Ep 76: The Argument for Weird Al


The NC question yes we are to adult burst. Guess we love Bieber and that's why publicly stop America GonNa be you too. We Love Justin bieber clear. We're not be okay. Welcome back everybody to lonely girl. That's great. Oh my God you're already Rosebud. You're fired now. Just getting hi guys it's Korean here. <hes> <hes> Rosebud is in Los Angeles because she wrote for the Ah Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin and she has to go see her insults be slung at his face is amazing to me that and this there's just current talking out rose about it. It's amazing to me that Alec Baldwin hasn't been canceled because I mean he's just outright. I mean he basically everyone knows that he hit can basing our and he also like really eldest daughter a notorious <hes> phone message voicemail. I don't know if you remember that. He called her like the pig or something. I didn't hear that the only one person who's ever called me. A pig is <hes> comedian Mike Racine so shout out <hes> giveaway. She's doing the Baldwin's like what what are the chances Haley's there so yeah that's true Haley. His Dad is just outskirt clergyman or no he. I think I think I think we might like that that part of the family more than Alec does because he doesn't bring the heat doesn't bring shame to us and we'd Alec Yeah Allison Interesting Guy Though he's one of those guys kind of in like an Art Kelly way in that like we all know he's up to no good but we just have that's Alec Yeah Yeah Yeah it's embedded into so anyway my Rosebud and I decided because she's now she's now by coastal hostal <hes> and I haven't had internet or cable in a week which is almost the same thing as being by coastal. We're going to have guest co hosts for the next several weeks and who better to do that then the members of future pop sensation me also so this week we're starting with Olivia vessel. Hello this is great. I'm very excited. I I have a problem with strangers so I felt like I well. I know personally but then I was like let's just playing favorites and so I know I work with your boyfriend's. WHO's a comedian so I was like that's kind of like is knowing someone because at least I know who you tolerate a small community yeah yeah about the same people anyway yeah so we learn a little bit about you which which spice? Where are you <hes> well growing up? I always like to be sporty spice pony now that also no never picked Turtur yeah baby I get it okay. She's cute ginger whatever but like no one ever wanted to be sporty spice and I was like Sporty I stand by you that is true. No one did ever want to be sporty sporty and after going to London to see them. She's now besides posh my favorite to this day. I'm like I feel really proud of the fact that I saw that as a child silence yeah you're a hero twenty nineteen before twenty nine thousand nine happened. That's great okay. <hes> an in me. Also what kind of have you figured figured out because you've got you guys have roads. That aren't there because we're guys. I'm so excited about this group. It's really fun. We we all just immediately you were clicking and we kind of have our own little energy in the group. Yeah I think my thing is. I'm just overly excited about everything I did. I did notice so you came in with a such a positive energy the fact that you data stand up comedian. I thought was very funny because we're you know notoriously known for having real poor depressed sure sure yeah we we didn't talk about that too because I think I am lucky in that like if I have friends who want to stand up comedians. I'm like don't do it. Take a mess and I just feel really lucky that I happen to be dating. The one comic who I feel like is in like that I mean his jokes. He has jokes about like food and animals. It's very funny that you say because I walked into the showroom last night and he just had audience members shouting out items. Yes that's his thing and I was like. Did I walk into some kind of a preschool getting to know you. Exercise Key likes to say he's the diner menu of Comedians. He's got a little bit of everything and none of it's that good. I didn't hear that last part but that's great. That's it's all it's all. It's all food in animals. He goes around. He'll be like Doug. What's your favorite food? What's your favorite animal? I mean it's it's very different. Oh my gosh he's <hes> he's like a well adjusted adult who is silly. His jokes are silly okay. I I understand that now because they definitely silly energy as well yeah. We're very we're idiots together now when you start it did he was he a comedian when you started the data yeah yeah it's Kinda cool 'cause we we met like five years ago almost and and he was like doing open mics like a couple times a week and and he and I look silly songs together and stuff and we together and we've all making some I play Ukulele of course the white girl Ukulele clearly vibe glasses and and so we would just write silly songs together and then but then cool dating someone who like I can kind of zoom out. I only see his act like you know once every couple months or so I try not to see it too often so it's cool to be able to track like the open mic to the show occasionally now he I mean he did like five hundred twenty shows last year. Oh my God that's really cool to see him. He basically like lives. At this club called the lantern he looked managers shows there and stuff so he's MONOP- about him. I want to just because I know and then and then I also know that part of the reason talking to him last night and he said that you guys <hes> actually on your first date discuss. We're going to be discussing today because Rosebud eyesores hi so we're when I had the concept we'll introduce you one by one or possibly two by two for some of them <hes> to the members of me also and I wanted you know every episode is kind of about one thing idea or incident in pop culture that means a lot to you and so when I e mail delivery asking her she said Weird Al Yankovic Jankovic that's right <hes> who she wanted to discuss and then she also did add that she knows I don't respect for the record. Don't like Weird Al L. AT I don't I just I and this could be my issue. I fail to see I know some people really love him like you and actually you know famously lin-manuel Miranda's and actually I was going to talk about that. Yeah Okay so ten out weird Al I love this okay so I guess it worked for Minimum Aranda. I was taught junior talent management and talent managers assistant at a place called Liebman entertainment for five years before I went into comedy Limo Miranda one of our most famous clients. It's I knew about Hamilton like years before it happened because he had been writing it and really liquid not accept other additions and so I just knew that he was working on this this thing and you know he did a little one song from it for you know Barack Obama at one point and it was like we were just waiting and waiting and then tickets finally when they started doing previews at Joe's Ah at the public not Joe's pub the public <hes>. I just remember telling my mom like 'cause I know money. At that time I was like we gotta go and the rule was always is if I let my mom come with shows that she would pay for the tickets and I thought that was a great deal to like do like my mom and and so I was like we have to go. This is going to be the hottest ticket get in town. We have to go so I haven't even seen on Broadway. I only saw it at the public. which I thought was just like that yeah so yes so weird out you lin-manuel Miranda's <hes> and you're gonNA convince me yeah? I think if there's anyone who convinced you it's you you have a great energy. Thank you thank you. I feel very passionate about the median house me like what what is there about pop culture and I'd say like I'm not. I don't really follow pop culture that much okay. Don't I know faces really well but I'm really really bad at being like Oh yeah. This person was in this movie and this movie in this moving also worked with this person. I'm so bad that I just don't fuck so you can just it's very and then but then beyond that or like in my brain I can see the things the roles that I've seen her in. I know what I know her from but in terms of discussing thing it I'll be like oh well because she was also in that movie with that one person. Doing you know I'm just bad data Christmas. Yeah exactly got it uh-huh but so I was thinking about it and I was like you know there's I. I'm an actress I could like talk about like movies are actors or something that I'm interested in but when it comes is to music I think the weird Al is like I think he I mean he gets a lot of respect from his like Nisha group but I who's in his who is in Weird Al Oh he doesn't really have a nickname for his followers. There's not like the the believers guy. There isn't the Lovato so weird yeah okay. Oh I thought I thought you meant there was like some kind of a collective of people already. Maybe there is because the starting quick who else says parody songs I mean at this point like Youtube Stars. Yeah there has to be someone like only island is growing Yup. It's it's different than he does it together that that I bet together. I don't know about that but I think but I think yeah in terms of like parody songs they tend to be like one hit. Wonder kind of situations and Weird Al just amazes me and I think he he gets laughed out a lot. He's kind of like the carrot top of the music world yeah. He's kind of like people oh yeah no sure he's great but he's like the schick thing or he's I just think he deserves so much more respect respect then he gets because he's so silly <hes> but he's I mean think about it. He he started like seventy six when he was seventeen years old. Oh I didn't no no he was been around. I mean he has like a four decade career in the music industry and I can't think of any other artists who've been around that long a- ah like okay so like Michael Jackson Madonna Yeah we're wasting and that's what it is 'cause like <hes> not to mention that he doesn't have any like scandals like what do you know about his personal life yeah you you brought that point up and I will agree on that as far as having a real oh clean slate but not being like you know overly woke or precious about it because there's more like so clean and talk about how clean and amazing they are and you know those people have corpses is in their closet totally. I don't believe that when because like when George Takei had like some bullshit out on him I was like you're so obnoxious online of course yeah bad but for Weird L. The one thing I do know about him is comedy partner <hes> for guys we fucking sorry about last night Christina Hutchinson she when we're making deals she always always tells me about how weird Al was offered a really big. I believe it was for beer a really big beer superbowl commercial and he turned it down even though it was millions of dollars because he was like no young kids listen to me and that's not what I WANNA do and we we do use the weird owl technique for us because we don't we don't don't promote like tobacco alcohol or like cheap sex toy types yes or any weight loss pills even though we use all of those things are shared sure hundred percent. Don't we know publicly endorse US every one of those things. I WANNA be clear about. We don't we don't endorse I said because that's not the message that you want to have in people's ears yeah and I'm a I'm a almost thirty four year old adult so I know I understand what my limits are. I understand understand things that I can handle and if I had had that shit in my ear it when I was sixteen I think I was still had a good sense of self but who the Hell knows total title what Addiction Road I would have gone now and I think I can't think of any celebrity that doesn't have some kind of Shit in there 'cause it you know and so for him to have been relevant relevant for forty years and he doesn't like people don't really know about his life. People don't really know about his kids and his personal life in the these gone through and he he he is vegetarian and he's Christian but like no one knows and I feel like folks so as Hitler. Both Vegetarians and Christians can get a bad rap for being like shoving it down your throat a little bit. Yeah and people don't know that about him because again he's like he's going to try to stay family friendly but not in an obnoxious way away just that data's brand and he knows that that's what he needs to do to like maintain the following that he has and to make people happy that he that he cares about. I think thank you let me hit you with us. Maybe we know about anything in his life because no one cares that valid might be true <unk> but I don't know but I think of the weirdoes that do care okay like if you do some digging when we could we could struggling right now and we could try to dig up some dirt <hes> <hes> Gulf War. I started googling yeah. We need research break. Oh yes I know you stir used are googling but I'll say the only thing because I've I love love him so I've looked into him and stuff before but I a lot of people don't know this about him is that he I think he was like back. In the early. Two thousands <hes> both of his parents died from carbon monoxide poisoning like suddenly dropped dead one night and like people don't even know that I feel like most celebrities that would send them into US holy. By how old was he. Was He living ten years ago fifteen years ago. It was like an adult I'm using until you're like Oh my God I'm like I I would. I would be like Oh my God. I'm a multimillionaire yeah and I couldn't even like my parents aren't even living in a home with proper carbonate one exactly and it was like not it wasn't like they had cancer and he had like timer prepare for it or anything you know it was like completely sudden both of them at the same time and he found out like hours just before a show and he did it and he did his fucking show. I don't I don't know of many people who'd be able to do that especially considering his subject matter and he he has to be so <music> over the top and Wacky I mean he's like kicking his legs in the air and stuff and he's fucking hilarious guy his parents tied still on Samarra kicking it like we use rice at during that show is video footage of that show he just I mean not that I know of you just you just puck and did the show and made everyone laugh and just has brought a big smile to everyone space but he what he says about it is that he's grateful that he that he is who he is and then he had the content that he has to turn to <hes> he he just started a tour of like his biggest album at that point okay and and he finished the tour and I think so many people bowl quit towards for so much less <hes> and and I think I think it's because of the comedy and this has Kinda WanNa talk about about like why I love him. So much is because I think I think theme for this podcast is definitely like <hes> how how nice it is able to turn to like the fluff sometimes yeah how you kind of need that and you can't always be like trying to save the world and listening to NPR podcast and sometimes it's nice to turn on the fluff that that is the point and I'm so glad you really do Nazi like I I think I make myself very clear points. I am trying to make where things I'm trying unlike people will then read way more into it or into it or just sideways into it with both the podcast I do and that's exactly what it is like. We started this obviously last year. I was personally dealing with every week the metoo movement on Ah guys we fucked and it's funny I was dealing with it because I feel very honestly like blessed to not have been raped which statement to be a woman and twenty eight nineteen but it it was just so heavy and yeah we've we've like guilted ourselves into thinking that every moment especially as like a white person. Who Do you have like a pretty nice life? You just feel like you're walking around and you're like I shouldn't be enjoying anything until everyone has a home I and a job and is off so easy to get caught up and all that stuff and so I think that's why people love pop music we love TV shows. That's why we've been shit and I think comedy is a huge part of that and I think there's been such a huge comedy boom lately like th I mean it's just every everyone and their dog is a fucking comedian. It's accessible content I always I think it's the art of the people because it's I mean there is certainly pretentious comedy net but there there's a there's so many different types of comedy. You don't really need any money to make comedy. You don't just rely on it. Yeah and I think that Weird Al Anyway away kind of did that for the music world and no one else was doing that a music is a it's so and like even even pop songs I think music it takes itself way too seriously and and weird Al took nothing seriously. You know I think he he takes that seriously also unite he ah he wants to just like Brighton People's Day he just wants to be that silly stupid thing that people can just tune into and zone out and laugh and I think that's so powerful and he's been doing that for forty years and you go to his concerts. I've been to like four or five going out because yeah I think I think <hes> do you not childhood like why he wanted to make people happy you know I don't know I wonder actually if there was like some deep dark shit in his trial it or something you have something that I know yeah what I do know. Is that <hes> he. I guess like a traveling salesman. Els Men came through his is down. Okay alling accordions okay. This is the most weird thing you've ever heard and so oh his parents I guess they could choose between piano or accordion. I guess and his parents were travelling salesman or just like the traveling salesman I guess he was coming through selling stuff and he was also GonNa be teaching classes at the school or something and so here's he only wears he. Where is he from <hes> Midwest somewhere Downey California? Oh no I didn't know that I like about it yeah every type of places in California totally but so he so I guess his parents had chose the Accordion Gordian because what's the thing that they say it's so funny. They said it was going to be like the next big thing and rock or something. They had this vision that they were like. Oh my gosh this. This is like no one else is doing this this is this is the next big thing like show Biz Jon Benet Ramsey household. I don't I don't think so I think they just wanted their son to learn an instrument okay yeah and they chose Accordion. Probably it was silly. Probably it made them laugh who knows and then an and so he studied it in school for a few years and then he was getting better than everyone else in decided to stop studying with anyone and then just kind of self taught by listening to rock bands bands and listening along because yeah you learn the whole Elton John Album and the yellow brick and he just on the accordion which that is impressive impressive in and of itself because accordion complicated complex yeah. It's like piano on crack okay. It's crazy because I've never even attempted. I can play an as you can play the violin I can read music. I tried the flute. I don't I can't do anything wind. I get migraines. I yeah so I and you know violins certainly a difficult instrument to be really good at and the for some reason like the piano can play a little bit in the Mike and read music but I have my keys march arched like a little baby so I can't imagine like being able to do the rhythm of the in and out and then also the key is like oh he buttons I oh I don't I don't know I've always wanted to learn the accordion. I feel like that's on brand for me. Should I want to but my my little brother is actually a professional trumpet player. He does jazz trumpet a bit and I have a very musical family <hes> but I told him a couple of years ago that I was interested in learning the accordion and he was like live does so fucking gin stupid. You know how difficult that is. He was like you might be good but there's no fucking way in your twenties. You're just going to pick up the accordion. I was like all right. Okay Ms Music theory ingenious over here all right. I know some people aren't look different levels. You could learn it. You don't have to be ordinary at everything everything of different kinds of little things I could probably start with a children's accordion without all the buttons and it's basically just piano at that point because they're heavily true according to her heavy right yeah yeah I picked one up. There are fucking their intense and he dances around the stage. I mean he so he. They were together as a band for a while and then they got a keyboardist because because he was like oh I wanna be able to focus on singing more age. Ya Go became a band so now they have like a keyboardist in their hairband. Does he have the same people with him for this the heck yeah so he's like timber and like really Louis totally. It's really cool to to consider that like I mean I yeah. I don't know how interesting this is to other people but it's definitely one of the reasons that I love weird Al because that band if you think about it they're playing the songs of like every single genre do Amish Paradise from gangster's paradise all the way to like a surgeon Madonna's like a virgin and then they do they. They do stuff in the style of nine inch nails which I don't know if you've heard that song but which one do the parody date so this is one of his originals he read they dial yeah but they do it in the style of bands so he has a song called germs okay and it's like I feel like if you're going to like a song but that's the one that's I think think your entry point to weird. Al Okay should listen to germs. It's in the style of nine inch nails and it's like there are Lova me like it's intense. It's really funny. It's fucking silly and stupid because he okay so. I think that's my problem weird. AL's a person I've honestly only heard really positive things about but for me like there's there's a lot of great people in the world you know who have done wonderful things and that does not necessarily mean that you deserve fame and success I think I I think it's like you. You know hopefully like your destiny or fate will turn out nicely I so I guess my issue as an artist is that he is really known for parodying and just I think it's like when I know how to do something. I'm not impressed by it so yeah I already song is a lot like my mom and I actually like for like school projects or something would always like wait a parody song or like parody poems like party is of like the night before Christmas how the grinch stole Christmas. That's like I would do that all the time <hes> so I think because it's something people would be impressed. Bless you Alfie. People would be impressed but I think it's because it's something that I can do that. I don't find to be that difficult I right. I think that's where my lack of respect. Well okay so these are this is my this is how old debate that so <hes> a lot of people I mean <hes> ah so many countless fans will send word ally uh-huh and he I love his approach to this. He does not accept anyone's ideas for songs rape because and this reminds me have a lot of comedians that I know where it's like if someone else has thought of it even the idea of it. If there's anything else like that then I'm not GonNa do that because if anyone else could think of it then it's not me <hes> so he he will only come up with ideas that are his and I think a lot of people right parody songs a lot of people ah but not only is he writing his parody songs but his band is basically transcribing from ear they listen to the songs and the songs are like perfect when when we were all song start. You don't always know that it's him <hes> you don't until he starts singing and then you're like Oh. This isn't this isn't my Sharona. This is my Bolognia. You know so it's like I always think so. It's cool to consider like the band actually has to be incredibly credibly talented because they can do every other bands stuff respected Camille Camille is yes so I think that's something that I think he earns is a little bit of respect for in my book that he's not just like he's not just writing lyrics <hes> that they are and he'll do the music videos as well almost shot for shot and okay has directed a bunch of music videos for other artists. I mean he like yeah I think he he doesn't make for Ben Folds and and yeah and I think I think a lot of artists will reach out to him especially. If they have like a funny idea for a music video. There'll be weird al a few he's done on and he has so much respect from other musicians. <hes> like the music world considers it a rite of passage when weird out parodies them like Kurt Cobain rain when when Weird Al did smells like Nirvana the paired hand smells like Teen Spirit Nirvana was like Holy Shit. We've made it <hes> like weird Al's covering covering on it's like this is because it's my I always my goal has always been to be mentioned as a part do in Adam Sandler's Hannukah song got heartbeat heartbeat but yeah the day that'll be it. That's always been like all know I've meaning when I'm in Adam Sandler's Hannukah song so okay I under I understand that that is cool and I mean to play devil's advocate for to myself. You know it's like a lot of people can parody songs but a lot of people can write regular songs too but I don't like shit on regular regular music. Yeah I think it's I guess it's just because it's like Oh what is like when you say like what is the weird. Al Style is weird Al Sil- like is there a signal like. Do you feel like there's a signature into his silliness that you can be like this feels weird al I certainly know his look his ass fetig his hair has glasses shirts. I get that developed <hes> <hes> but as far as like the difference between his comedy and another person's comedy. I guess maybe that's a question I yeah I mean I don't know so much in terms of like the choices that he makes lyrically <hes> but I will say just his staying power like again. Most parody songs are like one hit wonders but the fact that he's able to sustain that evergreen yeah. He doesn't do a lot of stuff it. He just you know like if he's talking about yet. Germs or amish those are kind of error green concepts. They're not concepts that are and I'm surprised though because even with like Amish Paradise I like he's never been hit with like people be out stuff yeah and I think it's because it's so silly that it's like almost obnoxious. You know what I mean. It's not yeah I think a lot of Comedians I mean and who knows if he were to release that song today. People might have a fucking heyday with it but yeah he's. It's so obviously a joke <hes> that you would be initiate to get offended by it. I think sometimes comedians get hit with stuff because there's no I'm joking right. Now like I'm talking is that this is my opinion yeah. He did not doing Burley's things about like abortion right right yeah the lighter topics do you have you seen because I'm on his wikipedia page. I haven't seen it yeah yeah. I haven't there's nothing snow Seattle scantily stuff. There's MIS attribution and imitators what has a screen shot of lime wire WPRO guideline wire that takes me back showing a large number of parodies mis attributed to Yankovic and it's Yankovic right okay because I know he's a kid yeah <hes> wrong as well numerous misspellings. Oh yeah often history name is misspelled and thus mispronounced yankovitch among other variations ends much much to the disdain of Yankovic these MIS attributed files included songs that are racist sexually explicit or otherwise offensive yeah okay and he's he's very open spend about saying that he every single song he's written is out like he doesn't have like a vault of he's not going to be prince or he's not going to have like a vault or nine when when he dies because he he follows through he has an idea and he does it and he releases it and he's actually this is another thing that I think okay something that I really respect him for as like a business person so it's funny to talk so seriously about him because he's so silly but <hes> but he when and <hes> I forget which album it was but <hes> he started releasing a bunch of songs just on Youtube and he would film these music videos and just get them out because he was like in today's age age. You can't wait to get the album complete because by the time you it's not relevant anymore. That is so important for hardees you have to you have to do it. The next day is exactly and you have to be like the first thing up there so he got fucking smart with it and he got in touch with like a college humor and Funnier die. I felt like a bunch of the different like comedy comedy video sites that there are <hes> and he did this whole thing where he released an album it was like a new music video every day for a week wow and he and he did it with a lot of different platforms so that because he didn't want the weight of it to kind of be on any one person's shoulders or anyone entity shoulders so he spread it out and and it was so fucking smart because then everyone was talking about it for a full week and every time like a new thing was coming out and <hes> and he he just did all of these like Internet releases is and then eventually put them on an album sure but but he was like honestly like he got so much success from that that was his biggest thing he was like this is the wave of the future and he was like I and he he also also he produces things on his own. I think he has his own label because he that would know while ago yeah he got sick of that and he was like I want to do this my <music> own way and yeah so he's he smart in that way he's like controlling his own stuff and he's he's in charge charge of the things that are being put out online and he's <hes> and he's like marketing in a really smart way yeah he's in control of his own doesn't have you watched his a his. TV show or the movie said Yes wrote and starred in the film UHF. What does it even stand for <hes> so it Ohio at Stanford? It's <hes> it's supposed to stand for the like radio waves. I don't remember what it stands for released internationally as the video from. UHF CHEF is the funniest fucking movie ever. I grew up watching she met hung it like once a week. My brothers and I would go to the video store and we would get that all the time. It's so furniture and is in and Michael Richards. Okay plays the janitor of the so how Philip Philip's Yahoo is good friends with weird on. Actually we've seen him. He liked tours with okay so it's for him yeah yeah if you guys are not <hes> not familiar. emo Philips is kind of an an iconic alternative comedian who you might if you see him or if you do a quick Google but definitely should know Philip says and that that makes sense knowing that they are friends that if dot actually if I had a list of Comedians I'd be like Philip Santiago assigns. It's a funny movie plot. He's just this guy who's like <hes>. He's just he's like the straight man but he's injured our weird al he's a dreamer and you can't keep a job and he's just always his mind is always going weird. Okay <hes> but it's cool because the plot of the movie because he's such a dreamer than he has all these different things that he's imagining where he's you know so then they parody Indiana Jones okay. He's you know he's like trying to steal the thing and the big rock doc is chasing him okay silly so he he uses that as a way through this character's imagination to parody other movie plots <hes> but again yeah yeah so then he then this character <hes> he ends up owning a small television station and it's like against all odds okay becomes the hottest thing and a little wins World Yeah Okay Huber Winds Yeah and he does all this television programming which is just fucking ridiculous and and that allows them to do basically a bunch of different sketches of different television programs okay they have have like the wheel of fish where they have this guy who used to live above weird. AL's character the like taekwondo instructor who's like it's fucking lookin stupid but they like spin the wheel officials like all. It's like it's fucking stupid and he does a lot of different sketches in there. It's funny movie. You haven't seen this movie. The faulk in water an hour and a half came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the budget was five million immed- six point one million not bad so Yankovic Stars is George Newman shiftless dreamer who stumbles into managing a low budget television station and surprisingly find success with his eclectic programming choices in parts parts spearheaded by the antics of a janitor turned children smile originals. That's Michael Richards only speedometer. He provokes the ire of a major network station that dislikes the competitive upstart. <hes> oh the title refers to ultra high frequency analog television broadcasting band on which such low budget television stations often. We're pleased in the United States okay that's cool that's cool and it's silly and it didn't have great reviews when it first came and said Yeah but since then it's like a cult classic it's similar to like rocky horror picture show or <hes> you know one of the one of those cold the room okay and Fran and rusher plays a newscaster on his radio station which is funny 'cause voices so like news casts your voices have to be so so let's move so clean and they hired her basically because they thought it'd be funny to have a voice the newscaster I love I love and the cameraman is played by his name Yeah Billy Barty. I think okay a little person and he's you'd recognize them. He's like the little person and a bunch of movies but it's funny because he's the cameraman so she's looking down. It's just it's like so silly and so many different ways yeah I kind of like let let like a against all odds like let's make all the wrong choices and so <hes> yeah oh and he was on an episode of Scooby Doo. That's why he more than anyone that I can think of has been in like every TV show he was on the simpsons. He wrote a song for homer and marge. Oh He's been referenced it in any short like I'm sure there's an episode of friends where they referenced him because there isn't like everyone knows him and even if you don't don't listen to them and you don't really know his stuff you know you know him. You can recognize him by looking at him yeah <hes> so I was wondering because it looked like he hadn't released an album. Since two thousand fourteen gene Burns doing a strings attached tour two thousand nine hundred which I saw it's amazing saw yeah into till stadium. It's so he's still he's still selling out stadiums and he's sixty years old. He's turning sixty at the end of our and he literally is still kicks his leg above his fucking head I mean he is running around that stays around around. He's so he's just you wouldn't know how old he is because he is okay. I feel like I wanna I wanna I wanNA see a concert of of his. I will take you. I mean yes ninety. Two so nineteen seventy six starts I mean I'm looking at his discography. Obviously I'm I was born. In nineteen eighty five five the first thing that on his discography that I recognize is nineteen ninety nine's running with scissors. That was my first one as well. That was my introduction to it. I I have a couple oh brothers and they were obsessed with him and I think it's a great for a brother sister like daily. I my whole thing my whole childhood was like impressing oppressing my older brother who bullied me as a kid. He's like Oh stupid you know so so when he liked I was great. I will listen to weird Al Okay has to H- so running with scissors and honestly I think this is why Joe and I are together. My boyfriend and running with scissors comes out my brother is obsessed with it. We listen to it on the way to school every single day and <hes> and the end of that album there is a song called Albuquerque <hes> it's eleven and a half minutes long and it's a story song and it's just fucking ridiculous. There's hardly any singing in it. Is it about Albuquerque New Mexico or okay yeah yeah. It's just a fucking story song and I memorized the whole thing. I was like I I mean this is like me as a child being like the most fan girl I've ever been where I memorized that entire album. I'm like they're impressing. You're you're like an older brother or sister is on such a next level. I think even surpasses doing doing something to impress a romantic. Oh possible romantic partner I think so I think so it was almost like a father figure kind of of just like I need his approval respect his approval yeah and <hes> I memorized that whole album and then also I loved it myself you know so it was I wouldn't have done it like he played video games to. I'd never try to learn play play the video games with him. Finally you like something that's tolerable bagley exactly this so I- memorized Albuquerque and on all these years later on my second date with my current boyfriend I- Weird Al came up and I was like Oh yeah I know I memorized Albuquerque and and he was like no way girls don't like weird Al what just so I know so I just like started singing it and he was like okay. Okay you can stop. I don't do the things the key I'm begging. You and I think that was like it. He was just like Oh shit like this is a girl who likes weird al where when do you find that yeah so yeah yeah we we've gone to where we're at all concerts three or four wheel concerts together. The strings attached tour was really cool because he did a bunch of songs. He doesn't normally do in concert because he did them with <hes> like symphonies he did them like a symphony orchestra so it's a bunch of songs that he the don't the sound really great on the CD but they he just doesn't normally do them in concert because okay hard to replicate them and is he doing one at four so stadium. Could he saw multiple nights. What's his appeal liking then? He did a couple nights. I WANNA see how many P- unless you know if the top of your head so I wanted to see how many were associates I'm always curious fucking huge and like to is in the audience. It's like kids five to eighty five because it's a good thing like for apparent liked nostalgia to be like Oh. My kid isn't know what visit I can't. I'm not going to take him to like a Bruce springsteen concert 'cause they're not gonna get it but I can take him to a Weirdo and it's closed fourteen thousand seats for associates and it was packed yet. Everyone's in Hawaiian shirts big trader. Joe's convention of Crack Pool is it was cool and every other time that I've seen him we saw him in <music> in. Oh Fuck what the fuck in King's theatre in Brooklyn. Oh I saw garbage there. It's a beautiful theater. Get Her theater. We saw him there that was when he did a tour last year. That was just originals. Only a ridge less people came yeah. It was yeah it it was I didn't even know it was crazy and he <hes> he rarely does things like Albuquerque live because it is eleven and a half minutes it was fell but so he we were like okay originals like Obama's Albuquerque and and he starts his intro to a song and he's like okay okay normally do this one. It's a long story song. Some of you might know it from a different fucking song one about being on a bus and Joe and I'm a boyfriend and I we like all right. Well you know maybe next time maybe next time and then we were like if he's doing this long song like he's going to do another one and then immediately after that song he did Albuquerque and the whole crowd you could tell the whole crowd was feeling the way that we were. Yes manipulated you. He's okay that it makes me cry. We cry you hold hands. Oh Yeah Oh yeah we were like swaying all these behind me hands on my hips. You know we were fucking. Oh My oh my God wow that song so much I listen to all these songs now. It's gone spar by Yeah Yeah. Kids start with germs. Oh Gosh feel like you'll you'll get it. Oh my God and then <hes> well. I'll do my own. Maybe we can in a little bit in there. They don't WanNa Lake. I don't WanNa ruin it for you. I don't like it. I think our Senate Irene on people like I get it if you you know it's not for everyone it is really silly. That's the thing I I have a problem with silliness because there's multiple reasons like <hes>. My brother is a little more silly than me but I can get away with my brother and I would say like silly like my. I have come from a feeling that we're like we love comedy comics accepted but like we're not especially my mom is really like not into silliness. It's like frowned upon and so so I guess there is a part of me that thinks of lake silliness as like a lesser comedy when I can see reality. I don't think that you know being compared to the long now. I don't think that's true at all. I think that <hes> silliness is this really beautiful thing that so many adults lose and so if you're able to you be silly but I think it's like so few people are able to be silly onstage and then be a functioning human being in real life yeah and not like I'm getting tired. Oh yeah a lot of people who are silly are like immature or annoying exactly yeah. You can't turn it off even like you know God wrestle but like a Robin Williams. I couldn't exhausting around people like that because I always feel a bit lift left out and comedy in a good way just because I'm a real functioning adults like I truly am. I have my shit together and I and I appreciate weird because it's like it seems that he just really early likes to make people laugh and have a good time and that there's no he was slapped in the face repeatedly and run away from that he has a family. He's a normal guy. He he has one daughter is a key the daughter it said one Nina is his daughter and then. Do you know anything about his relationship like his marriage orig- <hes> just that it's good that I haven't heard about it like it. Suzanne they married in two thousand and one but after being introduced by mutual friends bill is just like the most normal thing okay and <hes> yeah and he doesn't you know he doesn't do interviews where he talks about his family and stuff you know he's his and in interviews. It's I kinda wish that he talked about himself more like opened up <laughter> but he's so silly that he's like. This is my public persona and I think it's a bit bit of a wall where he wants to be a normal person and yes to have his own life and you know he's like I'm weird Al Now and then you can go home and like the Brady Alfred Fred Yeah Yeah I think so and he I mean I think what you're talking about like with the silliness like but I think that that for you it was pop <hes> that for you was like the spice girls the that your way of doing that we're for me like I that for me was was weird Al and I had like like so I kind of mentioned this a little bit in the audition also but when I was twelve I was hit by the train. Oh thing okay imagine thing yeah I would like these overground trains in Salt Lake Ray grew up and it ran a red light on my car. Oh I got to talk to you about something. Okay Great <hes> but yes so <hes> so it was tough. I mean it was I was twelve. I was the summer before Seventh Grade Shit. I have scars on my face. My face was like shattered. My nose was completely been though that so there's above ground trains where you like play. I just didn't know I was I was in a car driving. Oh Rain Ran. It's fucking read like four cars at pass through the intersection Cronica Salk so we were just t-boned and it just hit exactly where I was sitting Shits Chits and my family my little brother was in the car in front of me and he got like a scratch on his back from the seat belt fuck and my mom went down the steering wheel and had like black is uh-huh. I'm like a bump on her forehead. Some spinal stuff years later that had to be taken a herniated disc okay so that was a big deal a few years later but but then each hit exactly exactly where I was sitting and the door like caved in into me went down on it like with the whiplash so my face went down onto the shattered window holy you should feel like my nose was shattered and I I wear makeup. You can't really see it. It's been like fifteen years since then but I have scars all up and down the right side item. I say Oh my God I have to draw in because half my Iras and grow in I like could have been blinded. It was like really I mean wow. That's pretty that you're alive so yeah exactly and it. I don't remember any of it because our brains are. I was GonNa ask you like do you remember the moment or the failure you just you just like like blackout. Yeah okay okay. I remember like everything up to that point that day and then just waking up in the hospital and it was a weird sensation because I was like I knew what had happened to me physically physically my body knew what had happened to it when I got here by using really traumatic surprised to be waking up in a hospital okay like something fucking happen but in my body okay but I was like okay mom like what what were the facts of the thing that got me. It was like I knew it. My Body knew it yeah but I didn't have the memory of it Asia so and I was like Oh that makes sense makes sense. It's probably good that you don't 'cause I would imagine that'd be like a lot of PTSD experiencing. If you had this kind of vision of a try I feel fuck tuck in lucky honestly like I wish I could like trade places with either my mom or my brother because they have the memory looking back at me and figure they just Wash Guy Shit Yeah. My little brother was eight years old at the time 'cause fucking intense. I can't imagine what that did to his psyche that but you know that I had years of it would be funny. My friends at school would be worried about boys acne and I'd be like cable. I have a meeting with my plastic surgeon and my lawyer after school so you know I hope you said Ah surgeon and my lawyer about train law so are you like do you are trains triggering figuring for you on it for a while. I was like fuck this. I'm never getting on a train ever perfectly fine. I mean I can move on the MTA now on it's it's been awhile since then okay. It's fine but I think like in that time what I remember most it's about being in the hospital and like healing and stuff is laughing with family. That's what yeah <hes> yeah and and I think weird Al was like a huge gateway to that a- and <hes> and just being able to like turn on a weird album and listen to that on the way to school. I'm not worried about the boys or the acne or the scars or like my arm is in a sling and I have to lake where a big floppy hats and my to protect my face from the sons. I don't burn my scars ars link should that like no one entering seventh grade just already like the toughest buccaneer exactly I mean seventh grade is one of the years I remember most just because it's like wouldn't you know my friend group split between the girls who cared about being popular in the end the girls who just kind of like doing our own thing girls care about not opping popular the ones who go the other direction and full crappy now wasn't that wasn't like mean about it but yeah. I was just like whatever everyone's doing <music>. I'm doing the opposite so I guess I'll wear my shirt and not inside out of your recipe Warren guys I think for me that was comedy because I was just I like the fact that I could just be silly and not care about anything else and just anything I think a lot of comics have something in their past with a lot of people people who drift towards the comedy arena have something in their past were they. <hes> you know they like need the comedy right and I think the I mean yeah. It really got me through that time time in having something that I mean also since then my older brother used to tease me all the time yeah that really snapped him into shape. Oh Yeah it was like Oh shit. I almost lost her Ashby Nicer than real nice to me. Since then a near death experience all you just keep on your car but so but then it was nice because then when weird Al was like a thing we can do together <hes> and it wasn't. I didn't feel the need to like impress them anymore. And then we could laugh together an and my little brother and I we grew up doing theater together and we were in the same like children's dance theatre together and he and I when we get together we are so fucking silly he he makes me laugh harder than anyone we just we just like giggle the whole time and we like play hide and go seek in Costco's and you know what I mean like. We were fucking stupid together. We act like children and I think it's really really important for adults to be able to tap into that when we were saying you know and I think it's important especially for adults who have their shit together and can like run their own business and our fucking mature and can take care of shit to be able to tap into that silliness it because it's being an adult is is overwhelming. No one teaches you how to do it all of a sudden. You just getting like I mean I like purchase a home in the fact that someone gave me a home is while you know it's it's truly wild and I mean I'm asking questions like okay now. How much money has to be in this bank account? And how will I know when to pay this mortgage. You know now and it's and it's great because along you realize just everyone is just kind of like trying to get through it because like no matter how stupid of a question I've asked no one's responded like that's crazy and half the time I was writing asking because the people forgot to buy a lot of people aren't good at asking to a lot of people are like I'm an adult. I don't need to ask yeah and I'm confident in the level of intelligence. I have like I'm not an idiot. I'm smarter than the average person however you know if I could choose anything to to be like I always say I would choose to be smarter or Funnier never prettier. It's like honestly like I think I'm like yeah pretty enough that you know write these those other things would help me more but it's just it's it's just really funny. How will especially with comedy girls who are funny? I feel like people are always like will she must be cute like that. That's the stigma where it's like. She is the kid or something and I feel like that. was that was the thing for me. I had all these scars on my face. I was young with all this shit and so I was like okay but watch. This guy didn't in have because it's so funny that you say that that you felt that way because <hes> <hes> well number one. I love to tease your boyfriend. I'm like if I was a male comedian. I I would just have a hot girlfriend every every month median house like the hottest girlfriend so you're waiting to me but when you walk in because it's like not only are you. You're very pretty but you're also really talent like a really good singer and you're good at dancing and so I think oftentimes people go well if they can do that if they can quote like normal like why would you bother being funny when I think being funny is the hardest of those things and the coolest absolutely absolutely and it's the one profession where you have to be even more talented if you're attractive because you're working against that and I genuinely feel lucky lucky that I had this horrible accident happened in my life because for a long time I wasn't a pretty girl yeah you know what that feels like because it's Dooley's tap into that and I think like we talk about race we talk about gender we talk about financial status. We don't often talk about going through life as an attractive or unattractive attractive person and its concept share. It totally does very interesting and I think like you know if people my whole life have been like Oh. I can't even see you the scars <hes> and I'm like but that's almost like worse because it's like well. I am scarred right. I want you to see my scars and think I'm beautiful. <hes> like not like Oh. I can't can't even see the scars or like the scars but you're still beautiful ray. It should be a no I see your scars and I love your scars and they're beautiful and they make you you yeah yeah so oh so that's been a big thing for me and my whole life and I I've always felt a need to like I mean as I decided I wanted to be an actress the summer I was hit by this fucking train so right before summer theater camp <hes> and I was like this is it I love this. I was cast in like a melodrama as like the young girl. My first line was but mother I can't help it. If all boys fell in love with me at first sight like I was like that fucking and then I was hit by a train and my face was shattered and I was like Oh and I had this moment in the hospital bed where I was like okay. I cannot do film then I was like okay. I'm just resigned to this. Theater is going to be my thing. Fuck everyone who tells me I can't be an actress <hes>. I'm still GonNa do this and then I started leaning hard into comedy <hes> and I was like I'm. I'm just GONNA be like an entertaining person. I'm GonNa make everyone's Day happy. I'm going to be the hardest worker because I was like. I don't have this to rely on my looks or whatever that thing is <hes>. I can't can't be the pretty girl then I'm just going to have everything else going for me so I'm writing deniable and then and then lucky for me my scars have faded a lot and <hes> and if for anyone who thinks that I'm pretty I'm like fucking. Thank you is because my whole life I wasn't that wasn't my focus at all and that's what that's what makes you such a captivating person when you walk into a room because I think I'll take it's interesting. They're like vibe that a pretty person person has when they walk into a room and it's not necessarily conceded it. There's there's this an energy and it's like when you walk into a room. It's like we see we have is so he can see but you are bringing so much more so it's not it's not like the most noticeable thing about you. Oh which I think is great. That's cool yeah. I would like for it to be like Oh inches cute or like yeah. I know I wouldn't people trashing rushing you ready to say I'm GonNa go oh. You're lucky that I'm even like a seven. I mean come on. I didn't even I don't even need to put lipstick on today. She said absolutely the fuck <hes> yeah and I think for me like weird. AL was such a huge part of that where I could like tap into that silliness and now so like i Joe Oh and I together since he's like a comedian and a writer and an editor and I had this background in like acting and dancing and singing voice I mean you guys are person show over there. It's ridiculous so we have our whole. Living Room is a green screen. We've got camera lights and sound and everything that we've been producing these silly sketches and we wrote these. I have this character that I used to do. All the time and stand up shows <hes> am I do it every now and then it's called Olivia's corner <hes> which is like. I'm like a children's TV show host. It's it's very peewee Herman Comfy Cow. I love that I like dress up in a clown suit and my Ukulele. Is it truly happy or is it like death to smooch because I love his as little. It's a little depth this new show so kids could listen to it like I. I was a nanny. The whole first year that I lived in New York. I loved the songs <hes> there's there's layers to it looks like a kid could appreciate it but an adult is going to be like yeah. It's so like we have songs. That are <hes> if kids don't if if it's not for kids because they just won't get it right. We have a song that's called. You can't get a job with a face tattoo. This is coming full circle because literally the reason I I wanted to talk to you about concerning a man with face out to you from Salt Lake City serendipitous serendipitous. Is that can't get a job. That's why he's a comedian yeah yeah so I mean look for against tattoos is just like if you have a face tattoo he's going to be you know and he will agree with you. I'm always like you need to buy stocking cap on these tattooed can see because they're going to work for you. Buddy are songs are like four kids but for adults so it's like we have an ABC song called D. S. four divorce. ooh My God a song. That's like dealing with bullies where I get. I get hard with the kids you know and my advice is like well yeah. Everyone's GonNa tell you to tell someone. Can you talk to your teacher something but my advice is just punch him in the face yeah just like fucking one punch yeah and then they'll start messing with you so it's it's silly. It's like four kids but it's it's four adults so I'd do it in stand up shows every now and then and and it's cool that like my boyfriend and I connected on this weird Al thing <hes> and then that's kind of what we ended up doing and honestly like if I was doing that the rest of my life I be so fucking happy if we just had our own production company and we're just and integrate musical comedies you can make the contents yeah. It's like especially if you have that set up in your living room. That's so that's so great. This is some you'll see full circle. I honestly you said you don't I have a podcast and there are so many people with podcast who are really bad at it and you're very good at this was a true joy. We want our didn't even care I was looking at I was like this is great. Eight feels like produced in the best way episode of cereal so as you know we end the show the same way every week Eka what is making you feel less lonely this week I think me also yeah new girl band so happy we had one girl who wasn't able they come to a hersal last time she DMV on instagram. I yeah and I was like Oh meet up. You like I'll go over. What we went over? We can get together view on get together. We haven't yet but we're planning in the group yeah and she's kind of went out of all of us. I think has the least background in performance or acting thing like that. She's Elise Lis Polish and I say that with love because we we all notice I mean you better you know of well into our. I'm sorry early into our thirties. I'm very open about my age not trying to ruin anyone else's career but we walked in all my God like if someone can harness this comment from the sky she has she's. He's GonNa be like this. Beautiful beautiful girl discovered doing karaoke. Yes yes yes. It's very like Mariah glitter. I feel that yeah okay so let's makes me so happy because I yeah the joy that I experienced going to lend into see the spice girls I was like this is that was what I had been missing from my life and even then starting this podcast getting into Bieber again you see Justin Bieber books in my <hes> you know bookcase my aunt Warhol all I'm very into like just Americana culture my spice girls candles and so with making me less lonely. This week is actually I moved so has been the first week in my new apartment. The move went terribly. That's okay though because I don't I tend not ought to appreciate things if I don't have to like almost die <hes> mentally emotionally getting them so I think it's all going to work out. All my possessions are in hear my dogs and here me and my dog or and here that's all that matters <hes> and I get really stressed out so I started taking baths because like in New York City you really rarely have a nice bath and my bathtub. I didn't notice this when I was looking at a place it's deep. It's really deep. It's the kind where I'm five foot three and a half. It wasn't even like a selling point for you just discovered burdette because I haven't taken a bath in years yeah. I can't even fucking imagine I was like I actually covered a mosquito bites because it's very overgrown outside and I didn't even know Oh that you could get the mosquitoes lurked in New York City but apparently they do anti like I was so stressed out. My Body is completely bruised because I'm one of those people who picks up a doc. I'm strong but my whole body like you can see the marks on it and so I took a bath like every night for three nights in a row and saying that Simon Song from the Mike Meyers this character from snl like I really wanted hard and I haven't had also because I haven't had TV or Internet so I'm just like thinking of what what did people do in olden times and so I went to just Dwayne Reed on the corner. I got this big thing of like Mr Bubble and I just took like three baths and row I lit candles. I always like see these things on instagram of the people who live these like bath lifestyles. They're putting those like boards you know the trade the cat the bath tatty trays over it and I'm like who the fuck owns a bath cat he he is like you've made it made it when you can climb into a New York City and not feel scared for your health and I was like blown away and I was like this. These bass have really been like making a difference. I look forward to them. I'm still doing work. I've eaten like full meals like bowls of soup in it. It's comes in and I was just like this is the kind of stuff that I like forget. Someone asked me yesterday like what are your hobbies besides comedy and for like fifteen minutes I was having in Hong Join. They've really didn't have an answer and I have a lot of interests pulling the fuck do I do. I go to conventions. I like horror. I go like I go to festivals and conventions because because I'm like I do a lot of stealth but like I was like. How could I not answer like how could I not answering? What is my hobby anyway so your hobby now? Can you feel as lonely he this week and I think it's a it's a that's a real lesson for me. Because I am a big picture person. I can always get big things done but I lack a <hes> an ability to to enjoy kind of like the little moments in life and I really need to do that and that's something I want to work on in this new home and having a dog has helped with that a lot the uh he eats inside of a bunny rabbit of equal everyone if England anyway I wanNA give you see you should listen to germs okay now germs and Albuquerque obviously because I love for one hundred percent and then Rosebud okay needs to listen to there's a song all about horoscopes ooh malaria. It's like that's your horoscope scope for today. Okay and it's so funny okay very funny because I love it. You came a specific assignment. That's really appreciate the horoscopes that okay is it called horoscopes or yeah yeah okay well. We'll find it. I'll send it to her in Los Angeles also be on running with scissors okay. Maybe not though okay so guys listen to some weird. Al Rosebud Rosebud is always at Rosebud Baker on all social media. I'm at Philanthropy Gow. What's your handle at via vessel? Va and then vessel like the blood vessel hot yes <hes> and is Jimmy shows besides obviously the me also showcased will probably be October show yeah. I'm very excited for that. <hes> no-shows no shows but <hes> you can check out Olivia's corner on Youtube okay. I have a few against editor. I'm very proud of these videos. Yes very well done. I'm Olivia's Libya's corner on Youtube and we have some other sketches under scrambler okay. It's spelled how you think it'd be spelled. Scrambler Win Blurt S. Q. Hugh You I M B L. Ert Okay <hes> L. E. R. B. L. U. That was right right now. We know for sure okay yeah so we have. We have sketches there and then Olivia's corner so that's really cool. I love that I love that so much and guys. If you WANNA see us me and Rosebud. We're GONNA THAT'D BE IN TORONTO. I fell forty two <hes> bill. There are passes and the also be single-seat tickets. Keep adding show so I guess the ticket sales are going really well in Toronto. Oh so if you want to get it onto that get on that <hes> against Jeff L. Forty two dot com where one of the forty two it's what else they Rosebud Baker in Fisher so that's September Nineteenth Twentieth Twenty first and twenty second I believe <hes> as of now that'll be a mixture shows some and Rosebud Co headlining stand end up and then some will be to less girls live which as we mentioned we're going to be doing like a star search so if you want to be included on that at us on twitter or Hashtag I t. l. l. g. tips and then we'll also be at the Rhode Island Comedy Festival in Newport Rhode Island <hes> which is October tenth. It's the Thursday we're on day one of the festival such good festival. I highly recommend you going even if you can't see us. We're going to be doing two only girls lie there. I believe as well and then also doing stand up and then me Karen I am going to be headlining at Zanies in Nashville <hes> October eleventh and twelfth. It's a Friday and a Saturday late shows nine fifteen pm. I'll also be at levity live in West Nyack New York on <hes>. There's a date there. I think it's an October I just posted something on my instagram so just impressed. She's you're doing this all by memory. I have a visual memory so I was kind of like looking at as poster in my listen my asked I think guys like staring at a calendar know. We're really dishonest so disorganized slayer so no that's that's impressive. TOBER THIRD IS WEST NYACK NEW YORK. That's in and that's the big cool mall levity live Super Fun. I'll be with Justin silver for that and then <hes> October thirteenth is my next residue C. Date with Christina. You Know Hutchinson a caveat in New York City and that's that I'll be adding some more towards probably because I haven't left my house. I just like I just decided that I couldn't talk tour after touring for two years straight anymore and so now I'm here but I gotta make money again so pay that mortgage it's happens every month apparently got a really prepare for that. Thank you so much. It's been such a wonderful episode and I gotTa say you did a really excellent job. Thank you so much for having warming my heart so weird <hes> <hes> so yeah you guys look here from Rosebud next week with another member of me. Also <hes> have all three songs written and stay tuned for more on that. Thank you so much you can follow our producer through my Kasich rally

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