four NBA players of all time. The seventy four Matching up with the seventy four year history of the League while CBS Sports Dot Com. Just did the top fifteen players of all time and ranked them in order. I'll start with the ESPN list. We'll do a little bit more on this tomorrow but first of all if you're wondering you know are there any. Washington players will the first thing when I see these lists. That are longer than ten or twenty players. I'm always looking for Elvin Hayes and for Wes unseld to see where they are on this list. You my personal feeling is that Elvin Hayes is one of the all-time Great Nba Power Forwards. And that he was probably a greater all around player than WES unseld. Even the WES unseld. Was You know hall of fame player in a phenomenal player in his own right? Don't get me wrong but I think he's had the better career. I think as is considered by most historians to be better Not by much but better. That's the way I see it at any time. And I've had this argument before and I think he always goes west at of a head of a head of Elvin Hayes And I'm talking about in Washington. You know Earl the Pearl Monroe and and and you know Gus Johnson et CETERA. Those are Baltimore. Bullets Not Washington bullets. So I go with the bullets. Since they've been Washington so on this list of seventy four players a man. This is a heartless to put together like even at the bottom of the list. You're talking about all time greats. Like the number seventy four all time. Nba Player is Artis Gilmore. The A train. I mean he was a great NBA player a great NBA player. You know a guy like Bob Lanier one of the all-time great centers is seventy one on this list. Bernard King Sixty Ninth Best Player fault. Saint Time I mean Bernard King was a ridiculous score Pete Muravich is sixty eight. This will make Tommy go crazy when I tell him this if he hasn't seen it already sixty eighth on the all-time list is Pete Muravich By the way Earl Monroe was sixty fourth on the list. Lonzo Morning Georgetown. Sixty third on the list. So I Willis Reed Tommy's all time favourite sixtieth on the list. Tommy will be apoplectic about that. Because I think he believes Willis reads a top ten player of all time. He's upper sixty on this list So number fifty on the list is wes. Unseld and number forty four on this list is Elvin Hayes. So Elvin Hayes is six spots ahead of WES UNSELD on this list. Elvin Hayes was a great player. The biggest problem with the biggie is. He didn't play his best in the biggest games that he played in he was not very good in the nineteen seventy five. Nba Finals against Golden State. He really wasn't very good. Nineteen seventy eight championship season. That they won. He was in foul trouble in game. Seven Seattle. He was on the bench when the game ended. You know now in seventy nine when they defended their title he had some of the best games he had had his entire career. As you know in the post season But he was just a scoring machine. He he's endurance. Level was all time never missed a game. He played a ridiculous number of minutes in every game he played in. He barely sat. He's an all time great. So as UNSELD Ahead of him by the way Russell Westward comes in forty second on this list but anyway The debate really starts when you get into like the top fifteen and you know. They're couple of guys outside the top fifteen. I mean I know Tommy would consider you know Willis Reed to be you. Know Worthy of top fifteen discussion Just outside the top fifteen guys that you know some of you might make case for Dirk came. In at Nineteenth Moses Malone came in at eighteenth Karl Malone at Seventeen in Jerry West at sixteen you could easily make the case for any of them to put him somewhere inside the top. Fifteen at fifteen was doctor Jay. Now I've always said and I've been mocked for it and that's fine that I think Dr J. is an all time great. Don't get me wrong. But in the conversation of the greatest when people put him into that conversation with bird and with magic and a Jordan you know before the Kobe Brian you know era these would be some of the conversations. I would say not. He's not in that group. He's not in that group he's an all time highlight reel player. You Know He. He's a great player. A clearly Dr J. was it'd be insane not to say that but I think in my on my list and I've always said this he's outside the top ten and he might be outside the top fifteen and I didn't try to act like Julius Irving wasn't you know top fifteen top twenty player of all time I just always had him on the backside of that countdown and on this list. Julius Irving is number fifteen you know and I guarantee you there. There will be some people that will have a problem with that that think. Dr J. should be higher up on this list. Here's his in front of him. Kevin Durant comes in at fourteen and Steph curry comes in at thirteen. So will be a debate. Among many you know curry versus durant. Curry's one spot ahead of them. I think that's fine for right now. Now durant still has. An curry still has time to continue to move up this list. Twelve on this list is his Hakeem Malaysia one. He's the guy that for me. In the same way Tommy thinks will read is always criminally underrated. I always feel that. Allies Yuan is underrated and doesn't get his. Do you know in the greatest centers of all time conversation. I put him right there after will and and recycle and Kareem. You know to me. He's right thereafter that now there are other centers in front of him like Shaquille. O'neal you know on this list. Oscar Robertson by the way was eleventh. And then you get to ten and that's where shack is. I think Elijah One's a greater player was a better player than shack. I would have him ahead of Shack. you know that's me at number nine is Coby Coby. Bryant definitely a top ten player and by the way the other titles he won. You know without moves him in front of Shack. I have no problem with him. Being at number nine Tim Duncan's eight and this is where you know again. A Guy I think allies one should be in front shack I think allies should be in front of Duncan Dunkin's one of the great winners of all time. Allies won two titles. Let's not forget that but Dunkin comes in at eight and then get into the conversation. I think that pretty much in recent years people have narrowed the list down. Try to get to some sort of Mount Rushmore at seven. Is Larry Bird? Right at seven. Is Larry Bird at six is will five is magic? Four is Russell Threes Kareem to is Lebron and one is Michael so I think that's the the the list you know. I think after bird seven I mean some of you may want coby on that list. Some of you may. When Duncan some I personally I think allies one could be in that you know in that truly elite group. But I think that you know when people talk about all right. Who's on Mount Rushmore NBA? All-time the list comes from the top. Seven like I think they got the top seven right. You know. Bird wilt magic. I think magic personally. I'd put magic ahead of you know probably Russell and Kareem Lebron to me magic would be number two after Michael I think Lebron's too high But you know this gets into that argument and I have it with my kids all the time I mean they think Lebron's the greatest player of all time and they don't they don't want to hear anything differently you know and they. They always point to the fact that Lebron leaves Cleveland and they're the worst team in the league the next year they're like. When did that ever happen? You know Michael Jordan left for those two years in the next year they won fifty five games without him and it's a good point. You Know Lebron every time. He left team. That team went basically went. Went to near the bottom of the standings. It's amazing what. Lebron did with certain teams like that team that he took to the NBA Finals against Golden State. That lost six with della Vedova in Amman. Shumpert in Timothy Mas. Goff I mean what a performance he put on put on an all time performance to carry that team to the NBA Finals. And be in it. They lost in six. I mean I I've come around on Lebron. You know being on a list like this. I'm not a Lebron fan a Mutt but and I am a a magic guy. I've always been a magic. I and I think magic and Michael in terms of the non center's are one and then two. I'd probably put Magic to behind Michael. You know it's close really close. And then you get into in the non center discussion for me. You get into Lebron but Larry Koby you know if you WANNA put Oscar on that list you know in terms of the non center's you put the centers into this conversation all time. Which is what they've done. You know ranking. The centers is tough. Because you know. Most people will look at Russell and say Great Defensive Center the greatest winner of all time. They'll look at Wilton. Say No greater player in terms of the gifts that he had the talented. He add the the numbers that he put up. You know cream. It's a combination of winning and the numbers. Then you get into allies yuan in and shack in Dunkin. I mean winners all of them. Numbers all of them But for whatever reason they're always sort of ranked is a little bit below Wilton Kareem in Russell Oh my my biggest gripe is we you know in the top fifteen is. I would have allies. You want a little bit higher. I'd have magic a little bit higher. I'd probably have Lebron a little bit lower. I probably have magic in front of Lebron for right now are I. I'm still leaving out. The possibility Lebron could move in front I think it's really hard with the centers in in the other players but I don't have a problem with Russell and Kareem being where they are. You know I'd probably move magic to to till four behind the two centres. He'd be number two in the non center conversation. But I I I love these lists this time of year And the CBS sports DOT COM top. Fifteen they had Jerry West fifteen. Dr J. Fourteen Curry at Thirteen Oscar twelve. Elijah wanted eleven. So one spot higher than they had koby at ten Dunkin at nine bird at eight shack at seven you know shack going on to win With weighed in Miami Is a you know a feather in his cap you know he got that done without. Koby there. Wilt comes in six magics five on this list to Russell Kareem Lebron and Jordan. So they had the exact same top five that Espn had actually. Did they have the same top? Six was wilt six on this list. Yeah the exact same Top six on this list. They had shack ahead of bird Anyway conversation for tomorrow I would think If Tommy wants to weigh in on that and I would guess That he Will want to do that. last thing before we run it's the whole baseball economics about returning the story Last night is that baseball. Basically held a call yesterday. Conference call yesterday Between owners and Players Association and the actual economics of of a return were not even discussed which is strange. You know what was discussed. Were a lot of the covy nineteen protocols including things like contact tracing and how they'll handle a positive test which by the way just as an aside is a bit encouraging in its own right the fact that they're talking about procedures in the case of a positive test rather than sort of throwing in the towel and saying if we get a positive test that teams out or we shut down. Because there's going to be a positive test in all of these sports and so if they're talking about moving forward and they understand there's going to be a positive test. I think somebody's GonNa test positive. I think that's encouraging if you want sports back I think that what the the the protocol will be obviously is if somebody tests positive. They're out you know maybe with contact tracing the four or five players that they've been in most recent contact with will be out now in football. What if they just played a whole team? I mean it gets really. It gets interesting but wasn't disgust and this is what I wanted to get to. What wasn't discussed were worthy economics? You know the Players Association believes that This conversation was sort of settled in March. The last time they talked in that they would be paid on sort of a pro rated basis based on the salaries they were due to receive and the reporting on. This has been that The owners are going to want a fifty fifty split that you know they they. They're going to pay the players based on. A percentage of you know overall revenue so that they're sort of sharing in the risk in this very unique season. Tell you what it's GonNa be really hard for the players With you know people dying and people without jobs and people being furloughed in healthcare workers putting their lives on the line every day. It's GonNa be really hard for the players to say you know The lease going generate four to five billion with an eighty two game schedule at fifty percent of that is just not enough That's GonNa be hard and at the same time you know they're going to be some of you. That would say well the owners can afford it. Just pay them the salaries But I personally think that there should be some sort of shared risk reward. It's it's unknown with. They're heading into in terms of revenue you know. They'll have a lot of fixed revenue when it comes to things like television and perhaps even certain sponsorships but they're certainly not you know a guaranteed amount based on last year's projection of of of attendance of people showing up the park. I think how that plays out will be very interesting on a lot of levels by the way I mentioned yesterday that I did a poll on the radio show yesterday about Tommy and I talked about it when you Wendy think you'd feel comfortable again going back to a packed stadium or arena. Fifty point five percent was the winner. I honestly don't know that was the answer I honestly don't know the more than half the respon- respondents and we had over three thousand votes fifty point five percents that I honestly don't know twenty five point six percent said they would do it now. Twenty percent said a year from now and people who said never that was at three point eight percent which I think on some levels encouraging of course I understand the people with underlying diseases in the elderly and that Del. This has been a moment in time which they can't you know? Put Back into the barn and that you know if they go to stadiums or arenas for concerts sporting events that they probably won't want to do it anymore. I get that but I think it's encouraging that that number is so low because it says to me that not everybody's thrown in the towel on this you know And that you know they they understand that. At some point they're going to have to get back to living their life and living their life assessing the risks and you know making plans to to try to minimize the risk. You know to a certain degree but to continue to live their life all right. I'm done for the day back tomorrow Tommy.

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