Spanish GP Review and Analysis Of Marc Marquez's Massive Highside


Hello Welcome to the tank Cypress podcast, autosport and the Motorsport Network podcast for all things to wield host list can joining me as ever as motorsport dot, global multi GP editorial push damone. Endure it I imagine it's been quite love weekend for you. How are you? Yeah, I'm retired, but yeah. Good up to all adrenaline. We've been going on during the weekend with not. Really good news and some other news. But yeah, it's been. It's been I I would say. Yeah intense. I again of the Yeah I. think that's fair. It's been a strange wheat because we've had the task on the Wednesday, and and you know so. It's very rare. We come into weekend. Have already had track action, so he is a strange one, but. Yes a lot of news to cover. An suppose there's only one place to start and that as Marquez. The Honda rate of the road champion had a massive accident on lap twenty two the race where he broke his arm. He is going to have surgery on Tuesday. He is not GonNa race at the end. Lithium Grand Prix this weekend. You'RE A. well first of all give us everything into you new on Marquez on the market situation world. I think he's going to take search ready. Then, am at ten am in the morning duct. Duct told me would Make that surgery I didn't know if it would be mark I gotta or diverse than mark I'd I don't know, but they are one after the other one. in and then yeah, it's all. It all depends on skates. It all depends. On if If the nerve. Is affected or not. If if that's the case. The recovery will be. Much longer than than expected. The big fears that he's he's damaged. The radial nerve which can be seriously damaged can be career ending injury for more sacred racer. Believe Steve Placer. The Lamont Winter. That's his career ended, so there is a lot of concern. It seems I think Dr Mir said today. The don't think the has been too badly damaged so. They thank the thank his expectations of racing, Brunel, or or K., but of course we were not going to know until after surgery. That will be fantastic to be honest steadily fantastic as far as I know. I've been talking to two different people at the Our readers and listeners known we are still not allowed to be the father. Look so I I've been talking through the phone to different people into the and they told me they all agreed that yesterday. There was a be the quarry. Working on the by the day where beat rail bite the. Dust make any sense about Martha situation even could brothers worked on expunged? Words were worrying a contributing. He said that mark was for he aware of them. Of the situation that. was really really important injury. So, we were a bit choked about the possibility of disaster. Being filled really serious. With. These mornings works of Dr me. We are a bit more relief. Let's wait and see tomorrow that than this can be confirmed and. Yet, done dinner East not effective. I would say that I don't to be honest. I, don't get if he comes back off or. Work I, just want him. Back Yeah, I totally agree with us. It's the biggest shock about is. We've never really seen mark in this possession. You know he's he he he he's made a robbery doesn't break. He's had big crashes and he gets up and walks away. This is. Such a surprising thing because we've never seen it before, so. Yeah. It's a strange is just after that race. The whole situation with markets just felt strange. Because, of course, the main thing knows that it's completely opened up the championship. Yep at the thing is that I agree hundred percent with you. About this thing that he's never been facing this kind of injuries in the past, so I be I was talking to another at the member from another team. No, they just see and hear studying me. Listen a few ex. Former writers from the by the Oak Dot me listen. You could see yesterday. That, he was not afraid at. About crushing why they believe it's because he never had to face. Up Proper injury I mean. Yeah. He had that injury on on modern times on. Multiple Times the one. Provoke team WBZ. It Westbury said use CEUS, but it was not nothing like the one he had yesterday you know. so. That, dare theory about why he was racing this way why I mean he was. Able recover that raise. He was left five when he had these. When he went through. Gravel. He was sixteenth at nine second from analysts who is leading the race at that point and in sixty racist. He recovered a take on from analyst and he was really behind him. When he had the high tide another. As well. If you look at the long run, analysis from lap, Tanna thank until mock crashed. He wasn't slower than Quad Toronto. Who by that point was the race leader? And he wasn't slowed vanilla either so you have you know there was a very real possibility had to pass. You wouldn't have won the race, but he would have been very very close to far bill at the end of that had he stayed on the bike? which just shows who? Have incredible first of all how incredible Marquez a raider, but have incredible has pace had been all weekend because he should have won not grown pre. There's no. There's no two ways about that was has raced to lose yet. That's what that's what I mean. I mean that the statement he. Did yesterday. To me and I think that not only to me about two more of the writers of decreed was even more impressive than a win. Because Yeah we've seen many times mark winning with six seven advantage. Okay, it's another win. But I mean what he did yesterday to me. What's much more impressive than we hope? And we wish markle the best, and we hope to see him back on the bakes and. Let's talk about the race went up because we do have in your race promoter GP, funnily enough on his twentieth grown pre twentieth, more GP race number. Twenty is a more GP race. Wonder Fabio Quad Toronto. You know, yes, he. Marquez. The race, but he made A. It was a legitimate race would for Quasimodo EGO. Stock painted two caddies e cleared the DECAF which you know, we Yamahas isn't as probably slow spike in the speed trap. No, you know Quattro was twelve kilometers an over off of zero shows all weekend, so you got past them any past. As an any dominated the race that's. Expected from them I. Mean four credits to him I mean. Don't forget that, Indian. forget or what we've said, which is to me on the percent. Through unsure. What we've said about mark. But in the end, he made a mistake and raise Weiner. Is. Normally, who doesn't make any mistakes and Fabio did make me state yesterday, so he's a forty Raise we not, and he deserved that. We even I think. He I mean since last year he was serving dates this week. Show I'm really happy for these for these young guy. And hopefully these wean will. Take. OUTTA! beat up wait from his. Back you know what I mean I remember speaking with him on winter. And he was saying okay, if I'm jumping to the, does she theme? Without any race win. It's going to be okay, but. I'm Honda percent sure that it was not the case. So now Broglie he can. you know and breath a bit more relaxed. I imagine it was a little bit of news main. Because of course, they had to two races last year with Mark Mazzano and Thailand repeal beaten on both teams, and I imagine for a racer. Even a rookie you know must. Put pressure on our widen, what should have one can I went races? So yeah, he's gotten up monkey off his back in. You know with Marco this weekend. You know fabulous a rick for very very similar on pace and practice. You have to think that Fabio is no favorite. To to add to that. To that witness this. Yet, but they think that my research and I I mean despite what he said after the race. I think maybe they. Both my combined made a mistake on under front tyre. Choice. I'm. Pretend. Commendable that I'm convinced. Maybe I'm wrong, but. I'm going to be that because he was saying all the time after the straight after the race, he was doing this gestures about losing their from closing the front of the time, so I can. I can imagine that we have beat more. Support Them Front. it would have been easier for him to stay in the bike so and to keep this pressure on the front, so do me the number again that. but in Dino and maverick were they only want with a shopper so? I would say that. Let's wait and see if Maverick can gin address this this thing. Yeah, it was an odd. I still don't really get why. Maverick win for the software untie, because no one else dead and attempt to halt for I know what he said afterwards that he's plan noise to try and build a gap early on, but we saw by lappy tire gone. You almost crashed tone six. You know front end moment same as mark. I I can understand why Valentino did it because he had nothing to lose, he was never going to win. The race maverick just doesn't seem. I. Don't know why Yamaha allowed him to make that decision because. Throw practices where we saw India Indian the writers. The one having the feeling Jones is the is the final decision, the final call on the choice, but what I would say. Is that I? Don't understand why he studied risk. It's. Silly it was a waste of because he very nearly, if market state outright and fabulous air, you've maverick. Mate finished off the podium with the pace of ditsy. So in the end strange says that's why not understand why why he took. That that respect enumerating. She's GonNa learn from that help so. She's not going to win. The championship keeps me. We're tired choices. I mean. I'd this weekend's Herath race I asked Maverick this and the press conference. Is it going to be more important for Yamaha? We're going to Bruno and red bull ring where power is needed in the gamma doesn't really have that. He brushed off by suspect. The Yamaha Artsy seriously. Looking at this weekend is being a racist. They need to win. Because you know you have to think too caddies. You know. Use, who said the bake felt better on an Cata, which is very much a DECAF circuit, so he thinks Bruno and red bull ring should decani more because his feeling will be better. So you have to think that this weekend is really crucial for Yama. Maverick cannot afford to make another slip-up. Yeah, and the percent on the pretend broadly he will win, he will sorry. He would learn from last weekend or the wise I'm going to give up and So yet because we don't expect Different temperatures I mean we don't expect a weather change. In in here like. From from from one week to week to to the other one, so yeah I think that Yamaha had a really strong package broadly, the the the strongest from the last I mean broadly know how the percent the stronger stronger. And from the last year, so yeah and conceding that might be racing there. I think we'll have. Yamaha will have plenty of options with both five and Maverick Let's see. If Valentino can can Grew theistic up. with the other words, yes, interesting Valentino because he said he's teachers can't get the tires to what. Maverick in Fabio can. Although fabulous, said the bike he felt was more difficult to read, but. It's a new bake so. You can understand that DECAF I want to talk about because a pepper strange weekend again because Miller was quite fast, and so as Packard by, they're not really struggling with the tire Davinci also and patriarch, the struggling to spend the rear because there's a grip. And Dove is just not happy doesn't look happy with the bake. He said place was like a victory, but he says speeds not there. The feelings, not their. Strange strange one was to catty. Yep Yeah. I wasn't breath with pickle. Shows I mean that's. The kind of Paker that we all Wanna Wanna see racing and his. As well yeah. Percent as far as I know Any decision has been made regarding next year on Primerica. Don't forget that that. That, we. Heard that we really done? John. East dawn is not done I. Don't like and. I assure you that the is not done and. And because it's, it's no point on China Kim before racy. So That's what that what do Gotti was waiting for a Baker reaction. To. was waiting for him to adapt to the dismal chee at more. Than last year because he's writing style was pretty much a multitude writing style. And they were waiting for him to to get closer to this model. Be styled, and after what we've seen in the thing. He's definitely doing it, so let's let's see here. because yeah, he was spree close to Jack. Even. Yeah Yeah for sure you have to thank with a weekend of experience on the bake coming back to the same circuit. Paco you know not not a bad bet for him I would have thought. Talk About Katie A. quickly because police ball grow a second away from the podium, all very good, but it's the man. On the second factor Katie Baker wants to talk about Brad Bender. Because he made a mistake at one point in that race, but I had he not done not his pace, he had podium pace. He did say yes. Okay I was on my own and you know it would have been different if I was the group, but even as a rookie and those punishing conditions over twenty five laps to an consistent podium pace. And you first race that's. Katie him of honest Jim Broadband. Yeah I I think that he has shown. We all know were all aware about his potential but yet. Is Ready Difficult. To Express yourself as a writer in your rookie year in a multi like he'd eat, and he's been sending these kinds of messages since he per jump into biking the procedure. So which is Pretty Amazing Newton in each abrasive because I'm in many times are really good motor to ride. That are chomping. Doom demolished should be bike into. WHOA, these guys these guys are, and then he needs time. Approach. or or or Dump Forget get Alex Market. Get instant. in his case, he's been boom. there. Since the beginning, so, so, yeah, I-, Chappel. the the thing about benders rows that you was struggling. He was able to and really fast one lap pace. Be said he was going to make an a lot. Mistakes Bake. Wasn't you couldn't get debate stopped? But in that can get lost and flustered the figure to own figured Oh with. These teams are ready to is working very well. What he's mechanics is able to give very good feedback and. Yeah. It's just. We haven't seen a rookie performance. Wow! Am Fabulous last year if he doesn't have. Stall on the grid. A longtime. Jump on a Baker's difficult as A rookie and be as good dessert this is. I'm very very excited to see her. Brad gets on this weekend with all that experience under his all that data. And about this one lap speed, I remember I. Remember. I was very impressed with him in Qatar in precision tests because he was one of the fastest. I think he would frustrate the body. Pay On if I if I remember what so and I was very breath and very keen to to see the best the best from from Kia saying this this weekend keys looking into to seek his teammate pushing him because he's the only way than he can even improve and don't forget that he will need to improve because next. Supposed to be the the the mark. Just a quick Michelle mentioned Michaela. Vader, another solid performance, eighth position on the tax rebate, as Zaka was eleventh on the Dick Catchy which is okay, but he needs to do a bit more I think it wasn't helped by qualifying fit his Kobe overall. The weekend wasn't so bad for him. Alex Marquez Twelfth. I mean there was only fifteen finishes, but that's not bad from Alex. get to the finish. Get some know what they think that tins last year when the news came out. Of Keys. promotion to agency. hits who performed much better. Than for sure than he did I mean we don't forget that He's model occurred Modesitt, model, tool, champion, and As you said I mean we have brad been there. We have even WanNa being being. Consistent show. Alex Market needs needs to make to make a step. Am Glad. You mentioned in Mecca one of their, because he dead pillow the race with some physical issues, which you know to be fair, a lot raiders did want to vets use. WHO said there was a couple of times where he was going to give up. But like is up and eleventh at one stage I think so. Good effort from him. and just finally APPRECIA- a strange weekend, because the pace am the tasks. A leash was quick as anything but. He said the loss to configure the phones on the for the race, but any crashed, but he's convinced that the Bates has pace was closer to the podium than what they were able to show so. They. They're able to show this pace, but they're not able to short. Few I mean the problem with areas that they have a problem with the engine. which is. Yeah. It's not an easy. An easy. brought him to fix considering the current regulations so really. as a meeting with all the other factors, and they ask them for permission to change a really important part of the of the engine The other manufacturers were upset because you know they they had to. Postpone the deadline ceiling that or locating. DANJEAN's for. And then they have they still have problems. Don't forget that. Get done on on Wednesday on the test. had abroad with engine the wise lack. Legal Oil on track end both market would down because for that region show Honda West. Really really really upset and a are really following close devolution and the. The steps of this. Engine if something happens again I think predicament. Be In trouble because Or the other factors can be can be a bit more aggressive on on their complaints. US interest because of the official line from a leash was loose. Oil Pipe was the problem on Wednesday You're right. You can have dead of. Hadn't there was a bigger problem I mean it was it was it was it was? It was not the problem from engine everybody. That's why that's why A. Vote. That's why they decided I mean they have a problem with engine. It was not the coach of problem. On a leash by on Wednesday, but that's why they decided to. Because of this? Show this time all on fact that's have agreed. To let up really a change this bottom benching. But. Still. pretty Leah wants to stake Rick Oceans. And Don over The the the engine, just in case than anything can happen. Yeah well hopefully get it sorted out because you know it's. The with the way the rules are no all sex. Manufacturers should be competitive. There's no excuse for an uncompetitive manufacturer so a new car, good raider and alleged they've got yeah, but the Brim with the with a brilliant is that they've get the. They've got the bike ready too late. And then we all this corporate. Problem. And all them. Freezing. Regulation. day are in a difficult position at the moment because they cannot. They cannot work which they are doing at the moment. Thanks to all the other factors. Do they permission, but they wouldn't be bash opposed to be doing. Something Nice of all the other manufacturers to help a fellow manufacture unlike certain other racing series, who were other teams like protest, other teams for for for their machines. Yeah, but what should they do I mean they are not. GonNa until now don't forget until now. They are not going to ban. They are not going to push Fima to take any any measures. If. Doesn't happen again. For sure. I? Think on that note. We'll leave it there i. don't like to leave on a no, and it always seems to be president, but we'll leave it there. My thanks for your company and thank you for all your efforts as we can bring us all the explosives in. News about Marquez which of course, everyone can go and read on Alter Sport and Motorsport Dot Com. We will be back this week for an other race so the fun starts all over again and we're back. The follow meet to discuss that race, which hopefully will be and other exciting race in the womb injuries. Otherwise you, we'll have to raise. Exaggerated running A. Replacements? Thank you very much shoe company, and until we meet again very warm goodbye.

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