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The trump campaign has a special offer just for you. President trump really wants to give you a science twenty twenty make America Great. Again, hat he wants to make sure the lucky winner is one of his top supporters be sure to winter soon, because this is an opportunity, you don't want to miss this offer is only going to a select group of supporters and you're one of them all. You have to do is text grey to eight eight, zero, two today for your chance to win assigned twenty twenty. Make America. Great again hat and own a piece of history again, that's gre Y two, eight, eight, zero to two to enter to win this contest and join president trump in the fight to keep America great for four more years. This was painful Donald J trump for President Inc.. Is here on the blaze radio network. Here with US triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three also at PAT unleashed on twitter. You might notice that Keith had a rather serious boosting. Recently. It was a it was a big be. You know. Can like in Santa Claus the movie when he comes in all bloated fit like eighty pounds fatter than he on the Friday before how about those Atlanta Braves? It's right. Keith. I don't know about the game last night. No, he didn't. Evergreen. Falcons. Lost Play Jalousie to the Connie also this morning. I did okay. Good. Good good. So. Jeffey obviously filling in for Keith, who's taken a couple of vacation days. And you know what a great time in the world to go on vacation isn't it? Just a great time. People are not going on vacation I mean. Where do you go I all? All these restrictions going to and fro. I mean, you go into a state without being locked down for fourteen days? Seems like, yeah. We we have some really close friends who came in from Utah last night they had against one of their flights got cancelled. So the flight that they had comes here and then stops and so. We went to the airport and picked him up and it doesn't resume until this morning you know because of all the cancellations in the weirdness that's going on, but they booked a thing in. Cancun. And that was twenty, two percent occupancy. That would be kind of cool. If you do go on on a vacation time, it's kind of a cool time because you don't have anybody crowding the beaches and social distancing you're good. Yeah, exactly. So you got that going for you. triple eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety-three also very conveniently. because. My show prep is on my computer. Just decided to restart and download all kinds of new stuff. Let's helpful. Yeah. UPDATES and stuff will never know that his even there won't ever use but mandatorily just shut down restarting. In Q. But don't worry because it's already two percent complete. So I would think by eight, thirty, nine, o'clock it might be at four percent. It might`ve Well. Oh look at that. It's working on updates now. Good. Story. So don't turn off my computer I. Didn't even let you do that. If you know this is like A. It's like it's like it's communism. The fact that it just shuts down on its own and and decides when that's going to happen normally gives you a warning. Does it normally gives you a not always think always does because I remember telling it was okay to restart itself right before my show. Pretty, sure I wouldn't have said that's okay. I've been a toy. No, really no not my first one. Anyway not my first choice. So we had this really fun. This is kind of cool because we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get into the Presidential election a little bit we've got. Biden work on deciding who is vice president is GONNA be there talking about. Win They'RE GONNA to do debates if and win who's going to moderate. So there's a lot of stuff that starting to crank up 'cause we are less than ninety days away from the election now. Right that we're within ninety days. I think it's eighty six or eighty seven right now event. Under under ninety days, which is just seems like that's an. Can't believe here yeah. Yeah. And So Biden's Biden's out actually campaigning and every time he does you just realize. Guys not all there. He's just not come on man. That's why I was surprised. This particular tweet was from the Cleveland Indians. Instead of Joe Biden let me read it to you. They just tweeted. If for you and it could field was and you for it was to be. Should you for ten thousand dollars? Would you do it? What. What? If for you and it could field. was and you for it was to be. Should you for ten thousand dollars? Would you do it? I'm not really sure. Don't quite know how to answer that. I guess that's that's made the rounds. De. Several. Years all hasn't really around sports. Yeah. There were a madden and somebody else actually tried to diagram at. On on their telestrator in the real thing for the Cleveland Indians desert where it started or. A made up. Thing that they try to have the sports announcers do okay and You know the telestrator I don't Madden and I forget who the other guy was. I was looking to see if I could find his name real quick Yeah Mike Fratello. Both tried to drag Graham the sentence on their telestrator and according to this. Both. Gave Up. So I. Would think you know either tweeted. Not necessarily by the Cleveland Indians. but maybe Joe Biden and even more likely maybe Al Sharpton it's one of those. Yes. We March and we must much about that be committed kinda thing. Right and we know that we know for sure that booger McFarland couldn't have done it. Monday night football. It looks as though they've made the you know they have taken the they made the change I made the. made the choice that that unleashed program gave them to flick the bugger. So. My flecked the border campaign where did yes. Yes. Actually work four hundred foreigner to the hall of fame has not worked and that's been a crusade for quite some time. Yeah. But flick the Burger which we just started six or eight months ago. Did work. Like They're going to have Steve Levy Brian Greasy and Louis Riddick, and then as a second team Chris Fowler and Kirk Street because maybe college football doesn't happen. That person. Kirk in there yet not bad. That's pretty good. He's okay. He's not bad and then as a backup you got. Kirker Fowler and herbstreet. Pretty solid. Probably they should have been there manually. The best. Yeah. But yes, college football right now they're not gonNA take them away from their trains day. No Way. True. But that's awesome that they finally did something campaign with it because. The Campaign. Well, how about that? All right. triple eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety-three ended pat unleashed on twitter. Now, we just flick the FAO. we'd be all said but that's not going to happen to save chief DC. Is Still. Still out there and and speaking until he's blue in the face and the guy talks, tellies, horses, everybody everybody listens to every word that flows out of his face because he's so brilliant and he's always been right. or The opposite of that I'm not sure which. Has He ever been right Even in the eighties. I, mean some of the things he did and said and decisions he made when he was battling, we were supposedly battling the AIDS epidemic in the early days. Some of those decisions were incredibly questionable and a little bit fishy in some cases. But he was being interviewed by Sunjay Gupta. And then they were taking some questions from people online and somebody. Asked him about will. Okay. What are you doing this First of all, how did this go? So badly when we're the United States of America. And you know and we've got a worse situation than most countries on earth. And secondly. What happens if we have another pandemic? Are you are you better prepared for it? Now? Here's what he had to say. Dr King, the title of this series is in public health means business. And this seems like we have business at all. The United States has four percent of the world's population. But twenty five percent of the world's Kobe cases and deaths. For Awesome for seconds by the way, Quick Update Twenty, four percent on my computer. Now, twenty four So we're skyrocketing through the update just so you know. All right listen. Influential as a catastrophe. Question is knowing what you now know. Would you do differently foot next pandemic would dream okay. Well I. Think there's two parts of that question. One is you know how we how we might explain how this happened than what I would do different, and then what you would do different for the next pandemic I think preparedness we put together Pandemic Preparedness Plan as we were trying to respond to the threat of the pre pandemic bird flu back in two thousand and five, and again he was a plan that was a reasonable plan and in fact when it was evaluated independently. By Johns Hopkins, it stated that it was our preparedness for a pandemic was essentially number one in the world. But what happened when the rubber hit the road on this and we did get hit we had the kind of response that was not as well suited. So what the dynamics of this outbreak is and what happened is that we had a bit of a disparate response we have we live in a very big country and we often leave the decisions about the implementation of. At the local level positive scene is yeah I. Gee that's called the constitution. I-. Hey. Don't you? Local level aided lake when the decisions that aren't specifically spelled out in the constitution by government belonged into the state. We often off. Them. To the state or local municipality. What insanity who would do that? He just he just talked about the structure that the founders setup. Yeah in China they've got centralized government. Yes. Would which sends out the mandate and everybody follows and they'll they have to people that have died from the Work really well, communism in this case worked really well. seriously. Have they list before thousand now? With the disease but only forty, six, hundred deaths. Last night. was last week, forty, six, hundred, and we have a hundred and fifty. Yeah of course ally. All right. Let's see what else had to say. The local level, and what we've seen is a great disparity in how individual states cities certainly responded the critical issue that I think we need to look at how we can get that down is that when you look at the curves and it relates to Sanjay's graph that when we went up and then started to come down, everybody got hit badly China got hit badly Europe particularly Italy France and Spain when they went. Up and they responded they came all the way down to a baseline so that when they started to Donny Oprah countries in a very careful way very if they had to deal with little blips that could easily be controlled. When you look at our curve, it's telling and that's the thing that bothers me we went way up and when we came down, we came down to a plateau of twenty thousand cases per day. That is not a good baseline we needed to get further down so that as we went along over weeks and months, we stayed at twenty thousand per day. Some parts of the country did very well, they came up, they came way down other parts of the country held it. So they didn't even go up, but there was so many different players as it were in the country that the totality of the country. That, some net of that was a flat line that was very high and then when we decided. With the guidelines of how we can open America again for reasons that we obviously couldn't say shut down forever was having terrible economic consequences terrible consequences on employment we decided we would try to take steps to open and when we did, we didn't do it uniformly some states did not pay attention to the the benchmarks or the checkpoints others did it fine but the citizen tree within a state or within a city actually did an oil and unfor- nominee and they said we're locked down. So now we're just going to let it fly. Now, you could say, no, that didn't happen. But the numbers tell you what happened because what happened is that as we began to open, we went from twenty thousand a day to thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, and we even peaked at seventy thousand new infections while deaths had gone down. Nicely that was good. Now, they're starting to go up because of the cases that went up. So we had a disparate response week responds. -gether we had someone up in somewhere down and they're part of the country you could look at that did very well. Yeah. Totally. As a nation as a nation, we are in that situation where we've got to get that control way down to a low baseline, right? Okay. So had nothing to do. With the thousands and thousands and thousands of people that went into the streets were yelling and screaming and breaking windows and setting fires and not social distancing in many cases not wearing a mask. But even if they were wearing masks there yelling and screaming and chanting right next to each other, the protests had nothing to do with it. Right. That drives me out of my mind like exist. It's because of our disparate response in the localities. That's what did it and we should have done it uniformly. Okay so the protests where Where ten thousand people were all jammed in together And chanting had nothing to do with it. That's it. That's interesting. That is interesting. A number people Nicole about that. I haven't. You, gotTa be kidding me. That's just it's despicable that they completely ignore the obvious cause of this. One of the main causes had to be those protests had to be. I mean. I'll never forget the shots of Los Angeles do we have the shots of Los Angeles on that street where the crowd stretches out for miles? They're all jam-packed to look at that. but the disparate. non-uniform. reopenings, we need to do it carefully we should've done it gambling. But I don't even know what I'm looking at here. What is that? That just What a Sea of signs is, all eyesight is all I. See I see some people that are fighting against a worse disease called racism. That's not. Look at that. That had nothing to do with and then all of a sudden. Three weeks or a month later Los Angeles is on fire with this disease again really. Yeah what a coincidence. must've been the disparate response that Los Angeles had. Right. You know to the to the virus to reopening I, don't know L. A. Ever reopened. Did they maybe not like Texas the a little but yeah no, like Texas at all. It was. These protests Completely, caused this not completely, but I'm sure we're a main cause certainly add. Greatly, to the greatly to the numbers, there's no question in everybody's afraid to say it Yep. They refused to say they won't they act like it had it didn't even happen. And it's still going on by the way. Yes. Still happening today. Portland is under what seventy days of siege. 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OR VISIT PATRIOT MOBILE DOT COM SLASH PAT Patriot mobile dot com slash path. Pat Gray. welcome to it. It's Thursday already I the weeks go by so fast. I. Just I get my head around it. was every time every time I say that? I hear Stuart my head going yeah. The time stays the same flies by so fast. I doesn't though it doesn't say. Something different something has changed I don't know what it is but something has changed does feel it. We live in a world of feelings. Yes, right. We're based on feeling it does feel like. Things do happen fast feels that I don't know why it feels like twenty four hours twenty four hours in. Yeah. Feels like a day is more like an hour. A week is more like a day by father in law's always always giving him a hard time because he's like, that's when a dollar was a dollar. Have like. Adult seller still dollar you know what I'm talking about. And I do yes roy is it does feel like time goes by fast and speaking of dollars the rock doing Johnson just used some of his dollars to buy the. xfl. That a good investment you think. They've tried it twice now and twice a kind of didn't work out but him being the face of it that might help pretty strong. Yeah and he did promote pretty heavily before they debuted in the spring, and then of course, he got shut down after what two games three maybe. Because, of COVID. So. He. Is An eight time WWe heavyweight champion Great was great times. They wrote him into the script as the winter dry the though. Wow, that's. Egypt's down. Try to make says. Come on the WWE. Hit was awesome. No, it was awesome. Ever been on. Yes. That is will never be awesome I saw him and Monday night at Monday night Roz several times and they were great in rate. Yeah they were grow. You've actually been to them all my elvis my oldest son was really big into it and so at the time they did all kinds of events in Tampa when I was living in. Tampa. Yeah and so we used to go all the time. Yeah. What? Time. It was tremendous fun. What do you think he paid for the XFL? Did you have you seen the story? Do you know? I have seen the I. Don't remember the whole xfl He bought the whole league. To by the NFL I can't even. Cost Right. xfl. billion. I'll answer you not seriously but I think, I do know the number of he paid a billion dollars. No, you did not have access and wasn't quite ten fifteen million. I've ever seen half the Higher League was sold to Dwayne the Rock Johnson for fifty fifty, million. He does ten minutes movie. It covers his that's right. That's right. Well, you think, wow, how does he afford? Buying an entire football league right? Because it's kind of a, it's kind of bargain. Bargain ran. That's how you when you walk by the. The racks at Walmart and there's a whole bunch of movies in there. So. What he did I know the rocks what I will get the xfl today yeah. just an impulse buy. That's all it was and so I don't know if anybody can revive it maybe it's doing Johnson. we'll see if I to watch. Yeah. It kind of. Fun To watch how he revives it. It'd be fun to see him try to you know what he's going to do with it, but they just keep trying to build a football league all to the NFL and it just it's never it's never worked maybe turns around and sells it to the NFL for thirty million and walks away with a profit and we had done with it. Yeah. Yeah. You know we just couldn't wish I could have made it. Work I. GotTa got a movie to make. I don't know if the NFL ever be. Interested in paying money for a product that nobody watches though. That's kind of been the issue with the really yeah. That's been the So I don't know we'll see though but good luck to the rock also This is Great Richard Petty motorsports. Just offered bubble wallace. Who is the black race car driver aware of bubble. Ownership stake. In in Richard Petty motorsports. Registration Yeah No, it's good. It's of. Part of his new deal as his contract expires this season we're in discussions with him about an extension that includes ownership, of course, the team. Not only does he have to be a race? Car driver with them. Wow gotta be part owner right can't let them not be now our our NASCAR expert rob in the next room. a he he knows about this kind of stuff and I. It's my understanding rob that he has never won a race right has he ever finished even in the top ten. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh when so He's never won. Ready Won. The truck series Yeah Okay Played. Baseball okay. Really. Yeah. All right. y you want someone that's finished in the top ten or top five and not. Want. THEM TO BE PART OF OWNERSHIP. Yes. Yes. You really do you. WanNa he's aware of all levels of the race. I just it's interesting to watch what's going on right now and see how people are just. Bending over backwards. Breaking themselves in half to. Include Voices. Es. Make more voices heard. Yes. Okay. That's exactly right. That's. Where the words I was looking for Jeff thank you? You're welcome because I think that's what's going. On. What's going on we're? Voices, we're going to give you one of those voices in a few minutes We don't have time before the before the break but Oprah Winfrey you're gonNA. Love. Her voice and what she is saying right now about more voices or or less voices or the voices that were sick of listening to. Voices from Whitey. I'm tired of Whitey so also. Spent years. Years Creating this brand. Of Inclusion. Of everyone can lead. Sure. Well. Kind of personified that right? Yeah. Coming from nowhere and now she's a billionaire. But I mean she's multi. How much Oprah's worth today exact a lot overall you know yeah I mean yeah. She's worth a lot. Yeah. She has a few homes to go away to She doesn't necessarily live the same dumped like the rest of us, right And so you'd think. That someone like that would be welcoming. To others you would think that wouldn't you? Want to help you can do it too or Darna. Out there instead of it's impossible for you because of Whitey. Or whatever the I mean you can you can listen to what she has to say decide for yourself. What exactly she is saying but really White is responsible for a lot of things. We've. We've held back a lot of people and we're still holding back now you might think you're not. But you are so i. don't want to hear your winding or your bellyaching about it. Matter what you think. You're a bad person. You're evil and you've been holding people back and I'm sick of it and then so it was oprah I think. So she's she's talking about it. We are definitely there. the. It is interesting when you talk about I I, see I see questions all the time of what we can do to be more inclusive with bringing in more. Latin X voices of more African American voices. So the days of merit and. my every time I see a question like that I would think well. I would let them attempt to create an audience and then. If they do. Great than they've got some success exactly but. That's not really what they're doing. No, it's really not what they're doing is Or instead of discriminating against black people now, the discrimination is being switched around turned one hundred and eighty degrees, and and now it's going to be on white people in we're already. We're already being instructed every day on how bad we are how responsible we are for everybody else's problems. It's all our fault. and. If you don't accept that that shows just how racist you really are. You can't even defend yourself without being racist. Staggering to me. And to come OUT OPRAH WINFREY'S MA billionaire. Is, just amazing. All right triple eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three also at pat unleashed on twitter more coming up. It's Pat Gray. Unleashed on the play is true. So, as jeopardy. Filling in for Keith today tomorrow. Is. It next week tour is back next week. You know pat I honestly don't. Do Very? Little. Okay. If I find out, I'll find out sometime in the next couple of days that he's not going to return I'll be here I see. Okay. That makes sense. That's good. Thank you for your well. All right we're talking about Oprah and her little get together. I don't WanNa she had some kind of special. and. She was talking about people's Whiteness in the white privilege and. It's it's about time. It's about time. Here's what Oprah had to say this. To say. White people there are white people who are not as powerful as the system of white people the caste system that's in place system. Promoting. Where they are on the wrong. Of Success still have their whiteness. They still thank you don't have their whiteness. No matter what you can be poor dirt doesn't matter you still white. So things are better for you. I mean you know what screw you I'm I'm I'm calling bs on this pile of stinking garbage I'm sick of it. During this racist BS session she actually got a couple of loser white people to admit their races, of course. I can't those those are the beatings that they have. The forest gatherings at city municipalities and businesses. You can't walk out of there unless you admit that you're a racist right right? She says whites have a leg up. You still have your whiteness. That's what the term white privilege is. It means the whiteness still gives you an advantage no matter what it is the fundamental issue. So then during the discussion, Oprah talked to her white guests. Who talked about their own personal come to Jesus moments in admitting that they too. MIGHT JUST BE RACIST One Man Seth told Oprah. Yeah he must be a racist because he's never been actively anti-racist. What What is that? So then Oprah says, will you've become woke during this period and realized in that awakening that you are racist right? I just WanNa know how that happened. Well. What happened Oprah was is that you know black people like you started telling me that I'm a racist and. You. Know you're lumping a whole. Race into that category based on their skin color and I just bought into it. Because I can't think for myself. That's really what happened. I'm too much of a miserable coward to sit here and defend myself. Isn't that great I've never realized that I was a racist until you told me that I'm racist I've racist and I need to be antiracist be not racist. Stop White People, stop this madness, her stop it. She's getting this one of the things, her Oprah Book Club of this week our this month she promoted the the book cast, which is why she keeps using cast the book, the origins of our discontents. unspoken caste system that has shaped America and shows how our lives today are still defined by a hierarchy of human division. How fascinating that is coming from a stinking billionaire black woman two and a half billion, a woman and a black woman, and she's two and a half billion dollars toward a small town. In Mississippi how did you get out of that caste system? How'd that happen we? Well, we let one slip through the cracks. I. Guess Right. We're so racist, we can't catch them all. Yeah, we can't. We throw that tuna net out there we catch as many as we can do Tang. It's in occasionally we catch a few dolphins you know in white people. So we accidentally catch you white people and keep them out of the top rung of the Caste System and then every once in a while you know one of the P. One of the people we don't want to be with us. Will slip through and even sometimes exceed anything. We can possibly dream thankfully you're you've realized that. Yeah. Yeah. Now that you've now that I move succeeded down woke now that you've succeeded and you look back at that caste system. Realized Oh, you know what? This is despicable stuff. It really is what is this but the same racism. The exact same racism they're fighting against. It's now just being directed at us. It's not right and it's not okay. and. If we don't stand up to it, we're going to be Dang. Sorry very very soon. Really sorry. It's unacceptable. Fortunately, there been some blacks who have stood up and said the same thing that the that's madness and they've told Oprah. that it's it's disgusting what she's saying I mean it's. Garbage is what it is. And it's amazing that she's willing no I I don't know what happened. Wow. because. For so long at least I thought for so long that she was part of this group that at least was trying to uplift. Yeah. Everyone? Yes. Right. Everyone has an opportunity. That doesn't seem to be the message. Now do know a whole different direction now they'll be at your gates to Oh so I don't know why you. Yeah. Oh WHOA, when the ANTIFA crowd comes, they're not going to skip over her off Oprah off billionaire billionaires are evil. We were Ju- We've been told a million times by the end of the world there shouldn't be billionaires there shouldn't be them and she is one. So how do you justify that? How do you rectify that situation? Is. It's beyond anything I I don't think a year ago. I would believe that this is possible. I mean look at what they're doing right now. Even, people like Oprah Winfrey. The most successful monetarily probably black woman certainly in the country I would think she's got to be one. I don't top five at least. Yeah. She's got to be. and. There's a cast you formally come at least was yes. Uniformly loved around the country and the world this either says that she so confident that nobody's going to to stand up to this. or She just doesn't care anymore because she's made hers she's where she needs to be, and now she can really say how she feels. Maybe. That's what it is. I don't know. I don't know. It's despicable. Despicable and I'm not just GONNA roll over and play dead for it's just it's got to stand up to it. Otherwise, we're going to be very. Very, sorry online. Also Kelly Leffler. She's a US senator from Georgia. And she is also the owner of the WNBA's Atlanta dream. She's a little unhappy now about some of the. New Yeah Well, the players on her team showed up wearing t shirts with their opponents name on it. They're campaigning essentially for her opponent because she said, something about black lives matter being Marxist and she doesn't want any part of it. And so now they're they're pissed and they're taking it out on her. Mommy pull the plug yes. Exactly. Exactly, she wrote a letter to WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert. ASKING THE LEAGUE TO REVERSE ITS DECISION TO EMBLAZON team jerseys with black lives matter and say her name and replaced the statements with American flags. Why again because him the organization is a Marxist organization and one that is fighting against the nuclear family. And so she's paying for it with her team showing up on the court with their opponent's name on it while. She's the owner of the stink. Now you might think what does she made money? She bought a WNBA right. Back. I don't know what? Thirty, eight, thirty, nine dollars a bit to the rock paid more for the XFL. Oh by far. By far we don't have much table. Yeah Thirty, eight, thirty, nine bucks. Thirty, it was thirty, eight, ninety, five, or thirty, nine, ninety, five. The payment of eighteen as you? Yes. Yes she paid. 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So all you have to do is go online and answer a few questions and then snap a couple of pictures of your hair and post those, and then a doctor will revaluate all your information and recommend the right hair loss treatment, and then it'll be shipped discreetly to your door to get you started. We're GONNA. Give you half off your first order to fifty percent off when you go to keep dot com slash bat that's keeps dot. COM SLASH PAT. Pat. Pat Gray Leash. So. Things go pretty smoothly still in Portland? I don't know what you're going to do in that city. How do you come back from this? How do you come back from seventy nights of rioting? Buildings burning down. Police precincts being set on fire. They're still looting their setting fires vehicles, they're destroying private property. And they're starting to walk through neighborhoods and chant and threaten and commit vandalism. Everything everything in the city by now has been spray painted graffitied and it just it looks like a third world country. Now. Portland has been virtually destroyed I don't know how they do it. I mean there's a new Gallup poll out now that talks about how The number of black Americans, wanting police to spend the same amount of time or more in their neighborhoods. So you know that is a shift. Now I mean, we're actually starting to see people say you know? I'M NOT A. Fan of people destroying things. Yeah. Maybe getting rid of the police wasn't exactly the right thing to do. Know. Now, there's nobody to protect us. So. that. Kept my business from getting smashed and looted. Yeah. Those are that bad guys. Right maybe we want him to stick around just a little while longer. But here's a look at some of what's going on in. Portland right now, just thirty minutes ago Portland police released new information about the protests and North Portland last night outside of the Portland. Association building and they declared that situation a riot around one thirty. This morning that is after they say that protesters broke into the Portland Police Association building damage the office, and then set fire to that building Portland. Say One that that that breaking is under investigation. PORTLAND. Police say that they are also investigating someone firing shots at a nearby convenience store around twelve thirty. Happens. It happens. Watches. Yes most shots, shots fired shots. Video. The Coin Sixteen was there when the shots were fired from a car as it sped away according to police a fight broke out in the parking lot of the convenience store just a block away from the Portland Police Association building officers say right before those shots were fired that there were even more gunfire they say one on a nearby mobile street one car was hit multiple times. No one was hurt by their incident, and then just before eleven twenty, eight truck was seen flying through a line of fences. The protesters shrager into the street the truck had sparks flying everywhere. Money. Or. Psychosis, stuck. With it no one was hurt in this incident. Officers say they spoke with that driver and the incident is under investigation and Portland police are saying that they did not use any tear gas last night to disperse the crowds and everything ended up clearing up about three, thirty four. Well, that's not bad. Yeah. The only rioted until three thirty in the morning I mean there's More buildings that haven't been destroys your sure. There's a lot of buildings in Portland. It's a fairly big city and so there's more to burn before it's completely destroyed. We have not destroyed everything. What do you bellyaching about with these mostly peaceful protests a couple of shots fired. And saw. Who among us you know thank you jeff. Who among us hasn't driven down the street and a couple of shots, crowds of people come on now. Are We that picking that we'd say no rioting and no shots fired. What do you WanNa Perfect Society sorry. We're not going to be able to get their. Game. I don't know how do you come back from this I? Really. I don't know I. Don't the country could come back. Yeah. But Portland can Portland come back from this A long time you know I was really worried about Seattle, and then they finally finally retook control of their city while they're pitting. Started they're starting to attack the the leaders, right? That's what did it. Yeah. When you went to the mayor's house. Okay. Now you've gone too far. Now they went to the one City Council Lady's House and she's pissed in Seattle Yeah Yeah and she's saying they don't Like this is ridiculous. This is going on there at my house or my neighborhood. y'All really funny how that happened in the weird. You didn't care about any of the businesses that those people. Hey for them. Yeah. That was fine. People are just blowing off some steam downtown. What are you a racist? Let him blow off some steam they're pissed right them alone. They're not doing anything. They're mostly peaceful right? You know until eleven thirty twelve at night then they just they only riot until three thirty. It's not like they rioted until dawn. Well, that was it was in Portland they did right little. True. All right I take it back never mind. Still, it's fine, right To Your House. Or their of your front yard different story. The night they said, they were coming to my house or a house like mine I I was pretty prepared just in case. People are getting in trouble right I. Mean we've Got People Missouri We've got the guy in La. Who greeted the black lives matter movement at his door with a weapon oblak man by the way one nope. Just welcomed him at the door like what are you doing at my house get off my he's being charged yes. Right mean it's out of control. Sure is out of control. But we're making the apocalypse fun. Yeah. That's right. So stick with us with your watch more coming up. That way. So stupid. Triple. Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three. Why do some of the things we do? I don't know I don't I don't know I don't know maybe. What am I resisting? The. Institutionalization of the human psyche or the manufacturer of something or other. I don't know maybe. Maybe maybe. What was? Who's conception under what pair underway? Paradigm? I'm just resisting resisting. collectivisation, devastate. Psyche I'm not sure but I'm gonNA tell you. This is a symbol of. The gun from the Earth. There you go. Okay. So that's that's your deep thought for the day. Okay. Thank you. We had the other one in the fake Cleveland Indians tweet that was a variety thought, right? Yes, it was so. This actually made more sense than that one. Did it. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I don't understand either of them. So I, wasn't sure but why? I. Don't know what am I resisting know that the collectivisation of manufacturing. Is, it the institutionalization of the human psyche I'm not sure. Oh. Okay just. Got Himself into some little hot. Water. Over the years, the three, the gun and other and other things. Other things can look it up for yourself All right. There's a student at Fordham who is well used to be at. Fordham. Now he's suing them for kicking him out. Kicked them out of school over a Social Media Post. But it was such a terrible post long though you won't believe what this is going to be able to say, well, I hesitate to but I'm going to see and maybe it'll have to be. bleeped. Okay. But he's Chinese immigrant and So his name is Austin Tong. And What he did was share a photo of himself holding legally owned gun on Instagram to honor the nineteen eighty, nine Tiananmen Square massacre who how dare you universities don't necessarily like that no, they don't. The, the school also took issue with the Post that was apparently critical of black lives matter houses persons to walk around. How is he's don't know. Wow I don't know. His lawsuit insists that the school discriminated against him and attempted to suppress his first. Amendment Rights. That sounds about what they did. The sounds like what they did even though a significant motivation for tongs social media posts was his desire to recognize a historically significant event for Chinese Americans. Now the dean of Students Keith Eldridge informed Tong that the school would be conducting an investigation into a social media post because they reportedly made an I'm quoting now members of the Fordham Community feel threatened to a Bo. If these pathetic little darlings. Feel threatened when they're not being threatened in any way. they're the ones who should be tossed out of school and sent back home to their mommies. Please can we get a grip on this? Agree then we please. By all, that is holy. For the holy love of Pete whoever pizzas? and. We get a grip on this stuff. No of course not. No. No. We. Can't. And it's GonNa get worse if. If a Democrat gets elected. Anytime, in the future to the presidency, it can't be you know not just twenty twenty Mike Digit is again Democrats never again be elected. As president of the United States there too extreme, too radical there too far left. When. It's when it's so bad. It's been this way for a while but it's so bad that the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. Is just endorsing the Democrat Party every time they don't even have to run their own candidates. Why? BECAUSE DEMOCRATS ARE COMMUNISTS? These essentially are Marxist Socialists Communists and they're fine with the Communist Party. The share so much in common they just say, yeah, we endorse Joe Biden which they just did again this week his time as well. I mean universities are all over of our businesses universities all over are just tearing down history and and just eliminating costly right I mean the University of Buffalo are getting rid of something that well, thank God. Thank, God they're getting they're removing all references to Millard fillmore. Yeah I I hate that. Guy. Was the former president. Talked about how bad Miller? Was Thank you I hate that I mean, look he's a former president share. He helped found the institution at the University of Buffalo. General. Okay but he also had a willingness to sign. The compromise of eighteen fifty which include and how many times do we talked about the compromise of eighteen fifty if we talked about it once it's you know we. were, talked about it once because it included fugitive slave act. And that his name we can't even game say his name. I don't WanNa see his name. Picture. Nothing. We dig him up and kill him again and then put him back in the ground. So we ought to do with me, I could feel more thankfully I could go to buffalo again because I know the University of Buffalo has scrapped Millard fillmore stopping you I said a number of times I want to go to buffalo this weekend but not as long as Millard fillmore they're. Like Millard fillmore dead Jeffey. But his memory lives on had. Signed the compromise of eighteen fifty. Wow, I know. Look that included the fugitive slave act my friends I know in eighteen fifty. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So so get rid of him. Yes. He's gone gone is scrubbing everything. As you might say, he's been gone for the hundred and forty years but that's not enough though it's it is not enough. The university is committed to fight systemic races. Thank heaven good and by getting rid of mentioned. Yeah. Picture of. Millard fillmore. Yeah. That's their way of helping. Good. So well, that's GONNA. Fix things because a lot of people have suffered because of Millard fillmore in the twenty first century. He's a lot of people who would have great jobs right now in beautiful homes and fabulous spouses worked for that Freakin Millard fillmore. Damn. PhD. Millard fillmore Kaoh God. Only at word for Millard fillmore. Be Successful person in life. Every day I have. Billard fillmore building at the university, and I can't and every day I fall down and convulse as try to pass by. Wind up crawling the rest of the way. To get away from it so so bad. But. finally. So finally they're taking some yes. Aren't taking accident dislike positive action to good. Thank you was systemic. Racist University of Buffalo. Yeah okay. All right. Great. 'cause like I said so many people suffer every day in the year twenty twenty over Millard fillmore. Boy What a world. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three, a guy tried to fill Millard fillmore seat. The presidency. Joe Biden. Yesterday was talking about his China policy. This is good stuff. I think you're GONNA like this. This might turn around on the trump thing. Okay. No, it's okay. Now have swung back to Biden check this out the way trump the way China will respond is when we gather the rest of the world that in fact in days in and free and. Trade and making sure that we're in a position at the world's that we deal with who right way who, and in fact, that's when things began to change of course, with China when the Chinese behavior change okay. Right. So that's his policy right there you're. You're like, wow, that's. All it it's a solid I'm for your four now. Who you voted for now, you have a brain in your head. It's Joe Biden. Thank you. Am I right. Thank you. Other China policy alone yes. Yes. China policy alone and some people have been asking you know about his cognitive abilities civilities yes. Trump is made that A. Focused on that a little bit fact. So many people he was. It I don't know why after the China policy, I don't know why you think to yourself as sharp as a tack man is is sharp as a ten. The same show that he gave us his China policy on he was asked about his cognitive. Vice President. Your opponent in this election president trump has made your mental state, a campaign topic and when asked in June if you've been tested. Full cognitive decline. You've responded that you're constantly tested in an effect because you're in situations like this on the campaign trail but please clarify specifically have you taken a cognitive now I haven't taken the. Taken test because you're slipping man come on that's like saying you before he got in this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not. What do you think What are you Jodi? To president trump who. If he's sniffing and. Doing this the whole interview and he's got white residue under his nose I. There might be reason that's the equivalent of Biden. Who screws up every day shows us. He doesn't have the cognitive ability necessary to be president of the United States and now all of a sudden these are or why would I why water I listen to some listen to my China policy. Listen to these a great. Plans and policies that I've already outlined. Doremus? OFF CARE. Medical School or not not now the campus the. Medical School though. I WANNA be clear. Be Clear. Not going nuts. I'm not sure you're not medical school. He's not sure if it was a medical school or where the hell he spoke where. I was somewhere doing something and I i. but you know I'm not going crazy Salvador and and. Just. And says. Say Look. Folks eliminate one tax loophole out of trillion, six, hundred, billion worth a trillion, six, hundred, trillion, four, hundred, three, hundred, four, hundred. A billion, billion, four, hundred, hundred, million meals. Four. Hundred Billion dollar. Insane so much not. As. Cost about seven hundred, seventy, million, million dollars over ten million, trillion long lime friend and she's a friend. She's bend my friend in and out of public life is she your friend or? Could do. It's GonNa. Take billions of dollars to do it, and we can afford to do it. We can't afford can't afford not to I. Think. sector. Sues me I wouldn't have. No. Sam Okay downgrading my say Senator Booker set a fact is that the bills that the president that excuse me the future president here that that that centers talking about? Another country. On Crimean. He saying that was president. My boss President my balls. Take, my shotgun three. Now have five because my decide died by three of his three of his yet three. Doesn't make. Drug prices. Is Not, we're no longer using chemical based things all. Cancers and other issues, related immune system or by. Orne what. NATO. Will reward. Title. Rewards stockholders. Gentlemen. He's deliberately completely ignoring the legitimate authority to Congress he's doing what he was he with the complicity. With we also we need teachers. My wife is a fulltime teacher taught all all. Being during President during we choose truth over facts. Why would he take cognitive test? Why? Why? Why would come by the way you know I sit on the stand. And it get hot. I got a lot of oriented. Turn turn. A. Blonde on Sun in. Reaching the pull up my leg down. Change that watch the hair. Come back up again our. Roaches, I learned Kazan. Learned. About. His Lad, he's loved kids jumping on his lap. So why would he take a cognitive test? Why and he goes on in that interview that we? To to really be decisive on what he's GonNa say to President Trump over the cognitive test. Let's hear it. Why the hell would I take a test? Why would you right? It's like saying you before he got in this program. Where you're taking cocaine or not? What do you think new junkie? Are you a? Jodi say. President trump who brags about his tests and makes your state an issue for voters. This buddy. If he can't pulling out the difference between an elephant and a lion. I don't know what the Hell is talking about is you watch that come on and I I know you're trying to goad me but I mean I'm so forward looking to have he's forward does not to sit with the president or stand with the President and debates. Funny at times. As. I joke with them you know. I should. Say Something I. Don't I probably shouldn't say anyway. Ma I am Joe very willing to let the American public judge might physical mental fill my physical mental fitness and how. To make a judgment about me why am laughing but it's not fun got. Me It's not funny. It is sad. It's sad but it's also. Frightening assurance is terrifying that the guy could become president of the United States we can't have that. I am judging his mental ability and fitness and he's not fit to be president know. How that is just standing. 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You can enroll in just minutes and see how many points you can add to your credit score. You'll be shocked how fast this can happen and how much you can benefit visit score master, dot, com slash pat score master, Dot Com, slash pat. Gray. Greg. Debbie with US triple eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three also at pat unleashed on twitter where Paltor Tillis tweets. I think I'll file a lawsuit against the Phil Morris. State. Because I didn't get my PhD or lavish lifestyle or. You thank you. Fall. Thank you Millard Fillmore ooh covid bullet twenty-three breaking news newspapers at Buffalo refused to publish the comic Strip Mallard bill more because of its connections with Millard. Fillmore. Nobody wants anything to do with Billard anymore. No. I know the University of Buffalo added a couple of names. Also, it's Millard fillmore and then two other names, James putt Putnam Peter B Porter who I don't know who these people are, but they were instrumental in creating the University of Buffalo they're to. It's about time they're God we can't have it finally. Duct tape freak tweets I had to do a report on Millard fillmore in the second grade. Fifth President out of a hat I can't remember a single thing. I learned about him except that he was the thirteenth president most forgettable president no Millard is no way to be seared into our minds. feared. Artificially awake tweets is there an amendment to the First Amendment that says we have the right to never have hurt feelings earth today's world? Yes. Sure. Seems like it doesn't it reality check is someone that's a mixed race maybe one white parent one black parent. Are they only half a racist? Can you imagine the internal turmoil in that person? Yeah you Barack Obama. Colin Kaepernick calling Cabernet you know if if it's amazing to me that they chose to be the race that's most. Picked on boarding to them most discriminated against according to them. Yeah. Why not? Be. White mention the never mention the fact that they're. They're part white and if you mentioned it I, think that's supposed to be racist. Now you can't mention it. It's like wait aren't you half white? Jerry, you dare you how dare you? Who are you Millan? Fillmore. Reality Check tweets after listening to Oprah Winfrey yesterday claiming the specific color make somebody raises reminds me of a little child that didn't get their way and saying anything they can even if it's wrong or allied to get a non-justified position across. Yeah We again, we gotTA stand up to it these just we can't let that lay. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, thousand, three also pat unleashed on twitter We also had we we did the Biden on taking a test and we do. This we we show why would you test why? Why would he take a test I? Don't even understand the question to see I don't even understand it. And we got we had Joe. We showed you know how good he will be president big by his China policy bright. And we also down over of other things that JOE has said over the years and recently with the recent most of that stuff. That we aired frightening and is it is. Wasn't that long ago? Oh. Yeah. By the way one that long ago, and in that clip where he talks about the cognitive test, he also says that everybody let's it go but he says of I didn't take a test. Well, the question was you said, you take them all the time. Yeah. So yeah, have you. So obviously they're setting up they know he has they know he lied about it they're giving him the out to say that of course, right and his of his spokespeople Kate betting field. said the same thing that she was asked about it on Fox News yesterday here's what she said about the. Came up the other day and that press conference a help first time in eighty nine days and the question came from Doug mckelway and when he was asked about, he said I've been tested with regard to cognitive ability and I'm constantly tested I i. just didn't know what that test entailed kate. The. Well. First of all, he's been tested every single day that he's been on the campaign trail. You know he went through twelve debates and He's heated twenty five other candidates to become the Democratic nominee. Clear it wasn't. It wasn't. This wasn't a mental test that he took. You're talking about being. In life being tested being out on the campaign. For President of the United States. Blah Blah Blah Blah shut up. You guys lied and. View of admitted it now. Thank you. Yeah. We got it. You. Your liars can't never been an elephant alliance come up. So stupid. but yesterday, it was not a great day for the presidential candidates here was Donald Trump talking about you seventy part. We want every American child to have access to pristine outdoor spaces. When young Americans experience the breathtaking beauty of the grand. Canyon. There is widened amazement as old faithful burst into the sky sky. Gaze upon your semi CSM nights of sorry lowering. Your love country grow stronger and they know that every American has truly a duty to preserve this wondrous inheritance. This what we're doing, we'll preserving an incredible inheritance. What what are the best words I have is your Semites. Words. Yes so I mean there's that. Actually, I read that Didn't come off as bad. Things. He's got no time for Moron. Writing It's Pat Ray on leads. All right everything's fine. America's. Breathtaking. Beauty of the Grand Canyon it's, beautiful. It's narrow. Wide then amazement as old. Semites burst into the sky. Gaze upon Your Semites. Tower Rings sickle is. country. As upon your Semites Semites. Ring. Their lover he got it. Right you got to quiz right? That was good. That was good. please send help we were were in. We're in deep trouble right now please send help whether angels on High Aliens from another planet. Please just send help we need it right now. It's been. Man. All right we got some. tweets and some cattle were driving to the town. But The tweets at Pat Unleashed Jeff Droopy Thong. People should just stop paying taxes. If everyone did this, it would take for the government to sort through that mess plus they'd have less money to keep and hire people to sort through. Yeah, and agreed. Agreed. Called jail time though that's a lot of people don't just start doing that you first and then we'll see how that cross love. Yeah, I know. I know what we need a flat tax. That's why we yeah. Let's let's go flat tax fare tax we can have that. Petty Officer something we don't even mentioned by. With all, we don't with all the stuff going on There are some tax solutions that would really help and nobody's talking about the fact that Joe Biden is talking about raising taxes by trillions of dollars. He's even going to raise the death tax which is. Immoral and unconscionable to me. Ep Your whole life, and then at the end of your life after you pay taxes on everything you own. Now you also over the government half of everything you have why? They deserve. Thank you. Why are they entitled to that? They're not It's unbelievable and. Unbelievable I've told you the stop talking about it. But nobody is talking about we have turned off the printing press. No we have the printing press is a I mean we just continue to keep it oil. So it doesn't break down right and they continue to talk about we're going to. We're GONNA have more. Common within the next couple of days. Yeah. Because they're going to bail our stimulus more bailouts. Petty Officer. America tweets to Joe Biden. Just ask a black news anchor if he was a crackhead. That's thank you. If Trumpet said the cocaine, what are you a jumpy? That would be the the Ad Line. Yes it would. No doubt about that. That's great. Nice catch on that replaced. Joe Biden with Donald Trump in that interview trump no, he doesn't get away with that. Right? Exactly. From night squats I can't tell if I'm listening to the Joe Biden or if I'm just having several strokes at once. It is hard. Isn't it? It's hard. The humanity tweets bud has joe been to Manala. Our. I don't I don't know now his brother was though was brother made a bunch of money. They're actually real. Excel. Family man there. It's amazing. Covid, Blake when you have to clarify that you aren't going crazy when stumbling while talking, you may be going crazy. From Comrade, newbridge. We need to all out. We need we need to out. All Presidents especially, James K polk. Show was he? James. Was that one of our James Capel Tuesday facts. I. Don't think. So I don't think James Capel did anything to to warrant being called a racist Stomach racism but it's possible. Thunder Sixty one tweets it's getting to the point Jill Biden should be impeached for allowing this to happen to her incompetent husband. This is just sad. That's why we need the help we need. We need help sent soon. From Poppycock It wasn't an elephant and alliance. Joe It was a Rhino, alliance? That's right on the cognitive test. That's right. So we screwed that up to it was. Called it an elephant, right? Up to Oh. Don't talk down to me. I'm just guessing okay I don't remember Garrett thirty twenty, two tweets everytime Joe says come on man you know it's s kidding social distancing ghost where does James Capel fall on the forgettable president lived very near the top. Very I was looking at the time line. He may have been a big part of it really of racism. Yeah, he served he. Were mad at Millard for the eighteen fifty compromise and polk was just before Millard right in forty nine. Point Matt. So he was a big part of that racist fallacy went to war with Mexico. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. kick their butts sideways under poke. Its right. Their Butts I. Take that capable. That's right. From Tampa Ken. So as Jeff. As jeffey bend alone peak has been to triple peak on Mars. You probably don't understand that reference it happened during the Glenn show yesterday. We'll explain that later. Land grew are you of the body tweets When will we see the university started by Huggy Bear? Right. Starsky harsher hunts. My grandfather yeah you told me that was just A. Good movie. Used to watch it all the time. Yeah. Yeah there's grandfather. Yeah okay, yeah with huggy bear the. Police informant as the the pimp Well, you seem to remember what your grandfather told. Not. About it now. Okay. Well, no wonder then who loved the show at the time it was a great show I loved Starsky and Hutch. I was one of my favorite shows. Top Notch, show Obama's awesome. Yeah. They had a cool car with a stripe. Yes remember David Soul. He was one of the actresses David. Or Hutch I don't he was one remember which one was I think he was Starsky but I'm not sure but he came out with that song don't give up on his baby S. For David Big hit. DON'T GIVE UP ON A. What are the worst songs David? Skiing Hunch this morning on the all request lunch hour from David Soul. You Call, get those requests it early. and. If you do you're caller number seven right now you'll get a free lunch at Hardee's. Tomorrow tomorrow, we're giving away double prices a free loop from Harry's auto as an Arby's a Jehovah shake. Wow. A Jim. Okay. Yeah. That's you right that's with the Luba daycare. From Harry's. Come on. That's almost too much. I almost. All request, you can't do that every day as maybe a once a month thing throw out a double win like that. All right triple eight nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety-three, something interesting from from Senator Cruz yesterday he's he's got this. Was this on his podcast or was this as a senator? You this was going on. Well, he had a he had a hearing set up as part of a subcommittee hearing on ant AFA and first. Amendment know why they won't. First Amendment Rights. The. Democrats have with Antifa read. That's his point and that's his point is with the freedom of speech is that it's the right to peaceably a separate. Here's that exchange. And now they're all these attacks about black lives matter and what they're saying I mean coming of us even think that defunding police departments is it should be taken literally I mean I certainly don't don't so. Call Freedom of speech. And I'd say the people who support black lives matter and if they're calling for various boycotts and all that call freedom of speech, and that's what the searing title Chris GotTa. Look. At her phone now she just got a text speech. So all I. can see as we should all join hands. And denouncing was. US. Whatever words you want to use. Of Violent extremism of all stripes and I think we can all agree on that. So to constantly accused Democrats of not caring about that is really I can only say that you. Aren't listening. I hope this is the end of those hearings chairman. Anymore. Speeches thank you very much. I'm leaving. Oh. All right. I appreciate the all as always kind of uplifting words of Senator Rona. Great and I would also note that throughout her remark, she still did not say a negative word about Antiga nor has any Democrat here. A. Standard engage in medical game where they depend you're welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now. She's no I've already got my stuff in my hand I I gotta go. Can't listening declined to seek. So that is the position of the democratic. Party I love it. Nice. I wait a pin her down I know that's great. I know that's good stuff right there. Now. I gotTA. I gotTA. Stuff I gotta I gotTA. Go. It's a good thing. Just got a text when I was in the middle of speaking, they're telling me it's time to go time to I gotta run wish I could like to stay in say negative things but I, can't. So I won't I mean, don't take it literally. Don't take literally defined the police department she's got his. Nesting gear not listening Oh. Wow. No we're we're listening. We just did nothing coming out of your mouth of the that's negative about ANTIFA. And sees agonizing she is she is her I mean. They. All are, but she's among the lease up. Newsman agonizing ISM. Standard her yeah. It's hard to believe. All right. If you're trying to sell your home, you know what a challenge that can be. You need a really good realtor to get you through the process. If you need the house painted, they can take you through that neither debt for I. 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So these agents have been carefully vetted and the same goes for buying a home when you choose your agent through real estate agents, I trust you partner yourself with competitive winning machine real estate agents. I trust the name says it all go to real estate. Ages I trust dot com that's real estate agents I trust DOT com. It's Pat Gray unleashed on the place. And welcome to it. Triple Eight, nine hundred. Thirty three ninety-three also at PAT unleashed on twitter get this other video about white people. We're learning a lot about white people today and I appreciate that from the Oprah Winfrey's of the world we're being taught about our whiteness. Thank you how bad a thing it is just. Hate me. Don't you hate you I do hate you and I hate, okay you hate you. He's okay. Were all you know I? Mean that's key white people. Do Too. Yeah. Right. The May do yeah. The white privilege thing and the white fragility is the new me two of the moment. You? Too. Now that's a that's a rock band. That'd be a good brand name. One. You're already there on that one. I'm not talking about they letter. Okay. So white people. Talking, about their privilege written all over their faces, check this up. You mean we're lucky to be white. Privilege we're privileged that people see us not a color privilege that we don't get stared at when we walk into the room. Followed, by security when we go shopping or pulled over limit in the wrong neighborhood shot. Because society. The setup circuits. For keeps it in place? And that's unfair. She to. ME. Too. I mean you to. Think I can't I can't do it. I can't do these are what the OPRAH'S WATT And they're getting they're getting it from all these complicit. Compliant. Cowardly white people who are the writing stuff with me on their faces and doing Asinine ads like that. It's embarrassing. It's ridiculous. It's despicable. We don't have to cave in to this in order to in order to lift up and and. And make sure that people of color which used to be a bad thing to say but now I guess it's perfectly fine. Right purview people have cut well what color either. I don't know they're all kinds of colors. I guess I the whole color of the rainbow. But Now, they're part of the DVD Q. Guess they are black lives matter is all about. Just that the Lgbtq eighty-two, two plus community. But we don't have to, you don't have to tear down whites in order to build up the other races. It doesn't have to be this way I don't know why. Why is this happening now while that's the mindset, the right we have to tear terraced out. It's the same with the United States of America tearing it down. To get us to the level of the rest of the world will that's that's that's not how it works. because. It shouldn't be. it is it is how it's working right now. That's what's happening. and we're going to be sorry once it's all done once the United States is torn down. Who's WHO's GonNa help place else there's no place else. There's no other beacon of freedom. Like the United States of America with its constitution with with its founding of freedom. Its founding by the way wasn't in Sixteen nineteen under slavery. Its founding was based on the Declaration of independence in the US. Constitution and that's why we have succeeded for two hundred, forty, six years. Instead now, we're trying to tear us down and get to the level of everybody else on the planet who didn't have the same freedom in the same ideas and the same offer people the same opportunity. So who's going to do that and And many of these places. By the way who were trying to tear the country down to reach where they're at. continue to want to come here. Yeah summaries of strange isn't it? It is straight it is such a bad place. What does everybody WANNA to come here? Still 'cause I could be wrong on this. Very possible that I could be wrong but. People are not, breaking down fences to get Managua Nicaragua. Are you sure by I? Don't know that's what I'm saying I'm not sure. Satellite imaging that we could check and see. If the borders. The Borders of Manala? Aena. Are really crowded with people trying to have. or one of the Google satellites has a we can drink it. Yeah. Our Right Also. All of this garbage is fortunately spilling into Texas as well. Carroll ISD in Southlake Texas. One of the wealthiest locales in the country. Their school board is voting on a cultural competence action plan would finally. Good finally what some call a culture of racism within Carroll ISD is a topic soon to be revisited. Up for a vote is at four hundred and twenty, five, thousand dollar budget item a cultural competence action plan over Gosh created in part by the district's diversity council. I didn't realize self like had a diversity council. That's great. I'm glad to hear it. I'm really am among several. Recomendations it calls for expanding use of an APP for reporting inappropriate acts like several social media posts that surfaced in recent years showing students blatantly using racial slurs. I'd have to see those two that was at a party that was it. Yeah. We're the actual race racial slurs out. They were racist slurs when they they were all rapping to some songs and stuff and they were used you kidding news now they're using the so they were singing a rap song though or rapping a so if I, if I remember the whole story yes that was that they were. So they were all singing quoting a rap song. Yes. That was horrific. We couldn't watch it and it was terrible. Okay I mean. It's a lot about awareness. I don't think a lot of people realize just how traumatizing a lot of these experiences can be and how at the same time it could be so common amongst almost all the students of color who go to the school. That's what one person way pushing for this agenda said. Okay. Are they saw this which of the three multi-million dollar campuses? Yeah. I just WANNA I just WANNA and at one of the multi-million dollar campuses, they're already building new buildings on it. Right now there's been under construction for a year and a half. I don't know which building they're using vote on this their football stadium eight bet either. About fifteen. is in the glow. Beautiful and it's it's not They're not altogether. You know how high schools usually have you had the school. That's impossible. Yes. Oh. We. Can't have that. Let's to spread out. It's too big campus. I mean there's like almost there's four kids go to Southlake Carroll. Yes. So they've got yeah Melissa. They have two huge school campuses those than the stadium gap is right yeah. They're also adding onto their their aquatic area or. Looming, area. Land. School is on Jalandhar Aquatic Building on all. That's talking about that they're building. BILBERRY alike at your high school. Jeffey. 'cause mine. was was less than adequate I will. I will say we'll say that we have a separate aquatic building. You didn't know we did. We did whenever it rained really hard. There was the whole out in the parking lot. that. Does almost deep. To to be knee level the NFL and aquatic separate aquatic area. And it was beautiful. It really was quite you've been there and I have one and it's beautiful. It's really nice to. Two stories. All Nice really nice real nice from the outside huge Olympic sized even be bigger than an Olympic size pool Beautiful Joy. Well, they shouldn't have all that probably that we're deciding. I. Hope So. deciding. I don't know what the Cultural Competence Action Plan. Entails. Well that's what I wonder. I'm wondering if they're going to knock down the new building built. Suffer through it without it. I'm not really sure I'm not really sure. But there's going to be an APP that they can all look added. They're going to solve the issues with with that at first and foremost which is our our demand number. One Carolina SD needs to declare that black lives matter. That's what they need to do first and foremost I open up the APP at better say that. It better. And publicly condemn events of police brutality because that's what school districts need to do and my right we would argue if they don't declare that then they don't really think that black lives black students lives matter. That's okay. So There you have it? Will have to get to this tomorrow because we're out of time now but. I just read an article. Have you read about the PAC twelve players demands? Yes we talked about that. Yesterday because they want. A split of the revenue they want to split in half and half they want the exorbitant salaries of coaches and administrators to be cut. And they want an end. To racial injustice in sports. And in society all done. So we'll tackle that tomorrow because I just found an article from the desert news in Salt Lake City. That the PAC, twelve demands are completely reasonable. Totally reason before what what? Injustice that's doable by the PAC twelve.

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