How Houstons Most Vulnerable Are Still Being Evicted (Oct. 8, 2020)


With rental assistance programs in place Anthony Addiction Moratorium wire some Hugh Stony, and still losing their homes I'm Craig Cowan stay on Houston Matters. We learn more from news eighty-eight, Sevens Jen rice, and Elizabeth. Travel. Also ahead, we welcome your questions for Twenty-second district's congressional candidate, S-, repressed, and Kulkarni. He's Democrat facing Republican Troy Nehls as the to vie to replace outgoing Republican. Congressman. Pete Olson you can email your questions for Carney now to talk at Houston matters. Dot Org. Also, this hour had enough tricks this year and craving some treats were right there with you. That's why we've asked Star Gaggle of foodies to share some of their favorite local options for cookies, cakes, ice cream, and other Sweden indulgences in this month's the full menu. Plus we learn more about an initiative from Houston, public media and improving maternal health Houston it's called Mothers I. It's a multimedia series that explores a variety of maternal health issues. We'll start with the news update from NPR stay with us. This is Houston matters. I'm Craig Cohen Good Morning coming up with rental assistance programs in place and an addiction moratorium. Why are some Houstonians still losing their homes? We Talk News Eighty, eight, seven, rice, and Elizabeth travel also had we welcome your questions for twenty second district congressional candidates repressed in Kearney first let's check in with news eighty, eight sevens Eddie Robinson with some of what matters. To Houston today Good Morning Good Morning Craig Yeah we begin our update with Governor Greg Abbott Giving County judges in Texas the power to reopen bars up to fifty percent capacity. Starting this coming Wednesday bars have been closed statewide since June to help stop the spread of Covid nineteen for now Harris County Judge Lena Hidalgo says bars in Harris County will not be reopening Texas surpassed some sixteen. Virus deaths and is closing in right now on a hundred thousand confirmed cases but the state is approaching some seven hundred thousand people who recovered from the disease. We've also been following the movements of Hurricane Delta as it moves North West through the Gulf of Mexico as a cat to if expected to turn and move northeast tomorrow hitting somewhere along the southwest Louisiana coastline, and then finally Greg we're learning more about what happened in the North Texas town of Wolf City that's where an officer involved shooting over the weekend left a thirty one year old black man dead police officers Sean Lucas who's white has been charged with murder in the death of Jonathan Pryce. Quickly here, according to a recently released court document price had offered a handshake to the officer asking if he was doing good as Lucas arrived at a convenience store, check out a report of a fight. Lucas told authorities he thought price was intoxicated and attempted to detain them while after unsuccessfully trying to grab prices arm Lucas warned him. That he would use his taser if price didn't comply while price began to walk away. That's when Lucas deployed the Taser which the epidemic the affidavit said wasn't quote fully effective while being taste price appear to grab the officer Stun Gun Lucas then fired four shots from a service weapon striking price in the torso. The entire interaction Craig was recorded on the officer's body camera, but that footage has not been released greg. Thank, you very much eddie no problem that's news idiot Sevens Eddie Robinson, and he mentioned Hurricane Delta. Its. March towards the Gulf coast though tracking east of the Houston area communities to our East Mayfield its effects and discussed the latest we're joined. Now by Lance would warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service's Houston Galveston office. Lance. Good Morning. Morning Craig what's the latest you can share on Delta's track Yeah. Not a lot of change. We have seen the tragedy edge just a little bit to the West overnight but still expecting landfall there and and southwest Louisiana. On Friday how close will it come to US HERE IN HOUSTON? Well, it's still it's still moving northwest. So it's still getting a little closer than it will turn more to the north later today, and then finally northeast it's for the Houston impacts. Look about the same or going to get you know some rainfall we're going to be on the western edge of the storm. I. Think the tropical storm force winds will stay along the upper coast and won't be as far inland as Houston what communities though within say one hundred miles or less of Houston might be more directly in the storm's path. Yeah good question we take. You know down there on. Galveston. Into Chambers County very far. Eastern. Harris County by the bay there that's the area where we're thinking get the most impact from rain and tropical storm force winds we sounds. Oh go ahead. Oh, just also some high water levels there along the coast from heavy surf. So we have a coastal flood warning up around Galveston Bay. Yeah this sounds a lot like the track of hurricane. Laura. Is it similar? It is ending a pretty close. It looks like it will be just east of where Laura made landfall. But yeah, it's it's it's close. It's close I guess we should also stress though this is not as strong storm as Laura was. Right we think that. Delta. Actually be weakening a little bit at Delta approach the coast, which is good news for the peak win but sometimes, the winfield spreads out a little bit and a weakening hurricane. So that's why we think. There might be a little bit larger area, tropical storm force winds at Delta. So basically what you're saying is the options are weaker and covers a little more territory or stronger a little bit narrower territory. Yeah. In this case I think so I think it's good news obviously that is weakening but will spread the storm surge out a little bit from you know basically from the Sabine Pass area. All the way pretty much across Louisiana briefly what's your message for folks in the Houston area who are jittery every time? There's a storm coming close to us. Keep monitoring like we like we always tell everybody you know we're still good thirty thirty hours or so from landfall. So there could be some slight changes but we we have pretty high confidence in this track at this point going into South Louisiana. Last would is the warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service Houston Galveston Office Lance. Thanks very much. Welcome Craig. Houston is in the middle of a housing crisis, even with rental assistance programs in the CDC's National Moratorium in place some of Houston's most vulnerable are still losing their homes. Why News Eighty eight sevens, Elizabeth trove all in generous have been looking into this problem. They join us now to tell us more Elizabeth Gene, good morning, and welcome back to the program. and. Morning. Elizabeth. Let me start with you when we say the most vulnerable in Houston being hit by this housing crisis, who are we talking about? Right, we're talking about a lot of were talking about working class people people who are already living paycheck to paycheck before the next people that may not be English or who may not be fully literate in any language. Also immigrants maybe undocumented or others just may not be citizens. So they're not eligible for the government benefits as citizens that help them stay afloat during the panthers. Those with as we've noted, some of these people are losing their homes without getting an official eviction how? Right. So a formal of channel, court? Prophet. There are a lot of people who are self victim maybe their landlord cut off their water electricity or maybe they locked them out of their place because they didn't pay rent and their home becomes and have uninhabitable basically, and so they're forced to leave landlords aren't supposed to do this. But a lot of tenants you know don't know their rights or don't have the money to pay a lawyer to help them out. Jen Why don't some of them qualify for rent relief or other programs. Yeah, some you remember what the stimulus check a lot of a lot of folks who are undocumented immigrants they didn't. They didn't qualify for that. Elizabeth you talked with a representative from an immigration legal aid organization who outlined how technology and the nature of the pandemic itself have made this situation even harder for some of these folks. Who who was she would have to say. Right. This is. What Is Different Mondays wake immigration legal aid organization hurry. And her point is if you've already lost power or Internet in your house and because you can't pay your bills, you're gonNA have a much harder time. Find some fill out an application for rent relief that online. Let's hear what she has to say. Call this system, and then go fill out this form and then fax me because we're not meeting in person. So fax me a copy of of your or send me an email copy of your identification document right and like at the end of the like, where are you going to do that when you don't have a house and you don't have Internet, you don't have the printer rate like you're making folks jump through these extra hoops in ways that like I mean, yeah, it's clear. It's clear. These systems were not designed for folks that are like the most vulnerable, generous. Rice. You've been watching a fiction courts for awhile now what are you seeing? So Harris kind of course have heard no more than twenty, five, hundred mixing cases even though the moratorium took effect last month and I know it's hard to hear a big number like that and wonder is that a lot it's a lot. So let's be blunt a lot of addiction cases to be hearing during a pandemic with a moratorium in fact John How have things changed since the CDC Eviction Moratorium came down if at all. Well so it's not automatic. So it's still just depends on whether or not people are aware of it. So a lot of inter still don't know that protected. In your reporting, you've heard some pretty dramatic stories about the victims being stopped at the last minute, and we're going to hear from someone involved in one of those who she what was happening. Yeah. So we're going to hear from John Treble, an attorney with legal aid. She also worked with their addiction right to counsel program. She got a call at the absolute last minute last week working with the woman who thought she and her landlord working things out the payment plan but the more just within their rights decided to issue the eviction. anyways. So the constable came in posted that at her house and Fulton, she had twenty four hours. So she called us and was going to be the constable. was supposed to be at her house at nine. Am when I talked to her for the very first time, it was nine thirty two. So it was after the constable was already due to be taking her and her possessions out of her house John What happened at that point. Yeah it was really chaotic like a lot of the application of the moratorium is here but the the attorney was able to send her the foreign that she needs to get to the landlord the constable Emma Court they got it in in time and the deputy actually just went back to. You can find both Gen and Elizabeth's reporting on a victims in Houston Houston. Public Media Dot Org. Jen Rice. Elizabeth. Drove all. Thank you both very much. Much Greg. Up next another candidate interview, we welcome your questions, twenty second district, Congressional candidate, S- repressed, and Kulkarni. You can email us at talk at Houston Matters Dot Org or call us at seven, three, four, four, zero, eight, seventy stay with us is Houston matters continues. This is Houston matters I'm Craig Cohen. Today we bring you the next in our series of plan conversations with candidates in key races impacting Houston's we've invited candidates who met Houston public media's guidelines for inclusion in these interviews three races, the US Senate race between incumbent John. Cornyn and Challenger MJ Hagar the Tenth District Congressional Race Between Incumbent Michael McCall and challenger Mike Segal and the twenty second Congressional District Race Between Democrats. Three Preston Kulkarni Republican Troy nehls both seeking the seat being vacated by Congressman Pete. The Democrats repressed and Kulkarni joins US TODAY WELCOME TO HOUSTON matters. Thank you for having me break. We're glad to have you with us We've also invited Republican trails to join us, but have not yet been able to confirm a date with him. We hope to do. So in the near future as we chat with three Preston Kulkarni while I have some questions for the candidate I. Hope you'll call some of your own two, seven, one, three, four, four, zero, eighty, eight, seventy or you can email US talk at Houston. Matters Dot Org. Let's start simply here. Why do you want to represent the Texas Twenty Second Congressional district? So. We're fighting for here is I have every community have their own voice and a seat of the table trying to run the most inclusive campaign ever in Texas and US history coming from the most diverse district in the country, and then right now we're facing our biggest challenge ever of our lives, the coronavirus pandemic and I think that we need to come together and fight this challenge together not based on partisan politics but based on science based on reason because that's the only way that we're GonNa get through the shelves. So, there is the science and health aspect of course of covid nineteen. There's also the economic impact that it's had millions of Americans out of work many businesses shuttered. The stock market has rebounded, but also you know remains in flux day today many Texans are far from an economically secure situation. What steps would you take a member of Congress to address that? So as you mentioned, the coronavirus pandemic doesn't just affect our health. It affects our entire economy with millions out of work in our education with children who can't get a proper education. This year and parents were worried about their schooling. So the first thing we need to do is we need to wear masks. It's a basic thing, but it's something that has become far too politicized a mask isn't about whether you're Republican or Democrat, it's definitely not communist and un-american. As. Opponent who said in this race is just about respect for other people in the community. It's about respect for your own family members were most likely to be infected and the head of the CDC said that wearing a mask and even more important. I've actually secondly, we need to get personal protective equipment outdoor frontline workers. So that includes nurses many of whom have told me even as this week six months into the ten damage, they still don't have proper personal protective equipment. It also includes our teachers who some of whom are responsible for getting P. in their classrooms, which I think is a unconscionable right now, and then lastly, we need to make sure that we have rapid testing available and not testing comes back within seven to ten days because if you're a worker and you don't get your results back within that time, you can't go back to work. You don't even know if you've been infected within that time and most of our hospitals, we get those results within a few hours. So we need to have that available throughout the country. and. Then, for small businesses in particular, which have been hurt so hard in specific industries in particular such as hospitality such as food service, we need to have targeted relief. For extremely small businesses like sole proprietors, I've been talking local banks. So there's so much red tape and getting these this loan forgiveness. Most of these loans are under one, hundred, fifty, thousand dollars, and we need to make sure we take care of the small businesses and sole proprietors, and then once we get past the pandemic, we need to have specific support such a startup tax credits to make sure that these businesses can get scale up again quickly and we can get back to normal, which is what we all want. Do, you support Governor Abbott's decision to increase the capacity for. Area Bars Dope and backup and other businesses to increase their capacity. So I think what we need to do is stop turning these things into political decisions You know when people ask me my position about school opening up, I tell them that that shouldn't be a decision made by politicians. It should be made public health experts and so I think that's that's one of the problems right now is that we've attacked our public health experts are certain politicians have you know the leading expert in infectious disease in the country has been attacked we haven't been listening to the scientists that we've been making everything into a partisan issue. So for example, if we set standards on. The Pass Ity we says standards on hospitalization. If we standards on positively on debts, we don't meet those standards. We don't just say well, there's an election coming up or a certain date that I want to open this up by we listened to the public health experts and I think the the people who are leading on this issue are are making sure that we trust the experts I and we believe in science science is not red or blue it's not right or left behind a shared reality shared future for all of us. That said here in twenty twenty I'm sorry to say American seem to be divided over just about everything. Among those things protests since the police death of Houston's own George Floyd of focused on systemic racism if you were elected to Congress, what steps would you take to address that in America? Sure. So I think obviously, this is a a very sensitive issue for our entire society change changing social consciousness around Racial Equality we bury George Floyd in our district entire land just a few months ago and I was there the funeral I was out there at the protests because I do believe the black lives matter but I also support our police I was at. The anniversary of Israel for some deep volleyball was a hero who was killed in the line of duty last year and I think this has to do with all of these other the pandemic whether it's climate change or whether it's police reform is that we need to reframe this the the way to get past this partisanship has to turn this around into challenge for entire community. So we police reform and challenges. How do we make safer communities how to make sure that the community can trust the police and the police know communities that they're serving and so that comes with commonsense reforms like body cameras like implicit bias training like making sure. That when police officers commit infractions, they don't get shuffled from one department to another, but they actually get removed from system and what that does is it actually creates greater trust in the police because we know that our system of law is actually equal for everybody and when the community can trust the police, it actually makes police safer and the community safer, which is our ultimate goal. So what then is the role of the federal government specifically specifically Congress the House of Representatives that you that you would like to be elected to to address these particular challenges and I asked this noting that just a few minutes ago you were saying in certain cases things like. Policies regarding the pandemic the focus should be on what health experts say well, what should politicians actually elected officials engage in debate over? So. I think what a elected officials should be doing is they should be coming together across the aisle looking at the evidence and we all have different constituencies but we have a very educated constituency here. We have a very diverse constituency in Texas twenty two we go from Katie's just sugarland prepare land all the way to clear lake and friends would. End, our our community is made up of all different faiths, all different ethnicities, national origins, one quarter of immigrants we speak over one hundred languages. So in our campaign, for example, we're campaigning in twenty seven different languages to run the most inclusive campaign ever, and so when I represent my community in Washington I'm GonNa talk about their concerns, but I also realized that. Other representatives they are. They are listening to the concerns of their constituents way that we come together. If it's Ms to put the politics aside for a minute and talk about what is the common challenge we don't have to agree on all the answers we have to agree on what the problems are I met applies to healthcare applies to climate change that applies to racial equality in our society and art. The bottom line is that our country wasn't founded by a bunch of people who agreed on everything her country was founded by people who disagreed very strongly on certain issues, but they agreed on one thing that we were stronger together as A. Nation and we were thirteen separate holiday that means that I have your best interests at heart and you have my best interests at heart. Otherwise, we wouldn't be a nation and so our differences. We can work them out at a table like adults on the basis of evidence and I think we need more of that I come from a background in policy with over fourteen years in the foreign service serving overseas in places like Iraq and Russia and Israel If I could sit across the table from someone in Iraq who literally wanted to kill me, I can sit across the table from Republican and work on a healthcare bill on immigration. This is Houston matters. I'm Craig Cohen. We're talking with three Preston Carney the Democrat running against Republican Troy Nehls for the Texas Twenty Second Congressional district seat. We welcome your questions and comments for Carney at talk at Houston matters dot org or seven, one, three, four, four, zero, eight, hundred, eight, seventy. It is possible that the majorities could shift in either the House or Senate in November but let's let's consider the possibility at the moment that. and. Let's say you get elected. To the twenty second Congressional district seat and you get to Washington and there's a democratic led House and Republican led Senate like we have now. And the ability for the two houses of Congress to come together to pass legislation critical to US citizens like the virus relief bill that at the moment seems now to be stalled potentially till after the election without any White House support. Let's say things are as difficult as ever. What are you willing to do to help break those logjams? So I mean first of all I think there are a lot of things that we can work on together from a bipartisan perspective, a great examples infrastructure So around the Houston area, for example, we need to invest in better infrastructure to protect us from flooding. We've had five hundred year flood event after five hundred year quite event, and some of those we relatively simple like shoring up levees. Some of them might be major infrastructure projects if we're building a canal namic pumping all the way out to the Gulf for example, we need to invest in in. Transportation Infrastructure, you know high speed rail between Dallas and Houston as well as public transportation on both ends, and then of course, telecommunications infrastructure, which we've found to be extremely important during the pandemic where telehealth has become very important. So those kind of things I think we can find common ground. We can find issues that we want to work on together across the and then there's the attitude that we take to Washington and I can tell you after twenty sixteen when our country was. So divided I reach out to Republican colleagues we started a group called breaking bread. It wasn't a debating group, but we do is we would meet wants to a week to have a meal with each other and one person would talk about a concern that they have and somebody else for the meal would have to restate that concern in different words not respond to it, and usually what would happen is you find that it was a character what someone else said, and so you'd go a few rounds of this and at the end of it when the first person finally says that the second person gets they see where they're coming from then you throw it up open to the entire group. to try and address the first person's concerns without violating the second person's values you don't always come to an answer, but you do is you re frame the question and that's I think what we need to do in Washington we need to reframe all these they not as a zero sum game, but as challenges when when John Kennedy challenged us to go to the. Moon right here in Houston it wasn't a challenge for Republicans or Democrats to challenge. Dr Tire Society after nine eleven, we didn't divide into Republicans or Democrats came together around national towns right now with Corona virus, we're facing the greatest national challenge of our lifetimes and when we when we see those challenges in front of us, we should use that as an to unite not divide. We have seen a congress able to pass something related to corona virus. Relief. And the that has happened in the last several months you mentioned infrastructure is something that seems to be a topic of interest to both Democrats and Republicans, and where you think maybe there could be a meeting of the minds but that's also something that we've heard the last several years especially the last few years since Hurricane Harvey. There's been a lot of focus here on it. And yet, we don't necessarily see legislation actually come out as a result of it. Why do you think that is? I I think it's because we get divided along these other issues there. There's really inflammatory issues out there that they make for good theater they make for good tweets, but it doesn't make for good governance and the honest truth is you're probably not going to see a lot of tweets from measor congressman. You're probably gonNA, see a boring congressman 'cause not wearing a hat that says you know. You know build this wall where or bandits this or destroy this. You'RE GONNA, see rolling up his sleeves and actually doing the hard policy work with this is boring sometimes wonky. But if it's what gets the job done and so I think. Looking. For people across the aisles were actually problem solvers who want to actually work on the problems that are facing our entire community and our entire society that I'm GONNA be looking for I'm going to be seeking out those opportunities for people on the other side who who want to do this work. All right. So what are some other boring wonky examples you can share with us? Well I. I give you probably something that's maybe not so boring people around here climate change the good example of a place where we should be working together. Right. There's this false cy Kadhamy between having good jobs here in Texas or having a clean environment I I think that's the wrong framing. We should be talking about how to expand the energy economy here So for example, we leader and oil gas, but we're also leader. And Solar. Here we should be the leader I've start we're the leader in wins here where we should be the leader in solar in Texas but that involves investing in new technology I was talking to a company, the other day that is condensing air into liquid form for storage we should be drilling even deeper because if you drill deeper guess what there's geothermal energy underneath us, we should be tying our grit. There's an eastern. Rid the United States and western to the United States and then there's Urquhot was basically for Texas, we need to tie these together and and use those those same skills that we have in. So many of the engineers are working oil and gas they can work on issues like carbon sequestration I know many people who are working on that right now. So the bottom line is that you refrain these debates into a common national challenge. To put that to the people of Texas and say, we have the best in the price mind here how do we create the jobs of the twenty first century? There will actually give us a renewable energy economy. She'll give us a clean environment which will help mitigate the effects of climate change and progress the kind of future that all of our future generations and children walking. Let's take a call. We have ron on the line from Fort Bend, Ron. What's your question for? Serie. Preston Kulkarni. So thank you for taking my call the my question is along the lines of what you just said. yes. We do have a lot of very bright engineers here, but they're pretty much most of them were working in the oil and gas industry which has. Historically. Being quite resistant to Nubile. Energy and clean energy technologies talks from carbon sequestration and things like that. What. Type of policies would you try to promote in terms of developing more solar and wind? And Energy Storage, and technologies of that kind and how would you convince? traditional engineers who worked for decades and oil and gas to transition. Thank you. So I didn't the bottom line. Thank you very much for the question. The bottom line is that the investments that we make as a society they reflect our values and so. If we make investments in the technology, we make investments in the infrastructure. Then the jobs that will come because the turn of the Twentieth Century A lot of people thought that we'd have huge unemployment because the horse and buggy industry with going out of business. That's not what happened back just the opposite and so instead of looking backwards and saying, why are we losing these jobs in fossils and we lost a lot of jobs in the fossil fuel industry and according to. Recent estimates as many as seventy percent of them are not going to be coming back within the next year, we should be thinking how is it that we create the jobs of the twenty th century, and you see the kind of investments that we make at scale with the federal government. For example, the IPHONE that I'm talking on right now many of the the much of the technology that we. Use every single day came from investments by the Federal Government I. So we make those kind of investments create that infrastructure i. think that's what Crepe, the opportunity for people like I said somebody somebody who's an expert in drilling can use those skills to to drove leaper geothermal energy. One example I look to, for example, is Iceland they have most of their energy comes from geothermal energy or Norway where. Oil is their number one source of revenue. What are they use it for? They invest that money into a renewable means I think that that's how we think of things at the federal government letter will level what are the investments that we're making right now they're not just for six months or one year down the line, but for an economy that's going to be working ten years, twenty years, thirty years down the line. Repressed and Kearney is the Democratic candidate for the Texas. Twenty second district seat is opponent is Republican Troy Nehls. Again, we have invited nails to join us for an interview on an upcoming program. He has not yet agreed to do so but we'll continue to pursue that over the coming weeks three Preston Carney, thanks for talking with us. Thank you so much and by the way for everybody out there listening, this is the most important election of our lifetimes we know that the are. Of our children is at stake. No. Our economy of say, can our lives at stake? So if you want to get involved election starts Tuesday but you can go on our website at three twenty twenty dot com that's Sri two, zero zero, dot com slash action join one of our event this Friday we're doing a reach competition which allows us to reach into every community. So. If you know people within our district and Sherwin Perelman Katie Clear Lake where you live there, we'd love to have you part of that because you can help us connect communities and then on Saturday we're doing a phone bank with secretary Gusto former presidential candidate. So please go on our website Sri Twenty, twenty, dot com slash action join one of our events because. This is the most important election of our lifetime and we cannot sit out. All right. Thank you. Sir. Benjamin. Twenty twenty. Well, something. And while we can't condone eating your feelings about this most challenging year, we wouldn't blame you and in light of the many sweet treats Houston area restaurants provide We thought you might WanNa hear about some of them in this month's installment of the full menu it's next as Houston matters continues. This is Houston matters. I'm Craig Cohen head enough tricks this year craving some treats I'm right there with Ya. That's why we've asked our Gaggle of food to share some of their favourite local options for cookies, cakes, ice cream, and other sweet indulgences in this month's installment of the full menu. Flawed with Swanky Maven, I'm David left which associate editor as you food finder I'm Eric Sandler food editor for Culture Map. Of Tokyo. John Inland. With A. Section in the MEMES I'm dancing in. Say. When trick good shrieks well, the we want something good to e. what's he got fella she got something for me. October trees, Halloween sweets. And Comfort thing. We still need lots of comfort. And we do. We need the we need the comfort. We need the comfort that comes from sugar. That's. I don't really understand salty snack people I mean. Nice that they exist. I always wind. Chocolate. In moments of we. See Wider. Limit Myself I. Go for me to you know what I can appreciate those folks because I go for sweet. Tangy. Sweet Salty. Sweet Tangy. So there's a place for them. Let's give. What about those sweet things combine both I'm thinking of the fluff baked bars couch potato. My vein rates that Scott in L. potato chips and chocolate chips and I don't know where all all teeth raisin. which sadly kind of like is she eric young if you have an update of cheese can be able to reopen yes she's she's working on it. You know she had a dispute with the city. We'll leave it at that and construction continues and it's getting closer Thanksgiving pies from flip big Bar I. Think we'll definitely happen Halloween cookies I am hopeful fingers crossed. Yeah and yet you should has popped up here and they're selling her great wonderful cookies and other sweets. UPS had follow her on Instagram because she announces there. But yes, Eric. I'm glad that you brought that up eric likes couch potatoes. So see you are kind of a bootleg sweet and salty guy. More than one. Wasting one Eric. One hundred percent true. You've mentioned instagram and so I do just want to talk very briefly because there are bakers who primarily operate on instagram you order through. Direct message or email, and then you you pick it up. Right? They don't have a retail storefront, but just a couple of my favorites Christina. who was it common bond and then went to work on the West Coast. She's back home in Houston the bake happening Andrea Viggo Tari, she was A. Market for a long time, she does all kinds of decorated cookies and. She's got a lot of really fun Halloween designs up right now and then wink by Erica. This is where all of my nieces birthday cakes come from because she does really elaborate Unicorn cakes and stuff like that. multi-layer multicolor hurricanes are beautiful and I had the opportunity tastes them then not only beautiful but they tastes delicious. And it's become a family favourite mice sweets have. Focused on a lot of ice cream and of course, things I can pick up at the farmer's market and there's also some overlap between the two but the farmer's market I. Always I always have to hit up my sewn just. And get her macaroni. I'd actually be if I came home with the my daughter would be really upset that the toddler and then the other thing I always like to get there is little kitchen there approach leans and bourbon balls, and also they're probably chocolate chip cookies which are phenomenal. And a couple other things that they did mention ice cream to throw out and I've been picking these up. You can get some of this at the farmer's market actually often get an antidote but a big fan of honey child sweet cream. She does these frozen custard and all kinds of local flavor like do burying and again Carleen and P. Con and some other one. So fat cats always one of my. Ongoing favorites saying she they get an shop you can get your I've been getting an antidote. And of course, I'm really close to Dawson. So. You know good July toe is always has been comforting into this hot kind of less than fun summer. So at least we've got some sweets to keep us happy through ice cream to cool us off in lift our spirits. The pistachio gelato adultery nerve is maybe is the best pistachio I've ever had. I I'm a big ice cream person to cloud ten obviously. Especially Their Cafe Ciudad that Vietnamese coffee flavors unbelievable, and then Jenny splendid ice cream I know we all like to shop local genesis from clevelander Ohio. But they make their ice creams the right way and all of their flavors tastic. For me when I think of comfort and sweets bay. Ice Cream. Out of out of California, but they're in Belair and it's just a fun vibe is like real. You go get your ice cream and have fun flavors. When I'm thinking cookies recently I was like I need a chocolate chip cookie. It's always going to become in bond for me if I'm in that area that still a favorite. Another favourite when it comes to cookies Michael's cookie jar and when I go there I tend to get the Taffy Pecan. That's such a delicious cookie. They have a lot of cookies to choose from. But if you've never had that and you're over there, I tell you to. Out and get whatever you want like a chocolate chip. But at that one, and then I'm GonNa. Go with two old school classics I'm going to go with Hank's ice cream parlor been around for over twenty years. They are banana bomb. Here's the insider tip my Nanna putting ice cream. You won't really want to eat banana pudding any other way Trust me off. So their butter pecan. And their Barbara Kahn is good as well. That is correct and then I'm GonNa go dessert gallery for Awful Dessert Gallery Lemon Blueberry cake again, trust me they give you the lemon cake. They give you the blueberry. Frost cream frosting with flesh fresh blueberries a three tier. Money that's money in the Bank I. Hope you'll have your opinion papers we gave. Some goodies, they're trap megs. You mentioned old school. I gotTA mentioned three brothers I've literally been eating their bakery goods for as long as I have teeth. the cookies. The cookies are are good. I love that checkerboard cake it's it's chocolate and yellow cake. Cut together with like a raspberry filling and then it's all frost and everything. It's it's phenomenal. Well, I would count You could do a whole show on donuts, but I still can't done it's done they're sweet and out of. You can for breakfast, but they're also a very good. Sweet Dessert and I'M GONNA give shadow to my favorite when my favorite donuts is the olive oil donated at Morningstar which is kind of an old fashioned take at that's glazed not. It's not too sweet. But it's definitely one of my favorites and Since you know I've been keeping it. All tra- local most a lot of the time. I can actually walk over the Morning Star pick up a a donut. which has been you know a nice bone it's in the last over the last few months. Right and I do want to mention a couple of newer options just for people white cafe-bakery. Out in the memorial area, this is the new project from a Redman Baking Co. Tasos cats onus he partnered up with. The couple that runs she knew in also you get that kind of savory. Of French like Salads entrees menu thing with all of the bread man cookies, croissants, fresh breads. Just a lot of really really delicious stuff there. And then. Flees. You mentioned fat cat. On a second location up in garden oaks well, if you go up to that development on. Think, it's thirty fourth. There's a place called BECCA cakes and they are making some of the best macaroni. In Houston along with cookies like cookie sandwiches with frosting the middle. And some other stuff that It's it's pretty tempting. New Place. You mentioned why down another relatively new place it's been I don't know a few months I think which is not over on the east end when he's doing some really innovative he's got both savory and sweet needs doing some really innovative pastries, desserts I mean corrected adults another new option to to really try out and Then you can cover all your bases they're not to get coffee and a bunch of good things. I. Don't know if you've had have any favorites there the cut faulk Lavar croissant is is a personal favourite that beef collages really tastes you mentioned that but that's not sweet I. Truly wanted. To get there and that double height chocolate chip cookies. With the Chewy Center, I can't go there without taking a couple of those home. You know what I want to mention. We're talking about you know some people with that. Are you know Vegan? And can't you know they're gluten free there's a good option for you guys, and that's going to be Um Crumble Ville Texas bakery it's off of Elgin. They have some. Nice, nice desserts. Their cookies have cookies and brownies they kind of marry flavors together. So if you're in the area, I would say try them out and then have you been awesome bites company and saw your yards 'cause they do a lot of that gluten free gluten free desserts, dairy free ice cream for people with dietary restrictions or preferences that that's another spot that's popped up on my radar. Recently, that's that's compliant for all of those concerns. Another. If you're into this I don't think they're Luton always gluten free, but they're definitely do Vegan. In that central bakery and they have an amazing cinnamon roll, they don't have a bricks and mortar location, but you can usually get enough the farmers might get. You can get them at coffee shops around town. But there cinnamon this big wouldn't even know it's Leeann. It's so good. Taste police. You've mentioned day soft serve ice cream place in. Chinatown? We could do just chinatown desserts we could do fifteen minutes on that. But very briefly asked the soft serve. Import from Australia locations in both the heights and done plaza, and then I have a low level obsession with beard Papa's the. Do. This cream puff place every time in Chinatown I basically cruise past beller food street, and if there's convenient parking stop and get a couple of cream puffs on the way home they're also out in Katie towns. So not convenient for the whole city, but you definitely have options. One last place that for me is a restaurant that has really great desserts, but it's Rosie Canon Ball. The pastry chef there sean goal has worked all over the country. So, you can dine in and you can get. His Style cheesecake or or some of the other confections he's got or you can just get pints of his homemade, a ladas and sorbets to go. So you've got, you've got dining and to go options and he's doing popsicles on their spritz patio that are all worth trying and pair really well with the glass of champagne. I was GONNA say for folks that are you know still out Kinda in and out you can order from red desert gallery they have their cookies shouldn't get him fro frozen. They give you the instructions so you can bake them at home and those cookies are tonight for will. There's one place we haven't mentioned in since we you know it. is coming up and there should have some cool decorated cookies and. Kind of just feel nostalgic Oh it's always fun getting the cookie polly's and there's other things get it policies but. They're always fun designs and I'm sure they're gonNA have some. Fun decorating cookies as we get closer to to Halloween and whether or not you know people will be able to trick or treat or not. But at least you can you pick up some sweets at one of these many places to alleviate the ongoing weirdness that has twenty twenty and But also have a fighting find ways to celebrate Halloween even if you don't end up trick or treating or. Whatever we end up doing. The next few weeks. This. Slow but swanky. Left which associate editor and Houston Food Finder I'm Eric Sandler food editor for Culture Map and you're listening to Houston matters with Gregg Cohen. Houston Public Media and an initiative called improving maternal health. Houston are partnering on a project. It's called Mothers I. Some Multimedia Series that explores a variety of maternal health issues. HOUSTON. Public Media, senior producer, Mark Armas joins us now to tell us more about it. Hi Mark. Hey Greg Good morning good morning what what's the purpose of this project? So this project came out with improving maternal health, any kind of dives into what the drivers are and are extremely high maternal mortality rates So we're we're covering. there's four episodes the second released earlier this week on Tuesday The first episode covered implicit bias in the medical institutions and the second covered cycling on and off Medicaid and coming up, we'll be covering the roles of midwives, Dulas the health that they can provide, and the last episode will be about Non Hospital drivers things such as suicide, drug, overdose, domestic violence, some of the things that you may not think of immediately when you hear maternal mortality. GonNa. Apply that maybe to the first episode of Bit I, of course, it makes sense when you think about it but at first glance I thought you don't necessarily think of maternal health and implicit bias as connecting what what are some kinds of maybe unconscious stereotyping that might be happening at some hospitals. Some healthcare centers as they treat mothers to be. Right So Debra who talked to in the first episode, She's a former poet laureate Houston. Debra Deep Mouton, right? Yes. Yes. y'All. And When she she was pregnant with her first child, she had complications She had some hemorrhaging there wouldn't stop and she didn't feel she didn't feel heard she spoke to doctors and they were a bit dismissive of her and one thing that improving maternal health had told me early on that really stuck with me is that all maternal deaths start as a complication? So it's important that. These women feel heard when they when they are having one. So what steps are being taken to? Address. Implicit. Bias in maternal health. improving maternal health Houston has few initiatives going on There are trainings that are being ruled out. One thing that was very surprising to me about the whole thing was that when I thought of maternal deaths I, thought you know during delivery, but it actually the threshold for when those are counted is a few months after birth. So a lot of it, a a common thread seems to be. Within the Medicaid system losing coverage, and if you're diagnosed with something like diabetes or. Or any other kind of complication during your pregnancy. In sixty days in Texas you're dropped off Medicaid and and kind of. On Your own from that point. So. That's what the episode just out now is is digging into. You mentioned also, you're going to explore in a future episode issues, involving midwives and Dulas what do you hope to share about them? So midwives and Dulas You know my wife and I just recently had our first child and we looked into midwives or more medically trained. Their focus is on delivering healthy babies Dulas on the other hand or there for support their emotional support Mental support. And so they play different roles but I think both of them are could be very helpful with some of these drivers that we're seeing. You'll also explore what? Expectant mothers to be might deal with in terms of postpartum depression. What are you hoping to explore about that? You know the it's it's such a wide range of of bangs it. Seemed to drive the postpartum depression That's kind of one of the misconceptions most people think that the postpartum depression is the biggest problem but a lot of it is just not having access to quality care. You know you have your thirty day checkup and your sixty day checkup and when I went through this process with my wife, I would be asked to fill out forms that we're talking about how her mental state was according to me. So a lot of it is is these women are falling through the the cracks in the safety of. What do you see is the ultimate goal of a series like this. The biggest thing is to try and. re-address these misconceptions I think now more than ever. It's important to raise awareness about maternal health WE'RE GONNA see I'm guessing more and more people losing their healthcare and coverage in Houston. So, this aside from telling these women's stories and offering some guidance through experts We also have a landing page that has. Resource links for people that are maybe going through this alone you know dealing with the pregnancy is enough when you have an entire supportive family. So a lot of these women are having to go through this alone and they just feel. Very. overwhelmed. So I think the series and the website our hope is that we address some of these misconceptions and create a support base for for these women Mark Armistice, a senior producer with Houston, public media he's working on a series called mothers I in partnership with the improving maternal health Houston initiative as we said, the first episodes already up at Houston Public Media Dot. Org, there's more materials there as well. You'll see more stories in issues related to maternal health there. From this series in the coming months mark. Thanks for talking with us. Thanks for having. And that'll do it for today show the Houston Matters Team includes Michael Hagerty Joshua's in Brenda Ruis, and Brenda vel deviant David Pittman is our technical director. We had help today from Davis Land. Remember to join earning news for Town Square today at three on news eight, Seven Hill. Welcome your reaction to last night's vice presidential debate on tomorrow's show. Ahead of the start of early voting, we'll walk through what's on the ballot this year, the races you. Likely know about maybe some you don't. I will also welcome your questions about the voting process itself. Party politics, host, Brandon. Rotting House will join us to try to answer those questions will also celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of a public television children's program that means a lot to nineties kids wishbone plus our expert panel weighs in on the good the bad and the ugly of the week I'm Craig Cohen Join US tomorrow for those and other Houston matters.

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