All Ball - 'Last Dance' Rodman/Phil Takeaways; College Hoops Insiders Andy Katz and Jeff Goodman on G-League Jump, NCAA Name, Image, Likeness Unknowns


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How the heck are we going to get along on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts? Welcome in God. Leave this all the basketball podcast of all the time and. You can listen to the dugout late show weekdays three to six eastern time twelve, three Pacific on Fox sports, radio or Fox sports radio DOT COM and extremist must or the iheartradio APP. Let's. We'll get to name and likeness stuff in a second. We'll get to the G. League deal in a second I. I to give a quick kind of Synopsis Review. Episodes three and four of the last the last dance. The Dennis Rodman thing is interesting, I mean it appears at this time as though they're not GonNa Talk About Jordan's gambling which? You know and whether or not that caused him to. have to. If he's suspended from the League. That was the like the old rumor which I. Don't believe to be true but I think that by not talking about it, I think it's hard deal right. If you talk about it, you validated as well. This is a legitimate rumor out there. But if you don't talk about it now, it's all hold on. Are you not talking about it because? Because you, you you shying away from it? Because you're GonNa say, say something that's lie. That's a provable I. whereas if you just don't bring it up, you hope that it goes away. I'd very difficult. But the third and fourth episodes they give you a lot more Dennis Rodman and a lot more Phil Jackson. Let me start with Rodman and I don't know. Obviously like the Rodman personality stuff is interesting and the chip to Vegas I. Actually think speaks more to fill. It is something that Pat. Riley would do but kinda differently than the way Phil did it. There's some similarities there. But The Rodman thinks amazing because I. Don't know if we'll have a guy like that. I mean the idea that you have a to players on this team. You know that when they won seventy two games. You're talking about the you know at the time, the greatest team in the history of the sport. One in Scotty Pippin who was Amana quit manager. An MA NA school. And Dennis, Rodman, who's a from nowhere Southeast Oklahoma? State like it's incredible. Rodman of all the guys who I think, all three of Jordan Pippen Rodman. Their Games would absolutely translated today. Would as well by the way. Coach would as well We can talk about Jordan three point shooting, or whatever, but if you take people out of the lane the way they do now. I just and especially early in George crew where you could not keep him in front of you, you couldn't. And was his. Like his last year shot twenty eight percent from three. But it's just such a hard comparison, because just the volume of practice takes, and makes are so different. Jordan did shoot a low line drive, but I mean look. He wasn't a great shooter when he entered the League, and he made himself into the best perimeter shooter then he made himself into the best post score. And, he was always a walking bucket so I don't. You want to say was never a great three point shooter, and so he wouldn't be a great three point shooter. Today Brooke Lopez made himself into three point shooter. Why couldn't Michael Jordan? Scottie Pippen be a great hybrid player. He imagined Scottie Pippin at the one through four right now, which is kind of what he did. And but then the Dennis Rodman thing. Look what makes draymond green special is, he could guard positions one through five that was Dennis Rodman. Now would he have gotten overpowered by shack shore, absolutely everybody be overpowered by shack, but now there are no, there aren't shacks, and the way in which the game is played now i. mean that guy would be as or even. Honestly, Maybe even more successful granted couldn't score and not really a role to the rim. Throw it up to him. Finish Guy, but if you watch tape of Dennis Rodman when he played with the Detroit Pistons, and you know when he played with the Bulls the ability to guard five positions. He was, he was way ahead of the draymond green of this world in being a small ball five so I'm obviously a huge Rodman fan like I think he is a profoundly important full player and to anyone who? S- like. Look I I know dream on. Somehow, has become this version, of Rodman, Draymond, far better off the court, and in terms of does not have nearly the issues of Robin, but he's also far less effective on the basketball floor. There's a reason that everywhere Rodman went in the NBA they want. And not maybe not the mavericks late in his career, but for the most part everywhere they went and one. because. He competed. He could really rebound. He knew his role. He was an eagles player on offense, and just to nationsbank rebounder, defender and gardening position on defense may be kind of really amazing, a good fit, maybe not the perfect fit, but it a good fit for how the Bulls played, and their ability to manage an which brings you to Phil Jackson. And I do think that fill the triangle gets. Maybe it's because people don't understand it. They haven't seen implemented I I'm a believer that. A lot of guys that broadcast the NBA They have some sort of. obviously you know Van Gundy and mark. Jackson may be not as much so but a lot of them don't have. The desire to give credit to coaching and coaching spacing because that's what the offense is really about. If, you're listening to all your basketball guy. You know that you might know a little bit about the triangle the triangle. Though the way the texts winwood implemented is a mindset. In that. You never come between fifty closer than fifteen to eighteen feet. To a teammate unless you're going to screen for them unless you're cutting. Right, and so you learn that. When you warm up. And you spread out in lines. Every line is fifteen to eighteen feet from each other, and when you walk out, the next guy doesn't go until you're fifteen to eighteen, so you're just constantly. Getting pounded in your head. This is how far I stay away from teammates and the idea is if help comes if a double team comes, you have a perfectly spaced teammate to make the easy pass to him and a clear read so that he can catch and shoot the basketball, and that's what worked for the Bulls. That's what worked for Jordan. Jordan was not as skilled passer obviously has magical bird or Lebron. They made the reads so very easy for them. And then the the other players you know figured out where they were supposed to be and what shots they were supposed to work on. And that's how Paxton in their first NBA finals and B J, Armstrong and Steve Kerr and you name it. How all of those shooters end up finding the right spot, the right space where they could step in and fire and make so many shots to help create those one on one opportunities for Michael Jordan. Look out I'm Jordan is the greatest of all time guy. I knew this documentary would kinda cement in most people's minds, especially, so many people would never seen him play. There will be team Jordan. Guys team, Lebron, guys I. DO think we appreciate. Both. Jordan was even more of an assassin, even more of a killer, much more explosive by my estimation early in his career than Kobe, Bryant was, and then his work is skill. Honestly is coach ability. All of these things combined with ending what I believe was his drew basketball career on a game winner on the road in Utah. That's the greatest basketball player I've ever seen, and I think they're doing a good job of telling that story and telling some of the backstory's. And, telling some fills backdoors, but I don't know if they're explaining well enough. What Made Rodman so good? What made feel so good or that? Scottie Pippen when he first the first couple of years, he was seen as soft. Right like the migraine thing was a big thing to overcome, but I think the the overall. The dock has been outstanding in. Re remind you of how great this team was. It does tell you things about how dysfunctional it was that we didn't know about. And there are some missing parts to it where I think they do so to control the narrative for what you remember about Jordan and what you remember about the Bulls. Eye Let me get to the near the. An I l right name image and likeness discussion as well as the G. League discussion. Look I played minor league basketball did there's no podcast I don't believe that exists with a guy who has more experience in Minor League basketball true myrlie basketball. Sucks. and. It doesn't suck because the players suck like I've never played against better competition then I played against when I was in the Aba for example right Derek Martin was a point guard. The Vegas team says abolish was on. They just had dude after dude and you're like these guys are all NBA players, but they play in the two thousand because they didn't WanNa have hefty buyouts. They just WANNA play. Stay fresh. Stay ready for a call this before. The G. League really took to. Was the den D. League and before it kind of took hold of everything because he had to sign a three year contract. You didn't make any money and there's a huge buyout. But no one wants to be there. Just want to be in the NBA which you could sit there and you could tell me hey. Most College basketball players. WanNa make it to the NBA. But lack of buy into anything team. Like what are we teaching? Guys I just I find it ironic the juxtaposition of why Jordan became Jordan. And the story that's always been told us. Hey, the only guy to hold Jordan below twenty points is Dean Smith. When the truth is a dean, Smith, just let him go. He might not, he wouldn't have developed has good. Footwork. He went to develop the by in defensively. The mental and emotional toughness with competitiveness have been there. The Yeah you've had that. You don't but Michael Jordan was always about winning, but then he went to a program where they won, and it was. It was kind of a winning mindset. I, think that's valuable and we are. We, do stupid shit, because we think well. Somehow the man gets over on the kid like that ain't true. Just not. Now look if you're going to get five hundred thousand dollars for your son, and he's GonNa go right to the NBA and he's GonNa make life changing money and. Maybe make some already made, but I I think we're skin steps here. Skip insteps it's it's like you know if you ever made a recipe, and can you. Can you put all this stuff in the bowl? And sometimes it comes out the same shore, but there's a reason that they say you know. Whip the beat the eggs first, and then you make because that is time tested and it works. Does Roy, Williams run NBA sets know. What you want, you go and play for Roy Williams and get to be around college campus Buron. Girls Your Age. You buy into a team. You're into A. Family, a lot of these kids now some of these kids have great families that come from, and they're not making bad decisions, but it gives you a basketball family like if you get into the North Carolina, the Duke or UCLA. Kansas basketball, family. You're made for life. And we just blow that shit off. We're like. Oh, that's wasted time like no, it's not. It's not. Not. I mean if you don't think the Duke family like the do family takes care of the family. That's why they're all on TV to other all coaching. They take care of each other sort of family does right. And we just pretend like that. It doesn't matter. We were telling these coaches who understand how to coach. Fundamentals odd doesn't matter they coach. They're not coaching. NBA Sets and okay. You can learn that stuff you can clearly learn. But you can't go back and teach is the little things. And we do this this this dumb deal where we speeded up the process and We publicize the sped up and we don't look. If you want the baseball model? I don't think that's good for college basketball. I don't think that's good for for basketball players. Obviously. There's a difference in contract. Baseball players that you don't get paid until your fourth or fifth year as a major, League Baseball, player. You want a minor league system. Lots of guys wash out of my league system, which is fine, guys wash out of college, but wash out of college. They end up with a college degree. That's the difference. And when they washed out of college, they still have made some great memories for themselves and a name for themselves, because they played in NCA chairman or played for a major institution as opposed to washing out in the minor leagues. You don't make anything for yourself. the name image likeness thing I actually think the programs that can help the most are the. New mid new high majors that are really mid majors. Xavier's Wichita State. Gonzaga's a high major now, but the those smaller schools in bigger cities who owned the town? That's where kids are. GonNa do well though we're apart these days sharing more so at Geiko, we'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEIKO. Give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers because we're committed for the long. The fifteen percent credit last full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash. Give back for more INFO and eligibility. Be Sure to catch the live edition of the. Doug Gottlieb show weekdays at three PM Eastern noon Pacific on Fox sports radio in the iheartradio APP. Any cats check him out on the march madness website on his twitter handle. He's got great great stuff his own podcast as well and let's start. The G. League, thing because I do think that's a more of an immediate sort of issue with with college basketball specifically. I? What's your thoughts on tree of door? Hime in this plan on having a G. League selecting which so far I believe by my count. There's at least three players three of the top twenty players in high school basketball which intend to play for him. For first of all I WANNA see. Are they just working out with this team? They part of the G. League. Are they really competing as a as an independent team within the G. League? If they're just doing their own thing? And they're getting paid and working out. That's great. That's great for them I. Don't see any reason to think that college basketball in any kind of serious trouble because I firmly believe. That and I'm not saying because who I work for in different entities, the reality is whenever the one and done rule changes by the NBA and I think at some point will. These players weren't coming to college anyway and look at this year's top group players. You wouldn't have been in this kind of situation. you know he was a three year guy sat out a year. developed into a lottery pick the seniors that led their teams that are great years or upperclassmen. You'll Luca Garza Junior. markets Howard Miles. Towel Caches Winston all these players that a great college careers I. Don't I didn't lack Kamar Baldwin. I didn't think there was any you know lack of drama excitement. Entertainment. We saw this past season. so I think it's a little bit. sky is falling and also want to wait and see. How much money is the NBA G. League shreve whoever going to shell out Is it worth five ten guys? Is it for twenty five to thirty to forty I kind of question that. You and I think are on the same page. I still say once we're up and running at a you know sort of A. you know situation, get in this country and you've got all the exposure of the tournament and the season of being on television all the time I think that ultimately benefits you in dollars more than playing in a long term of your career. in you know in sort of obscurity in the G. League. My issue I think though is that it's not with the five guys or however many guys go and play in this team. It's with the hundred kids who think they're gonNA play on that team. Right like that's that becomes the issue. It's the same problem they had really before they had the one and done rule was it wasn't just the kids that would leave from high school to go the pros. It was the kids that weren't selected. That didn't do the work academically right? And then there's the the second part to it and like I guess we're not supposed to feel bad for college basketball coaches, but you know Mick Cronin gets the job a year ago at UCLA. And his staff told me like Dacian Nixes the first guy that they wanted the most important recruit they could get is going get the best point guard in the country's in Las Vegas. They move mountains to to get in that and they got him, and they recruit based everything else based upon getting him as a point guard. To April almost may, and he's like yeah I know. I signed my letter of intent, but I'm not coming like. It totally changes how you recruit. Obviously Michigan went through that with todd as well Gust through a lot of time and effort, and they don't get them, but I also think and this. Global crisis that we're in. isn't GonNa go away. I mean hopefully goes away soon later, medically but economically. It's not gonNa go away anytime soon so I. I just questioned this. You know alleged slush fund. That were not you know all these players and. I. Don't Know How many I'm being a little bit of a skeptic. Here I'll just waiting to see if all this money is out there for the you know all these guys. You're right a lot of think they can do that. And ultimately I question whether or not beyond on the top ten at a willy be there. Yeah. and. You know we'll be just one team. Will they have multiple teams? I'm with you like look Major. League baseball is cutting. Forty or forty one. Minor League teams like the just in the business of sports, the G. League teams are money losers before Gatorade came in at some point, you know. It's like Yeah I. Just I don't know how much red ink you want, and then you factor in we are going to be in some sort of recession whether short-lived or long-term, and when you're trying to dig yourself out of a financial hole, and you have people in the front office who've been taken pay cuts or been furloughed. Who who have jobs that helped make money for NBA teams. They are essential personnel little along with the players. There's players aren't taking a pay cut. I are you going to? Is the NBA going to fund a money loser? Like, look the the NBA, one of the reasons that they've gotten out of most of the WNBA business was the owners alike. It's a money loser. No, thanks. You know like I'm already losing money on day to day. NBA Team I don't need to lose money in WNBA teams I don't even want to go to the Games too now. You to lose money on G. League team. One G. League select team, and Oh yeah by the way then then there's the one of the players actually getting out of it. Playing inconsequential games where winning isn't really valued, simply development is. That that becomes interesting. Okay and now we've shifted the. Put The ball in we should point out that Greg. Player from Austin. Texas so it's not everybody and there will be players like that that hey, WanNa play for their school and and make an impact even if it's on on. Well that that's really my thing is is the. It's not even just one season. Look. If Greg Brown goes to Texas and one, he doesn't play well. He can come back to Texas with her four five years right if Greg Brown goes to Texas and everything goes well, and he's a one and done, and then he goes the NBA draft when his career is over and he wants. Wants to work he. He has something outside of just basketball to do so. This idea that guys are going to go like we'll pay for your education. What makes you think any of those guys would value education that they would go like just because Sharieff look troops? A brilliant guy went back to school got his got. His bachelor's got his masters after being a one and done. He's he's a bright guy, but he's the exception. not the norm, this idea that well you can always go back and get your education. Get the fuck Outta here. You can't get into any of these schools on your own. None of the none of us can get in these colleges on our own right like you think those guys can. What's saying? The Kid can get in a Michigan Without Michigan basketball, helping him. No, it's an almost impossible school to get into, so we we do have people living a little bit of a fantasy world in terms of what happens when you're done playing, or if you're not as good a player as you. You think you are. I don't blame kid if he's like you know I. Don't want to go to college and I get half a million dollars and I I understand if you're in the sport four, because you just want to be professional, I think you're missing out on a lot of really cool stuff, but okay, that's your only goal. Just understand there isn't the safety net that college provides. It's a great safety net for for almost everybody I don't think it hurts players I! Let me I I know. Your time is little short, so let me ask you about the name and likeness. Look there are to be people that take shots at the fact that there's going to be caveats to it. What can people? What do you? Who Do you think will can and will endorse these kids? So I think there's benefits. Town. Or maybe not using words small, but. College college that dominate their town like a Lexington Kentucky like Louisville Kentucky You know. You're not supposed to use it as recruiting inducement. But But if you. If you go to. You Go Lexington on recruiting weekend and the guy. WHO's your host goes and does an appearance and gets couple of grand cash in his. I think that's a pretty good recruiting inducement. but if you want to if you want to, you, know, advertise for Lexington Ford under the way this is described. If it all goes through, then you can I just still get back to this and I. We were moving this direction. I think it's the right thing to do, but I also really question the dollars. I just wonder how much money is out. There will be some and some players will. Will Get some live. I just don't think it's going to be what people envision. there may be more dollars to be made in social media something that I'm trying to understand even more and more through Instagram, and you know the way people can be influencers and stuff like that that might be where more of the money is made in your world in this new generation than it is in just straight advertising. Places but I will tell you. There are certain places. Go to Chicago right where you're in Chicago. There are very few bears, bulls, blackhawks, you know, cubs and white sox do add let alone a one from the Paul northwestern, even regionally Illinois, so you know. BOSTON, seem thing. New York seem thing so a lot of these pockets around the country. La You know it'd be very. Tell me if you're you're in La. How many people really know all the players from USC AND UCLA? Yet they obviously know the Lakers, clippers, and the dodgers, but you know it's GonNa, be really hard. Were those schools in pro dominated markets to get that those kind of endorsement? Yeah I I also think that you know like. If you're a Nike School, you can't do adidas thing. So I. DO wonder if you can. Actually you can do the competing car ads. If there's an official car dealer of the school or of the of the program right there, there's a there's. Right so you're like, and then there's then there's the the elephant in the room is the taxes? You know like right now. You have you operating a tax-free shelter, but endorsements is not does tax-free shelter. Many a guy has. Seen on the call on Wendy made that very clear when he answered a question on this committee, and he said student athletes will be accountable to the IRS. Your I. It's just it. It is a bag of worms. It's a whole new world. I'm not you know I? Don't I don't fall a player you know like. When I was at Oklahoma state, we went down to Christie's university spirit. We had to do security, but it was a legal deal, and you get a little bit of money I like the idea that you can. That you can work with coach basketball and get paid. There were kids out which frankly I did when I was in college. Fifty an hour, or whatever and you work it out like those type of things are legitimate i. just it's the. It's the stuff that we all know is illegitimate, but maybe this takes away from the coaches feel. Kids like hey, we're not buying kids anymore. If you really any good are, boosters will take care of you. It's a it's a fascinating fast any whole new world. Last thing. How important is it? For the college football season to be played during their normal window as to not usurp college basketball season next year. It's important, but I will say that I think worst case. Scenario is the college basketball season gets pushed by a few weeks. March madness. Ken Move All parties agree to it because this year is going to be different, but it's not ideal, but it can move and will say I'll go on record I'm convinced we will have a season. We will have a tournament in twenty twenty one. How many games I don't know yet, but I'm very convinced that we will have. Awesome stop cats. Thank you again, very. Hey I'm andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start. A men's grooming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's our approach simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory obsessing. Obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. 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He's one of the more. entertaining players to watch because he just makes people better, and that's kind of what you want out of that program. You're going to want to sell the fact that hey, here's a guy when he gets drafted which I I don't know where he'll get drafted. You know a year and a half from now but I think you could sell the fact that look at look at his I q. look at what we did for him. Even if they didn't do much, they could sell the fact that This kid is is ready from an Ice Husam standpoint to play at the next level. Yeah I I guess my. You know so. It's not the five guys they select. It's the and then maybe not this year, but in coming years it becomes how many kids think they're one of those five guys. They're going to select and does that then because that's really the issue with all of this stuff. It's never the top five guys that went straight from high school to the pros. It was everybody else. Who's never the top five one in Duns. It was all these other kids. That's one thing that's crazy. Transfer culture like if you're not leading your team in scoring or shots as a freshman, you gotta transfer because as a one you should be a one in done like that's really kind of what's at issue here. So are they going to officially cabinet? Cabinet a number like what is, do you? Do you know what the actual plan is? We don't know we don't know. Listen to go back to your point. I thought it is interesting because you know years ago. Before they went with a one and done rule, and yet kids going straight out of high school to college I look back, and you know seven or eight guys there weren't that many that declared towards the end of that thing, but now. Our culture is so different than it was in two thousand and three four with social media and everything else that you're right, you could be looking at thirty or forty kids that try to make the jump in, and you've got to have something in place to me. tell them to at least go back. Know go to college even if they make if they make a mistake or what they think is a mistake and. and Go this route, but I just read my big question to you and the thing I've been racking my brain four is why is Adam Sober? Doing this is doing this to make the G. League relevant or the G. League program relevant. is He doing it, 'cause? He honestly was upset. That are Hampton Lamelo ball went overseas is doing because he thinks this is a better avenue to prepare kids then college. What is it? I? I do think that it was the we travel would Australia to see a couple of kids play when we should have our. We have our it's. We have our own developmental program here, right? And I don't like what what's interesting to me. Is that kind of buried in this whole thing is the fact that the players and the owners could not agree on getting rid of the one and done. The owners liked the one in done rule. They guys to go to college. Because otherwise you make you make a mistake and. Anybody, you draft. You'RE GONNA at some point you're going to have to play, and and owners expect you to play that guy early on, and some of these guys are just not ready, and you know maybe this. I just this is trying to please everybody. Don't players. You're older player. You more guys taking your jobs in the League picking your job. Yes, and they also realize those guys are just not ready. It's it's the both now. They taking jobs, but they're also taking jobs before. They're even close to being ready. Even. Might take. You could be remembered like that was not going during. This is doing this because he realizes he's screwed up a couple of years ago by saying. We're going to push this back to to high school the NBA and then he thought it through, and he got some feedback and everybody's kind of like. Hey, you know what maybe nobody really wants this, so let's try something different, and this is kind of an alternative to it to make sure that our after a year in the this league program. They're more ready to play in the NBA yes which which I guess, you're okay with like look. All of this stuff is great, but what's really. There's so many things that college basketball provides that you cannot artificially create. You just can't and you know one I. Want to see a guy dominate people at his age I don't WanNa. See Him playing I like the idea of playing against men, but I don't have you know you play against college men as well. Are The college systems Is it the same game like no and I do think the NCAA's hurt itself by putting restrictions on how much time a kid can spend with his basketball coach, which is crazy, because like on one hand, the same people who want this to happen are the same people who go if you didn't have a twenty hour rule or the eight hour will in the off season like well, these kids are just abused like their kids are in the gym all day. Regardless, the only question is going to coach with it. Best part of it is, is that the republic team who runs the G. League in his out there trying to pluck kids from college? His son is going to Virginia next year as a freshman and really good player. But but why are you not bringing your son to this program? It's better than college. Well I. Don't think he thinks it's better I. Don't think he thinks it's better than college and Shreeves interesting one right? He was a one and done, but he went back. His degree got his master's degree like he benefited greatly from it. I don't think he obviously loves to college there. There's a ton of hypocrisy to it. They're just is. what do you do you think that the new name and likeness rule change changes the does it. How does it? It's GonNa Change. Something wants to change. What we, we don't know all they've done right now. It said I you know they can. They can get endorsements third party endorsements. They can set up their own businesses They can do things of that nature, but they haven't put any details and anything to it yet. I think that's GonNa be the kid. You know my thought Going forward was like okay. What happens your head coach? Doug and your head coach at you know down the road there, Lmu, or something like that and I run an auto dealership, and and I, got a ton of money, and I'm a boost army. Boy, right? Why can't you just tell me? Can you do me a favor? The number one part of the country can can we offer a million dollars and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA run this. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA DOMINATE LMU again we'll be back like the old days and we're gonNA pay per kids. Well. How how is he? GonNa stop that there would. Where are they going to decide is too much. Are they going to cap? It is data loud. If you're a coach, can you I mean I just and for people who are people who say people who say like well, you can cap it and one of the statements. was you know like it's got to be a reasonable amount? Remember the last time they tried to cap something in say was when they had the restricted earnings coach, and of course all those guys at a class action lawsuit was disaster lost a bunch of money. Yeah I don't know what you do I do. Know that then you know you can't have conflicting brands, so does that mean if if a car dealership is the official car dealership of the program? Well, then you can't do a car dealership ad with any other car dealership, right? You can only do with that. That's what I mean so. Be Certain stipulations and a lot of them, and the Internet could not answer any of that. This morning are tall because they haven't figured that out I think what they were trying to do. Today was hey, listen everybody. We're moving for with US World King, some level of getting paid up your name image likeness. We're not sure the details. We still gotta figure that out well. That's the hard part to be honest. does it. Does it decrease cheating in college basketball? I don't think so I mean again I I. Don't think it changes at all I think you know you're going to have again. Coaches trying to circumvent the rules aren't giving good example if I'm a a head coach in in college, who may be played in the NBA and I'm GonNa mid major level I'm not going to say the name. There was a few of them out there while we continue Terry Porter, Damon Star Donyell Marshall Their Portland third is fighting for his job right now Portland. He's got I. Don't know how many million dollars in the bank. Why can't he decided? Hey, you know I. Want To keep coaching. I'M GONNA slip a half a million. To my buddy, who's running that car dealership and he in turn is going to basically. It and I'm going to say to this recruit. Hey, once you get our campus. You got a half a million dollar deal waiting for you. What does he have to SA- understand why his main Dar's. But you can't all I'm saying is he? Can if he's the coach and he wants to get this thing done, and he's got a bank account of fifty, million or a hundred million. Why can't he just take some of his own money? Which is illegal? The schools can't pay the kids directly. He's giving it to somebody that that runs our company and basically telling them to legally be able to induce it to the kid. Yes, coaches have never been guys that come out of their own pockets. That's one thing so. But if you're looking at the end game and the end game is nine only my job, but I might be able to get. A bigger job might be able to get a job for two or three million a year. You're just betting on yourself at that point and saying I'm GONNA. Make my program relevant. I'M GONNA fight I'm at least going to beat all the other schools in my league. I may be Kentucky Duke or the Big Boys, but if I'M GONNA MID Major League. Outbid everybody else. So why would you would be if they're GONNA? Make you know a couple hundred thousand dollars as opposed to ten thousand. I think this can really help. The mid majors who are the elite mid majors and like I don't know if you WANNA. Call Creighton a high major fine like I, if I'm a crate venue it all union panties, and why don't give shit, but the fact is a Creighton has an unbelievable fan base right there, the Lakers of Omaha. You're much more likely to benefit name, image and likeness. Wichita State. Xavier data compared to Bob College or my. Yes, you see like Boston, College. Nobody gives us now now there are there. Are there alums that could figure something out? Yeah, yeah, alums! Pig yourself not even a long scare about BBC bicycle. No, there's there's some alums. Kabul! I mean dude mean if Harvard wants to kill it, Harvard can kill it now. Right all news like Hey Microsoft is my one guy is Microsoft one is facebook, or whatever and they they can literally pay whatever you want. Whatever you want, other percent hundred percent I think you just got the that healthy. The healthy schools with kind of endowment a ton of people that boosters and then you've got the places like Omaha like we're runs that school. Right in the. Guns Gonzaga's example right? Gonzaga's a for example that you know. It it's going to be an amazing amazing new world. Okay last thing. We've all been talking about football and when that gets off, how important you believe is! Is it for football to start as scheduled so that doesn't overlap even more with college basketball next year. I. Don't care. Matter just playing? College Papa Goes Up Against College football I don't honestly it doesn't matter to me I just think we gotTa Baseball I. Got To see what happens from there, and that's going to determine whether we get you know kids on campus I. Think Listen I've heard it from several several people lately like sources, good sources saying that that some of these schools are planning on bringing their kids. Their scholarship athletes to campus for summer school July force. I believe it I'm the west coast is so much different than the and the south is so much different in the east because we have not been. had the daily numbers for covid nineteen goody great check him out on Social Media OR STADIUM DOT com. Thanks so much to join us. You got them at. The world is yours. The ball art show podcast the new podcast with a fresh perspective on pop culture hadn't been in the NFL. You're not just GONNA. Tear the NFL down in one city in. Let's talk about this. They're all eighty. Every owner is seventy on the way out comic creeping on social media. Okay, I to carry a little corny or whatever it is, they think right so now. Say any does Oh. She knew the Rock Right Oh. She to explained city and how girl summer right? Like down like? y'All y'all are alive. Medicine jail and I started the light. Someone else I know it's not right but I really can't fake. When I'm feeling. What should I do? Cover world knew. Jimmy Burn Baby. Solo? Check out on our brand new podcast. Father Alert Show podcasts available now on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast, be sure to catch the live edition of the Doug Gottlieb show weekdays at three. PM Eastern noon. Pacific on Fox sports radio and the I heart radio APP. All right so that's it for this edition of all ball. hope you enjoyed it more to come, and you do yourself a favor. Do me a favor. Tweet me at Gottlieb. Show you have any thoughts. Comments on any of the stuff we talked about today at Gottlieb. Show follows on I G. You've always on twitter, bird or Check me out to the DUGOUT. Live show on facebook and listen three, six, eastern, twelve, three Pacific the world's not coming to an end college. Basketball is not over I. DO think that you know if you continue to lose every year your top five to ten incoming freshmen, and then you lose your top five to ten. Freshman that are playing I now you start to get more like more and more like college baseball. Is College basketball more part of our fabric it is, but there are additional challenges and I don't know if the NBA season adjusting their schedule really really hurts college basketball in the future. We don't know what the NFL schedule looks like college football schedule looks like and to not have had conference tournaments a tournament for year to continue to lose in public perception I do think I. do think we'll hurt the sport. The good news is and this is an important part. It will provide more opportunities. I believe for players right 'cause all right. However, many players go to the miners. The G. League that will open up more scholarships, individual and basketball and soccer teams are going down to one to two division to still going to be three hundred and fifty two plus teams playing Division One basketball and you're still going to be thirteen scholarships on a team. That that's more opportunities from where kids. I think it's more opportunity for more coaches because the challenge to the G. League is. Are you really GonNa? Keep Giving guys their first head coaching job. If they're going to be in charge of somebody's player development that doesn't seem. You want to have but the more coaches and really maybe league coaches. Should come from. The college ranks assistant coaches who have long been development. Guys who want that opportunity. And it, it will provide more coaching opportunities for more people and maybe better recruitment. Because instead of Instead of having. Assistant coaches who recruit kind of the old fashioned way some programs have moved to the. Hey. You GotTa Son I'll hire you. Or Hey. You got two guys I'll hire you now. This is always occurred higher one to get one. But it's important to point out that I actually think that the. I think that the name and likeness stuff should should come out cut out. Some of the cheating will there be like Organized Cheating Chore. Absolutely. A bunch of people to pull in some money, and we'll have you do an ad here and having avenue in appearance here, and we'll pay you for it there, and maybe you get half of what you're promised, but at least there won't be the true cheating, but also will eliminate the need to hire somebody's dad brother, a guy as a as a coach in order to get a player. We don't need to do that anymore now. Just get him some money from their name image and likeness, and maybe that opens up those assistant coaching positions and recruiting positions to the old fashioned assistant coach recruiter. Just a thought anyway. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm Doug Alley Been. This is all. Hey guys. It's Jay and I'm so excited to announce that for the season finale of my podcast list. We rule him Jay. We have NBA All star and mental health advocate Kevin. Love nothing robs us of more human potential than mental illness. It's so it's like the pandemic that nobody's talking about. 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