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Blue Hello and welcome to over the edge. My name is Luke Erickson your host of the over the podcast and let me be the first person to say boy. Does it feel good to be back. Now it's been a bit of a long break the believe me. There's been a lot of business to take care of over the past several weeks but we're back and I hope to be back for what I am calling now the second season of over the edge you wanted to try to keep a consistent schedule for the entire year minus stuff like spring break. I want to be able to upload once a week for you guys whether that that falls on Thursdays maybe a little bit dependence collectively electives. But I want to be able to put out an episode for you guys each week. I promise all will be able to cover all the topics that you guys want to stay up to date and be able to suggest stuff to me through my instagram at the Ot podcast and yeah without further ado. Let's get into today's topic which is on Iran the subsoil. We'll be a little shorter but what I hope to be very informative Alabi me on this episode but you can be on the lookout for a part to where I will be Be bringing on some gas asked to get their opinions on this very pressing conflict. We'll be discussing. The origins are history with Iran as well as for the future in this conflict. And Yeah Yeah. Let's get right into Hello Luke Erickson from the over the edge podcast here with a quick at anchor anchors the recording software that I use for all of my podcasts and it is truly the easiest way to make a podcast. It's free and the creation tools that allow you to record an at your podcast. Oh cast right from your phone and computer are great. My favorite part is at anchor will distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more you can make money money from your podcast with no minimum listenership and all in all. It's everything you could want in a podcast all in one place. Download the free anchor APP on APP store or who play or go to anchor dot. FM to get started. Okay and welcome back first off. We are going to go over a little. Bit of a timeline found him put put together. That kinda goes over. Recent events obviously our history with Iran goes back tens of not a hundred years But I just kind of want to go over the recent the The relevant history in current events and it starts July fourteenth of two thousand fifteen on the US and Iran and some a few other nations announced the nuclear deal and Iran the US and four other UN permanent members announced that they have reached a comprehensive deal regarding Iran's nuclear their program. Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment which obviously is making nuclear weapons and allow international inspectors into the country in exchange change for a lifting of trade sanctions primarily concerning oil then July sixteenth of two thousand sixteen now so year pretty much the year after this has happened the US and Europe lifted the sanctions on Iran asked promise in the nuclear deal and the very next day. The Obama Administration issued a new sanctions against eleven people and companies with leak to Iran's ballistic missile program. Now twenty seventeen trump extend sanctions waiver So what pretty much happened is the trump administration renewed sanctions waivers. That were in part because of the AH Iran nuclear deal and then may eighth of two thousand eighteen so another year head the US R- withdrawals from the from the Iran. Nuclear deal on this this kind of big news back in two thousand eighteen if you guys remember that or not but president trump announced that the US will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement and implements a maximum pressure sure campaign in an attempt to force Iran to negotiate a new deal. So you heard this in trump's campaign as well as two thousand eighteen was going on trump was really unhappy. Happy With the deal that Obama had made with Iran whether or not that was a political move because Obama had made the plan and he just wasn't a fan of that and wanted Anatole renegotiate it As he does. Or if it was a serious problem with the deal that he was unhappy with either way In response wants Iran says it will exceed the caps for uranium-enriching as outlined by the Iran. Nuclear deal international nuclear watchdogs later confirmed that Iran Iran had exceeded its limits That were set out in the twenty fifteen deal so now April eighth of Twenty nineteen so this is a a month and a year after the. US had originally withdraw from the Iran. Nuclear deal in Iran had exceeded its limits trump trump designates the Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard corpse as a foreign terrorist organization is the first time the US has declared part of another national government as a terrorist organization. So kind of big news. These are not small claims that were being made by the trump administration. And during this time time from May to October of two thousand nineteen so not not may when the US withdrawal from The Iran nuclear deal but from May to October of of twenty nine thousand nine the US Iran tensions had ramped up a ton because of and this is another kind of current event. That was going on back then. The oil tanker explosions now. Now there was officially. No I guess conclusive evidence that directly pointed to Iran or like the Iranian government having exploded. Order these oil tankers but a series of attacks on these oil tankers near the Straits of who who mas which is in the Oman or the Gulf of Oman? I believe Tensions between the US just skyrocketed the US blamed Iran for the tax on the oil tankers are sailing under Saudi Arabian Japanese US and British flags in response. US attempts to seize an Iranian Oil Tanker K now November twenty nineteen Iranian Iranian riots over economic concerns. Start to begin and over the course of the next four days Iran's riots in the streets in opposition to the increase in oil prices mainly they do to sanctions that were being put on and all this drama that was occurring international estimates. That more than three hundred people were killed in the government. Crackdown on this demonstration. The trump trump administration in response sharply criticized the Iranian government for how it handled these protests killed three hundred of its people while okay now were in December thirty first so and other month forward From the riots and twenty nineteen and this is probably something you may be able to remember now if you're listening to this when it came amount of course the MILTA- members attacked US embassy embassies in Baghdad. So the Iraqi demonstrators as well so Iraq Iran Iran different different countries Iraqi demonstrators and Iran backed milita members break into the US embassy in Baghdad and set. Fire To the embassy in this was in response to the American airstrikes that killed members of Iran. Back Milita The previous weekend so now going forward. Here's here's our big news. This is where all the world war three means. came from this is where all the main drama in recent events have came from the. US killed General Solo Mommy Sulejmani Yeah so the. US killed Iran's top general title as well as Iraqi military leaders boo muddied in a drone strike in Baghdad. So Iraq Iraq really Kinda and I got the worst of this because Baghdad is in Iraq not Iran and they got bombed or not bomb but launched missile twice once by Iran trying in to attack the US and then by the US trying to attack Iran. Obviously only one of those were successful. The one that killed the Iranian general but then now skipping Ford I five days or in January eighth now so this is what I just kind of mentioned Iran launch missiles onto basis and Iraq where soldiers are stationed in relationship with the killing of their general. No casualties were reported the same morning. A Ukrainian airliner crashed crashed. Quotation marks around crashed after taking off from Iran the US officials say that Iran shot down with two Russian surface to air missiles. There is some video footers. I believe that was put out by BBC of a plane that was flying. And you see this huge explosion in the air and later you hear her a a giant explosion through the sound And that is claimed to be the Ukrainian airliner that was supposedly shot down Now Day later. US retaliates was sanctioned. So this is the first kind of official sanctions that came in after the. US had left the nuclear ordeal all the way back in two thousand eighteen so January ninth trump announces. His administration will impose new sanctions on Iran in response to the missile strike. The next day Secretary Secretary of state. Mike pompeo Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin outlined the details of the sanctions which target the construction manufacturing actioning mining textile industries and of course oil industries these sanctions also name eight Iranian officials within these sanctions. Two days after this January the eleventh Iran finally admitted that the Ukrainian airliner was shot down and quotation marks the end by mistake and the admission sparked protests in in Tehran and elsewhere against Iranian leaders. So a little more context. I want to add to this. Timeline is first of all the funeral that happened. For General Sulejmani Sulejmani reporter said that it encompassed almost are actually not almost more than a million people attended of this man's funeral and in case you guys were curious or didn't really get it in the mainstream media. I think it was Kinda not reported on as much as more just like. Oh we killed Tim. This happened not necessarily. We should be happy for it but he was a bad guy so in January second the Pentagon announced that the strike was to deter future Iranian attack plans trump also announced that he was an imminent threat and was caught planning attacks against the United States. Why these reports a came out so much later. I don't know because if you go back all the way to twenty seventeen trump had stated in a national secretary or not the National National Security Conference that he believed that Sulejmani was a threat. So why this didn't really come out in the mainstream media. I don't know I want inform you guys in case if you were curious and yeah so with that being said I'm going to hop into a little bit of I guess trying to explain where I stand stand on this and were I think it could go. Yeah as well as all the other possible alternatives through that all right so now that we're out of kind of the more factual part of this episode the time line and everything leading up as well as a little bit of history on Sulejmani I think I'm finally starting to get that name right. I kinda wanted to lay back a little bit and give have my opinion on this issue because we don't have any other guests on this episode again. Look out for a part to definitely want to get people's opinion On on the Iran conflict answer. Most people's questions are we gonna go to war with Iran. No I highly doubt we are going to declare war on Iran. Is there going to be a major military conflict. I wouldn't bet I don't want to bet on yes. I can't say for certain. No now I'd put it at about fifty fifty. You can go check. I'm sure there's Vegas odds on it right now. My guess is what's going to happen is there's going to be kind one of a trade war similar to what's going on with China but a little more violent and the sunset the if we were going to go to war it'd be something that Iran Iran did on top of what's already been going on Because of how upset they are with the sanctions that have been put on them with mining oiling textiles textiles all. They're pretty much every export that Iran has the US has put sanctions on top of it. And that's GONNA affect their economy hugely as an the impact pretty much everybody in that country as far as the death the Sulejmani if I'm going to take everything that trump and some other major leaders in the US verbatim. Take what they save our Vadim. The killing him was justified but the allegations that are put against him are exactly that they were allegations. There wasn't a ton of evidence put out as to what an imminent threat or how so he was an imminent threat and also whether or not he he had actually been planning strikes against the United States. Now I'm not saying the. US would I about that but there was no kind of further stuff. Put out about that. which is is I want to say concerning but obviously it's for someone who is very popular and their country? I can and see why the Iranian people are very upset again. There was over a million people at his funeral. And if you look at any sort of I guess interviews or our news work that's been done directly inside of Iran the people are livid absolutely live in a site may stated earlier the whole idea of death to America and this is directly from the mouth of the Iranian leader Does not mean that to the American artem people which is why I have a harder time believing that The Iranian general had had had plans to attack the US or at least maybe the US people what the leader of Iran says that the idea of death to America means death to the American liters. So that's trump his whole administration. I don't know if that extends to the government as a whole but I don't mean that to be necessarily consoling as it's like. Oh Yeah we're fine. We didn't do anything wrong. obviously that's still you could take. That is a threat But I find it a lot less Monstrous and saying we have a problem with an entire people who didn't necessarily do anything to us So just putting that out there again. This is is strictly my opinion on this issue. I think it's a little harder than stuff I've talked about in the past where there is a more fine line of yes and no and obviously everything in politics is is great. It's not black and white. Some some argue different. I wouldn't I think there's always a a a gray area and especially in something like this where it's not just like. Oh should we go to the war. Should we go to war. Yes or no It's whether or not what we did was right. What how egregious what they did was and yeah? It's not. It's not a economics. How do I feel about trump's tax tax reform? Or how do I feel about Democratic candidates which is also an episode. I hope to be doing soon now that that's starting to narrow down a little bit. Sadly my man Andrew Yang was not not in the January debate but that's all right And Yeah so I think I think that sums comes up I don't want to ramble on for too long. This is going to be a little bit of a shorter episode. Yeah everything I don't cover and this particular episode or stuff you WanNa hear. Make sure Sorta let me know because I do want to do a part two of this. I ask More you as have interviews with how you feel about this issue. I just feel like where where this issue stands right now. This covers most of it and this is going to be evolving over the next several weeks. If not months depending on how much more he did the skits and yeah I think I'm going to wrap up this section here y'All hop right into the ultra Hello and thank you for listening to this week's episode of over the edge podcast as I said earlier. This obviously isn't the most in-depth episode I've ever done but I really hope you guys enjoy at least me kind of being back. I'm really trying to get back into this. It's been a little bit harder to motivate with school and work and everything that's been going on but I've heard from a lot of you. How much you enjoy hearing these and how much it can kind of really help you form your guy's opinion lookout for part to this episode? I know IC- impeachment trials going on right now. The Democratic race is heating up and then soon enough. We're going to be into the national. Between trump and over the democratic commitment is everyone has tons of opinions on that so this year if not be this the next month or two we'll have tons of amazing content and I'll also be able to cover hopefully the two episodes that I didn't get to cover back from the twenty nine hundred scheduled. So everything's GonNa get gone over at one time or another and yeah stay tuned checkout the Instagram at the Ot podcast and yeah. I do have a good rest of your day and go utes.

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