June 18: Sorry not sorry


I told the court. To? Use One small man. Giant wheel. I do wish say official that I'm wrong person right now. Uncover season seven. Dead Wrong. Killed Tipple it the. Be. Available on CBC. Listen and wherever you get your podcasts. This is a CBC podcast. Hello! I'm Carol off and I'm Chris Ouden this is as it happens the podcast edition. Tonight. Sorry, not sorry and EP leader Jagmeet Singh tells us. He has no plans to apologize for calling the Bloc Quebecois MP racist and the House of Commons yesterday and he thinks it's time to rethink. What constitutes unparliamentary behaviour homes. Dane Joshua Contractors has been living in the united. States with the fear of deportation for years with a new Supreme Court ruling today is a new day for him and hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants, connecting the dots Canada is rolling out a national covid nineteen contact. Contact tracing up and privacy concerns abound. Blackberry is helping with their project. It's chief technical officer says Canadians should trust the process divided loyalties John, Bolton's book about Donald Trump is the talk of Washington, but Democrats have some choice words of their own for the former national security advisor, saying he chose book royalties over loyalty to his country and and despair, and some really wild quacking. We reach the scientists who things he has decoded the meaning behind the distinct toots and quacks made by Queen. And imprisoned heirs to the throne, we get to hear them to and the best laid plans. One invented a flying lawnmower. The other runs a lawnmower museum, but despite their enthusiasm for landscaping neither of tonight's guests from the archives is great at keeping a long story short as it happens the Thursday edition radio that keeps you coming back for more. Jug meets. Sing is not apologizing. The MVP leader was thrown out of the House of Commons yesterday for Calling Bloc Quebecois MP and Ontarians resist. He said after Mr Terry voted against an EP motion dealing with systemic racism in the RCMP. Today Bloc Quebecois, leader, Francois Blanchet called on Mr Sing to make amends. I hope. That the leader of the MD.. Will Apologize. sincerely. And if not I owed the president. Also, comments. Will be quite severe. Because if dion leap and alty is not being allowed into the room for one day or not being allowed to speak for one day. Everybody will feel entitled. To do the same and trade insults accusation on the floor, which is not a good idea. So I hope that this will be fixed. rapidly. And I Ask You. please. Explain to. The Canadian people. Watch, really happened. His anything with a racist person. That's Bloc Quebecois leader. Francois Blanchette reacting to an exchange between block. MP Atlanta an end. EP, leader Jagmeet Singh in the House of Commons yesterday. We reached Jug meeting today in Ottawa. Interesting, I'm going to begin with asking you. What did happen yesterday I mean? We heard you lay out the motion. The was to be a vote. You need a wanted to needed a unanimous votes. We heard the as in the know. What happened to provoke your reaction? We're we're in a moment where people have taken to the streets in the thousands across Canada in community, small and large, saying you know what black lives do matter indigenous lives, matter, and that moment has been really special. It's been painful. People have talked about the pain and. Agony that they've gone through their own experiences. And then the same time we've seen the RCMP at the heart of some horrible examples of police brutality, we all saw the images and the video of chief how an atom and the lives have been lost and have been killed by police in response to wellness checks or healthcare checks or mental health checks in light of all this. This and the inaction of Prime Minister Trudeau and the inaction of the Liberal government, we put Ford emotion to push for some real change, so we laid out one. Let's acknowledge there are systemic racism and the RCMP completely federal jurisdiction fully within the powers of the House of Commons to legislate. Let's acknowledge that in two. Let's do something about it, so use of force review. Emphasizing deescalation and then really responding to healthcare crises with healthcare workers in that moment. When motionless presented I was confident top. The speaker called for the consent and I heard a lot of days, and I was not surprised. I expected this with tough, and then there's one no, and the the speaker didn't hear it because it was so overwhelmingly. Yes, and was about to move forward, and that no repeat and I look back my saw one person in the entire House of Commons saying no. And and then I look back, and they kind of just made this gesture of dismissal, and that gesture of dismissal really is what I wanNA talk about eight. Is this notion that it doesn't matter? Can we need you to describe this gesture because this is? This has become key to this discussion. What was the gesture and describe what you think it means? saw I look back on that sign. MP wave their hand in a dismissive motion I while saying no, no of course not almost like. Of course, not, why would we support emotion like that and I thought how offensive to all the people, all the indigenous people, the black people, the race slides people that are fighting for change to just wave of a hand, dismiss and say no to something so vital in meaningful. And so, what did you say to Allenton? I called him a racist. You're racist for voting against US I I put my hands up saying how do you do that? And he said Yeah I did it and said how could you do that? I did it and I said. Racist for voting against us. Any challenge me to go outside. And then he and he raises voice and I said Yeah I'm calling you racist. This is wrong. This is wrong. I can't believe you voted against. This is wrong. Mr Bunch, says that by extension of coup accusing Antillean of being a racist that you are calling Bloc Quebecois. Racist Party that they were always this. He says that that they're not that Quebecer. They come from a nation of Quebec which is welcoming and open that they appreciate diversity Do you think the blockade qual- is a racist party? This is a really important question, and I don't WanNa take a moment. I have never named this. This experience I have not named a party I called a person but I will name a party. The systemic racism that we're up against was created by those in power. As far as I know the only two parties that have been empowering Canada have been either conservative or liberal, so let me name the parties that are responsible for systemic racism in Canada Liberal and Conservative, full stop. Do you think that? At least the Liberals that Prime Minister Trudeau has acknowledged systemic racism. He! Absolutely has and I and I want to know is A. Very positive step, but I just want to highlight that it enough to just say the right thing and the prime minister has. It's Nice Nice things, and in fact set some really kind words about what happened yesterday, and acknowledged that I appreciate that what people are demanding action, and while I know the prime minister said very positive things it is just not enough. We need to see the systemic change in fact and this. Say because I've been very critical of president trump, but in this moment president trump has actually moved more quickly to put in place changes to policing then Prime Minister Trudeau. Has That is? That is wrong because that's the reality. Whether any other. Parties are members who who voted no yesterday and that motion. You. I can't say with a hundred percent accuracy but I only heard one percent in the entire. House of Commons, it said no I did not hear no from either the Liberals or conservatives in fairness I wonder we just finally where you will take this from here because we just remembering different times when you have confronted racism in public and going back to when you were campaigning for the leadership that extraordinary moment, when that woman racist woman came up, and was talking to you, and you reached out to who said she's loved. She wanted to include her. You want to bring her into an understanding. Do, you think that you have changed your approach in that regard. No I think that is the only way for it and I. Don't think that the naming. Is Good enough we have to actually change the policies and the laws and so. While I. Don't take back calling out systemic racism. It can't just be calling. It has to be more than just calling. It has to be the systemic change and I want to really use my. that. We have to bring people along. It's gotTA. Be Through love, and and having the courage to to do what's necessary to make the changes and I still believe that Mr Blanchette said he thinks. Maybe you just had a bad moment that you lost it and he thinks that there's a way to move forward to patch this up to get past it. He doesn't want this to go on and on. What do you want to happen now? I agree that this is should never be about you know to. Peace should be about. HOW CAN WE FIGHT SYSTEMIC RACISM? And how can we bring in new policies and new laws to change it, so I feel like if anything can come out of this? It should be. Let's commit to making some changes some real changes. Let's say people's lives. Are you going to apologize? It's no longer about me if it was about just me I. I'm quick to apologize I. Believe in the principle of not having not letting egos get in the way, but it's gone beyond me, and people have looked at this as a moment where someone has finally stood up for them. People send me so many messages saying you know we face this in our lives. We face this for someone to just not back down makes us feel like matter. Racism sends a message that people don't matter, and in that could meet. People feel like they mattered and I don't WanNa. Take that away from people, so it's become important for you not to say you're sorry about this. Young would be. It would be a Kintu thing. I'm sorry for fighting stomach races now and I can't say that I'm sorry for fighting I. Don't apologize for wanting to. To Fourth Liberal government to do something I don't apologize for being upset that the House of Commons couldn't just acknowledge. You together united couldn't acknowledge that there is the RCMP which is so. I can't apologize for that. I'd be letting down to many people. Misusing thank you. Thank you very much. Chug meet sing as the leader of the federal and EP. We reached him in Ottawa this afternoon. We requested an interview Bloc Quebecois. Tehran and did not hear back by airtime. Hum. By this point, it's widely accepted that contact tracing is an integral part of any successful response to covid nineteen, but what exactly that looks like depends a lot on where you are and who you ask. When prime. Minister Justin Trudeau was asked today, he revealed a new tool that will be part of Canada's approach. Led by the Canadian digital service, and with the help of Sherifi blackberry and the government of Ontario, we've been working on a nationwide mobile APP. That will notify users if they've been exposed to covid nineteen. We will soon begin testing this APP in Ontario. They're already a number of other provinces including BC who are working with us on this, but it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. Now I want to stress this APP will be completely voluntary. It'll be up to individual Canadians to decide whether to download the APP or not, but the APP will be most effective when as many people as possible have it? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Sharing details of a new government endorsed contact tracing up. That will be rolling out across Canada in the weeks ahead. Charles Egan is the chief technology officer for blackberry which is involved in the development of the APP. We reached him in Ottawa. Charles I know a lot of people WANNA know. How does this work if they're actually going to assign on what what to give us the basics? Yes, so this contact tracing solution that the prime minister has just announced is basically when when two phones become close to one another as determined by the Bluetooth Signal That event is noted so that. in the future, if one of the people that have come in close contact. Test positive for covid nineteen. It's much easier to determine who they've been close to. They don't have to rely on their memory We can use the technology to help you know determine who might have been close to that unfortunate person that has just tested positive, so the phones note the fact that you've come close contact so later on, if someone test positive, the Apple, notify you that you've come in contact with someone who tested positive. And how do we know? How does they know that that person is tested positive? So an innovative part of the solution is when when someone has a test and they test positive. They're giving a code by a healthcare professional. the person that has been tested voluntarily puts that code into the APP, and then the APP very securely, and privately notifies all the other phones that it's come in contact with that. They've been close to someone who has tested positive with covert nineteen. So if I get a signal that tells me I have been in close contact with someone with covid nineteen. Does that mean is like? How much contact is that? Someone who was on on a bus with me? Someone walked by on the street. Someone working list. How how much contact you have to have before that's going to happen. Yes so the flexibility is you know? How long have you been near someone? Let's say it's ten minutes. Or how close have you been? And and so so you can trigger it to be more sensitive less sensitive, so the idea is. If you walk past someone on the street that would not register, but if you sit beside someone on the bus for ten minutes, and you're less than you know six feet apart, that probably would register so so there is a there's a configuration that allows us to. Give it the sensitivity that we want to. To determine that there's an increased risk and that sort of the healthcare tune -able per setting that we can do with the solution. Would I have any idea as to who it was that with whom I got into contact with lead, Cova. No not at all. So you know privacy has been designed into the solution. It's completely anonymous. You don't have any idea when or where that contact happened so that this privacy is protected. Okay, so this'll be a voluntary a program right? Yeah, it's completely opt in, and you can opt out at any time. The more people that opt in the the more chance of providing this additional information to help help fight the pandemic. And how convinced I e that it would be entirely voluntary I mean what are the possibilities that employers might want there and might even make it necessary as a condition of going back to work that they download this APP. I, you know. Carolina not heard that that that scenario I think as the prime minister line. This is completely voluntary. It's it's not a employer led activity A. Citizen led activity and and and I expect that that's the way it will be rolled out, but if it becomes something is is crucial to knowing whether it's safe in a work environment safe to go back to work I mean if a lot of things depend on this. kind of technology, don't they? And so, what kinds of pressure might have been on? People actually be part of this program. Yes, so so so I i. You know in terms of the the employer. incentive for employees to use this APP. It's not something that I've really thought about so I'm not sure what the comment on that one I do believe that there's other techniques that employers could use to provide the safety. You know just by information, and you know distancing of employees in the workplace so that they're not coming in contact. We've also seen those safer facemasks where it was completely voluntary, but but encouraged to wear face mask, and now increasingly it's going to be the condition of getting on a bus or subway or being places that you're wearing a face mask. Do you think that this might evolve? you know I hope that a lot of people opt in given the it. It sort of at least amount of information. You collect enough to be useful, but but there's not any personal information that's being shared here. You know I expect. There's more privacy being shared with people's flashlight APP and Kovic nineteen up, and there's a you know a social good. That comes along with the Covid Nineteen Solution it's people share on personal information on facebook and everything else. Roller carpet to the red carpet brother in in other ways sometimes now. How does it become national as the prime minister was saying that it was going to be a nation wide program? Alberta has already launched its own APP So, how does that complicate things as far as having a having national adoption of this APP? Yeah so the the healthcare back in is the tuning that's required for for each province, but the solution that the CDs has announced with will work on a like that one single apple work for all Canadians, and it's being. It's being first introduced in Ontario, but as the healthcare cans are added I, it will be effective for for the entire province. So so you know how it ties into Berta. I'm not completely sure I think we're you know we're in early days of the deployment, and that's really in the hands of the CDs. Canadian digital services is that serious justice? And finally, when might this rule out? You know prime. Minister Trudeau mentioned in the next several weeks for very soon. All Right? They're interesting Charles thank you. My pleasure, thank you very much. Charles Egan is the chief technology officer for blackberry, which is consulting on the rollout of covid nineteen context tracing up endorsed by Canada's federal government. We reached him today in Ottawa. Human Queens have their own way of communicating orders. They can just articulate what they want with words by saying for example off with his head, or please help me shampoo the Corgis, but Queen Bees issue their orders non verbally in a way that to human ears doesn't sound very regal. Hurt At. act. That is the sound of Queen honeybees in a hive. They are tuning in quacking. We knew they did that, but now scientists at Nottingham Trent University decoded why they do it. Their study is published this week in the Journal scientific reports. Martin benchick was the lead scientist on the study and we've reached him in Nottingham England. Madness, first of all, what would the previous theories as to why honeybees made these different sounds, so we're talking queen honeybees and the striking feature. Is that these sounds or responding to each other? They'll do it and so beekeeper scientist race, the theory that perhaps it's queens sizing each other up. So the idea that these queens and potential queens are speaking to each other, and with these tooth's in quacks with within the colony. That's right so They are competitors and visual evidence that they will fight each other. If they resigned colony together and in biological world, people and animals tried to avoid unnecessary fight. If you see your opponent is wealthier to you, there is no point in stopping the fight. So one idea is that these signals where queen sizing each other up to avoid the hub and unnecessary physical fights. And what have you discovered? What do you think is the reason why they make these toots and quacks, so an alternative explanation, the to and quacks or signals sent to the colony. And we have strong evidence. Supporting that idea, we think these signals are information released to the Queen to thing would say something like if she was speaking English she would say keep the quacking queens captive. This is what she's saying to have. And the quacking Queens. They'll attending the colony release us, release. Something like an English. That's quite translation so. Okay, so it's not just that they're. You figured out what they're probably saying, but it's who they're saying. They're not talking to each other. They're talking to the other. The worker bees I like that I like that I like what you're highlighting, indeed I think. The breakthrough is to suggest that the signals are actually social communication signals to the society, not between two individuals, but they'll signals regulating the social behavior and I think that he's what's surprising, and I think it makes much more sense than other explanations and again we have substantial evidence to support that you. Can listen to them again if we can hear the sounds of toots and clocks. Off! So maisy so now that we're hearing it in this context. What tells a bit more about what you think that conversation is? The first one you heard was the tooting, and this is definitely a a free roaming queen. And I think she's saying Keep the Queen's skeptics. So. The other Queens quaking that was the second signal. You Quack, quack, quack, and these queens already to emerge. They'll ready to come out. I, think that perhaps they'll saying release us. Let me go out from the cell. And as long as the -tuting resides in the colony, we have seen that the quaking keeps going on so indeed the work of keeping the other queens captive, and as soon as the tooting disappears then one cracking queen is released, and she starts shooting. Where does the tooting Queen Go? she forums away, so she leaves the books. We have the worker bees, and she tries to establish a new colony somewhere else is usually in a cavity. You are lucky in Canada to have substantial woodland, so is usually in a hollow tree that she would try and start a new, so it's the splitting of the colony into several colonies. It's the reproduction phenomenon, and then what becomes of the quacking Queens so we. We then measure after the swamp off. The team has gone. We collect a new two teams three to four hours later, so the work at these must have released one quacking queen, Jude to the absence of the tooting that was in the colony. Do any of the quacking cleans? Never get released? They just once. You're saying release me. Release me from this this wax prison. Do they ever get sort of like left there? that or multiple the quacking Queens? That's all the more or less simultaneously that you heard on the recording. Cooking is usually simultaneous. You will have several individuals cracking, and it's a problem to release them, and the mechanism is not perfect, and we'll have occasionally two to three queens release. They're very strong. Animals strong that the wikileaks so sometimes the more than one queen will be released in the colony I've seen myself. But no, they They all come out. Eventually I have never seen. quacking Queen, remaining Steve and locked forever dying something like this I have never seen it in my life. They will eventually come out the problem is. To avoid too many of them to come out together similtaneously. Were they have worker, bees and drones etcetera to take someplace else or they just sort of be at the at the end of the one hundred left behind the he's sometimes the case, but worker bees or two inches yesterday they make too many Virgin Queens, and indeed they run out of staff and the smallest last forms to exit the colony or This is fascinating, but why is this important? I mean th. There are beekeepers who need this information right? The idea is that we think the to and quacking is fulfilling very sophisticated, important mechanism in Dakota knee, and what we're saying the to the beekeepers is to be careful, because when this period of time takes place in the year. It's usually April to me. we suggest that to be very careful to disrupt this mechanism, which is warranty in the old lead release of one queen at a time in inside the colony, and this is absolutely fascinating, I really appreciate you explaining this to us, thank you. Thank you my pleasure! Thank you so much. Bye, bye, Martin benchick was the lead scientist and the study of Queen Honeybees, and why they toot and quack. We reached him in Nottingham England. I told the court that I'm friendly. From you. To. Use small man and giant wheel caught, but I do wish to say official that I'm wrongfully right now. Uncover season seven. Dead Wrong? It killed pit bull if they maybe not. Available on CBC. Listen and wherever. You get your podcasts. The! He smashed pretty much. Every billboard and streaming record that matters it has already been streamed more than a billion billion people still to this day. Point to this is the moment everything changed, but whether you agree with those claims or not, this podcast isn't really about him either. You're not an astute businessman, or you're inherently racist. When it comes to black music in this country, this is not a drake podcast available now on CBC listen or wherever you get your podcast. Dreamers were able to breathe a sigh of relief today this morning. The United States Supreme Court blocked the trump administration's attempts to end the DACA program. DACA stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. It's an Obama era policy that protects hundreds of thousands of. Immigrants who were brought to the US as children from being deported in two thousand seventeen, the trump administration announced it was winding down the program and gave Congress six months to figure out new legislation. Josh contrast is a doctor recipient. The twenty-three-year-old came to the US for Mexico. When he was eight. We reached him in Tampa. Cash, what was your reaction when you heard the decision at the Supreme Court? Whoa my reaction honestly Carol. I broke down. I broke down crying immediately after I heard the decision. I read that decision It's been a very stressful few weeks. we all knew the decision was going to be made in June so it's been every single week kind of thing we've been I've been checking other nonprofit oryx that I've been touched as well have been checking pretty much week by week when the next. Days will be scheduled on usually on Mondays and Thursdays. So. We knew this one was coming up I thought it was going to actually be extended until July so today was actually very surprising for me, and so, what does that mean for you I mean this. Is it for you? Personally? What what effect does it have on you that? The deferred action for childhood arrivals is not going to be canceled. It means a lot. It means a lot because not only does this week with childhood arrivals being still the rule. They are for us, but for me. It means hope I'm very inspired by all the activism that was done for not just myself for many many. People as well and just activism that has been done for over ten years, before the decision of the fruit action for childhood arrivals Obama as an twelve especially in the United States currently in the environment that we're living of racial injustice, not only for the immigrant community, but also for our LGBT community. The Trans Community are black community it proves a point that activism dust, work and effective all the way that can make it happen to the supreme. Court and not only did they ruled today in my favor by on. Monday they also ruled in my favorite because I am gay, so this week has just been amazing for me, but. Today, we celebrate tomorrow we continue the fight. Only a small celebration for me okay. Wasn't the celebration Donald Trump who said that these two decisions you've just described by both affect your life in the supreme. Court, he described it as the supreme. Supreme Court doesn't like me, and this has been shotgun blast to the face. What. What what what? What do you say to to Donald Trump about what he wants to do? Just talk about the this, Daca. Project now. What what? What do you want to tell him as to why? He should not dismantle it. I think today's decision proves a it's. It states very strong point from the court, saying that nobody is above the law including the president of the United States and that includes Donald Trump in itself and I think that it presents a very strong points of the president's for months away from the election. And like I said today, we celebrate, but. In November, we will say goodbye to trump because what's next for me, it's this is not over. You know I'm GonNa. Continue my activism, and just because I I I can't vote. I can still encourage people to vote. And were for months away from the election. That's not a very That's a very short period of time so we're hoping for November to have a good as well not only for myself, but for the nation. You're twenty three years old now. You came to the United States from Mexico and you're eight years old. Is that right? got. His correct and if DACA was this if it was canceled if you didn't have that that deferred action for childhood arrivals. What would happen to you? I would have lost my opportunity to continue my education. I actually stopped going to college last year because I personally didn't want to continue and. Spent so much money on something that could have been revoked. Saw I decided to not go to school and I decided to continue working I've been blessed to be able to work for an amazing company It's transfer wise. I work for Public Affairs Team and they've supported me one hundred percent but if today are, the outcome would have been different. I would have lost the opportunity to continue my employment with transfer wise. Old They've supported me. One hundred percent, said an amicus brief directly to the Supreme Court with other tech companies but I would have lost my employment. I would have had to come up with a a backup planned This is the only country that I've known or all. My life since I was eight years old and this is the only home that I know so if today's ruling would have been differently it would have not only affected my entire life, but it would affected. The economy might company my family. My friends would affected every single person around me and I do have to do with this possible that you would have been sent to Mexico. Absolutely my work. Permit expires next year May. Of next year, And that was the fear, so it wasn't something that was guaranteed so the petition, but it's always that fear of deportation and you know Carol growing up as a kid undocumented. You know. My parents always told me to give this story that was not true by myself to tell my friends tell my teachers that I came to this country legally, and this was the story that I was supposed to give every time and full I just didn't think that was stride lying and also like me growing up as being gay, you know it took a toll on me. So this means a lot to me because it meant means that I can be my true self. Josh! I'll be watching and thank you for speaking with us. Thank you for the interview. Carol appreciate it bye. Bye. Josh Contra is a doctor recipient. We reached him in Tampa Florida today's supreme. Court ruling did leave the door open for the trump administration to make another attempt to rescind the DACA program. When John Bolton declined to testify before the house impeachment inquiry last December, the former national security advisor said he was doing things by the book, but now Democrats are suggesting his real motivation was to get folks to buy his book. In that new book, which is scheduled to vote on Tuesday Mr Bulletin says Congress should have investigated US president, Donald Trump not just for his dealings with the president of Ukraine, but with other leaders as well the book describes Mr Trump as incompetent and says he showed a willingness to intervene in criminal investigations quote to in effect give personal favors to dictators. He liked on quote. Today House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi weighed in on John Bolton and his accusations during an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. Here's part of that conversation for the record. Ask You about John Bolton's book, because in his there are new revelations including the president at that summit, the G. Twenty Summit as President Xi of China for help winning him reelection, helping buying soybeans from American farmers to help him win reelection which would seem to be. Akin to what he? Reportedly, with Ukraine also the president, not knowing that the United Kingdom is a nuclear power, saying that flat and re Putin can play them like a fiddle the president praising President Sheaves for concentration camps, holding the Muslim. your reaction to all of this. I said already the president ethically unfit. Intellectually, unprepared, personally unqualified to be president of the United States and I think that what we're seeing in some of the statements of those who have served the president. To see that point confirmed as far as the book is concerned. The. Shame on John Bolton for not coming forth during the impeachment, he wants it con. Con with the far right by saying. Oh, I'm criticizing the Democrats for not of going further in the impeachment, but the fact is, he refused. To to receive a subpoena from the House of Representatives, he said he would only receive from the Senate well, he knew the Senate would never issue one, so he chose royalties in this book and said of patriotism to our country. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell today. Part. Lots of people have grass in their yards, but not all those grass covered yards our lawns, because dictionary definitions of lawn include one qualifier for example from Merriam Webster ground as around the house, or in a garden or park that is covered with grass and is kept mode. Now, the LAWNMOWER was invented in eighteen thirty, as we all know by Edwin, beard budding, and because we already know it, I don't need to rehash his inspiring story or his famous quote. I invented the LAWNMOWER, and it goes without saying that Mr Budding made all subsequent lawnmower developments possible including. The achievement, of Kevin, cleary a British butcher who invented a more that was maybe a little, too cutting edge of flying lawnmower. Barbara from spoke with Mr Cleary, Nineteen seventy-six. Hi Mr Clarrie. Hello. We understand. You've got a flying lawnmower there is it for sale? No. Quite enjoy. What do you call him? Can it also cut the grass. That's good. If, it crashes to the ground too many times. Though maybe it'll all come apart on you. Know crashed into a tree one. But fortunately. It well. You didn't trim any branches it. Is this a product. You've been working on for some time. Two years is the full. Nine of. INTRIGUING IDEAS People in high-rise block the window. When you go to this place, there's normally align of the across that a few helicopters and nothing to the kids up. So long same the appropriate thing. What keeps this thing in the air. Has It got wings? You rely on the grass catcher. Has No wings. Just a flat platform Monday. aerodynamically sound a lawnmower. no he's on Iran. Originally. But. It wasn't very clever flying his. So. It's down to the pilot skill. Is this a conversion job or a custom built lawn more? Mock run was a from Russian. And we couldn't find. That toilet, so we had to another one special features. Have you built into? Get an airborne. the engines now on the front. With propeller. and it has either on Purnea crossed on the back. And a little girl. It's the anybody. In order for up and down. Now, how improved latest version what can it do? Loop. WRONG SPIN retail that you to. As far as you can see so, this isn't just an ordinary flying lawnmower. well, it's. A robotic. Airshows. But we try to tell them. We've got lying all they tell us we made. which you are of course. Not Really. What's next? What will mark five? Be Able to do well cry. into has. A road on the back, but whether it will fly with a roller. No idea at the moment. And we go. Think is on another project. Which is even more insane off. which is that what's next? Pig. Animal! Miss Piggy is going to fly. Or. Do you mean a real pig? No. Laws police starring. Take full size. What will it do? We hope it will be clear about it. And the cow jumped over the moon. I'm serious. Well. It's a marvelous achievement Mr Mr. Going to be seen to be believed I'm afraid. Every photographers just rode up with laughter and or legal teach that the governor consoling well. It sounds like you have to be there to really appreciate it. Nice to talk to you, congratulations. From nineteen seventy-six Bubba from talking to Kevin, cleary inventor of the flying lawnmower, which weirdly did not take off. I don't know if Mr Clear is scary. Innovation is among the exhibits at the British Lawnmower Museum in Merseyside, but that Louvre of care does contain dozens of other amazing things, most of which are lawnmowers. The museum is the creation of Brian Random and in Nineteen ninety-one Michael Enron found out more about his collection of splendors in the grass and be warned. You'll hear the story of Edwin Beard Budding for the millionth time. Mr Adam. Why does the world need a Lawnmower Museum of all things? I'm not quite sure if the world's ready for alimony. It's machines that I've collected over the lost. And over twenty years that we're all destined for the scrap yard and I just could not bring myself to throw them away. This nearly a hundred altogether. Hundred. Where do you keep them there all and Oppose the shop where I. which is in in south for near Liverpool. England! All of those the shop. Back, she's A locksmith a garden machinery shops. This passion for Lawn mowers. And when I was brought loan loss, and when last school I went to work for a little more company, and it Sorta stem from that, my father went to in a hardware shop. And we although MOS in three pass, and once they got to sit and age. There's no spare parts available for them and they went straight to this. scrappy out, and some of them were so well built and. Designed and everything that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. What's the oldest you have the oldest one? This moment in time is eight hundred eighty green grains made in Leeds, in England and it's a push from. One of the features on it, besides and not to pay. They didn't have the materials and technology today. Everything was my doubts. Gastein out Capstein gays to drive it. All the CAS- timeframe and he's very heavy. the. The other difference on not source of age machine is the handles quite a lot lower than modern machine because people are not day. Were she also grow? Grow is still. Wet. Who invented the lawn more I don't know anything know. Edwin, voting with the first person to manufactured long put paint until. Edwin Edwin beard budding who lived in Pasta. And England and eighteen think. He took an idea from It was from one of the woolen mills, and they saw he saw this machine that was coaching the nap off the top of woollen cloth as if you wanted to MOA carpet gets little bit so. And then He. He made one it. Also cut the grass, and that's where it stemmed from and in the last. Hundred and fifty years. That style of machine is never changed. It is still the same basic principle. What is your favorites model? My. Favorite one would have to be a little colder as manufactured by JP engineering they would. They started in nineteen, twenty two, and rather than a more company, really a precision engineering. Company, but they they made. Long. it was top quality everything was. A low more was home built from by one professional craftsmen, and from start to finish. and the quality was so good at. and. Later on Rolls. Royce bought the company and they carried on producing almost. And Nineteen nineteen seventy was the last ones that came out in the country, literally the Rolls Royce of lawnmowers. US Yeah I mean. There's lots of good loan on the market, but that was certainly one of them. Thank you for talking to us. Okay? Right all right. Good bye now! Ryan Rodham has just opened the world's first lawnmower museum in Southport, and that's just a few blades of grass north of reading. From, Nineteen ninety-one Allen May Lyndon before him. Like right speaking with Brian Random Creator and curator of the British lawnmower museum. You've been listening to the as it happens podcast. Our show can be heard Monday to Friday on CBC Radio One non Sirius Xm following the world at six. You can also listen to the whole show on the CBC. Listen APP. Download it free from the APP store or from Google play. Thanks for listening I'm off and I'm Chris Hallam. For, more CBC PODCASTS GO TO CBC DOT CA slash podcasts.

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