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Ep 131 - An apology to Tammy Pescatelli about Amy Schumer


No idea oh my god so what's going on everybody. I find myself in the hub tunes with tammy pesca catalyse to unlikely people. They probably had a bulletin when i came out here they were like. Please get this brought out. I think they're coming for a show but it's actually actually a pitchfork meeting. We're not we're in a nice theater in the hamptons and <hes> you're playing tonight and i saw that and i said you know what i'm going to stop fishing a little early. <hes> the rest of my family could deal with the barbecue. Today i got to see my old friend tambi pesky italian and say hi to her do some podcasting so here. I am without shoes shoes by the way i haven't had i haven't had shoes on. I had to go to the city like two or three times a summer so i had to wear shoes and then it was really uncomfortable and weird. That's okay i did it. Don't the flip flops walked up but i love you really do like it. Look like an old salt now. You look because you look. You can't look younger than you did before. It's the desert out here. I actually gained some years back. After leaving siriusxm real i had a good run there and but i needed to leave and and get away from all the texas city and stuff and i look at old pictures of myself from like five years ago and i'm like wait that pictures like five years years ago. I definitely look with younger than that now. So i think it is possible to to gain some years back. If you just take care of yourself your your mind body and soul and get you know oh and move on from toxic people a big fan of rock bottom. Bottom is a good place where you just go screw it. I'm never sent <music> alarm again and i think sleeping in helps. You don't you think unfortunately because i did morning radio for so long. Sleeping into me is six a._m. Still six a._m. Waking up normally i feel like when you wake up to an alarm clock. That's when you age i know and i know most people do it and hats off and by the way we're we're not down in minds with canaries okay. I know that our jobs are easy comparatively but the mental stress that you can never check out of is what gets you i. I tried to explain that to my wife my family my friends people worked harder than i did all those years but there's a mental exhaustion that comes with trying to entertain people right right like you can't call in sick no right if you're depressed. You still got to deliver no one cares. I have friends that go to work and they i even when i was in college. I went to work at a at a department store and i'd go to sleep in the rounders. You know remember like it'd be a round thing close and i'd like go out to four o'clock. In the morning. I have to be at work at eight so just crawl underneath and go to sleep for a couple of hours. You can't do that with our job. You can't just call it in. It's funny you should should say that because <hes> my main job before he got into broadcasting i was a caddy and <hes> and we would we would party until one two in the morning and then have to be at the golf of course before the sun came up so in the summertime that men around five thirty so i'd go home for a quick to three hours sleep i get to the golf course i'd be so drunk and drunk slash hungover still and more than a few times this is when i was in my early twenties more than a few times that hot sun in august is beating down. It's already eighty degrees at at seven in the morning. I'm on the second hole with two really heavy bags jazz fucking power booting down the fairway smelling amazing raising smelled amazing sousa got that first power booed out then. I was good for the rest of the day because you know youth will do that to you. You'll you'll you'll bounce back. Fast holy cow yeah listen. You know that i started in radio. Comedy would be out till two o'clock in the morning and have to be at work by five thirty thirty so i just go sleep in the jock lounge when they used to have those things now. I can't sleep in a nice hotel because i- skeeve bedbugs or this or that i should be passed out out face down where people probably had sex. I didn't even care back then. You know you're one of those. I'm not a crazy or else would paralyze me but bit bedbugs to scare hear me for sure yeah. I check every room for bedbugs. There's a bedbug registry online. I believe did you check that out of kenny. Ah yes. I'd learned it from kerry myself yeah. That's that's how i found out. Have you ever gotten bit by a bedbug hotel in florida. It was the weirdest thing. I was like how did did all of these mosquitoes. Get in my room and bite me in a line and it was this gorgeous like it was like it's a five star hotel. It's west palm beach right and and then the next day. My husband is my boyfriend time. He comes in and he gets bit. I'm like okay. The same mosquitoes are biting all of us and i thought oh maybe there were fleas in the room. Well maybe like whoever had their little dog before. Had fleas will turns out. It was bedbugs. Wow so that was that was literally like sixteen years ago. We can't get polio in bedbugs. That's that's the beauty of this country. Now i used to get infested with fleas because i took a cat off aw street astray a stray cat that was at the radio station in <hes> in buffalo. <hes> the this radio station was in a very old house and we we adopted the the kitten and it was the radio stations cat but the morning guy didn't like cats and was very abusive to the cat. I can't sugar coat. It sound like you know what i gotta do the right thing and bring this cat home. The problem was because it was a wild stray kitten. It came with fleas which almost drove me insane because it's almost impossible to get rid of fleas. You have to bomb your apartment a couple of times and every time i would get a bite on my arm. It would be at least a week or so that those flea bites don't go away easy this thing now here this thing with mosquitoes that they like your blood tight certain blood types apparently it's me. I'm that person but i don't even know what my blood type is. I was hoping i could smash one and then i could tell what it was because i i don't want to go to the doctor to figure out what my blood type. It's living out here all summer long. You know we're we're among the mosquitoes and my wife will get way more than the rest of us and it drives her crazy. I'm like you must be putting some what kind of spray or something because none of us getting bit like you are now that drives me crazy to people go. Oh what do you have <hes> do y- odorant some days. That's the only lucky that i have that. Come on and it's just they wanna bite you. It's worse than when you were a kid. Though remember your kid you'd have like twenty. Seven bytes never phased you well but when you're a kid you could deal with so much more crap. My grandma had a beach house in wading river which is directly north of here. I'm one of seven sometimes eight sometimes nine kids depending on the year and we always we were always a bringing kids into our house that need homes and stuff but i don't know if it was a money thing or i don't remember berg but there was no suntan lotion so we would so we would just get fried to the point. We couldn't move that was the first thing then we would still play my grandma's house after we had dinner because it was right on the long island sound with all our cousins now we're getting bitten to death by mosquitoes and now the terrible sunburn then then the mosquitoes and then if we stay the night my mom had my grandma excuse me had army cots with wool blankets and no air conditioning listening. That's how are you are day ended and you'd be laying in this in this army cot and then the wool blanket would be the only thing you you had an eh this lane in like insulation and then probably there's always one that these but my point is you know if any of those things happened now i'd be miserable but back then you thought it was the greatest thing ever still can't even sleep in my bed. I went and tried to <unk> because i get so sore. I we up sore. It's ridiculous so i was waking up sore. I think i'm just old man. I'm just older up sore and and it's crazy because i remember when you just sleep on the floor of course like you just lay a blanket down and go to sleep. I they used to be my favorite place to sleep because i could spread out right now. I got got a sleep number bed and blackout curtains and i'm like watching homeless guys in on jealous at their nap ability yeah. They sleep so you got aches now. You're not settled. You're not that old fifty turned fifty. You admit that your fifty. What am i gonna lie lie anymore. You can't lie about anything anymore i used to i say i was on my two dads just as a joke but then you can't even joke about that because someone will look it up on wikipedia. No you didn't and now you can get away with well. I don't want to say but you could get away with a lot a lot less than fifty their tammy pesky. Tell yes doing something right. How are you oh well coffee. That's what it is. I have young boys. Bring me coffee. That's that's the worst way to look at this fresh face kid. I know that's how we used to be member. Remember when we had hope open-air everything else with industry just bottomed out on us and we thought the people that were friends really turned turned out not to be our friends. Let's get it to the rescue tally. Who used to be your friend. Everybody i thought didn't you didn't you think a lot a lot of people like to you yeah right. You think well what i learned. You know. Obviously i had the huge show at sirius x._m. And before that mean anthony own anymore. This was what this was forget it. I'm outta here on the sidewalk and we'd reach more people pull over the funny thing is i am talking to a lot less people but i'm having way more fun doing doing it than i've had in many years but <hes> having the big radio show for all those years i really thought i was making actual connections that would that would <hes> live past the the the radio show. It turns out soon as i wasn't in the big seat anymore and i couldn't do anything for anyone. They always say you find out who your real friends are and mandate. I i find out and most of them. I find were my friends. I texted you did tell me was one of the here's the fresh face now. He's got bananas atas and milk and fruit for tevi pesca tally. We've been best for you not this. You think this is the theater. I have this kid. Follow me everywhere this. If you find me on a tuesday afternoon he's walking behind me too thing bro no. That's not even close no i if i was going to sexually harass somebody. I'd make sure i really went for it nowadays. I think people every still has it yeah there. We go for terry prescott talley yeah that's. That's you ever hook up on the road. That was the thing i tried so so hard to say like look item not gonna date comics because i knew i had to live with them like i was a world comic like staying in the condos so then five five to live with these guys and i bang on. How am i ever going to refute that. I didn't do the other ones. I knew boys that grew up with guys. You know so i didn't do that and i just try to do work even if it wasn't the greatest wasn't i could've got over a little bit especially back then now. There's some really gorgeous women in comedy but back then i was cute for comedy so i could have got over a little bit more on things but i tried not to. I try to do what you were single for awhile there on the road and you you just didn't hook up with the people on the road in general yeah i did not i mean i dated series like i'd series boyfriends for a long time and i'd like i like. I didn't like smart guys much. I'd like them to be strong unlike athletes more than linked real. You're one of those. I was lucky because i have my friends sounds that were guys to be talked to about smart funny things. So all i needed was the guy to make me feel safe like you know so. You just need a guy to have a big muscles and be stupid. That's exactly every dating profile. That's what it said dipper big dumb and stupid hey. I'm your girl but now i've found out after the big show went away. I really assumed that a lot of these people people were were going to be my friends for life and the amount of people that turn their back on me or their backs. I should say i couldn't believe it. It was unbelievable and the amount of people that i had plenty of people that did call me. You were one of the people that called and i. I'll never forget that. That's why i'm here because i saw that you were going to be close awesome. I gotta talk to tammy. I haven't seen her in a while. Did you have the same thing happened to you. That's one of the reasons i reached out because i saw happen when that whole thing went down with amy schumer and all the i mean and it still wasn't as big as it the world made it i felt and it feels like the world right like when you went through that no one else just paying attention to really bite you right of course but it feels like your whole world is crashing because it is your world ultimately for me when i was just part of that thing in and you know from my. It sounds like you wanna talk about the amy schumer thing because that was a big deal for you. How many years ago is that now. I guess it's about four years or three years. I lost everything like that's where that's why reached out to you because for a little bit you because you were kind of part of that not not part of losing things but you were in the middle of that chaos. Walk us through this because there's a lot of people that listen to my podcast that don't know the whole amy schumer thing and and you were directly involved because you call out basically and said that <hes> yes she was <hes> stealing jokes well they kinda and they also pinned it all on me. That's the other thing it was always a great patsy. I was always the lee harvey oswald of the of the whole thing couple people i mean i think a lot of people have been talking about it right. Who had this ended. Nobody has unique premises so much anymore but it had been over and over discussed between a couple of friends friends of mine and three women <hes> kathleen madigan <hes> wendy liebman myself when he started it wendy said <hes> amy did did my joke and then she had some mean that she did this is on twitter and then kathleen said to my stuff comes out and you'll see and then i went in third there was actually another guy in between so i actually wanted fourth-place but i went in the hardest and i said we want you do well. Well just do it with your own material <hes> and then i also said at least cosby knocked his victims out before he raped him which was a funny joke gray line comics funny but then what happened was is it all got pinned on me one apologized one hid and then it it was all then when amy on jim's podcast and said by the way we all deleted it. This was a sunday night. We all said this monday morning. Warning it got hot and i'm like we don't want that kind of negative. Impact wasn't even worried about her. As much as it looked like we weren't supporting so let me let me slow you down a a little bit. Obviously amy schumer you know ended up on a rocket ship and her popularity went through the freakin roof but there is always rumblings that that she was kinda. Biting off people one of them being patrice o'neal by the way i never missed him more than during that because patrice was my friend and patrice i would have backed me a thousand percent when everybody dropped me and let me stand there with the ball wide but obviously the comics were you. Don't have the name names with the comics comics in general were talking about this. Well amy's funny in her own right but it seems like she's kinda. Biting off a bunch of people here and then you jumped in because she felt like she took one of your jokes right. That was a couple of jokes that i would see turned into <hes> turned into scenes wins and things i actually the amy came an open up for me for a week in chicago at the improv and the first time it what happened the first job that i saw that she had done. I had her number at the time and i called her so but it was on like h._b._o. Candidate so i think she thought no one would see it and it was early on and i have to tell you from the bottom of my heart. I really was happy for her success because i'd like to see when people do that. I thought what i was saying wasn't that outlandish and people lost their minds about it so we on a monday deleted it because the backlash was horrible and then on tuesday was quiet my agent at the time my manager at the time we have the same manager jimmy we did and he was like you need to apologize and i said i'm not apologized because number one. I started number two. It's not it's like. It's true like if anybody looks. We're not making things up. I said we want to do well. Just do your material and then he's cosby's threatening to sue you. She's threatening to sue you and i'm like i'm still i'm not apologizing. Just be quiet and let it go and then on wednesday she went on jim's podcast and i guess the other two had apologized or not. I don't know i don't talk they tapped out and it all all fell on me right. You're the last one standing the other two. I remember this yes they tapped out and then all the spotlight was on tammy pesky telly yeah it went from three female comics accuse amy schumer to tammy prescott talley and then that morning on thursday morning by the way now i have been up for two days straight because everybody's who's dropping me gigs or calling that people called to cancel the gigs because the it's the rape joke that they go crazy. They're like <hes> you can't make a joke about rape bill cosby in the rape and all it was insane. Meanwhile i've never told a rape joke in my entire career and there are people people who do millions of them lena dunham his protesting me saying that i i i'm dangerous to women and you know the thank appetite and they're all you're getting hit from a couple of different sides amy schumer for the one thing and then other people for the cosby joke all of that pertaining because it's all part of what i learned is whoever has the biggest publicist win so that was all part of the the wave to make it not about what what the actual topic was yeah so you ended up on my radio show and i think he talked to amy right. Didn't you call in okay. Okay so you called in and then i think jim was kinda like sticking up for amy and then basically saying don't you think it's actually different and it wasn't the same <music>. You remember how that all went down. I remember and i remember saying to him like i. I really think i remember just being so hurt hurt by the whole thing. I'm like jim. We don't cause trouble but you can't deny what it is. This isn't just me. It's not just my one joke our number of incidences and then what i said was was and i remember this distinctly because i've went back and listen to it. I said i'm sorry i even said anything out loud. It should have been a conversation that was kept in the back of the comedy comedy club when she was on stage behind your back. Do you know they took that and went to press and the next article said <hes> amy schumer accuser apologizes the justice so the people who were sticking up for me who thought i had some integrity then. We're like wait. You just left us hanging well. That's what i said. I said i'm sorry i said it out. Loud like you know and i learned that. Whoever has the biggest publicist how can i how can i be bono's publicists. How can i be. That's what she has. She had bottles publish shit madonna's donnas publicist. How can me sitting home at mead ville pennsylvania. The hard part for me was though is that i lost my agent a lost my manager. They all dropped opti over that. I had to leave jonathan down. I had to leave because he could give me a heads up to gyms podcast right. <hes> my agent did drop me over that <hes> at the time kurt metzger in that we've since talked about it but he was like her head writer. He was going crazy writing stuff about me. He wasn't true you and he somebody did a fake account as him and put my son school address so i had my kid out of school because someone was came to the school to try. Get him saying that i sent him. It was crazy crazy stuff and the only thing that saved me was about day five of sudden video came out. It's showed everything even worse than i even knew with and there's a lot of examples video went everywhere and it was like the original joke and then amy let me doing a very similar version to that joke. The hard part was is that i didn't a truly truly truly wasn't personal but it became personal on me when people were like i was. I'm just jealous <hes> whatever they were saying. It's just not i worked hard for twenty years. I kept kept my mouth shut. I just kept my head down. You know that's how i met you because i was listening to the show and you guys were cracking on me and i called in and i'm like all right. You're right but i still love you and and that's how right i mean i pulled over on the side of route eighty. I'm going to say we're doing a gun. Could you please refresh my memory. I loved. I used to love when people would call us out. 'cause you're listening to us. I guess trash you but what were we. What will retraction when you're about you. Remember dead whole b. s. They play your special and people would vote for it and you guys were like had. She even get on this thing and i called. You and i'm like look. I don't know maybe because i just came off of a show where they voted for me. So people wanna vote for me. That's that's why you know somebody was like she bought votes and that's one of the things metzger said and i never bought votes. I did send an email out to all my but i had an eight thousand in person email lists back then because i was on a show that had eight million viewers so again. What's that gonna do me also had probably fifty thousand mice base followers back in the a day yeah but but the funny thing is you call this out on us trashing you and i instantly fell in love with you and like all right very cool and then we became friends ever since and you you ended up doing the show over the years so but i have an apology believe it or not sold the amy schumer thing and it always bothered me because i believed lebed you hook line and sinker and i i knew amy before she you know became massively huge and she was actually friends with my wife so i had that going on then jimmy. Jim norton insisted you know that he needed to defend. Amy schumer and i'm looking at him like man. You know these jokes folks who are too close in two similar right and i don't know why but when you called in that day jimmy was basically turning you basically saying come come on tammy all that stuff you could go back and listen to it. If you listen to that segment and you said you did recently my mouth shut. I know stick after and you weren't yelling yeah you know my mouth was shot and it always bothered me because i knew in my heart that you're right in this instance and i did not speak cup and it's one of the few regrets i have in my entire career. That's why i wanna talk to you today. Tug on the i say i but i blew it that day. Because i'm like man i know this is too similar and i know tammi wouldn't like star trouble like this unless it was important to her and i sat there like a lump because i guess because i fall jimmy's lead and jimmy and amy we're really tight and i had said i kind of knew amy before that with my wife and all that i mean the fact is soon as amy became massively huge she dropped my wife like nothing like nothing and then she would still come into the show and she would be like oh and tell blah. I said yeah. I said hi and i would look at her like she did nothing to you you text her and say hi. You know why wanted you just flat out. Blow up just because you start getting some real fame see and we worked friends but i didn't have anything against her. You know what i mean and that's when she was on on on. Jim's thinks i don't even know her. What are you talking about the exact jokes from the time period that you are using our when you open for me so how can can you say and i'll tell you the truth honest to god. I don't know who smokes weed. I don't know who has repressed memory. I'm so old now. I'm afraid to tell any joke because i don't. I know that it's back there. There are only seven jokes in the whole world. I get that i'm not stupid but i just that whole thing. I didn't think that it was going to be such a controversy wasn't wasn't supposed to be a carlos. Mencia thing wasn't going after somebody but it's like come on man we see this. Let's call it what it is. Rich took up for me that day rich saying. I don't remember it just like i know the tammy's an honest person because she and my wife had some issues when they did that t._v. Show and she called bonnie me up and said hey. I'm an asshole. Sorry that that happened and we've been friends ever since the end that was kind of you know. A lot of people were thank. Thank you for your apology. It means a lot. I could literally almost crying. I don't <hes> no because they usually have the balls to to try to say what what's up but for whatever reason that day i shut my stupid trap and i'm sitting there going man. This doesn't feel right tammy's right in this situation and jimmy's going in hard because he's protecting amy probably because he's hoping amy's i'm gonna give him something off of her fame. Who knows who knows what who knows what his motor boys but him being a comic. He knew damn well to that. It was way too close. <hes> you know the the jokes from you from matt again from lieberman from patrice o'neal and then that video came out which had many many many many examples lewis all away the hard part was though is not you were your situation was like most people's and i can't tell you how many people i would run into and they'd say i'm sorry i didn't say anything or you know you were right but it wasn't about me i couldn't. She kept saying i was starting. How does someone start something from fourth place. I did start it with my. I do have a big mouth and i did say it the hardest but that's who i am but i'm a right for i was also <unk> sticking up for my friend. Kathleen was my best friend at the time and she didn't want anything to do with it. I remember that but i i just remembered voice on the phone and you would start to use started. The sound a bit defeated and i'm sitting there and i'm sitting like fuck. This isn't right and then you know after you hung up why the fox in at least give my two cents on thomas yeah well. At least you gave me a forum to people for people to remember that. I wasn't just trying to be some jealous bitch. This wasn't comedy has never been <music>. I'm not a chick like i'm a girl a woman. I have those things but if i had a chick mentality i think that's one of the things quite frankly for me. That makes aches. I love stand up but the business i don't like anymore because this influx of beauty pageant mentality whether it's male or female female has really really just that once that happened that broke me with that i don't. I don't care how many followers i have. I don't care. I don't like the current state of show business that you know people are become famous because they're hashtags not necessarily their talent or i don't like that. You have to be popular. You have to be you win. The kardashians or you in in this one and you're kardashians drive me insane. I don't even they don't bother thermes much as drives me insane and i'll tell you because they sit around on this incredibly popular tv show and they just hang out on their phones. Mike what are what they famous. I don't even know what they're famous for. I truly couldn't tell you. I know well it. Does i mean they're famous pieces of ass right and they have no problem album confronting each other. I guess so that maybe that plays until but in general i'm like why are they so fucking famous and then there's then there's hundreds of people like the kardashians right behind them that are are famous for. I don't know what them at least they have amazing story like you once. Once bruce became caitlyn i was like of course they should have always had a reality show bravo bravo to ryan seacrest for seeing it. You know like he picked the right family. It's no walton's mountain anymore. I'm old enough to know how insanely famous and popular bruce jenner was when i was growing up and what drove me nuts about the card ashes they would sit around like oh shut up. You'll man like i'm like. Do you even understand dan who your father is he was he was pretty much the most famous person in the world for a few years there right well. They probably put in his lipstick on. It like like you know with your dead so always something listen to me. I am in the worst place ever because and you're kind of their my kid is eleven even and my parents are in their seventies. I'm taking care of everybody and by the way i saw all that stuff happens with amy and then that summer my my husband has a stroke stroke. She's like a crazy thing so i think though all that you know like all that breakdown of stuff just made me better on stage sage because it wasn't my priority anymore. Is your husband doing all right. I haven't seen him in a few speaks. A little bit crooked dies bunnies all right. You would notice that you guys. I think you would know but you still notice it did he. Come back a lot from the stroke and and how bad was it. I it was pretty mad at first like i we have a mechanics canucks garage and i go in and work their couple days a week. That's how like you could change. Oil should no no no no no no no. I don't know anything about positraction chen like melissa toma pod you know but i just try to help them out with that. I know it's weird. My real life has become better than any sitcom. I ever pitched but i would i wouldn't i don't think i'd subject. Would you subject your kids to all the chaos that you went through when you were at the height of that part of your career well when i was at the height of my career i was lucky that i didn't really have twitter and social media. You have to deal. You'd have to deal with all the assholes you know if they want to get a hold of you. They had like write the radio station and then email started so they started <hes>. We're able to get to you but nowadays i want that. Social media's raw for for pretty much everyone. What do you think of the political correctness out there. It's it's insane. The one thing about your profession that the is driving me crazy is that you guys are going after each other now well not it's hard for me. I want them to go after a fellow comic because they they are possibly taking some shifts but but now they're they're basically saying oh what you just did is not funny that type of shit right and like that was rules <hes> just to put a pin in that i bounce back. It took a long time. I have another agent and a manager and to have an agent and a manager at this point in my career is amazing. Get remember. I'm a old lady compared to all these kids right so it's all good all bounce back. It all works <hes> and i don't <unk> wish any will ill-will on it is funny that she and her husband got married on my my husband's anniversary that on our own but okay that's a joke people although although it is true was funny. It's funny. It's just funny irony. I decided i i went solo on everything and look. This is especially think about it. My husband got six who i have to take care of all of us so i had to just i ate all that humble pie and i made myself go out and book myself and then i believed in myself i went out and i made my own special and and i tried to sell that and then those kind of things happen and so then i ran into people and people that i went out of my way to stick up for in situations like dan whitney need larry the cable guy right whatever them i don't even know i was on some one of your podcasts. David cross podcast one of your show david crosses there and saying stuff and <hes> i was sticking up for him and he ended up having a record label and he put me on his label. I didn't album and then his manager. We'd we've been working so much. I just we started to work together and then i booked all these theaters and a couple of agents heard about it and i had a little bit of a back and forth with a cup but you have to work your way through the darkness without anybody's help and and readjust. I'm not looking to be famous amos that's. I don't know that i ever was nailed it. I know isn't that wonderful. It's perfect but that's wants so that changes once you realize it look i just want to make a good living and i need enough people to know me so but the funny thing about being funny's. I can't stand when people all say that's not funny because now you've taken it from someone else. You don't have to find me funny. I say to my shows now. If you don't like me don't come back next time. I appreciate you coming this time but don't why waste your time and mine. You know like if you like may come back with like minded friends but you need need to make somebody somebody has to make you laugh so you can't say that someone's not funny all these people that they don't find joke funny because maybe it hits close to home so now they want to get the word out that no one should enjoy that type of humor that drives me nuts. Wait remember when we used to use the things that were that was ice ice by the polar ice caps. We're doing from a glacier. I do when people hughes what was wrong with them and that's how they would so. That's half the italian culture. You know that they would call. I was two cans saying sometimes because of my big nose. You know what i mean like now. You can't say oh my gosh. You're gonna hurt. Someone's feelings. If you say anything about big knows why have one. Why am i allowed to say i am i at least a lot is still say that if i have what i'm making fun of yes and you that's not even good enough. Knowing and people are so scared by certain words race. You can't say anything anything pertaining to any kind of. I said something once about something. Silly oprah did and someone said to me. How dare you comment on a black woman. I was like okay. I've learned. I'm not even going to touch that. I'm talking about oprah. I felt like she transcend sending gender an race but whatever yeah well it's all bullshit because they don't even really care that much. They're just trying to get points for their quote tribe. You know what i mean. Everyone's trying to build up their own status did it. That's the word i would be using right now. Why i'm just have black anywhere any will just any word in general you know. Everyone has their group that they want to impress so they're not even really offended but people search all day like tammy did this. I could get points if i bring this up with my people or my group. Let's say my community. Everyone wants to be in a community but do they are. They truly offended in the end. I don't think so man because they just move onto the next thing well. I learned that i mean if we circle the whole thing like this. This whole thing is about having something and then having broken down really <hes> people do move on. You're the only one who holds it. You know i went out of my way to not talk to anybody but you guys and jenny mccarthy and it didn't do any good. I i thought people li see. I'm not using it for publicity now. There's a million people who use horrible things publicity. You can't hashtag me me too and then have a naked picture of your like you're showing. I'm not saying that you wait. What's that about there. Was this whole like the whole elissa milano going not not so thing like. Does that bother you how much she's kinda whatnot so 'cause. She used to be so hot yeah of course like when you think she's full of shit too. There are also crate. Did i think i think there are so many people out there full of shit on both sides by the way my my whole thing it like if i could pick a side i'd be way better off go after trump but then i go after all the democrats that are trying to be the next president. I think they're all full of shit and garbage. I really do so oh. I piss off the democrats and piss off the republicans. I think i think it might just picked one at least one side. I could get. I get that side to at least support some of the things things i do well. I think we've lost commonsense just tonight for this this this show i because the president is here. I tweeted out. I was like a <hes> a real donald trump. Want you come to my show tonight here. We're in the hamptons together. I'll save you a seat. I figured that's going to piss off. Some people <hes> you know. The people like him are going to be happy. I invited people. Don't like and be like why did you invite a but i'm like well. Hey i invited the president to theater the rests on you. If your job is to make fun of things and hopefully make people laugh. There's a lot of material here with trump. It is so easy so if i take a shot at trump on twitter or something. The first thing you'll see is is your. I always do live to ard. How about i was just trying to make a joke and have some fun and then i i will write some of these people back and go but you're getting nor the all the time times when after hillary or obama or lately i go after elizabeth warren because i feel like she has fleas bernie sanders and the rest of them but you ignore ignore you ignore that right but soon as i make fun of your guy you cannot take it and now all of a sudden lip tar. What are you talking about. I don't i don't respect either side so i try to find the you know the the the nonsense on both sides and hopefully come up with something that people like or or or find unfunny. I don't know they're just ruining everything. I don't know what's left for our kids like the generation where you can't make jokes over this. You can't make jokes over that. There's no. I don't know how you figure out how you flirt like. I love my husband but i i wouldn't divorce him. Just because i couldn't figure out i could navigate these waters at all aw i don't understand any of it but i don't think they do either by the way no i think people just kind of dilly dally and go back and forth and everybody so wishy washy i always thought there was a time that people could take jokes about <hes> their side meaning their political side and the more i think about it and i've talked about this a lot on the podcast. I think think johnny carson had a right. You didn't know which side he fell on right and he was smart because he knew he knew if he took shots at the president. You know well shoot. I remember the. I don't even know the players anymore but he knew to to make sure people really weren't sure what side he was on but that's how because he was because he was scared aired if he if he took shots at just the one side and the other side would get all sorts of pissed off but nowadays late night t._v. They only make fun one of the one side that drives me that drives me nuts and if you're like you're someone like me who i really. I sound like i'm the same way as you like. I just i wanna be somebody. I wanted to be. Someone who's smart. I wanted to be someone who gets it. Someone i trust it's politics. I don't know that we're going to get any of that ever you know and that used to be the it used to be us against them right now. We've divided everything it was always the people against the politicians now they want to pretend that they're part of us us and everything else and it ruins the joke it ruins the joke and you can't you have to be able to joke about people people joked about kings and queens for centuries. You know that's i also hate. The the comedy is now in snippets. It was never meant to be consumed in thirty second clips. If you take a thirty second clip off of me eh i might offend who knows this one this one or this one for talk about my husband. He's the hot kid from the slow class right all right right but if you you hear me talk about them you see how much i love him fun of myself and everybody else but just on that you could start a hashtag protest right right you know just to finish up the politics to where we're stronger together than apart and you got two sides that want to convince the other side <hes> that their ways is the way to go and it's never going to happen. You're not gonna you're not gonna. You're not gonna turn fifty percent of the population to now believe in what you believe in an america. Eric was always great because we worked together. We had our differences but at least we we we found more common ground and nowadays we don't want. We don't want to find that common ground on anymore. At all. Let just attack attack attack and both sides want the other side to com- completely <hes> be in agreement with with with aw their agenda friends are falling apart from each other over politics family family everything. I wouldn't ask these people what i should do. I wonder who i should take a loan with whether i should move to this part of town. I don't ask them for anything. I'm not going to ask you how i should feel politically. I just want you to come over her and have some pizza with me and watch the game. When we have family over we quickly <hes> turn the channel two cartoons. Is that funny. I literally have to my appearance. It's funny to that generation. I can't take them in public because immediately. They'll start talking about something loud and we live in a small town in. It's a small all town. Everybody kind of knows me. It's not just because it's on t._v. It's small town. I'm a big mouth in a town right. Fourteen thousand people and i'm like i. I don't want people to think that this is how i think. Could you guys i you were entitled to our opinions tammy. Yes you are but i'm paying for red lobster so shut up the politics. Ripping families apart just going facebook. You see it right yeah for sure. I don't my husband goes. Crazy is a little bit too four on on one side for me <hes> but somebody said to me it doesn't drive you nuts like oh. He's talking about politics. Do you know this guy. This guy's never talked about anything other than what kinda hairspray you use to make your hair. Hold back or or speaker system. The fact that he's talking about politics is interesting interesting to me. Did he jump too far into it he did but you know but the political correctness and all that how you think that's going to play out eventually because i i worry about <hes> standup. It seems like there's less and less things that you guys are able to do like they're taking words away from you. Topics away from meal. Your fellow comics are attacking. You yeah not you. I mean i mean i mean <hes> comedians in general well. That's that's because comedy has become to individualize. Even though it always was you're by yourself. It's not a team sport. We were a team in the back of the club and now there's no respect act for the old guard and what i think is that a lot of the comics who call themselves comics will probably fade away after a while and the people who know how to entertain we'll continue to work but the masses thinking you have an edgy joke in comedy called that means. That's how you think like some somewhere along the way. These people forgot that this person is just trying to make you laugh and forget about your life for an hour to you know. There's sometimes it's just a joke. It doesn't mean it doesn't mean that they believe in this topic absolutely sometimes it's just a joke and but it's very it's become very niche. It's chess going to be just just like when you turn on the radio. There's country and everybody's going to have their own form of comedy and that's how you'll know. That's why i really don't think it's for everybody we now because i think you could you joke about a very serious topic and also take that serious topic very seriously patrice crease. O.'neil is the first person that taught me a million years ago. He could joke about rape. Let's say but also realized how serious that is. It's two different fucking. Thanks things well listen because your job is your job as a standup is to you know to take the piss out of some of this stuff right so we don't take ourselves so seriously think think that lenny bruce revolutionized comedy why because he stopped with the hey take my wife please things and really talked about life talked about real shit right. I've i've tried to get into lenny bruce my entire life but that whole daddy oh right cool cat kind of cool cat daddy oh this and that and all the jazz lingo and all that stuff you used. I was always lost trying to follow his stuff. What about bill hicks. Bill hicks is one of my favorite yeah. I loved bill hicks because i found him when i became mccormick. When i was a kid from me. It was eddie murphy. I know every joe. That's why i'm so excited over this netflix thing but i'm worried for him. Only because the audience is different now you know. I hope they don't always get a crush and what netflix paid him seventy million dollars that true. I don't know if it's true but i hope so yeah i also know eddie. Murphy is gonna come back into straw if there's anybody who deserves seventy million dollars it's eddie murphy. Maybe he's going to be this the wave that it shakes the tree. That really puts real comics like you're going to see the difference the that's a real comic. You know what i mean. People are talking about. Is he going to be as funny yeah. He's going to be as funny is audience stupider. Sometimes maybe but maybe we just wanna see like i wanna feel good about myself. Well as older people wanna see what eddie eddie murphy still has right. I cannot wait for this house jenny mccarthy. I talked to her for a while but she was great. She was loyal to me. Those are one of those people i will never anything bad about her out and she really a- it was cool she she real and she gets. We tickets for new kids on the block whenever i want oh you don't love combined rate of dance. That's what i'm talking about. This arrest watch music and jokes and laughter. Laughter takes you to a time when you can laugh so like right now what i'm doing my set and i talk about a lot of stuff growing up which is not something newest topic african the world kate. My family was similar to some people. Some stuff was different but people wanna feel a time when they were happy. You know yeah and that's what all those concerts coming back people. That's where the remaking every movie ever. Well just came out remake home alone. Stop it is that when they they had macaulay culkin nonaka together here when addiction he's trying to break in. I don't know i think he's healthy. Finally he looks like he actually gained a few pounds back but he made made fun of the fact that he got the news that they're making the home alone movies again and he tweeted out something like disney. Well not calling it. Maybe they'll have album as a cameo or something in some weird you know all son he'll pop up. They can make it but the n._c._a._a. Is going to change because when they finally make it home to kevin d._c._f. Is going to show up because they they left at home his show him in a foster care system. There's no way home alone movie where they're in paris right with anything left left and my son's watching a movie and i tried to explain to him he's only nine. I'm like yeah. This is unbelievable because she's just not absurd set enough you know and she's still kind of almost enjoying paris like oh. I guess they'll figure it out back home. Let's go get a bag yet. Police handled it twice jason. I don't know what you want it. Oh he's done it twice different other movies. He's proved it. I'm like at some point. That kids got it. They should do one now and he should. He's probably shooter somewhere because he's been left backs. Exactly how how's your son. How is it <hes> raising him. He's about eleven now. Yeah he's good any smart and he's funny funny and he gets it and it's hard though because he starting to get that little bit like if i get angry over something come on mom it's okay it's okay like he's. He's at that stage where he smarter than me. Yeah you know and it it's kinda cool or you get one of those two mice. My son's running the house already. He's nine fine. My holy crap all my his logic is through the reina's. It all like all of my idiosyncrasies that are immature. Let's just say i mean we grew up in a very immature business so i was allowed to be an adult grew up until i had him really right so but he's matured faster than me. Yes and it's so big kids in general <hes> mature faster these days right but he looks at me like oh dad and i'm like oh my god. I'm i'm the kid in this family. At this point i should i wrote a joke about this. I'm not trying to tell you a joke but he solved the rubik's cube and it was like no big deal and i was like going john crazy. I would call my mother and like you saw the rubik's cube or call my best friend and he's like you never did that. Number like not for real we we used to lie and faking can buy new ones and feel stickers and breaking apart trying to put it back together. We did all right. No it was just like okay. Well all right. I mean we <hes> we'd let him on his ipad a little too much due to the ipad thing yeah and he's a little bit older now like this past year we started to let him <hes> talk to people through xbox but only his friends like i want him to be able to participate without well. I still want us. Keep a little bit of that innocence for as long as i can all it's almost impossible misdemeanor vigilant high protective over him. I mean i. I probably too much so like we had a conversation where he's like mom in public. It's okay for us. The women's the men's restroom now so i was always afraid of perverts jobling worse and you're walking blue boys walking in the men's room with a guy already with his penis out. He's halfway there already. They're like you know what my kids nine is no way that's happening anytime soon. No worse this year just literally. I said we'll find we'll go to a family or the ongoing the men's right what's what's the difference. I'm not doing that. When you become a father and you walk around new york city. I know all the creeps now crazy i. There's something that i'm like oh my god. You're a creep. I've seen you for years before. I had kids only see you could see them. Think about our friends quote unquote that are just complete creeps. Let are like that are weirdos that you would never leave your child. You know well. My mother-in-law told me there there is a there were a couple of people in my life and she said don't ever leave that person with your kids at or oh she came out for yes the good news as you have to have a team on that. I hope you and your wife are probably the same. My husband and i are the same like we don't. You know we're both on it. I mean i even went and got a gun. I'm not a gun person but i'm like. I need to have this in my house. Protect my kid. It's not even about me. It's it's locked up by the way anybody's but he's gonna go crazy. It's locked up. It's a fingerprinted only opens up for mine and my husband. My kid can't get to it. It's not gonna you know but i'm like most people i want. Everyone else do not have a gun and i i want to keep mine. It's just carrying around. That's well. I live in this country is insane. I know and i will more it. Just the band <hes> violent video game displays. That's gonna take care of the issue like insane and then the other side is like look. I think we we need to do something but there are more guns in american alvin people. I think that i think that boat left a long time ago when fortson yeah well. That's kind of what happened to me. I never had anything i had a i had a switchblade. The dc benny bought me right next to my bed i had b._b. Guns like an air pellet thing and of course baseball bat and my husband has a sword like you could write high go. What could you think this is gonna do us. All this is going to do is distract for about thirty seconds until you get like it's going to stave off death for thirty seconds. You have to have something you think. People are intelligent but then they're. I liked eight. They wanna just ignored like basic facts. It's like no. It's the problem is <hes> mentally. Ill people in america well the yeah. That's part of the problem tom but also one of the problems is we have so many goddamn guns in america. That's another problem to ignore that is ridiculous. The one thing i don't think is a promise promise violent video games. I really don't because every country in the world has violent video games and they don't have the same issues as america and i'll go even as far to say that violent video video games. I think it's a way where people do let off steam. You know what i mean. They let off steam by playing some of these gays but to focus on mental illness and violent the video games and ignore the fact that we have so many fucking guns in america. It's just we're. We're all just lying each other well it. I think it also goes to who's who's raising the kids. I have conversations with my kid. My parents never talked to us about anything. I always say that the only people talk to us where the people a._b._c. after school special all right so but no one talks to kids about stuff then it becomes a problem no matter who you are whether it's violent video games or they're out in the back cutting kuttan squirrels up whatever if you don't talk to your kid and you don't and you don't figure out what's going on. I know everything my kids room. P shows up with a new era socks folks. We just had this conversation to he's got he's eleven that sixth grade. I try to give him his privacy but i also am gonna back. Check it okay so i was in his looking in his texts and he was like mom. Those are my tax and i go no. This is my phone. This is my. I'm gonna look you can songs. It's appropriate. We don't have a problem you know. Although he's probably smart enough to delete anything by the way they no way despite what the technology police my mother used to breathe on the phone. Do you never heard your mother breathing on the phone. When you're having a conversation you could just hear breathing for the longest time my my my brothers and sisters had no idea that their kids could possibly have fake instagram accounts. They had no idea i'm like it's so obvious it's the lobbyists because their their public instagram account would be pristine and the perfect the perfect daughter or the perfect son and look just say one of my either nieces or nephews. Let us in on the fact like oh no. This is what we do man. We have one for the public and then we have of our actual instagram. That's hysterical. Parents have no idea. I think they're onto it now. Finally no no i didn't because they were kinda at that age where it's loyd in order meaning no harm no foul. But how far in would you go like. I have a friend that put a g._p._s. Kids and the kids really good kid like she. He never has done anything wrong but they put a g._p._s. said because just in case they wanted to be at this point all for like other laws. We'll have to see who it is. Man is really all right. Hey bud. I'm doing a podcast when he doing. Can you watch what waterboy you can watch whatever you it's okay thank you for calling me me. I appreciate it. I love you. I it's okay just text me what you meant. Though what's word what's the what's the show. You're trying to watch honor yeah. That's what my thought yeah. Of course you can watch it now. You can't thank you very much and thank you for calling to ask if you can watch it. I appreciate it buddy. It's not yet but it will be by love you air okay i i liked i liked that because that's what my my son asked us. Everything and we try to have that open honest conversation with him. I know things are gonna change when he gets old. I get it but at least we're trying to lay down some basic. <hes> you know <hes> ah groundwork here our foundation and hopefully hopefully as he gets older and and into some things that he feels like he could come to us. Hopefully i'm hoping i don't know it's possible but we'll see but so far he same thing with him. Can i go on my ipad. Can i do this. Can i play this and most of the time me and my wife say yes. You know so well so waterboy. I love adamson but not all of his films there. He didn't make those films for eleven year old boys or or you know at the time they were nine nine or ten when we talked to them before and i kept saying there are things that i can't wait to share some of these with you but i also got completely flabbergasted. Sometimes one one time we were watching animal. House probably is eight. I don't remember being all having all these dirty scenes yeah because i didn't and see it at the movie theater. I saw it on television when it cut everything out and i didn't know things were cut out so and they don't have they should show those movies. You should have an option shen to get those movies edited for children edited for television comedies. Were really dirty and there's a lot of nudity in oh yeah well and there's there's a whole rape thing in an animal house so the football field or no no the girl was twelve or something underage was no big deal and they just laughed at yeah. The big deal was she stopped because she wasn't old enough to do exactly but so it's cool that he asks. It's cool that he calls the funny. Part is a distinct with my two brother-in-laws who from brooklyn who everything even talking about all day long way dirty than any adam sandler movie. He's better off watch. You can watch anything right there. I know you're gonna get ready for your show soon. But can you talk about the harvey. Weinstein thing. Oh yeah okay so long story is that short is that i used to be a regular at the comedy store one night. I was in the main room and this <hes> this guy was tackling. Heckling people on stage is kinda fat guy in shorts on and it just it was just eating. He looks like a it didn't look like a slob you know and i went over 'cause he was picking on my friends on stage and i was like h come on keep it down and he went to walk away. He grabbed my ass so the one place that i you can't do that to me for sure is where those guys i mean. I had some friends. There's some those door men. They knocked out for a sandwich. You know so i wait until the sky fat james god soul and a couple of guys and they threw this guy out and they they had fun because it could never throw anybody out. Anyway and turns turns out of the sky sir sending me these emails from fuck it. He called me county contin stein or something and i fucking fucked doubt my career that he was powerful and he would make sure that i never did anything and i never really knew who was until a couple months slater while my manager found out who was an i put those emails away and was no big deal and then just literally not that was. I'm telling you two thousand then three just two months ago. My manager dino is going through some old emails. Just trying to you know be sad and relived some things and in in my manager sent me thing it said. Can you believe that harvey weinstein. Don't worry he won't do wanna think to your career. We're not filming movies anyway. Wow yeah for him not that i know i wish i would've known i could have jumped in. I could have brought my career back. Wait fast if jumped right in on that bandwagon all this other. I couldn't have more things telling me. This isn't the career for me right. I couldn't have more big bullets that i'm dodging. It's still still stand in like a marionette over here until jokes still doing jobs. Wow that's unbelievable and so so you still like doing comedy. I do travel and all that more why more so than ever for me. I need to laugh more. I have a crazy life. That's right now so i need to laugh more than ever. So if i'm making other people have them have a good time. I no longer check out. I used to like get on stage and check out and go on autopilot it. I really am fully present every show nice yeah. I think it's fun. I understand that. Actually i know you do. I know you do only someone who's been broken can get it lost everything i was going to be the worst thing in the world and then i realized it was pretty much. The best thing that ever happened to me career wise. You didn't lose your wife. You didn't lose your family's. You'd like still it monte changes but money changes for everybody you know and then you go back and figure it out then your audience find you said it's a niche thing i took my <hes> my young daughter to the e r last night speaking of money she woke up one hundred and two hundred and three fever really bad sore throat then a bite fight on her right arm that looks suspicious like it could have been a tick tick by leads your imaginations to lime disease and that's like just hell on earth so i'm panicking gang and then i called the doctor friend of mine and he's like get her on the moisture in the tylenol. If the temperature drops you should be all right but if it goes back up to one or two one three a that he should take her in. It goes back to one to one zero three at nine o'clock last night. I'm not in the city. I'm way out here so i take her to a hospital and then i'm in the e._r. For three and a half hours last night and all i needed was a striped up to you know a strep test because i'm thinking she's gonna suffer the sooner you could get medication the better so we went to the e._r. Hole and backboard diseases from the e._r. than you did with them yes and then she's crying because now it's been two and a half hours but there are people pretty much dying all around around in the hallway stub way worse than her so i know we were knocked down to the lowest priority possible so then i went to the administrative <hes> lady and i said look we've been here two and a half hours. I know you're busy. I could see that gunshot on like i know stupid. There were in the yard. You know this probably could wait to tomorrow tomorrow and i could have found an urgent care something i go but if you're going to tell me you know the two hours we're leaving and i think that made her pants. She's like no no. We really want to sierra then. She's like what's her name. I give her name and we go on the computer screen. She's looking at the top less. We've been there two and a half hours already looking at the top. It got to be one of these two names and i go no it's that and it's in the middle of the screen which means it would have easily been another two hours she goes. Let me see what i could do so i kind of felt bad but but my daughter you know is was everything to me. She's almost seven. She's crying. She doesn't understand this throat hurts. She just wants asleep. <hes> long story short after i did that within a half hour out of the hospital little check the strep test <hes> was fine blah blah blah and then we're doing the paperwork to to leave and the lady was so cool but goes. I've never seen a co pay this hi my life five hundred dollars and i've helped shorts just so she can get a strep test at at at the emergency urged room. My father's been in the hospital for forty nine days the hell they have health insurance. They have medicare they've. They're expecting a thousand dollars a day. That's what the insurance current said brill. That's forty nine thousand. That's health insurance the health that is a may i bring it up because it's a major issue in this country. It's insane and you can't. It's uh like you can't. I dunno socialized. Medicine doesn't work because i have friends from scotland found a lump on their ankle on on a november day and didn't get in until february by then it was cancer the side of it yeah so. I don't know what socialized medicine will do. I i don't know but it's it's it's. It's a major problem in this country. We should be revolting over the whole health insurance. I in this country yet. They broke down the telephone thing remember when they they. They broke down the telephone when they broke down the a._t. And t. and they broke oh you've breakthrough yet. That's what they need to do with these all about profits it's now they just try to find any excuse why they're not gonna help you or or or or pay your claim well. How about the fact that my son is eleven. We talked talked about right so eleven is is booster shots right and i vaccinate him. We're not i live out in pennsylvania where amish people are bringing polio and meningitis join us to walmart every thursday you know so i totally but the h._p._v. does he need h._p. It was originally made for girls. Does a guy needed needed at eleven. Does he need it. It's not a sexually transmitted disease becoming a big thing though right where parents are getting there. I think mostly sons right well. No it's supposed to be mostly girls but now it's for boys too because again the throat cancer oh yeah because michael douglas okay i know is i know it is yeah get throat cancer from eating pussy but all the way they're basically saying the doctor's like he's only a few years away. Hey from maybe starting to look at things right well. Let's let's play it safe. Yes that's the thing that's the theory right to then you go try to do the research search and all of the garda sell the the chemical company that creates it. They're the only ones that is allowing any do the re go on youtube. They're the only ones to talk about it. So i did find out between eleven and twenty six. You can get the vaccination so i'm going to hold off maybe next year so we don't have to have up twenty seven vaccines at the same time and if we want to revisit it next year that's right. You were closed for j._d. Mccarthy during the whole vaccination thing well that was a smart right thing what. She told me that she never said. Don't vaccinate i. I don't know what she anybody but heard though to play the other side over. I know that and maybe maybe i don't. I wasn't around when all that was what i do know what she did. Tell me that was really smart was to spread them out and in literally my son had two shots the the other day when he was a kid there were twelve or no and we went every single week because i wouldn't let them do twelve at one time for your body but i was my son goes all there's is nothing peeled the stickers on the band's tonight and there's no mark i go. I am scarred for life. Do you remember shop. That was like a hot poker. We you'll have that big circle scar arm. It was like i go. We've got brand which is regular vaccine. Even know entity would cover for half of it. We've had so also. She never said that not to me. I don't know i didn't i wasn't friends with her. When that whole big controversy was going on and all i had ever heard her say was to spread them out which makes sense right absolutely as a parent. I would agree with that so i'm not educated. The whole jenny mccarthy thinks i'm not going to push on it but i know a lot of people really aided on her for that stuff but then also i guess you know look at the end of the next thing yeah no like there's some disease from one thousand nine hundred one coming back because yes there is but it's also there's a lot of you. You could say that big cough but right but it's i blame the amish. I'm not kidding you. If you've ever this whole country has these little pockets of amish that they don't have to pay taxes. They don't have to send their kids to public schools so they have no vaccinations and yet they're constantly at a walmart there at the hospital there at the at the c._v._s. They're eating in restaurants. Dont it's insane amish the amish they slide under no one tries to deport on nobody. That's a safe target because they're not allowed to listen to this stuff well. It's it's a safe target just because all they have is cheese but i really don't like them. They're like the amish uh-huh what's happened to me. I really snapped when all that shit. Would they swear my love and all that went down. I think i snapped and started focusing using my anger where it's needed to be directed at the yaghmur's. It's really just trying to build a house holding me back all this time with their monochromatic colored clothes closer. You think it's a scam. I do think it's a scary what's going on but they can't possibly think this is the way to continue living only reason. I think it's a scam is because they let him out for that. Rome spring of that and i once had an amish lady come over and help me clean <hes> and she i was a young girl and i had you know you have those cameras nanny cameras when you say of kin and i click in on her and she's on the phone and i thought okay well. I don't know who she is calling and then back in and she's still on the phone all apparently one would go to one house one and they talk all day long on the phone phone and they really only worked a couple hours yeah so they were getting around all the crap yeah they know how to do. All the things interesting taxes pay pay. No taxes. Horse takes dumped right on the road that they're not supposed to be using. I'm a big fan of no taxes because when i was growing up my dad you know like i said seven eight sometimes nine and kids. He started his own church he did so. We could pay less taxes on that's gene. How great is that. That's i think that's a loophole. You can't do anymore. Mr videon brother told me the name of the church. I said it on a pass podcast. I don't remember anymore but my parents would get really mad if we didn't take the tax exempt <hes> <hes> <hes> certificate to the stores to to show where part of a church so we're not paying taxes on these brand new sneakers. That's is if we didn't use the tax exempt form. It was an actual form. We again trouble when we got home because who wants to pay seven point six percent tax i i i never used it and i just said yes. I used it today because it was. It was so embarrassing in front of your friends. You're pulling out a tax exempt form because you're part of a fake church because your your parents are trying to pay less taxes so they could survive right once he just was for survival not said they were all should have been better for you blonde hair blue who is past spring too by the way free cheese free cheese well tammy. I know you gotta get ready for his show but this was awesome. We talked about a lot of things ban anything else. You wanna say no. I just i if people are listening. I never talk about that that that that whole all that stuff does schumer say yeah and i just i'm. I'm not complaining over at it's cool that but it was important for you and i to have that because you're part of that process and i really felt bad a stand up for you i i. I knew what you were saying was coming from a from a good place and i i. I should take your side. I think everybody saw that. It wasn't me anybody who had half a brain knew that i didn't start it so who cares but you got stuck as the last person in he and everyone else tapped out and you're like i told we're doing this together and and they turned their backs and went on with their lives for whatever reason you know. I'm not questioning that yeah i really. I was the getaway driver for sure. They got the you know. Everybody gets off but i'd still do it in a heartbeat again. I'm not talking about that but talking about like defending a friend you know i that's the kind of person you you can't change who you are because other people don't react the way you want them to. You know it's pretty brave to defend a front especially when it's it's going to hurt your you you know your career for a while. We'll get did or who knew and tammy pesky tally. Have a good set tonight at this fine theater. Thank you so much. Thanks for coming out. You're leaving now right. Hell yeah you got a barbecue that i turned on our it does look pretty good you know and look they're all look at that from being in the sand all summer nights of polish look at that. I got young of young feet. I hate feet if he'd or not what's worse from your knees these listen. I always wear bras to bed because i was worried about gravity with my boobs. I forgot my knees would fall only got falling b.'s fall yeah. What do you mean. They show you right now but they're dropping. It's a crazy thing. They look like chinstraps. That's what i need. I need chinstraps for my great. Thanks thank you. That's the goodness. Maybe they're supposed to drop the cover your kneecaps. That's how it's supposed to work for me. It's elbows give saggy elbows. I don't i don't know if i do yet but i i see it on all the people trust me nuts or the they don't put any lotion at all like for the past twenty-seven years and they just have a big big crust like doesn't it bother you would all when you when you put your elbow on a table in its sparks. Doesn't that upset you at all. Acquiesced just terrible spot on your elbow which is dry hard scared. I hate to get old general it's really i think i'm okay with it. I i like what's the alternative you know <hes> but i just think that i think i'm pulling it off. Until i see a picture i wouldn't i would much rather have gotten old in a no social media like i'm gonna go after the show and i'll stand up front. If anybody wants to take a picture and we'll take a picture but of course they're only going to put the picture. That's the best of them right well. I know but that that's why. I don't believe that there's any women's movement. That's because women will only post a picture of themselves. That looks good not their friends so they don't really support other women. That's all big crack but that's so funny. I mean we deal with it more because we have some popularity but but everyone will look at the pictures from party or something and just stare at themselves and go all. That's the best at the ignore the fact that people are you know have their eyes closed does their mouth open. They're picking their nose and some of the pictures but you ignore all that because the one your picture you look good and that's the one you're going to post on social media and fuck fuck everybody else or fake it and do all those face apps and i don't want somebody who face apt me and did like really took away. Everything and i was like wow look great but i don't wanna disappoint people. Show up and see me even worse because like oh my god what has happened since since the time they took that picture it has been no. You're holding up man tammy prescott. Tell you are holding up you you. You've broken man and that's how we end the opie radio podcast tammy pescatore. Thank you so much. I am a broken man that you see how. I sat on this couch too long. I got two herniated disk and it's acting up a little bit speaking of getting old. I'm trying to look cool in front of you as a stand up that hurt so much all right guys thanks for listening to the radio podcast really really appreciate it. Follow me on instagram. You want anybody the fall you on anything here instagram twitter. I don't know it doesn't matter follow me. We're don't cut it doesn't matter i'm posting this but you know what it come out and buy a ticket. If you like it and and and let you know that you want me back podcast yeah that's all i care about to just listen to this podcast. If you liked this episode listen to another one. That's that's more important than that other garbage right all right. Thanks guys thank you tammy. Thank you talked no uh-huh.

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