CIPYD 54: Shadi Petosky and Alpine Mastiffs


Is there a dog Anna car out of bar on the street? That's a dog that we really want to me. Hey cannot patch. You're here. Doll with Rene and Allegra. Welcome to can I pet your dog. I'm Allegra Ringo a dog owner emanate covert a dog wander producer Travis McElroy, guys. How we doing? How's morale? I'm way better. Now, I'm feeling much. Yeah. You know, I'm mostly packed up at this. Do you have we never see you cranky? What does it cranky Travis? Look like, oh, there's definitely. I'm a fairly good actor sure, you know, for me, it's more frustrated, and I get very touchy. But I I, you know, glad you ask a thank God. It's about time. I learned very early on in life by which I mean, like twenty two. The best thing to do when I got frustrated and like kind of touchy to just get really really quiet and just like just sit there and not yell about it. But like make very clear that I am not interested in talking right now through body language and tone of voice smart. It's my oh, I know of your crankiness is you telling me, you're cranky. But I've never actually been like, well, there's a difference in Allegra. Really? Yeah. That's very kind of you actually funnier when you're crazy. That which is very kind. Creek you like ninety percent of the people in this podcast. Like, you guys are too happy. But I feel like it's just because like I'm having fun when I'm doing the podcast like me and my daily life if I can count on like a staircase. I will seriously say like why is this so hard? Why is it so hard about little things twenty times shooting for me when I moved from outside to inside on a hot day, and it's not air conditioned? What's the point being side? This is the worst. That's also with the heat lately when I step outside just go. Oh god. It's so bad. It's just not like going out walks with Jack I have to wait till like seven eight pm because it's so hot. Yeah. But I will say this cranky 'cause my house it's getting unpacked. Hey, this that makes me I will say my favorite moment of legs being cranky. Was we were walking possess show. We came down to the main room where the mail is delivered. And there was a package with her name on it. And she goes, well, what fresh L is this. I'm always so excited. And then you're like, yeah. There was providence absolutely spelling out the bed, and then you were excited. I can't remember what it was. It was like an antenna or something you need to make your life easier. Good. Doc about now from Karen Easterbrook. Pair of dog socks. These are mind, the pugs, I assume since these are the men's socks God, you guys can decide some air airedale terriers, this you definitely made I will happily take airedale Taylor. No current. Thank you. I think you are incredible chihuahuas with little above that. I let is the company socks and Smith bamboo crew don't know. Oh, I don't know is sucking Smith. Okay. Saw Chuck Smith or maybe just suck Smith. I don't either way. Crin? Thank you so much. You Karinna is awesome. You were the best. And this I specifically four remain show. Probably share from Mr. medical. I don't know if that's a person company, but. What is it? It is not one not two but the rebuttals of lady anti monkey but powder. I know. It sounds disgusting. Just suck. And it is with the if you haven't seen the logo of this yet. It is the cutest cartoon monkey with a cute little pink, bow on her hair with but face in Georgia and are looking back at you like I don't have a monkey, but. Well, sure. I swear by hot summer days from gambit. We don't have them. Now. They're letters. Lined. We will open them world's best you guys. Thank you. Honestly. Thank you. And all of my friends and anybody who encounters me thank you for both socks. For the time being since I mentioned the last thing that RPO box was going away temporarily into you guys could get set up. You can send it to care of max fun to four zero four Wilshire boulevard, suite nine a Los Angeles, California nine zero zero five seven, and I know I don't have to. But I feel compelled to not required to send us anything. We should be sending you guys stuff. You're the best. You are the best. They know. They don't legally you're not legally required. Just as now to send us anything. I make my first million. I will be sending every single listener canapes your dog t shirts. All right. Equivalent of like when Eddie Murphy finished being bought everybody like diamond watch that kind of I don't know. Goldwasser gave everybody gift card bath. And beyond. Beyond way, watch. Well, okay. How much how much watch worth? Oh. That's a good question. I don't care to watch. If I could trade it for credit bed bath and beyond that's more than ninety dollars. Then. Yes. Okay. But with those coupons send out you can get a lot for like NBA. The return policy is just second to none. What do you say? We talk about dogs. We do it. Okay. We covered crankiness we covered a Allegra John. Did it okay legs? What are we doing? Okay. I know that you have a dog you well dog you again this week. Yes. But to neutral, I held a whole new. So it's dogs. We met this week. But it's dogs. Renee, tot a new Doug new trick to grace. Title. Speaking of great segma- titles. Have one tentatively call advice corner in which I'm going to give advice for first time owners in on our of Mayan possession does industry which is today. Thank you. We also have a mutt. Minute on the alpine mastiff. Yes. You do that is not we will take no non-response. And we also have guessed shady Petoskey. She's a producer of danger, and eggs and produce yoga Gabar Stokes. I can't wait. Wait. Are you? Right. Get into. Yes. I saw dog for the second time. His name is Finn. He is a golden doodle. He is the proud new member of the family that babysit. So now when I go to babysit there is hash hold us. Any now probably probably getting closer to four months. Okay. Just the best Knowsley bigger from last. Yeah. It's growing like a weed the friendliest sweetest most. Well, tamed dog you've ever seen. Really? It's a little bit. It's not this dog does not now at all. I think it was. So again, this family is wonderful. She did tone preparation. The reason they got a golden doodle is the mom at a bit of a bad experience with dogs as a kid, and she was like, I don't want my kids to be free to dog. So she researched like the bust family dog, and what you came up with was golden doodle. And then she read all the books of like how to train it make sure that the family all gets along. And what they have done is that when the dog starts out they give the dog at toy. That's really plays on the it. But the dog like no longer about is just not an option. That's great. I should add that to my list. That's great vice for especially the puppy owner. That's a really smart either just another and in just the best. So only thing that's bad about this is I sat down with Finn for thirty minutes in about twenty five minutes into this. I was like what where the kids. Sincerely. Sincerely. Not a good babysitter. Don't bring into. Listen, let me tell you what I did. So so I actually densely was pending Finney. And then I drifted my hand down his right eye. Any like close it for a second. And then opened up again, I was like. So I kept doing over and over again. And when I did it was like who's good looking, and then he would close his I fully, and then he'd open it back up. And then I give him a treat every retreat. And then I started just saying who's good looking. He. Taught this talk when he say who's good-looking he'll wink. Command that's a much better command than wink that was good looking. But I think when I was petting is little and so gentle so gentle, but like his little head. We'd go down. So it looks like a drunk like I am. And I guarantee owes nothing to do with my training has do with. This breed is just really smart eagerly with your training. Dog trainer. Is that the proper way to do it? You just mimic the behavior over and over again that you take away the gesture, and then you just say it. I mean, it depends. It depends on what the dog response to basically because you can so ideally it's something the dogs doing on its own. You can then be like, okay when you do that. But then ideally, what you're trying to do is get the doctor the behavior without you having to like do the things to like sit where you hold it over their face back with until they sit down then you add in the command. But really if the dog response to thing I've seen dogs pick stuff up on like the third time over sure crazy. It was crazy. And then he retained at least for four hours because parents came home. I was like can actually go to. And then they were like, yeah. That's awesome. That's a great. He's good looking. And if you're listening. Yeah. Excellent. Excellent. Good looking now, I spent a good amount of time looking for they have golden doodle rescues because I guess everybody who researches such as popular Breeden. It's so great. And even though it's a great dog it maybe it's delivered dog. I guess the golden doodle rescues or a plenty because a lot of families get them for Christmas. And then they're like oh Oso requires some. To get like baby, alligators, whatever that thing is not something. But it turns out she didn't turn into huge. But she does turn into a pretty good dog. Maybe maybe golden golden doodle is my pick of the week or dog. I wanna get that's pretty good. That's pretty good dog. And then I'm want to name him sheriff sheriff, that's very cute. I it's a very like nineteen fifties name putting so too. She's just a sheriff of the house who winks slowly. Caller, share share it. That's good. That's fine. Okay. So state I share the dog who wink slowly dogs. We'll meet. Yes. We were on a crazy binge of dogs. We are just to do we have to what do we have to now easily to one to one wisely? Okay. We'll see how this one goes out. And maybe we get to. Let's see you tell us about the pine master him ready. Are you ready? I am your time begins now. All right and artist rendering of the alpine massive on first assessment, according to me looks like Saint bernards head on new faucets. Body extinct dog breed was a major contributor and the modern mastiff as well as Bernard. The alpine mastiff was one of the earliest breeds of dog to reach Gant excise originating in northern Europe before five hundred BC the largest dogs may have reached over three feet tall from the shoulder and weighed listen to this three hundred and fifty pounds just nuts. They were referred to as bridal dogs indicating. You could actually ride them insane. The names pine massive and Saint Bernard actually used interchangeably in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The outline mastiff was bread with variety of other large dogs. And then the composite of that dog breed was than a fishery called the Saint Bernard. And the alpine mastiff became extinct though. Super cool news since the nineteen seventies. There have been efforts to breed back. The alpine mastiff they're trying to bring them back mainly by using Saint bernards. Great Danes, great parodies and the Burmese mountain dog one. Oh, seven I think we automatically get more for Judy extinct. I like that. Yeah. Because there's a lot to cover to cover, and there's like no one you don't start with like the base knowledge of like, we all know what this looks like sure. Like we deal with now times. And again, it was just artist's rendering because we didn't have photos of it. But yet every one of the literally looks like Mafa like muscle structure, his body everything and then just little Saint Bernard face. I had last week when I got when I did the sailors Willie dog I got into a black hole of. Wikipedia entries, and I got to the list of extinct dog. And this was the first one clicked on it. And I thought you would like it because I knew it had these gigantic food. Oh, it's the best. Insane thing I will have to say I did take a slight detour because there is a breeder that is an alpine California and their website is L pine masters. Still some people are trying to bring them back. Right. Maybe it's possible. A three hundred pound. Can you imagine? It's insane. It's nuts. So I guess what they were saying was it was it became popular specifically in Switzerland. When they had they have a whole pass that goes over the Alps of Switzerland called the Saint Bernard pass. Oh, and then they also have the Saint Bernard hostas hostile hus-. I think hospice, but it's a hostile. It's just where you can stay. Oh, they bred these dogs because initially they regard dogs, but then the also needed mountain dogs going over the past you get stuck had to give dunks. The cool isn't that what the Saint Bernard kind of myth with the cast of thing around their neck, which I don't know if that I ve alcohol parts true. But I did think they did go rescue people. Definitely crazy nuts. Nuts. Also, very interesting. That's very cool. I also didn't know that the alpine massive and Saint Bernard we use interchangeably in the day. In fact, if you do mouse, a lot of times just Saint Bernard comes up people who are still contemplating. Yeah. I did think when I looked at briefly that picture that they just looked at Saint Bernard. They do with the lines a little bit because we have put it looked like imagine. When you see a hundred fifty pound dog, right? That's giants giant three hundred fifty out of control. You could write it. Yeah. I do want to ride one of these definitely the second. I thought I was the first win bridal dogs was introduced to me. I'm just like how wearable about? Yes. Purchase. Sent you. That could be. Look, I can't have a dog my apartment what if in Pailin, and basically it's going to love, but they did have I I don't know what it was called bridal dogs, and then they had a bridal dog. And then there was a saddle probably for a kid, and I was like just you just work backwards. I'm gonna buy the saddle we'll work our way to get that done. The only method that makes me said. Got to Jack. We'll give me a great one to do. So thank you. I have yours. It was brought to us by Tullia Twitter. She send us a picture. The don't I was just like what issue recommending called P B v g it stands for. And I'm going to give you my best French pronunciation K petite, the say Griffin VIN deal. It's but because of so ridiculous. You know, what are you doing Fong? I know that I recognize that part of the part of Brussels graffman things. And then when I looked at it because I was Jesus giving you something early. They already have dogs wanna one about it and the P GB or whatever they were just like his hard to say. Hard to use the initials yesterday, commonly known as that meant to I've never heard of this. I'm very excited. Cute. It looked it. Kind of looks like gold noodle. Good work, my way, I see big Rene. You're a cat. All right. You guys legs has a brand new segment for a celebrating. Her infestation is third or fourth anniversary, happy and triggers. The song this happy anniversary happy anniversary anniversary happy anniversary come on. I didn't know that one. Let me here. Here's I used to know the Red Lobster theme song. Let me sit on it. Let me see. Lobster. No, it's all of it's day to day and the olive garden. This is our news thing. Okay. Advice corner that was a real like placeholder title. I put it to Rene and Travis in the last five minutes. Yes. To come up with a better title. And while we were doing minute Cava, stick a little stab at it. Travis. What have you come up with three different ones? Okay. Great. The one that I said before was pause for a fact, but I don't think that's as on point as these to drool school. Favorite and from scratch. Oh, great your school winter. That I didn't like. Brad one what it was about into listeners between drool school or hey, guys. Let's have a hound huddle house. You guys. You guys Powell I'm gonna for now. Okay. We can always change the name later could be a different segment, I think both are pretty cute. So it is mine. Pistachios four th anniversary today. I I will say I'm on much better terms. Touchy. I got my act together and well just moving with both both got used to moving. I realized that yelling at the inanimate boxes in my home was not helpful to anyone especially at a dog of new cash short. So I took a setback. Instead of said, please be a good dog. Mom, you idiot. You're not an idiot, you stress funny. Because when I first got a stash, oh, I was so stressed about it because I was really naive, and I just didn't know that like getting grown dog because I didn't get a puppy foolishly thought like ground. It'll probably what I say not true at all. And just give it an extra set of keys. He'll go out. Exactly. You know, I really thought. So it's kind of a throwback to that recently because possession has a little bit regressed after the move short more skittish, and like kind of more scared just like she was when I first got her. And in both cases, it was because she's like, what are we doing? I don't know how many chain only getting on -actly. So in honor of that. I feel like I was very naive. First time dog owner and people often ask us, what advice do you have for first time dog owners? I have some I also pulled our Facebook group because I figured they would have a lot of good answers. It's great. So I wanted to if you're getting a dog, here's a little round one or reminisce like Allegra house or did it used to be? L? I mean, these are good for dog owners also reminders to me. It's like come on for you. Hot you, stop doing this. Because you've got lazy again, I love this. I am. So proud of you. Why are beautiful listener? Of course. Okay. Here's here's the consensus like round up the points that were made the most offshore for first time dog owners create train early. I think that's a really good one be consistent. Someone said if you can't be consistent. Don't do it. I think that is such good advice. If you're going to be like someone said like if you are going to have a rule, there's no dogs in the kitchen. You gotta make it no dogs. You can't slide back on it something with all the time. I'm eating something really healthy that I'm just like the rest of the salad, then I'll I'll toss it to the talk. But then if it's something really good like fries. I'm like, no. You can't have any. How what are you doing? You can have this. Yeah. Here's the thing doesn't important that if you do that. And here's the thing I feed buttercup from my plate. I do fine. And what I don't get to do do that is get mad when she begs from like, Nah, I sat a precedent. I know what's up. She hasn't begged from Theresa trees. It doesn't do it. And I only do it like if something falls off my plate or hits the floor like I give it to her. But she knows that's going to happen. So I can't be like what why would you expect that? Now, it's really I it's really hard. Honestly are million things. I have tried it institute and just gotten too lazy to do it short. So I think it's like that's the advice that I like, yeah. I needed to start doing. It's what makes the stopping the dolphin jumping. When people come in the door. So that makes us so hard as how do you be consistent when someone else is like interacting with the dog? It's which is another good time to drive home. If you're visiting someone's home with the dog, and they say, hey, please don't feed the dog say like, hey, don't want to jump up on. You don't do it. Because the dog doesn't it's not like a kid where the dogs. Like to play around with uncle, Steve like, no it ruins training. Now. It's very hard. It's very hard. This is a good piece of advice, like just yell at your friends and tell them she'll politely ask them. Hey, here's that Travis found a great way to do it. Like he would text me before I came in. He's like, hey. Yeah. Have to chill out. And we're about the first nine months we did that. And then did you give up on me? Great now you walk in. And you're like, okay, you're also now she's gotten a lot better about non Trumpy people. Yes. Also true. Yes. So that's a really good one. Another good piece of advice attire dogs. Happy dog. That's very true. Definitely if you want just a happier. Easier to deal with dog tire out it works. Every time. Really smart great socialized with dogs and humans early and often get them used to other dogs and other humans try as best. You can have them have positive experiences with boats. Obviously someone that's out of your control do as as much as you can it'll make your life easier in the law of smart both on and off leash to dogs in interact differently at a dog park. Then they do like butter cups flying with other dogs have a dog bark. But on a leash because of the restraints. It's a different energy. So do both is very trail Israel reward, good behavior, ignore a redirect bad behavior. That's really good distracting dogs. When doing something bad. I've been trying to do that with the Sasho when she barks at new sounds is just be like, hey, let's practice sitting in staying and laying down. Let's start. It's like a distract. It's better for me. It's better for her. I'm not like mad, and she's not just barking at nothing forever. That's incredible human advice. Crato true. Yeah. I know so trail, and here's the last one, I think Jerry important don't freak out. You're going to be okay. It's harder. I it does get better. This is advice to my past self. It's advice to dog owners. It's probably advice to child parents. But I'm not gonna take that for sure. I was so freaked out when I first got a stache EEO, a when she didn't do exactly what I wanted to when she wasn't like reading my mind, right? And be when she seemed like scared. I just assumed this was going to be the way it was going to be forever. That's not true. Then it will take a while. I think give it more time than you think you need to give it, but they will adjust. You're going to their true personality, not at first, but it'll come out. That's and they'll be way more annoying lovable. How did you come to find out all of these exercises that do did you in breeding? Did you get a dog trainer? Did you did? I did do Eliza. Another piece of advice, do a basic obedience class beating class. If you can't I did that very useful. Even if you don't if the dog doesn't learn tricks at least learn more about how dogs learn exactly that's what I learned. From teaching the courses was like. Oh, yeah. We I thought I knew how dogs learned. And then I was like, no that's not it at all. And also something I think my trainer has said is that Dr training is really human trading. It really is like training you how to try to dog so cool. So yeah, that just like asking honestly trial and error to once I figured out at first I didn't want possession asleep in my bed. Because again, I was Lauren. But I thought that like I seriously put a little dog bed next to my bed and like toltar-. She was. My bed, and I was like. But then I also thought like, oh, no now she has to save my bed forever. No. That's not true. It's fine. Like ident- trained her sleep it or crate show untrained can. Thanks to you. I little bit which was a fly on the wall for the very first night being like, okay. She can see it's okay. It was a lot of me crying. Because I didn't know if I was being doing a bad job. She seemed really scared, and I was like this is my fault. And like, I was a man. Of course. Of course. I my buddy who's got sweet little Norma said the same thing for about the first month. He was like what? Very with buttercup because us she was incredibly underweight. So she was so chill. Slapped. She was sleeping like eighteen hours day. And we were just like all right? It's just the chillers, and then we put like five pounds on her. She just started doing laps around the house. Okay. He was just really hungry baby. Okay. Possession. When I got her. I was like I will take this calm Bartlett's dog. Please. Guess what an easy nice dog. And it was probably hurt either masquerading or being scared, then she's not a lover. I need me. When I knew we this segment is going so long. But and this could be a gap that we have later, but I kind of want to know about your puppy fever that you got because it is hitting so hard until I would say three to four hours a day looking at jobs that can make me afford to move and get a dog. It's nuts. I want. Let's I know. I don't know what to say about it. I assume that's how people feel when they really really really badly wanna have babies. Sure I wanted a dog casually. And then like, I don't know what it was like one day I can speak chosen here there. I think that having dog verse having a baby they're very similar, but so far in my life, or at least wanting I should say desiring to have one of either is that the difference is like with the dog. It's like, I I know that this will predominantly be fun with responsibility. Whereas the baby is I feel like this is what I'm supposed to. I don't know. How fun this will be. There will definitely be moments. Right. Like, I don't know that may be where like I think it'd be super fun. Yeah. I'll take her to the park can play games. Okay. Willing Devlin case not the baby but a little bit. The don't thing is just like. Yeah. No. That's what's going to elevate your life across the board because you won't settle for jobs. You won't do anything else. I was thinking about yesterday like buttercup is just like sitting in my lap pressing against him. She was like, yeah. This is awesome. This me very like grabbed her face standing there is. I was like I love all. Yeah. Really for me. It felt like so visceral. I guess that's why is doomed it was like similar the baby thing. But I don't know. It was like a point where I was like a dollar. And then like one day, it was like, I couldn't I couldn't casually browse adoptions anymore because it would make me cry. And it was like so it was still like powerful. I don't know what it was. I was I if it's visceral now, I just feel it. I will. So as long as we're still at drew school. I will say that my my biggest piece of advice. And I think it's a good example to talk about the difference between like a baby and a puppy, which is the baby you are raising to be a future human and the public will always be dog. So I think I talked with a lot of first time owners when I was a trainer that like one all these like astronomical expectations from this dog. Where's like, hey. You know that video you saw on YouTube of the gods like got their socks and a plate of eggs. Yeah. That's most likely not going to be your dog. Right. And if you go into it thinking, basically sit in the corner until I'm ready to play with it. And then I'm done playing with it. It'll go back to the corner. You should not get a dog you should manage your expectations. And know that part of like, I love buttercup for many, many reasons I love her. She's very well. Behaved ninety percent of the time. She loves me very much and all of that. But I love her most for her flaws. I love that she loves his stick her tongue in my mouth. And I loved like that I can watch her make faces as she tries to beg food from me. Like, I know that. And so that's the thing is like looking dog and say, what do I actually like this dog? And it's probably the thing that makes them special. They're different from other dogs. Yes. Thank you. Oh, I love that too. So it was still injury school. How are you tell everybody? How you celebrate your anniversary. I usually half. A hamburger. That on my friend Caitlyn's podcast people. And she said, oh, do either half said, no. Because I I just think all have too much. Do you do it Bucknell? No. I have had little but it's pointless. I get it from a fast food. It's really gross. You guys like don't. It's not. It's a special occasion. I get one like Jack in the box. That's year. When it was your third anniversary, you we were on our way to somewhere like maybe had just dropped something off. And it was in your per. She's like oh this possession. I think we were here. I think you're governor show. Maybe you're getting something out of your for his visit. I like all the first time I've had a hamburger and my. One time at the vent. I got burger. Senate. Put it in my purse. And then I was the coolest dog on the course. But b I was like all the other dogs are gonna come to our me on knocked me. I don't have enough. But it we didn't bring enough for the class. Yeah. So usually to that let me go to the doctor, and I love it. I just love it. Well, happy anniversary and great. And thank you to all of our listeners who contributed. Yes. Thank you so much. This was also there's a whole threat in the campaign. Your dog group. I didn't oppose it in the advice group, even though it technically belongs there. But it's a really great threat. There's ninety comments I didn't post them all didn't read them, obviously. But it's really really good. You guys so much mazing. You read them all we didn't discuss them. All. Thanks, guys. Your dog is sponsored in part by blue apron now Rene. Yes, we're on the street is blue apron got you to eat grilled cheese. It's so true. Teach. You hear what they did me this week? What that Cheney and cheese? It was genuinely surprised you guys. Like news to me, the grilled cheese. All the cheese, fettuccini and cheese. Maybe you staff, that's fine cheese deal. I can't even tell one how healthy I'm being because I'm actually making dinner three times a week instead of being like, oh, I guess chips and all the donuts seven eleven it's just and they make it so easy and the more. I do it the more. I feel confident of like, oh, this is gonna take twenty minutes. And it'll be so good. I agree. I had a spicy Ponzi glazed catfish tonight is this so fancy never attempt that on my own, but it's actually super easy super fancy. You. Look, cool, all your friends, and I still do panic of. Oh, I don't have the vinegar. And they've got it for you. Hang in there is there every time. This is fun for me. Yeah. It's pretty good. The ingredients or super good all the food is nicer than stuff I would make. And it's delicious some of the meals. They have available in August. They have some vegetable in Keene wobble with fairy-tale eggplants peppers and corn. What even is on delicious guide and have chicken Tikka tacos, summer squash and tomato salsa? He's fancy stuff you guys. But it's not hard. It's really it's so easy. And I also as such a food beginner. I don't know the quality of food except for produce. I'm very familiar with that man is it fresh good. So I don't know. I'm just really impressed with this. It's really it's honestly made me cook more and be smarter about my cooking. I didn't know you fish on the stove. No one fishing much better. You better. I do not know the first came fried. What's interesting is that I probably I probably make the fried catfish. Of course, delicious. I like weirdly this has to be testament of how good efficient it doesn't smell up your apartment. No, not at all this stuff. I was getting along the one time I tried to make fish. It was just like, oh, that's what we ate a month ago. We've all been there. You guys. You can also check out this week's menu, and you can get your first three meals free with free shipping. Go to blue apron dot com slash pet. Your dog you'll love how good it feels anti to create incredible home-cooked meals with blue apron, do not wait that is blue apron dot com slash pet. Your dog blue apron a better way to cook. Hey, max, fun community. This is your friend, Elizabeth Gilbert, author eat pray love and bunch of other stuff. I am a longtime member supporter and devoted follower of maximum fine. And now Finally I have my own podcast on the network. It's called magic lessons, and it is me coaching people through their creative issues and problems the season. We have to amazing creators that were helping through their joys and struggles of making something out of nothing and then bring in special guests Glennon Doyle, Melton Brandon Stanton. Martha Beck the poet Mark Nieto. Michael, Ian, Black's are Jones Gary shine guard. He's a mazing friends of mine to come and help coach these people so that they can get their work on hope you'll tune into it. It's called magic lessons, and it's all about love. This month's beef undying. That's what is on Olympic special recorded here on the name of each in Rio de Janeiro. We'll be tackling all the big issues should athletes be allowed to eat lamb should Olympic question. Roy is able to ride on a cow all these questions and more in this month beef and dairy network Olympic special finace maximum fundable. You'll put ghosts from. All right, guys. We're very excited to be here today with our guest shoddy Petoskey she was animation supervisor on yoga Gabba. She's also co creator and show runner of the brand new show danger and eggs on Amazon shoddy thanks for being with us. Thank you. You also lived out that her sister just got an assistant. Yeah. Verify. That sounds so elitist. You just listen. We're very impressed. And I think everybody should be properly impressed. Give deal should be context. That's fair. I'm not a lead. Est. I was just complaining about how my systems assistant didn't put my license plates on right? And that's why I was late. Just just a normal thing happen shoddy. I would love with you. All right. Okay. All right. All right. Oh, gosh. The best I want to rave about your work. But in doing my research for your amazing shows. I also got a hold of your Instagram. Cheers, adult called Warlock an awful lot. Could we maybe start with that? And then we'll work. Our way out is the first puppy in my life, morlocks not my dog. I've been Palmer's dog who is our director in danger nights brand new dog corgi, which people. I've only known one corgi before. And it was back. It was wrong. It was really it was really mean it was it was it had problems. The owners new had problems there really apologetic was big biter Iran Iran out in the traffic and got killed and the owners, I think we're okay with it. I thought corgis or. Problematic. This corgi is it's just a little. Yeah. It's a little bit. We're going to put it in the cartoon we episode. Yeah. Yeah. We rented an episode about eighty Bryant his on the show has a dog and a bunch of a bunch of actors on the show have dog. So we're doing a dog's episode the. It's amazing. And we don't know when that will come out just yet. Right. The dogs episode sometime next so long. Onto that. Also, that's not the only work dog. You have is that correct? There are four dogs in my studio right now. But I it's inappropriate for me to be on the show 'cause I know nothing about dogs. Dog lover saying well evasively like a dog like a learner like learning. Good title how to lake love again. You know what I mean? You know what I mean? Or for the first time, I just like there's something wrong with me. First of all, that's. I never understood what it was. But yeah, I never had that much of a connection to dogs in only pretty recently the last couple years I'm like getting and maybe that's like an LA thing because dogs are gonna shove down your throat choice. But yeah, I read like that just always book the shiny pants book. Has this whole section about how much she hates dogs. Yeah. Yeah. And I read it before him deli. And I was like she's me awful person. But then I got it when I got here. And it's like I would choose really saying it's like I don't care about people in LA care about dogs. Like right now, we're having this. But, you know, look, I've had those friends, and I never met those people before that like walking down the street, and they'd just disappear and they're looking at the ground all the time in down in petting and full of love, and borderline personality disorder. Whatever connections create that. And then me as whatever personality disorder. I have or cocktail them. Does it didn't get that? But I now have fallen in love with some dogs, and there's three other ones in the office. We have Gus. Oh boy. Okay. Name. We love you guys. You should definitely do this podcast. Forget look at how happy you. When I just said. Base open. It could have also been we've never been. Thinking about the potential that names attached to a dog. I'm gonna just come up with random words, and you don't know which one is a dog's name or which ones just a word for something else and action. Let's do it. Dog laura. That's okay. Yeah. Didn't hit with either of us. Interesting dogs. Yeah. It is. It's okay. It's all right. Doug, Laura is the dog's name Laura got a dog who's already named Laura now, the dog, Laura, and it's it's great. It's Oregon very funny. The whole situation is great drywall. I like that. I know is just the scuff about like makes walls stand in the word via funny. Okay. The second that you've given Allegra the human equivalent of fake throwing tennis. Oh, okay. All right, ready. We're ready for the next one. Okay. Jeffrey. Yeah. Love it. Donald was a cereal. You guys think that's adore? Sure. Sure. She dog named Jeffrey. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well, I'm just you're not and then. Oh, shoot Bella. Great. That's solid. Right. Three. Actually now that I know the origin dog Laura has top rice. Yeah. I think that's hilarious, then gusts then Jeffrey and then Bella Jeffries, a serial killer. I know. Still. Laura, cuss, Warlock and Bella office. Dodds Abell is great Bellas a show dog is an airport dog like fellas ownership revising producer, and she brings Belet to the airport as a companion dot people who like get off the plane to pet it up now. Gnarly of me to ask you. What breed these dogs are do, you know, the breeds or is it easier to be like tell me this is. Okay. What's Velez breed? Drywall. I don't know there. I do I know corgi I know that both Gus and Laura are some kind of Choya, okay? I don't know Bella. Sure. Sure. Like, you know, like little macho small fucking, I mean, just Bella. That's really. Yeah. They're also I have I can verify this. I have been to your office. It is a dog paradise. It's very cute. It's a lot of people running around. And then there's a dog corner. And there's a little white dog named tofu whose only once great because there was like a surgery or something, I don't know. I don't doesn't come in more often one of our animators. And then I think other people have dogs just don't bring them in because they're not good with other there. Sure. But those those four are there all the time. And they're they're pretty together. Do they have their own little baby work kitchen got like dry food? And so. Plays. Little animation. Little cartoons as a little dog producer and a little. There's a little dog. They have what we what we set up for them is really cool is like beds. Sprat? Some bad that I've seen people turned into pillows for nuts. That's when I say people need me. Of course. Of course. I bought a pillow. So. Anymore? Live in the Hollywood dream. I did what do you call them? David. Yeah. A little date bed. I need to take an app. Now, did you grow up without at all? No, okay. That's explains my shorts. Sociopathic inability to love. I like dogs. So I'm from Montana in dogs were like, what mean do had the only people. I know there were no little dogs. Everybody was like Doberman pinschers or like wolves. Sure. Then dogs at huskies. Right call there. And then we'll and then. And then like, maybe a lab every once in a while the most people like most outside farming kind of dogs, and like not great or kind of just too big. And it's like a sensitive kid, and that afraid, you know, did you because of animation? Did you have any animate like Snoopy or Scooby doo that you're like, I can work with that really inheriting? No. Care for it. I don't know. I don't know. I don't think I ever get new Pluto about goofy. No, I was late in life leverage that no I didn't know about that. But I was we've been had. I was a kid. And I like I was nicer, but I didn't care. She just made me feel like neutral. And then like sometime, I twenty's. I don't know what struck me. It was just odd fever. I wasn't was a I fell in love with with the dog. Right that romance in college. Did you follow enough with specific Doug? I and that was the gateway dog. No, I nothing. Remember at least. That's an interesting question isn't interesting question. My memory. I wish I could tell you the day you're saying to like loving dogs. Isn't that weird you pregnant? No. I know I know this sound like a weird thing like that. Yeah. Does that happened to me with mustard? My whole life. Dog mustard. My whole life. I yellow mustard gross. And one day. I was watching a movie in my thirties over thirty. And I was like I want you want. It wasn't even funny. It wasn't in front of me. I was watching. I was just in my basement. I'm like mustard real bad. So I went and I got some mustard and I'd never turn back. What is you have it on? I don't probably like dog that that's real interesting. That is the snap story of ever heard. That was my mental break. Yeah. I was institutionalized. After that. Guest. That's got. These things happen. He's. I think I can glean the answer to this. But let's give it a go. Do you have any scenario in the future of getting a dog of your own gosh, what do you think that answers? Pretty busy. Busy will lot of people who have dogs are busy Shera busier. Yeah. I can't I can't imagine it. I thought about this on the way here yet. I was trying to come prepared told me to get a dog for this. We did. I didn't have time today. What do you what do you think shouting? Have you had enough of us to get out of here is it over we have one more very important. Got a little question for you. All right. We're going to give you the breed and sex of an imaginary dog. So for instance, if there was like a male nation, that's not your real one. But like that's Rosen's. If there was a kind of dog that was the sex. What was your name it? So what do you think? So let's go ahead and combine Warlock and Bella we just doing one yet line just one. So we wanna do a corgi Chihuahua mix. Oh, so rain, right. So theoretically, we've got a Chihuahua with great. But because those corgis got those nice, wobbly buts or we're gonna make Our Lady. What do we want to call her? Well, gender is an issue. Sure. Sure. And it's all about the, but. Drywall. Yes, I love a dog of this is pretty love. This emerald. Okay. You don't have to do. Don't breed that from me. Got exists already. It's fair. It's fair about mustard who are you sold muster interact. Take any word. During this podcast perfect. And it'll be a talking serial. No, not that one don't use that one foot cereal cereal. So cute or killer. Also true. Doglike time Ron all having a good time with that. Okay. You were a delight. Everybody listening is gonna wanna find you and follow you on social media. Where can they do it? Oh Twitter shoddy hausky and then Facebook Shatti husky and then Instagram should be perfect actually Panton. Maybe. Yeah. Chatty pants. 'cause I just found it. I think it might be your name. We'll see. Mall via might have changed it back, and it was unavailable for while. And can you tell us how to watch danger and eggs? Yes. If you go to Amazon Amazon prime you can see the pilot from now until the rest of the show comes out and the rest of the show comes out in. Next year, July August September. Okay. Yeah. Somewhere in there. I don't know. Nobody knows. Oh, really? Yeah. It's we're not going to be done with it until June of next. So yeah, I knew. You have eighty Bryant who else. Do you have? It's part of it. All yeah. Eric noble or other lead a museum provides air, and then so many awesome people. Jessica Cole who's really cool. Choose this is like we have this awesome. Catch Lori petty. Didn't. Us. So good. I'm blanking. Sided like all the time. How great the cast is Brennan Murray. Who else has come in? This is really cool. Yeah. It's a lot of people. I keep listening pictures o- telecom Ross who was on her stories like the mayor cool. She's really cool. I mean, there's so many people that are really great and don't put me on the spot. Shanti? Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Guys. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of them around. I'm proud of the learning the growing the anniversaries dome. I'm proud of your coaching and moderating us along. Thank you for your encouragement. Sure, your positive attitude. Thanks. Positively guys ever just everybody cross the board real realis- work notes. Hey, max, fun. Thanks for having us. Max fun. Just the best. Hey, is it drew? I think it is that we got list Gilbert back. She just just put up the second season of magic lessons. Gilbert's podcasts. That's released on maximum fun dot org. You should check it. She's like the coolest friend of mine. No. No big deal. I'm just gonna leave it there forever with the seat. I don't think that this needs to be said but Gilbert wrote eat pray love. But then she also has a new book out called big magic. Okay. Good. It is just so good. It's just so good and so inspiring and she's the best initiative got a podcast. So listen to that very cool. We are so thankful for your guys eighteenth reviews. Thank you so much for writing them. A really really helps us a lot. If you haven't yet, please head over to I tunes rate review and subscribe to us. It helps us bump up on the charts and help people find us also tell your friend if you have a dog loving friend word of mouth is super helpful to us. So please tell all your pal and then you page for logo Aaron Hagan for theme song and Becca Murray for targets you take out Instagram today killing it today nuts. So beca took over Instagram today, which is Thursday the twenty eighth. So when this comes out it'll be a few days ago, but go to our Instagram c I p y de podcast, and it's just all the dogs that she meant on fourth of July eight it's so great. It's so console grade which also brings us to our social media on Instagram where at PY podcast also on Twitter also on Facebook, which is the place to be you guys. Put canapes your dog into the search bar. It's group. Asked to be added. We'll add and it's just pages and pages and pages of dogs. It is my favorite place on the internet. It's true. I would also say if you're in the Los Angeles area, or you're willing to make the drive my friend, Taibbi, and I are going to be doing a life show of our podcast in terra. Bangui? Travis Taibbi on August thirteenth at seven thirty pm at the three clubs here in Los Angeles. And with forever gonna come out, and it's only eight dollars, and you can buy tickets at the door or you can pay pal ahead of time with you like your information. So we put you on the list the pay pal is in terror bang cast at gmaiLcom, I'm very proud of that podcast. And it's our first live show, and I'm very excited about it. And I'm looking at it now. So again, guys who've sent the socks and the anti monkey and the sunglasses, and you guys have just been kind. We have the world's best listeners. Just it's little mood. It's a mood. Nice. Just get sweet dogs. It's so nice thing me, and my house is just like little trinket all the listeners. It's so nice. We really you have the best listeners the best. Not right. Well, Allegra what pet? Your dog pet. Your dog. Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artists owned listener supported.

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